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    Makes my best shot look a bit silly now . 1966 aged 10 dropped Ian plews aged 14 with a clean head shot ,with my gat ,manage d to re load and shoot his mam in the tit in an effort to stop her grassing ( didn't work ) both shots from a range of no less than 20 yards and had to factor in allowances for next doors fence .
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    This pup is a right pest to the bitches in heat he’s been humping fresh air for the last two weeks bless him
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    At si,s set off from mine at 4am picked a mate up that was going to see his sister in hospital at Scarborough got to his drop off at 630am and to si,s not long after that we had a bit of a crack over bacon ,,black pudding,,sausage,,egg sandwiches He then cronoed the blue 97 177 for me she is sitting at 11,98 fb so close to the limit lol We were going to go for a play with the 223 but it started p*ssing down so called a day on that we hit one perm to set the rifles up for the night shoot but yes it started p*ssing down again so that was put on hold until night time . Any way to cut a long day short ...We hit the perm around 5,,6ish set the rifles up and off we went rifles were hw97 177 the blue and hw97 177 ks both performed with out fault and si got the first not long after that i got the next later on i layed in wait for them using the vangaurd porter aim got to say the 97 off the porteraim is second to none what a bit of kit it is bit of a faff to carry round mind but its a must for any spring rifle its like having a pod for a spring rifle that dose not jump like most pods on a springer . any way we finished with 22 rabbits picked up ten left the others for mr fox we headed back to si,s and on the way got a parmasan from hell each off to bed at 12ish back up at 5am and out again to another perm using the 97 blue and the fac impact ,25 and si,s new shot gun finished around 10,30 and headed back to sis for another bacon sandwich before picking my mate back up and heading home What a couple of days iv had and with a family friend good shooting good banter and a few laughs (laughs at my expense) Every time i go to si,s im made welcome even if its not to go shooting but a week end on the p*ss or just to chill he is one in a million is our si,brown Thanks mate your ACE atvbjimmy
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    Border X Wheaten, first cross. Bit too big for some earths but was game, pic is about 15 yrs ago. I don't post much anymore but reason I'm on this thread is I'm looking for a Wheaten or a X similar to the bitch in the pic. Pm me if anyone can help. Cheers.
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    5 weeks 3 days in( but who's counting,lol)...another week should hopefully give a sign or the week after,.... Moocher71,best wishes to you and family also,a terrible situation to be facing,I realise there's more important things than pups,let's hope next year the gods will shine on you all ,
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    You mean you want to buy a new steel proof gun for wildfowl? (Your posts are somewhat cryptic at best Bernardo..I said cryptic not vague!) I'm torn between using my a612 & steel or buying 50 cartridge of another non toxic variety suitable for my 686. So I haven't helped you at all!!
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    Oooo that was a bite Man I would love to, I just have to find a bugger who will allow it. You think people in UK are breed blind lol. No way do they want a coursing bred wanktard showing their dogs up
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    I know the NW coast extensively so I'll give you a breakdown, Liverpool to Blackpool is loads of sand and water the the colour of shit then you've got Blackpool which you'll want to avoid and the waters still the colour of shit. The water clears further north around Cumbria, mainly due to radiation from sellafield but also due to the amount of rainwater going into the sea id imagine. My advice would be to go to Cornwall
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    Here's the HW 97K .177 set to go. 5p size targets at a 38 yd zero off Primos sticks. I`m seriously considering using spring rifles only soon lads as I find myself far more involved with my shooting. The Pro Sport / Classic HW77will be on a fine Zero also. atb. Mark.
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    seen similar on humans after strimming through hemlock, hogweed etc
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    You do talk some shit.
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    When you say 'rangey rabbits' what sort of range?. A more powerful rifle brings with it more problems. If it's too powerful your pellets will become unstable in flight , you'll have a straighter trajectory but they won't be accurate. This means you'll have to use a heavier weighted pellet. This heavier weight will bring stabilisation and accuracy back but give you a greater arch in the trajectory of the pellet. Plus with F.A.C. you'll use a lot more air.
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    canadians practice on gophers with a 50cal thats why they get good at it
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    the choice i made ,im happy with ...i think these pups could turn out to be handy rough cuts
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    Why do you ask that Mitch ?
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    Mark you want to get one of them porter..aims there as good as a pod on a pcp honest mate atvbjimmy
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    Sounds a strange fella that’s for certain
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    Yer will do and u mate and thanks for the advice
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    Cheers lads Chris will do my head in for selling it he loves it lol(thebuddah)
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    Come down on the ribble for a couple of hours to try a new float rod out and had a bite a cast off the dace . Going to have an hour or 2 after barbel now but it’s rising and there’s a lot of weed coming down so I can’t see me being here long
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    His facebook page country.life is taking folks pictures off there facebook pages and posting them in a poor lite to shooting,if your facebook mates with him then be aware,be very aware..
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    Is that going to be over stubble?
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    All guns are steel proof according to my rfd. It is only when you start using the high pressure stuff that a problem may arise and or more than half choke.
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    Great shot mark 53 yards with your springer, nice one mate
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    Just make sure hes fully molted mate before u drop his weight get him hitting the lure or the fist depending on how u fly him fitness then hunting keep us posted on him
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    22, Great result mac, si, nice one
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    Our kid had this out the Severn 14lb 2oz
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    Nice shooting I’ve always fancied a 97
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    Just got two tickets for lomachenko v Campbell get on the o2 website before they sell out!
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    Spot on lads well done, 97 is a beast bud
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    well the 1st bit im not sure of ,a biter kils in the dark?hunts like fck...and takes the bushy man right up your street ,lol...i think i should know what this means but im lost lol...I was told by my mate he saw a few pups from the 1st litter and they were tiny ,plus when i saw the collie dog he was an ugly looking mutt,(i know....looks dont kill,lol) but he did not appeal to me ,so that was the finish of the idea using him...plus he was a sneaking about kind of mutt ,curving behind ye and the owner said ,just be careful,he doesnt take to strangers too much........GAME OVER AND OUT ,for me ..lol ..i fared out with a much better deal anyway i think
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    That white dog bit like my ol dog mostly whippet with a touch of bedlington and his mam had a bit of sal in her . me and him we done some miles and he put plenty away in his time and punched well above his size , He's next to me now ,no longer works but he'd still break his heart to catch.
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    I thought the 686 was steel proof?
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    Always some good folk on here SD
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    Just want to say thank you to Dan. He made a very kind offer to me today but he lives to far away but I must say how I was very pleased and surprised. Thanks mate SD.
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    Top shooting, as per lads. I`ll bet your glad you listened to me about the HW 97`s , eh Jimmy ?
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    Here's lots of questions for you. What cal are you going to put it on? What range are you going to shoot over.? What quarry? What light level are you going to use it in ? (Dusk, dawn, mid day sun ?) Now the big one ..... how deep is your pocket ? The mark is the quality of the optics at dusk or dawn. The cheaper ones look fine in bright sunlight but are not so good when the light levels are low. Until you look though the best world class optics you won't know. But it's the use and the cost that will guide you. I looked through that list and I wouldn't buy any of them. They're all variable power with lots of knobs and dials. More to go wrong and break. 6 or 8x40 is plenty of magnification and light transference. If it's fixed power the point of aim doesn't move. At the end of the day it's point and shoot. More glass quality for the $ in your case. Still it's your choice and your money.
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    Sent you his mobile and landline number
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    Yeah mate it’s a shame but it was literally a rust bucket! Soon be none left but I will always love the sound of that engine lol
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    It's not running land where I live and believe me.... it kills me everyday
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    No not meant as a dig, just interested. I don't know anyone Barcelona way to suggest. Perhaps a few pointed posts on Facebook groups might get a bite from locals lol. There must be some about. Stick a few links to English dog's running and some fecker might take the challenge lol.
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    How dare you have anything but praise for galgos, its pure blasphemy to suggest lurchers and greyhounds could be better
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    We had a trip to lesbiana yesterday for couple hours nice the locals are spot on
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    Got enough down here thanks. Cheers, D.
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    I knew Keith very well back in the day he used a Lakie dog of mine about 30 yrs ago
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    pmsl straight to point fred
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    Get yourself up the lakes. Near Keswick is a place called Grange. There's a good campsite called Hollows farm. Head to there and continue down the river and up the mountain a little and there is a cave. Or just hammock next to the river
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