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  1. Not misguided more not blinded lol. I didn't post them to be improvements, I particularly posted to show people enjoying their dogs around the world, not as some competition. As to 50 years of breeding, I expect the rest have also been doing the same hence the emergence of a type. And anyone insulted by the thought that they are the only ones with decent dogs are to far stuck up their own backsides . The idea that English dogs, other than pure greys are commonly exported is over stated, a few have been but not many, especially in comparison to say Galgos. Plus the "serious hawking sheiks " ain't the ones getting out there, that's the average Joe same as over here.
  2. They just stick to sausage dogs Single
  3. Got to run what and where you are, someone elsewhere laughed because the Tazis run hare's in the snow but if u live where there's snow for the whole winter then u run in the snow. Plus the hares have evolved to run across the surface unlike the brown hare. If you run jackles, coyotes or boar you run packs etc or your dogs soon get smashed. The preoccupation with ours is better than theirs is pointless especially as many have no idea what's out there
  4. Why? I just see people getting out and enjoying their dogs. Plus look a little deeper, that rough galgo can catch a hare and doesn't need the others in spite of it mainly being a pet. The Tarzi travel miles across country with the horses then run a fast, clever and hard biting quarry. Most these days are carried in motors then slipped when close. Lastly the bobbery pack, see 1st sentence.
  5. We got good one's but you wouldn't know it from youtube much as we don't often see the good stuff from abroad. It's a big world out there with a lot of sighthounds doing their job so I'd hesitate to judge them all without seeing. Of late I've spoken to a few people from different places and they don't reckon much to ours in truth but they similarly are based on YouTube clips which are often of kicked up hares. They don't put us in a good light. I will say I've seen a few vids recently of some dogs in North Africa that opened my eyes. There does seem to be a type evolving across a few countries that is based galgo/saluki hybrids with a bit of greyhound thrown in.
  6. Moving into North Africa you get the Sloughi types And we all know know salukis etc.
  7. Definitely Ta Tarzi indeed, they are a widespread type from Greece to the steppes.
  8. It's based on a Beagle pack with added extras. They seem to enjoy their sport, reckon we could learn a lesson. The Spanish for rabbit is Conejo, our rabbit were likely brought from Spain and perhaps the name coney came with them.
  9. I've seen worse over here, I reckon each to their own. I like to see a single dog being tested but also like a bobbery pack when there's often more than 3.
  10. And it's not all organised coursing but also some out for a bit of fun and sport. From Russia to Chile.
  11. Greek orthodox with that st George Cross.
  12. 3 major religions are Abrahamic, Christian, Muslim and Jews are all based on the Old testament and that's full of reasons to hate your neighbor so there's always an excuse for attacking someone and fundamentalist use it.
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