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  1. sandymere

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Lol know he to busy hiding. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/tommy-robinson-admits-he-shared-fake-news-about-muslims-attacking-boy-at-school-was-syrian-refugee-a4005301.html But funny none the less
  2. sandymere

    Low plains drifter

    You be careful they be a funny bunch
  3. sandymere

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Hopefully you'll get the right outcome Jigsaw, as phils reply aptly demonstrates gotta go for it now as we never know what the future will bring. Hope the Mrs picks up Phil.
  4. sandymere

    Big Cat Sighting

    Wallabies in the UK https://getoutside.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/guides/unexpected-wild-animals-in-britain-–-part-1/
  5. sandymere

    Hot weather exercise.

    Galgos, salukis etc predate greyhounds and deerhounds, perhaps it was the other way around lol.
  6. sandymere

    Hot weather exercise.

    Recent genetic studies show they are and ancient breed like the saluki etc, indeed they share genes with the sloughi, so rough likely developed in the mountains to suit the terrain.
  7. sandymere

    Hot weather exercise.

    I thought the only difference was that a single is competing against the hare whereas double compete against each other. My bitch started in comps doubled then ran alone, she runs a lot different now than then, I looks like she's concentrating on the hare rather than looking to beat the other dog to the strike. Perhaps if she ran with a dog she knew she would cooperate but sight hounds tend to be jealous of the catch. No videos give a real picture but interesting to compare. Hares in Spain have the same breeding season as here and climate varies from cold mountain to baking plain. The competitive coursers are pretty level but the working type varies to the terrain. Stayers for the massive central plains, shorter more muscular for running in the olive groves etc and in rough and smooth coats. My bitch is coursing bred but the the pup is sired by a courser but out of a working line and you can see the difference.
  8. Alas common spotted shaped by the gastropods I've not seen a bee orchid for a few years.
  9. sandymere

    Hot weather exercise.

    I'm chomping at the bit myself, looking forward to seeing what the pup does. But more hot stuff on the way so for now I'll stick with the hot weather training After all time is ever moving on... and it'll soon enough be time to be getting them out but until then I'll enjoy the rest of the summer
  10. sandymere

    Hot weather exercise.

    I don't like slow stuff, I've run English more than Spanish and my bitch runssimilar to an up and at em English type. The pup has more pace than her already, but its nice to know there's a bit in the reserve tank
  11. sandymere

    Hot weather exercise.

    Looked fresh enough to me. Or it was bobbing its head
  12. sandymere

    Hot weather exercise.

    I agree, they were running at walking pace in the end, sometimes the really long slips, especially with a good hare, don't bring out the best of either hare or dog. It did well to dig in as it went round the barn, I thought it had had enough but it looked to have found a bit more. Can't just post the nice runs with the dogs putting pressure on