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  1. You pathetic little dip shite, crawling so low as to try to link me to pedos...... Fecking sick boy, need to go take a look in the mirror.
  2. It is a democracy and as such right and left have the right to a voice, that democracy for you. Perhaps we could learn a lesson from them.
  3. But the point of democracy is the ability to change and now the majority realise they were lied to and want to rejoin. Do you not believe in democracy if it doesn't align with your opinion ?
  4. Please quote where I've defended anybody..... I've pointed out the hypocrisy of the sun newspaper and those that read it. Another old sun employee Just a moment... UKNIP.CO.UK
  5. Just a moment... UKNIP.CO.UK
  6. What has that got to do with the post? Please try to keep up there's a good chap ??
  7. Home Office had murals for children removed at second asylum centre | Home Office | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Murals at Manston and Kent Intake Unit understood to have been painted over last week by MoJ estates team How have we sunk so low.
  8. Professor Brian Cox: "It's Very Difficult To Argue With An Idiot" WWW.IFLSCIENCE.COM
  9. The EU make better trade deal than we do as they have greater bargaining power. As to the fantasy that new trade deals will stop us rejoining etc, again just simple thinking that has no basis in the real world as with most of the brexit idealism. Does Sunak’s new trade deal really mean we can never rejoin the EU? Of course not - The New European WWW.THENEWEUROPEAN.CO.UK Linking up with Indo-Pacific countries won’t live up to the Brexiteers’ wild claims
  10. Pups on a lead, couple of weeks after he arrived.
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