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  1. You'll never lose the memories.
  2. What Is a Scientific Theory? | Definition of Theory | Live Science WWW.LIVESCIENCE.COM A scientific theory is based on careful examination of facts. It is much different from the non-scientific use of the word. Ps The Cambrian Explosion - Origin of Animals and the Cambrian Explosion - Science - The Burgess Shale BURGESS-SHALE.ROM.ON.CA
  3. Perhaps at a guess because wolves have similar hierarchy to ourselves, age related, whereas hyenas have an inherited hierarchy. The larger predator's such as big cats would be to dangerous.
  4. No but does that matter? Having an interest is enough for me, if i learn something that's reason enough. This research gives evidence to when dogs evolved and that they likely all came from one ancestor rather the evolving in different places as convergent evolution, which has been on school of thought.
  5. Be a strong pup and looks like it may well get a broken coat.
  6. Indeed, they've been bred for thousands of years for the very purpose of catching hares so it would be strange if they couldn't
  7. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/15-answers-to-creationist/ indeed
  8. feck me you getting worried about lots of stuff...................... the list seems to be getting longer................. personally global warming would be top of my list and " black men" wouldn't even feature. If herbicides and GMs can increase agricultural production and so reduce our onward destruction of the environment such as rain forests etc then lets get. The whole organic principle is flawed to a degree. Is organic food actually better? Here's what the science says WWW.ZMESCIENCE.COM Sorry to burst your bubble. Organic farming
  9. LOL no but I'm good at evaluating evidence rather than following the hype and i've had an interest in this subject for a number of years so have read a little. The Science Behind the Roundup Lawsuit SCIENCEBASEDMEDICINE.ORG A jury has awarded a man $289 million for allegedly contracting cancer from exposure to Roundup, but the science is not on their side. Monsanto gets injunction against California’s mandated cancer warning for glyphosate SCIENCEBASEDMEDICINE.ORG A federal district court permanently
  10. You misunderstand science, evolution isn't about belief its about evidence. But accepting the evidence of evolution does not mean one must except its effects any more than one knows the sun can cause sunburn so not using suntan lotion. In fact evolution is the very reason we strive to survive. Who we let live and die is a moral judgement, unfortunately all to often based on financial considerations..
  11. We all eat it, within the context of traces in food, but as with all things the poison is in the dose. Its been massively studied, and massively vilified, and one would think that if it was a real threat then the links would be obvious but they're not. No herbicide is going to be completely safe but as far as they go its one of the safer ones.
  12. From reading your link within the concept of it being a herbicide, ie designed to kill, its relatively safe for humans.
  13. Bottom line, it doesn't stop infection. These very small studies are hardly massive evidence compared to the millions of people who have been vaccinated with a treatment that in the great majority of cases does stop infection and in the small number of cases that do get an infection has a better result then is found in this study plus Ivermectin is not a very nice drug. Just because something appears to agree with your belief doesn't mean it has value, you need to look a bit deeper. Ivermectin is the new hydroxychloroquine, take 4: Bret Weinstein misrepresents
  14. Cognitive Illusions and How Not to Write About COVID-19 and Children SCIENCEBASEDMEDICINE.ORG Many people minimize the deaths and damage COVID-19 has wrought on children because it is "worse in adults". While it is true that more adults suffer due to the...
  15. kids got a few rosettes between the showers, daughter likes the horse displays mainly so will likely pop along to Exford in a couple of weeks as there's plenty of horsey stuff.
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