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  1. I'd expect so but the odd one isn't going to have much of an impact when the average roman soldiers wouldn't have the ability to take dogs on their travels so would likely have used local dogs in the area they were based.
  2. During the roman period sigthounds were likely more localised to type and certainly not pure as we consider pure breeds, most areas probably had there own type suited to their environment, so a roman in Spain would have had an ancestor of the Galgo one in northern Africa would have an ancestor of a Sloughi etc. But there would be a great deal of variety within that, just look at early pictures of greyhounds, they came in size from deerhound to whippet and rough and smooth but all still considered greyhounds. Today in the large parts of the world they still have a homogenous type of sight hound that fits no breed standard but does the job. Pure breeds are a modern concept. A modern coursing sighthound of north Africa, a sigthound but not a breed.
  3. Looks a lovely type on some lovely ground.
  4. The romans likely brought sight hounds from the Mediterranean area but there isn't sign of any recent introductions in greyhound genetics, the English greyhound is a comparative newbie in sighthound terms that has evolved from herding types. Perhaps the Romans brought hares and hare coursing to Britain and when they left the locals developed their own sighthound, the English greyhound. It would appear the Britain's of the period had some panache re dogs being famed for having plenty of big powerful hounds for hunting and war so once they had some hares to chase and a taste for the sport developing a purpose bred sighthound wouldn't have been to much for them.
  5. Covid has shown us that we are a very adaptive species that is going to survive and once we get a vaccine it will be back to normal in no time. Alas I think memories will be very short and any lessons learnt will be short lived..
  6. Cheer up lads could be worse, not sure how but everything is a possibility
  7. Those in power have always used that power to subvert the masses to their own ends, our whole history reflects that, look at the use of religion, politics etc etc and using the technology of the day to promote their propaganda is nothing new, be it newspapers, TV, film or social media. We won't manage it by hiding or ignoring but by education and critical thinking.
  8. Golden Black, past and present. And a rough one.
  9. There's an ever decreasing profit in sheep, which are subsidised, but a growing one in wildlife, so is it cheaper to subsidise a few bears or a few thousands of sheep? would be interesting to know the figures for sheep subsidies etc.
  10. why can people live with bears in one part of Spain but not another? http://wildsideholidays.co.uk/cantabrian-brown-bear-ursus-arctos-oso-pardo-cantabrico/
  11. interesting. https://www.adventurecreators.com/brown-bear-pyrenees/#:~:text=The reintroduction of brown bears in the Pyrenees&text=Three healthy brown bears from,of native Pyrenean brown bears.
  12. Why so defensive? Why is asking for information derailing the thread? if you don't know the answer just say so. I've a specialisation in a specific area but still daily find questions I don't know the answer to but rather than insult people I go and find out, as much for myself as anybody else, and I'd expected with your interest and time spent on the subject you'd have read the research to aid in your pastime. It appears anyone who asks questions rather than agreeing or holds a counter view to yourself is not valid but if you make a statement, ie the big cats being a national secret for 50 years, kept by police, road crews, vets, disposal staff etc for no apparent reason then you must except to be questioned on it, that's just life, just answer honestly rather than refuse to answer and throw insults. Basically if you have nothing to hide just answer rather than avoiding, or making odd statements such as me and Pumas or hiding behind insults.
  13. I'm under the impression that Greyman has mentioned a scientific study of kill sites with genetic interpretation, the publication of sound scientific evidence of a viable wild population of big cates living in the UK would be world news in both scientific and main stream circles bringing a myriad of interest. A study of its significance would bring those involved a lot of kudus and open doors too many opportunities for further study, funding etc. Of course the “Study” would be published in a top drawer, high impact scientific Journal,, having undergone peer review etc. Now this would be something many members of the forum would be very interested to read. I’ve checked all the databases but I can’t seem to find a relevant study, perhaps greyman can let us know where it’s published?
  14. Its a massively complex subject depending on habitat/area, species and expected outcomes to name but a few. In principle I'm in favour of maintaining and expanding our wildlife diversity but have reservations to some aspects and feel its a subject best approached on an individual basis rather than carte blanche.
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