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  1. sandymere

    Trump Under Fire

    Once there were many heroes like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIiBTP0spEA https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-33350880 thankfully we still have the odd survivors from those days. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/refugee-crisis-hostile-environment-immigration-second-world-war-uk-trump-a8408046.html For me, it began near dusk on a day near the end of April 1945 when my RAF unit made camp close to the Dutch-German border. In the distance, artillery rumbled, sounding to my ear like thunder did when it struck the moors, miles from my mother’s one-up-one-down house in an ugly part of Halifax. The fragrance of spring flowers coming into bloom jarred against the remnants of war that surrounded me, from burnt-out German vehicles to the bloated corpses of horses that lay at the side of the roadway. All of Europe ached from the pain of battle, hunger, injury, loss, and death. We were a generation bleeding out from the madness of fascism that had butchered a continent. Humanity, however, hadn’t deserted my generation even if the war had stolen our innocence. That’s why, on that night, when scores of refugee children came to our perimeter fence enticed by the smell of stew that cooked on our camp stoves, we didn’t turn our backs on those children, like so many well-fed people do today in Europe and America. No, we fed them, played with them and gave them a safe place to kip until the Red Cross arrived and took them to safety.
  2. sandymere

    PURE !!!

    And if you read what I said I agreed "If I wanted a dog to compete against a decent galgo or uk coursing type I'd get a galgo or coursing type." And as I pointed out the Spanish say there's are better lol. A galgaro, after looking at some of the YouTube links I sent him gently suggested that we are unsportsmanlike giving such short law. He questioned if ours could cope with the longer slips. As I say it's a big world out there and we've all got the best coursing dogs in the world
  3. sandymere

    Cod liver oil

  4. sandymere

    Cod liver oil

  5. sandymere

    PURE !!!

    Without the greyhound there wouldn't be a modern coursing type and it's pure physicality brings a lot but having said that if I wanted a dog to compete against a decent galgo or uk coursing type I'd get a galgo or coursing type.
  6. sandymere

    PURE !!!

    Pup looking well. The Galgo does alright, no slouch and can stay if needed. Came on well with a bit of experience outside of competing. Well enough to persuade me to look at bringing a pup over soon and the dog pictured is my preferred sire.
  7. sandymere

    PURE !!!

    Think the Spanish would claim the same in both cases big fish in little ponds springs to mind . I expect each country that has a coursing heritage would also say the same. We thought we had the best coursing dogs in the world then saluki blood made them better. The Spanish likely made the cross a thousand years before us so can claim some seniority plus have a little experience with breeding best to best. As usual it's going to come down to ground, slips and personal choice. If this turned up for a meet it would fit right in.
  8. sandymere

    PURE !!!

    One problem over here these days is shorter and shorter slips, 3 or 4 hares from kick ups is a different matter to the slips the Galgos get. When a dog has to make up a good lead at top speed but still has a course in the tank is when the good uns show. An example of short slips https://youtu.be/zUY1llXARXE?t=153 https://youtu.be/goZy0qdcGmQ some do better https://youtu.be/Pi9F-PS6vuI but............................
  9. sandymere

    Lurchers hips

    Impossible to tell anything from a 2 second video, minimum would need 4 vids each walking 20 meters, one from each side and one from front and back taken low.
  10. sandymere

    PURE !!!

    I'd agree, few off slips but would love to be able to see legal comps over here. Some youngsters in the slips doing ok, bit of experience and would make decent catchers.
  11. sandymere

    PURE !!!

    Few pures competing here
  12. sandymere

    Senior Tory Blocks 'Upskirting' Bill

    Blocking all on principle is unprincipled.
  13. sandymere

    Big Cat Sighting

    But in proving it we destroy its validity.
  14. sandymere

    Big Cat Sighting

    Ah but the link suggest exactly that, so you prove its validity
  15. sandymere

    Should be interesting

    A Cock then!