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  1. i never taught jumping as I mainly lamp but they've taught themselves now.
  2. The car park on the toll road gives good access to the left side, once your past the walkway turn right and there's usually not to many people about. Nice walk from the kids in the summer or mooch in the winter.
  3. I'm away next week up country but must organise a mooch over there when back, nice for mine to get out daytime down here.
  4. I had planned to go out lamping last night but on review of the horizontal rain decided to give it a miss .
  5. Victoria AMA says Covid-deniers and anti-vaxxers should opt out of public health system and ‘let nature run its course’ | Australia news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Hospital system is already under pressure and will get worse as restrictions lift, state AMA president says So would the deniers on here set up an advance directive???
  6. Dr Stephen Parnis is an emergency physician in Melbourne, and past vice president of the AMA. He knows his stuff.
  7. The other area is GMO, GMOs: Pros and Cons, Backed by Evidence WWW.HEALTHLINE.COM GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are very controversial. This article reviews the pros and cons of GMO foods, as supported by science. Pros and Cons of GMO Crop Farming | Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science OXFORDRE.COM The global area sown to genetically modified (GM) varieties of leading commercial crops (soybean, maize, canola, and cotton) has expanded over 100-fold over...
  8. For me the Organic issue is one of two interesting areas, the link is from the USA but relevant to us. Why I Don't Buy Organic, And Why You Might Not Want To Either WWW.FORBES.COM By all rights I should be an enthusiastic advocate of organic. I grew up helping my beloved grandfather in his organic garden in the 1960s. Some of our best friends...
  9. I fear young Davey is sold to the pastoral crosses now. Be no going back for him, he'll be after a reverse 1/4 breds next......................................
  10. Cheers, I'm a fan of Cawsten stuff. For now it's just a hobby really, I take a few commissions. Will semi retire next year so likely be a bit more serious then.
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