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  1. The Arabs have working dogs that are far from pure, lots of crossing in the past and present. Lot of galgos are taken over as they seem to improve their lines without giving many of the drawbacks of greyhounds re stamina and have a similar look. these recently to Morocco which begs the question why they need to import if pures are that great. So if people want a dog to run rather than show perhaps import working rather than pedigree animals would be better. these are Arab working dogs, certainly not pure lol.
  2. If every pup was a winner they'd be no losers. Alas the pounds are full of beautifully bred losers.
  3. Indeed, around 5 meters, with four strides per second in acceleration going down to three and a half once at top speed which is reached in around 6 strides/30 meters.
  4. Heat is one of the biggest downfalls of the sigthound and anything you can do to reduce its impact is positive.
  5. I've caught a few bits with greyhounds over the years but in these days of choice i'd perhaps find something a little less "exciting" to run.
  6. I do admire the great photographers, a skill i cannot seem to own. That's a lovely capture, recon just move that bunnie forward about 6 inches to reveal the dogs snout, which would bring her eye focus to what we expect to see and it'd be picture perfect which is different to perfect capture.
  7. Just what mine said too, turns out he was to thick to teach and I was a clever fecker................................
  8. 4 or 5 rivers called the ouse in the UK .
  9. We know but not as dubious as some on here so we don't worry....................................
  10. I've great memories of when i was a lad when we had a boat on the Ouse moored at Kelpies Yard by the A1, had many a happy wander around the local fields as a lad during the many holidays we spent there 50 years ago.
  11. I hear tell u look back on that time with real fondness blackie
  12. An ongoing battle, they're holding on and getting more organised .
  13. Yes, alas unfortunately its a problem around the world but mainly the few that tarnish the rest of us. In Spain there's a massive problem with dog theft and stolen dogs tend to be dumped once their use is over much as over here.
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