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  1. Tax cut will not ‘suddenly unlock growth’, CBI boss warns chancellor WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Tony Danker says Friday’s announcement failed to provide a broad-based plan
  2. there is no viable "other option" than labour or Lib dems, unless you live in Scotland or NI to beat the tories, so either one of mini Maggie's minions or your for the British people to have a decent country rather than this food bank, pot holed, social disaster where working people need benefits to survive.. Ps I would tell a joke about trickle down economics but 99% wouldn't get it........................
  3. An Alternative Budget: How Much Could be Raised Through Wealth and Profit Taxes? – Byline Times BYLINETIMES.COM Sam Bright considers the benefits of taxing the richest people and corporations
  4. How do UK tax revenues compare internationally? | Institute for Fiscal Studies IFS.ORG.UK UK tax revenue is below the average of other developed economies. The UK stands out as raising less from social security contributions.
  5. For those earning over a 150 thousand its a bonus and feck the rest of us, basically Tories looking after their own as usual. Investing in the country rather than reducing tax on super rich would bring economic growth and benefit us all directly improving infrastructure and jobs, then following the EU with a tax on the mega profits of energy firms would reduce the longer term tax burden a little. Basically we and our children will be paying back the debts for generations to come. 'The poor don't get anything': Red Wall voters react to mini budget INEWS.CO.UK
  6. Perhaps more to your liking Will be for sale. Original ink with pastel to fit a standard A3 frame. sold cheers.
  7. Jay Bhattacharya errs on excess mortality in New Zealand SCIENCEBASEDMEDICINE.ORG Jay Bhattacharya claims that New Zealand COVID policy was “a grand failure” based on flawed logic and a misinterpretation of the data. He should retract.
  8. sandymere


    I'm not a natural Royalist but if you had to have a queen then I reckon she was the best you could get, perhaps of a different age when honesty and integrity were paid more than lip service. I'm no expert but she always seemed to put the nation before self and held the UKs best interests at heart. RIP.
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