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  1. You be careful wandering up north, I've been and they're no better than they should be! I found a distinct lake of whippets and flat caps which was disappointing....... It would appear they've lost all their native culture.
  2. For my part, i like the idea of big cats in the uk, with the caveat that invasive non native species often have a negative impact on ecosystems, but the idea is nice, having said that the likelihood of the reality of a breeding population seems doubtful. Those that believe often state the retractors should prove their case but of course it is pretty impossible to prove something doesn't exist ie (A) there's an alien in the corner, (B) but i can't see him, A) he's invisible to human eyes, (B) but i cant feel him, (A) his physical form inhabits another dimension. et
  3. Why keep dragging threads down with personal attack's rather than discussing the subject???
  4. Not mine I'm afraid, but sighthounds are very photogenic, even for photographic luddites such as myself.
  5. The local school is looking for a new Motto, I went for "See, Hear, Learn" as it will be written in Latin Video, Audi, Disco...................................
  6. Agree, horses for courses and all that Bird. I'm a great believer in showing reality, could have picked some pics that put him in a good light etc but he is what he is. As you say he'll come along over the next few months and he will be a nice looking dog of his type and more importantly move really well. Gotta look through the 1st impressions to see what is there, I was once told as an artist you have to forget what u see and paint what is there
  7. Spanish friend who extolled their virtues, did a bit of digging and they seemed a bit of a undiscovered type over here, they helped me import the 1st one and I was impressed with her. Few over here now doing their stuff now
  8. Yes, a good hare, made the run and deserved to run again.
  9. Underweight after the trip to UK and a bout of gastroenteritis but coming along. As to stamina? pretty decent stayers.
  10. Couple of million years and it will be, or coal at least..
  11. Pretty all the old breed sighthounds like galgos and salukis are relatively narrow, all likely have a common ancestor direct from the 1st dog, genetically there is no evidence of them having been developed from another breed, whereas greyhounds tend to be stockier, perhaps because of their sprinting background or maybe because they were bred from a collie type ancestor, mind that was a couple of thousand years ago. greyhound Galgo. Think in human terms the difference between a sprinter and a 10,00 meter runner, they are built very differently.
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