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  1. Is the head tory in scotland not into her beavers too, she could be worth asking advice on, as shes quite the expert
  2. Listening and reading these posts , shows how far into a policed state we have gone, fcuk giving the peelers any info, they work for us remember, not us working for them. And never trust the plod as theyve set up people on more than one million occasions, theyre rats.
  3. Fcuk him hes a left wing liberal anti gun cock sucker, fcukin harden him
  4. The only problem to me is the pies look like the we mass produced dennys chemical filled crap
  5. Change is coming alright, but to the west, its changing into a 3rd world shitehole, fit for the scum to feel at home
  6. As we all know hes not the messiah, but hes trying to change all the bs we are sick of seeing, hearing and being told what to think. It can only be a step in the right direction
  7. The way the price hikes and hormone injected food is going, i wouldnt be surprised if people start growing and raising their own veg and meat, be a lot healthier anyway, i rekon that the reason a lot of kids born nowadays are in some form of letter club (adhd, aspergers, autism etc etc is due to the chemicals in modern food
  8. Mushroom, i done something similar, in 93 our mum took us away to alcudia, belveue complex and we had a ball, well couple of years ago i booked n paid for me, missus and youngen to go, what a bloody disaster, the bed was like a jail bed, the complex was last done up in 93 the roads had miniature grand canyons in them (potholes), the cleaners were robbing the place blind, and the lookey lookey men were like wasps round a jar of jam. No air con, and i ended up in hospital. Never again, im done with spain, its not the place it used to be lol
  9. My brother got inflammation on the brain from the vaccine,
  10. Well it lets you see no matter how bad you think it is, theres always somebody worse off. I dont know the man personally but as advised already on here, he needs to see a specialist and tell his other half, he might feel better even just talking to his best mate. Either way i hope he beats his demons.
  11. Youd be better going to the childrens hospital, that way youd see we innocent lives wanting to live but are too sick, that would bring you round a bit. Appreciate you have it good for theres people out there would give anything for a normal life, go get the help from the specialists, talk to your other half and god bless you
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