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  1. Labour to finish Britain off, whilst the rich tories sit back and laugh
  2. Its keeping him down and out that they cant do, he comes back up and wins rounds after getting knocked down, if he stopped assing about and didnt get tagged in the 9th he would have come away with the win or at least a draw.
  3. If the rematch happens then he has to do what he done in wilder 2 dont leave it for the judges to decide
  4. Fury can be proud of himself in defeat, was a cracking fight, i look forward to the rematch, a draw would have been better as both boxers gave their best
  5. 1st thing, well done to both men, congratulations to usyk, that was a decent fight which was gona be a boxing match, if the rematch does go ahead then fury needs to stop acting the maggot as he learned tonight that he can be hurt and not come back as good now hes over the hill, from 9 on fury looked like an old man, maybe his nose got broke but 9 gave usyk the win, hopefully we do get the rematch, personally i think fury has had his day, hes not the same after wilder trilogy those fights have taken something from both those men. And no shame in losing to usyk as he seems top class no doubt, ne
  6. I didnt say hes going to win, just how hes going to fight for the win
  7. Usyk is going for a points win, dont be expecting a ko, more like a boring chess game
  8. I know i got my eyes opened to how bad you lads were when working over in southampton 2020, top brass at work all openly on the sniff but had a cheek to sack an irish lad for coming into work smelling of drink, problem is over here its only the last 2 years its only took off so we seen the before and after, thank God im not in charge of the nation then lol
  9. I am not 1 bit surprised, but neither will i be surprised come next election time for just like in london with khan getting voted in again, so will the shinners, by the very people theyre openly treating as 2nd class citizens in their native country, its brots out but every gimmiegrant welcome
  10. No the scum are the dealers, theres no pardoning scum who is poisoning their own people especially kids, theres no excuse for allowing the dulling down and death or the ones coming behind us, if more strong willed men and women stand up then the changes happen, problem is that most who take it think they are gods gift and double hard when infact theyre nothing but junkies caught in a bad circle that mostly ends up tits up
  11. Its quite easy to sort out, let the peoples have an amnesty for 1 week to kill the drug dealers, it will be wiped out almost in a week
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