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  1. Lenmcharristar

    strange sightings when out and about

    Similar to a dust devil in the deserts, just hot currents and convection taking place forming a water spout in your case
  2. Lenmcharristar

    Self employed

    Now if your a self unemployed drug dealer you don’t need to register with anybody but the parole board when ya get back out
  3. Lenmcharristar

    Trump Under Fire

    He needs to go after who ever is funding the camp that’s going against him as they’re happily spreading lies to deceive the US people’s and take control of the country
  4. Lenmcharristar


    I don’t care what they say the remainders cheated and still lost by 1.4 million votes it wasn’t even close
  5. Lenmcharristar


    Us in the uk and Ireland have the best tradesmen in the world, and top the tree in almost everything else, this was slowly being taken away from us over the past 30 odd years by the EU, look at the industries that have taken big hits and closed or moved to Eastern Europe, we were the creators of most stuff and fully self dependant and that’s what we need to strive for again, let the world come to us with their business as they will see us as the experts we once were
  6. Lenmcharristar


    That’s exactly what they’re trying to do, united ireland by default. It’s too engrained over here for nationalists to hate anything British. I’d look past it if the ROI was a free and independent country like it used to be, but it’s not, it’s just another German state run by liberals and they’re ruining it in my opinion. So they’d be happy to be run by Germany as long as it gives them the right to stick the fingers up to GB. And some of the stuff the British government did was unacceptable. The DUP and UKIP and TUV were brexit parties
  7. Lenmcharristar

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Exactly what I thought as well especially on the white fighters
  8. Lenmcharristar

    isis bint

    Ah I wouldn’t say that, il put money she will be given a hero’s welcome in her paki town and go on to further cause harm and kill maim others in GB I’d be sending an sas man out to give her an OBE ( one behind the ear)
  9. Lenmcharristar


    No probs the facts are the facts
  10. Lenmcharristar


    More unionists voted to leave but some voted to remain, here’s how they approached your door, they knocked your door and introduced themselves then said how are you going to vote for brexit? I said you tell me what your voting, and they said remain and I said well we’re off on the wrong foot as I’m voting out, the words that came out of their mouths, why are you voting out, you’ll lose your benefits. I said hold it right there ballbag I don’t get benefits now f u c k off from my door before you get hurt. Wankers. I kid you not. Alliance, uup, greens. All using the benefits cards. Also I’ve plenty of catholic friends and they voted leave as well. Don’t be believing the Shiite the news feeds ya. The lazy bums wanted to remain so they coul stay in the work shy club. The workers voted leave as they were fed up being over run with foreigners in the work place
  11. Lenmcharristar

    isis bint

    And instead of furry dice on the rear view mirror is comes with furry goat balls
  12. Lenmcharristar

    Fury v wilder

    FACT lol
  13. Lenmcharristar

    isis bint

    No doubt headed by sadiq khunt
  14. Lenmcharristar

    isis bint

    The liberals wet dream
  15. Lenmcharristar

    Fury v wilder

    Aj v millar is on, no offence to aj but he needs to step up after this fight fs, even Lewis says time to let bulls do what they do