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  1. Ok then, must have been mass hallucinations
  2. All interviewed came from sanfranshitsco, same as the whole of GB isrepresented by some wog or camel jockey in londonistan
  3. Stopping all the wars and meddling in the middle east, created millions of jobs and got people working again, he had the balls to meet the north korea leader face to face and take away the threat of nuclear war there, and im sure theres thousands more could be listed. And he is defo. Ot politically correct and bow down to faggy warped minorities and theyre ideals either
  4. People will see how good it was under trump compared to the demorats, bit like the thylacine, demonised into extinction then everybody realised they wanted it back when it was too late
  5. Ffs arry, mon da fcuk son, a plate of bone dryness???? Wheres the tarter sauce or gravy????
  6. Excitement starts tomorrow, good luck usa
  7. Dont get me wrong id have another but the one i had went to school on a yellow bus
  8. I had one and it was a spastic, only good at turnin g food into sh1t
  9. Fcuk id love that to be true, defo
  10. You can see how easily civil war could start from this, the demorats deserve all they get
  11. Not in the past no, but now theyre mentally ill, lazy, freak shows where the perverse and depraved is supported by the left and theyre political groups. They all want free everything but as we all know nothing is for free and somebody has to pay for it, its the left bringing these gimmiegrants in who turn a blind eye when theyre hacking people up on the streets.
  12. Its just the typical lefty bull shit lies, snp, sinn fein, labour, greens, alliance etc etc, they cry foul and want independence then want to be ruled by nazis, suppose they one in the same, the nazis are left wingers too, fecking mental illness if you ask me
  13. Any one selling or know somebody selling a ferret finder?
  14. Im still living in hope trumps gona win
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