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  1. My kind of food, id wire into that
  2. Send that pawn stars n email and ask him, he has a buddy to take a look at it
  3. Nahhhh dont buy it lol if its not about fishing then it wont be called mortimer and whitehouse go fishing, it would be called, playing chess or, scratching a nut sack or something, to be honest they do fish some lovely rivers and id love a chuck with whitehouse, i rekon he would be a good laugh
  4. Bob spoils it, hes like the vvanker at school who moans to go do activities clubs and is totally crap at it then does nothing but feckin moan and spoil it for the rest then the teacher just gives in and says thats it back to class, thats bob, id chuck him in after about an hour fishing with hIm
  5. Another flawed genius, wanted fame and fortune and when he got that l, realised there was something still missing, hopefully on the other side he gets the inner peace hes craving
  6. Hes correct about leo varadker
  7. Defo not, he will cause civil war or a coup de tat in Ireland with the way his policies are heading, in fact all the left leaders are cheating, stealing, lying and mugging the native peoples of europe to stay in power, its only about total power and control, and that stuff can really piss the working man off
  8. Ive an a4 tdi, cracking motors, remapped 200bhp and 300lb ft of torque, goes nice very reliable motor,
  9. These blades with the diamond bore centre holes
  10. Top class Monk fish is very high on the tasty scale, like prawn meat, lovely with oyster sauce and spring onion, with fried rice. Or fried in batter as scampi
  11. Well francie, did the irish get the government they deserve? I think they are too left wing, but in all fairness they are the loveliest of peoples mate, every time we go down south we get nothing but respect and treated like family, i see leo the snake is constantly blaming the irish right wing instead if the real reason, is it time for the irish to vote with their heads now and get a centrist government instead of all left wing, pro uncontrolled invasions? What leo is doing against the natives here is treason at the highest level.
  12. Well fellow THL friends, whats the chances of you posting me some ripsaw blades for a dewalt rear handle saw? The diablo blades as they dont sell them over here, obviously ill pay the costs but if you write gift on it then it means no import tax, mon lads help a fella out
  13. What about moxy? I heard he was a gay magician and disappeared with a poof
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