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  1. Now that’s the best idea yet ted hahaha
  2. We had a staff mid 80s had a curly tail didn’t stop him in his adventures
  3. I believe us whites are genetically different to other races and better at stuff as well, how ever other races around the world are better at certain things than us, so if we were created to be different then how are we equal???? I agree with your post above, the only thing the blacks master is being the biggest numbers in a jail in every country they’ve settled
  4. They put extinction rebellion on the extremest watch list so why not hunt sabs? They need to be classed as terrorists for that’s what they are
  5. Brilliant work keep it up and fight them at they’re own game
  6. Good read there jigsaw, plenty of meat for the freezer too
  7. Please keep me in mind for when he serves the grey, thanks and good luck
  8. Yes still only wheaten and grey. But it’s the mans choice not mine unfortunately lol
  9. Any pics???? I love fishing for them ahhh feck it I just love fishing lol
  10. Ever fish those welsh rivers for the sea trout DC?
  11. Yes the Nile perch is a monster imaging saying your 20lb pike was taken by a perch on the way in haha, surprised they never got them on the Ebro
  12. So was the 712 catholic’s? That’s a massive number from the Ira who supposedly operating to save them. And it was state sponsored as most were working for the government. The whole situation should have been resovlved many many yrs before
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