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  1. So whats every bobies thoughts on why and whats happening?
  2. The Olympics are ruined now, all this poofery, woke, freakshow bollicks have destroyed it, seems to be that the best at the event is no longer the gold winner but the freakiest with the weirdest message wins, absolute fkn joke
  3. When don frye comes into chucks room, chucks moustache shakes with fear
  4. Theres a prequal coming out and young tony is being played by gandolphinis own son and he even looks like him, looks good and worth a watch
  5. He didnt get enough of them
  6. So how does the astra zenica work compared to the mrna ones?
  7. What a lovely tribute
  8. That looks as dry as ghandis flip flop. Wheres the minty gravy?
  9. Bollicks, you bought that out of tesco
  10. Stay away from dr google as youll end up self diagnosed with every made up illness and cancers under the sun. Best let thedocs find out
  11. If you dont take it, the came jockeys and lazy blacks thats boating in enmasse will hoover it up
  12. Getting woeful in belfast too, fecking paramilitaries dealing it everywhere, place full of junkies
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