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  1. Lenmcharristar


    The DUP are the only party putting the uk Union 1st and foremost they don’t want special status either. I hope for no deal too. But let’s not beat about the bush here the rest will let the union go.
  2. Lenmcharristar

    You wouldn’t want to mess around with her.

    All for show with movie set props, just lift her and throw her out a window. That was an answer given about Bruce lee being the greatest ever, the interviewee said although Bruce was great his small size was his weakness as he could be picked up by a bigger man and thrown out a window lol
  3. Lenmcharristar

    The ffs can't we get along thread .

    I blame the saluki owners
  4. Lenmcharristar

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Simple Del Boy will punch him and price will be doing the drunkards dance
  5. Lenmcharristar

    Best place for him

    Flat out 7 days a week but off every Sat and Sunday, must be triggers depot, open 24 hrs a day but not at night Lolol
  6. Lenmcharristar

    New pup!

    Hopefully that bitch pup turns out to be good for ya then.
  7. Lenmcharristar

    New pup!

    Oh right, is the big girl away?
  8. Lenmcharristar

    New pup!

    If she works are you gona stick him over her?
  9. Lenmcharristar


    English men take note, that’s the respect put into that c**t, if yous has done that a bit more then these c u n t s would be behaving in your country
  10. Lenmcharristar

    World vegetarian day 😭

    A proper chip shop always does
  11. Lenmcharristar

    World vegetarian day 😭

    World bbq day
  12. Lenmcharristar

    Out Today

    Nice hairy dog ss, hows he bred?
  13. Lenmcharristar

    Climate crazies

    What is a shame is that poor kid needs guidance in the correct manner in her young life and her parents are happy for her to be abused by their idols, instead of protecting her they thrust her into the world stage where she can’t cope in crowds of people already. This girl is the type that is so brainwashed by bad people taking advantage of her that she’s a perfect stat for suicide she’s so full of self haterid. Shame on her parents
  14. Lenmcharristar

    The changing face of rural Ireland

    That’s what I think they’re at also, as I know ones that try and pay hookers to stop shagging and marry them, sad men