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  1. Mma or bkb, if your having a bad day and are not feeling 100% fit your in for a painful reminder next morning
  2. They would be hunting the perpetrators and throwing the trial by social media hate crime facebook at them
  3. Best way for lamb
  4. I fly them here anyway, ill be a good neighbour
  5. Totally agree the irish went all over the world and we built everywhere, we are builders by nature, and fighters too, until the feminisation of the west, thats why the worlds despots are sabre rattling, the west other than america looks weak due to the total biased extremest left wing media and the woke freaks
  6. No lol, too many will lose benefits and have to work again, on that alone its never changing any time soon
  7. Interesting times ahead, i hope trump wins and we can claim political asylum in the apalachans with the rest of the scotch irish
  8. Aint that true, and the standard of work has went south too, pun intended, fecking hatchet men these days
  9. But they did that before 3 times until the democrats lent them the vote counting machines then on the 4th try the eu won the irish vote to join
  10. We need a trump like leader, who will run the country like a business and not a holiday camp for all the worlds rejects and criminals. If ya didnt come here through work then out to feck
  11. The hotel scrounging rats could be used by the military for training new recruits, as target practice
  12. The irish struggle was about independence and freedom from the shackles of foreign rule. So in my opinion they wont be independent. The eu want payback for the loans and investment theyve pumped into the ROI, well lets just dump the gimmiegrants over there and our favour will be returned will be the attitude of the 4th reich
  13. That should have been the sign for the parties to actually get off their asses and go into the public working class areas and ask their concerns, but us mere peasants only deserve communicating with at voting time, and they still wont ask or do as the electorate wish.
  14. That will get worse under the irish government, look at how bad the big cities especially dublin has gotten under so called irish-eu rule
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