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  1. Say your house was infested with rats, would you let the rest destroy your property with the hope you find 1 or 2 that can be tamed or just get rid of-the lot and save your property?
  2. Werent they a couple of arse bandits though?
  3. The answers are in nature, it has shown us already what keeps digs in top condition by looking at wild canids and what nature feeds them
  4. Mackem and arry eat like kings, you lucky men
  5. We call them a bag of antisocials, cheese n onion breath, the prawn cocktail are nicest and spring onion too, go lovely in your cheese n ham sandwich
  6. Brilliant news and long may it continue mate
  7. A remnant from the old world before the flood, everything was giant
  8. The sequoia tree, aka the california redwood, the biggest trees on earth, id love to go and see them, they should plant the seeds all over the world
  9. Yes if your on the payroll as a Brussel sprout
  10. Stay off the race bikes, get a cruiser, or theres the obvious lol
  11. Ive had my run ins in the past with moxy, but not everybody is gona get on, its just human nature, hes prob different than he acts on here but give someone a bit of authority and it can go to their heads
  12. Good reply, youd think they could track the funders in the demorats and charge them with terrorist offence's by treason, do you see it heading towards civil war? Must be hard seeing a place getting looted and burned and not allowed to do anything to save it.
  13. Its a fecking woman taking testosterone steroids ffs, the reason they call them mothers is because men cant give birth to babies, no matter how much your clit looks like a razor clam your not a man ffs that child should have been adopted rather than having its we head pickled by its mentally ill queer parents
  14. Well wolfie whats your opinion? Is the place gona get wrecked or is memphis not out of control?
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