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  1. Lenmcharristar

    Elton john

    Bet he sells the purdys now and becomes a ginger vegan
  2. Lenmcharristar

    Elton john

    Yes but ya don’t have to use it
  3. Lenmcharristar

    Elton john

    Just sail on a yacht, wind power
  4. Lenmcharristar

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano and Blair mayne after Jesus himself of course
  5. Lenmcharristar

    Hard men...

    I just thought that’s the type the thread was on about, hence why I said about trained fighters being far higher up the spectrum
  6. Lenmcharristar

    Harsh winter ???

    It’s defo a bumper year over here in Co Down for wasps there’s millions of the ba$tard things
  7. Lenmcharristar

    Hard men...

    Yea yea, word on the street you also attended pride marches and made them hard
  8. Lenmcharristar

    Hard men...

    I thought it was only about the Lenny mcclean, roy shaw type thread, although I could be mistaken
  9. Lenmcharristar

    Harsh winter ???

    Nature has all the the answers to mans modern problems we just have to look, so you are correct, everything god makes is constructive nearly everything man makes is destructive. A quote by victor sherburgur who invented the rapulsine turbine which gave out light n heat from nothing
  10. Lenmcharristar

    Hard men...

    I know that and that’s why pro fighters are probably the hardest out of us mere mortals as in fighting hardness, but comparing them to other sports where mental toughness is needed more than physical is totally different hence why professional fighters are at the pinnacle of it where your average pub brawler isnt
  11. Lenmcharristar


    Yes another gona jump on the liberal victim wagon again no doubt get a payout of the MOD for causing offence to the wheels that ran over him when they were never told about bumps in the road
  12. Lenmcharristar

    Hard men...

    Yes sport is sport but no matter how they try to be hard, there’s no way Mervyn king or ted hankey is gona beat joe calzaghe in a fight or is Rory mcilroy gona beat big Z in power lifting and like wise, do you think AJ showed toughness in his last fight? I don’t I seen the hardness in Ruiz as he got up off the floor and decked AJ a few times until AJ quit fighters are trained to be harder than most other folk in sport. Fighting sports are supposed to be the pinnacle of toughness for humans to be involved in, man against man but in other sports mental toughness can be more valuable than physical toughness like in darts, snooker etc
  13. Lenmcharristar

    What are you watching on youtube?

    Tuned skylines, supra, gt4s, basically any tuned turbo charged petrol cars
  14. Lenmcharristar

    The Gull Who Eats Pigeons

    Yes ago I had a couple of jack russels that went shooting with me and loved bushing etc they absolutely mullered into gulls crows magpies etc but only once did they ever retrieve a pigeon I shot and it was the 1st one they got, it put them off carrying them the feathers must have choked them as after that they used to stand beside the pigeons looking at me as if to say here’s it over here dogs arnt that stupid and can tell the difference lol
  15. Lenmcharristar

    Hard men...

    That’s it, that millwall fella that got stuck into the paki Muslim terrorists on London Bridge that day, he prob wasn’t a hard c u n t but he must walk with a wheel barrow to carry his balls about town, that to me was facing the danger head on knowing full well he could end up as halal, there’s a wide range of bravery/ courage not to be confused with the average hard man. To me a fighting hard man is not the man who has a zero on his record but the type of man that you give an absolute hiding too and he still keeps getting up and coming back until he wins or gets totally kod, like the fights we’ve seen benn/ mcclellend , foreman/Morrison. Marciano/Walcott Ali/norton these fights stick on my mind for the toughness given and faced by both opponents and they kept going until the final bell or a lost was involved, there’s plenty of others too, these fighters are professional trained and conditioned for the job and not supping beers down the local boozer bashing piss heads or bar flies. Then you have the battle hardened types that’s been knocked down more times than audley Harrison and keep on going like after ww2 how many knew their grannies and grandads to be mentally tough? I know mine were for they had seen some of the very worst of humanity and also the very best and were tough as old boots where nothing ever really bothered them