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  1. Bollocks your going to set a booby trap device to kill king billy before he wins, awwwwwwww jetro i didnt think you got involved in all that hahahaha
  2. Im only seeing this now as i havent been on in ages, been working flat out fs, missed out, good luck to whi got them
  3. May aswell just close this thread now, take the chickens period and that is a plate after my own heart
  4. How come the government don’t bust this antifa gang???? Whole thing stinks
  5. I was in minnieapolis yrs ago, beautiful place, however wolfdog, why do the blacks wreck an destroy everywhere they live??? Seems like they’re on the road to ruin in every country they live in, they never wonder why nobody in their right mind ever wants to invest in their communities? For watching this BLM crap, is like watching the chimpanzee gangs that just go out to terrorise the other monkeys and hunt them down in the jungle, and no not saying yous are chimps, just the squealing, hysterical revert back to feral behaviour that’s strong in the African genes. And I’ve no love for the police either, but what’s worse is the white scum who are so full of self haterid that need culling
  6. Anybody caught looting, rioting, beating shopkeepers to death, defacing war memorials, snp/labour members, black, paki, chink, gay, weirdo,pedo, animal rights wing nuts, should all be shot on site for they are the ones causing all this disturbance. Other than that this whole blm shite has been hijacked by the leftards and liberals as usual, now it’s trumps fault, oh ffs we’ve burnt that one out, no wait it’s boris’s fault, oh wait it can’t be for we’re already blaming him on the covid19, then it’s that f***ing Russians fault, mr Smirnoff
  7. Once she gets an interest in boys she will drop her parents ways like a bad habit, hit the town for nights out then get on with her life
  8. Better chance of catching bigfoot
  9. There’s a fella on YouTube who bought an old 80s volvo, looks clapped out, he stuck a 6 litre truck engine in it and an eBay turbo kit on it, it blows the doors off lambos and corvettes, fecking Granda mobile kicking ass
  10. But it does not say police on that car, just dog unit, you could put kennels in the smallest print possible in a corner somewhere, so dog unit kennels is your company
  11. Just hunting in disguise
  12. With a car like that they will make you tea and sandwiches for your journey
  13. Just an idea, buy that get the dogs in and just go anywhere ya want then when coming off land if anybody asks ya just say ya caught poachers and they ran off and left the dogs so your taking them to a rescue centre. Another day on the front line chasing poachers, they see you as doing your duty lol
  14. He’s only gona see a black German Shepard dog in his pics now as that’s all it was all along lol
  15. My dad had the rover 213s In the early 90s and it was Honda based too, was a nice comfy car to be in they also done the 216 aswell as the vanden plas model
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