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  1. Any of you ever try it with fish?
  2. Any of you make your own and can yas recommend and machines or kits yas find best? Must admit I’m partial to jerky-billtong, salmon jerky
  3. And living like Charles Bronson aswell fs
  4. You ever go to the mournes or tollymore forest? There’s also a good place in ards called the lead mines it’s real good tracks in it
  5. Lucky ba$tards the lot of you we’ve had rain fs
  6. The mans in trouble, hopefully he beats it and gets better soon.
  7. Yes like Gerry adams, Martin mcguiness, Gerry kelly, Dessie ohare, ohhh wait you mean a different kind of wacky??? They whack people in a different way hahahaha OJ dmd
  8. I didn’t think labour could slump any lower
  9. Il make sure I bring the fly rod when we visit jetro
  10. I’m partial to seaweed myself but I defo wouldn’t be eating anything from Belfast lough hahahaha it would even kill off superman
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