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  1. Top class that, just need a good blue cheese dip for those wings mate, cinnamon rolls enough said
  2. Well she is defo no martina mcbride
  3. Or maybe they liked philip??????????
  4. Ffs lads i didnt say i wanted to marry her, just every hole is a goal type fun lol
  5. As punishment for helping him holly should be sent to pornhub to make movies for 2 weeks,
  6. Nice we romantic meal for you n socks, must be a late valentines date lolol looks decent haha
  7. With those trucks and v8 engines i think lamp posts per gallon is more adequate
  8. We are heading there in a month, is it a good holiday?
  9. Its fecking paint stripper lads, pure bait the wife
  10. Although hes a bandit hes telling the truth. And factually correct, they need to go. The whole broadcasting corps need looking into by a committee of independents acting for the public, and with criminal charges and naming and shaming the guilty
  11. I no longer have a brother, says timothy schofield in the nonce wing, philip is a pedo too, how long before he tops himself??? I rekon once the young lad hits the papers
  12. Anno, hopefully the Maltese deal with him
  13. If holly is ever stuck for a seat she can always use my face
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