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  1. Lenmcharristar


    Simple to get the black Zulu votes
  2. Lenmcharristar


    But equally watch the excuses and lies spun after by the left because they will be really upset that the snow flakes lost again, soon see impeach him signs coming from the demoRats in the USA to the conservatives
  3. Lenmcharristar


    Just shows as happened with trump, the left liberal anti democratic media try to manipulate our votes, but what it really shows the world is the media do not represent nor speak for the massive majority of us in GB
  4. Nothing nicer than a December fox in pristine condition, I’d hate to see it if he got hold
  5. I asked because how fine condition the Fox was haha
  6. It was the pre adamites, the people before Noah’s flood, god had enough of the species then and how twisted and evil it had become so reset the planet, look how twisted and warped mankind is becoming again with all the poof non gender pedophile crap and it’s looking like he could very well reset the species again.
  7. Good going mate, was he able to get close?
  8. I had Ruiz for the early ko, but hats off to AJ he done a great job and deserved the win, the leaner AJ is a much bigger threat to the other 2 at the top as he’s the more all rounder and capable of taking yer head off with a punch, hopefully makes for more exciting fights ahead for us punters
  9. I meant dogo argentinas
  10. Needs a few dogos in a pack round there
  11. What’s more worrying is that she has a son???? I mean some man actually pumped that fat hippo cun£ And left his load, now that is scraping the bottom of the barrel
  12. Holy feck doesn’t that bring life into perspective? And ya think ya have it bad, RIP jiggy
  13. The Irish were some of the biggest emmigrators, around the world, BUT they worked they’re asses off to get a better life, they didn’t come on dingys scrounging and demanding everything for free whilst being bone idol
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