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  1. That was just the guy in whites soul when it left his body turning him around mid fall so he didnt crack his head before rentering after the punch
  2. Like bacteria, self replicating
  3. My brother was a piper in the royal irish
  4. Proud day for GB, makes me want to go buy a landrover again lol
  5. Would you swear the same oath for oul charlie?
  6. Yes mate the pipes do that
  7. That truly is a mark of utter britishness absolutely lol
  8. A lad from our estate was 1 carrying her coffin
  9. Much was he looking mate, you doing any hunting these days?
  10. Best move you made was coming here lol, passed your way yesterday mate, that fishery looks good n p***y now, fair change from the 90s
  11. Why did harry enfield dime bars adverts just enter my head???? At blokes a nutta, oi nutta
  12. You work away mate lol
  13. Put it this way, if you want certain jobs done then use the peoples who do the jobs the best, help them have kids and give them good lives, whoever thought that by bringing in 3rd worlders in to fill that roll needs their heads looking at, if they were any good then they wouldnt be known as 3rd worlders ffs
  14. The whole EU should have been a great thing. It should have been the dominant super power and manufacturing super power but as usiall greed and liberal lawlessness got in the way, it always does, then these liberal elites aka left wing lunatics always revert back to wild when the chance arises, it should have protected its peoples and made sure it was a secure fortress, and it could have been the utopian dream it was meant to be, but the wrong people who want power and their name in lights always get the top jobs then fcuk it up
  15. Im heading out today for a silver fella, hopefully theyre in the deep pools
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