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  1. Hi Tom how are you mate Well I hope Right felix Spring rifles Gun in bag and Pellets in pocket And go Pcp rifles Gun in bag Bottle in car to charge rifle When it runs low Pellets in pocket And go Spring rifles Hw97 any cal but heavy mind Better after a tune Pro sport any cal heavy mind One of the best point able rifles out there Hw99 nice rifle and light to carry and use Hw 95 same as above Pcp Hw100 nothing to say One of the best there is Hw110 same as above Raid
  2. Don't even put a scratch on my gun Mitch I know it's got a big hole in the stock But the last one I had hold of fits me nice And it's going to be my dedicated nv gun If I ever use it It's that nice lol Plus I need cheering up not had a smile on my face for some time of late Thanks Bryan Atvbjimmy
  3. Bsa ultra low shot count but cracking guns and up there with the best nice and light but accurate as feck atvbjimmy
  4. He is right mind Mark Just like the farmer who says there are loads of rabbits here only for u to find out there ain't Just two or three mate Atvd Jimmy
  5. All the best to you all Let's hope 2021 is better than 2020 For all of us Have a good night lads Mac
  6. Think its more if you break down and have to call some one to ether fix it or tow you home putting them at risk i could be wrong mind atvbjimmy
  7. little bit of snow and the hole place go,s into melt down they must p*ss them selfs laughing at us in places like canada ...alaska and so on lol atvbjimmy
  8. or crow sport in 22 leading up to my second mini stroke id been missing shots a lot to the point i thought some thing was wrong with the rifle ,,,scopes,,and so on but the rifle (raider single shot 22) had been spot on never had a screw driver put to it shot loads with it at si.s and i mean loads 70+ rabbits a night now id had a mini stroke a few months before and did not know id had one they found out id had one on the scan they did . Now when Sean shot the rifle it was spot on for him so i think the stroke has affected my eyes and more so my left to right
  9. I just may take you up on that fd once all this c19 stuff is sorted and im fit and well mate thanks for the offer fd atvbjimmy
  10. Not going to lie phil that was a hard one mate , Hope you two had a good one phil and the same go,s to the rest OF YOU FILTHY ANIMALS
  11. Them smk,s can be tuned and have come a long way from the old days of chines crap i would not turn one down now not that you have lol thats a cracking offer fd and looks the biz to atvbjimmy
  12. Same here Jeff Olivia will be all grown up now just about Mate It's been that long since iv been to urs jeff I'll have to call over soon for my cupa and posh bics And atvb to you all and have a good one All of u Olivia will be spoilt as perr jeff Atvbjimmy
  13. He puts it about a bit lol That's my boy Atvbjimmy
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