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  1. bigmac 97kt

    Just ordered one of these

    Well for just under £11 its worth a punt atvbjimmy
  2. 14 Shot Magazine for Weihrauch HW100 high quality ABS or PLA ill give it ago and let you know what there like iv gone for the florescent yellow and if there any good ill get another atvbjimmy
  3. bigmac 97kt


    All ways been good on me Tod Matt but i do miss being out with me mate to be honest he tx,d and bell,d me last night asking if i was going shooting but i had just woke up lol so had a chilled night in . atvbjimmy
  4. bigmac 97kt

    Up and out

    Nice one John land looks good mate Im going to give Mark (mhopton) a shout soon and have a day down at his not seen my friend in some time and his land is some of the best views iv seen John atvbjimmy
  5. bigmac 97kt


    Not me lol Nearly changed the ultimate sporter to day for the crown in fac mode but thought i had better not push my luck until iv got it atvbjimmy
  6. bigmac 97kt


    3+1 atvbjimmy
  7. bigmac 97kt


    1,, there not 2 ,,,4,52 atvbjimmy
  8. bigmac 97kt


    Back up to the farm last night got 4 kept the 2 good ones left the two littler ones for the birds of pray lad rifle was hw100 177 ks scopes mtc mamba pellets jsb 177 longest shot was 58 yrds paced shortest was 30 yrds paced and rifle was zero,d at 30 atvbjimmy
  9. bigmac 97kt


    Some times i like to be on me tod Matt seams im on me Tod quiet a lot at the moment unless im at si,s Viz is out a lot with pav at the moment and as iv not got nv i cant get out with them as its a nv or thermal shoot no lamps . need to get a nv sorted and iv not been out for some time due to personal circumstances ie my mother atvbjimmy
  10. bigmac 97kt

    GL Update

    I should of invited him to have ago of the side by side O sorry officer i should of told you DONT PULL THE FRONT TRIGGER FIRST ATVBJIMMY
  11. bigmac 97kt

    my hunting setup 2018/2019 pic heavy

    Ted im green with envy mate proper thread this totally enjoyed reading this . Top class atvbjimmy
  12. bigmac 97kt


    Do you really need fac when your this good with a sub 12 lol and off the lamp most of them . Iv not been out to any of my perms for a while i did ask vis if he was coming but he say,d he was staying in and having a chill night so off i went on my own . Talked to the owner and got the thumbs up on the land for fac just need to talk to a few more then thats that sorted so im a happy chappy i was only there 10 mins when the first jumped out in front of me at 40yrds (paced) so a standing shot i let the jsb go and it was in the bag next was a kneeling shot round about the same distance 2 in the bag and only 25 mins had gone by any way on one walk around id hit 8 but lost two in the high nettles and fecked if i was going to look in there for them lol. back to the tank and a bit to eat and drink then it was off again for another 2 in the bag time was getting on now (im not as quick as i was at walking round the farm lol) so i headed back and sorted the rabbits out skinned and gutted and wrapped in cling film ready for my little freezer that i got off my mam when she passed away to the big C a nice little under bench job so now ill not get no grief off her indoors for putting them in the other freezer,,, WOMEN EH lol. had a cracking night i was going to do an all nighter but this perm is just starting to pick up so called it a night and headed home . rifle was hw100k sporter 177 scope was mtc mamba scb ret mod was hw mod pellets were jsb exact 177 lamp was t38 red beam atvbjimmy
  13. bigmac 97kt

    Here it is

    I love the look of them just could not get on with mine but then again i shot pav,s like it was part of my arm could not miss with it thats why i got one but he will argue i got it in the wrong cal should of been 22 lol. Im not saying i would not get another may be some day i will same go,s with SI,s .25 impact i could not miss with it mind his is fac nice mitch very nice mate in deed atvbjimmy
  14. bigmac 97kt

    well thats the first step

    well the forms will be in some time this week and iv been looking at the fac AA ultimate sporter 22 bit pricey at £1499 mind iv got the sub 12 put away but if i do get my fac before iv payed the sub 12 off it can be changed for the fac version just got to put extra security in place so i may have the rifles at mine and not at some one else's home Im not bothered at the cost as long as i may have a chance of keeping them at mine . atvbjimmy
  15. bigmac 97kt

    Which caliber would you pick ?

    No need to buy a mincer then Deker The 223 v max dose it for you atvbjimmy