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  1. Got it today and its a lovely bit of kit And as close as you can get to a fx impact Its the gen2 First impression is its good Just need to test it out to longer distances Something I'll do this weekend Atvb Jimmy
  2. Right lads need a set of turret caps for my MTC mamba scope's Has anyone got a set laying around or dose anyone no of any 3D printers who Will make me a set lads thanks Atvb Jimmy
  3. Well back out with the bairn Where he managed to bend the probe on his rifle Iv sorted it this morning for him So he got to shoot the prosport,,kral mortal And my mates hw95 Time i think to get him used to shooting springers now i think atvb Jimmy
  4. And he is one of the old lads on here Not many of us left now like
  5. Mind i was suprised the other night Ran out of jsb and had to use AA pellets None of my rifles bar one hated them And the one that did like them Mind really liked them was the hw100 It was pin point accurate with them I no I no its a 100 but feck she was good really good I've not seen it shoot like that before Atvb Jimmy
  6. What the fxxk He is a good lad is Mitch Allways been there for me Even offered to send me a hw100 up for me to use when I was down and fxxked up Not a lot of lads like that now One of the best Probably daystate got into ians case As we all no what mitch thought of them At least Ian could of told him y Just hope it gets sorted and his ban is lifted Atvb Jimmy
  7. I see you have hidden the shot gun out of range of the pic this time Mark Atvb Jimmy
  8. Mind I'll not lie Chances are you Will get the odd flyer But im a big fan of jsb And there ace as a hunting pellet Hit hard very hard I like to set my zero at 35 yrds and use my milbots for shooting out to longer distances Atvb Jimmy
  9. Looking good deker I'll await your testing results But I take it you are happy with them up to now Atvb Jimmy
  10. Want the loading port all black Im going to do the safety catch But want the port anodised
  11. Thanks lads the silencer is not fitted to the rifle just laying on the end and I see what u mean lads now iv just got to do the safety And the loading port but I'll have to take the rifle apart to do it lol Atvb Jimmy
  12. Funny how some rifles like 551 And some like 55,2 and so on Try some of the jsb jumbo 55,2 U may just get a surprise deker Cant hurt to try can it son atvb Jimmy
  13. Try them in 5,52 deker There ace in mine
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