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  1. Pull the coking arm all the way back until it locks and then give it a quick blast of air see if that sorts it Some times it's just crap Do you no where it is leaking from Atvbjimmy
  2. And that's not directed at u paulus Lol Atvbjimmy
  3. The one thing I do no is this site i not Clicky after all the years iv been on this forum If any of the lads or lasses no the answer to this they will say but sometimes it takes a little while what with work and commitments Not every one is glued to the forum And I may of sorted it out iv cleaned it all and oiled it and the mags as I remembered marks post as well And it seams to be cycling the mags nobother both of them so I'm a happy chappy now lol Atvbjimmy
  4. Well my hw100 is not cycling the mags properly some times it's OK and some times it's not and yes it dry fires as it's not moving the mag so ur left with an empty chamber that you have already fired off Do any of you no what can be coursing this Had to move the mag by hand last night I was getting pxxsed off with it last night Any help would be great Thanks lads Atvbjimmy
  5. Well flat top I tend to agree with you mate It's on my hw100 and it's staying there lol I'll be long gone and it will still be as strong and well built Atvbjimmy
  6. Well I'm just the man to sort that out mitch lol Atvbjimmy
  7. I was given this off my shooting partener so I put it on the hw100 I mean come on what else would I put it on lol Mind u can tell from the off why they are so expensive build quality is second to none Lovely to use nice and silent when u bring the legs down It feels good as well not like the cheap ones I have on other rifles Nice and strong and well made Think I'll look into getting a few more for my other rifles Thanks Sean (vislauk) ur a star mate Atvbjimmy
  8. Just take ur time mark there is no rush mate no matter how much u miss shooting or work it will allways be there when ur right I'm now starting to get to the range with my grandson I'm not shooting mind but getting out with the bairn is doing me good U just need to rest and get your self right there are more important things than shooting or work mark YOU JUST GET YOUR SELF RIGHT I NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE THE P,, S OUT OF Atvbjimmy
  9. I u want I can look after that 77 I sold you mark I'll not charge much mate GET WELL SOON YOU OLD FART this forum will not be the same with out you My friend Atvbjimmy
  10. Well I'm keeping them mitch I'm not sending them back
  11. Well I was messaging philpot And we got round to talking about scopes and that I had to get a new set for Alfies mastiff as the ones he had on was not holding zero very long, To cut a long story short this morning I got a parcel off the posty And when I opened it up it was a set of mtc mamba lights with the old Xmas tree ret now I no GAYSTATE own them now but I love this ret And the scope is a lot shorter than the old ones Put it on the rifle today and Zeroed it in, It's spot on now friends like Phil are hard to find and even harder to keep there for the bair
  12. Well may be its him that needs to go to spec savers then
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