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  1. bigmac 97kt

    Its not jinked

    Mamba scope Mark just suits this rifle no end perfection if you ask me this set up now is as good as it gets as good as any hw100 set up atvbjimmy
  2. I new you would sean need to borrow your oil tomorrow mate im out you may need to drop it off for me as im lending my son the jeep for a week atvbjimmy
  3. bigmac 97kt

    Its not jinked

    Thought it was mind lol Must of been new gun syndrome Any way set about changing the lamps around and the lamp mounts put the t20 on the impact and put the t38 on the ultra then i went to see TX ETHAN (little hunter) and we set a time for the old perm he came to mine and off we went it was a bit windy but we set zero on both rifles mind he has not lost his touch lol a few clicks and the ultra was on . we then set off for a wander Ethan went one way i the other i came across one rabbit but it kept moving and darting behind tree,s and fence posts i got a shot away but clipped the tree it jumped about 6 foot and took off like a rocket lol ill get you another day we met back up and went for a smoke and Ethan some thing to eat he did not get any thing ether we set back off again and right at the back of the water tower field i got to with in 42 yrds laser.d with the range finder i went prone took aim and sent the jsb on its way it hit home and over it went i was like a kid lol been out 4 times with this bloody impact now but finally put one in the bag no,1 it started to rain hard so we called it a night and headed home rifles BSA ULTRA single shot 22 scope is a vantage mod is an a&m marksman FX IMPACT 177 scope MTC MAMBA it was good to get out with my grandson again been a long long time but i think he has the bug again lol few pics lads atvbjimmy
  4. bigmac 97kt


    It is mind but now iv got to carry it around fields,,,over fences and gates through woods so on and so on lol and at £1600 id hate to mark it lol atvbjimmy
  5. bigmac 97kt

    Sick little bullying tramp

    two kicks in the head and a stamp on her face it will happen to her one day people dont forget shit like this atvbjimmy
  6. bigmac 97kt

    Sick little bullying tramp

    I hope the young girl learns boxing or some kind of self defense go,s back in a year or two and kicks the shit out of them pay back feels so good an eye for an eye atvbjimmy
  7. bigmac 97kt


    It needs cracking just a mindless slaughter of a family of stunning birds and just by the lads comments on here we all have the same opinion YES WE SHOOT YES WE HUNT BUT WE DO IT FOR THE TABLE OR SOME ONE ELSE'S TABLE WE DO NOT SHOOT FOR THE HELL OF IT and we have feelings to AND WE KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG and if any antis are reading this WE ARE NOT MINDLESS ANIMALS even if you think we are WE CARE ABOUT WILD LIFE atvbjimmy
  8. bigmac 97kt


    All rfd,s do keep a record of who buys a rifle all serial no of guns are put in a book and your name and address and post code plus you must prove who you are by id its the second hand rifles you buy that are the problem you dont need id you dont need to give your address just pay your money and take your rifle or pistol atvbjimmy
  9. bigmac 97kt


    I love the swans and all song birds why the hell do they do it simple things please simple minds who ever did this dose not have a mind and simple is to good for them just wish i could get my hands on them not for the air gun world but for my own satisfaction and beat the shit out of them and then some . And its just as bad for the shot gun lads as well who in there right mind would turn a shot gun on a family of swans if it was a shot gun risk loosing every thing and spend time in side its not just air rifles that will go under ground looks to me shot guns are all ready there as i cant see any one that has a sgc doing this . In a hole i think this could have the potential feck all of shooting sports and all because some senseless c**t that dose not have the brains to know right from wrong atvbjimmy By the way Mark that swan sounds like a right character lol
  10. bigmac 97kt


    The thing is there are millions of air rifles out there and even if they do put some sort of license in place 1..they will never police them all 2 ,,the police dont have the resources to put this into place 3 ..and not enough officers to control it all or the time to do so and a lot of rifles will go under ground this kind of shit will still go on do you think for one min that all air rifles in Scotland are under license not a chance . atvbjimmy
  11. bigmac 97kt

    The 99 strikes again.

    Nice one u all ways like to see your posts iv got to have a go of a 99 and see what all the fuss is about mate lol give Jess a pat from me atvbjimmy
  12. bigmac 97kt


    They all ways say air guns dont they know the dif between air gun pellets and shot gun shot any thing to bring an end to our sport . still dose not take away that a family of swans have payed the price at the hands of scum wannkers they dont want there guns taken off them they want them wrapped round there necks this is all the antis need more ammo to get to us atvbjimmy
  13. bigmac 97kt

    free binos

    Gone to C Green lads thanks for looking lads atvbjimmy
  14. bigmac 97kt

    free binos

    I dont use them not expensive ones mind and come with carry case pick up or i will post atvbjimmy
  15. bigmac 97kt

    just the one

    I do like that Mitch i like that alot mate but it dose look daystate ish atvbjimmy