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  1. If it had been in a walnut stock It may have a home in my cabinet Lol
  2. Think I'll get one to mitch But he is right mind The sniper is no good for old men Atvbjimmy
  3. Some cracking shooting there Ian Got to get me a thermal scope At some point lol Atvbjimmy
  4. It's nice but I feel the price tag dose not match the gun Phil Saw one at davey and sons last time I was down at si, s Think it would look better in a walnut stock Atvbjimmy
  5. Well hit it again tonight Couple of hours before dark Jay got his own back on me this time Followed one in the scope sat at the feeder and I was just about to squeeze the trigger and Jay got it before me lol Waited ages for the next one only to realise I had not put one in the chamber Loaded the rifle and off it went Sat for a while again but I got the third one sending it to the ground We called it time after that and went for a walk around the farm where I got the first rabbit of the night only to find out it had mixi i hate this disease shot it at 45
  6. No3 feeder just about ready
  7. Think I p***d him off abit skot Did it a few times to him lol If you snooze you loose Atvbjimmy
  8. Yes Dev They work a treat Just go, s to show you don't have to spend a fortune on sticks Mind I do have quard shooting sticks but they don't go down far enough Atvbjimmy
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Phil it's laser accurate is your impact Lads when me and JayB0 were at his I put two yes two full mags through the same hole with it And fell in love with it Phil if I had my fac I'd be in the tank now and on my way to collect it I think you will regret it if you let it go She has been a good old girl to you mate And I don't mean Trish lol Atvbjimmy
  10. Well been feeding them for some time now so thought it was time to Hit them Me and JayB0 set up early this morning And just sat waiting so peaceful sitting there in the dark And just as it broke daylight the first one came to the feeder So sent it a jsb rs 22 for its breakfast It just fell off and onto the ground Then jay saw one coming he followed it all the way to the feeder Where it ran down the tree then ran back up and along one of the branches where it stopped I new it had clocked us and Jay was taking that long to take the shot I sent it a
  11. Trousers now gone lads to Jackthelad Thanks Atvbjimmy
  12. Says on the tag junior xl But I think they look medium Any way I put the post up here for a change so you all can have a chance to grab them Don't want any thing for them and I'll even pay post on them One pair has a little tear in the knee But apart from that there mint They have an elasticated waist Atvbjimmy
  13. Well got the feeder out and another to go out in the next few days Filled it 3 times now Picked out where we are going to put the hide Just waiting for camo nets to come Any way it got me thinking about resting the rifles I could build a rest out of old bits of wood Then I thought I'd look at my gun sticks they don't go down far enough So I made some that do lol Not the prittyest things mind but they work And fixed two old bust chairs I had as well So we are all set just about Used an old bust bypod took the old legs off and plac
  14. Your 100% right iv sayd it for years That the prosport is the new airsporter I mean all you have to do is look at the underleaver If only they had put the loading mechanism on it Would of been spot on Atvbjimmy
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