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  1. bigmac 97kt


    Out to 45 yrds not good at first mind had to settle my self down to much going on in my head but the little targets had two mags in them fap,s are ok in her but this may be my last as im thinking of letting the crown go and stepping back for a while iv had enough thanks for the offer Phil its very kind of you but i dont need them any more my health is not to good any more and i cant justifie keeping a gun like this sitting in the cabinet for weeks or months , atvbjimmy
  2. bigmac 97kt

    rain starts play

    O,,,regarding the spotter JEALOUS VERY JEALOUS
  3. bigmac 97kt

    rain starts play

  4. bigmac 97kt


    All i know is there ok out to 25 28 yrds then they open up and as for the cross in the tip jsb jumbos open up and flatten more on impact the hades tend to keep there shape I think they will be like the jsb heavy's and travel strait through the vermin If you were to lay in wait for them where you could set your distance they would be fine spot on in fact i may get out tonight to test the fap,s if im lucky lol atvbjimmy
  5. Mitch (VMAN) kindly sent me some fap,s up to try in the crown now iv had a few problems at home lately so have not been able to get out and test them out to 50 60 yrds so only been able to test them out to 18yrds at home today And if there as good out to 60 yrds ill be a happy chappy all pellets are in a 5p group or under , The hades are good at 18yrds BUT AND A BIG BUT they open up over distance like a scatter gun to a point ill not use them to shoot vermin in case i end up wounding them , Now you all know i love the jsb jumbos all ways have but im going to try the fap,s out to distance soon Cheers Mitch for your kindness mate atvbjimmy
  6. bigmac 97kt

    Old HW77 full length .177.

    I should of kept this one Mark I know how accurate it is atvbjimmy
  7. bigmac 97kt

    Bacon pudding

    Going to have a go at that Jon looks deeeeeelish My mother used to make leak pudding the same way but mix the leaks and suit together think flower takes a part in it some where along the way lol (you can use onions if no leaks ) its nice on its own but slice it up and fry it in the bacon grease in the morning after you have done the bacon its to die for atvbjimmy
  8. Me to si me to mate he is a cracking lad my friend atvbjimmy
  9. And he is a better shot than you to nothing mentioned who was top shot last night O go on then ill tell them SI,,3 Henry,,13
  10. Iv just ordered the pard 008lrf Mitch Vis,s is the bee,s knees there like a thermal with out the thermal if you know what i mean the picture quality is second to none mate iv not seen any thing like it and it has picture in picture to just like the xq thermals but if i had the money id get a thermal with out a doubt there the future but they need to drop the price by a lot lol atvbjimmy
  11. bigmac 97kt

    gun choice

    Im with si on this i shot his 510 liked it that much put one away but changed my mind for the FX crown 22 620 shots a fill and a 18 shot mag BUT a few hundred quid more but what a rifle worth every penny extra i payed and as for the hw100 crew they can keep them now i have the crown had a few hw100,s and yes there spot on apart from the kt it has a big hole in the stock lol so one for the 510 one for the crown and go on then one for the hw100 to (cant put up with the shit off the hw100 crew ) THERE ALL TWATS atvbjimmy
  12. bigmac 97kt

    Go on lads took me ages

    HAAAAAAAA ill cancel that docs appointment i think lol
  13. bigmac 97kt

    Go on lads took me ages

    Me to
  14. bigmac 97kt

    Go on lads took me ages

    Feck this im off to the docs tomorrow
  15. bigmac 97kt

    Hunting art

    I had just signed out then clicked on this and signed back in to give a like SHE HAS SOME TALENT THERE DARREN AND THEN SOME ATVB jimmy PS,,,tell her she must be good as im an air gunner