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  1. You can all ways ask on here if any one can go and check it over for you and pick it up and they can send it to you plenty of good lads on here some may even be able to drop it off if there passing loads of lads work all over the county iv had a few do this for me . atvbjimmy PS,,,or just stick with what you have for now save your money up and buy a hw100 then jobs done there not one of the best for nothing just about shoot them self's in any cal
  2. Sold mine a few years ago mate and wish i had not atvbjimmy
  3. And here,s me thinking you were loaded Pre owned Times must be hard Mitch you not afford a new one like atvbjimmy
  4. Webley raider 10 or single shot one of the best rifles iv had i was a fool to get rid of it in 22 but 177 just as good and you should get a full set up for the £200 to £230 mark atvbjimmy
  5. Thanks Phil for the kind words mate Now where do i start Daniel listen to what ever Simon tells you mate his knowledge of spring rifle shooting is second to none what he has forgotten about springers is more than any of us will ever know . Like Phil iv spent time with Simon (Pianoman)and watched him shoot his beloved hw80 ,,77,,97 and boy can this man shoot one . all i can say is dont hold the rifle to tight let it slide back in your for hand practice and practice then practice some more you need to be in a 5p group or better a one hole group every single shot this way you will have the accuracy and the confidence to take down pray with one shot all you get with most spring rifles is one shot so this one shot needs to count . Not good wounding some thing only to let it die some where else not good at all iv shot spring rifles for years and still practice to this day with them Spring rifle shooting can be very rewarding when it all comes together and you pull a cracking shot not once but twice and so on BUT a seconds laps in concentration and it can all go horribly wrong i know iv been there and if the rest are honest so have they a spring rifle has a way of letting you know who is boss . If your starting off with a spring rifle once you have mastered shooting one and move onto a pcp this will help you shooting a pcp ,,,pcp,s are so much easier to shoot no recoil and most are multi shot . Another thing that needs to BE SAID DO NOT GO SHOOTING LIVE PRAY UNTIL YOU CAN SHOOT THAT RIFLE IN A 5P GROUP WITH OUT THINKING ABOUT IT IE UNTIL ITS LIKE SECOND NATURE TO YOU DANIEL Another thing is FIELD CRAFT learn it and learn good Dont listen to Mark Williams on field craft he just sits on his ass in a hide lol But iv got to admit the man can shoot a spring rifle mind dont think any one puts the time in practicing as he dose and it pays dividends for him, NO PIGEON DRAWINGS MARK Hopefully Simon will come back on and tell you how to hold and shoot your rifle so you can produce these groups May be you can get a better rifle one day like a hw 99,,97,,,77,,and so on Mind most will need a tune if you do get one but thats some thing you can talk to Si Brown about when the time comes 14yrs old Daniel young enough to learn loads if you take notice of us and may be get the reputation as a good springer man some one to go to for help and advice such as Simon the mans a legend on spring rifle shooting atvbjimmy
  6. The two 35,s were full refurbs to
  7. Hi BB villaman (Mitch)is right if you can afford it get it done professionally iv done loads cold blue and most turn out ok but a gray,ish blue Have had a few turn out good mind . But it all comes down to the prep before the blueing i found that Hoppies 9 gun blue kit was best a bit ott on the price mind but a hell of a Finnish atvbjimmy PS,,,,The rifle below was a full refurbishment ie internals,,stock,,,action
  8. Same to you mate and yours made some good mates off here you being one of them (not even met you yet) so a trip up north is a must Jon ether at mine or si,s(si has the best shooting perms and his hospitality is second to none ) Philpot and trish would pop along to meet you Nicest couple iv ever met think very highly of them both so all the best to you two as well phil trish Si it go,s with out saying it mate but if your going on the beer tonight make nsure you can find your way home mate Sean same mate have a good one and you to Jacky right the rest can feck offffff all the best lads and hope this next one is a good one for you all atvbjimmy
  9. Im with you on the ps nice rifles but the price has gone way up on them like you say loads out there that just need tlc . gamo ,,smk,,and the likes have come a long way was looking at a smk the other day when i first saw it i would of sworn it was a hw80 and the things we did as kids eh atvbjimmy
  10. Is any pro sport worth £600+ Timmy For most of us who are not lucky enough to get fac air is all we have and we are stuck with it or give the sport up . its like when you buy a car there is all ways a one a few cars down you would love to have but just cant push the wonga to get it or any thing come to that all ways some thing better . So for the lads that cant get fac all we are stuck with is air and is it wrong for us to want the best Timmy and if there pop guns WOULD YOU STAND IN FRONT OF ONE iv been on the receiving end of one and 3 and a half hours in an op so i CAN say there defo not pop guns lol I totally agree with you on price mind they take our hands off and come back for our eyes like you say you can buy a bullet gun for less than an air rifle . Air rifles have come a long way from when i was a lad you would be lucky to get a rifle to shoot past 30yrds at one time then the air sporters and the like hit the air gun world and that was the start now with the rifles we have to day a sub 12 rifle can shoot out to 100yrd with ease and still retain the hitting power to kill. There not glorify,d toys any more atvbjimmy
  11. Id rather buy a nv with the £600 id saved and done away with the lamps lol atvbjimmy
  12. Im a big fan of the fx crown Yes its an expensive rifle one most would like to own but with prices topping £1900 for the black pepper laminate and from £1600 + for the the other laminate stock ones Now i went for the synthetic stock yes it dose not have the adjustable cheek piece yes it dose have the new smooth twist x,barrel yes it dose have the adjustable but pad dose it look good hell yerr . And if you have been out in the rain placed it down in mud and cows shit give it a wipe over with a soapy cloth dry it off and put it away jobs a good un plus its not much of a worry as it would be with a laminate stock one incase of damage Heres the thing black pepper £1900 synthetic £1399 say both 22 or 177 take the action out of both stocks place them down on a table the actions will be the same try and find a difference you will not . So is the black pepper stock worth an extra £600 ish yes there nice but i dont think its £600 nice My point is if your wanting a fx crown but finding it hard to get that kind of money together( lets face it we are not all loaded like Mitch) then go for the fx crown synthetic same action same out standing performance less of a worry when out in the field and £600 cheaper(could buy a nice scope for that and get change) £1399 Yes if you look about at other rfd,s some do them a bit cheaper and if you go second hand you may get a black pepper one for the same price as a new synthetic crown but if your like me and like new remember £1900 buys you the rifle only ,fill adapter and one mag . it will soon go over £2000 when you put scopes on ,,,pod,,,belt,,,mounts. I was lucky i all ready had the scopes So IS IT WORTH £600 EXTRA JUST TO LOOK GOOD what you think atvbjimmy
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