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  1. bigmac 97kt

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    THAT WOULD BE MOST AIR GUNNERS THEN hold on im a air gunner lol
  2. bigmac 97kt

    Jim shockey SOLD

    View Advert Jim shockey trigger sticks gen2 Few age related marks works as should no longer needed collection only ashington northumberland Advertiser bigmac 97kt Date 22/08/19 Price £70.00 Category Airguns  
  3. bigmac 97kt

    Jim shockey SOLD

    Time Left: 13 days and 10 hours

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    Few age related marks works as should no longer needed collection only ashington northumberland


  4. bigmac 97kt

    ME ..ETHAN,,,Chris ,,Sean

    Cracking little rifle that ultra Jon and to think he nearly sold it atvbjimmy
  5. bigmac 97kt

    ME ..ETHAN,,,Chris ,,Sean

    Left f*ck all for us to shoot
  6. Ethan 1 rifle bsa ultra 22 single shot Me 1 FX crown 22 Chris 0 hw100ks 177 Sean 6 rifle //////////////?
  7. Iv not got the one above but have the 8x18x50 and love it its sitting on my crown and staying there i like it that much im getting another two one for the en4cer and one for the impact but on saying that the lad i got it off (vizlauk) could not get on with it but as i all ways say what works for one may not for another have a look at one at an rfd,s first if you can atvbjimmy
  8. bigmac 97kt

    Bet this wasent expected!

    Looks like iv got one of my shooting partners back if the weathers good we will be out tomorrow son good job i did not sell the ultra atvbgrandad
  9. bigmac 97kt

    Whats your thoughts

    Sold the mk1 got the mk2 on its way and quite like the look of the Brocock commander as well
  10. bigmac 97kt

    the value of a good shop

    Could of cooked that yesterday TWAT atvbjimmy
  11. bigmac 97kt


    It all comes down to the barrel liner Phil thats what makes these rifles so unique you can get different twist rates for different cals Plus you can change the rifle from 177 to 22,,to,25,,to30cal but you need to buy the liner ,,,pellet probe,,and mag for what ever cal you change to Iv had sh*t loads of rifles only one iv ever felt was part of me and that was the webley raider single shot Why the hell i got rid i dont know it looked like sh*t it was the cheapest rifle iv ever bought but it was accurate very very accurate Until now this crown is some thing else and then some iv watched loads of u tube vids on it shooting out to 100yrds pellet on pellet just about . And now they have slug liners for them to( but i think these are for fac level rifles only i could be wrong on this mind ) but its the liner that makes fx rifles special. So get watching some u tube vids on them there are loads that will answer your question a lot better than us atvbjimmy
  12. bigmac 97kt

    Whats your thoughts

    There are some good reviews on it but as of yet no hunting ones i like the look of it may just give it ago any way if its sh*t ill give it to some one starting off as a plinker atvbjimmy
  13. bigmac 97kt

    Whats your thoughts

    If i get one ill get it tuned up any way but just keep thinking of the kral puncher i had *&*&^^&** lol but not often you shoot 7mags when your out hunting unless your with Si,brown lol atvbjimmy
  14. bigmac 97kt

    Whats your thoughts

    Webley En4cer | PCP Rifle Reviews | Gun Mart Gun test: Webley En4cer 12 | Airgun competitions & gun reviews ...
  15. bigmac 97kt

    Whats your thoughts

    This is available in fac as well atvbjimmy