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  1. Cracking rifle Nice when you land on something like that out of the blue Atvbjimmy
  2. She still looks well Mark I did not keep the 77 long but I'm pleased it went to mark Who I new would put it to good use I'd say it was one of the best rifles he has It's sweet to shoot Sfs stage 2 tuned and you can tell lads soon as you squeeze the trigger I keep saying I'm going to buy it back one day But I really think I'd have to prise it out of his hands How are you keeping anyway mark well I hope my friend Atvbjimmy
  3. A stock landed today from philpot A smk xs79 co2 custom stock was going to strip it and cut it to fit something else But you no what Xmas is near and I think I need to get a smk xs79 co2 and fit this stock then gift it to my grandsons for plinking So that's what I'm going to do Atvbjimmy
  4. Looks stunning paulus Love making old rifles look better than new me Cracking job my friend Top class Atvbjimmy
  5. Nearly shit my self Did not no whether to cry or laugh Then I did it another two times But if you squeezed the second trigger first it worked fine But I just kept on forgetting And set both off lol Mind Phil and si had to pick them selfs up off the ground Twats Atvbjimmy
  6. Hope he enjoys it Phil Errrr both barrels don't go off with the first pull of the trigger dose it Not like my sbs did with me three times Nearly broke my jaw I'm pleased he is happy with it Phil Atvbjimmy
  7. Thanks lads Yes I put a lot of work into this stock But just look at it it's stunning Well worth the effort and time Thanks lads Atvbjimmy
  8. Had to remover a run out of the stock good job I no what I'm doing lol
  9. You will need ear defenders on When villaman comes on Hope your not easily offended And he can tell you exactly what you need to no as the rifle in question was a huntsman Hw100 any cal or format its a no brainer S510 are good rifles But not a patch on the hw100 That reminds me iv got to buy another Atvbjimmy
  10. Was painted all black when it was sent to me Tom Just started to strip it in these pics
  11. Just put the second coat of oil on this morning Tom
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