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  1. One of the best looking guns out there I think With the gray laminate stock
  2. Sorted lads Thanks anyway Atvbjimmy
  3. There getting just as bad now Heard one shop had to send back a load of rifles as most of the screws were missing And they were all new rifles Mind to be honest they did sort the problems out Atvbjimmy
  4. Yip not a problem Phil Thanks Atvbjimmy
  5. He is a nice lad mitch And genuine his sons were over the moon mate Got two more coming soon Hw35 and another airsporter Atvbjimmy
  6. Mint condition Phil In fact proper mint Atvbjimmy
  7. Hw97ks sporter stock Can't get on with the thumb hole Stock I'll swap my synthetic one for a sporter stock Not bothered about condition as long as its in one peace lol Atvbjimmy
  8. It was nice to meet you today mark all ways nice to put a face to a name mate hope the two lads like the rifles and have many years of shooting with them there faces were class when i handed them the 127 and the airsporter but iv a feeling dad will be playing with them more than the kids lol atvbjimmy
  9. Well I was thinking of doing urs As a surprise for you Atvbjimmy
  10. Not the only one with a silver goddess now rez Just need a wooden sporter stock for it now mind O and mine is shinier than yours Errr mine Atvbjimmy
  11. Simon iv lost your no, mate can you pm me it hope you and Helan are well my old friend atvbjimmy/nicola
  12. Had loads of reds on one of my perms now loads of grays not seen any reds for ages but loads of grays around now just waiting on the wood to be delivered then knocked two or three up and get them out there and start putting pay,d to them grays atvbjimmy
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