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  1. bigmac 97kt


    NO with out getting into it atvbmac
  2. bigmac 97kt

    what to do

    A lot to think about lads but viz phoned me to day and say,d much the same as Philpot If i do want to try in a few months or years ill all ready have the impact and its just the case of changing it over to fac and no iv not shot a sub 12 yet only a fac impact at 48fb and it blew me away or i could just wait until my mate gets his fac as he is getting a beautiful FX WILD CAT ,25 and i could just use that as long as im with him lol and seeing as im with him most of my shooting trips that would not be a hard thing to do lol atvbjimmy
  3. Still do thats why i dont own one any more I think you both have had a knock on the head you Mitch just before you bought that god awful hw110 with the nightmare loading mag (and yes iv shot one) and you Phil for buying that bloody hw110 carbine I think Trish needs to give you a slap to bring you round and to your seances its a awful rifle what the feck was they thinking of by making that Now why did they not just do it in the hw100 format with a nice walnut stock and called it a hw100 super carbine now that may be some thing else and as for giving the ultra a run for its money Mitch NOT A HOPE IN HELL the ultra is tried and tested and sits rightly so up there with the best and then some and i dont even like the ultra lol but i like it a hell of a lot better than that toy rifle they call hw110 carbine bbaaaaaaaaaaaaaa atvbjimmy
  4. bigmac 97kt

    what to do

    As you know iv put an fx impact away and im paying it off bit by bit now im staying sub 12 as my son has fecked it up for me getting my fac and sgc now iv been thinking at £1600 for the impact is it going to be any better than say a hw100ks in sub 12 and the hw100ks new is around £800 should i just stick with a new hw100 at half the price of an impact and i could have it by Xmas where the impact will take a hell of a lot longer to pay off My head is in bits had all my plans fecked up in one night and my son is to blame for it all iv now got a marker on my house and it will be in place for a few years so all my hopes and plans are gone and iv been advised by the police to get a good gun cabinet for my rifles so there locked away even throw there air rifles both times he has kicked off iv been told to remove my rifles from the house to a place of safe keeping . so i sold them all . so impact or hw100 atvbjimmy
  5. bigmac 97kt

    hw77k project

    It took some time for me to get used to 177 after using 22 for years but feck me there good once you have put the time in to get used to them now i can shoot both just ordered a new FX IMPACT in 22 but im thinking of changing it to 177 HW77 are cracking rifles no doubt in that in any cal iv no rifles at the moment and have to borrow my grandsons rifle an ultra 22 iv had some of the best money can buy so the impact was the next move just hope its as good in sub 12 atvbjimmy
  6. bigmac 97kt

    HW100 Won't index, no progress

    had this with mine a few times if the locking switch is not pushed into place properly it wont let the mag index and a little oil sorted mine atvbjimmy
  7. bigmac 97kt

    First trip with photon rt

    I find the t20 ir is an over kill for sub 12 rifles its good for scanning the fields mind but thats it the ir on the photon is spot on i find atvbjimmy
  8. bigmac 97kt

    Impact out for the first time.

    Nice one Phil i cant wait to get mine but in sub 12 for now any way I just love to go with Pav and use his .25 impact fac and thermal scope the mans a legend in my eyes not many lads hand over a impact and thermal scope for you to use niiii on £5grands worth of gear the hardest part of the night is handing it back lol I was hooked with the impact from the very first moment i squeezed the trigger i just hope its as good in sub 12 tell Trish i say,d high atvbjimmy
  9. bigmac 97kt

    hw77k project

    Have a look at this thread it may help you do it your self page 2 Weihrauch HW80K atvbjimmy
  10. bigmac 97kt

    Weihrauch HW80K

    Once it has dried leave it for an hour and run some gun oil over the action and the jobs a good un lol reading all of this makes it look like a hard job BUT ITS NOT just remember TAKE YOUR TIME RUSH IT YOU FECK IT and when you do the stock and you think its ready for the stain do as my good friend VIZ all ways say,s DO IT AGAIN it works lol smoothing it out is the hardest part just enjoy the process and relax and she will be right i want pics mind and a thread of how your doing that way i can see and help you along atvbjimmy
  11. bigmac 97kt

    Weihrauch HW80K

    If you do it right then it will look like this
  12. bigmac 97kt

    Weihrauch HW80K

    Once you have stripped it all back get a old tub and put the blueing into a tub then heat the parts that need blueing up with a paint stripper gun you do not want it hot just enough so you can handle it use them throw away gloves as the oil in your hand will affect the blueing use the 0000 wire wool to apply the blueing and do it fast up and down the same as the stock you then leave it for 30 seconds then run it under water use an old tea towel to dry it off if its not the way you want it then just repeat the process if you can try and get the blueing in the pics its the best iv used but you can only get it off the net anothertip is get some old tubs with lids and place all your bits in them and mark what is in them this way you do not loose them , once you have taken all the blueing off use the de,greaser to clean the action before you start blueing atvbjimmy
  13. bigmac 97kt

    Weihrauch HW80K

    Now the work begins lol you will need to strip all the action and take out all the internals you will need a bench grinder with a wire wheel on it to remove all the old blueing
  14. bigmac 97kt

    Weihrauch HW80K

    Whats the blueing like on your hw80 dose it need doing as well or is it ok atvbjimmy
  15. bigmac 97kt

    Weihrauch HW80K

    Yes and yes lol a new spring would sort it but only if it needs one what power is it sitting at and is the spring loose when all put back together can you hear it move when you tip the rifle back and fourth not when cocked mind . or could one or two washers sort it atvbjimmy