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  1. No rush mitch Looks like you have a lot on mate Honest I'm not in a rush You just get sorted first Hope your lab is OK and it's not spread The slugs can wait mitch honest Atvbjimmy
  2. I can't wait until they get here Hope there as good as the last ones The Vermy loves them Atvbjimmy
  3. Was thinking that my self Jon But we all have loads of shit laying around so thought it was worth a try I'll get in touch with a, m See if they can sort it out for me Atvbjimmy
  4. Welcome back old friend Hope you two are doing well now Lot of new lads on here who can do With your help Simon Give Helen my love mate And to your self And like mitch look forward to reading your posts Atvbjimmy
  5. Right lads I got a twink mod off philpot But it needs a new back As its been rethreaded for a larger bore rifle Now I need a back peace to fit an air rifle Dose any one have one or know where I can get one Thanks lads Atvbjimmy
  6. Pleased you got it mitch Was starting to think mine had not gone to you lol Atvbjimmy
  7. And if you do go knocking Leave your rifle at home and dress smartly No camo gear or realtree Allways be polite even if they tell you to f**k off and some will Take some cards with you with ur name and phone no on Hand one over and leave Yes they may have a bad attitude And you may want to give them a mouth full But don't as its usually them that will call you back Hope this helps Atvbjimmy
  8. Just keep at it Some thing will come along Some times it's being in the right place at the right time And some times nothing to do with shooting My mate got 6500acrs while picking up stuff for a charity shop Some times it comes along when you don't expect it Atvbjimmy
  9. Welcome back into the chaos that is hunting Cometa Nothing better my friend Just getting out in the fresh air Instead of sitting in front of the box Enjoy it Atvbjimmy
  10. RUN,, RUN me no way I'm going to have to sit down just thinking about it Atvbjimmy
  11. Why the hell they have to many rifles with the same name beats me It's like rocky 1,,,2,,,3,, 4, 5 There supposed to be a good little Gun them Give the barrel a clean with a pull through I just use some fishing line Loop it and put a white bit of cloth with a touch of gun oil on and pull it through do this a few times until you get a clean cloth out of the barrel Just had a good look at the the pic it looks like the scope is to close to the barrel you may need higher mounts Touchey Atvbjimmy
  12. But what suits one may not suit another Best try them both before you buy Then it is your choice and no one else's
  13. After shooting the 99 iv got to say it would take first place But take nothing away from the 95 mind For the money and what you get It would have to be the 99 Atvbjimmy
  14. Hw 97k (sporter stock) or a kt (thumb hole) In any cal but be warned Most need a tune out of the box Unless bought second had And they are a bit on the heavy side But one of the best out there Pro sport in any cal one of the best to And very accurate out of the box No tuning needed But both the 97 and prosport Will cost you a bit of money if bought new Hw 99 in any cal 177 is a bit snappy out of the box And could do with a tune but once done it's a dream to shoot 22 is OK out of the box But could still do
  15. Torchey is it the same as this one This is the kral puncher jumbo in 22 If so mine likes the jsb exact jumbos I'd not part with this one mind It's spot on Out to 50 60 yrds But if its the old one with the sporter stock They had a recall on them as the rifling only went half way up the barrel As I found out to my cost lol It would group mint at 28 yrds but at 28 and a half it was like a scatter gun hell a shot gun had better groups lol Mind if it's like the one in the pic it will benafit from a barrel clean mind Atvbjimmy
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