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  1. What's it like having a real rifle 100 times better than that bloody 110
  2. Jabos new rifle Fx 2000 22
  3. 008 or 008lrf By far unless you have a few grand to spend lol Don't like the 007 Atvbjimmy
  4. Phil right Simon u need to stick around a bit more my friend I'm fine Simon need to get out a bit more now but every time I do or think about it I have a stroke lol And iv got to wait again lol How are you and Helen any way Well I hope Atvbjimmy
  5. No I bought it like that Deker I did add a few bits my self Like the mod and so on Scope was all ready camod Atvbjimmy
  6. Well it's been a long time since I owned one Phil So I thought why not lol Atvbjimmy,
  7. Forgot about the hwbp lol Iv got two military stile rifles now The Dazzel why the hell they call it that Lol
  8. O and up to now it's doing OK Just need to get to the range and put it to the real distance test
  9. Very tru decker if you look on the net there are a lot of rifles Militarily stile now Even the impact looks like a military rifle Is it just the the way things are going and as you say wood is on the way out But in saying that there are a lot of lads and lasses don't like the military stile rifles So may be wood will not be on the way out but just cut back a little But can u see the likes of a hw100 In a military stile Lol Atvbjimmy
  10. The nice wood stock will be here soon as I pick up my hw100 hc in 22 Been to long Jon far to long With out one and I sorted that out at the gun shop before I left Atvbjimmy
  11. It looks like a bloody assault rifle Jon soon as a member of the public see, s it I will be covered in red dots By the armed police lol Atvbjimmy
  12. These were taken after zeroing in
  13. Here you go Phil Not even cleaned the barrel yet
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