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  1. low plains drifter

    Get it off your chest thread....

    That reminds me of a fiesta carrying a three piece No roofrack, open windows blue rope access
  2. low plains drifter

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Beware the arse end
  3. low plains drifter

    sandy bay caravan park ashington

    Periwinkle blue boys
  4. low plains drifter

    Question .........

    This place was rinsed when they kicked T Jones into the long grass
  5. low plains drifter

    Too much lies around now.

    The dogs in these pics look like quality stuff mate
  6. low plains drifter

    Wine drinkers.

    No loam required Finest hydroponics on the planet courtesy of the Peckham spring
  7. low plains drifter


    You should have got a claim in They could have spunked the holiday fine money to settle it Got to be on the ball in more ways than one You know ?
  8. low plains drifter


    This is outrageous What do you think you're doing man, wasting time posting on here You should be down there now with bucket, magic sponge, and a plateful of orange quarters
  9. low plains drifter

    Canning town commuters

    And this is what it all boils down to you see I mean imagine if they broke the frozen beans out instead of the tinned There'd be fuckun hell on, catastrophic it'd be Pickets, scabs, protestors, tube surfers,lock, stock the fuckun lot
  10. low plains drifter

    Canning town commuters

    I can imagine folk being motivated to get an organic veg box delivered to their door
  11. low plains drifter

    Wine drinkers.

    Chateau neuf de pap in association with Nelson Mandela House Mange tout Rodney Mange tout
  12. low plains drifter

    Any ideas wtf this is

    Has tha been creeping about blackthorn you might not have felt it lance you if un blood was up
  13. low plains drifter


    That's racist
  14. low plains drifter

    Wine drinkers.

    Mcguigan classic Cabernet sauvignon Beaverdale home kit if you've got a spare five minutes
  15. low plains drifter


    Come on the car radio last week about the deer population in the UK being the highest it's ever been, noticed the Roe seem to be more herd like never used to see them in groups in the numbers like these days