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  1. Willy Warburtons side parting lines, and no mistake
  2. I don't know what it is either, CV library popped up on the screen under your post and that was first on the list
  3. Not a fair comparison, after all the Zulu were issued with Raleigh Bombers complete with spear holster and stealth chicken nugget tray
  4. What if they turned up in deloreans ?
  5. Nice job mate, I like the sound of making the oak bark stain, how long did you leave it ?
  6. Doner kebab everything on Garlic and chilli sauce Lock, stock, the fuckun lot
  7. BSA Stutzen, now you're talking Note the 500 bulldog pellets inside the shooters bottom lip, and the appropriate blend of Harris tweed against the masonry
  8. Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range Brindle sleeve essential for high end mousing missions Camo for show, brindle for a pro
  9. I remember Rob Kaman saying the European rules were more suitable for a sport, I reckon he was right, the full Thai rules is good to watch but the elbows can make a right mess
  10. Always liked Peter Aerts, and Ernesto Hoost, been some top Thai boxers from Holland
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