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  1. Wouldn't fancy one of them big Sika stags landing on the windscreen, do they cut about in big herds like the fallow?, had a brace of young swinging dick Roe prickets bouncing in and out of the hedgerow whilst driving the quiet lanes late on Sunday all over like a pair of drunken pinball
  2. Aye, getting plenty of light into the forest floor now, but it doesnt take long for the remaining trees to broaden their canopies and make the place dark again, the commercial forestry plantations can be a bit miserable, I know what you mean mate, but it's not just the hardwoods that are regenerating in here the Sitka Spruce and Larch is springing up saplings as well, but the Birch is the most prolific it's like grass
  3. More clearance work on the main ride, and building up the dead hedges, and plenty of natural regeneration showing
  4. Who's going to stop John being there, he's 100 and 0 on the hard road, you know?
  5. Frank must have been keeping an 👁 on Usyks jaw
  6. Swat up on meaningful set aside.and the importance of bio diversity young grasshoppers
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