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  1. Are you making some prison hooch ? I've found my long lost bottle of brandy, and I'm gunning kidder Steel your self and Sally forth
  2. They can be a bugger for a slice of stale, even if chappied up to the gills
  3. I remember the adverts for these, and heartbreak fell kennels, I had a beddy grey bitch that I acquired as a young adult, she was a canny day bitch after being conditioned up and learning how to work a hare, wish I'd had her from a pup
  4. There's a nice old woodland near me, it's used as a cemetery, all of the gates are accessible by vehicle, and are locked in the evening, apart from a small side gate down a muddy track which is often left open, probably too much for the council fella to trudge down there last job of the day, and get covered in mud, and jobby. I often do a road walk with the dogs around 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, and have a walk round this place if said gate is ajar, there can be an impending atmosphere if the thin mist is hanging. The dogs are wired, there's fox, hedgehog, and squirrels about, and the odd
  5. But only if the pen is the size of a baseball bat
  6. They run on industrial sludge, hence the mileage
  7. In partnership with Ashby-bonnet-de-douche, and Nelson Mandela House Rodders
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