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  1. low plains drifter

    Old bottles etc

    You've got some fair points here, but after a few days without beans even though consuming more than enough calories I feel the pull of the Tesco blue tin that is now the red tin anyway recently whilst harvesting hazel sticks and scattering the increasingly rare foxglove seeds I happened upon some LORD NELSON, and MASON'S pottery
  2. low plains drifter

    Sainsburys are sexist

    Did they own arse ends that appeared to have their own existence ?
  3. low plains drifter

    Old bottles etc

    What's up AT, you're usually borderline full of beans Someone pissed in your pot noodle or what ?
  4. low plains drifter

    Old bottles etc

    Is that bean stains on the chin black neck ?
  5. low plains drifter

    Long summer

    Have you got a loam ?
  6. low plains drifter

    Long summer

    Does the farmer know you're interfering with the cattle ? they could be on a special diet you know
  7. low plains drifter

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Well that's for you, your crew, and the haybale, no need to bring the site down to your level
  8. low plains drifter

    The Places Ye Get To See

    You've got the wrong end of the stick young grasshopper Wax is for traction Someone could come to grief You know ?
  9. low plains drifter

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Metrosexual ? Dry bummed ?
  10. low plains drifter

    Danny Macaskill - The Ridge

    Reminds me of myself trotting the dogs
  11. low plains drifter


    Controversial you mean like CushtyJook controversial ?
  12. low plains drifter


    A confliction of Vikings, celts, and the Spanish armada
  13. low plains drifter


    There's far more to a ginger afro than fashion
  14. low plains drifter

    nice slap

    Accuracy and technique need refining
  15. low plains drifter

    Albino Brown Hare

    There's a few variants of colour in the brown hares on this piece of land White, Brown and white, and some golden coloured are about The keeper was telling me they leave them alone