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  1. We are as deep as it comes We are THL deep We are flora and fauna deep We are one family deep We are Daniel Cains kick the agency labourer into the long grass, I'll dig the foundations myself, and then lay the bricks after mixing the mortar deep I'll leave it at this deep, because I've been over the semi moist fields deep, had around half a gallon of ale deep, got work in the morning without doing any work deep, apart from the things I can't remember I don't forget much deep Good night all deep I'm a poacher and don't know it deep
  2. Wait til Sandy reads this, he'll have your wards on beta blockers. You must have grain for a functioning ticker and no mistake
  3. As long as it's full of Lucky Boat No1 noodles, beansprouts and chicken etc you'll be reet
  4. Nowt like a big old oak 300 year to grow 300 year to rest 300 year to die I'd like to know how old some of the big gnarled split trunkers are
  5. I bet you're beside yourself now, double dose of Ovaltine or you'll not be able to sleep tonight
  6. I dare say that tree has concealed a footpad or three
  7. Do you have any issues with them hunting too far on Goldie?
  8. Halts proceedings as a matter of course You know?
  9. Gwor aboor one of they wee shotgun/ rifle/ gundog rolled into one combos? Here's one look
  10. I've been using the Ifor Williams canopies, got two thirds of a Hilux hood left in the freezer puts a sheen and lustre on the coat like no other
  11. Is he going on an Eddie Hall in budget form diet?
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