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  1. They wanted to be this seasons must have sick of turkeys being in the hot seat mass murmuration Suicide pact you know ?
  2. Any luck yet Basildon Bond ? or is Oddjob still riding you ?
  3. The keen bitch had to contend with one with a front end like a special edition one kilogramme cornflake box as it ate up the long tapering incline like a hoorah henry with an over high blood sugar level
  4. Far and wide heavy Northumbrian presence low profile massive
  5. How fuckun dare you bring Pertwee down to the level of Steptoe Borderline Blasphemy You know ?
  6. You're probably right, Medallions and caricatures are best left in the past
  7. Who we talking about anyway Not that albino type, Looks like it's been fashioned out of various lost property body parts Fired down Saville row out of a cannon then sent on his merry way with a lifetimes worth of Cornish pasty freebies ?
  8. We consider you a young apprentice Stick with us we'll make you a star teach you things they didn't up at Sunday school You know ?
  9. When you say trust Do you mean trust him to bum you ?
  10. I know just the thing for you what you need is one of they wee Smithfield collies, they come from a time before tyres, so it's not in their DNA to set about them
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