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  1. low plains drifter

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    Lung destroyer
  2. low plains drifter

    A 1 mate...........

    It's a long road
  3. low plains drifter

    Them dry

    That's Calcutta for you
  4. low plains drifter

    Them dry

    Got a few hours decent rain on Monday night up here in the North east, was well needed
  5. low plains drifter

    Money for nothing

    I'll have my share in December if that's alright mate ?, an orange, mixed nuts, and a small toy will do
  6. low plains drifter

    Site? Messages??

    Poultry fetish as well as leotards, and Morris dancing, a varied and eventful existence for young Will
  7. low plains drifter

    Looking for opinions on breeding

    Saluki lurcher, or saluki lurcher cross grew if you want less saluki blood, there is other options depending on personal preference
  8. low plains drifter

    Sharp run

    God love you
  9. low plains drifter

    Sharp run

    They don't come from the no mean man may keep a greyhound days mate, they've only been around since the 1970's
  10. low plains drifter

    Sharp run

    They come in all colours and coat types blacky, but there is a lot of cream coloured dogs produced, goes back to merlin, swoop, fred, seagull, nipper foxy, etc
  11. low plains drifter

    Sharp run

    You've got some healthy looking stock about you mate, good man
  12. low plains drifter


    He'll be mincing around with a grin like Red Rum
  13. low plains drifter


    How's the Morris dancing going ?
  14. low plains drifter


    If you don your leotard, and sockless crocs they'll think you are Katchum, and will give you a wide berth