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  1. Oh where have you been Lord Black Neck my son? Where have you been my Bonny young man I've been out lamping mother I've been out lamping mother Make my bed soon, for I'm sick to my heart And I fain would lie down And where are your lurchers Lord Black neck my son Where are your lurchers my bonny young man They swelled, and died mother They swelled and died mother Make my bed soon for I'm sick to my heart, and I fain would lie down What had they been chewing Lord Black neck my son what had they been chewing my bonny young man
  2. These fellas are to be referred to as The 2 manual massive, from here on in
  3. Blazing saddles chilli beef with rump steak flat mushrooms, jacket potato and mature cheddar
  4. Well, I'm sure the residents of the rookery will breathe a sigh of relief to hear this mate
  5. Has anything been mentioned about any restrictions to going out to work without being vaccinated
  6. Did that egg require payment to an honesty box?
  7. Is that a Gressingham duck?, I'm waiting for a Dutch oven gonna make a behemoth of a dinner I'm fuckun starving
  8. That's good to hear mate, I was up on Saturday for a couple of hours from about 8 pm, walk along the river side give the dogs a swim and it was still too hot lol
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