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  1. I knew a lad who had an English mastiff this dog always seemed very docile, anyway one day we were walking down a footpath when another fella we knew come walking towards us with his Doberman as we drew level the mastiff exploded towards the Doberman and almost put all four of them through the fence, what a shock we all got, I remember the mastiff would stand at the doorway of the house and wouldn't let you out, but was never aggressive think that's where they got the name keeper of the thief
  2. Chase them out of Ireland, they'll probably end up here in England
  3. And plenty of water staying hydrated is very important
  4. I recall a scene circa 1992 As we headed through the door of the school science class, the teacher waiting quietly, happy to see us, large armpit sweat patches on show as per Lee piped up in his high pitched audible tone Phwaaaah! Fuckun hell It smells like someone's been ham shanking ower the Bunsen burner Anyway was wondering if anybody makes the heavy pea/ lentil soups etc
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