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  1. I like the slow cooked hare and venison, might see the lads who do the shoot see if there's any pheasants going
  2. Pheasant in black bean sauce with egg fried rice , be sure to use Lee kum kee or pearl River bridge soy sauce, none of that blue dragon jobby
  3. It's just weather for getting a good minced meat and bone dinner into the dogs, do you bother with pheasants for the pot yourself mate, or do you just go for the southern fried chicken steaks?
  4. You want to sleep with common people like me? But she didn't understand she just smiled and held my hand
  5. Reminds me of Captain 2010's dogs, they were sharp runners
  6. There's only Paulus on now, and he doesn't have to mod because we've outlawed all of the disruptives, cranks, and wallopers
  7. Did you hear the one about the fella who went into the health food store to buy Gingko biloba?
  8. We've got snow on Tyneside, bit more up Northumberland, I had a right job getting back down from the back of beyond yesterday morning, roads full of ice and compacted snow
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