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  1. I know mate I'm just breaking your stride
  2. It's another income for the legal criminals, they had 40 and 50 mph signs alternating down a stretch of the A 19 around Christmas time stung me for 3 points and 100 sheets going 46 mph for my night shift, they know what they're doing the sly little turds
  3. Body armour ?, Is that the merino wool layer, great stuff for round the campfire pans on bottles oot
  4. Very nice mate, expensive leather I hear the oak bark, with a long tanning process
  5. They'll be at deaths door due to lack of munching material courtesy of panic buyers
  6. Just make sure the air max are sodden soil stained and showing a big toe bulge then you'll know they've seen the tilth
  7. It's a strange one mate, I noticed a couple of days ago a hare coursing is illegal sign has been put on a post over at the local fields, I haven't seen a hare on this place since about 2001, even back in the early 90's the place never held anymore than single figures, and houses are about to be built on this land
  8. I Like that mate, is the head made out of rams horn ? I had planned on cutting a few sticks over the winter, but never got round to it Here's one from a while back double coronet on hazel
  9. Aye it can be fun and games with a strong dog, remember a case of a cat a bull cross and over the handlebars with a pair of projectile specs, not trotting related but another beauty was a knacker who wasn't happy about the back brake being on the left a quick change around resulting in another appearance by superman and a brace of broken wrists
  10. Does the Buffalo leather come pre dyed mate, it looks decent stuff got some grain by the look of it
  11. Have you panic bought crisps then mate ?
  12. Have you got Fly Fishing by J R Hartley ?
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