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  1. That's good to hear about big Tel, always hoped he'd win WSM one year, felt bad for him having to pull out with the injury, could see how sick he was about it
  2. One of them probably called her out on overuse of the collie eye, not to mention stalking You know ?
  3. Stowell street Chinese supermarket is where I buy my noodles, but ole bag full it's splendid, the pork flavour ones are the shit and sometimes sold out leaving me in a mild to moderate huff
  4. Knock yer hip oot if his back went into multi spasm
  5. Could be freezer burn that Get your Sen checked You know ?
  6. I always try to be courteous and detach their tongues from their windscreen You know ?
  7. Lick me Lick me Stick your cock up her ass you mother fuckun worthless cocksucker
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