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  1. Thought you were a fan? Chill mate Cheers, D.
  2. Tbh, I'd treat it like a wound you had yourself. Get some antiseptic spay after you've flushed it out properly. Savlon healing gel (not the cream, it's slower to work) clean and reapply twice a day, don't see the need for vets, vets would charge you £80+ If your gonna be working the dog you need to be able to do the basics. Hope the dog is ok Cheers, D.
  3. I'm on season 4 Episode 4 next. Replied to Walt jnr a few days back that I was trying to get the Mrs on it. Finally did, she's on the end of the first series in 2 days lol. I've skim watched bits of it with her. Thanks Kev, it was you who recommended it to me back along. Cheers, D. Ps Be there in less than 3 weeks
  4. FFS Whoa! Lol I'm one of Packhams biggest critics , I wouldn't believe him if he said it was day or night. Its the survey, did you see it cos your taking it a bit out of context tbh Ive got greenfinches a few, gold finches and willow marsh, longtaiied tits, coal tits as well as the blue tits and greats that I've always had. I got the ones above to come in through regular and varied feeding Cheers, D.
  5. Think it was cos the blue and great tits get the best nesting sites first? Something like that anyway? Cheers, D.
  6. PacMan just said on winter watch that keeping feeding the birds might feck it up for some birds like marsh tit and willow tit? Cheers, D.
  7. Think he's just turned 40. Cheers, D.
  8. 15 in August lol, Cheers, D.
  9. And one for the mighty Rovers Amazing Stat: Woy Hodgson will be Watford's 6th manager since they kept a clean sheet in the Premier League Cheers, D.
  10. He'll be back bumming Lewis Hamilton or telling everyone how to metal detect. f***ing dreamer. Cheers, D.
  11. Couple of real donuts just been outed, again Cheers, D.
  12. Only a few days late with that one lol Cheers, D.
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