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    Lamping (with dog ) Hunting with hounds (when it was legal), Terrier work and drinking beer.

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  1. dytkos

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Another one of Fatboy Slims ensembles. Cheers, D.
  2. dytkos

    RIP Geoff Fletcher (Sowhat)

    R.I.P. Geoff. D.
  3. dytkos


    Nice one mate Cheers, D.
  4. dytkos


    King off here does that, maybe pm him but don't mention food. Cheers, D.
  5. dytkos

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Did a bit of shopping today, Lynx Africa, Linx Black, £1.89, Linx AJ Gold, £1.49 no shit. Cheers, D.
  6. dytkos

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Hope you enjoy it mate, a lot of these old timers lose it lol Neighbour paid a fortune to see Neil Diamond, said it was dire. Cheers, D.
  7. dytkos

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    I'm quite often at work when the fights are on and get them on YouTube shortly after, sometimes streamed live on Twitter. Cheers, D.
  8. dytkos

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Could he put 200 cans of beer/cider in there as well? Cheers, D.
  9. dytkos

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    R.I.P. Pernell D.
  10. dytkos

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Poor to watch imo Cheers, D.
  11. dytkos

    Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    That's the trouble mate, soon as we get decent weather and you fancy going a beach, it's full of visitors lol Cheers, D.
  12. dytkos

    Fishing Competition 2019

    If they can get a part in Game of Thrones. Cheers, D.
  13. dytkos

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Not a fan tbh but that's a good track. Cheers, D.
  14. dytkos

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Busted! Cheers, D.