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  1. Dead body dissolved in acid, is there any drug dealers called Heisenberg your way?
  2. The post is about getting a dog pal not getting married
  3. No a ma lion would make a terrible pet dog mainly because it's a cat but also there very protective of their cubs, a Belgian malinois would also make a terrible pet but since your an Irish nationalist I'd say go for it, maybe even consider two.
  4. Spot on,this has been touched on earlier, I'm an intelligent fella and really I've always wanted to run my own business but I doubt i ever will as amongst other things I'm prob to clever for my own good as I'll worry about all the things I don't know about whereas another mate of mine whose last brain cell died of loneliness is currently running his own successful business, he only worries about what he does know which isn't much which leaves him plenty of time to worry about the main thing i.e quickest and easiest way to make a buck
  5. Along similar lines there's different types of intelligence, mate of mine is in the nicest possible way as thick as a brick. You try and get one over him when it comes to coin though, like fecking rainman all of a sudden.
  6. Yes fair play pal I wasn't knocking you, having qualifications doesn't stop you having natural ability more the point I was making is having them doesn't mean you can walk the walk. I was a little dishonest anyhow as I went to college years later and did get some qualifications but to be honest it was a waste of time for me they were literally useless as I've never had to use any of the skills or even use a CV yet touchwood. So more to the young lads with poor job prospects graft, guile and patience will see you right. A big area were I see a lot coming in with all the qualifications these days is sales, dear me the amount of them with no charisma, drive or ruthless streak is unbelievable I'm sure we all worked out as kids which of your mates could sell things certainly a job you either got it or you don't. Good luck in your job search.
  7. Not to piss on anyone's chips but I don't go in for all this qualifications in leadership lark, I haven't got a qualification in the world yet lead hundreds of men in a corporate environment I started off as the lowest of the low after being expelled at 14 and dossing Round smoking pot for years. some qualifications or training might help someone whose not got it to get by but ultimately as has been proven all through my career your either born with it or your not, it's all upstairs and you don't need to be Einstein just understand people, and what makes them tick.
  8. If this is true I'd imagine it's as much to sell the ppv to the American public after a one sided beatdown as anything else. That said I've always thought foreman was underated for his boxing knowledge he seems to keep things simple and understands how to manage strengths and weaknesses to get the best results as seen in his two completely different world champion careers.
  9. "Right wing media marketing machine" what's that then? See I just thought he started counter protesting against the scummy c**ts who were meeting the dead British troops coming back from Afghanistan. He must be another level genius to plan going from that to exploiting a gap in a "media marketing machine" from day one. Also strange is you saving my post, what's that all about then planning on going all textbook lefty again
  10. You get what you deserve if the locals don't want you, then take the hint. He's not done jack shit for me, were did I say he has? Made millions of the backs of people like me? He's made exactly £0.00 of me and I've never seen anyway he's trying to get money. I'd have to check but I'm pretty sure TR has been on the scene long before Brexit was mentioned. If you think all this is for money you must be pretty dense as there is lots of easier ways to make money for a smart driven chap like Tommy than the rocky path he's chosen. Edit last bit was prob a bit harsh so I've removed it
  11. Fck you too. What's wrong with earning a few quid? Tommy is not the kind of bloke I'd knock about with but at least he's speaking out and doing summat so what if he makes money from it what you want him to do live on the dole? Haven't you upped sticks and f****d off to another country? No wonder you don't like people pointing out the problems with foreign invaders.

    Check Up

    Ye real lucky maybe you'll hit the jackpot and kicked in the nads soon
  13. There's a solid fourtrak sold on eBay for £1100 a few weeks ago I was tempted for nostalgia sake alone at that price, no be to be paying £8k


    Everyone of them players came to a winning team so hardly buying success when you already have it, and all the players on the list bar pogba, (who was a united academy player anyhow) were bought with money the club generated through ticket sales etc in the context of modern football it is not buying success.Does your club buy worse players than it could then? Or only use academy. Liverpool have spent a fortune on this team, broke the world record for the epl,s best defender, I wouldn't accuse them of buying success anymore than any other club other than their actually having some.buying success is chelsea, city with their sugar daddies and your real Madrid's with their crooked local governments, but fair play to the fans anyhow hope they enjoy it.
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