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  1. No offence pal but they should have been told at home what's what then. The modern way of letting kids find out about the world for themselves is wrong imo, if you don't instill in them what to believe someone else will.
  2. Looking for a couple of kits if anyone has any
  3. Ace though I'd drop the blurb about ancient Chinese medecine after the year we've just had!
  4. That last bits what all doormen do everytime theyre working ain't it
  5. One that got me looked similar to this, same eyes an all
  6. You'll get more "birds" with a larger bore than deeper penetration
  7. One got me from behind in a farm yard great big evil thing sneaked up behind me bit my leg and was gone before I could turn round
  8. I think one of them ovcharkas or similar would be no good over here if a scrote jumps over the fence then you'll be up on manslaughter charges or worse a kid goes in and who wants that on their conscience
  9. I feel guilty guys as you've all bought it that pic of the owl I was lieing. I wasn't doing 80mph really I was stuck in traffic. Now that's off my chest here's a couple of real ones from my bird feeders. Caught the dirty b*****d from the top pic s couple of nights later
  10. Nabbed this pic last week. Apologies for quality I was one handed with the mobile out the window while doin 80mph on the m6.
  11. If you need a little documentary on Netflix to tell you that ships the size of battleships with nets miles long isn't good for the sea then you should prob eat more fish not less. And again if watching something like that makes you suddenly say I'm not eating fish them maybe your a little too easily swayed.
  12. Looks like a dunnock to me Not a dunnock on closer look
  13. You just made my point for me you numpty that chart shows how much money has been spent i.e what's the value of the service that's been provided not how much has the average person spent The chart even says health CONSUMPTION you total pillock. So as I said looking at YOUR evidence despite paying MORE PER CAPITA we receive less back in health procedures than just about any developed country and less than half of the USA thanks for backing my point up
  14. The companies owned by a trump supporter, that backs US police forces and wants contracts to enforce UK borders. Sign us up that's the kind of company that can have my data. And sign me up for a US style health system aswell, America's healthcare absolutely pisses on ours I pay more in taxes to NHS from just my wage than a top spec health insurance for entire family
  15. The EU are c**ts no doubt. But no one forced him to destroy his boat he took the dollar. If he loved it so much he should of passed it on. Greed smashed his boat not the eu
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