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  1. I'm a bit like that I go sunbathing at night saves all that suncream bollocks
  2. Usually there limited to 500mb of hotspot data or similar. Prob a work around for that though
  3. A good trailer is the most important thing so make sure you get a good one with boat or it's another £2k or so. After that a 4x4 depending on slipway might be an advantage might be a necessity. After that it's practice and giving everything a once over before launch and before recovery. I used to manage a 16ft boat on my own no bother.
  4. It is money that's ruined the game it's a business the fans aren't fans their customers and the matches are products to be sold. if it all went amateur and the players worked 9-5's it would be more enjoyable. Never gonna happen obviously but I'm now an ex football fan can't be arsed with it all.
  5. Too late for my local went up for sale last week
  6. Had two recurring dreams since childhood one rolling down a hill with a pond at bottom the second I touch the water I jump up heart pounding and another were Im jumping but suddenly I jump about 300ft in the air and again jump up as I'm about to hit the floor. Horrible and it happens when I'm tired and a lot in my mind. One I've had a few times aswell is I'm having a scrap (it's always in the park near were I grew up for some reason) and I'm winning the fight but it's like my arms are I'm treacle and my punches are in slow-mo and I start to panic as I'm running out of energy but having no
  7. Was thinking of switching my broadband to em might rethink now, though I presumed it was all managed by BT ultimately anyhow?
  8. Never had a problem with vodaphone unlike ee who are a set of f***ing vultures.
  9. Ive had this before including dreaming about shouting only to wake up to the at the time the 17stone super league man of steel smacking me in the face. Had better alarm calls!
  10. That's shocking. two fit birds in the sun and we can't see their tits
  11. Well not that these are necessarily my views China's economy has never been healthier, all China's main adversaries economies are f****d, trump's out and China's bezzy biden is in. Boris (right wing) bolsanaro (right wing) trump (right wing) have been utterly hammered by the press.globalism has took 10 giant leaps forward and the likes of BLM( communists) have furthered there causes more than ever. Basically covid has been the best thing that's ever happened to the left if there's smoke there's usually fire.
  12. It's even worse when you consider probably more than 50% of hospital jobs are outsourced to the like of ISS and won't show on those figures
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