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  1. Would they be OK round Liverpool though?


    Just watched the Netflix series, shocking at first but by the end of it I liked the guy, not sure if that's what was intended
  3. Pot kettle black?
  4. Brilliant pal, they're what's life's all about
  5. I was taking piss because you put beak instead of break
  6. He won't be able to afford any beak now he's lost his job will he, talking about kicking a man when he's down!
  7. He ain't too dumb then probably thought a pony would fit in better
  8. He defo looks like Phil the Greek here
  9. That's it show us pics of half naked blokes in skirts that'll put all the rumours that your all shirt lifters to bed
  10. We had them floods other month can't be Christmas every week
  11. Cant agree with that pal, im no trained fighter if i have to defend myself ill be using any advantage i have.
  12. Dont fly anyway, internets ruined the world and not having cars would be acceptable to get rid of the other 2.
  13. Id be willing to do all three of them and f**k all to do with carbon
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