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    ohh shit

    Nah Breeders Samantha janus the greatest fil a 14 year old me had ever seen. The story line was something about her having no top on all the way through.

    ohh shit

    Yeah but do they get their tits out?
  3. If the shit ever truly did hit the fan the only currencies would be lead, steel and blood.
  4. Sausage and egg butty, a kit kat and bowl of gruel. This threads gone downhill makes the dodgy Yorkshire puddings and bad peas look appetising!
  5. I'd sooner get past that than a decent malinois
  6. I mean that's hot but amazing to think it was only 8-9 degrees colder in NW England as it was in Fecking DEATH VALLEY!!
  7. Hope the software in my robot wanking arm is better!
  8. That's when they start in earnest!
  9. It's harsh as f**k the sentence to be fair, the couple on the bike expose themselves to god knows how many and that's OK what's difference? Would a woman get put on sex offenders register for using a vibrato on herself in a window? Justice system sucks


    He's a sad case, the only thing he has is his carefully crafted reputation as a nutter, its so precious to him he spent his whole life in a box to keep it. What a loser.
  11. f**k off Anyone who thought that's real my Nigerian uncle wants to talk to you about a business proposition.
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