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  1. These will kill mould spores and anything similar, we use industrial sized ones at work, I got one to kill the smell of dead rat in a cavity a few year ago and it worked a treat. £20 Please Wait... | Cloudflare WWW.ONBUY.COM
  2. Missus works in the NHS so soon will have too, plenty other private companies too follow suit shortly, ours included once the legal lie of the land is sussed.
  3. Everything looks bigger through a snorkel mask, I make missus wear hers in bed.
  4. Not to be contrary but I don't see how a tsunami would hit the USA (2-3000 miles away) before it hit Africa (about 50 miles away) ?
  5. f**k me no wonder they made em put burkas on
  6. I'm not defending anything with anything but if you want to understand what might push a man to do the unspeakable I'd start there. There's nothing Id feel guilty about doing if I thought my kids were better off it was done. Had my old dog put down today really didn't want to do it but he'd gone senile and cranky as f**k, didn't feel it was right for my kids having him around so did what I thought was best for my family.
  7. SheepChaser I can tell straight away your not worth listening too, how many close friends you got then? There's a few dozen mentioned on here. How close is close then? Anyone who thinks they can count there real friends on more than one hand usually don't know what a friend is.
  8. Do you have kids pal? And have you raised em yourself if you do?
  9. No none I was constantly having acid reflux, bad stomach, trouble breathing all sort of stuff was never really fat but at nearly 15st I was heavier than my frame should be carrying. 12.7 now. Need to hit the weights as I've lost some muscle aswell as fat but feel healthier than I have in 20 years. Been drinking plenty water aswell I think that really helps.
  10. Can't add to much to this except a couple of months ago I for one reason or another fasted for three days, at the time I'd been having quite a lot of health problems and post fast I ate healthy and cut as much sugar as possible. I now have no health problems the liver enzymes I'd been getting higher and higher readings of for years started dropping and I feel a million times better.
  11. Or wankring Alright it doesn't work
  12. Your right about that the seas a cruel mistress
  13. If you knew what you were doing you wouldn't of paddled out in a rip tide which is the only current you'll get thats against the waves presuming the waves were coming to the beach not sideways in which case you shouldn't of gone in anyway.
  14. You wanna try and get a blowie before she finds em
  15. You can eat em no probs, cocky net at low water in the rock pools is easy enough aswell.
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