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    Good bushing plane that, won't take Messerschmitts single handed though need a beddy for that

    Has my boy been used for stud?

    All jokes aside you should probably report them for sexual abuse, a dog can't legally give consent without its owner present.

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Do you want me to post your real opinions on AJ and Fury again? How do you "fall for Eddie's spiel" what is that even? I watched AJ from bout 1 since i watched him in the Olympics as did most i imagine. Let's get it right max you slated the f**k out of Fury until your nemesis picked a side you then went the other way that's the extent of your "nous"

    Another figment of people’s imagination

    Corsica's population density is almost 1/10 of England's and lo and behold there is the cat in question pictures,videos bodies and a study. If Corsicans can find some feral moggy that's been breeding in isolation how come no one here can find a cat that's 10 times bigger. I don't mind eccentric types but please don't post crap like this like it proves you were right all along and everybody else is idiots there are no breeding populations of big cats in this country end of. There did used to be but we FOUND every single last one of the and killed them all despite the entire country being forested and not a trail cam or thermal imaging in sight. Oh and about 130,000,000 less eyes looking out for them

    Wtf is this

    Stupid yank big cats, you can keep your vast open spaces,amazing wildlife and and guns atleast our big cats are smart enough to stay away from cameras

    Old boxing matches

    Get lost if your saying Duran's not a legend, he's half the size of the others and still more than held his own, would of like to see the other 3 at cruiser or heavy for a similar comparison

    nice slap

    Jesus them arms are bad full of synthol prob bench 20kg

    the fight

    And i think that backs up what I've just said, Joey dawejko has no business sparking AJ in sparring i guarantee AJ was sauntering round more interested in making it look like he didn't have to try hard to better him than actually doing it.

    the fight

    I for one said he quit, because he did. And yes i have had to dig deep in a physical confrontation except it wasn't being paid 30mil and i wasn't a professional boxer. A world champ boxer at 29 when he still has it all to do should not be quitting, i didn't want to see him ko,d i wanted him to win but he should have fought to the last like thousands of lesser boxers do every year for peanuts. That doesn't reflect on him as a person but as a boxer of course it's important and worthy of saying he's not got it mentally. I've noticed before when he gets clipped he goes all submissive and wants to start touching gloves at the end of the rounds or nodding instead of firing back. I just don't think he is this rough tough guy i think he's size has got him through a tough upbringing not his mental make up. I think he's in his own head aswell like he's got this image he needs to uphold and not blowing away a fat little white guy just killed him. Ive always said he'd be a better fighter after a loss as all that pressure would lift and he'd know his limits but now I'm not sure i don't think he has the brain to make the most of his physical gifts.

    the fight

    And it wasn't even a fellow member of his superior black race . That was bad he plain quit

    Top tip ......

    Honestly I'm confused, is it me whose to dry or you

    Top tip ......


    Top tip ......

    Great work pal i love panther tatts

    Running dog section

    I've not looked on the lurcher section for atleast 5 years prob 10 there's only so much you can write about something so simple.

    Next Tory Leader?

    She,ll do for me. She,ll be just as shite as every other pollitition but atleast she's got nice tits.