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  1. Committing suicide is an an unatural thing to do and the further our lives get away from what nature intended the more and more suicides we will see, we weren't designed for all this mental stress of the modern world, our brains are for working out how to keep fed and warm and if that's what it's doing it'll be happier for it, when I used to get out fishing more, usually on mi Todd in winter I used to just feel all the stress wash away because keeping warm and fed and how to catch some more fish was all I had to worry about. I'd like to know the suicide rates for these uncontacted tribes, I'll bet it's the same as their leukemia and crime rates i.e 0
  2. f**k me how far is your bed from the nearest window?
  3. That's another to chalk up for the north I'd imagine In fact bedlingtons there you go everything from rats to wild boar and reds all single handed
  4. Its the same bits of shite that's coated round your fish and I think the other thing you said are smacks, or scallops if your not from wigan


    The problem with it, is gays are being fast tracked through the process, why is this? Why is it easier for a homosexual to adopt than a hetro couple, just like everything else the authorities involved have been over ran by left wing weirdos
  6. You missed this off the end.
  7. I'm not sure you can be classed as human to be fair
  8. At least were smart enough to go out and Nick some clothes that fit last time I was down south all the "men" were walking round in there old school trousers like the chap below
  9. Top 2 are from the North maybe 3 depending what you do with Leicester bottom 4 are all south. Two of the teams from the North have probably won more silverware on there own than every southern club combined. Also we have tougher fans I heard a load of poncy southern fans got run into to the North sea by a few dozy mackems
  10. I don't think we've established any of that but to humour you, Football. Theres one and good luck arguing otherwise
  11. I am! and anyone who signs there permission over to me gets to be a mod
  12. Anywhere on the west coast pal, they are stunning, I've spent loads of time in Cornwall and Devon and the beaches are nice, but they're mostly tourist traps or dangerous currents, was on kynance cove last year and it would e been stunning bar the 2000 other people blocking every grain of sand. North Wales is right up there for usable beaches aswell, not as pretty as Scotland but similar in looks to Cornish beaches but not as busy.
  13. I've spent half my life fishing in the lakes and it's stunning, someone mentioned life experiences and my best ones are there and on the beaches and in the sea in North Wales, travelled all over the world and mostly it was shit tick box tourism nothing compared to spending a week on my boat in this country. I enjoy hunting fishing and my kids and the less other people I bump into while I'm enjoying any of those three things the better. Edit, this is me on Windermere about 12 years ago taken by Matt hayes
  14. The beaches are nicer up here I reckon, if your counting North Wales and Scotland then there's no question Scottish beaches are the best I've ever seen and totally deserted, none of this paying the NT a tenner to park in a field for a couple of hours then lieing on a beach packed together like sardines. P.s if a civil war kicked off Cornwall would be the first place to tell the rest of the UK to do one they don't even class themselves as English, there Celts or Gaelic or whatever it is.
  15. If the UK broke up and the good folk of the North get sick of the lippy Southern girls, who wins? And which side do the guys in the middle and Wales pick?
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