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  1. Go woke go broke fkn knee benders that’s what ther good at lol
  2. I stick to about a 7 I feel safe with round here yellow stainers have overtook the horse n field mushroom spots each one needs a cut or scratch to reveal the yellow shame I get only a handful of the edibles and thousands of stainers
  3. Tourykai is a legend he knocks up a nice bit of sushi / sashimi in downtown Kyoto market it’s the dogs bolox
  4. Surely ther be folk put them down far cheaper
  5. We need to buy the Thl hotel
  6. Cut a few slices of dryad saddle along with the giant parasol be in a pan later few others won’t be in the pan lol
  7. When your out with AT you can slip ya dawg nip up kfc then Mac d,s and get back in time see ya fluffy put first bend into hare lololol
  8. You had ya dummy in and ya nappy on when I had runners with fluffy ears lol
  9. Mc hull is too deep in slop an blood he be along soon bit busy Tokkin at the mo
  10. You can try all you like grasshopper I like to help ya out at times x
  11. They might offer you a full time job touring the coursing clubs in Spain and Portugal telling them where they went wrong in life in a sporting way could even attend all the agm,s give them all the info on slop running , 500 meter lamping , running dogs. All year round , and of course tik tok lol
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