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  1. Found old pic 1952 county mayo near ballina west Ireland Dave n rose
  2. Card cheats are bad enough it’s a case of a swamp too far
  3. I say this and not even my dogs give a fk wat I say. The USA politicians sold ther soles for money The downsides are the Marxist takeover which has been the objective fir many yrs even sadder is how it will float over to these shores the power grab has emerged after yrs of planning from 8 yrs of Obama the terrorist trained president the tidal wave of South American’s and refugees from around the world coupled with the Dems plan of change of college votes and anything else will garuntee a socialist party for many yrs frightening it is for world peace and economy’s Australia is feeling the heat from communism. Forces and corruption but we carry on
  4. Go easy on him he’s knocking up a fraudulent dinner
  5. Exactly Edited to add no one answered my fkn 4 questions ??? Lol
  6. Well having asked fir a shout on 4 questions il take a dive that it’s 1 got mushrooms 2 home made bread 3 black pudding 4 cheese in the mix , me wild card is venison
  7. Ffs sake glad your not a poll observer
  8. Come on keep up to date with the corrupt pensylvania corrupt state
  9. We all used to sports rigged horses dogs football but a USA president is a bit much to take in
  10. Ok lol wat odds would anyone give to spin a coin 130,000 times and it turns up heads every single time ?
  11. Lol If a horse was 1/5 on at bed time time and at sunrise it was 7/1 would you agree it got a leg amputated overnight
  12. Oi oi. 4 questions. It’s not legally binding
  13. I only asked 4 questions it’s not like mr n mrs lol
  14. Ok mate if I sold you a planned lurcher pup from a deerhound greyhound saluki and you took it it and it grew into a 18 in TTS smooth lurcher you wouldn’t be pleased lol that’s planned fraud ? Even more so if it muttered bye bye bbbbbbb bye lol
  15. Come on , minor fraud or fraud planned on a huge scale ? That’s the biggie
  16. That’s not an an answer lol
  17. Let’s narrow it down to 1 was ther a huge planned fraud or just minor fraud ? 2 Did joe really get more votes than Obama ? 3 Was the swamp too deep and embedded for don to clear out ? And lastly 4 is it possible at odds for 130,000 votes overnight to all be for Biden ? You know my take as a realist on it wats yours? Let’s be honest not personal like the poisonous democrats lol
  18. Par for the course really if Hillary can bleachbit 33,000 emails shredding a few thousand ballots is a cake walk it’s pleasing to know in this day n age that absentee ballots won an election lol
  19. Nothing to see and that all happend in one state lol surely voter fraud is “just n idea”
  20. No justice no peace “ fk off cnties “ wasted education couldn’t get a job in Mac Donald’s massive breakdown in respect and law and order shameful little cnts need re training starting with a slapped arse by mummy instead of getting a new PlayStation and a book on Marxism
  21. Mate I wouldn’t trust a leftie to look after my Jill ferret for a wk I’d get it back it wouldn’t work again it would riot and want a vegan diet , it would set light to it’s cage and bite me n dox me then I’d hav to put its lights out before it started to twist the minds of me dogs with fake news can’t have that sort of behaviour lol
  22. lol mate he’s different not the politician but I’d rather buy him a bit of breakfast than whoopi Goldberg infact id rather buy don a brekki than the 3,450 Biden legitimate voters haha haha
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