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  1. Paramedic got a parking fine for parking in a visitors bay outside her house after doing a 14 hr shift as ther no spaces available are traffic wardens essential ?
  2. Top vid mate well done lads dogs ferrets. black white bitch 1st 20 seconds looks hot on the turn atb
  3. Modi in India has had enough it’s a shame we can’t follow suit
  4. It rhymes with baccy she’s just another poisonous lefty scumbag not sure why she keeps popping up on tv to be interviewed by the bias left media
  5. Didn’t take long for the swamp Dems to use the virus as a political bat the same as the bbc interviewing Chaka japa japati spewing her ring they a load politically scumbags
  6. The humble daisey Daisies contain essential oil, tannins, mucous substances, flavonoids, bitter substances, organic acids, resins, and inulin. The active ingredients are found in all parts of the plant. Daisy has anti-inflammatory and mild astringent properties and has been used internally, in tea form, as an herbal remedy for the common cold, bronchitisand other inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. I was out looking for wild garlic but came across the leek plant its pretty tasty with musrooms in butter
  7. It’s never far away but I’m on an viral immune binge at the mo all the herbs out the garden inc daiseys lol even foraged some 3 cornered leek few days back the whole plant is edible
  8. lol I been making money serving the shit lol I like it followed by a few bacon sarnies I was trying to get across that the herbs in our gardens mushrooms garlic ginger an a bit of sun is better than the heap of shit that a few serve up themselves and ther kids on takeaways
  9. Bit of U.K. immune defence league stir fry chestnut mushrooms garlic ginger honey chilli fry tofu kale onion Vermo egg noodles bit of daiseys and dandelion flowers with lavender leaves oregano and thyme for a 20 min sunbathe
  10. Soak up the free vit d sun rays arry they real good for you mate
  11. Must be terrible for the takeaway foodies with the ultra immune defence system food outlets shutting down Mac dog food Greggs shit kfc to name a few but the light at the end of the tunnel is Ab Dahls kebabs he’s open 24 hrs serving up the finest dog shit whatever the weather
  12. He’s a cracker like ur Betty I do like the white black bitch she nice in the frame
  13. I remember you saying on the fungi thread you get a few of the woods
  14. The big companies don’t want the herbal prevention /remedies it’s the same with vets fir dogs charge you n arm for pills when thers cheaper growing wild
  15. I’m I firm believer in the power of natural herbs and fungi the red indians and the abbos ate plenty wild plants for prevention they never had Asda and Tesco’s lol and don’t think they were big fans of pot noodles and big soup or even toilet roll , plenty folk eat shit now days don’t know what herbs are for other than smoking a Japanese study, maitake mushroom extract was found to significantly inhibit the influenza A virus from replicating, and it stimulated the production of antiviral cytokines such as TNF-alpha. Interestingly, it was made even more powerful when combined with shiitake mushroom extract. Both shiitake and maitake are edible mushrooms that can easily be added to our diet, but they can also be found in tincture and dried capsule form.
  16. Couple we bred racer coursing show breds for next yr with the old dad
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