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  1. mushroom

    Boy mauled to death by dog.

    RIP little one. I've always had my dogs around me and mine in the house. All get educated the same, dogs and kids! I would never have a skitzy dog around me, let alone kids One thing that I can say about this cock, is he is very very gentle around kids. As much as I berate the cnut he's not aggressive and snappy.
  2. mushroom

    People your dog don't like

    Dogs defo know a wrong un.... My dog hates me They do know mate and they can tell. Not often does my dog refuse a stroke but there's one guy who he just can't get far enough away from and the guy is a prick
  3. It's like an SA80.... boilers, they have their quirks
  4. mushroom

    trt treatment..

    Had us laughing for years, it's been nearly 20 so far
  5. Probably, I'm not a plumber but know my way around boilers. That's the first thing I would check If it's got one of those daft electronic boards in it, controlling gas flow etc it could be that too. That needs an expert lol
  6. mushroom

    trt treatment..

    Stay away from any of them downers lol they will seriously fuuck you up. Saw a lass get put through a phone box while she was off her tits on them. Didn't feel a thing and she remembered fuuck all. A mate of mine on eggs, went mental and tried to shag a toilet
  7. mushroom

    Strangest thing.

    Had many tits eating out of my hand in here Always had a soft spot for robins, they just seem to naturally be tame. Having them follow me around, brightens the day
  8. mushroom

    Bit of cooking...

    Do you wrap them in the muslin sacks when hanging or leave uncovered?
  9. mushroom

    Bit of cooking...

    They do it a lot here with boar... soak it in wine or cider to reduce that gamey flavour, then slap it in a fire That recipe I made up and tried first time years ago in UK. When I bought a load of the dried peppers from one of those European markets at Christmas lol and had no idea what to do with them
  10. mushroom

    Baiting rats in yard

    Try peanut butter and put it down for a few nights without shooting. Get a .410 and blast them one night. You'll get more
  11. mushroom

    Bit of cooking...

    Gotta say I like deer ribs for me lol on the Bbq after a night marinating in a tub with red wine, garlic, salt, pepper and those hungarian dried peppers crushed up. Bloody lovely. The peppers I think are the same ones that Balaur was on about when he said paprikesh (paprika). So many dofferent types and add a whole lot of flavour
  12. mushroom

    Bit of cooking...

    Slow cook/roast. The shin is lovely cooked like braising steak (slow, long and with onions lol)
  13. mushroom


    I've been lucky. In UK I had a good vet who was more concerned for the animals than the money. In Spain I have probably the best vet I have ever met in my life. No fuucking around what's best for the animal. Short example: Bron sliced open the front of his paw at the wrist, obviously it needed stapling. Took him to the local vet to me (never been there before). Showed him the dog and he starts chatting about full anaesthetic, overnight stays and bloody stitches and a fook load of money, he even asked the obvious question about insurance lol. I ask if he was after a new Audi aswell and walked out. Took the dog to my normal vet. While waiting he passed me in the waiting room to get another dog/patient, said his hellos to me, looked at Bron's foot and said "grappas No?" (Staples eh?) Lol 10euro. Some cnuts just are that!
  14. mushroom

    Dog being aggressive

    Get an electric collar, fry the fuucker and kick it in the balls before it gets any worse Everytime my dog sees another dog now I don't have to do anything, he just drops to the floor and screams... I'd call that a success
  15. mushroom


    Depending the email account you have it's possible it's laying in you history/archive somewhere. Be a shame if it leaked out to the public because someone managed to hack your account