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  1. I was thinking of heading down for the finals. Was gonna ask Alectoris if he fancies it.
  2. Made a few mistakes on my annual declaration 6years ago.
  3. As said! Mate you’ve been all over the world, I’ve done Europe and a bit of Africa. A cnut is a cnut (Hands raise emoji) I like the fact that a Brazilian stood up next to!
  4. Ah, I missed that point, sorry mate. My thinking is/was a cnut is a cnut and a Brazilian stood and said no, hold my pint I’m getting involved
  5. Takes a straight back to stand up mate
  6. I got spanked for 12k (extra) last year lol the cnut that took it never swore on anything lol
  7. And no fuucker is saying this! A Brazilian stood up! like I said, it doesn’t matter the colour of your skin or your God. If you’re good, you’re good!
  8. WTF? Radicalised? Nope! They fuuckers created radical lol. The Irish always have and hopefully always will, stand up for themselves. I can’t say nothing but I respect that. Same as the Catalans and Basque. I don’t agree with certain methods mind
  9. He? He is a she! I trust this Argie over most, beautiful human being SHE is but she is still a Nazi descendent lol and that means you’re getting ripped.
  10. You’ve provided me with much amusement sir LMAO. I’m genuinely still fuucking laughing 30mins later. People think I’m a fuucking nutter
  11. I’m not gonna wade into that one but feel free to fill ya boots mate I love this lady from Argentina, she’s a very good friend but yes, she’s a descendant and yes, I rip the shit out of her lol
  12. Oh God I’m creasing here, I’m fuucking crying.. Our K has you by the balls Hull
  13. Opinions are like arseholes.. we’ve all got one! And we’re fuucking allowed to have them I spent last night with Argentina (yes she’s a Nazi descendent, way too many jokes have been made jajaja), Cataluña, Spain and Honduras. In fact the wee lass from Honduras, I’m spending a bit of time about. One of my best friends is Indian. Why is Hull posting curry house receipts to prove he’s not a racist? Point is, not every immigrant cnut is a cnut but for some damned reason that’s mostly what is Imported into the EU and forced onto it’s members, CNUTS! A dickhead is a dickhead no
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