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  1. Have you been drinking a mixed beverage of smack and LSD? Once a warrior, always eh?
  2. Mate I throw shit in and it is good goooood (probably tastes awesome aswell ) ..... you throw shit in and then make it look good and taste good through a photo.... you're probably a woman
  3. Fuuck you and your bloody recipie book photos I'm jealous because I'm shite at taking a food photo lol
  4. Gay! And not in a good way Spicy is the metal of a man Edited to add:... Joe is spiced out by his Mrs and young kids...... weak lol
  5. It really hurts when they have it in for you lol Them cells become very dangerous places to sleep and sit down in
  6. Feckin iijot! Build it yourself for less than 2 ton mate
  7. You DO NOT want to get the juice anywhere on you at all! You ain't never getting rid of the smell and will end up throwing your clothes away
  8. I've had the pleasure of trying a few strange things in my time. One thing I really would like to try, is the fermented shark. Would also like to try whale. My Mrs and daughter go mad at me for having late night plates of pickled fish/cockles etc, I'll eat anything at anytime tbf Nothing beats taking a swig of rancid milk for the gyp factor though
  9. I believe it's all bull and mastiff headed types and it's something to do with running them free. I could be wrong but if you have it on a lead, you can hunt with them.
  10. Love it, one of my favourite things to eat with vodka. Open the can underwater
  11. It is/was (certain head type dogs are not allowed) but I chose to live in Catalunya... Catalans are very closed
  12. That's some head, any full body shots? Would love a dog like that. 'Remember speaking with Glen years ago on the phone (when I first moved here, green and stupid lol) and had it I was gonna get jumping on the backs of pigs with these types That boy there is a specimen
  13. Me neither mate but comedy is subjective and that's what freedom is about Plus some of them leftwing, atifa videos of them getting a slap are comedy gold Sorry for diverting the thread
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