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  1. Aye, the fight scenes were that bloody brutal, I had to laugh. Even the Mrs was in tears I enjoyed it tbh. Chris Lloyd really hasn't lost his comedy timing or that glint in his eye.
  2. Watched Nobody last night. Had me in fuucking stitches
  3. Fuucking raw bacon Between you and green, you've ruined an English for me
  4. A fine send off, for a deserving prince I felt proud doing my minutes silence alone. I was asked what I was doing (standing up and being quiet in a bar, apparently is really an eye catcher ) I explained and the entire bar fell silent for the duration of the minute.
  5. Big Narsty popping out a rendition of all fings broite an bootyful or Mek me a channel of ya peace yeah Just getting ready to go have a pint and see the fella off. I'll be doing my minutes silence, with a glass of single Malt
  6. Aye your G had a half x out of Khan. Bloody whining horrible cnut, was nearly as bad as Chase or this cock led here
  7. Aye suicide is a dark thing, especially when it comes down to depression or feelings, as opposed to illness. My cousin topped himself. Tragedy imo, he was a good man. He left behind a big hole... and we say that makes it selfish? Sometimes you look at yourself and decide to do something, it's for you. Is that selfish or just making a decision? The problem (normally) is the people they leave behind. Those people question "could I have done different and helped been better". The truth is if you dont know you can't help. I applaud that man who gave his life to try and save another.
  8. I was gonna say..... as Cavas go, that is shoite They have certain types of bars here that pretty much only serve cava, Xampanyarias. If you are ever here, go into the one near the port imagine sausage butties and cava La Xampanyeria: cheap cava and tapas in an authentic atmosphere BARCELONA-TOP-TRAVEL-TIPS.COM If you want an unusual but authentic Catalan culinary experience on a budget then...
  9. How much you pay for that mate?
  10. I agree with gnipper, sounds like a hob has ragged him about a bit. Just give it a wipe with salt water and make sure it's not oosing puss. It'll heal in a week
  11. I'm not a military man. From my understanding, Harry is ex military served. So if he wants to wear his rank, dress uniform, he can. Feel free to educate me if I'm wrong
  12. Apologies Ferretman, was only messing about
  13. All that crap was banned years.... P.s. (I'm or I am) ffs grammar mate
  14. No hip hop shit allowed on here
  15. Enjoy those memories mate, never look back
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