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  1. mushroom

    Finish the job!

    Firstly remember the law.... The dog is only chasing rabbits mate Secondly plenty good advice already given. Take your time with the pup and give it some easy catches. A dummy covered with a rabbit skin is a good start.
  2. mushroom

    Eagle owl found

    Good man Del ,) Look After it.
  3. mushroom


    Agreed! But not pulled. It was a great thread until it was ruined. So delete that BS and the user who caused it imo
  4. mushroom


    Fgs just ignore the troll If nobody responds, we might get lucky and he might just dissappear lol
  5. mushroom

    Bbq heaven

    I've been told by the Dr not to eat dairy or anything spicy for 3 months... ffs! that's most of my favourite meals out of the window, although I have just made myself a mild tom yum soup
  6. mushroom

    Bbq heaven

    Get on it mate lol There's an Irish pub here that do a diabolo wings challenge.... fuuck me, that left my arsehole screaming in agony the next day
  7. mushroom


    Now I know what you've been up to in South east Asia, ya dirty bugger
  8. mushroom


    Tbh that's a sad craic that is mate. Immerse yourself in the culture. Learn the language, experience something different mate. P's nordic food is fuucking lovely Edited to add; Learning another language and culture, not too far from my own has helped me to understand my own language and culture far better.... you'll see
  9. mushroom


    Do the 5, then travel mate. There will always be a need for slaughtermen
  10. mushroom


    Stay in Norway for 5 years mate, you'll finish up with with a full state pension and It's worth a fair lump
  11. mushroom

    D.I.Y policing,the rise of online vigilantes.

    I'm truly disgusted! My mum has cerebal palsy. Any fuucker/s did this to her, I genuinely cannot say where I would stop.
  12. mushroom

    D.I.Y policing,the rise of online vigilantes.

    If I would have seen them doing that, I would've fuucked them up and to hell with the consequences! Bullying a vulnerable person for kicks? The parents should be ashamed of themselves and their shitty offspring not griping about their birthday! Just shows, the parents are the reason shits like this exist.
  13. mushroom

    Barcelona turning into a toilet!

    I always wanted to spend a bit of time living in Barcelona, one day I was head hunted for a position, so I took it. Now my eldest lives with me, speaks 3 languages, she sees a better life here than she did surrounded by pervert Pakis in that lovely shit hole that is Bradford. Tbh I stay because I earn good, enjoy my position. I have sun, sea and mountains, all within an hour and generally a good lifestyle. It's only the last 2-3 years that it's started to go downhill and it's all to do with this socialist mayor.
  14. mushroom

    Barcelona turning into a toilet!

    Bit hard when it happens and I'm not there lol I will say this; my daughter has just returned from UK and says she still feels safer here, than there.
  15. mushroom

    Barcelona turning into a toilet!

    This is what everyone here is finding so confusing. Normally it's a not so nice response.