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  1. I will never, ever complain again when the mrs books us into a hostel... might just end up like the film
  2. Get yourself over here next year for the bass and sea bream run
  3. This is not fuucking right. I've got the mrs here, we're in bunk beds fgs but I'm in the bottom bunk sharing with her, for obvious reasons. Can't sleep as there's about 10 other people in the fuucking room (including 4 x 18 year old Brit lads on a bit of a tour ). Last time I stayed anywhere like this, I was 19/20 and tripping my lid off in an Amsterdam canal
  4. The lady has booked us into a fuucking 2* hostel! In Valencia ffs, 5 hours on the bloody train... Just arrived to check in and I have to download an app, put up with a cnut at reception, walked into what I've not seen since I was a student and messing around Europe and it smells like fuucking Stilton. She's loving it and I'm not! To top it all.... it took me 30 mins to find a bar to calm my nerves
  5. You've not been to Norway recently have you? Looks a good trip with the family mate, top fishing. Do you not eat them?
  6. Come again Len? Chinese invented gunpowder. Arabs gave us the 0. Without both, you wouldn't be typing on here, no satellites, no global communication, no space program. Mate you can't look now and say "oh they're just a work force"
  7. Not all autism is equal mate. Most think on a higher level than normal but only about a few things. Severity, implication etc is completely individual.
  8. Stop using fuucking Yank z's in words Realised! I'm defo on some spectrum lol. So what, who wants to be diagnosed and told what is mate?
  9. I know this personally from my mates kids. They are lovely but can be focused only on how they feel, their moment. In that sense, should Packham actually be listened to and his views shown to the wider public and given legs? Same question applies with Gretna...
  10. Same here mate. I live in spain and stay as far as fuuck away as I can from the expat communities. I'm happy living in a place where no one has a clue what I'm saying, no matter the language I'm jabbering
  11. A tip that I've tried recently (thinking it was Gordon Ramsey) is to get the marinade underneath the skin. Crisps up perfect and the marinade seems to get into the meat better
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