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  1. I got ripped on here about 10 years ago for offering ferrets for (I think) 40notes lol. They were snipped prices. The vet I had offered a deal to snip all the hobs. But selling fezzers. Wouldnt take or pay more than a fiver, a pint and a handshake
  2. Wasn't me lol I would've took their money and not batted an eylid, walked away with a lump but.... I've always listened to people and formed my own opinions. So when I was all excited, I've got this deal blah blah and the team said no and explained to me why. I said, I'm off to learn for myself. I ended up agreeing with them! Dirty dirty business!
  3. Who does that type of shit!
  4. Used to rescue fezzers for the RSPCA, a lass I knew in the pub worked for them and took my number as a contact. Most I picked up were no problem, well handled etc. Shame because we could hardly ever track down owners. One of the rescues, I kept because he was a right character. Bang on with work and easily handled, always playing BUT... he had one major big fault. The cnut was Houdini We named him Steve (Steve McQueen). He would escape all the time and I never worked out fully how he did it. I used to get neighbours knocking on the door saying ya ferret is terrorising my cats again, kno
  5. Seem to remember when I was a lad, a fishing mag series I bought the whole set (cannot remember the name but I still have the whole set in the binder) and there was an article about 100lb cod being caught. Always assumed that was a line caught norm back then tbh.
  6. There is precedent. In africa there are tribes that storm lion kills and grab themselves something. But that would make humans a competitor not an ally. Watched a doc a few years ago. A wolf sanctuary somewhere in North America (US or Canada). They would take cubs into their homes from both abondoned wild and from abandoned in the sanctuary. All were un-handalable at 4-5months. Destructive and wild, all had to be reintroduced to the pack at that age. The best explanation I've seen is the russian fox experiment. Selective breeding of the more desirable animals. Personally I th
  7. I worked with a company in a very particular type of IT/project management consulting and we flat right out refused to work with any company like Monsanto and even with Monsanto. Turned down a lot of money. I have all the VitD I need, outside my house I get it from a big ball of nuclear energy in the sky
  8. Not a bad answer and I probably agree. Still while sticking with your point.... The innate human aggression/avoidance in wolves should also prevent domestication See what I mean about the debate? It just throws so many questions, rather than answers. Wouldn't the more placid/smaller wolf species be the better option? If so why do dogs have grey wolf DNA? How the fuuck did someone have the balls to stroll up to a grey wolf and say "here boy have a meaty bone"
  9. Fair enough and to clarify, I wasnt calling this thread and/or your posts daft. I meant the debate in general. It will never be proven which, what, where It's like saying birds are related to dinosaurs. Ok which one? We will never know. What I'd really like to know is why haven't other large social predators been domesticated? Hyenas for example. Surely, if the camp fire theory holds any water. Hyenas would defo want to be around human settlements for the same reason the theory says wolves did.
  10. Only one lake in the Lakes mate.. Ullswater is a water
  11. If you are still up in the lakes head over to Derwent, the top end, opposite Keswick where the river runs into the lake. Beautiful country and there's a really good pub/hotel that used to do amazing food. Also in Ambleside get yourself to Lake Road kitchen or the old stamp house forest side hotel is also good if you want Michelin star food
  12. I didn't think Sockypoos was into women
  13. Nah..... Dotty's eyes are way closer together than whatever that was
  14. I dont have a car and no like minded mates here in Catalunya. I travel to hunt, just can't take the dog.
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