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  1. Feeling obnoxious Have ye found one yet?
  2. I’m in Madrid, hungover (or still pissed) I’m getting grief off these cnuts over a coffee and a butty. An’ It’s still fuucking clear. You’re gonna have to face up
  3. Woah there partner His reply to me was tongue in cheek, as was my post he was replying to. No offense given and none taken. I’d prefer it if you don’t bring my name into your reasoning.
  4. mushroom

    Pet hates.

    Not this one mate and besides…… you’ve seen at least one of my exes….. this girl would of made ten of her
  5. mushroom

    Pet hates.

    Oh and she’s wearing those black leggings that are far too small and stretch so much her fuucking flesh is protruding
  6. mushroom

    Pet hates.

    Fat, sweaty cnuts on the metro leg spreading into my space…. And that’s just the women! I’m f***ing sat next to one right now while typing this. Ugly, fat cnut is proper winding me up, keeps leaning here elephant leg against mine
  7. P.s. who’s fuucking bright idea was it to make the Grim Reaper a bloody mod and why is that flying under the radar? Mort is worse than any copper, ex or not
  8. Jesus is this still going on? Katchum is a cnut but a very likable one. I’ve met him many times before moving here and was always treated to a brew, fry up and the craic. Walked land with him and others and had a right laugh. This has gone a bit far now but his point is fair. Let’s put it down to a learning curve. Black was deleted when he shouldn’t have been, folk have had warnings when others got away with murder etc…. Point is, all mods are cnuts and the infamous TG was the only one to ban me so bring it on ye b@stards
  9. Not impressed with the level of play so far. Where the fuuck is the ball control from England?
  10. There’s a tarn not far from the summit, I forget the name but could be a decent place to pitch
  11. 10mins added time on the Poland match Where the fuuck are all these minutes coming from?
  12. Last week, watching the Ecuador match and during that first goal that was disallowed… the fuucking TV froze I thought the bar was about to be torn apart by Latin American munchkins
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