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  1. Lakes mate there used to be a couple of places that allowed portable bbqs or firepits. I'll see if I can dig them out tomorrow. One was in Eskdale or near and another one near Keswick.
  2. Drives me insane when I send msgs and have to go back and correct the Yank shite spellings courtesy of autocorrect.
  3. I've spent a lot of time debating and falling out with this crap with a good Dutch mate who is completely anti my position... I warned him this was inevitable! Farage started it and it's not gonna stop. Federalisation is impossible in Europe and we as sovereign nations don't want it! WELCOME WAR. THIS TIME WE SHOULD TOP THE CNUTS AT THE TOP FIRST!!!
  4. I’m more concerned about the position of them lights there
  5. Imagine being ISIS and seeing that lot running towards ya firing off rounds
  6. Supergran has passed at 98 years old. Used to love Sunday afternoons, fat dinner and then Supergran, the only thing I was allowed to choose to watch when me dad was in. Running around through his clouds of pipe tobacco pretending to be a super hero lol.
  7. It’s like we can recognise an Ozzie accent but we wouldn’t really know if it was a Queenslander or Western Oz one
  8. Yes, It’s no different. You just recognise the country accent or dialect once you’ve heard it. Words and phrases can give it away just the same as in English (trash, barbie etc). Regional accents are more difficult for me from other countries. Spanish regionals, I’m not too bad at.
  9. The shear adaptability and willingness to assimilate words is the strength of the English language. Spanish has a huge number of words that are Arabic in origin. Any Spanish word that begins with "AL" comes from the Moor invasion. We have a few in English too... Algebra, Algorithm etc
  10. 3 body problem was ok That reindeer thing... what a pile of shoite!
  11. I guarantee the Catalan they are learning is not the same as Catalan here or in Girona, or in Lleida lol. They can't make up their minds on how to speak the fuucker universally It's pissing it down at the moment, I'd head down in a couple of weeks, once the spring rains have passed
  12. I had to dust off my French a couple of months ago and it was diabolical lol. Spanish though, it’s only in the very south (Andalusia) they speak really fast. Even Spaniards have issues with the strange cnuts. If you can get Spanish down, Catalan would slip into place pretty easily and then also Italian
  13. Get what ya want kids, uncle Gnash is paying
  14. Red Tiger balm or similar helps. I suffer all year round here from the cnuts. I also have the white Tiger balm that I put on exposed skin to prevent bites. I smell like a Thai boxing gym most of the time but I’d rather that than scrattin like a dog with mange
  15. You’ve just put my mrs on the floor in stitches mate “muy grande maricon” = very big puff
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