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  1. You lot should have an offliner to straighten this crap out once and for all. It’s almost as bad as the old days when the coursers really used to bitch I’m off for fajitas, Adios putas.
  2. I have it on good authority that Spain is doing away with the vaccine and quarantine for incoming travelers, in favor of.. a suppository. To be admistered either by a doctor before travel or at the airports here, on arrival.
  3. I was about 8 years old, Shrek looking mutha fook
  4. Yep….. it sure taught me I’m not gonna be the one taking it in the ass
  5. They can certainly hurt! Where I’m from, there used to be loads of hill sheep (not sure of specific breed). They were nasty fuuckers when they wanted to be. One sent my mate flying off his bike by butting his back wheel as we sped past.
  6. Plenty of meat in the freezer then. I take it you’re keeping the meat for you and family? What’s the comparison in flavor and fat content of the meat, compared to normal blackface etc. For example I know certain old breeds of pig have much heavier fat content in the meat and a different flavor to the commercial pig breeds.
  7. The tup that got me had two feckin huge horns. I thought my arse was gonna come out of my mouth, it hit that hard
  8. Them jacobs are the ones with massive horns right? I got sent flying as a kid when one nutted me
  9. Knock it on the head and get some minted baby chops bbq’d How many are you expecting this season?
  10. Both are, so is Colne, Nelson etc edited to be clear; full of cnuts!
  11. Seems he was living in Blackburn long enough to be barred from court for spouting vile shit. His brother has condemned him as a mental health case etc. I’m glad the yanks don’t fuuck about if I’m honest, nutter or not!
  12. The mrs found a travelodge near Kings cross for 30 a night if that helps.
  13. Borr @green lurchers is a good man for places to eat at in London.
  14. I thought it was. Remember thinking the dogs looked spot on Maybe later on in life I’ll waste another load of years on a Saluki bred cnut… but not today
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