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  1. Haven’t owned one since I was 20 but I do agree with Dyktos, they do make banging scrambled eggs. I used to stink the office out making them for lunch
  2. We’ve got tickets for the full weekend. Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Megadeath and KISS to name a few, four off my bucket list in one weekend Going with @ALECTORIS from Zaragoza. Shitty photos in the post
  3. Twatted mine on the dog’s tooth last night, how do you account for moving furniture
  4. Just before moving here I had to get the train into London for a final interview. Just as the train was pulling into the city, there was about 20 foxes chilling out, just at the entrance of a tunnel. Couldn’t believe that many foxes in one place!
  5. It puts the lotion in the basket
  6. I’ved had to live here Its there’s
  7. I did that once, thank f**k I realised she was Austrian
  8. Vienna is nice but I wouldn’t live there. Zurich & Cope are amazing to visit but you need a loan for a coffee. I'm biased.. Barcelona nails it for me. Beach, ski, mountains, party, fairly safe, cost of living… most importantly cheap beer & weed is legal
  9. I miss having fezzers about. Funny little fuckers and as said, the more they’re handled, the better later on. Cold hands and ferret teeth are a bad mix
  10. My ex (Kati) had that mate. I used to call her my Mexican giraffe
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