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  1. Did you not see the border war story about a month or so ago? Indians and Chinese went head to head with nail studded clubs and knives lol full on weegie stylee
  2. You missed off; don't go to them foreign places, unless I have to collect a soul... You may need one, if countries require a vaccine passport
  3. It seems to me you are paying way way too much for spices mate. I've used less than a quids worth in a huge pan (kilo of beef, half kilo of chickpeas, two large onions, two small cans chopped toms) Spices Corriander seeds & powder, cloves, cinnamon, cumin powder, green cardamom, garam marsala ground ginger. Are you sure none of the major supermarkets will deliver to your gaff?
  4. My plate was more unbalanced in favour of curry lol and I went back for another helping. Beef was beautifully cooked and gravy perfectly balanced, spice wise. I would prefer more chillies but the Mrs isn't in favour of arse magma in the morning
  5. Went with a Rogan Josh, I added chickpeas and peas coz I like them lol.
  6. Hard to ignore a 4-5 thousand year old civilisation that has endured everything thrown at them. The Chinese groups have never played craps, only the long game!
  7. I've never had a slave in my life... Malt sells slaves? Well that's a new one on the fugly Welshman
  8. Curse the sauce and youth Ran out of a birds house once, steaming and almost naked because she was a minger with bad breath Landed home (around 200-300yards away) burst into my front room (half naked thinking just my flatmate was there, NO! He was there with 4 reps from the carpet firms he worked with and we'd been out with). So I burst in and screamed I was gonna smash her ass, then smelt her breath and got a limper Adam's face planted into his hands, with a slight headshake.... The gentlemen left not long after that
  9. I do cook naked (sometimes) but I have a pinny to cover my nuts and Adonis body from hot oil splashes... if that's what you mean
  10. Beef curry tonight. Not decide which though She wants Panang, I want Madras
  11. Be nice if I could remove a couple of nights from my personal history too
  12. That, is a thing of beauty mate I'd prefer a longer blade (20cm) in the same style. A blade for all functions
  13. We've all done an said shit when on the bottle Granted, I've never said I'm gonna nail some random off FB but I'm defo guilty of other drunken transgressions
  14. Think of it as comedy improv Send me your number and we can practice
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