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  1. mushroom


    In all I think the strength of your mind and how you perceive what you've done to yourself .. helps alot to remain calm and enjoy it.. I've seen big men crumble like little puppies on shrooms and acid.. Remember, it's all poison Mind once about the same age @Stoney100 some daft cnut spiked a mate, in my drink lol I just started to come up and said Ah bollocks I'm off to the woods Not for the faint hearted.
  2. mushroom


    Mexicans are great and colourful... if you want to go to the galaxy next door... double the dose of Hawaiian shrooms and don't carry any sharp objects
  3. mushroom


    Made me laugh The other night my mate took acid... daft c**t fuucked off as he started to come up and after about 3 hours trying to get hold of the mong, he later msgs me saying he loves trees and wants to go be in the clouds with real people , he was completely off his bollocks tripping Fuuck me those msgs can only come from someone on acid or shrooms
  4. mushroom


    Yes but you will get a better buzz if you starve your dog for 2 days, feed it about half a kilo and then drink it's piss
  5. mushroom

    Get it off your chest thread....

    Stop lying.... a football box doesn't count It was obviously aimed at me and my many worldly women... because they have clits... fuuck you Forest ya snide
  6. mushroom

    Kelpies as a stud,

    I can smell that straw from here lol
  7. mushroom

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Don... lovely pic mate
  8. mushroom

    Hounds on boar in Spain

    The high-viz vests are a legal requirement here too.. don't want to get popped now do ya Boar will rip through you. However, with dogs instead of guns, who knows what's possible.
  9. mushroom

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Hammocks are bloody comfy Best nights sleep I ever get, is in my hammock... and I have sciatica
  10. mushroom

    till we meet again

    You ain't alone mate... if you can, get yourself over here for a weekend mate.. I'll take you out and give you a grand break bud. Look after yourself, stress will only make your health worse. If you want a friendly chat about anything PM me and I'll send you my phone number Kie.
  11. mushroom

    Get it off your chest thread....

    Wee wees is ok though!
  12. mushroom

    Get it off your chest thread....

    It may just be my understanding of the situation but.... He doesn't strike me as the type to be snidely You on the other hand, are really making a complete bellend of yourself. Grow up man. Are we forgetting old labby
  13. mushroom

    Get it off your chest thread....

    Take him to the footie Gnash... that'll quieten him down. Ffs this shit is really fuucking sad.... calling it a willy ffs
  14. mushroom

    Wine drinkers.

    There's a few wine tasting tours around the vineyards here. Not a bad day out to be fair. Come away with a happy Mrs and a skinfull.
  15. mushroom


    Christ almighty When we was at school, on the second day back most kids sported a black eye or a lump or two, after getting home the day before with a fuucked up brand new uniform ... mums were quick in them days I don't know why.... but we used to need to get a shit load of energy out and play "pile on"