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  1. Shame the videos and pics are no longer available on the thread.
  2. Wasn’t it Dan the man who hunts them with staghounds twice the size of a coyote who said a coyote is the master of fighting on the run? He put some videos up years ago showing his big dogs running them down. It didn’t look easy for the dogs.
  3. I was referring to the fact that no bull blood whatsoever originated in Mexico. They may have good blood now but it ain’t from there. Same as was said about NZ
  4. Those Mexican pit bulls are something else hey! Orale Cabron
  5. I would be so angry at the cnuts showing a plate and not cooking it lol In the words of Simo…. Wipe its arse and walk it past the radiator
  6. Can’t believe I didn’t put this before…. El Sobrino de Botin…… oldest restaurant in the world (300years I believe). Not Michelin starred but fuucking hell the baby pig is worth a journey
  7. El nacional Dos Palillos If you’re ever in Barcelona I highly recommend these two. El nacional is a mix of different restaurants, sea food, meat etc. Becareful not to get carried away lol my last bill in there was over €500 just for me. Oysters and champagne have a lot to answer for Dos Palillos is a fusion type place. Did the tasting menu last year on my birthday. Not cheap but bloody excellent food. Think we paid about 300 all in.
  8. Caught a train to Madrid this morning and it’s lifting with them and roe.
  9. I was the same when I lived in Blighty. Easy to do when you don’t live in a city. At least an hour for me to get anywhere near nature
  10. I was thinking about this age thing/dogs getting old the other day… Dickhead is 9 this year, still fit as a fiddle mind but we all know there won’t be many years left. Although the cnut will probably live another 10 years just so he can piss me off
  11. The ex used to work the Yank market, so I’d end up cooking her steak dinners and shit at 4am thinking the same thing
  12. Don’t smoke or drink during the week mate. @Daniel cain I used to be fine with 4-5hrs. Had a seizure a couple of years ago and suddenly it came to a head. I never even thought about it until the Dr brought it up after that sleep machine test. He was shocked that I was still able to function
  13. Gateway drug mate Started mine on it a year ago, he’s now shooting up in bus shelters
  14. I have a real problem with sleep or lack of it. 4 hours max is normal for me, every night. Always exhausted/fuzzy and it affects my memory too. Did some tests etc and even the neurologist was giving it WTF. Something to do with my deep sleep pattern being half as long as it should be. Can’t take pills because they leave me like a smack head. Best sleep I ever have is after a mushroom session
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