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  1. Download Utorrent Download VLC Player Google search for pirate bay proxy list. Select a proxy from the list, it will open a new tab or window. Search Pirate Bay for any film you want and hit the magnet icon. Utorrent will automatically open and start the download. Play the file using VLC (it plays all file format types)
  2. 1917 was crap The new Terminator film is ok Star wars isn't too bad Richard Jewel is a good watch
  3. mushroom

    Tattoos 🤔

    I'm getting R on one cheek and P on the other
  4. They have a law in Alaska "wanton waste" it's their biggest wildlife crime law. Even edible roadkill is recovered by charities and the meat distributed. UK should employ a tag system and enforce hunters to utilise the meat or donate. All hunters should have to take a course (fieldcraft, dressing a carcase etc) before being included in the tag scheme.
  5. You don't eat the meat of an urchin..... you eat the balls/sex organs mate
  6. Well our Maj has given in to them
  7. I've had the eldest over since beginning of Jan, made burgers, roasts, fry-ups pasta dishes, mince beef and stilton pie... allsorts.... decided to go light today and make a beef rib Thai soup with flat rice noodles. Throw some veggies in and we'll be laughing... then she comes rocking up in the kitchen and tells me she's off out to a restaurant with mates Oh well I'm gonna see if I can do in a kilo of beef rib on my own
  8. Glad to see you on here again mate.. Get your hands on a bit of weed and smoke a joint at night
  9. Well it definitely has a touch of lavender about it
  10. Never gamble what you are not prepared to lose, is the golden rule. All investments are a gamble!
  11. All that toil is for this!
  12. I rocked up from two disabled parents and a council estate. I was lucky. Why? Because my family pushed me. I push her but I lift her. She knows it, that's all that matters to me when I hit the coffin coat, I can do knowing I set her and my generations up.
  13. Ok who takes and who gives?
  14. We can all be who we think we are mate good and bad Joe is lovely as fuxk and a real honest gent..... I think he likes bumsex with men, in Manchester, under a drug induced influence.... you didn't hear it from me
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