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  1. mushroom

    23 yrs ago

    Sorry for mixed with Warrington.
  2. mushroom

    23 yrs ago

    I'll never forget the first time I saw the devastation with my own eyes 3 weeks after it happened. R.I.P All the victims. For the people who had to continue living with the pain, my heart goes out to you.
  3. mushroom


    Half fact.... I'm a Dingle, not a midget! Let's stick to facts
  4. mushroom


    If I had the wings of a sparrow, The dirty black arse of a crow, I would fly over Ewood, And shit on the b@stards below. Edited to add..... FACT!!!
  5. mushroom


    Well, I've done me some afternoon drinking and I have no idea where this day is gonna end Fact!
  6. mushroom


    This is a thread about facts... Fact!
  7. mushroom


    Or opportunists who wish to supplement their ball emptying routine with some strange. Fact!
  8. mushroom


    My friend told me that PoF is full of whores and I mean real ones, that want money... Fact!
  9. mushroom


    Most women on Tinder are mental but up for a bit of the old in&out. Fact!
  10. mushroom


    Cheeky fuucker. I'll have you know, I'm a very strong swimmer! I spend most of the year in the sea swimming and spear fishing, can't stop me swimming in rivers, lakes etc and if there is something high to jump off into water.... I'm the first cnut diving off it. My highest dive is around 23-25m (65-75'). I've been called crazy by police and locals before now at kirby lonsdale because I threw a somersault into the dive lol. Very nearly fuucked that one right up and myself, plus nearly got arrested My craziest, was diving into the snow melt when the river was raging at Stainforth fos. Fooking freezing and we had to throw a landrover innertube with a rope attached to each other, just to make sure no one died. So to recap.... short people CAN swim
  11. mushroom


    Where are you mate? Looks like down the road from me lol. Same weather aswell
  12. mushroom

    Pure saluki

    Any pups going?
  13. mushroom

    Mount Everest

    WILF always peaks, it's his sexual thing In defence of him though..Europeans are emotional fuucking weirdos
  14. mushroom

    Mount Everest

    You can do mont blanc on a hike
  15. mushroom

    87 year old deadlifting

    I can do that