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  1. mushroom

    Anybody know anything about wetsuits?

    Ooo big boy you
  2. mushroom


    I am not vertically challenged.
  3. mushroom

    Fecking big spider

    Don't care, if that cnut is in or near my house, it's getting pulp fictioned.
  4. mushroom


    I'll bet he still has a skinny arse Wanking cows off ffs, what a job. Still, it works the forearms
  5. mushroom

    Fecking big spider

    What the fuuck is that, kill it!
  6. Never met him but I heard similar.
  7. He defo looked a mean one Edited to add: his wife made me a brew and was a lovely woman. Funny as hell, real sense of humour
  8. I've no idea mate. If he was quiet, probably matured then Biggest gentleman fighter (professional) I ever met was Brian London. Did work for him on his house, when I turned up, he was in the garage twatting the hell out of a bag... he must have been in his 70's then. He stopped mid punch and said go see the boss, she's inside tell her to make you a brew Aye he looked mean but he never acted it with me
  9. Came across him and his lot years ago in Wythenshawe. From across the bar, you could see he was a git. Heard a lot about him from the locals there and none had anything good to say. Funnily, one of the old boys in the pub said he'll come unstuck one day soon. That was over 20 years ago. I guess it happened then
  10. mushroom


    Anyone who pisses or shits themselves on less than 10 pints and a bottle of spirits needs to move to Brighton with the rest of the pussies
  11. mushroom


    Can't stand more than one pint of ice cold scrumpy, gives me heartburn I'll stick with beer and maybe the odd bottle of spirits in the mountains with my acid tabs
  12. mushroom


    So...... who else has shit themselves whilst partaking in the scrumpy?
  13. mushroom


    Well he soon disappeared off here after the ribbing he got I still chat with him now and then (been a fuucking long time since last) he's a good lad.... wish I was there though
  14. mushroom

    Anybody know anything about wetsuits?

    The deepwater rig welders are wearing dry suits in the north sea. I wore one once, to see what it was like and nope, not for me. Water deeper than 3m is gonna get cold. To see this effect swim over a trench. There's loads here along the Barcelona coast. They're for the run off, off the mountains when it rains. About 4-5m deep near shore, the sides are about 1-2m... as you pass over you freeze you bollocks off
  15. mushroom

    Anybody know anything about wetsuits?

    It should be comfortable and give you full movement without sapping your energy. So yes, it should fit snug. But not restricting.