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  1. dont know would it be worth taking an insurance out on the dogs,ive heard from mates off mine that some of these companys not worth a toss, myself over the years have just put a few pounds a way a month, and hope nothing too drastic happens, must admit had a good few hefty bills over the years,still treat minor injurys myself,and buy bits and pieces on the net to keep costs down, what with vets fees, and feeding costs, its getting expensive to keep dogs if you look after them proper.
  2. just got the bill for my old deerx grey. that i had to have pts at christmas time,this vet used to be realistic on prices, till she started taking on young vets just out of veterinary school,who have wised her up to the prices to charge, total bill with vat was £280, used to have to wait ages to get a bill from her, now your hardly out of the door till they want payment, still i never begrudge the money ive spent on my dogs over the years, still miss having the old boy,round the yard, rip cloud.
  3. reall like this sandy is it up for sale or just a commission, wouldnt mind it hanging on my wall
  4. they dont call them weirdie beardies for nothing,encountered a few in my time from hancock,would go with moon at the drop of a hat, skulky , nervous critters,some days would work quite well if they were in the right mood, next day complete opposite and run if they felt like it . certainly not my type of dog to run.
  5. come back hancock, all is forgiven, try ringing sally hancock his daughter, she may point you in right direction,they used to churn loads out, good luck in your search.
  6. rabbits breeding all year round, seen a few kits round xmas time,the days of only catching rabbits with an r in the month are well gone, still afew rabbits local to me, but mxy has already raised its ugly head in alot of places,lets hope they get a good breeding season and build up a good immunity against it.no signs of any rhd yet,thank goodness.
  7. if you aint got the dollar to pay the fines, they cant get it out of you, so next move is prison, cant see that happening, using scare tactics to intimidate ordinary law abiding citizens.probably try and jail a few folk at firs, to try and prove their power egos.
  8. everybody wants to keep letting their dogs, chase rabbits, prisons full to capacity already, couldnt possibly jail everyone,total madness and unworkable bill, how much is it going to cost to police it,worlds gone nuts.
  9. mick cawston, a very talented man, so sad he struggled with life, got quite a bit of his early work hanging in my home,i was always a great admirer of his work and prints, one print i always regret never purchasing is a Noble Breed, a portrait of Miss anastatia noble, with her deerhounds,limited edition of 500, i know their making big money now, if they ever come up for sale.which is pretty rare.
  10. i know where this lad is coming from, believe or not blokes used to keep day dogs and night dogs, the reason being that night dogs were just kept strictly for lamping and were not taken out in the daytime, due to their owners wanting them to work solely by sight, and if the dog was used in daytime it would use its field craft and scent at night, usually taking off in darkness chasing everthing in, not good if you were strictly a lamping man, daytime dogs that were kept were used for ferreting, bushing, gunwork and general mooching,so were not used at night, mate of mine long gone now used to
  11. great to see the bond you had with shadow, can see by the pics, you and the dog were a good team over a good few years, always really sad when you lose old faithfuls, you could always rely on, know how you feel mate, after losing my old deerx grey, only a few weeks ago,like i say the good ones always break our hearts when they go, chin up mate you gave the dog a good life.
  12. grompz

    Jeff beck

    an absolute legend of the guitar,well and truly respected in the music world,still love to watch old clips of him,performing with the yard birds, alongside paige and clapton,was even offered a chance to play with the stones, but dont think that was really his scene, never let fame go to his head, very unassuming man, rip jeff, keep em rocking in heaven, thanks for the music and the memorys.
  13. i think there used to be a guy called dave emerson, who use to breed both types of bedlingtonxs,were those dogs from him, believe he bred some good stock, but never seen any work,think he used to put ad in the early ed/rd mag, wonder if any of his old stuff is still about,
  14. strong looking young dog, looks the real old fashioned type, hows he bred,full moon here last night, you did well to catch a couple, myself wouldnt run a young dog in those conditions, makes rabbits lamp shy, and hard work on the dog,atb, nice to see your getting out and doing a bit with him,whats he like daytime work, looks a handy type.
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