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  1. nice strong sturdy pup, looks as if its had a good start, hazard a guess to its breeding bullx collie greyhound, maybe a touch of saluki in there, no matter what just take your time and enjoy, atb.
  2. a brilliant guitarst and fought his cancer hard for years, often watch him on you tube, brilliant performance with roger daltry doing going back home, rip wilko, you and lee keep em rocking in heaven,top men from caveney island.
  3. sadly dont breed them like that thesedays phil,a perfect example of how the beddy lurcher should look like,beautiful confirmation and stance, a real work horse oby the looks of it.
  4. had a few bedlingtonx greyhounds over the years,love them for daytime and nightime work,never owned a bedlingtonx whippet f1, but ibought abedlingtonx greyhound back to a bedlingtonx whippet in the early 90s for £50 advertised in the old shooting news, what a great dog he wasalways gave his best passed on at 12yrs of age, mate had a bedlingtonx whippet used to give tongue when outpaced but tremondous ferreting dog, think thats what put me off them,all the bedlington blood was from the rillington line, last beddyx ihad was from les robinson in brigg, who used the stag night line of whippet an
  5. just going on what a few of the irish boys have told me , if your bringing dogs from south to north you need a pet passport with all details including anti rabies and other jabs from a vet, if in the north transporting to uk asfar as i know no paper work required, could be totally wrong, sure the irish boys on this site will put the record straight,dont think couriers got a problem with transportation,cant really see how this legislation works to be honest.
  6. often see some nice looking lurcher pups,that look like they could do a bit being advertised by the irish boys,the prices they are charging for pups are wellbelow average uk prices, most of these pups parents will have been worked on most quarry, as iwell knowthat the irish lads are real passionate dog men, seen some damn good gundogs, terriers, and lurchers, come from the north and south of ireland, often thought about making the trip over to get a dog, but getting there and getting back wouldcost me far more than the price of the pups,what with ferry charges and transport costs, it would be
  7. great result for man and dog, first time out on lamp for a nice young dog, she done you proud, always a good feeling after the work you put into them,and things come together, atb.
  8. thats a really great gesture mate, this site needs more genuine people like you, hope they make agood bit of money , for a damn good cause. atb.
  9. just like you arry, all my young days at school were wasted, all i thought about all day, was getting home to get out ferreting and out with the dogs, majority of youngsters today, are not intrested in ferrets,dogs, snaring , lamping or any other country pursuits, ive got three grandsons one who used to be mad keen to come out ferreting and lamping with me, the other two were always good with the ferrets, but sadly not following in my footsteps, like you say arry, any of us old boys that know how ferret, how to make a purse net, poach a fish, work and train a good dog, are definetly a dying br
  10. does your mate work this dog, if he does how does he find it, speaking from my own experience of working these dogs, they take to lamping like ducks to water,only takes a few trips out, and you can work them without a slip lead, good to retrieve, and easy to get on with, only catch edibles with mine,not fussed about using them on much else, both the 7th and10th generation were hellers on feral cats,always sensed they were about when out working them, not hard in the mouth on rabbits, but could dish it out if needed,always good to let you know if some one was about that shouldnt have been.
  11. nancy is a beautiful looking bitch, like her a lot,she must be well ready for work this season, any recent up to date pictures of her,great to hear you still rate them heighly,atb with her, keep on keeping on,for as long as you can.
  12. thats exactly what it is charts.bred from dave platts generation english deerhounds, if you look at the the recreation of the english deerhound, dave platts explains what its about, so far ive owned a 7th generation,10 th and 11th generation of this breeding, very happy with them , suit what i use for , just right, 11thbgeneration pup, 8mths shaping up well, each to their own
  13. question answered, never thought on those points mate,thanks for reply gypsy dog,shame this problem is well out of hand tese last few years, pure scum.
  14. just sitting round thinking, about all the dogs that have been stolen off late, this may be a wild idea ive got, but in this day of modern technology, could not a tracking micro chip be inseted into dogs to track them on your phone, the same sort of thing that you can track your vehicle when stolen, falconers use telemetry on their birds to locate them, lots of you boys use gps tracking collars on dogs, surely if somebody came up with a chipping device, it would make life easier for folk, trying to locate their dogs, im sure it would be a real money spinner for the company that patented it, or
  15. damn good hammering, cut the hands of the bstards, so that they couldnt steal any thing again, like the lads say look close to home, if yuo had any litters lately, cast your mind back to the time wasters, that maybe seen your set up, really feel for you mate, somebody some where knows something, just bide your time, hope you get them all back safe and sound..
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