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  1. during my working life i paid into 3 different pension schemes, but never invested in a personal pension, took my first pension at 60yrs after 18 yrs paying into a superanuation scheme paying tax weekly on it, got taxed again on it when i took as a lump sum all wrong,the other 2 company schemes i paid into were a defined benefit and a defined contribution scheme same thing, paid up full stamp all my life, came out of work once in my life, for a few weeks,some struggle to get dole at that time, swore i would never sign on again arseholes.
  2. getting out and meeting folk ,topping up the pension would be good for you mate, only thing i can tell you is you will probably be hammered by taxman on earnings, i finished work last year, got offered 8wks temporary work with my old company. made good money on the 7day week, got taxed 20%,had to pay more tax on my small monthly pension, and when i got my final lump sum payment, paid another wedge on that, hoping to get a decent rebate this year, alright if you can get cash in hand, but had to go on the books, already asked me about doing a bit this summer, dont know will it be worth it or no
  3. thats at a lovely strong looking animal, how old, is it a first x deer-grey,my type of lurcher, atb mate.
  4. it must be people with a good knowledge of stock, to be able to handle these animals and get them transported up, nothing but pure scum, the world is a sad place.
  5. the weather is nuts these days mate, asyou say just like a spring day, hope it lasts certainly shortens the winter up, seen my first wild primroses out in flower a couple of weeks ago,the hares round our way are starting to pair up already, and quite a few new born lambs in the fields, spring has sprung, still plenty of time for harsh weather yet, enjoy while it lasts.
  6. great stuff mate, when they come back from a real bad injury like that, and good on you for hanging on to the dog, and getting him there,just remember not too much too soon, hope you have more fun together, atb
  7. yes tats it is very common in pure deerhounds, know a couple of people who had in show bred stock, but never heard of it in the crossbred deerhound stuff, heard it said before that pure greyhounds can also suffer with it, even the vet said they dont know what triggers it off in dogs. atb.
  8. thanks lads, for all your kind messages and consideration, your a good bunch of lads,going to collect him from vet today, and lay him to rest in a place where he loved to hunt,and he will rest where the hares run, and the rabbits hop, and he will be at peace,when my dogs come to me its for life, and i do my best to give them a good working life, doesnt get any easy, still got the other old deerhoundx grey, coming up 11 yrs, be another bad one when he goes, getting soft in old age.
  9. earlier today, i sadly lost my 5yr old deerhoundx greyhound to bloat, vet did emergency op on him,but sadly he didnt make it,had lots of lurchers in my 6+years on this planet, but first time losing a dog to this, freddie was no world beater, but he was an honest and loyal pal to me, and always gave his best,he kept me going when i was going through a rough time health wise, to say im going to miss him is going to be an understatement, run free freddie my loyal pal, seems to get harder to deal with now im getting older.
  10. absolutely stunning work fella, atb in your new found talent, like bosun said keep posting, like them a lot.
  11. rabbits are very thin on the ground round my area, got to work hard to find them these past few years, mxy and rhd hit them hard a while back, out lamping when storm barra was at its peak, caught 4 clean healthy bucks, worked 20 large fields, and seen the grand total of 7 rabbits, same run about 5 yrs ago would have seen a catch of 20-30, dont think rabbits will ever get back to good numbers, due to all the diseases, predators, and over hunting, sad day when the humble rabbit is not seen on the english countryside
  12. what you lads using for bait, tried all sorts in multiple catch trap, having some sucess with peanut butter,also using fens and single catch cage traps, like the look of these black cats, but as yet never tried them, wheres best place to buy them.
  13. anybody fixing these locators, these days, i know that jim chick used to do them, before he sadly passed away, there was another chap mick dadd,but ive heard he packed up doing them, if you guys know of anybody else doing them, it would be most helpful, havent gone on fb as i dont do it. cheers.
  14. been saying the same for years now, and said it on this forum before now, the last bedlington lurcher i had with genuine working bedlington blood in it, was in the early 90s, got him from les robinson in brigg, bred out of newcombes blue,also in the blood was amy, norman, venus, andj the late john piggins lena, les used to be agood friend of george newcombe, dont know if les still works bedlingtons, these days or not.
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