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  1. how did the pup go for you tats,whatdid you work her on and was she game on most stuff, the reason i ask was looking back on the dogs mick bred,most of them looked very bedlington type and height,think mick only used as daytime hunters, correct me if im wrong
  2. arthur carter, packed up a few years back, think his son took over for a while, had lots of stuff from them , a good old fashioned company, dont know if the greyhound and whippet store still going, used to be based round london way, used to carry loads of stuff for the dogs, used them a lot when i was running 3 dogs,might be worth a try.
  3. grompz

    Bare feet

    yes reckon your right on that one matey, also remember old phil, meeting up with him, and doing a write up on him in old shooting news,seem to remember phil wasnt too impressed by him,he will be long gone by now, but he lived his life, the way he wanted .
  4. grompz

    Bare feet

    mick douglas, the fenman, lurcher breeder, hippy. was well known in his day, for walking the roads and stubbles bare footedin the 80s, there was some old footage of him walking stubble fields, with his norfolk lurchers, they reckon the soles of his feet were as hard as shoe leather, to say he was a bit of an eccentric character was the least.
  5. tats you will probably recall when jimmy, run that red dog. in the forley cup alongside other coursing legends,that greast character willie tough, taking far too soon, alan sankey, joe murphy, don southerd, all top men with top dogs in their day, great times before thecoursing ban.
  6. grompz


    i would be feeling exactly the same tats,nothing worse than having no dog to take care for, may be a little whippet or small type lurcher,would bethe sort of thing that would be easy to live and cope with ,hope things pick up for you both soon,atb.
  7. just a genuine question, never had any experience of taking goats with lurchers, just not my type of hunting but surely lurchers doing this job regulary, could never be trusted with livestock be it young calves or sheep, and would be a real liabilty, when out hunting other quarry,i stand corrected if my belief is wrong.
  8. really feel for you tats and your family, gets harder as you get older,especially when the dog has been through thick and thin with you, and been a good companion,but the time comes when the old dog thief calls timeon our honest and loyal workers, lost 2 dogs last year which was a real blow, but even though im near 70 yrs of age, ive got a nice young dog here now that keeps me going, he will definetly be my last, probably out live me, but like you the dogs have always been my life,my thoughts are with you chin up mate,your doing right.
  9. grompz


    yeah michael is certainly on fire at the tt races clocked up his 25th win this morning, just one more win to equal uncle joeys 26 wins, sadly a spanish rider lost his life yesterday,the fastest spaniard ever round the course, did a 125mph in qualifying last week, these boys know the risks, but love the mountain course, real good coverage of it this year.
  10. dont think id be letting dogs sniff round any dead seals young or old lying on the beaches, only a little while ago dead seals were tested for diseases in my local area and a lot suffered from distemper, also other symptoms were found in them,the other problem on beaches were the number of seabirds found dead with avian bird flu,dont know if it would harm the dogs or not, if they were to scavenge on the dead seals or birds,but my self personally wouldnt beletting dogs loose on beaches these days. atb
  11. now thats what i call a salvage yard,could spend a good bit of money and hours in a place like that, right up my street, is it local to you or where abouts is it located,wouldnt mind looking at their website if they got one,hope you and the misses picked up a few nice bits and bobs and enjoyed, i certainly would have, atb.
  12. a good friend of mine,only just recently put his dog into kennels, whilst in their care the dog suffered a serious injury, the kennels point blank refused to pay or help out on the vet fee costs, apparently most kennels get you to sign a disclaimer form, which safe guards them,and you have no chance of making a claim against them, may be this isnt the same for you jok, but if it was me i wouldnt be happy with your outcome, at the end of the day you expect your dog to be returned to you in the same health as he went in, wouldnt use them again after treatment like they gave you, atb.
  13. the rabbits in my area have been making a great come back recently, was even thinking of getting a couple of this years kits,also got the young deerhoundx greyhound to get going properly, but as usual the mxy is back big time,not been seeing many young rabbits about, but plenty ofadults pairing up, hopefully wont get them all, no signs of any vhd as yet, wants it like in your areas lads, and lets hope theres a few about for us to have a go at at the end of the summer.
  14. seen quite a few pure salukis, running over the years very unpredictable, some days and they were on top form they were brilliant at coursing hares, other days wouldnt try hard, would just lollop behind the hare, and wouldnt even attempt to strike or pick the hare up,never seen one retrieve, just stand over what they killed,owned a couple of first xs and a 3/4 bred salukix greyhound, totally different dogs, if i were abit younger id be going down those lines again,obedience can be very challenging to say the least, still i wish you well with a pure if you can find one with decent breeding an
  15. dont know would it be worth taking an insurance out on the dogs,ive heard from mates off mine that some of these companys not worth a toss, myself over the years have just put a few pounds a way a month, and hope nothing too drastic happens, must admit had a good few hefty bills over the years,still treat minor injurys myself,and buy bits and pieces on the net to keep costs down, what with vets fees, and feeding costs, its getting expensive to keep dogs if you look after them proper.
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