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  1. what a great story ianm. thats how things were back in the day, you and your misses were real plucky characters to undertake such an epic journey, cant beat a bit of history like that,it was a case of needs must and the lurcher scene was in a far better state than it is today, with good honest people about, still time has to moveon, but great memories and a great adventure.atb keep safe.
  2. could well be loton, your probably right mate, been in this game a long time, seen them come and go, glad theres young men like yourself and others that take an honest view of dog work, my self am creeping up round ould phils age group, but i still keep lurchers and always will, god willing.
  3. y.eah i remember lockhart lurchers, another that used to advertise in the cmw years ago, think he used to be from hearne bay area, used to have ads for colliex greys and hand made shepherds crooks,never seen any thing he produced, reckon it would be round the late 80s
  4. do you knowif he is still breeding beddyx whippets, and if not when was the last time he bred a litter these past few years, sound like they would do me fine, as general mooching dogs.
  5. just sitting home here, looking through a few old cmw and edrd mags, for something to do, name from the past popped up phil haynes, remember lads posting a few pics and comments on his bedx grey xwhippets, any of you lads had them , or seen them run,dont know is he still in the dog game these days, and what he breeds these days, remember phoning him years ago, about a pup, told me all i wanted to hear about them, couldnt get a word in edge wise, the pup didnt materialise,often wondered how it would have worked, mainly wanted it for ferreting and lamping, this cross bred the right way are good
  6. always sad to hear news like this max, especially at this time of year,remember the falklands war as if it was yesterday, afew mates of mine were involved in it on land and sea, all brave young men,couple were with the marines when they took port stanley,your mate would be around the 60 mark, far too young to go, thinking of the family and friends he left behind.rip braveman.
  7. reason that i stated the 1200 for a pup was that alan had alitter of litter of pure deerhound pups, advertised in dec 9th2020 country mans weekly, ive got contact for him now, so i will be able to talk to the man direct,price is irrelevant if there is qualitybreeding in them, but just my opinion, thankyou lads for your feedback.atb
  8. strong looking animal excellent condition , a credit to you young buck, how old is it, and whats the breeding, looks to be a nice size and not too cloddy, atb
  9. any of the irish lads on here, heard or know anything about the rathcreevagh deerhounds, bred in the republic, by a chap by the name of alan, is this alan charles who bred a good strain of deerhounds anddeerhoundxs, heard these dogs carry a bit of doxhope, and coursing lines in them, any of you boys, seen any thing out of them run, or are they just another money spinner, price tag of 1200 quid, just asking.
  10. spotted a couple of visla xdeerhound pups on pets for homes,only a few days ago, looked almost like firstx deer greys,strong looking animals for 6 mths of age, might have been tempted if they had been a more realistic price, instead of the 1200quid price tag,reckon in the right hands would make decent workers.
  11. dogs and puppies section still on there, but seems to be more ads in that section of late for gamefowl, pygmy goats, and alpacas, asking silly prices ,must admit havent seen alurcher or terrier advertised for months,even the dogs for sale section on the irish donedeal, seem to have stopped, probably down to dog thefts and the covid crisis.
  12. fantastic ground to work your dogs nothernlite, my favourite type of ground to work lurchers on, certainly keeps them sharp and fit, and your dogs and pup are in excellent condition, you are such a lucky man to have that kind of land to work when you want to, nothing better than the solitude, just you the dogs,, and nature, and nobody botheringyou, could spend hours walking that land, and enjoyin thedays out, atb
  13. shame you lost all the years of breeding from the strain you had jossa, definetly my stamp of animals, nice strong looking things, do you not run anything these days with any deerhound blood in them, thanks for posting pics, , j maybe someday the deerxgrey x collie will make a come back ,i would like to think so.
  14. thanks socks, but its right 0n the bend of the toe joint, not enough skin to stitch or staple the injury, had another bandage put on, these vets under the impression that it could pull it self together if kept covered for acouple of weeks,well hacked off that they didnt go ahead and take the toe off like i told them to, like all vets, will keep it going for coin,and then decide to amputate the toe,after ripping me off for a few hundred quid of useless treatment.
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