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  1. got a pcp logun axsor 22 here,but it , needs a damn good servicing and new o ring seals fitted, as its leaking air from the filler probe valve , had it a good few years and never had it looked at, any of you guys recommend any body to carry this work out,and arough guide to how much it would cost,wouldnt attempt it myself and havent got the time. atb
  2. what would the best way be to breed a dg xc , would you use dg over a collie bitch or the other way round,or wouldnt it make much difference, dont suppose you got any photos of the dog you mention, something like him would suit me fine these days. atb
  3. did you ever see this cross run, i appreciate they were good for rabbit and hare, if bred the right way,but preban days were they not up to taking deer and foxes. what was lacking in them.
  4. been a big supporter of the deerhound greyhound, but just recently been thinking about getting one with abit of good working collie blood in it, never seen one work or heard any reports on them,what would be the best way to go if you wanted to produce one for working, well aware of the fact that good strains of deerhound are getting harder to obtain, but surely good working hill collies will still be about,remember phil lloyd used to run them in the seventies, and im sure he wouldnt have kept them if they were poor doers. thanks for replies.
  5. too warm to run dogs for me yet, plus ground still rock hard under foot, good for broken toes and tendon injurys,will wait till ground softens up and dogs are fitter,
  6. dont ever remember seeing jeff fletcher on tv, but he ran a nice little whippetx grey on the field fare challenge video in the 90s,the dog was called tay and certainly didnt disgrace it self or jeff, as it ran against some good dogs, as jeff stated the dog was bred by him just for abit of racing and general rabbiting, came over as a real gentleman and a good dogman.
  7. from what you say, it sounds more like the dog has a trapped nerve some where from its neck along its spine, maybe take him to a good boneman, give him anti inflammatorys, and a lot of rest,if that dont work and hes no better, no option but a good working dog vet.atb.
  8. seen the write up on these greengrass whippets or whatever you want to call them, look the part but the sales pitch tells me all,willmake wonderful pets and companions but nowt about being workers, frequently on donedeal,peddlars as usual, wouldnt give one kennel space,but thats just me.
  9. yes im doing the same as you dinosaur, dave can keep the remainder of my subscription, he is welcome to it, for all the hardwork he put into the magazine thankyou dave.
  10. been with the magazine, since the first issue and got every year right up to the present,always enjoyed reading them,have been expecting this for a while, but thought it might have packed up later in the year, havent got this last issue yet, so thanks for heads up, lots of folk will be well paid up on subscriptions but will have to take it on the chin, thought maybe darcy or sleight would have took it on as both are good dogmen and writers, sad its finished.
  11. i would love to see this dvd, just to see the terrain and the type of dogs, that made it so hard to catch these blue hares,seen afew lurchers taking good tumbles,when coursing them, especially when the hares got on sheep tracks and the lurchers would follow them flat out,then suddenly the hare would take them down hill into steep rough guts with rocks and boulders strewn round running ground. lots of dogs could pick them selfs up and carry on coursing, but a few were less fortunate,coursing a tough old game even on well conditioned dogs.
  12. to be honest northenlite,we very rarely encountered the proper brown hare,on the heather clad moors we used to run ,,they seemed to thrive on the arable fields that adjoined the moors ,occasionally we would start one on the heather and would give the dogs more of asporting run being abit taller and stronger,strangely the blue hare and brown hare never seemed to mix the same on this type of terrain,just my observation.
  13. used to run white hares and the irish hares regulary preban,but they were easy to catch even with dogs that were bred for rabbiting had a couple of beddyx greys that could hold their own with them,when thesehares were hard pressed they would hit the ground like rabbits, no comparision to the larger brown hare or red hare as we used to call them, needed some saluki blood or deerhound in the lurchert make up to stop those boys. great days,great memorys, of dogs and lads long gone but never forgotten.
  14. Had lurchers all my life,absolutely gob smacked by the prices, pups are going for at the moment, bred a few litters years ago,gifted pups to lads i knew would graft them, had pups gifted to me by genuine dog men, bought a couple in these last few years, paid 15 pounds in 70s for a deerxgrey from john nuttall clitheroe, was agenuine dog bred the right way,paid 300 pounds 4years ago for my last pup but the way i see it now is , if you breed a decent litter, feed and rear them right, have to keep them afew months,your not making a great profit selling them at that sort of price, i would never paythe extorniate prices that some of these guys are asking for pups on the likes of dragon driving, but a fool and his money are easily parted, just my opinion.
  15. that's exactly what I would say, definetly deerhound blood in there, lovely looking animal, like him a lot.
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