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    Shooting, foraging, trapping and living off the land.
    HW 100 KT .177, HW 100 KS .22, AA T-Rex 200 mk3 hc .177. FWB Sport mk1 127 .22 classic, FWB Sport 124 .177 classic.
    G.S.P gundog,- pure "Hunting Machine"
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  1. mark williams

    Took the lad out

    Well this topic certainly made my Sunday morning up for me, great read lads . No one thinks that James - " Honest". Good on you lads, Mark.
  2. mark williams

    Free to any tuner

    Well each to their own, I know but I`ve hunted with a short stroked TX 200 HC MK3 .177 for over 5 years now and hell is that rifle accurate. She's a Rat Works stage 4 tuned rifle that as soon as the Mamba cross hairs are placed on the target, you know its lights out, every time. My Pro Sport is untouched and shooting as they come out of the box. To be honest lads I`m loath to changing anything on her as she is one deadly hunting rifle. She also is .177 cal. I`ve held back with the hunting photos for now. atb. Mark.
  3. mark williams

    Erratic groups at 30 yards

    Hi Slipper, nice to hear you say you are on the mend now, good on you Slipper you mentioned two or three on the bull , then erratic, then two or three back on the bull at 30 yards. I`m with maha87`s thoughts on your problem mate, with respect it maybe technique ? Firstly find your best grouping pellets, clean the barrel yet again and note that bulls eyes and bad groups will become better. Slipper take no grip whatsoever of the fore end of your stock, let it lye on the supported palm of your hand or shooting sticks, bench rest, bags etc, etc and you must " build your shot" and then follow through.( Take your shot and don't take your eye from the target for a second or two) Try your best to repeat your shooting cycle exactly the same every time and most importantly let the rifle shoot with the most relaxed of grips on her. Practice, practice, then practice again, perfect practice makes perfect. Might not be the scope Slipper but good luck with it ? atb Mark.
  4. mark williams

    18 yr old HW80 .22 COMES OF AGE.

    Simply stunning, beautiful work there Jimmy. You two have got me thinking about finding an old HW80 now to compliment my old 1986 mk2 HW77 another one of Jimmy`s stocks on this HW77 lads. atb Mark
  5. mark williams

    Ferals and rabbits

    As per, top shooting BN. atb. Mark.
  6. mark williams

    100 Float

    Personally Rez, I would stick with the long and tested design of barrel band to cylinder. Bomb proof and they don't miss,- well mine does`nt, honest .
  7. mark williams

    FX = old hat?

    I`m saying absolutely nothing.
  8. Bought this 97K off Simon, ( Pianoman) last year and she has proved to be one hell of a rifle. Only the one presentation but one less causing damage to the nursery plants. atb Mark.
  9. mark williams

    Sorry but...

    Shooting wood pigeons for sowing and crop protection only. Shooting the corvids for chick, lamb, nest etc protection only. ( only if they are attacking firstly) Carry on as normal with grey squirrel, rats and rabbits should be about right I would think ? If I`m wrong, I`m sure you lads will say so. atb. Mark.
  10. mark williams


    Some fine shooting going on there Jimmy. I`ve been doing shed loads of target shooting with the spring rifles myself whilst the GL got sorted. I still find it impossible to get a preference between the springers I own but hell yes the HW 97 is an exceptional rifle in any format atb Mark. P.S. your stock is crap compared to mine. " Only saying like"
  11. mark williams

    DEFRA Consultation - General Licences

    Regardless of time limits I`ve sent yet another email. Crop damage and pigeons is starting big style on my permissions
  12. Nice , quiet day at work this morning until 1-35 pm Two Magpies took the three chicks from a nest opposite our roof works, throwing them one after the other to the ground, then swooped down and pecked the heads of the defenceless chicks until all were dead. Lads, I felt sick and furious ! When are these clowns going to sort the general licences out ? atb. Mark.
  13. mark williams

    the boys ultra

    Nice shooting Si Nice block work too mate atb. Mark.
  14. mark williams

    AA ultimate sporter

    Enjoy the new gun and extras Jimmy, you deserve it mate. I tried the Ult` Sporter at my range some months back and I too was tempted. Once adjustments to the stock are made to fit you the gun goes to a different level. As you know, a well fitting gun takes the accuracy available a lot easier to attain. That Sporter was one of the most pointable rifles I`ve ever held Good luck with it mate, the one I shot was .177 by the way and her accuracy was astounding with AA Fields 8.4g, 4.52. atb. Mark.
  15. Just had a nice week in the Lake District lads under canvas, (folding camper ), I loved it. Anyway the beer was flowing in the local pub one night and I was talking with some sheep farmers about the GL. To cut a long story short, their attitude was a no nonsense one, crows or anything else attacking their livelihoods is to shoot , period !