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  1. If I have this wrong, I`m sure you lads will put me right. After reading through a minefield of GL material does it say we can shoot under a general licence GL31 and GL 33 for Wood pigeons ? Also GL26 for Carrion Crows ? Magpies and Jays are protected just yet ? It does seem to stress - To " prevent serious damage to crops ", so the way I percieve this is that Johnny is walking his shoot and a wood pigeon flies past, or sat in a tree, you cannot shoot as no " serious crop damage" is occurring ? I also read that the new general licences took effect 3rd May until December 2019 ? Regards to decoying I would surmise that a stubble field has had the crop taken by the farmer and the pigeons are causing no damage so cannot be shot BUT if an adjoining field is still under crop then the decoys offer a very good way of control ? How on earth are they ever going to police this mess ? Thanks for any feed back lads, I just need to here what's what in English. atb Mark.
  2. mark williams

    Hw77 pellet choice?

    Very sorry for the late reply Rez, She is chucking them out at a very steady 817 ft/sec`- 11.67 ft/lbs . ( I know mate, I`ve got my eye on the power) I know mines .177 yer git. Just offering a suggestion of what's working well in .177Jim, as it might well work well in .22. ( that was my theory anyway). ate. Mark.
  3. mark williams

    DEFRA Consultation - General Licences

    I am getting the impression the timing of this whole affair from start to finish will mirror the breeding seasons . Just imagine the explosion of corvid and pigeon numbers from just this alone.
  4. mark williams

    DEFRA Consultation - General Licences

    As a guess, in situations like that and far less, those farmers will put two fingers up to all who think they can tell a hard working farm to lose money hand over fist because they like crows,- guaranteed they will shoot them,- who would`nt - 200 lambs taken in the most cruelest ways. I often have an evening out at the local pub, frequented by local farmers and without going into detail they "ALL" totally disagree with the revoke of the GL , yes, every last one of them ! Great post lip - just goes to show how much out of touch with the countryside these idiots are !
  5. mark williams


    Aye up Archibold What's with Tom ? Keep an eye on this fecker lads.
  6. mark williams

    Oh my..

    The wife was pushing me whilst on a swing Lip. If I push my legs in and out whilst swinging I can get a tiny tad out. Honest ! Primos sticks lip, I love using Primos sticks for static hunting. atb. Mark.
  7. mark williams

    Oh my..

    JSB Exact Express 7.87g, 4.52, 38 yards for my Pro Sport. My figures are 814 ft/sec, 11.58 ft/lbs. Great groups lip.
  8. mark williams

    Which o/u

    A nice Beretta o/u multi choke will cover all your needs. Here's my 687 sporter. I've seen no need to change guns in over 25 years. atb. Mark.
  9. mark williams

    Northern Shooting Show

    Didn't realise you are nigh on 60 yrs old Mitch , still if you look on the bright side you are way behind Philpot. Only saying like. x
  10. mark williams


    All filled in and sent and I feel better for it too. One of the scarecrows the farmer put out had a crow perched on its arm this morning. As well as make me laugh, it made me feel sick to the core that centuries of country management and knowledge is being dictated to by these ignorant people. Do your bit lads and fill in the forms and send. atb. Mark.
  11. mark williams

    Always recce your land for new activity.

    Regardless of all manner of pigeon control I have found that wood pigeons are taking on a feral pigeon role of survival in city parks, town areas, town parks , gardens etc, etc,etc. In my areas the wood pigeon numbers are through the roof as all local farming is arable, all crops. Left unchecked these numbers will become 10 fold in just a few seasons. One, two or twenty two they need controlling with whatever means and preferably just how we were and even then their numbers were still steadily growing.
  12. Well lads, as you know, i like to go walk about , no gun but be on top of my patch. A section of this farm has an area that is out of the way but my GSP kept marking this area in the winter months so i thought i`d take another look. I sat Kaiser for this photo but take note with the trees and crop bend - i always walk him into the wind and here he is on scent, not taking his nose out of the breeze for one second. Very keen hunting dog is Kaiser and he took me to this patch of damaged crop. Now i know this is rabbit trouble but it`s not hard to take a photo or two. If this was Wood Pigeon trouble you would cover yourself with the latest GL and plod by showing them the proof. The area in total is a good 400 yards by 3 yards wide and needs addressing.g. Here`s the proof, loads of rabbit crap everywhere. So i`ll be shooting rabbits for a while now. atb Mark.
  13. mark williams

    Hw77 pellet choice?

    What`s the serial number of your rifle FF ? Get back to me with that serial number i`ll give you the internal sizes of your 77 action. By far the best pellet in my 1986 MK2 HW 77 is the JSB Exact Express 4.52. 7.87g atb Mark.
  14. mark williams

    Three new general licenses released

    Yes TT i agree.( Blue paragraph). Where i`ve mentioned where alternatives to shooting were tried and failed would that be deemed ok then shooting is ok ? I`m sure the lads will put each other right, should they need to on here in the future atb Mark
  15. mark williams

    Three new general licenses released

    Basically you`ll have to justify why you are shooting the pigeons to an officer of law if you get pulled up. One of my shoots has a permanent gas gun cracking off approx` every 15 minutes, it`s around 360 acres in size , my nets won`t cover the fields and the pigeons take no notice of scarecrows. The local kids constantly nick the scarecrows as well . I regularly take 50 plus bags off the stubble before the farmer sows again as we expect the ground to get hammered as it always does. I should stand ok with this i guess including the photographic proof i have also. I think the crunch will come if you are found taking a pigeon or two when out for a walk with dog and shot gun in the later months, that were flying past, or just happened to be sat in a sitty tree.