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    HW 100 KT .177, HW 100 KS .22, AA T-Rex 200 mk3 hc .177. FWB Sport mk1 127 .22 classic, FWB Sport 124 .177 classic.
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  1. Plenty of info` on these rifles if you google it. There's a particularly good section on the BBS forum Phil. Plenty of power in them after a good service too Looking at the photos of them they really do scrub up well . Is the trigger adjustment screw not directly behind the trigger blade and within the trigger guard ? Good luck.
  2. Yes the Pro Sport is a heavy rifle but if you are a static hunter, which I am mostly, that weight really plays into your hands . Shooting a heavy rifle off Primos sticks and seated makes for a very, steady set up, and that's what we all strive for . The HW 97K I shoot is also a very fine rifle in every way and like the Sport, if you do your bit you'll find it hard to miss with either of these two. Before the question comes, of all the rifles I own there really is`nt a preference unless I,m on any needed pest control, then the HW 100 KT takes over, not for accuracy mind but least movement and quietness involved. Happy isolation lads.
  3. Well with all the self isolation I`ve hit the home practice range with a vengeance and fine zeroed all my rifles this last week. The Pro Sport is a rifle that Jimmy, ( Big Mac ),spoke many a word to me about and eventually, after a nice job at work I treated myself to a walnut Pro Sport in .177 cal` a few years back. So glad I listened to him, she remains untouched and I think will always stay that way with me. Here's her numbers last night from cold - 810.367 ft/sec`, 11.48 ft/lbs. 1st card, shot cold, 38 yards.( 12 shot group) 2nd card. 3rd last. Now running warm and very accurate, her figures had rose to 814 ft/sec`, 11.58 ft/lbs. a difference of less than 4 ft/second from shot 1 to shot 40 approx`. I felt that confident with her that I went for the two tiny BSA riflemen in either top corner at 38 yds. Made up with the Pro Sport. atb. Mark.
  4. Just been outside at 8pm to clap the NHS workers and my entire street was out as well, so respectful.
  5. - Las Kitchenas. - Los Lounges. - Santa Bedroomes. - Porto Gardenas. - Los Bed. - Costa Del Balconia. - St Bathroom. - La Rotanda De Sofia.
  6. Well I thought I`d put up a photo or two of these classic hunters.( bored ) I am wanting to use these rifles more than any of my other rifles with the shooting challenge they bring. Top down 1, Early MK2 HW 77 long .177. 1986. 2, HW Eighty MK1 .22. 1983. 3, FWB Sport 127 MK1 .22 . 1979. 4, FWB Sport 124 MK1 .177. 1978 ( looking for a suitable scope )
  7. Hi Jiffjaff, Buddy have you had her apart or a gunsmith ? If a gunsmith take her back to him and tell him your troubles. If you have done this work it could be 1, Dieseling 2, Loose stock screws 3, Faulty scope At a guess, from what you describe, she has far too much lubricant in her that's getting where it should`nt. Strip and degrease, then apply the lightest of applications in the right places internally I,m sure some of the fettling type of lads will be along shortly. Good Luck
  8. We are all learning the new rules, Boris gave us all the pointed finger and said - stay in unless absolutely essential, lads I feel the same as you but a gun bag over my shoulder and Kaiser by my side does`nt look like exercise and a pi$$ed off plod will pull me as well as you. My thoughts are just get the initial 3 weeks isolation out of the way and then see were we stand ? Target practice is one of the first things you two need anyway BC and Rez. x
  9. Tensions may run high ( or may not ) with regards to some one out with a gun. For now, I,ll walk the dog and watch the wildlife away from my permissions, letting your shoot rest a spell will do it good at times.
  10. I`d lean towards a Hawke scope Claude. The Hawke Sport 4-12x50 AO, IR you'll pick up for around £50 second hand and the Hawke Panorama 4-12 x 40 as said is a perfect airgun scope. The Sport scope is not made any more but they are easy to find, - I`ve taken a hillside of vermin with this scope as well as the Panorama. Hawke sport is nearest, Panorama furthest, both are bullet proof. Good luck.
  11. Well after the latest Boris speech we are gardening etc, etc for I don't know how many weeks ? We have to stay 6ft away from others,- lucky I`m 1/4 black as me and my wife can still have fun at that range. Jimmy ( Big Mac`s) fun time has no chance with his 1 inch
  12. Well, after the session with the springers and the warm sun still out I thought I`d give the HW 100 KT a long awaited outing. I set up with full leaf suit on and simply waited set back in the hedgerow overlooking a nice banking. Here's the 38 yd zero in the 100 Here's the banking and views I had. Got a presentation after a good hours wait and took it. Here's Kaiser on the retrieve to hand.
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