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  1. Well Foxdropper, you were correct buddy, got another phone call from the nursery owner,- the chicken eggs are being taken again ! Exactly the same set up lads but this time I only waited 15 minus tops and got him. The nursery is also being plagued by wood pigeons eating the young Autumn lettuce seedlings. Gas bangers, people walking about and still they come in. Not as much now though as they are realising some protection is occasionally there.
  2. Hi WD, Sounds like you might well need to check the " optical zero" on your scope buddy. Rather than me start trying to chant off, take a look at " How to find optical zero " - Tom Cat airguns on you tube , so, so easy to do matey. Good luck Mark.
  3. Hi Jimmy, I mentioned to Joe, my FAO about 17 HMR and the reply was,- no FAC tickets are being issued this year because of all the issues that have been going on and yes I would have no problems should I ever apply . One of my largest permissions is passed for the use of fac. The HW80 would lose value having it put on ticket Jim as I`m told it would stay a firearm once registered and that would make it only available to fac holders should I ever want to sell on. The other side of the coin is that I love the challenge of hunting sub 12 and the demands it brings.( just me) atb. Mark.
  4. As far as I know it`s totally untouched buddy. I am very tempted to leave her that way and continue with her single stage record trigger and I am also very tempted to have a highly tuned two stage trigger and rifle but by who ? Sandwell Field Sports were my first thoughts but sadly they have recently had some bad press on another forum that put me on a back burner for now Phill ?
  5. Aye up Phill, With F.A.P`s. she`s running a very consistent 626.64 ft/sec, 11.71 ft/lbs. I`ve regularly checked her numbers and she is always legal. I`m getting a very flat trajectory for .22 and the accuracy I`m getting is superb. A very good hunting rifle the MK1 HW 80.
  6. Got a phone call off the nursery owner this early afternoon about a magpie that is forever taking eggs from his new hen pens behind his biggest tunnel. He said that he's tried trapping and shooting but the bird is too cunning and he cant get near it as much as he tries. Well I was at the nursery as agreed for 5-30pm and set up straight away,- no rocket science, sat amongst the back hedges, primos sticks, full leaf suit and then behind camo netting. Here's the view before the nettings are draped over us. The new hen pens are just behind the conifers. I simply cracked two eggs open on the gravel by the pens and waited. After about an hour I got a presentation at the eggs. A lazed 44 yards, the ready cocked rifle was on aim instantly, safety gently snipped to off, cross hairs settled onto the heart/ lungs, breath, concentration, heart beat, squeeze off and follow through with the almighty thwack of the Falcon Accuracy Plus .22 finding its mark and the magpie just crumpled to an instant despatch. No more destroyed eggs or theft One superbly accurate , hard hitting rifle the MK1 HW 80. atb Mark.
  7. My very best wishes to you all Jimmy and may you all have a great time with the clay shooting. A 410 and 28, I`d have thought should be fine, sounds great fun too buddy. Enjoy. atvb, Mark.
  8. Aye up Rez, If you still want the MTC Genesis ultra lite 3-9x40 back that I bought from you, I can offer you a straight swap as my eyes are`nt too good with the reticle ( getting older ), the Genesis has hardly been used. I quite fancy the Hawke on the FWB Sport, otherwise I`ll go for the Vantage scope and the L4A reticle that really does suit me.
  9. A bit like swimming, riding a bike and having a shag me thinks, if you were once good it soon comes back, if not - buy a pcp , or an FAC air if you were really crap at airgun hunting( hit anywhere will do ), , - the old Bingo caller won't be long now. ( well i could`nt resist)
  10. Nice shooting Jimmy My choice would be a 97K in .177 for daytime buddy, this 97k I bought off Simon, ( pianoman) is outstanding in the hunting field. Never shoot just a pcp mate, as you know, shoot both and the spring rifles will always keep your shooting to a high standard,- never, ever the other way round. Again, nice shooting Jimmy .
  11. Sorry for the late reply Phill only just seen this, yes I`ve been out a good few times already buddy and I`m very pleased with her as for posting photos, no, not until the GL goal posts stay still. Hi Phil, are you at odds as to why training/ practice with sub 12 spring piston air rifles or sub 12 pcp rifles, FAC air rifles ,the talk, suggestions, bouncing off each other with advice , pellets, slugs etc is not a major part of disciplined hunting is not clear ? The pellet advice, accuracy advice, from this forum, given over the hunting section, to me and others has been superb, to say the least, be a little more positive Phil, nothing was posted to upset anyone.( Cheer up ) No photos to follow buddy as said I am leaving that just now but please feel free to put some of your sub 12/ fac hunting photos up, - I`ve still to see any of yours, after all these years ? atb Mark.
  12. Aye up Joe, I had my TX 200 HC MK3 .177 cal` tuned by Phil at Rat Works. Not a HW100 I know but came back a very fine rifle indeed. They were excellent people to deal with to.
  13. Not sure if you lads remember but I picked up an untouched MK1 HW80 .22cal some few weeks back. I have held back from hunting with her as I like to be very used and confident with any new addition to my cabinet. It has taken nearly 3 years to find a good, clean, untouched 80. I`m very impressed with her to say the least.
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