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    HW 100 KT .177, HW 100 KS .22, AA T-Rex 200 mk3 hc .177. FWB Sport mk1 127 .22 classic, FWB Sport 124 .177 classic.
    G.S.P gundog,- pure "Hunting Machine"
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  1. Hi Mark, I also own an early MK2 HW77 long, .177 cal`. She also carries a Sandwell Field Sports stage 2 tune and is simply pure silk to shoot. She's a 25mm cylinder, 1986 confirmed by HW. I use JSB Exact Express 4.52, 7.87g, 817 ft/sec`, 11.67ft/lbs and deadly accurate.
  2. Return of faulty/ damaged goods, the law is on your side Choff if very recently purchased. Send or take it back A.S.A.P. Good luck buddy.
  3. Hi Nathan, I have tuned spring piston rifles and I have an untouched MK1 HW80 .22 cal. That rifle hits like a freight train for a sub 12 .22 and deadly accurate but I practice a lot with it, practice, practice, perfect practice makes perfect, no tune will ever beat that ( for me ). Sandwell Field Sports is a most popular tuner if you do go that route. Good luck Nathan.
  4. I can't speak a word about Daystate rifles as I`ve always steered clear of them since listening to the many bad reports on the various forums about them. I can however mention a fella in one of the ranges I went to was a right guru at gunsmithing and was " forever" repairing them. The huntsman was always on his work bench. My cup of tea is spring piston rifles, never do they give any type of trouble and they have all shot a hillside of vermin, all are every bit as accurate as
  5. Well done lads, nice write up and nice to see you out Jimmy.
  6. Yep, I would tend to agree, especially with the thumb hoke required .
  7. Hawk Varmint scopes,. Made for shooters who could`nt shoot for shit, before PCP`s came to the rescue. I`m surprised you sold that scope Phil but I`m not surprised Mitch bought it He`ll never sell that scope again, to anyone ! x
  8. These two can't shoot for shit with a springer, even Mitch is down at mine for some more lessons on sub 12 shooting because his self loading, lock on cannons are in for a NATO service.
  9. Well lads, not one rabbit to even be seen. The nursery owners are complaining about wood pigeons feeding on the trays of veg` seedlings being on sale to the public, so I thought I`ll try my hand there. Again, extremely slow but got a good presentation on the pea seedlings. Nothing changed, - primos sticks, full leaf suit, bucket seat, tight into the hedgerows . Rarely does this old lady miss, they make superb hunting spring rifles.
  10. Well I went out, no gun, as I often do, planning the next ambush, ( sub 12 static hunting ) on the pests and vermin. Watched a couple of Jays eat a poor fledgling alive and then the nearly born from this egg. Such cruel but beautiful of birds the Jays. So the song birds will be on their menu now for sure in my woodland permission. Keep your eye on them lads.
  11. HW 97 in .177 cal or HW 77 in .177 cal at sub 12 level are both very accurate and powerful rifles but definitely benefit from a tune. However I also shoot the Pro Sport and the TX 200 HC MK3 also both in .177 cal, no tune required, excellent rifles untouched. Good luck with your choices Adam - please shoulder everyone`s suggested rifles for fit, first buddy
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