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    Shooting, foraging, trapping and living off the land.
    HW 100 KT .177, HW 100 KS .22, AA T-Rex 200 mk3 hc .177. FWB Sport mk1 127 .22 classic, FWB Sport 124 .177 classic.
    G.S.P gundog,- pure "Hunting Machine"
    A few shotguns.

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  1. Nice shooting lads atb Mark.
  2. mark williams

    new perm or perms

    First blood for the Impact Jimmy ? Good luck atb Mark.
  3. mark williams

    The FX Impact, sub 12 or FAC - Sales Man exposed !

    Oops, i`d forgotten and probably a few more ? Just pulling their legs, as i`m sure you can tell . Hope you sort it. atb Mark
  4. mark williams

    Pellet help

    Oops, not quite Phil but thanks. No silicone Daz but Brunox turbo gun oil spray or lately Huile Parker Hale express gun oil ( very light lubricating oil)
  5. mark williams


    Nice shooting John atb Mark.
  6. mark williams

    Pellet help

    Ditto to all previous advice Daz Mitch put me onto the JSB Exact Express 4.52, 7.87 g, which i now use in ALL my .177 rifles bar the HW 100 KT .177. The only reason i still use Air Arms Fields 4.52, 8.4g in the HW 100 KT is that i don`t want to break the results i`ve had over the years. I find that the Falcon Accuracy Plus pellets in the HW 100 KS .22 are deadly, again a pellet recommended to me by Mitch. Do remember Daz to put an empty magazine from the 100`s at arms length and give the loading side a light spray every 5th time it becomes empty, - the accuracy goes through the roof. Hope this helps any, atb Mark.
  7. mark williams

    The FX Impact, sub 12 or FAC - Sales Man exposed !

    First cast ! FX Impact as bait atb Mark.
  8. The more i see these rifles, the more they remind me of the standard issue Star Wars, federation rifle. So, lads, - i rang FX up and explained a few lads i know have bought them in both sub 12 and FAC and can they tell me what`s the big deal about an FX Impact ? First thing they said was " Who`s bought one of them" ? honestly, you could hear them giggling away in the background I said, as far as i know, Pav ( Alan), Phil Pot, Villaman ( Mitch) and Big Mac ( Jimmy), - well they were in hysterics by now ? After about 10 min`s and the sales staff had settled down they asked me would it be worth sending their head sales man to my house ? I agreed, he came down as planned but did not manage a sale with me, sorry to say Just his appearance put me off. atb, Mark.
  9. mark williams

    Just simple targets

    You should try pigeon heads James, your shooting would improve greatly. That rifle looks like a "Standard Federation Issue" off Star Wars by the way . Joking aside, enjoy mate, hope your night is a good one The Iceman x
  10. Well that wonderful time of year is back for air gun hunters,- no leaves. All the trimming done again and my first natural hide is prepared and ready to go once more. With that done i decided to put the HW 97K .177 to the test on 5p targets at 38 yds, ( rabbit`s eye). A total of 30 shots taken, one fatal flyer. Hold a 5p coin up lads and compare what this spring rifle is capable of and in a good breeze to. Here`s my HW 97K .177, recently bought from Simon, ( Pianoman) Great rifles the HW 97`s, i`m made up with mine. atb Mark.
  11. mark williams

    HW 95k 177

    Would you keep the FWB Sport above the SFS tuned 95K - LC ? atb Mark
  12. mark williams

    It's spring time here.... NZ.....

    Great shooting Robo . What cal` and muzzle energy is your 97 mate ? I was on the paper targets with my 97 .177 cal yesterday afternoon in preparation of sitty tree work . Autumn now in England, ( no leaves on the trees ) atb Mark.
  13. mark williams


    You are a lucky man to have mates like Sean, Jimmy, that`s for sure. Shhhhh, i`ve put some photos in the post again for you, in case you miss again. Enjoy tonight lads and good luck !
  14. mark williams

    few things

    Reminds me of Freddie Mercury without a tash. Anyway Jimmy, you can`t pack in, - we`d have no one to take the piss out of ! Other than Villaman
  15. mark williams

    Tryed the new viper

    Well done getting the new perm` John ---- Twat ! Those rats are way bigger than the ferals ! Nice shooting mate. atb Mark.