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    Shooting, foraging, trapping and living off the land.
    HW 100 KT .177, HW 100 KS .22, AA T-Rex 200 mk3 hc .177. FWB Sport mk1 127 .22 classic, FWB Sport 124 .177 classic.
    G.S.P gundog,- pure "Hunting Machine"
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  1. Add £150 for the 6-24x50 Airmax John, if he also wants that.
  2. How does £ 595 sound without any scope .
  3. I am near Wigan John, to be honest what is the going rate for one ? £123,455 would do nicely Here you go buddy. I promise you John she is absolutely spotless.
  4. I have a .22 HWKS that is absolutely spotless and hardly gets used John ?
  5. I was out with my .177 cal` Pro Sport last night on my range. Absolute tac drivers they are with that CD trigger. Thing is Jake, might be wrong mind but I,m sure I recently read that Air Arms has finally decided to make left handed stocks for the Pro Sport ? Anyways, HW 97, HW77 and HW80 are in my cabinet along with AATX 200 and Pro Sport. I have no preferences Jake, you cannot split a hair between them for me, its all down to your own personal preference buddy. I did once own the Walther ma
  6. Jimmy, if you are still looking for a trigger blade etc try a top lad called Nick Simmons off the HW Owners sites and also the FWB 124 and 127 owners sites you stand a chance there, knowing Nick he'll find one, or make one for you. Mention my name to him Jimmy as he's tuned both of my FWB Sport 124, 127. If it helps any. Mark.
  7. Jimmy, Joe, you guys are truly generous, kind people, compliments to you both.
  8. Took my old lady out for an ambush session tonight on the rabbits. Just love shooting the older, classic spring piston rifles. A nice healthy half grown, perfect for the table A 31 yd shot, just instant despatch.
  9. Nice shooting John, that permission does`nt look a healthy place to be at all. Good luck lads
  10. Lovely job you've done there Jimmy, still has that lovely vintage look too Compliments buddy.
  11. Atherton indoor range Dave,( great club ) maybe you'll know it ? Not sure if he's still around with all that's gone on covid wise ? Good luck.
  12. Nice shooting Scott. I use a HW97 K in .177 ( bought from Simon, Pianoman ) I love that rifle. Nice to see you around again Buddy
  13. My local range has a resident gunsmith, his speciality is Daystate rifles, he's always very busy and I kid you not.
  14. Awwww the FWB Sport 127, you've finally bought a proper gun Jimmy. x Yep, metal trigger, not the plastic mk1, your rifles serial number 49979. Closest registered number I could find on the FWB124/127Sportowners site was 49992, registered 10/01/82, so an early mk2 Jim. Jimmy they make a first class hunting rifle even at todays standards, once you master that trigger . atb Mark.
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