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  1. He got fed up of the same old, same old, as they say so he haunts me from time to time on another forum talking about air rifles, ( same old ). I`ve told him to get himself back on here, well see.
  2. Here she is lads, in that beautiful walnut skeleton stock, weighs just over 5 lbs scoped with Rez`s Genesis ultra lite I bought from him about 4 years ago. Proving to be a very accurate rifle indeed and great for a walkabout. One hole groups all day long with Falcon Accuracy plus 5.52, 13.43g, 610 ft/sec`, 11.1 ft/lbs She's the older single shot Contour, averages 35 good shots, 24 perfect right on the sweet spot from a 180 bar fill to 100 bar. I find 24 perfect sweet spot shots plenty for a hunting session, plu
  3. A couple of weeks of practice/ training under my belt with her and " I " feel ready and confident of the accuracy we are achieving. My oh my are these HW95 KL`s accurate once you've learned their ways. Last practice yesterday, I`ve run out of targets through all the training with the new gun Last 4 shots and 2 clicks up to finish on a nice fine zero at 38 yds. So off to the high canopies again at the nursery. Very testing shooting here. Just one presentation high up, lased to 39 yds, heart/ lung shot, simply c
  4. Treated myself to a new walkabout hunting rifle with a Hawke 3-7x32 AO, AMX scope to compliment her. Very impressed with the out of the box performance of this rifle. The very first shot was 11.6 ft/lbs and her accuracy was very close to a 5p group, very promising start indeed.
  5. Nice shooting Mitch and great point with the price of quality food. Even though you needed to use an air cannon again. x
  6. Just love the road side sign post/ pellet tin idea Phil, simplest ideas are always " the best " Compliments , and nice shooting.
  7. Cannon fodder Nice shooting Mitch, compliments
  8. Look what happens when you stage 2 tune a trap. ' Well it is Christmas lads "
  9. Go to all the scruffiest looking farms first Ben. Always wear your best clothes, never take your rifle with you. Ask very politely. Follow those rules and I can pretty much guarantee the answer every time.
  10. A very well known gunsmith called Tony loves the HW 95 Luxus guns A gun like this with a £20 scope on it, no wonder it went to the back of his cabinet. Yer knocked " a bit " off his bill, how many fecking moles has he got Well enjoy Jamie. Twat. x
  11. The drop in kit Simon ( Pianoman) mentions from Sandwell is a vast improvement, I know because I own his HW97 now for the last 4 years. Here's her grouping. I also own an early mk2 HW77 long .177, this once belonged to Davy T63 and Jimmy ( Big Mac ) and carries a SFS stage 2 tune. Now this gun is pure silk she's so smooth and the trigger is in another league. Sandwell will def` be getting some more work from me.
  12. I have a walnut .177 cal` Pro Sport carrying an older Mamba scope, what a combo they are together, laser accurate and hits home like a sledge hammer. You have to own a Pro Sport, - wonderful rifles.
  13. Here's some of the pest control your old HW97K .177 is doing Simon, not wanting to rub it in like " honest " x She gets a lot of field time Simon. ( p.s. great to see you around again buddy ) I love this 97and the endurance scope. Please allow admin`
  14. Nothing wrong with your hides at all , waterproof/ comfort sure helps as your`s are. Personally, over the years, I`ve found natural hides to be head and shoulders above all others, especially when you have a " maintained hide ", bucket seat and shooting sticks I find essential. The photo is just before the camo netting is raised, deadly way of hunting with a sub 12 air rifle. Good luck Sam.
  15. Each to their own but I would recommend a spring piston rifle as a pcp teaches you how to shoot a shovel, brush, clothes prop - big, fat nothing, they bridge all the skills of shooting air or powder burning rifles. Please forgive CJP, even in the photo, your sons chin is right behind the butt pad and stretching, lovely fun for him, I know but perfect practice makes perfect, shooting disciplines will still have loads of fun for him, hope that came across the way I wanted it to. " All " good spring rifle shooters make outstanding pcp shooters,- " Never, ever
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