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    HW 100 KT .177, HW 100 KS .22, AA T-Rex 200 mk3 hc .177. FWB Sport mk1 127 .22 classic, FWB Sport 124 .177 classic.
    G.S.P gundog,- pure "Hunting Machine"
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  1. Settled into the hedgerows with a full leaf suit on, camo draped over the primos sticks and the wait begins. The farmers gas bangers are firing every 15 minus to little avail. Here's the crops the pigeons are damaging/ eating, fields of oil seed rape, I didn't`t want to break cover so photographed through the trees. Here's the range and area I was shooting over. I had three in the bag inside an hour and the TX was really performing as well as it always does. I love the TX 200`s.
  2. Far better grip, far better accuracy to be had with the traditional chequering than the juvenile delinquent stippling. x Only saying like.
  3. Nice shooting Mitch Now "be a man" and try one of your sub 12 spring piston rifles on the squirrels/ rabbits, like you said you would.
  4. No, no problems at all with Hawke scopes, as yet and I mainly shoot spring piston sub 12 air rifles . I am still using the Hawke Endurance L4 reticle scope with the HW97 I bought from you Simon and that combo knocks all before it down. The Hawke panorama 2-7x32 on my FWB Sport is another favourite hunting scope. The Vantage on my MK1 HW80 another. Air Max on my HW 100. Up to now no breakages to my Hawke scopes.( touch wood)
  5. Oops, I was a little late to this topic lads. If you need Jimmy`s phone number ever again, I have it in my phone book. We keep his number under capital W and capital T, x
  6. So, so sad for your loss Jamie. Lost my Dad 31 years ago, I still lose it to this day over him. My sincerest condolences buddy. Mark.
  7. I`ll bet you did`nt thoroughly clean the barrels of your rifles between each brand of pellets shot, did you ?
  8. I remember talking to Tony Wall from Sandwell Field Sports about my TX 200 HC MK3, I wanted to take it a step further, tune it. At the time Tony said there was nothing to tune as they were superbly made out of the box and simply refused to take peoples money. My Pro Sport is untouched and is laser accurate. Two HW`s I own the HW97 and the early mk2 HW77 long are tuned, the 97 tuned/ highly polished internals by a gunsmith and fitted with a Sandwell kit, the HW77 long carries a full Sandwell stage 2 tune.
  9. I`ve owned the Pro Sport .177, untouched, for 5 years now, they are a wonderful rifle.
  10. Yer only jealous. Twat. x
  11. Yep, I like to drop in on one or two other forums too, keeps things interesting. Must say though, I do prefer this forum to the others, it can be very informative on here and can also be thoroughly hilarious at times .
  12. Aye up Lain, I remember a bunch of the lads at my club giving one of these rifles a right good test one night. They could not believe how good the rifle is for the money spent, proved to be very accurate indeed with power levels just under 11 ft/lbs out of the box. Enjoy buddy.
  13. Aye up lads, I believe the Pro Sport will be on offer with a left handed stock, in walnut very shortly. Just thought I`d put it out there.
  14. Hi Mushroom, Sorry for the late reply, a cold smoker buddy with oak dust, way, way better than shop bought kippers.
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