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    HW 100 KT .177, HW 100 KS .22, AA T-Rex 200 mk3 hc .177. FWB Sport mk1 127 .22 classic, FWB Sport 124 .177 classic.
    G.S.P gundog,- pure "Hunting Machine"
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  1. Cheers Rez Shhhhhhhh ! What do you reckon lads ? I I`ve tied some elastic onto each of the legs of that pelt so I can send it to Jimmy to keep his bald head warm this winter ? I`m not sure about the tail and the head flapping in the wind though ?
  2. Delicious simply fried in a frying pan, the American way. Not hard to skin at all by the way.
  3. The greatest control theory had me listening. You are pretty much in a position where you have to have the injection - the one that carries the tiniest tracker nematode. They know exactly where you are your entire life, wether you are good or bad, if you are bad and wanted - that's the end of you.Ha! They will eradicate all cash as " it carries the virus " everything will be electronic / card only - you are traced again. Slowly but surely absolutely everything will become traceable - EVERYTHING. You can put a lot of thought into those few sentenc
  4. My son's, girlfriend`s elderly father fell and broke his hip two weeks ago, his age - 79. He was operated on, told he had covid 19 and sent home after 4 days, yes 4 days after his op. He was taken back in a few days later , developed pneumonia and sadly died, ---------- yep lads, you guessed it,- his death certificate will state he died of covid !
  5. Yeah, must agree with you Phil but KG asks for a small, light, pcp and those none regulated Super 6 rifles with a 180 bar fill are unreal for the sweet 28 shots they give, absolutely on the mark. To be fair, I have never needed more than say 20 shots on a normal hunt, unless I`m decoying wood pigeons,( for me), then the spring piston rifles kick in. If my memory serves KG check out Vermin Hunters TV, I`m almost certain they did a full review on the Brocok Super 6 Elite buddy.- yep its there, just checked . Good luck with your choices KG
  6. The " lightest" easy handling pcp for me was a mates Brocock super 6 elite, skeleton stock. Charged to 180 bar only she gave 28 perfect shots and hell was that rifle accurate/ hard hitting, weighed about 3 1/2 lbs unscoped. Don't forget the well tried BSA Ultra SE, heavier than the super 6 but excellent also. The HW 100 in any format would be my preferred choice KG but I`m not carrying an elbow/ arm injury . Good luck KG, mend well buddy Mark.
  7. I understand your thoughts lads but the length of that steel fence, at a guess, would be about 1 mile plus. I was looking for the highest concentrations of tracks and to be fair, I`ve found them now and should help me considerably , they most certainly were`nt in two`s and threes, the main warrens I found were literally snow free with the amount of foot traffic. atb Mark
  8. Hi Foxdroppings, No buddy, not that I noticed but I did find hoof tracks. I followed them in that cold mist and managed to get a hurried snap shot. I`m not sure if these or your big putty tats are on the GL`s though ?
  9. Well lads with all this snow I thought I`d get out and check the new permission for hot spots,- where are the warrens ? As I previously mentioned, I know there are rabbits as all the signs are there. What I need to find is large concentration of rabbit tracks. This is a long stretch of railway embankments with a good 80ft drop down to the track with bramble all the way along so I`m blind to where the warrens are on my side of the steel fence but not now that the snow has fallen. So I walked the entire length of this line
  10. I`m not complaining Rez I`m `avin that medal of honour xx. ( don't ask me to do it again too soon though) twat !
  11. Sorry for your loss Jimmy, only pop into the forum now and then of late and just picked up on your sad loss. As the boys have said Jim cracking memories, photos, you take a rest and if you feel like getting out, do so buddy at your own pace. My thoughts are with you mate, Mark.
  12. Took the 1978 FWB Sport 124 for a walk about pretending I was 16 again ( I wish) Anyway got this one free standing at just on 30 yards. atb Mark.
  13. German Short Hair for me, my lad is a do it all dog, misses nothing and a powerful breed. Very loyal, great watchdogs too, he absolutely hates foxes.
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