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  1. Jimmy, Big Mac, would love that. Some stout string, or good elastic and this would keep his bald head nice and warm. x
  2. Well I,ve knocked up a steel fronted feeder as the backstop has to be steel, I soon found that the .177 Fields and Express turn them into colanders in no time. Screwed this feeder to a dead tree and laced it with aniseed oil, all it needs now is some B&M Bargains peanuts Here's the feeder Here's the location, I will build a natural hide to and around the tree with dead wood , camo netting etc atb. Mark.
  3. Aye up Rez, I always try to learn from others, be it You Tube or any individual Si Pitterway`s and Davy`s comments caught my attention about the damage these pellets cause in the hunting field and so I asked if anyone hunts with them ? I can't see myself changing from the JSB Exact Express or AA Fields as they deliver big time - just me being inquisitive buddy . atb. Mark.
  4. Well ( not biting ), my original question was do any of "you lads" hunt with the JSB Heavies and your thoughts please ? atb Mark
  5. Hmmmm , I certainly agree with all that's been said, maybe I`m listening to Si Pitterway and Davy too much in that video ? Si Pitterway states that he's never seen a pellet do so much damage as a JSB Heavy at sub 12 level, .177 cal, that's why I asked the question is anyone using these pellets for hunting and your thoughts please. Could anyone be kind enough to put the video link up please ? Thank you.
  6. Not the damage I`ve been watching Mitch, by any means. Correct shot placement is fine but again, any of you lads hunting with the JSB Heavies 10.34 g please and your thoughts sub 12 ?
  7. Yep, with you there Mitch light or heavy weight pellet placed correctly but the damage got my attention mate from a standard sub 12. A 10.34 g won't get my attention trajectory wise but the damage caused really caught my eye and mind. Just thought I`d put it out there lads.
  8. Not in any way a caliber question lads but rather a pellet weight question. I`ve shot exclusively with the light weight JSB Exact Express 4.52, 7.87 g pellets for nearly 4 years now and can't see me changing much after the successful trips I,ve had. My question is - do any of you lads hunt with the JSB Heavies 10.34 g in .177 cal ? I was watching a Vermin Hunters t.v. video recently and I was very impressed with the wallop/ tissue damage these particular pellets gave from sub/12 rifles at a shorter 25/ 30 yds on squirrel.
  9. To be 14 yrs old again . If you are an average size of lad of 14 I would lean towards a HW 95 Luxus in the caliber of " your choice" - mine would definitely be .177 caliber. Go and shoulder some rifles at your local Gun Shop first Daniel and see which rifles fit you best - ( very important) Watch out for a big fella that likes his burgers too , knows his stuff but not his burgers. Good luck buddy.
  10. As above,which rifle and caliber are you using before looking at the pellets used ?
  11. I can hear what Mitch is saying but compliments Jimmy some really lovely work there mate.
  12. Absolutely delicious way of cooking grey squirrel is to fry it. My middle son gives some to his girlfriend and she loved it.
  13. Three years on and still a great post I have a 1976 MK1 FWB Sport 124 fitted with a V- Mach engine by ARC Tuning, Lyn Lewis and it has utterly transformed that old rifle into one very accurate/ powerful hunting classic.( better than todays rifles- no ! ) The purists will scream " sacrilege" as said , I don't care either .( Nostalgia lads ) My Sport is now freakin` lethal to small game.( Now as good as todays rifles ) I asked Lyn Lewis his thoughts on the differences between the old HW35E and the new HW35 and he said basically - why would you want to spend all that money making an old rifle shoot as well as a modern HW 35 ? Your thoughts lads ?
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