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    HW 100 KT .177, HW 100 KS .22, AA T-Rex 200 mk3 hc .177. FWB Sport mk1 127 .22 classic, FWB Sport 124 .177 classic.
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  1. I`d be lost without a 97 in my cabinet, they really are a must own gun.
  2. Hi Phil,lads, We have been through a real bad time with my eldest son and to be honest I`ve hardly picked a rifle up other than practice for nigh on 2 years. He's diagnosed with adhd, bad mental health etc, he was having suicidal thoughts also. He's slowly mending ( mental health) now, adhd is permanent and for life but yeah, been through a hell of a bad time to be honest.
  3. I remember a big bloke on this forum calling my shooting sticks - said they were my zimmer frame lads,- twat. I also remember that big bloke calling my style of shooting ( static, ambush) as being sat on my fat arse technique, - twat. Yeah and the same twa, bloke has now been and paid me for umpteen shooting lessons this last 6 months, begged me to keep it secret too, seems to be paying off for you Jim, sitting on yer fat arse with yer mop sticks. Great write up and shooting mate. Love the look of y
  4. Not seen you for a good while Jimmy, hope you are still getting out there in beautiful Yorkshire mate. She's well looked after Jim, I bought front and back opens for her from a guy on another forum who was breaking an old mk2 77, I have also put a lovely old platted leather sling onto her from the late 70`s, other than that she is untouched from your good self. Here she is mate at the fore front with a mk1 HW 80. long .22 - what a set of sub 12 hunters these two are.
  5. I,m the first to agree that tuning spring rifles can be a must do job. Here's my 97, carries a Sandwell kit and internals are highly polished, bought from Simon, Pianoman, great hunting rifles. Here's my TX 200 HC MK3, carries a stage 4 tune from Rat Works, another great hunting rifle. The Pro Sport, totally untouched and deadly accurate, you guessed it, another great hunting rifle.She will stay untouched too by the way. A Sandwell stage 2 tuned 0ld MK2 long HW77, for the classic lovers, taken a hillside of vermin with
  6. Hi Jason, that same big fella spent a good while telling me how good the 97 was too. I`ve been a .177 man for a good 10 years now and Simon ( Pianoman ) was selling his .177 cal 97 which I duly bought. Not for one second have I ever regretted buying that gun, they are class and thanks for nagging me Jimmy. Best of luck with your 97 Jason - you'll love that rifle.
  7. Well, the improvement in your shooting was immeasurable after the lessons I gave you Jimmy, so if you struggle with that puffer you can always come back again. x Good luck with her Jimmy, enjoy buddy.
  8. Aye up Joe I sell all the scrap metal off my old spring rifles to the Pacemaker manufacturers. Honest. If it goes " Twanggggg" any time it'll be that old MK1 FWB Sport spring I sold them just Twat ! x Time to put your feet up now and again matey and get a well earned rest.
  9. Well I`m no gunsmith lads and had the job done professionally by Arc tuning, Lyndon Lewington from the old Venom team. Here you go. So I think you could say the kit was fitted correctly lads. Taking nothing away from Arc tuning at all, they are a very good, reputable tuning company but in the FWB Sport 124 that kit is crap and will be coming out.
  10. Not with a FWB Sport 124 you would`nt.That V-Mach kit will be coming out for sure. Good luck though if it works for you.
  11. V-Mach kits turn spring rifles into an aggressive recoiling rifle that are hard to control in the accuracy stakes
  12. Add £150 for the 6-24x50 Airmax John, if he also wants that.
  13. How does £ 595 sound without any scope .
  14. I am near Wigan John, to be honest what is the going rate for one ? £123,455 would do nicely Here you go buddy. I promise you John she is absolutely spotless.
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