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    Shooting, foraging, trapping and living off the land.
    HW 100 KT .177, HW 100 KS .22, AA T-Rex 200 mk3 hc .177. FWB Sport mk1 127 .22 classic, FWB Sport 124 .177 classic.
    G.S.P gundog,- pure "Hunting Machine"
    A few shotguns.

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  1. mark williams

    Shot on the job

    Don`t let the " you know who boys" see those Primos sticks Matt Nice shooting/ shot placement Matt atb Mark.
  2. mark williams

    FWB Sport 124

    See what happens when you get to know me Jamie They are all jealous `cos they can`t draw and nothing to put in the freezer I`ve spoke to Tom Forest and he is now retired, he has however recommended your guy Lyn. So we`ll see where it leads atb The Iceman.
  3. mark williams

    Another decent session + bonus

    Compliments Dave Nice shooting. atb Mark.
  4. mark williams


    Well i`m sure you`ll shoot better - "one day Archiebald." not, Who the fcuk is Archiebald Hood anyway ?
  5. I got out late yesterday afternoon lads and thoroughly enjoyed the session, that`s all that matters. The TX was deadly accurate, just one of two presentations, the other was a Magpie that was not retrievable because of glass covered ground. atb Mark.
  6. mark williams


    I`ll try again. MK 1 FWB Sport 124 ( 1978 ) - 2017 summer, decoying Wood Pigeon on the half wheel pattern. atb Mark.
  7. mark williams


    I cannot "start a new topic" under classic air gun hunting Admin, without it getting posted to air gun hunting. As with this, - reply to topic will work, start new topic will not. atb Mark.
  8. mark williams

    my kind of gun dogs

    Nice shooting lads Love the dogs. atb Mark.
  9. mark williams

    FWB Sport 124

    Here`s the legendary MK 1 FWB Sport 124 ( 177) 1978. July rabbits in 2017. Admin - i went to classic hunting, went new topic, set the above up, then posted, - same problem as HW 77 the other day Walshie. Reply to this topic is fine. Start a new topic seems to post back in the air gun hunting section. P.S Big thank you to admin for starting to set up a classic hunting / air rifles sections.
  10. mark williams

    The Beauty Of Nature, "add Yours"

    Nearly harvest time. 2018.
  11. mark williams

    quietest action

    I am fairly sure that the TX and Pro Sport carry Minnelli Gun stocks and Walther barrels ? Are the pcp`s the same ? Mark.
  12. mark williams

    quietest action

    I know i`ve mentioned the HW 100`s but when you think about it, no matter the air gun because the large CRACK ! when a pellet strikes the brain box and the surrounding vermin scatters kind of cancels things out ? Just a thought atb Mark.
  13. mark williams

    RFD phone call..............bingo !!!

    You certainly dropped on there Phil. Enjoy mate. atb Mark.
  14. mark williams

    beter than working

    Well your lessons are booked for tomorrow " again" Twat. Lets at least see if we can get you hitting the fences this time.
  15. mark williams

    beter than working

    You beat me to it Dave . Well Mitch has been to my house having shooting lessons "again" on Squirrel heads. I`ve tried hard to get him to shoot a sprin -- shhh , proper rifle, instead of a puffer cannon but alas he is not quite confident enough just yet. He is however managing to hit the fence with a sprin, shhhh, proper rifle now after several thousands of tins of pellets/ lessons You must admit, even using a puffer cannon there is now some improvement, albeit very slight. ( A photo ) One day, one day - keep up the head targets, keep improving Mitch. P.S. Excellent shooting