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    My old black dog is 14 now and as fat as a lab retired up in my old mans. I have him for the next week whilst he’s away on holiday, took him a wander today and the tail was still up and wagging away. Here’s a few pics from over the years
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    Fawn pup 9 month Wheaton bull grey Brindle pup Wheaton bull grey x deer grey 10 month
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    Blast from the past.....bitch I had a few years ago
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    This bitch did well last season. Really pleased with her.
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    My two Russell's , the dog was keeper bred and I was given him by a lad who used it for bushing , he said “I can’t put up with him anymore, he keeps going to ground “ , “that’s a shame” I said , “ I’ll take him off your hands “ . And to be fair he’s been spot on , also done a bit of hunt service when the terrierman was short . The small bitch has been spot on , bred by DB .
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    young dog 24 weeks old
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    Found this on ebay half price kids love it and alot more space for the fish had the little barrell before this is much bigger and a bargain at 150
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    There was a very good colliex called patch the robber years ago if youse are talking daytime haredogs my mate owned him he was killing a good 15/20 hares a week daytime iam saying collie x as we only guessed He could have been something else I ran him way the lad for a few years he was passed about fr money as most coursing dogs do it seems the traveller bitch was just as good if not better even she had a price on her head did they have there faults off course they did none would tackle teeth my little bitch was only capable of 2 good winter hares maybe 3 but she take anything to me a better prospect to breed of there is a video of my mates old collie x killing 11 hares daytime a bitch called Shelia she broke her leg one day I was out way her she was pinned up put on the back burner for a year maybe more same as my old dog first day out after rest she killed the first hare that rose the robber dog was matched against a few good dogs back then that was the mans game i was offered pups off them both iam talking 80s early 80s they did not suit my needs I wanted a dog way more fire something that could kill foxes on the lamp in numbers the travellers Wheaton x suited my needs buy fck he was a ugly dog he lived till he was 16 he never once showed me up daytime nighttime was he the best Not a chance but he kept me happy most lads were going through dogs like hot dinners I had what I needed a triyer a wee dog allrounder who gave his all his mother was the same she draw no probs although not a a patch on him Work to your dogs strengths not there weaknesses no dog is perfect it doesn’t exist it’s all about enjoyment not beating the next man for me anyway same as fishing iam out for the enjoyment the whole exsperiance I’ve seen plenty real good hare dogs but they were all limited on other quarry they aren’t for me I prefer a worker a thinker a killer one that try’s nothing else a tradional lurcher not a coursing dog just enjoy what’s left lads our country is sadly fcked we had the best stick together man even on the internet it’s a sad day to see men bickering about certain x there is good and bad in every x fck Ive owned plenty bed deerhound saluki its the good dogs I remember not the bad Enjoy your summer the dogs I have right now try that’s all I want youse can keep your champions I’ve got my memory’s that’s all I need will these modern dogs kill the amount of hares of these dogs of the past i very much doubt it due to legality and the amount of hares .
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    Mad mountain Bennie.......
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    12 years? I've got collars and leads I've had longer than that ffs. Who are you to tell someone they shouldn't breed their dogs? Especially someone who talks sensibly, not like the drivel you come out with. Fecking clown! Cheers, D.
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    Nero x cindy scout x cindy 7 months old
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    Fair enough ... Not my kind of person then !! You have no need to tell me about keeping the best of the best and breeding from them so these animals can hit the heights , I have had working dogs for years now , through runners , terriers and herding / driving dogs . I just can't get my head round the lack of respect shown to the animal thats served you until death .
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    f***ing hell, you pair of clowns! Who the f**k are you to decry what type of dog a man breeds kennels or owns?!! You been crabbing sandy's dogs for being 'european' etc, I think germany's in europe, so f**k your gsd x's back over there is it?! And so what if collie john's pups aint got enough greyhound in em for you, or any other blood for that matter, he bred them principaly for himself. Bill, you should know better, and the return, f**k knows what you know, but it aint much!
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    6 so far and still going......
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    Pot calling the kettle black there DC , your slagging the shooters most of which don’t get to shoot pheasants but get there sport from pigeon / pest control etc who by an large were totally against any ban on hunting .Plenty of us shooters did the march and demo’s at the time but there wasn’t a vote from ordinary people ( not that it would have been listened to given the present situation regarding the will of the people ) wether to ban it ! I don’t know one shooting man , and I include plenty of mates that do shoot pheasants that agreed with the ban . The decision to ban hunting had fcuk all to do with hunting and who supported it , it was a political concession by Blair to appease his party .. As for fishermen they were never generally bothered by the ban because they were shortsighted enough to believe they are safe from the anti brigade , were as most ordinary shooting people could see the writing on the wall , they don’t or didn’t think they would be vulnerable. They may be the last field field sport on the menu but on the menu they are ...grouse shooting will be next , another persieved rich man’s sport so not a problem we can just say fcuk them , then driven , same as , then shooting in all its forms from pest control to stalking , game fishing , another fcuk the rich boys before getting to the working man’s sport , sea and course fishing ..the biggest participation sport in the country ..by which time I’ll be dead and pleased I am .. Slagging of shooters and pleased they are going to be next is exactly whatChris Crapham and his anti mates want , but the biggest losers in all this will be the wildlife ...
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    With rabbits being very thin on the ground round here and not much action with the ferrets over the winter it was time to bag a few woodies with the S410. Put a few decoys out in the field to entice them in towards the oak tree. Lay on my back looking up at the tree and not bothering to watch the decoys as I knew they would come into the tree rather than land on the ground. Took a few shots at a dead branch to work out the holdunder and then the action started. A good number of woodies came in and over a period of three hours I managed six shots and bagged five. Far more came in but even though they didn't spot me straight away as soon as I slowly moved the rifle they were off. Next time I'll probably put the camo net over me like a blanket and better camo for the rifle. If I had the shottie with me then I could well have more than doubled the bag but I don't think the sense of achievement would be so great.
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    Here you go Mr Packham two magpies and two crows dragged this young wood pigeon out from it`s nest , killed it and left it. They then went looking for more song bird chicks, game bird chicks etc, etc to kill and leave. Foxes do the same, as do Mink to anything they can find, if a fox gets into your chicken coop it kills every last one and leaves them where they lay. The country loving people hate this but your stupid actions will help this happen at least a thousand fold more in a short time ! Wake up man !
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    My little bitch Scuffle... entered in October and never looked back
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    I'm all good, just been busy bizz! Little health scare, been fingered and blood tests and all OK!
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    Scorpion you are obviously green to terrier work, but we all started at sometime or other. Many of us don’t start our “pups” until 16 or 17 months preferring to hold them back. A pup matures an awful lot between 12 months and 2 years in their short life. Different animal between those ages. Have patience and leave them make their puppy mistakes for they are only kids at that age! There is far too much bravado in this game with people full of dismal wisdom that has been to the detriment of many a young prospect. Sometimes I think the dogs are more intelligent that than the lads holding the lead. Patience costs you nothing. Sometimes people at in far too much of a hurry to prove themselves right and they can’t be wrong when the dog is gone????