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    I was told I'm working too much this weekend, so today I wrapped at midday and me and the wife headed for Branscombe...she was right..it was perfect... a bit of grub in the beach cafe then I had a few hours on the kayak whilst she read on the beach... not the worst place to spend an afternoon...and tea is sorted for tomorrow..
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    Got invited by mate to help clear some rats from a small chicken rescue place ...... finished the morning with 93 ..........
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    Was supposed to be going up home to North Wales this week but the van packed up. We decided to have a walk up on Dartmoor early doors on Sunday. It’s a great place to walk out and we barely seen anyone. The 2 dogs worked well and the young bitch is coming on great.
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    Just a few pics off my phone, a few miles locally this morning with the hounds behind the bicycle and then back home for a cool off and a foot bath in the stream before breakfast.
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    Yesterday saw me travelling to the Scottish Borders in search of Reynard. It was windy in the afternoon and saw nothing mooching so set caller up next to some gorse. Played cub call and within 5 secs a fox came screaming from cover , just as I got it in my sights and squeezed off it moved causing me to arse end it I couldn't manage to get a second shot off before it reached cover , I searched for ages in the gorse but to no avail Off out lamping and it was perfect , pitch black and a bit of a breeze. 1st stand shot 4 , 2nd stand shot 1 ,went back to 1st stand and shot another , last stand shot 2. So that was 8 for the night with 12 seen. No thermal or nv required , all shot with white light. Home for 3.30 am but what an awesome night
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    That looks just like the little farm pit l've been fishing this Summer. 25yards wide,40yards long and about 7 feet deep in places. Local wisdom has it that the pond was drained and the fish removed many years ago but it had been known as The Tench Pond. I started fishing it after spotting a shoal of little rudd. It was hard going , even these tiddlers were very wary. Only after a few visits ,including some biteless blanks, did it slowly unlock its secrets...
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    Why would mates I've known for over fifty years lie to me and not report or go to the press ffs. Some I have said have you seen a big cat out of interest, got their account but never ever put it about. These are good countrymen I've know all my life, one I grew up with our gardens backed onto each other solid guy watch one for twenty minute stalking rabbits while doing a gutter on a bungalow on the side of Dartmoor about two hundred yards away. Not liars good country folk good accounts. Cheers Arry
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    I personally am a doubter ,but for some people it's not enough to doubt ,they have to stand on the sidelines and criticise and hate , because that's the way they are ,they are wrapped up in the sense of their own importance ,I feel sorry for them ,they have no dreams ,no romance ,no sense of the impossible no soul just horrible ,boring little people who enjoy spoiling things .
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    Tried to add to my Previous post but don’t know what happened? Anyway dugs done their first Munro today, only second one I've done. Beautiful country I live in, it’s so unappreciated
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    I did this one for a prize on a charity auction for equipment for a young disabled lad. Highest bidder gets a portrait of their dog, I was glad a lurcher owner won
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    I put it on the other thread, but realise it should be on here.. From this last night.. To this tonight.. Mackerel in burnt garlic butter sauce with roasted vine tomatoes.. Pan fried gurnard, with lemon butter sauce, chorizo potatoes and roasted peppers and onion... f**k Rick Stein!! Lol
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    Hug her as much as you can SL you never know whats round the corner mate Any way i got a telling off ,,,off her yesterday for nicking some of her chocolates lol thats the natalie i know i thought to my self with a smile went and bought her a new box this morning and put that smile back on her face iv not seen it for a long time now it was nice to see lads. atvbjimmy
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    There's enough in that camp to increase the male population of that village by almost 30%...they probably hanging for a rub...... I wouldn't want my Mrs or young daughter anywhere near the dirty depraved cnuts...... They the sort that don't take no for an answer..
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    This is what it looks like now after 16 hours hard graft
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    The poor b*****ds have been through enough already.they'll be trying to get back home in no time.
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    Me and my fishing/digging pal have just bought this today for the very reason of getting the balance right ,we were all ok on our boat fishing but they were sat bored on the beach.Next year they will have some fun on a inflatable banana on the back of this,then we can feck off miles out to some wrecks and banks for some bigger fish...
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    My son has been fishing up to 5 nights a week for this fish over the summer, goes to work at 5am and back up the lake by 6pm and spends most of his weekends there as well, he actually stalked it out the margin last night watched it pick up his bait and swim off, am as happy for him as I would be if I’d caught it myself, and for the pounds and ounces fans it was bang on 39lb 15oz
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    Im completely down the middle with it all....i was 80/20 against the idea of big cats in the Uk until i spent some time a few years ago with an old boy who was totally convinced....it was a very boring time of life so i was probably happy to listen to any old shit but over time he just made so much sense,i remembered the topics on here and got in touch with Greyman about it and he took the time to explain his findings and what he knew but never tried to convince me one way or the other and i respected that.....if im honest it was partly what prompted me to get a little countryside companion dog,a couple of trail cams and have a wander for myself.....i have no reason to be any more convinced than i ever was but its still something in the back of my mind while enjoying the outdoors....i cant see why folk have such issues with it all.
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    I’ve been reading the posts on here . I don’t know you Jimmy and there are no words to say . I don’t have any religious faith , so saying that my prayers are with you is meaningless. But reading your words and sadness , I feel your pain and it has made me think about the fragility of life. I gave my daughter a hug this morning, “ what was that for “ ?she asked . “ No reason “, “ you are weird “ she said . Stay strong Jimmy .
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    I wont be popular but I don't agree at all. People co existed, competed and hunted these these species for millenia before technology and increasing population made them extinct. Is it so bad that they are coming back? The numbers you are taking about are tiny, 60 wolves in the whole French pyrenees? Shepherds were sucessfully shepherding sheep there for 1000's of years alongside much higher populations. Livestock management was probably different, livestock guardian dogs were probably a huge part of that. If you look at their use in Namibia guardian dogs reduced cheetah predation by 90% and reduced leopard predation but i can't remember by how much. That reduced pastoralist and predator conflict and allowed both to continue. From a financial stand point I would expect that the income from wildlife tourism, including big game hunting, is considerably more than could be earnt from subsistence grazing livestock. Have a google of Ivan Carter, he is an interesting guy. A conservationist first and foremost but a realist. He can see the value in wildlife through hunting which allows the continuance of both. i would think that should be quite popular on here. Otters is the UK is another one. Anyone would think that fish and otters hadn't coexisted before. There were both fish and otters for much longer than there have been fish and no otters. I personally think, as a species, we have most of the space and resources already. Is it so bad that we allow some of the other species to come back a little bit?
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    Skye: Hancock's Tory (Richard Jones x Katie 3/4 Border collie 1/4 beardie) x Liz Tinsley's Mermaid (3/4 whippet 1/4 greyhound) from the early or mid 90s.
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    9years old now .long line of bull grey x collie grey based lines .
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    My personal (and extremely biased! Lol) opinion is that the UK (along with other European countries) have got themselves in a position they don’t know how to get out of, its all fine all the time everything is fine but it’s not designed for the machine to stop. The whole country is built on exploiting as many people as they can pack in for as much as they can get out of them.....and when nobody is going to work the revenue drys up. The tax man don’t get his wack Nor does the vat man, the traffic warden has nobody to write a ticket to, the council Cant bully anyone for anything and issue a fixed penalty, the congestion charge isn’t getting anything in, the shops close and all of a sudden you can’t hose them for a radio license, rates, waste bins, extra waste bins, waste license, insurance, parking permit. People didn’t flock to the shopping centre to max out the credit card and so the bond market never got as much debt as it was counting on. Tax, spend, force into lifelong debt, abuse, import more.....it just don’t work in those situations. The whole system breaks down and there’s too many to support because they have pissed all the money away and then some, the party (at ordinary people’s expense!) was never going to end......but it can end and now the choice is risk people getting very sick or dying OR support them. So it’s obvious, they won’t support them so it’s do the other thing...... They have spent 40 years creating a nation where nobody gives a shit about each other and now the only fine they can dream up is for people not giving a shit about each other.....brilliant !
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    A while back, hybrid cats such as the Savannah and the Bengal, crosses between small wild felines and domestic cats became very popular. Some will have got "the call of the wild" and some will have been abandoned by their owners when they got sick of having their skin shredded and their homes ruined ! These cats would have gone feral, and had a far greater chance of survival, and breeding with normal feral cats than big wild cats. Some of them are quite large and look remarkably like leopards ; Now we all know about the lampers with their "200 yard slips", which are more like 50 yards; and the coursers with their "6 minute runs" , which are more like a minute and a half. So a big feral hybrid could easily be mistaken for something larger ! Just my own musings and a POSSIBLE explanation for the sightings. Cheers.
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    Sad to hear, all I can promise from this side of the pond is, if I ever import anything again I will post the pictures of the dog, on here and make sure nothing is stolen. Blessed to no a few good men over there i no would never do this but i want no part of stolen dogs. Hope all is found.
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    It is very comparable sandy, lansera is correct, if the police will cover up sex crimes against children then they can cover anything up.
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    I think id puma pants
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    There is a difference between setting out why you are a doubter and being an insulting ,boorish informer ,like you
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    Had a bit of fun today, three of us, two .17 hmr’s, one .22rf, one hw100 .177 and one fx impact .22 fac. Started at 50 yards and moved back to 100 yards. At 50, the hw100 couldn’t really be beaten by any of the others for accuracy, we had some paper targets and golf balls, tin cans, tiny apples etc, nothing too challenging. After we moved back to 100 yards the hw100 went back in my pals car as this was a bit far for it. Anyway, once I was on the right mill dot, the impact was hitting golf balls every shot, and one of my pals said, I’m going to shoot the orange golf ball that’s on a string (in front of a solid backstop). He was using his hmr, and challenged me to shoot the string before he could shoot the ball. Well, I couldn’t actually see the string, but I aimed just about 1/4” above the centre of the golf ball, squeezed the trigger, and guess what. Cut the string first shot, 100 yards with an air rifle. This impact never ceases to amaze me. One of my pals started taking an interest in the impact, asking some questions about it. I think he’ll be raiding his piggy bank before long
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    I don't think bagging a large bag olf Rabbits this time of the year is a good idea , for one they go off very quickly or become Fly blown , there is no market for them + you are killing Milky and pregnant Does + youngsters and to top it all it can be hard work . In my time i have had some very good bags [for the Midlands ] but the real memories are the days when i had two with one shot , 13 out of a stop end , 3 balled up together in a long net , i have had lot of little things like that as will any one else who has put 70 odd years into the game and i would not swap any of them for 241 Summer Rabbits
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    Went through to pick up the bitch pup from Kris today and she is a cracker, full of life and really confident he's done a brilliant job with them. Top bloke. She seems to have settled in fine already and looking forward to seeing how she turns out. Thanks again mate.
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    15 months and starting to fill out nice!!
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    I'd shoot them all before they grow up and start rioting looting and mugging everybody.
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    Very pleased with Jacks progress, (bit of retrieving with my daughter.)
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    Not been on here much lately nor been getting out due to a few things, but took the old dog out and a Young, bitch, over the moon!
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