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    Upon clicking on this topic the only surprise is that he aint dead !
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    A few pics of mine. Drainage at the front of the runs and sleep box at the back. Rubber floor with a few blankets and what not and heat lamp for good measure when it drops to a few degrees
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    Hi all. New to the site just thought I’d put up a couple of photos of my bitch. She’s 23.5” line bred saluki, whippet, greyhound. The first photo is with her sister from same litter
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    My 58/38 brother to kings dog 25inch 26kg been a good dog for me
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    You can bet your life he was just about to be outed by a tabloid ,otherwise he would still be living the lie .
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    Bull Wheaton grey bitch pup
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    Foxes are bolted and shot on leper’s land
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    His brother I had was 22, he would tackle anything and go through or over anything to get it but not much came back live to hand.
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    my bitch 1/4 bull 1/4 wheaton 1/2 greyhound 25/26tts, first lurcher with wheaton in it..... Ticking boxes for me
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    One thing I really recommend to anyone is a roof over the runs. Amazing the difference it’s makes. Not hard do either. I roofed this myself over the summer on my own and sheeted few weeks after when I gathered the money. Hardest part about it was not getting blown away carrying the sheets and lifting them up on my own lol. Still need to get facets and down pipes put up.
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    I think i have mentioned before that once a month or so i go with a chap in our syndicate to one or the other of his two shoots to control foxes. Well that's where i was headed for on Monday night. The farmer had seen one about and said it was "bold as brass". This particular shoot consists of three farms together and we went to the one which had seen the fox first. The ground at the moment is particularly wet, sodden in fact so we would be sticking to the tracks. The first place we tried was the track that leads to the farm, there is a place on this track that overlooks the farm/buildings and a large area consisting of six fields. These fields are bordered on the left and right by extensive woodland which is home to the occasional fox and lots of Roe. After parking up the Jimny and setting up the rifle i played "Vixen in heat" for about half an hour after which it was obvious nothing was in earshot. The sound carried a long way as it was quite a still night with just a hint of a breeze from the West. So we upped sticks and moved on to the next farm which was down the road and on the other side of the wood to our right. This next place wasn't as good for calling from as the last one but still good enough to do the job. The track is a very narrow concrete one leading to the farm and a Barn conversion that is let out. In order to set up here we had to park across the track with the front of the vehicle almost touching the gate into the field. Normally we would have just opened the gate and driven in a little way before setting up but due to the state of the ground we elected to stay on the track. The caller was placed on the gate post just off to our right and set off playing the same call. There is a wood in front of us from this position running as far as you can see left or right about three hundred yards away. The caller had been going for ten or so minutes when i saw the unmistakable shape of a fox heading our way from the left about three hundred yards away. It kept coming steadily stopping every now and then for a smell at something or other but it's progress was good. Eventually it was directly in front of me but continued to travel to our right coming closer all the time. It reached a point where if it went much further i would lose sight of it because of the hedge so decided i would kill it there. I gave a little shout and it stopped instantly, i had been tracking it through the scope with the safety off and the trigger set so i only needed a second or so to put the reticule on it's boiler room. As soon as i had done so i touched the trigger and released a shot, the fox dropped instantly in it's own shadow and didn't even twitch. Having made the rifle safe and locked it away we walked off to recover it. I could see it plainly in the thermal so it wouldn't be a trauma looking for it. On inspection it proved to be a large dog fox probably searching for a mate and the app said the shot had been one hundred and fifty three yards. A good one to get out of the way as lambing is imminent on these farms.
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    My Dad served in Burma and was in the Royal engineers. On odd occasions we spoke about his time out there and what had seen done and witnessed. He was involved with getting the supplies and ammunition from the docks in Rangoon up the Irawadi and chindwin rivers through the jungle right up to near the Chinese boarder. Considering that occasionally he got to places of relative civilisation it was a terrible situation. They had no food or medicines. Everything rotted out very quickly and they were in rags of what was left of their uniforms. One night they were tied up alongside the bank when a Jap boat came down the river and machine gunned them. He along with others were asleep in tents and had two legs shot off of his camp bed. The RAF dropped a pallet of food into the river for them but it was tins of Sardines or similar and it must have been left out in the sun because the tins had all blown up like footballs. the fish was all rotten and they couldn't eat it. The locals thought that it was fantastic and traded chickens and other? meat for it. They also ate snake, iguana and some sort of monkey along with a bit of jungle fruit but the fruit gave them more rots than they already had. He went down like a Belsen prisoner, got sores because they couldn't wash in hot water / no soap, got malaria and all of his hair fell out !! There was a big battle and the corpses were thrown into the river. At a bend in the river the black bloated bodies log jammed the river and he said that you could walk across the river on the bodies. To proceed up the river they rigged the body dam with explosives and blew them up. This resulted in bits of the rotten bodies rained down like rancid meat steaks. Stray japs who had been lost and abandoned in the jungle emerged a mass of maggot ridden puss filled sores. Our lads didn't even have medicines for themselves let alone enemy soldiers. They ended up in the 18 knot current of the river. one time it got a bit serious and close. The Japs made a push and got real close but our troops countered and beat them back. Our casualties were loaded onto the barges and brought back down the river system to Rangoon. Dad came back from Burma in about 46/7 to sod all. The war was all over and the country was on its knees and broke. There was no social help or sympathy. Post traumatic stress disorder ? what's that. Still Grandad helped him by taking him out shooting and got him a little dog. Eventually he stumbled on and worked on marine stuff out on the Rhine in Germany. His marriage stumbled on but was never the same. a return fit for heroes ? Ps. One year Out of the small sugar ration Mum made him a Dundee cake and sent it off wrapped up in a brown paper parcel for Christmas. He did get the cake, somewhere up the jungle about April along with the bar of wrights coal tar soap in the parcel so he could have a wash in the river. The problem was that due to the heat the cake was tainted with the coal tar soap. Dad shared it with his mates and they all thought that was marvellous. She had never been more than twenty miles from the village once or twice so had no idea of how far it was away or the conditions that he had to suffer.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WEA-zuQcuY .
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    Through storm Dennis. Me and the two lads got in the discovery with the ultra. There was nothing about around the farm as the rain came in sideways. So we went up the track to a field and put a can out and let him plink with it.
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    Id love to take your money, God knows I need it I trust the man I was talking to, that said, he only knows what he's being told by the next man. I wouldn't want to get him into a silly argument and ruin his day. What you're asking is impossible, the police are hardly going to give me a sworn statement for all to see, listing all of the people you're meant to have informed on.........not even if I ask nicely. We live thousands of miles away and America is A BIG PLACE, what are we meant to do, take out an add in the Washing post asking for people to come forward who've bought pups off you ? And lastly who gives a f**k what some Irish man said about the hunting life ? I say it myself most days, it's full of tools, cannon fodder pricks and very well respected terrier men......and everything in between, that's the joy of it
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    My g.grandfather was a pow in ww1, held captive by the Turks. He was a surgeon, he helped many escape, and when his time came to escape, he decided to stay behind and tend to the sick and wounded. He made a Ouija board, convinced the guards that he could talk to the dead, they were afraid of him in the end, so they left him and others alone. He was a real character iv been told. Atb j
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    My kennel is a small humble set up I didn’t have a lot of disposable cash I bought the galvanise kennel for £150 about 12yrs ago it’s wasn’t all that old I had it off a family member that cut down on dogs. the slabs were 50p and £1 each they were off a fb sale group the shed was cheap can’t remember where that came from but know I didn’t pay a lot for it it was like new It’s kingspanded insulated that was free of a site agent I know that looked after me because I look after him all the drainage an fittings were free of my mate who’s a groundworker who’s also in the dog game that we sort each other out if we ever need any thing to do with dogs the run is now twice the size of this picture I recently bought some new panels it will be getting split in two eventually so I can have 2 kennels the base was slabbed bigger over the summer I had planned in advance as I knew I’d be getting another dog an wanted them separated there will be a new shed coming I’m just saving the pennies up an gather more materials
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    dont give a sweet fck what he says or does we dont have a registry so no one knows what i own i aint handing nothing in fck em
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    If only we could have shown people what they were encouraging when they wanted hunting banned- aif foxes could vote they would choose to keep hunting!!
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    Sure they will be delighted to get rid of that knob out their house
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    we do the same little greek fishing village twice a year have done for the last 20 year next year we plan to do 8 weeks may june plans to tour the uk in a camper van for the rest of the year or the year after just load up and go see where we end up ...
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    One of the most annoying things at lambing is when a ewe rejects her lamb for no good reason. This little lamb was rejected two days ago & been on bottle. This morning one of the single bearing ewes looked like lambing so I grabbed the reject & a bucket!! Quick bath in some amniotic soup and "congratulations you had twins"!
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    Across the estuary to Padstow. Cheers, D.
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    Had this one Tuesday night 180m
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    Come down to a Cheshire mere for a bit of winter carping
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    The old one and young one. Pair of knob heads.
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    This goes for all real food. School children should be taken to butchers, grocer's and fish markets and shown real fool and how to cook it. Like you say we eat chicken out of paki shops and believe that's a good cheap way to eat. It's not, it's an expensive way to eat, it's low welfare, unhealthy shite. Let's teach people to once again buy a proper chicken, roast it, make a dinner, sandwiches for next day, strip the carcass for a pie and boil the left overs for a stock. How many of those who 'can't afford to eat' could actually cook a raw chicken and utilise it like our grandmas did? Get kids in fish markets and show em how to really eat....
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    Imagine bumping into a nut job like this in Aldi or Lidl . America must have the highest population of crazies in the world. Atb j
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    Each to their own. We are all free to make up our own minds and choose, what suits best However, I have definitely lost, good working bitches that have suffered through not being bred from,or preferably, brought out of season, by dint of a vasectomised male ferret. Locally, most bitches were taken to the Wessex ferret club and jill -jabbed for a few quid,..this action prevented hundreds of unnecessary kits being created,...the practice was not foolproof, but was a step in the right direction towards halting, the seasonal influx,of unwanted young ferrets. Personally, we found a sensible and knowledgeable Vet and he vasectomised(not castrated) a few chosen Hobs at a nominal fee, and this was a much better idea. Them old ferrets have earned me a comfortable living, over the years,...ya got to look after them, its only fair..
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    Blows my mind you actually know what that is? You ever use one??
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    Back when men were men , any man willing to die for his loved ones and country deserves respect and gratitude
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    Already have your picture Dougal.
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    terrier x spaniel bitch steady as a rock nice versatile little member of the team atb
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    Then there needs to be a hand in hand campaign to get the country eating some of this world class produce rather than aiding the spread of paki chicken shops selling absolute filth that is killing us. We export nearly all out spider crabs because they love them in France......they are still going to love spider crab and we will still want to sell but maybe we should be trying to drive that market at home along with everything else. Just an idea
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    I think plenty of chaps of my/our generation will be quite pleased that the big team when we was all young are back on top......i always said id love to of been a Liverpool fan but you cant just choose who you support it dont work like that so being that West Ham might not win the league this year theres no club id rather win it than Liverpool....bit of a soft spot i suppose.
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