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    Out trying a few spots today and came across 1st pair of the season. Walking down to check the holes and the lurcher bitch was marking already by time we got there. Blocked everything up, terrier away and dug the pair at 2ft. Had plenty of singles so far but this is the 1st pair we've bumped into.
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    im pleased with both the parents, but must admit that collie looks a stonker, and by the looks of the pups, they have his build, and yes I forgot a decent nicely marked jacket on em, what more do I want from life now, ive got a roof over my head, I owe nobody nowt, ive got food in the cupboard. ive got you lot as my friends, but most of all, im slowly getting my health back, its 2 am as I type this, and I honestly feel like a teenager , lol bugger off socks,,,, im still extremely lonely, but if that's all I have to put up with in life now, then so be it cheers lads and another thank you to you blackdog
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    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
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    that's me done now on this sad topic, Ruth has number 1 place in my heart, but now I need to move on RIP dear lady
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    that’s mother and father of the pups
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    Right, here goes this in 30 years not a lot, 4 collie xs with counting old Bryn, 3 bullxs. 1 lurcher xlurcher bitch, 1 x gsd x grey Buck I've got now and 1 none ped whippet bitch that you mentioned above lol. So not a lot really. A lot of my dogs either died out working, or had badInjuries and could not run so we're p/t/s. Old Bryn still going OK he 12, Buck 7 and going OK, out every day for 2 hours , both keep me happy. I've always said on the sites, that I had bull breeds 1st, only wanted a healither type dog that might catch me dinner, which all have done for me, that's why I had lurchers. I've dropped bollocks with lurchers like most people have, but tried to learn from it if I can, not all ways though haha. If I can help people with. My bit of experience I will. that's what hunting site about is it not!!
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    Folk leave in huffs an I don’t deny Iv nearly done it meself a few times. Sad as it sounds an pathetic as it is in reality, I’m actually quite proud to be a member of this site, the actual forum means fcuk all to me, some good reading, nobody can take that away, but it’s the community spirit that gets me, I don’t drink so don’t spend a lot time in pubs or that an even the close mates I got live a bit away so I do tend to use this place as a bit of craic An socialisation, an I hope it stays like this for years to come, summat real nice am satisfying knowing s member off here in need, will get al the help they need an get sorted well done again guys
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    Had a drive down to a Grey Seal colony this morning, plenty heavily pregnant females, lots of last years pups and a good few males battling... Only seen one of this years pups but probs a couple weeks to early yet...
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    Steady steady fcuk it will only let me post screen shots of the pics
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    Went out this morning with my mate and his son for the first ferreting session this season, he took his border pup and she did good working cover and marked a few warrens, she was nice and quiet when we were ferreting, all ferrets did great and we ended up with 10 good size rabbits without any digging,
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    He’s yours mate. I’ll keep updating how there doing over there the next few weeks
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    One of mine few month old here
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    Pup finally come good!
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    Some one posted about catching Hares and Rabbits and it caused Admin to go into Shock
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    Only got one but little bitch. Marked well
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    Took my girl to do her bit at the Remembrance service at our church with her pals this morning
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    Hi all , sausage dog PM me to see if I was ok and yes I am fine . I’ve just been very busy with the game shooting season , if I’m not feeding or jet washing the shitted up vehicles for shoot days I’m loading . I tend to come on to this site pre season when I’ve got a lot of time on my hands and am on my own a lot , sitting around waiting for a fox or in a high seat waiting for deer . I apologised to sausage as I feel like a very bad friend who only wants your company when it suits them and that is what I’ve been ..... “a bad friend ...a user”. So apologies. I’ve not been out a lot in the last few weeks as the ground is so wet and treacherous at the moment and the last thing I want to do is get stuck at night . Also the chickens at the chicken farm have been confined to barracks because of the wet weather, so no need to show up for the moment. I don’t know about any of you guys but this wet weather is really starting to grate on me , feeding my birds is a nightmare. I’ve been stuck twice where I’ve had to have the tractor tow me out . The tractor driver always takes a picture to show people and says he’s going to put together a calendar . I got stuck the other morning, the mule just sunk and bottomed out . I thought about ringing for a tow , but I thought no he’s got January and February, I’m buggered if he’s getting March , so I went and fetched a shovel and dug myself out , which had me wondering what the hell am I doing this job for . When I signed up for my keepering life I thought I would be walking around with a shotgun slung over my arm and a spaniel running around my ankles and maybe throw the odd handful of wheat here and there , I didn’t sign up for sliding around in mud all day , digging out ATVs and getting soaked to the skin day in day out . Anyway enough of my bleating, I’m sure I can hear the sound of violins playing . Nice to log back in and see that things don’t change , some good write ups and excellent pictures. Here’s one of mine , have fun people!!!
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    Done 4 miles of banking today .dogs done well ,put 5 foxes out .shot 1 .was a new spot so didn't know where to stand lads . This young dog is absolutely flying now .has a mass hatred for the fox .screams his head right off . More pics to follow .
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    few pics from today... Took the lad up with us today.. and with the better weather we managed to bolt a fair few for mates Harris hawk.. finished the morning on 8 healthy rabbits.. happy days
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    Keith stay well away from that litter that fukcing collie is to lazy to herd sheep on foot he has to use a quad bike .......
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    Weighed the pup today, be 5 months old in 2 days time, he's weighing 19kg and standing bang on 23" tts. Really strong pup, finding his legs now. Had an afternoon on a warren recently pegging rabbits in long nets and had 2 afternoons on a local shoot taking in the sounds and sights of it all. Totally gun steady and a lot of drive. Can't wait to see what he'll be like this time next year. The dam Heidi is doing really well, been back in hard work for about a month now and ticking off new boxes as she goes.
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    So after the disappointment of loosing my lurcher recently after he was showing so much promise here is the one to hopefully fill his boots next season . Got him for my lad a few weeks back with the idea of getting him going for my lad alongside my dog next season , but all the best laid plans etc Anyway thank goodness we got him as my lad is besotted with him and I think its helping him get over my one , plus he is starting to ask all the right questions about getting him going etc His dam is a whippet / bull x grey and sire is a line bred bull grey , both well proven local dogs
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174095096599 xmass is coming , prints numbers 20-40 once they are gone no more until this time next year
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    When I was about 14 I kept on and on that I wan't a dog, all my mates had Jack Russell's and Fox Terrier's. Then one day my father came back from the pub with a cross poodle with I think Skye Terrier which he had taken off a bloke that was hitting and kicking it, you wouldn't wan't to argue with my old man. To say I was gutted would be a massive under statement, I didn't wan't to know it. Father kept on to me about taking it out with the ferrets, for ages I wouldn't. Then one day I did start taking it out and hoped to god I would not be seen by my mates. Well this scruffy little cross took to it like a duck to water, would mark in, flush out and as I was solo ferreting he would sit watching one side of a hedge and I would stand on top. If a rabbit bolted he would pin it to the ground giving me time to get there. In the end I didn't have to worry about my mates they would come and borrow him if I could not go. I found this old picture of Skippy the poodle cross and my mates Jack Russell and scanned it from mid sixty's. Cheers Arry
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    Mate she’s been everything I’ve wanted in a lurcher.. mooching and ferreting she excels ... not quick enough for long ears on her own but had a few and seems to enjoy the odd fox but not done enough to brag about. Super obedient and any weather never seen her dither. Great pet and guard dog too . I think she’ll be 6years old in spring so hopefully still many of years left to enjoy her.. mainly ferreting now for me and her . Atb Dave
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    Best a have just now al see what a can do later on for a photo
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    well now ....lol...have you ever visited Ireland?....would ye like to ....lol.....i reckon a kelpie x would be ideal for ye ......and it just so happens i know where theres one , be perfect for your kind of hunting ...
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    Just about finished this stopnet, hand made I used 2” mesh board I’m nearly at 10 yards n gunna drop it down to 5 yards so will have 100% bagging thanks for looking
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    A trip up to the sheep farm tonight and it didn’t look to promising, clear skies and no wind, within 10 minutes of being there it clouded over and started to rain a little, setting the caller out 60 yards away on a fence post we set it away with the vixen in heat on full volume, after 10 minutes or so the eyes were seen coming up the field directly in front of us, it was within 60 yards when my mate put the lamp on it at which point it decided to go left across the field to the far hedge back, stopping only for a second to look towards the caller as it started again, a squeeze of the trigger and down he went, so we went from approximately 60 yards to 158 yards, when we got to him the first thing I noticed was the condition, he’s definitely one of this years and a stunning looking animal, lovely colouring a fair size to, by now the rain had started to get heavier so we headed back towards the farm for a bit of cover under the trees, sticking with the fox calls we had another come from behind us and sat on the bank side of a field approximately 250 yards away, giving it 5 minutes it was clear this one was interested in the caller but wasn’t coming any closer so a shot was to be taken, unfortunately as soon as the lamp was on it it turned tail and ran through the hedge and out of sight so with that and the rain getting heavier we headed home
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    I have been a Labour voter all my life and live in a staunch Labour constituency, same MP for 49 years. corbyn as prime minister is simply a frightening thought. Labour have done everything to avoid brexit, this area voted 70% leave but we have been ignored and they think we will vote Labour anyway. not this time, I will be voting Conservative for the first time ever. Father would turn in his grave but needs must.
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    give us a shout when your ready and i`ll pop it over .. if you can think of anything else pm me -- but i`m not cleaning or cooking ..
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    My Collie bitch, good mooching, bushing dog. Regards Collie John.
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    put me down for the brindle mate. and thank you very much
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    Had a proper shite week myself with a pal,who was also my boss dying so which also means after the project is finished i loose my job and my old mum being very ill indeed,but seeing this topic has cheered me up and nice one Keith and fecking good on you Blackdog92 ..
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    Coming up for 5 mths
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    Sounds a bit soft but I always find this time of year remembering those men quiet emotional mate.....what a race of people we were then........everything that was good about us.
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    Just watching the service now on bbc , that hypocrite Corbyn laying a wreath absolutely zero morals
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    Went to a tiny blink and you’ll miss it Suffolk village this morning to lay a wreath as part of my regiments community representatives at all of our local churches. In world war 1 , around twenty young men from that village died , including two lads called Shillcot and Ford , you’ll have to excuse the first names. Bawdsey is a tiny community , and for that amount of people to be lost must have been devastating to the population and their next contribution as only two young men fell in ww2 , the sons of shillcot and ford respectively . Two generations decimated by the wars. And that’s from a tiny tiny village next door to nowhere. Imagine the swathes of family’s decimated in larger areas. Anyone who doesn’t buy or wear a poppy needs their head looked “only the dead have seen the end of war”
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    Taking hundreds from a place where hundreds live can be just to easy for the dogs,but when they have to work for small numbers that's when the qualities show..Well done that dog eh..
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    its in your blood sl... I think were not wired up properly!! like you I spend all day trudging through shite getting soaked and then I go home get changed and warmed up and go out and do it again in the dark.. recon me mum must of dropped me on me head glad your well and put me down for the calendared next year
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    I don’t trust any of them mate but hate the eu project even more, so would vote for the devil himself if he offered an out I find people like sandy even more low and disgusting when we are remembering the dead from 2 world wars who fought to stop Germany taking over and running Europe, now the yellow back wankers are openly trying to hand over everything they fought to defend with no shame,
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    Investigated by the BBC? How many more paedo scandals have they still got under the rug?
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    Second day on the shoot, wow what a day, we couldn’t of asked for a better day ( well maybe snow ) sunshine and cold, the difference in the quality of the birds from two weeks ago was unbelievable, still only the second day so selective shooting was expected, we had two full teams of guns today and the beaters worked so well, we had the delights of longshanx beating all day for Hugo’s dad so he could stand all day ( cheers mate ) and my guest today was robin foxer off YouTube, it was definitely worth his three hour trip to come up to our little shoot with some lovely high birds and some testing shots, we did five of the main drivers topping the day up with a few small areas to finish the day off, the bag was 46 for the day with I think only a couple not picked, all birds taken by the beaters and guns so hopefully there will be some fine food coming out of some kitchens over the next week, so all rapped up just before 4 and down to the pub for a warm, a drink and a few nibbles, fantastic day
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