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  1. Astanley

    B.B. C 2 tonight 10pm

    My brush ??? ...my name and location are on show ,the one time I was called out on here ,I went out of my way to introduce myself to the man ,apart from one of two exceptions I try to get along with folk on here ,my underpants and general u undercarriage area are immaculate ,you've got enough sparring partners on here without adding me ,so please troll elsewhere ,atb
  2. Astanley

    B.B. C 2 tonight 10pm

    Depends on how you view life ,if your happy on a keyboard insulting people and calling them mongs ,but taking care to preserve your anonymity incase you actually have to face a real person and poo your pants ,then it's probably not for you .
  3. Astanley

    Eddie B/Dithcshitter

    There's been some nasty shit written on this thread ,and that's right up there among the worst .
  4. Astanley

    B.B. C 2 tonight 10pm

    Shankly ,nature's fire if any one fancies an hours break from the peado calling ,murder threatening ,name calling ,idiocy on here ,it should be a good watch .
  5. Ken thinks it did x
  6. Talking about old age ,that one went right over your head
  7. Astanley


    I was in school in the 60s mate ,,read Tomos post and it will make sense
  8. Astanley


    Had a b*****d of a P.E teacher ,old Swanny ,he used to pick on the chubby kids and call them J.T "(jelly tits )he didn't last long though ,I think he ended up teaching down Nottinghamshire way .
  9. Astanley

    Bad run of luck

    If Carlsberg did forums . Boonie ,would of started his post by apologising for being pedantic ,but felt he needed to point out that strictly speaking it wasn't all bad luck ,and some of Shanes misfortune could have been prevented . Shane would of graciously acknowledged this point ,and pointed out that lessons have been learned . Ketchum would have embraced his irishness .
  10. Astanley

    NEVER EVER ........

    I farted once .
  11. Astanley

    World Cup 2018

    Agree on Southgate ,I used to think he was another wots isname with the brolly ,,but there is a lot more to him than that .
  12. Astanley

    World Cup 2018

  13. Astanley

    Good morning from our mountain camp

    It's not really a theory mate ,it's a fact ....the best thing to do would be look for ladders or something tha t would enable escape ,something soft for people to land on ,a water source ,...climb in in a window if you must .....but don't ever kick the front door in unless you are behind a substantial water source .