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  1. Put mushy alongside a shelf of action man dolls in toysrus ...proper camouflage.
  2. My one eyed womb ferret has no problem with thick bush .
  3. Fella in our road has a sign in the back window of his car saying he's a key worker ,he spams that Facebook thing with his key worker stuff ,has one of those rainbow things in his front window for key workers ,a proper boring ,text book ,virtue signalling prick ,my Mrs calls him the locksmith .
  4. Haven't heard anything off him for ages ,I know him and Charts are very close pals ,he good to get an update on him .
  5. Definitely ,,now all we've got is Rays bad back and maxs ,string em up and birch them ,ramblings .
  6. You started this Naz by mentioning the brick fella
  7. I love your "feel good " posts Maxie ,puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step .
  8. Genius that he was ,this place would confuse even Bill ,and I'm a Bardolator .
  9. The country as a whole ,or just the annoying Scots on here (hi ketchup ) ?
  10. Isn't Jordan Peterson fkn awesome .
  11. Oops ! I better put that right ,before I get legend status. At the time Mark was banned off here ,so (for me anyway ) it was the funniest thing ever to post on here that I beat him ,and then count to ten for my phone to ring for the abusive call ,never failed ,usually started with " you b*****d ! Your ruining my reputation " used to send me into fits of giggles ,childish ,I know ,but I get my chuckles where I can . The truth is Mark was very hospitable to me ,and no dog I have ever owned would get anywhere near Kat and her offspring .
  12. Be grateful folk are taking an interest ,I have been on here ten years and the only question I have been asked ,is ..are you a fkn idiot ?
  13. Go for it ,cos it you defrost it in one go ,sea levels will rise .
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