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  1. Arry ,you ask about Keith regular ,you are either a very nice man or you've got him in the sweep .
  2. A time travellers walks into a bar
  3. And the barman says "sorry we don't serve time travellers here "
  4. Last day at school ,I had a straightener with my pe teacher ( it had been arranged since the third year ) he absolutely battered me ,but it felt good punching the twat.
  5. The thread was going smoothly until that trouble causing kunt Tomo got involved ,he ruins every topic ,needs banning inmo .
  6. Incredible fella ,with a sad backstory ,raising a good few Bob now for wheelchair bound kids ,worth supporting .
  7. What a special lady she was ,God bless her .
  8. No mate ,not from Kens stuff ,it's all to do with my uncanny ability as a dog trainer second to none ,I once trained a dog not to eat ,,it died young unfortunately but goes to show my gift .
  9. Hi Gill ,I have two whippets one can sit and beg the other will sometimes give you her paw (but I am working on it)please send me a contract and I will have my lawyers peruse it .thank you .
  10. You get them at parties and celebrations ,quite common actually ,surprised at your ignorance .
  11. a Today I am identifying as a woman ,so any views I have (today ) on the subject are valid .
  12. The collective noun for lurchers is a 'stupidity '
  13. Be funny if the cameras caught someone trying to put a decent dog in
  14. There's a lot of beautiful places out there ,but I wouldn't live anywhere but here ,for all it's faults and shortcomings this is a beautiful ,historic ,vibrant city full of character ,everyone I love is here .
  15. Ken it's pretty isolated where you dwell ,a stranger would stand out like a sore thumb ,didn't your neighbours see or catch anything on cctv ....I almost feel sorry for the scruffy rats when you get them big horrible stranglers hands on them ,and you will eventually .
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