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  1. I thought it was a decent beard ,thick ,nice colour ,well trimmed but not too ostentatious.
  2. I think Anne was in the household cavalry (as a horse )in her younger years ,served with distinction .
  3. It doesn't matter max ,I still won't be able to afford one .
  4. Max ,have you just para phrased a Forest Gump quote ?
  5. I know I have give you some light hearted gay stuff stick over the years mushy ,but reading your post has been a sobering wake up call for me ,I have been dripping the insults in slowly and gradually in the past.I now realise I must up the rate ,I don't want to be sat here this time next year with some crackers that I could of used on you ..so from now on expect them thick and fast .
  6. Being a labourer for a good plasterer was one of the hardest jobs in the building trade back then ,I went on the hod for a couple of fast brickies for a rest .
  7. If you look closely at the Ariel photo you can just see someone on the clifftop dressed in a Sunderland top running away
  8. Agreed mate ,somebody on here has mentioned that he would dislike some of the grovelling sycophancy that is being spewed out ,but he was a fella I have respect and maybe a bit of admiration for .
  9. My missus had a foot in both camps ,she was near to tears watching the tv all day , " the country should be so proud of him ,wasn't he handsome when young ,he must of been so brave during the war etc etc " Then she heard Emmerdale had been cancelled and like magic he became "one of those royal spongers ,why are they going on and on about it ..he was 99 for God's sake "
  10. Never see or hear from the kunts nowadays ,fair weather fans .
  11. That's really surprised me you not liking basketball wilf .
  12. Great little vid ,but why have you put a porno soundtrack to it ?
  13. Astanley


    I always thought the genes are passed down the generations but apparently not ,mine came back 100% Scots Irish English ,my wife's came back ,English and North European ,but my daughters came back 50% African ,the wife reckons they miss the odd generation .No other explanation .
  14. MBs place is a great base for nearby beaches ,gardens ,coastal walks etc ,nothing is too far away ,and the site itself is as nice as they come ,different sized cottages ..a real nice place .
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