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  1. Youngster ,you didn't ask for my advice , probably don't want my advice ,you will definitely get by without my advice ,but like all annoying old men I am going to give it anyway ....ignore the kunt .
  2. The rich leading a debauched ,hedonistic life style interests me about as much as a Sunderland match day programme ,but the age of some of the girls bothers me ,if I'm going to call a bunch of pakis in Rotherham or wherever for it ,then I'm going to call Prince Andrew ,even if I love his mum .
  3. Not much interested in it myself ,but even with a passing interest ,I I know it was more than a " weekend on the piss " It would be hard to say he didn't know ,when he continued to see him after his conviction ,if I knocked about with a convicted nonce you would be within your rights to call me a wrongun . As I say ,I'm not that interested really ,but let's have it right ,it deffo wasn't a weekend on the piss with just another rich bloke .
  4. Wow ! You really haven't been following this story much have you wilf ?
  5. Astanley


    I hope stewie gave you permission to use that photo .
  6. Astanley


    Pareto distribution , prices law , the mathew principle .
  7. Excellent post , "If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat these two imposters just the same "
  8. For anyone interested in this sort of thing (.immigration,not Sunderland ) the Douglas Murray s ..The strange death of Europe ...is a must read .
  9. Astanley


    I'm grateful for the good times ,I'm hopeful through the not so good times ,and I'm stoic through the the bad times .
  10. Astanley


    I do t want to get all gravy about it ,but I love supporting this club .
  11. It's quite a common occurrence among serious shooters ....others call it the "I missed but it ran in that hole shot "
  12. I remember as a kid telling my old trainer I had signed for a local team (I was Crap btw )to help with my fitness ,I got an hour !ong lecture on short leg movement and sinew straining ,tendon tearing ,ligament damaging movement in football ,and why did I want to be around pansies anyway ,this was a man who could often be heard saying "a man can do two things in life ,he can box or he can f**k off "
  13. I care about people on here ,and will help them out with words or actions
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