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  1. I have just put the lyrics through Google translation .... We are going to Britain ,happy are we We all get abortions over there for free We will beg on the streets and people give you money We like to call it ,the land of milk and honey When we come home we will be wealthy And we will bring lots of meds home to keep us all so healthy Chorus .. Oh the British are very kind ,or are they very daft They pay for our flights ,not for us those packie rafts Repeat
  2. Mate I am just the average idiot finding it hard to make sense of things ,but lies ,deception ,misinformation both intentional or not ,idealogues pushing their agendas on both sides and just good old fashioned incompetence have muddied the waters for a poor simple man like myself
  3. It certainly is mate ,and who would of thought you and the hamster would be the ones talking it !........strange times we live in .
  4. I'm a bit fed up with the whole covid/expert \conspiracy \vaccine thing it seems never-ending ,but the Grubster and South hamster seem to be the knee talking sense on this thread .
  5. Deffo ,doing it in a storm is a white knuckle ride ,loved it .
  6. If your content ,your rich.
  7. Darren said he doesn't give a fuk what you think ,and he called you and ketchup a pair of twats.
  8. Going down there on Saturday myself .
  9. Darren is a decent fella .
  10. Sweating like socks in a glove factory .. Sweating like Bill hardy at a spelling contest ... Sweating like gnasher on a North sea beach ..
  11. Sweating like Tomo in a pie shop .. Sweating like mushroom in a closet .. Sweating like kennyd on a flushing loo.. Sweating like chid at a dwarf throwing contest..
  12. Great post borderlad ,it's great that you have plenty of good memories ,it's even better that you have the outlook and mindset to make many more precious memories ..
  13. Can we get back on topic please ,I was enjoying Mr Rudes input .
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