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  1. Astanley


    I am magnificent ,thank you .
  2. Naah ,definatly an eagle
  3. That's a first for me being called sensible ,,maybe I try too hard to appear that way on here ,in truth I am the last person who should be giving sensible advice .
  4. Thanks lads ,,,apart from wilf and socks
  5. Before I go on gumtree , anything I should look for or be aware of ,thank you.
  6. Is there such a thing ?
  7. Youngster ,I argued and fell out with a few on here ,but would have no problem having a pint and a friendly chat with them ,,occasionally though someone crosses a line and there is no way I could meet them in the spirit of forgiveness and friendship . Any meetings I have with these people would be confrontational ,because when this ugly old man looks in the mirror he sees a man with many flaws ,but cowardice isn't one of them .
  8. I'm all for making peace after a falling out ...but sometimes things go too far ,things are said that are unforgivable and give a window into someone's mind set .
  9. That's it mate ,if you can conduct yourself in a decent way ,in even the smallest detail then the world's a better place for it ,it all starts with you ,it benefits your family ,and friends ,neighbours etc ,it spreads ,just as the effects of selfish ,nihilist behaviour infects .
  10. I was trying to help out my daughter with a course she is doing ,...
  11. My mate ... "Going to London working ,do you know where I can get digs "? Me ...yeah ,to go the East end and call gnasher a c**t
  12. You sound like a decent man .
  13. Again apologies ..thank you for your help .
  14. I'm sorry to be pedantic ,but the fact you listed that you wouldn't be "happy to teach/coach " people with a low IQ (fools and idiots )as a virtue threw me a bit .
  15. Thank you for the replies so far ..mushy ,for the same of clarity could you confirm which is which (faults /virtues ) on your list
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