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  1. You've got to remember Maldini is near fifty
  2. I have had a dog that pricked ears apart seemed unphased ,and had one ( yes Ken a whippet ) that wrapped itself around my legs looking very unhappy ,
  3. Mate ,it's a weird thing ,you know they are miles away ,but it's not a distant roar you hear ,its RIGHT next to you and in a sort of surround sound ,there are a couple of lads off here who grew up lamping and poaching in there and they have some hilarious ,hair raising stories .
  4. Used to regularly lamp ,by a safari park ,,if the wind is right you can be two or three miles away ,and they sound like they are right next to you ,it's fukin frightening .
  5. Does it ? Wasn't meant to be ,sometimes i m not very good at this writing stuff lark ,apologies .
  6. Nothing wrong with being ambitious mate ,and as I say you may still succeed ,we all know football is about ups and downs ,the way things are now any success West ham have ,they will be able to maintain and build on it ,instead of having to flog on every promising youngster they get ,there could be good times in the future ,the point I was trying to make is .it's a different West ham ,your not the underdogs playing nice football ,the club were other the fans enjoy any success you have ,from now you will be seen as just another big club ,you will feel the hate and jealousy ,success will be begrudged , You have lost the uniqueness that made West ham .I don't know if it's a good thing or not ,but personally I liked things as they were .
  7. I'm not really comfortable commenting on other clubs ,but the way I see it when they quit Upton park they crossed the Rubicon ,they were no longer perceived as little West ham ,everyone's second team ,great little club ,great fans and atmosphere ,a special ,unique cub ,once they went to the new stadium they became different ,a big club wannabe the noise coming from the owners only reinforced that perception ,they may well be successful in the future ,but they will never be the West ham of old .
  8. It sort of proves your point ,when that post could bite you in the arse sometime in the future
  9. Brilliant ! Could watch those traditional craftsmen all day ,only a young fella too .
  10. See what you done now max ,anotherperfectly sane ,logical fella sent round the bend by your gut feelings ..
  11. I got beat up today and they robbed my binos ,dog hasn't barked since ,
  12. See !if you look on the bright side things get better and better x
  13. naah max ,I will plough on regardless ,believing in the goodness of most people ,..bitterness is the thin end of a very self destructive wedge .
  14. "Some seeds fall on stoney ground "
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