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  1. Sounds like institutional racism to me ,I hope that poor lady gets the justice she seeks ,.sometimes I am ashamed to be a white man and therefore part of the patriacal ,racist society that is oppressing this victim .
  2. Wilfy ,I like your no nonsense ,say it as you see it outlook on things ....but to compare that case with what happened in your host country ,then use the phrase " crying your eyes out " and claim your not looking for an argument !!!!you may as well open a pub over there and call it the Oliver Cromwell Arms .. " not looking for an argument "
  3. God bless your mate .
  4. He was on this site as Run for your life ,for years .
  5. Does this mean no more Mr nice guy ?
  6. Wishing you all a good new year ...anyone making a resolution ?
  7. Astanley


    Fuk it ...go for the "sleeping giants " tag .it works for some .
  8. For those interested ,Dr Jordan Peterson's biblical series of lectures on u tube ...are a must ,can't recommend them enough .
  9. I'm sure Pelligrini knows his stuff ..but fk me he seems to suck the energy out of a club ,the man is a joy vacuum ,he depresses me when ever he's on tv ,I know it's not a personality contest but walking ,talking and acting like impending doom must Rob the place of my trace of positivity .
  10. It's a lot more sinister than a few soap operas over filling their diversity and equality quotas ...go on Google ..type in images of European art ...! Type in ..Asian couples or black couples .you will get pages of what you asked for ..now type in straight white couples ...it goes on and on ......when silicon valley is trying to change not only the way we view the world ,but history itself ,then you've got to ask yourself .to what end ? .
  11. The present I would most like to give my missus this year is good health .
  12. What a smashing player ,and always come across a decent ,humble fella ...sad news .
  13. Merry Christmas to you ,and very one else ( apart from the five members I can't stand ) I hope everyone has a safe , peaceful yuletide .
  14. Astanley


    Didn't one of the lads take a dog to him once ,I think he's long time pals with sensei Phil too .
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