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  1. That may be your avowed philosophy ,but I bet you have Spartacus like aspirations ,leading us slaves in revolt against the Belgium slueth and his seven fingered mate .
  2. First time on here I've been asked what I'm wearing !
  3. It's a shame ,decent lad like ketchup gets to the point where he feels he doesn't want to be here anymore ,and yet Tomo is still here spouting his hateful bile everyday . note for newpicks ,keep your eye on charts ,there is a whiff of the Bolshevik about him .
  4. I have a theory about this site .
  5. Ketchup ,how are you going to manage without the ray of sunshine ,the bundle of joy and laughter ,the font of wisdom that is me ?
  6. Stevie wonder could see that making that twat a mod would cause trouble ,nothing to do with him being an ex cop ,he's just another self absorbed dick head smart arse .
  7. If you knocked on 20 doors and got told to fk off ,then change those Sunday clothes your so proud of because they must make you look a wrongun .
  8. The wonder ....great film ,beautiful cinematography ,every scene is like a Vermeer painting ,..won't be everyone's cup of tea though.
  9. I'll give youse a look at me
  10. Did you copy that off one of maxs posts ?
  11. Leave the lad alone ffs ,your making a show of yourself .
  12. Too many convenient coincidences for my liking ...all the mods are freemasons ...coincidence? Walshie works for big pharma ..coincidence? Socks is a government hitman ....coincidence? Bosun is an evertonian ...coincidence ? Bakerboy has just come in to a lot of money ...coincidence? Nice pix is a kunt ....coincidence? A thread of national importance suddenly vanishes ,at the same time as Tomo coming out as gay ...coincidence? The establishment,rockafellas ,jews must thing we are stupid .
  13. You sound like a decent person Wolfie .
  14. I have got to be honest ,with a few honourable exceptions there has been more absolute clueless shite spouted on this thread than any other ,covid and football included ,I have been tempted to join in once or twice but I can see the futility of having a discussion with some opinionated bell end who hasn't got the faintest idea about the sport ,or having a reasonable discussion for that matter ....if you think this post is about YOU ,it probably is .
  15. I only joke about his fingers , but to make fun of his deformed nose that he can't help is below the belt .
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