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  1. Astanley

    Game bred ebt ,any out there?

    Strange breed the English bull ,most of the ones I have seen have been as described ,fat ,poorly put together and to be honest thick as max ,BUT ,I have seen a couple doing their thing in the field and elsewhere that have impressed the life out of me .
  2. Astanley

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    If Carlsberg promoted fights
  3. Astanley

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Could have the best of both worlds .....imagine Fury v AJ at the stadium of light ,the gravy all backing Ali .....I mean Fury ,big John Fury moved to tears by the crowd ,AJ s London support all nervously looking at the North sea and wishing they had brought a change of clothes ....could be epic .
  4. Astanley

    Harry Maguire to United for £80 million

    He's an improvement on what they've got ,but he's no Rodwell orCattermole .
  5. Astanley

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    It was a pleasant change to see a heavyweight with a decent grasp of the basics ,a nice straight left _ right on the front foot ,he will never be a razzle dazzle spectacular type ,but you can see improvement in every fight ,the lad obviously works hard at improving ,barring mishaps there is a big future for that kid .
  6. Astanley

    Anyone on here know ....

  7. Astanley

    Anyone on here know ....

    how Sunderland s pre season is going ,any transfers in the pipe line ? Iv got a feeling it will be a great season at the stadium of light .
  8. Astanley


    Some old boy who used to be on Efferdale farm has took the knock as well ,if Ken spent less time hovering round Prince Phillip these deaths wouldn't get past him .
  9. Astanley

    Fantasy Football

    Talk about the kiss of death
  10. Astanley

    Has my boy been used for stud?

    All the signs are there mate ,your mate has deffo shagged your dog ,get in touch with the Lurcher # metoo /lurcherlivesmatter movement and remember it wasn't your dogs fault .
  11. Astanley

    raffa leaves newcastle

    If I was a Newcastle supporter I would be so disappointed in theshort sightedness o f Ashley , Rafa wanted to build Newcastle ,he could see the potential ,he wanted investment in the infrastructure of the club ,the training facilities ,the academy ,etc ,things that wouldn't realise a return for years ,he's not to bothered about getting tin pots on his cv ,he can see the big picture ,,with reasonable investment for the next three years ,no interference from board room ,the sky would be the limit for a club like Newcastle ,Ashley has cost them a manager of experience ,ability and integrity ,a massive club with a greedy narcissist for an owner ,those geordies deserve more .
  12. Agreed Maxie ,I have opinions on greyhounds ,but if I got into a disagreement with you ,concerning racing,I would at the very least entertain the thought that maybe ,seeing as you are infinitely more knowledgeable about them than me ,I could possibly be wrong , just asking you to consider that possibility is all I'm doing in my usual cack handed way
  13. Sorry ,it wasn't meant to read that way ,the point I was trying to make was ,that if I'm arguing with someone with more experience than me in a subject ,then I should at least consider the possibility that I may be wrong
  14. What part do you disagree with ?
  15. Max ,this is just an observation ,I'm not having a go ,but on one hand you argue that Arum knows his stuff and by inference shouldn't be disagreed with ,yet you continue to argue \disagree with a man who h as spent a lifetime in and around the game , I know it's all about opinions but if I had such a fundamental difference of opinion with a man as immersed in boxing s young Ray ,,I would stop for a minute to ponder the possibility that I'm talking out of my aarse ...just saying like ,