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  1. Attenborough is the worst for misnomers ,I once heard him referring to a black panther ,when the correct term is Panther of colour .
  2. Sorry to hear this ,had a few chats on the phone with him ,a likeable fella with a lot of knowledge .
  3. I really don't think it's that complicated ,he signed a contract (it is a contractual issue BB ), he was happy to sign it .....I don't have a political ideology ,nor do I care what linekar thinks ,it's nothing to do with freedom of speech ,it's nothing to do with dark forces trying to silence him ,it's about him signing a contract and then trying to move the goalposts ...as for the virtue signalling pundit army who are bravely standing by in support of the multi millionaire and having the bare faced cheek to use words like solidarity ,shame on them .
  4. He signed a contract ,which means he agreed to abide by all the terms and conditions of that contract ...if his personal views meant he thought he had no other option than to speak out and break his contract then surely the honourable thing to do would be to accept the consequences without fuss ,but maybe the size of his paycheck ,the profile of his job (which allows him to sell his soul for the corprate fortunes he gets )means he will attempt to have his cake and eat it .
  5. Despite signing a contract that precluded him from voicing partisan political opinions ,he made a tweet criticising the home secretary's recent decision regarding illegal immigrants and comparing the Tories to Nazis .it has nothing to do with free speech ,despite what his supporters claim .
  6. Surprised at you new kid .
  7. Wonder if he ever finished painting that ceiling.
  8. I don't know about your neighbours lad ,but you'd be better playing my neighbours boy who's a backward ,balloon sniffing fat kid with a club foot than Karius.
  9. Hope karius performs better for you than he did for us in a final .
  10. Jeff says can you edit this one as well please .
  11. Also known as Prices law ,or the Mathew principle.
  12. Pareto distribution.
  13. On golly gosh Watta lotta tosh.
  14. Wow ,is there no beginning to your talent ?
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