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  1. Astanley


    Nice one Walshie
  2. ...some were old when (with some style )the Bard described this sceptre isle A few so ancient ,here they stood ,when Normans spilt the Saxon blood ...
  3. Nah ,you were definitely going to rip her off .
  4. Mushy it's about time you came out mate ,nobody is going to judge you ,unburden yourself ffs .
  5. The world would be a better place if more people listened to JP
  6. I expect to see Newkid on the suicide thread shortly .
  7. You can say that again
  8. .177 ? Is that an air rifle ? If so I resent being called a halfwitted sexual deviant .
  9. Interior design ,mental fukn health ,cooking ,drinking threads ..!....this place is turning into mumsnet .
  10. No such thing as "normal " mate ,there is only the perception of normal .
  11. That is just so wrong mate ,it's factually wrong and it's the wrong attitude to have . The therapies and treatments have been tested and defined over a long time with a lot of people ,they 99 times out of a hundred know what they are doing ,you may think only you knows about you ,but your ailments arnt unique ,millions of people have been through what your going through ,and the mental health service has seen and helped a lot of them . Go to them with a bit of humility ,assume they know what they're doing ,don't scoff at ideas ,suggestions or treatments that sound silly to you ,be willing
  12. I haven't been to the cinema for forty years ,went last week to watch ' The many saints of Newark '....what a fkn sensory overload ! even the foyer was full of screens with deafening loud shootouts and flickering ,flashing and fukin confusing lights ,clips and coming soons ,I couldn't work out how to pay for stuff ,where to go or what screen was what ,absolute nightmare and made me feel very old .
  13. Not strictly true ,they are ALL acting like twats ,but separate them and they are ,quite interesting chaps ......besides ketchup is easily the most irritating ever ,by a mile ,
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