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  1. You sure about the pub name mate ?
  2. It must of been a case of 'distance lends enchantment ' with the evertonians ,I don't know one efc supporter who was sad to see him go ,he is a shoulder shrug of a manager ,much like Hodgson or Fat Sam ,he will organise a team ,make them hard to beat ,keep them safe ,,BUT sacrifices ambition or risk ,and there is never attractive football without them ,in the end his negativity wears you down ,some managers make you dream ,he just puts you to sleep .
  3. What percentage of kangaroos are of a fighting age though ,would the invasion be by air or sea ?either way the logistics of getting millions of kangaroos from Australia to Uruguay on the same day would be mind boggling also how proficient can kangaroos be with modern firearms bearing in mind their lack of opposable thumbs ...I don't think such a scenario is possible ,,,but then again Fury has made a living from boxing so anything is possible
  4. Wish I hadn't said anything now
  5. Good to see the Grebster back
  6. Astanley

    Art work

    Commission my mates just finishing off .
  7. I just wish he would shut up ,he's an annoying tit ...
  8. Curried goat ...your welcome .
  9. The skill and crossbones is a common theme on gravestones ,it just symbolic of death .
  10. I enjoyed his ramblings and his eccentricities ,an intelligent fella who can draw you in with an attractive writing style ,but as time went on the grossness and seedyness of some of his posts grated on me .
  11. Astanley


    Tempus fugit is right Ray ,just enjoy ,learn ,spread the love and above all be grateful . Ps Richie I'm torn about the use of the Oxford comma ,your thoughts please .
  12. Astanley


    I m not messing Ray ,he has .
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