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  1. Thought about moving over there more than a few times, first for the terrier work then for the fishing. I've got no excuse but cowardice, I should of done it years ago, never say never, see what life brings. On the plus side I love the putanges and the glamorous assistant is learning the trade too.
  2. Get yourselves down the corner shop, they've sense of humours going cheap, it's a f***ing terrier site, get over it bellends
  3. Show it a roadkill fox, let it realise that it's fun to rag on the carcass and it should remember the scent when it's old enough next season, that's when it's breeding should kick in, just after the curiosity factor
  4. There used to be a guy around here that went digging in a motorbike and sidecar, he was famous for it, sadly I never met him, passed before I kicked in.
  5. Strangest artificials I've ever come across, all on top of the ground with a pinch of soil that barely covers them, that's the depth of the bitch
  6. I'm exactly the same mate, it's definitely an age thing
  7. I don't like it but without it we lose permission, essential pest control, ugly at this time of year but 100% necessary.
  8. Toby had more of the typical Steven's border look about him, a lot thicker set, I'd hazard a guess at Mo who's coupled up too
  9. No bother, I'm used to it, I'm married
  10. Has the look of Choker Mango, going off the couple of pictures I've got of him
  11. It's been a long time since I've been into the numbers like we were then, the good old days, SSH Glyn, you'd know the place
  12. She's seen plenty, she was given out when I came a cropper, she's been back for a year and hasn't missed once, a few stupid habits but nothing I can't live with.
  13. Stitch, been back at home for 12 months and not missed a beat, to much drive if anything.
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