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  1. The ginger b*****d has had a few, they're a bit of fun but nothing idtake serious
  2. A was gifted her from a friend up north who was a beat keeper on a grouse moor, without getting her pedigree out I wouldn't have a clue.
  3. Got a bitch in season now, half tempted, she's a driven, game bitch, I'm more inclined to wait for the cattle dog cross though. I was offered a well bred pup yesterday but it didn't seem right having a pup from a litter where I've got no iron in the fire.
  4. I don't think it would take much learning with these clever sods, they pick up anything just from watching and listening. When I started Ozz lamping I'd already had the summer drilling the hand signals into him, palm of my hand means "stop" , hand flat meant "lie down" , a bit over the top for someone that doesn't poach but I like to see their brains work. Well the first few nights I can't tell you the frustration I had when Ozz, for no reason would stop (without me knowing) would stop and stay while all the time I'd be walking on ! I'd get a hundred yards or so, flick the lamp on and the ret
  5. One of the first cross litter, I was lucky enough to be given him as a pup, very intelligent, very game, very loyal, if I could of put a list together to get my perfect dog I couldn't of hoped to get it better.
  6. Put me down for a dog please..........be aware I'm a pensioner on limited funds and I walk with a limp
  7. Doesn't look like this bitch is holding, I'm up for a plan B Ozz is getting no younger, it would of been nice to get something by him direct but this greyhound bitch isn't going to give me what I want.
  8. No mate, she's only 4-5 week, no signs of yet, if she doesn't hold this time there's obviously something wrong and I'll have to try plan B
  9. My dog was a rotten b*****d with any stranger up until he was about 15-18 months old. He was bought up in a family, he was around kids and cattle from day one but he wouldn't wear strangers. Hope he works out for you mate, he'll look a different dog once he shapes up.........saying that I'm still carrying my puppy fat at 55
  10. Got a bitch here, marks well, fearless too, I'd defy anyone to get in the car when the wife takes her out, f***ing savage, the dogs nasty too
  11. No idea why the pictures upside down, must be because he's Australian
  12. Second time of trying, he's going over a greyhound as soon as she's ready, should be sometime this week. I AI'd her twice six months ago but she didn't hold, fingers crossed this time, he's getting no younger.
  13. Probably put more tackle away with that type than anything else, I'm short of one that's for sure
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