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  1. I always use the triggers on their side, earth is easy enough to move to make sure it's a perfect fit. You're spot on with the snug fit, it definitely helps.
  2. Try again next time, no plan B, if I can't get something by him I'll call it a day with the lurchers.
  3. She didn't hold, had her bloods done, his sperm tested, two AI's and still nothing, gutted
  4. He'll suit you down to the ground for all that and more, I hope you have as much fun as I've had with my dog
  5. Beautiful that Phil, I'd be happy with something of that stamp from this mating. Like I said, I'm not a lurcher man, never really have been, terriers stole my heart many years ago. I do appreciate the company of a lurcher and without starting another tit for tat load of nonsense on here I just love the old type that I saw as a kid
  6. I used to bother when I was a snot nosed kid, just something I don't really care about anymore. I always thought he was bigger than he actually is.
  7. Quick update, I finally got around to measuring him this morning, he's 23-24 she's 26-27 depending on how they stood and my patience ? Never bothered before, his hight never mattered to his heart and he's got guts to burn
  8. God knows why it's upside down, without incriminating myself I can guarantee they're more than capable at retrieving shot foxes
  9. I could be off but it won't be by much, I'm not a lurcher man in any way shape or form, I haven't measured a lurcher for decades, he just suits me.
  10. He'd be 25, no idea what the bitch is, roughly 27-28, she's my lads bitch, she's a coursing bitch imported from Ireland.
  11. Live and learn, he's getting the age where it's now or never to take something by him, after having the pleasure of working with him for so long I honestly wouldn't have anything else bar a pup by him.
  12. Just used Ozz over a greyhound bitch, genuine 3/4 ACD Cross, fingers crossed, he's been a hell of a dog.
  13. There's a fresh batch every day at Dover
  14. Still messing mate, I don't know how to do anything else, f@cking shame the shower of shit in government can't get that around their thick skulls.
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