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  1. dillydog

    Digging Kit

    A bedlington, dble bred Rambo.. All it was good for
  2. dillydog

    Deal breaker?

    I get that DS but I assumed you were talking about the affects of not having the dam around, the socialisation of the pups by their mother.
  3. dillydog

    Deal breaker?

    You boys either think to much or I'm not seeing enough, I hope I never have to bottle feed anymore pups again, but if I do I'll keep you posted
  4. dillydog

    Deal breaker?

    I had quite a few of them RS, again, some where curs, some ran well and beat the stags hands down, one in particular came to meet the stags. I was well looked after out there and I met some real gentlemen, good people, good hunting.
  5. dillydog

    Deal breaker?

    Possum and Coon, I couldn't find a north American badger. The coons are in silly numbers in certain areas, the possum your grannies yorkie could sort out lol. The coons are a good substitute for the fox IMO, you get some with more grit than others but with the amount we caught the dogs took plenty of trade. The badgers are nomadic, they'll clean dozens of earth's out and flit between them all, they're constantly on the move. I ran the coyotes and dug a few coon, the bulk of the coon came from barns, plenty of fun but it's not the same a's moving soil.
  6. dillydog

    Deal breaker?

    There's no coons in this country RS, well not the right ones anyway , no one will have any experience mate. I had a few weeks out there hunting coons, the lads used a pea sized drop of horse wormer after every days hunting. The wormer contained ivomec, they said it stopped the parasites that caused the paralysis ? A word of warning though, I learned the hard way not to use the stuff, I gave half the amount to twice the terrier and it went blind for two days ! I took him straight to the vets, he told me it was the ivomectin that had affected him neurologically. There was no silver bullet to cure it, I had to sit with him for two days and nights. The dog can die because it can't regulate it's body temperature (hypothermia), I had to cool him down one minute, the next I was wrapping him up to control his shivering. When I ask the lads out there they just said there terriers were on it all of the working season and they must have built up a tolerance.
  7. dillydog

    Deal breaker?

    IMO I wouldn't and couldn't see any problems with bottle reared pups, they don't know they're bottle fed, they'd just be happy to be full. I've bottle fed pups, I've seen no problems at all, as long as you've socialised then all should be fine.
  8. dillydog

    Deal breaker?

    The skin problems are shared equally between the blacks and the chocs, the chocolate colour is just a diluted black. http://www.doggenetics.co.uk/dilutes.html
  9. dillydog

    Deal breaker?

    I've had terriers from this line that would grow a new leg if needed, I've had terriers that didn't or couldn't heal from a small knick. They're a mixture of this an that, it's upto the lads that keep them to better them or finish them. I've only recently come across the elongated soft pallet, as stated it's easily sorted with fitness levels.
  10. dillydog

    Deal breaker?

    The Toby dog I started out with was from a brother sister mating, Choker and Mo, he was undershot, it was in there from the beginning. He opened my eyes to what sort of a standard can be achieved, I didn't care then about his mouth and I don't care now. I don't like to see it, but it's not the end of the world, given a choice of pups I'll always take the one that's not undershot all things being equal. I've had pups with the correct scissor bite go wrong as they drop their first teeth and visa versa. I've had them born correct, go wrong and then strangely come right within a few months ! Like others have said before, if you've got an outstanding animal that out shines anything else you've got or have seen, the last thing you'd be talking about is their mouth.
  11. dillydog

    Deal breaker?

    Yes and yes, you've got Stevens blood in your terriers FD , they all carry undershot blood
  12. dillydog


    Or do what all the other fuckwits who want nothing but death and glory do and find a AC dog
  13. dillydog

    Terrier problems

    That's the best answer so far, kick it into the long grass where it belongs, this site and many like it have done untold damage as it is.............I'm only here to keep my eye on you dumb fucks
  14. dillydog


    The penis gave it away