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  1. Thats a shame you've used the antis preconceived idea FM, it doesn't make sense when they say it either. The odd terrier man may well take pity and rear the odd litter he's been told to get rid of, what's the difference between him and the RSPCA doing it ?
  2. I've had a few bricks, one has been spot on the rest have been second rate at best. If they aren't showing one fault or another then they don't or can't switch on, the button on a nightmare. Try and send one back and you'll get fobbed off with BS.
  3. Sales patter plain and simple
  4. FFS DC, those ugly b*****ds wouldn't win any rosettes in a beauty contest
  5. We've all got access to something, the world's a small place now, with wheaten blood you're going over kill on size, coat and temperament. I was lucky when I first started, I had the work done for me, the line was already in it's infancy, all I did was build on it. If you know Joe and he's willing to help then you're half way there, even if you want something a bit different than the road he's going down maybe he can point you in the direction you're after.
  6. Line breeding has to start somewhere, I wouldn't use a wheaten, there's hard and then there's hard
  7. Too many looking for fame and getting their ego stroked
  8. If she was your age she could be forgiven for her poor eyesight
  9. Struggling mate, trying to get a steel framed building is like drawing blood from a stone, everyone just wants to paint them I'll be happy once the dogs are under their own roof, free range terriers never ends well
  10. Done both myself DC, one was spanking new, I left the box and collar on the roof By the time I got back they were in a thousand pieces.
  11. Buyers remorse, it's fighting me every step of the way and I've never seen such fuckwittery in my life.
  12. There's more NS stuff around now than there's ever been, rabbits out of the bag and it's not going back in
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