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  1. Struggling mate, trying to get a steel framed building is like drawing blood from a stone, everyone just wants to paint them I'll be happy once the dogs are under their own roof, free range terriers never ends well
  2. Done both myself DC, one was spanking new, I left the box and collar on the roof By the time I got back they were in a thousand pieces.
  3. Buyers remorse, it's fighting me every step of the way and I've never seen such fuckwittery in my life.
  4. There's more NS stuff around now than there's ever been, rabbits out of the bag and it's not going back in
  5. He's a handsome bugger, you could do better though
  6. He lacks pace Tomo but he makes up for it with brains
  7. He's F1 Australian cattle dog Dam, greyhound sire, I was gifted him as a pup, saw the litter and the Dam, red healer bitch.
  8. Plenty of videos of him working the beating line, picking up and so on, I've no ideas how to put them on because it keeps telling me the files to big. He marks to ground, retrieves fur and feather, brilliant nature with kids and pups alike, always felt like he was wasted with me.
  9. I'm biased but he's probably as good as you could get as an all round collie greyhound, his only downfall is his owners past his prime
  10. Out of likes, just about sums them up perfectly
  11. I couldn't of said it better, it meant NOTHING to me........sad really, the whole Kalergi plan was put into motion to stop Europeans feeling any pride in their individual nations and or any feelings of patriotism.....
  12. Any good microscope should tell you if he's got live semen
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