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  1. The bride didn't like being alone most of the winter while I was away all day. I'm happy enough here, I'm king of my own hill lol. I made 160k in 10 months out of it, took the sting out of it a bit
  2. Still no address ? I'm moving house (yet again) next week, if you want it send an address mate or it's getting a viking burial this time.
  3. I knew if I hung on to it for 20 years it'd come in handy
  4. Red neck tools on Facebook, there's a link on their page to a number on WhatsApp
  5. Just had a look at the aerials around the house, the modern version come as a sealed unit, the old versions use be self assembly jobbies. The old self assembly ones come apart and you just need the back short piece for the two prong collar, they screw straight on.
  6. Not as hard as I thought, that's the two battery cap
  7. The old two prong mark 1 was just the back off a TV aerial fitting, any electrics place will sell them. If it's the longer cap that takes the two battery set up I think I've got one knocking about, moved house last year so may be hard to find it
  8. Plenty of steady working coloured terriers, sadly plenty more rough and tumble, same with any terrier, you can only piss with the dick you've got
  9. Show stuff is all that's available in the UK............anyone's welcome to prove me wrong
  10. If it's for work I wouldn't waste your time or money
  11. No mate, Europe, don't want to be anymore specific
  12. All being well I'll be having a white one soon, strange times . It's been almost 30 years since one graced my yard, hopefully she'll see work and be a welcome member of the team
  13. It was a decent show, they put a ton of effort in to make it what it was, fair play to the lad and the many people who helped out. Hopefully it'll grow in strength over the next few years because it's a cracking venue
  14. Thats a shame you've used the antis preconceived idea FM, it doesn't make sense when they say it either. The odd terrier man may well take pity and rear the odd litter he's been told to get rid of, what's the difference between him and the RSPCA doing it ?
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