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  1. dillydog


    Going off memory MIK I'd say it was, I didn't see a lot of her RH would know more
  2. dillydog


    Has he ever reproduced himself Mik ?
  3. dillydog


    Some bitching going on lads, just have a get together for a goup hug or good old fashioned straightener............you'll feel better for it
  4. dillydog


    I sprayed a weak mix through an old window cleaning spray bottle, it's frightening when you think of some of the dull shit we do.........
  5. dillydog


    You've got to die of something, I'll die happy knowing there's no tics or fleas on my nuts
  6. dillydog

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    A bitch IMO opinion is the gauge of a line, if they're right you're following the right path. You do get dogs that throw a stamp and type and you also get dogs that throw a high percentage of grafters, they're hens teeth, treasure them where you find them and make the most from them. There's the old classic saying "you can f**k a good c**t" it's crude but accurate. If any of us knew the answers we'd all have a perfect yard of perfect terriers, you'll get shit from excellence and you'll get excellence from shit, you'll find the shit won't replecate itself though.
  7. dillydog

    Genuine Person for a pup

    They're classed as hand luggage if they're young enough, I've seen a few go to the States but I've no personal knowledge of what's entailed.
  8. dillydog

    Genuine Person for a pup

    It's autumn, time they were in the field and not sitting on pups..........
  9. dillydog

    Brian Nuttall Contact

    Save your money, it's a crying shame that the opportunity was wasted on such utter shit.
  10. dillydog


    I can't take anyone serious when I see them with a wooden handle spoon, it's all well and good scooping loose up with it but you won't be breaking up heavy ground with one. I don't want to dig to a terrier like I'm on time team, I won't to get there as quickly as possible.
  11. dillydog


    I don't know any that do
  12. dillydog


    Did he change it to Mohamed ?
  13. dillydog


    I don't disagree Chid, I'm only going off my life experiences mate, I've asked a couple of vets to sell me penicillin, showed good cause and so on........not a chance. The same vets would sell me the exact same penicillin to use on stock though, sheep and or horses ! You can have any antibiotic you like, in any form you can get it in, what you CAN'T do under our stupid system is administer those antibiotics without the say so of your vet........and if you want my advice I'd get it writing before you do.
  14. dillydog


    They tried to charge me for jabbing my own dog, you shouldn't jab unless under the supervision of a vet, and then only when competent to do so. This is where you'll come up against the grey area......what's competent ?
  15. dillydog

    Wheeler dog for sale

    It would be the most useful one I'd ever seen