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  1. All you need to know is no one who seriously works terriers to ground works the shit
  2. No offense taken, I didn't give two fucks, I knew the law and at the time it was on my side, I was one of the test cases when they tried to bring in the law of digging without permission, it got kicked out if court but they eventually got it passed. At the time there was no law against taking vermin, damaging land or property yes, but not actually taking vermin like fox. I didn't have anyone to learn from and it showed.
  3. Walk, walk, walk and then walk some more, there's no legislation on walking, even if you're caught out snooping about on private land man up and ask for permission to hunt the land. I'll tell you exactly how I got 90% of my land bear in mind that times were different back then and although immoral it wasn't illegal. I'd walk anyone's land I wanted to it added to the experience I'd find a nice fox earth and crack on and dig it, no harm done. On the odd occasion a farmer or land owner did come to me the conversation went something like this "WHO'S TOLD YOU, YOU CAN COME ON HERE ?" God "WHAT THE f**k ARE YOU ON ABOUT, I OWN THIS LAND !" No you don't, God owns it, it was here before you and it'll be here after you, all you own is a piece of paper that says it's yours in this lifetime. "YOU'RE A CHEEKY c**t" Yes but I'm here and the dogs in, what's the problem ? "f***ing ASK NEXT TIME" Which is your farm then, hello my names .........
  4. What's plummers terriers got to do with the American hunting ?
  5. That's what I consider a proper type, very nice animal
  6. We were using bay and mix and straight out bayers, both as good as each other, very similar to a fox, just more claws and more nimble. The mixers were heavily marked up, don't be fooled by the "easy title" , they can give plenty out especially in the numbers you find them in.
  7. Barn hunting is good fun, plenty of numbers if that's what you're after depending on weather and area. Some of the barns I hunted were huge, the old hay had been there for generations by the look of it, it turned to dust once you moved it about. Some of the runs inside the barns were as good as a decent fox earth in the UK, I filled my boots and then some.
  8. That was a good few years ago, they weren't having it all their own way even then, in one particular area the game warden was trying his level best to charge people for dog fighting for using the stags on coyotes............sounds familiar As far as terrier work went as long as you'd got a license to hunt you were all good, the American lads would know more, I was just along for the ride.
  9. I was told on my first coyote hunt that they'll test a stag on the way back in from a long run, if they don't catch them they'll turn around and follow the stag back in. If they think it's gutless they'll start calling in other coyotes to kill the stag ! A few hounds we came across on our travels
  10. That's in Wyoming Rickshaw, I was a guest so I choose my picture carefully so as not to show anyone's face or house without their permission
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