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  1. Having another bitch in the yard that's in heat MIGHT bring her in, especially if it's a kennel mate. Vitamin B12 has brought a few of mine into heat years ago but it never seemed like a full season. As BM said, nature knows best, better not to force it
  2. dillydog

    Jonny bluck 😳

    I was to busy talking to the poor girl who was pushing the pram, I've no idea mate. I'm not interested to be honest, but even though I don't have anything to do with the man I wouldn't lie to anyone about him, he doesn't need any help to look the c**t he is
  3. dillydog

    Jonny bluck 😳

    If I remember right I think it started over a prize JB hadn't given over......nothing unusual there. JB was walking along the terrier ring talking to me and GM, the lad approached him, the lad had a few mates with him, JB had no one. I could see his mates weighing up if me and GM were part of the equation but I can guarantee that we never were. For those of you thinking that you'd of done it a different way, a gentlemanly nod to a different area for a little bit of Queensbury rules boxing then you've clearly never had a tear up. I'll say again, I'm not defending the man himself, but I'm not having lies told about something I saw first hand.
  4. dillydog

    Jonny bluck 😳

    Not true, they were both having a little childish slanging match, it went exactly like this "you're a wanker, no you're a wanker" and so on. Things were getting silly and they were both looking like they were going to have a pop but JB got in first with his nut, he never hit him FACT. The lad fell back on to the pram, everyone concerned apologised and that was about it. To be fair to JB I saw him draw the boot back but he didn't follow up when he could easily of booted your mate in the chops. He can argue until he's blue in the face mate, that's how it happened may God strike me down
  5. dillydog

    Jonny bluck 😳

    Tell your mate he's full of shit because I watched it from ten foot away. I'm no fan of the man but rights right, it was fair and square, what he landed on was a child but when the bloods up who looks around for what might happen
  6. dillydog


    Donny C
  7. dillydog


    I've sat with Ken and Brian on many occasions, they hated each other with a passion. Ken was a character, a dealer and a spinner of yarns, you can't take it away from him, he had a knack of finding solid foundation to build on. He produced some of the best terriers this country had seen at the time and he put some names on the map. However, he was no keeper of records, and he'd give a pedigree made up on the spot to me, you, and the next person. .....none two the same. Brian was meticulous, he had a good memory and he had paperwork to back it up.
  8. dillydog


    "Story" Ask Wayne himself, I just had a lookand he's on FB bless him, not hard to find. I know who I'd believe
  9. dillydog


    You lost me as soon as I got to "working terrier expert and Plummer"
  10. dillydog


    Nuttall bitch x Cowan terrier, Colin wrote the article to put the record straight
  11. dillydog


    You'd be the first person in the history of terriers to get an accurate pedigree off Ken.........ask him again tomorrow you'll get a different one
  12. dillydog


    He was given them to work, he took it upon himself to sell them on, I spoke to Roy many times about it. Roy didn't know they were Franks, he offered them back but Frank never bothered.
  13. dillydog


    They know it's not right
  14. dillydog


    From what I heard it was Paul C who sold the terriers to RE
  15. dillydog

    worrying news

    Treating your own dogs isn't a defence in court, I've had first hand experience, you won't have a leg to stand on. You're correct about the paper trial, without it you're screwed.