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  1. dillydog

    I’ve seen it all now

    A fool and his money
  2. dillydog


    It came out just after i put the bull x cocker spaniel in, it's the only way to get the heads right and the chocolate colouration
  3. dillydog


    I've just said to the misses "it's ages since I've seen one like that" , all of my old stuff used to have white toes, chest or feet
  4. dillydog

    Fox control in Australia

    What's not to like, millions of acres of land that's bouncing with foxes, sounds good to me. Even better a government that's not scoring points off your back trying to keep the great unwashed rent a mob happy
  5. dillydog

    Fox control in Australia

    Shangri-la, sign me up
  6. dillydog

    Locator, the best

    I was referring to no one in particular, there's two threads running at the same time, by the way some are commenting you'd think they were after a workmans holiday
  7. dillydog

    Locator, the best

    The law states they mustn't use a locator, our law says we must, it's not about who's doing it right, it's about jumping through hoops to hang on to what we've got left. Given a choice I'd always always use a locator, you'd have to be retarded not to, stop kissing arse and use common sense, the terriers safety comes first. From what I hear terrier work in France is just about hanging on by it's fingernails, sadly I'm old enough to have been around when terrier work saw its demise in the UK, it had more to do with video recorders than locator systems.
  8. dillydog

    Locator, the best

    Or perhaps the French aren't dull enough to put marked up dogs on the net ! Why not have the best of both worlds, use a collar but have a time limit before it's deemed necessary to locate it for a rescue ? That way you could keep your tradition alive and have the best interest of the terrier at heart too.
  9. dillydog


    Absolute belter RH
  10. dillydog


    I've personally never removed a dew claw from a terrier, they've never given me any reason too. I can't say they serve any perpose, but they certainly haven't hampered them either, it comes down to personal choice. If ABC thinks he's helping his terrier dodge a potential injury then all power to him, it's no different than docking a terrier. As for helping to push and pull through an earth, I can see why you'd think it helps, a nice hook like appendage hanging along the side of a terriers foot, what's not to like ! The truth of the matter is after thirty plus years of digging to terriers I've yet to see a dew claw pulled off, I have on the other hand seen plenty of toe nails broken through digging on. Whatever makes you sleep better, it all boils down to "he said, she said"
  11. dillydog


    No resemblance to the original stock Glyn, I'm not knocking them at all but they're world's apart stamp wise. It's hard enough keeping the work and drive in them without loosing sleep over the look of them, dambed if you do, dambed if you don't.
  12. dillydog

    Rabbits needed

    You certainly won't get fat eating the rabbits around Stoke, hens teeth and unicorns are easier to find.
  13. dillydog

    Best looking Breed?

    Half sister to the other bitches, well past her best now but what a stamp ! Never won a single class let alone a show.....then again she hardly ever went to one. She was and still is the apple of my eye, as has already been quoted "form follows function"
  14. dillydog

    Best looking Breed?

    As close to perfection as I've ever come
  15. dillydog

    borders or lakeys?

    Tyson came from Wrexham, I never saw him work but lads around me did, they never knocked the dogs work.