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  1. Ask a sheep farmer, they take eggs from quality sheep, fertilise them and implant them in run of the mill shit to carry till birth. I spoke to a lad who's big into texel sheep, he certainly got me thinking.
  2. Those that work them will always breed for work, mind you, didn't they say the same thing about the russells
  3. Anything below the magical £1000 mark these days
  4. Reminds me of this picture, I miss those two terriers badly
  5. I've sat in your living room and came away with a lurcher pup
  6. My last litter for a few years, only the two in this litter but I'm more than happy with them.
  7. Common sense dictates whether they can put a shift in, I'm always torn between retirement or work, work usually wins. You can always pick their places, the alternative is them watching you get ready knowing full well where you're going and wondering why they can't go, they don't know that they're old, work them accordingly. And it shouldn't be about ego ever
  8. Did you just "presume" his sexual orientation Glyn, 2020 will prove you wrong you nasty BIGOT
  9. Pabs is on the sauce and now on he's on the juice too, lookout or he'll be sorting the wheat from the chaff on here, there's a new GAFFER in town
  10. How the f**k can you get "snubbed" at a dog show, what were you expecting, a reach around or a group hug ?
  11. We can all scroll on by, what I can guarantee is the people that want an end to our way of life won't, they'll be taking screen shots and taking names....... Better to not give them a stick to beat us with
  12. I'll be straight around, can't believe my luck
  13. People worry to much, feed it anything you like, there wasn't anything like puppy food until the marketing division got a eureka moment. I never saw a wolf or fox take back puppy food
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