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  1. dillydog

    Raw Diet.

    No Neil, the vet literallyput his fingers up the dogs arse to pull a shard of undigested bone out !
  2. dillydog

    Raw Diet.

    I've fed almost exclusively on chicken with no issues and I gave plenty of pork to, again with no issues. The only issues I had from pork was they struggled to pass the bone, I had to take one to the vet for a quick "finger blasting" !! My mate had the same problem with his terrier, he phoned me while he was on the way to the same vet and I told him what he did for my dog. This boy wasn't frightened of "having a go himself", he phoned me back after a few minutes laughing his bollocks off, he was cover in shit, all up his chest lol
  3. dillydog

    Bolting Jack Russell

    I had one exactly the same many years ago, perfect in her work and a cracking nature. She wouldn't do it all of the time but every now and then she'd see the gate was open, give you that collie stare and bolt. Just like yours, straight line, turn totally deaf and bolt ! The stupid thing was, I'd get in the car, drive up the lane and get in front of her, pull over to open the car door and she'd jump straight in ! I never did sort it out, she was so bad when I was in hunt service the yard where I kept my terriers had two gates, one either end of the housing. The gates just opened up to either end of the kennels which then lead around the staff houses and hound kennels, I'd see that look, she'd drop her shoulder and bolt. She'd run off at full pelt, totally ignore my bollocking, and turn up at the other gate after she did her lap of honour !! Best of luck trying to sort it out, I never did, she was given to a mate because life's to short.
  4. dillydog

    Bad run of luck

    Jesus that's a brilliant price, my vets a good bloke who's the same price but I hear some scary stories from other lads where vet bills come into it
  5. dillydog

    Raw Diet.

    That's what I said when I got there, I usually get a load of sausage off them to lol. It pays to keep your face in, there's a few other lads that keep their dogs fed because of this place, you've got to be quick lol
  6. dillydog

    Raw Diet.

    Plenty of it too, anything over or a bit fatty goes over the fence for the local fox population. It doesn't matter how much I put there they take the lot, the fox, crow, buzzards and magies.
  7. dillydog

    Defrosting Meat.summer Time.

    It does no harm to give it to them frozen, or semi frozen, in this weather it'll do more good than harm
  8. dillydog

    Raw Diet.

    Just had a call off the slaughter house, a few trays of beef offcuts, chicken legs and ankles, beefburgers and bones. Keep your face in with them and every now and then they'll have a clear out of freezer burned beef and so on. Two big bags of all sorts today, a picture to give you an example of what's there
  9. dillydog

    Working Dogs / House Dogs

    It makes NO DIFFERENCE either way IMO, if you don't like the smell of dogs or the hair and dust they create then by all means keep them in your yard. I alternate them in and out, I've got idiots here that never turned queer because they were allowed in the house........some of you think to much.
  10. Shame that so many English lads made it into it, no axe to grind but I expected to see Irish lads with Irish stories of great Irish dogs and digs.
  11. dillydog

    Raw Diet.

    Local abattoir, Wednesday or Thursday for the beef trimming and chicken carcass, Mondays and Tuesdays for the tripe. I don't feed tripe very often, I stick to the beef trimmings and either give a small amount of biscuits in the morning or evening too. Cost is zero, just the way I like it
  12. dillydog

    White lakey or not

    The white pup isn't from my stuff RH, it's JS stuff as far as I know. The jungle drums would still be pounding if I'd of got a white one
  13. dillydog

    White lakey or not

    I couldn't say with 100 % certainty but I was sold a supposed Middleton bitch many years ago. I used a black Patterdale over her and got one B&T bitch , one black smooth bitch and five black and white russell types.
  14. dillydog


    Sorry Boon, couldn't resist it
  15. dillydog


    Explains a lot