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  1. Apart from experience I'd always trust a youngster, they only know what you've shown them and they've learned no bad habits, they learn to lie with bad handling and poor operator skills Glad she did you proud
  2. Heard about it from our mutual friend RH, gutted for you, it's not a nice scenario, unfortunately lost one myself this season
  3. Without physically being there to take in all the available signs like prints, fur on the roof of the tube, scat and so on you'd only be guessing.........these days you'd want move than a guess to risk your liberty
  4. The culls f×cred the terrier game right through our country, you're right about the empty places though, back to the old days where you could drop a dog knowing the humbugs weren't home. The thermal boys have ruined a once great sport, no way you can even hope to compete. The antis have no idea what they've done banning hunting, no fox preservation at all, treated no better than a
  5. Has anyone got any pups due or a litter planned ? A mate asked me today if I knew of any
  6. A mate put a good bitch down at the start of the season, it happened last season and he hoped the rest would of sorted it out, sadly it wasn't to be. Best of luck
  7. They can be warm and wet, cold and dry but not wet and cold, saying that I used to dig or bolt upto 70 a year (not season), I wouldn't touch that now. Whether that's through just getting old and lazy or just seeing the danger in being where I'm not wanted or needed or just the damage the rifle does is all up for debate. The way I used to look at it was I'd treat my area like spokes in a wheel, hit every earth in one area before changing areas the next day, sooner or later I'd cut down the possibilities because I'd been to enough or I'd left the stink of dogs on enough places, cutting down
  8. You were either very lucky Steve or you were fortunate enough to have enough game around that she didn't get bored checking empty places
  9. I said "once you've dug a terrier to a rabbit" big difference from a rabbit bolting from a random hole. I've kept working terriers for 39 years, if anyone's known for giving a terrier a chance I'd like to think it's me. I can guarantee that once you've dug a terrier to a rabbit it won't be the last time and I'd personally offer it to a mate or pts. The problem most lads have is they don't know wtf is going on and they're in a huge rush to dig, better to miss one fox through uncertainty and bolt it than ruin a terrier rushing the job
  10. NEVER dig any terrier unless you're 100% sure it's with it's game, once you've dug them to rabbit you might as well pts, it'll only get worse
  11. Deerhound x or ACD ? I must of missed those days and stories
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