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  1. dogmad riley

    Holidays dog boarding

    Always put mine in kennels when away. Always come back alright never had any bother. Been using the same one now for years. Only problem is they come back a little heavier then when they went in but soon loose it once back out properly
  2. dogmad riley


    Agree with you there a lot of good people in sheff
  3. dogmad riley


    I work in Sheffield and from the m1 to the centre it is a sh!t hole. You struggle to see a British person, all Middle eastern or Romanian
  4. dogmad riley

    whippet x greyhound

    Like that one a lot
  5. dogmad riley

    First corn cut today

    Mid July mine start getting abit fitter depending on weather. Just lots of swimming for em at min too hot for anything else
  6. dogmad riley

    World Cup 2018

    Yes, why make things hard. If they was going flat out why wouldn't he start with the team who has won the last 2 matches
  7. dogmad riley

    World Cup 2018

    All part of the game plan. Finish 2nd then take the easier route avoiding Brazil, portugal and Spain til the semis
  8. dogmad riley


    RIP Alan had some good chats through PM
  9. dogmad riley

    Creating A Wildlife Pond

    Great job. Wish I Had the space to do something like this. Did you introduce the fish yourself?
  10. dogmad riley

    World Cup 2018

    Ronaldo best player atm. He shows this most of the time playing for Madrid and then is still consistent when playing for Portugal. Carries Portugal at times by him self. Messi done nothing in today's match against Iceland. Ronaldo got a Hat trick against one of the best teams in the world.
  11. dogmad riley

    Looks don't matter

    Correct. But when the dog is older and doing everything you want looks don't matter
  12. dogmad riley

    Looks don't matter

    Looks dont determine how it works
  13. dogmad riley

    Looks don't matter

    I don't care what the dog looks like if it's got one bollock or 3 as long as it does what I want it 2 do I'm happy. Don't think you can tell how they going to turn out from been picked from the litter it's the luck of the draw.
  14. dogmad riley

    Collie Grey For Stud

    Surely if the dog is doing Every thing expected of it, it is worthy to line a bitch. Not all about the dog though the bitch has to be just as capable.
  15. dogmad riley

    Collie Grey For Stud

    If the dog does everything asked of it does it matter if it's got one ball etc. If the dog does everything asked looks don't come into it unless you are chasing rosettes