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  1. Second that, I hunt because i love to see the dog and quarry running. If I can get the dog off before any real damage is inflicted I do. I admire the quarry I don't want to kill every one
  2. The b@stards are always avaliable when they after coursers or lampers never seems to be shortage then.
  3. Cracking bull x. Atb with him and studding him out looks like he has seen some graft
  4. I know that feeling with the hounds, iv a bloodhound once she is on a scent no amount of shouting is bringing her off of it.
  5. I like josh Taylor but Catterall was robbed. A poor decision
  6. Mines a bitch and she will tackle anything you put in front of her. She's semj retired now as of this season she has struggled to keep her condition and has lost a yard or 2 when running. She is roughly 8 now. She will still get the odd night out but nothing to taxing on her now.
  7. Trunk took some serious numbers with flick and is doing well with his off spring I believe
  8. @Smashing reds runs this type and his looks very capable. Also somebody else has a long line of this type but can't remember his user name. Could be 'fox pack' or something like
  9. Brilliant x is the collie bull grey. Get a good one and they will catch most things and make great fox dogs.
  10. Them chinks can shift and are good fun they ain't no slouch. Do like a good do on the CWD. For me roe on big open land are a good run
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