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  1. dogmad riley

    Deerhound greyhound pup

    Seen one of platts deerhound x work a few times was a good dog. Would take all game and had no problems turning. Would eat ground up when in full stride.
  2. dogmad riley


    Council aren't bothered a piece of land where i used to live used hold a lot of wildlife including butterflys at the right time of year. Went for a walk there with me son and wife yesterday as been in a while and it's a building site now. Sad times as every bit of free land seems to be getting built on. Have a lot of good memorys on that bit land when my lad was a toddler and dogs which have now passed
  3. dogmad riley

    teaching recall to a bull x

    Just let him be a pup. But get him used to other dogs and livestock from day 1. Good luck
  4. dogmad riley

    teaching recall to a bull x

    Haha agree there once they switched on they are unstoppable. They will give you 110% everytime.
  5. dogmad riley

    teaching recall to a bull x

    Iv found the bull x the easiest to train they are willing please once a bond has been made
  6. dogmad riley

    Quick question?

    I think a lot has to do with big money been bet at hare coursing due's. Doesn't make any difference to me what people charge. The biggest I have paid for a pup was £200. My other dog was gutted after mine had to be pts.
  7. dogmad riley

    Quick question?

    Would the Sunday league player do 3 hares daytime? Horses for courses
  8. dogmad riley


    I Wouldn't pay anymore than £350. For a lurcher. Some people pay daft money but a fool and his money are easily parted. Dog would have to be something special for me to consider paying more. Coursing stock obviously goes for abit more as there is money to made of them if your into betting
  9. dogmad riley

    Big numbers in one night

    If the numbers are there and the dog is fit I can't see why you wouldn't catch good numbers. Type of ground makes a big difference.
  10. dogmad riley

    Holidays dog boarding

    Always put mine in kennels when away. Always come back alright never had any bother. Been using the same one now for years. Only problem is they come back a little heavier then when they went in but soon loose it once back out properly
  11. dogmad riley


    Agree with you there a lot of good people in sheff
  12. dogmad riley


    I work in Sheffield and from the m1 to the centre it is a sh!t hole. You struggle to see a British person, all Middle eastern or Romanian
  13. dogmad riley

    whippet x greyhound

    Like that one a lot
  14. dogmad riley

    First corn cut today

    Mid July mine start getting abit fitter depending on weather. Just lots of swimming for em at min too hot for anything else
  15. dogmad riley

    World Cup 2018

    Yes, why make things hard. If they was going flat out why wouldn't he start with the team who has won the last 2 matches