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  1. dogmad riley

    Lightforce question

    Tracer 210 variable. Best lamp I have used. Have light force 170 and 240 both good lamps but much prefer my 210 variable. Had a 170 dimmer that burst into flames while in use. Can still smell it now haha
  2. dogmad riley

    Anyone know what this creature is ?

    Yep tomo is right
  3. dogmad riley

    Galaxy or Iphone?

    Samsung Galaxy for me. Can't get on with iPhone. Think it's just down to which format you prefer. They all do the same things anyway.
  4. dogmad riley

    Lets see some wheaton xs

    The smooth one is going to be a tank. Looks well built should have some fun with her
  5. dogmad riley

    Free to a good home

    Looks a nice little bitch. Defiantly worth a chance with someone. If I had kennel space I would of snapped her up
  6. dogmad riley

    orth east football teams

    It's about time Ashley put some money Rafas way so he can build a squad capable of competing in the premier league.
  7. dogmad riley

    Good result for once.

    Camp site is directly behind the the st ledger. I guess the copper had his suspicions lol
  8. dogmad riley

    Scrambler Bike anyone?

    Quad all day long for running the dogs
  9. dogmad riley

    Where to buy decent collar and slip lead

    Kcb leather. Not go wrong with them
  10. dogmad riley

    First Cross Lurchers?

    I have got a 1st x deer grey. Sire deerhound dam greyhound. I know 3 of the bitches have levelled out at around 28 -29" tts. All are turning into handy dogs up to yet.
  11. dogmad riley

    Stacey dooley

    Dog fox punches em out
  12. dogmad riley

    Subaru outback

    Never been pulled in mine. To be honest it doesn't look like a subaru 2010 legacy estate so still looks shiney and well looked after. Don't use it as a dog bus though it is the family car The forester on the other hand got pulled several times at night
  13. dogmad riley

    Subaru outback

    I have the legacy 2.0d se which is the same but lower down. 2010. It's comfy, quick drives well plenty of room in it and good on fuel. All the mod cons inside etc Would highly recommend. Wish I went for the outback now though just for more ground clearance.
  14. dogmad riley

    roofing sheets required

    What are prices as after some myself cheers
  15. dogmad riley

    Deerhound greyhound pup

    Seen one of platts deerhound x work a few times was a good dog. Would take all game and had no problems turning. Would eat ground up when in full stride.