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  1. Your right about the dog hair in soak away, I never put a filter in mine regret it now it blocks up regular now so going to have to dig it up and put right. I thought it might have been the water table but it drains down after a few hours
  2. Still plenty of game around them parts if you can avoid plod
  3. Fantastic work sandy, what a talent to have.
  4. Go to the chemist and ask for some "man up pills" they will sort you out. Keep it clean and it will be fine, been bitten many times
  5. I think as serious working dog they are done ( I hope I'm wrong). As a mooching dog you can have some fun with them. I had a 1stx she would pick her runs and just run along side deer. Sometimes she take them other times just run at the side and even in front if them. Same with fox she would take one then leave. Rabbits she mopped up for fun and took a good amount of hare. Her litter sister was one if the best deer dogs iv seen but wouldn't tackle a fox at all. I still like the dhxgh but I wouldn't have another for serious work
  6. Best fox dog iv see was a pure grey ex track bitch, was a demon on fox rubbish on deer but loved fox
  7. Is there many 1/4 bull 3/4 grey out there doing the job? av been around bullxs for a while now and never seen a seasoned one in action. One of my pals had one but it was shite jibbed all the time
  8. My pal has a 5/8 bull 3/8 grey and he has been some dog, he getting on now but still at it and still showing his worth at 10 year old. He's the gamest dog iv ever seen work. He has produce some game pups as well.
  9. Used to lamp Finningley Airport before they reopened it, had some great sport running hares on there.
  10. Looks a strong versatile dog. Like him alot. Looks the sort you could have some fun with. Only ever seen one and that was retrieving to a shotgun on a pigeons. Was sitting in the hide until told to go
  11. Could be anything in them for all I know, just seen the add. Pups look lumps and parents look a nice type. If they are the parents? I wouldn't know.
  12. Outstanding bull greyhound pups | in Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria | Gumtree WWW.GUMTREE.COM 3 dog pups looking for forever new homes due to being let down by timewasters 2 brindle dogs 1... Don't know who's they are but parents look like they have done abit and well built.
  13. Usyk to box his head off. Just hope he not to sluggish with the extra weight. Aj looking lean and will move well. Going to be a good match up I think. Think Aj size will play a big advantage but usyk is another level technical wise
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