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  1. Just on the final series now, brilliant upto now
  2. I like this mix of dog I have a bitch bred collie bull grey and she does everything thrown at her. Rhfd no problem for her
  3. The saharas we use all the way through lamping season and have never got stuck in them. On the road they aare abit loud but make up for it in the mud
  4. Got these on mine brilliant tyres and hard wearing had on for 2 years now and hardly worn down and they've had some hammer. Insa turbo Saharas. Don't use kingpin trackers absolutely shite. We ripped the tread off ours within 4 months
  5. Nice to see a staff in fine fettle.
  6. Bet that smelled nice after
  7. Best set up imo. Had mine for last 4 or 5 seasons. 170 a good lamp aswell
  8. Just got my pup for £300. Bred of dogs doing the job regular. Still some good decent folk about wanting pups to go to working homes.
  9. They was emptied weeks ago, only the good teams get to finals
  10. Ear cropping seems to be the in thing at the moment with these fat bulls
  11. They call them lurchers shit bred to shit. Iv just got a well bred pup for £300, he didn't want stupid money just working homes. Well tested dogs bred
  12. And dogmen are the bad ones With fair law given (by some), dog either gets or it doesn't not shot and left to die in pain.
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