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  1. dogmad riley

    Bull xs for this season?

    Strong looking dog. Is he half or 5/8 bull. Looks like mi pals which is around same age
  2. dogmad riley

    Hard men...

    These rough boys make me laugh.. if they like fighting so much why dont they go into boxing or mma where they are put against men just as fit as them at the same weight and just as game??? Because they would get there arses served to them
  3. dogmad riley

    New estate car

    Only on thl can a topic go from estate cars to nuclear physics lol.
  4. dogmad riley

    Recommend me a cordless vacuum cleaner..

    Not been down in about 4 years was going every year 2 or 3 times a year before that. Last time I went alot of it was pre bottled compared to when I first started going. Still a cracking cider. Have a trip to hecks cider farm, proper barrels still at that one. Its like walking into the dingles but great cider. Dont think it is too far from street down that way if I remember right
  5. dogmad riley

    Recommend me a cordless vacuum cleaner..

    Perry's vintage cider from down Somerset Hecks farm vintage cider also from down somerset beat ciders going.
  6. dogmad riley

    Bull xs for this season?

    Some very well built dogs there bet they where useful in their day.
  7. dogmad riley

    Bull xs for this season?

    Any pics of these old type bull x's. I know the type I used to go out with as a young kid definitely looked different to the ones you see today. As bird says the where alot lighter built. But I cant remember if they where just bull greys or something else in the mix.
  8. dogmad riley

    Turk dog

    Turkish kangol
  9. dogmad riley

    Stock breaking patterdales

    Everybody got to start somewhere the fact that he is asking for help shows he is willing to learn and just not jumping straight in
  10. dogmad riley

    Liverpool vs yids

    3 - 1 liverpool
  11. dogmad riley

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Brazeale is shite. Looked scared to death in that ring
  12. dogmad riley

    Subaru forester

    Lol. I like the newer models just out if my price range
  13. dogmad riley

    Subaru forester

    Lol. It's been eventful upto yet
  14. dogmad riley

    Subaru forester

    Will do, just on with changing rear wheel bearing. Should be done 2moz.
  15. dogmad riley

    Subaru forester

    Not quite as nice as yours lol. Very fun to drive got few mods to do to it. Lift kit and mud tyres