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  1. Think SA will take some stopping
  2. I struggled to find a uk dealer think I had to order from Germany
  3. Joyce a big stiff idiot, big bang zhan alot better and robbed in the Czech fight
  4. Now that is a belting looking dog. Atb with her
  5. Same reason he wanted 3 fights with chisora. Nothing wrong with a rematch clause especially if the 1st fight was very close
  6. Fury is a good boxer so is usyk. Don't think anybody can say fury or usyk isn't a good boxer.
  7. Daytime hare is the ultimate followed by a good roe on big open land. A good rabbit dog will mop up any bunnies hanging about in the day
  8. He's fought chisora 25 times ???
  9. Usyk is the most complete boxer hits without being hit too much. Fury also the same should be a good bout but think fury does him due to size, i think if they where the same height uysk would walk away undisputed world champ. Also think usyk wants it more so should be a good one if it happens. Cmon usyk love fury but the pantomime that follows has put me right off
  10. One in Scotland just folded after 250 years sad times.
  11. Feck me where was they kennelled the Ritz.
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