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  1. He was good dog. Could run but if they got 3 turns on him he'd struggle to get back on them. He was no hare dog. Unfortunately he died after a night's lamping. Got him out of the motor and he just died, I was gutted.
  2. My old lad, sadly gone now. Gave 110% on everything. Would love another like him
  3. My pal had one was a very useful dog. Did everything asked and was quick enough to catch hrfd. Accounted for many of each. Sadly long gone now.
  4. I can't remember his name, all photos on my other phone, he sent me them exatct pics saying it was bred down from them. They some relation to his dog. Sire was a big bull grey with a drop of saluki and dam a 1/2x bull. I believe. I got the dog from Sunderland way, but believe the dog was bred somewhere near Scotland? Got pics of sire and dam somewhere al try and dig out what he sent me, but he definitely sent me them pics you have put up Ryan i believe he was called
  5. Both did well, the Ukrainian is very strong for his size. Much more to come from both of them. Was a shame to see Brian Shaw not doing so well, but age has caught up with him, he is a legend and needs to retire I think he can't keep up with the young guns.
  6. I had my deerhound threw about 3m in the air by a fallow, he turned around faced her then got her in his antlers and just threw her like she was nothing
  7. She is 6 now, she sounds like yours takes them at the right time and hits ditches like you say. She has taken rhfd regular and never missed a beat. She only stands 23 1/2tts. Would love another like her. She is docile until needed then she becomes a different dog switched on and livens up. Al definitely be having another. Best cross iv used and seen. I like my bull xs but think the cbg has a little more to offer as an all rounder. He looks alot more powerful than mine, looks a good around dog
  8. That dog is a belter. How tall is he? I got a collie bull hound bitch, she has really opened my eyes as to how good they can be. She loves the foxes They are a very versatile x.
  9. That bike looks a belter your lad will have some fun The RM is 2010. I believe they are all identical from 2002 to 2020 Wish I got him a 4 stroke to learn on now the 2 is a bit much for. The Rm pulls with me on it and I'm touching 18 stone.
  10. Suzuki RM85 View Advert Bought for my lad but too much bike for him. Bike pulls like a train, he is like superman when the powerband kicks in Has had oil change, coolant, new plug, new acerbis plastics, new blackbird double grip suzuki seat cover. Hgs race exhaust. Ready for new vinyls with fresh plastics will swap for a less powerful bike something like a crf, ttr125 klx etc. Some thing 4 stroke of similar size. Any questions please ask. £1200 ono. Advertiser dogmad riley
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