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  1. dogmad riley

    walking boots

    Had dry feet apart from when stood in a dyke and my feet got submerged lol. Apart from that been impressed with them for the price very hard wearing boots
  2. dogmad riley

    walking boots

    I use hiax desert boots. £45 from ebay brand new. Size 13. So far so good once you bed them in. Big blisters until you do. Good support and comfy.
  3. dogmad riley

    Little fu**ers are growing quick.

    Is the black tail a kelpie trait? Dont see many dogs with light coloured bodys and black tails. Belting pups
  4. dogmad riley

    the ability of the bull x as a alrounder

    Brilliant dogs bull'xs I love another like my last one.
  5. dogmad riley

    Fury hanging up his gloves?

    £8 a pint. Safe to say I would be staying sober at them prices
  6. dogmad riley

    Fury hanging up his gloves?

    He probably would just with the height difference. But then again usyk is a clever fighter and would be just in and out
  7. dogmad riley

    Fury hanging up his gloves?

    As much as I like fury he is becoming a joke with this wwe crap. Yeah it's good for his American popularity but no good for his boxing He should be focusing on wilder not play fighting. I think if he Carrys on like this wilder will flatten him and he wont be getting back up
  8. dogmad riley

    Fury hanging up his gloves?

    A new champ usyk enters the heavyweight scene tonight. Hopefully he can do the job and isn't too small. He should certainly liven it up.
  9. dogmad riley


    A little bull blood goes a long way and it certainly livens up the deerhound
  10. dogmad riley


    Theres a bloke from spenny moor who breds em he bred mine. He called dave I think. He breeds them with trev cookland. I think my hounds off here knows him PM him he might be able to put you in touch with him. They do take a while to settle into there job though. Atb with finding one.
  11. dogmad riley

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Credit to you them pups jig. All look healthy chunky pups in great condition. Look forward to seeing how they progress ATB
  12. dogmad riley

    lets see some dogs pulling in to fitness

    Not really got any of decent pics. 5/8 grey x 3/8 bull he is just starting out and the other is a 1st x deer grey.
  13. dogmad riley

    lets see some dogs pulling in to fitness

    Like them dogs alot. My kind of lurcher, good strong build on em.
  14. dogmad riley

    Oil change.

    Like to do mine every 6k.
  15. dogmad riley


    My deerhound x is a pain for the tredmill. She gets on it everytime she is in garage. Just stands on it waiting for it to get going. The bull x though you have to fight him on it but trots well on it once he on. They good for when the weather is crap or if your busy in garage you can just put em on it while I potter around in there