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  1. Thought it was going to be one of them days at half time, then they came out flying.
  2. 1 pt from play offs, wouldn't of thought of this 2 months back
  3. Definitely I agree Molls has been brilliant will be a big miss if we lose all 4
  4. I do miss that ground
  5. I thought from the performance from hull i thought we where onto a good start then leaghe results jhst didnt happen some games played well but just switched off. It's been a cracking turn around, be nice to keep adeluken and lo tutola for another season. 7 wins in 7 C'mon rovers
  6. Berrera thought khan with 2 black eyes from a fight a few days before the fight, a true fighting man
  7. Pathetic fight is 2 weeks out that would barley be a scab by then. He's jacked the big dosser. Was a massive fury fan from the start but he's let himself down big time. Should be stripped and fined the messer
  8. Milwaukee 14" great bit of kit. Cut 100s of logs and doesn't mess around straight through. Quite and lasts a good while on one 12Amp/h battery
  9. On the subject of lamps, anybody found a replacement switch for the lightforce lamps that last longer than half a season?
  10. Think that was on the old clulite lamps the reflectors where plastic and could melt if 100w lamp was fitted, the blazerlite upgrade was metal reflector with 100w lamp if I remember correctly.
  11. Think SA will take some stopping
  12. I struggled to find a uk dealer think I had to order from Germany
  13. Joyce a big stiff idiot, big bang zhan alot better and robbed in the Czech fight
  14. Now that is a belting looking dog. Atb with her
  15. Same reason he wanted 3 fights with chisora. Nothing wrong with a rematch clause especially if the 1st fight was very close
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