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  1. Iv just bought the dog trace x20 seems a good bit of kit we'll made and easy to use. No subscription. £390 for collar and receiver unit Not overly expensive either. Basic compared to the garmins but definitely worth having one.
  2. Disco 2 front springs, put on back of forester, put a brace bar across back aswell
  3. Unbelievable them drawings, best iv seen
  4. We've got a horsefield tortiose for the kids brilliant pets tbf. Leave him in the garden all summer long, dogs don't bother it he just rooms around eating all weeds easy to care for until hibernation time. Autumn time drop him in his enclosure with uv and heat lamp on when needed.
  5. All are furnaces at work are gearing up for hydrogen but they can also run on gas. Think hydrogen is going to be the future
  6. That's it everyday can turn but not every dog does damage like a fired up pit, when there blood is up there some force
  7. Get him some SIS hydro tablets, hydration tablets for physical exercises. They help replace all the lost electrolytes and salts that is lost through sweating. Drink upto 30 mins before and even half time. You just dissolve them into 750ml of water and no sugar That should keep him topped up.
  8. Was out on lamp last night was bloody cold not used to temps dropping to single digits felt it last night medium coat coming out for next trip
  9. Any one any suppliers around doncaster area?
  10. Seen a few bits showing good signs am happy upto now
  11. My lad 15 month old coming on nicely now.
  12. Then they prosecute lads taking them with dogs. The country is a joke
  13. No need to worry it will jack soon enough
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