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  1. I'm 4 or 5 seasons in with mine now and it only loses one bar after a full night's lamping. Will last 3 or 4 good outings before going dead. I always charge mine after a night's lamping so it stays topped up
  2. We share this planet we don't own it.
  3. Them cherokees and grand cherokees get everywhere, the one I had 2.5td was a brilliant off roader but its was just fault after fault so sold it Not had an off roader as good yet though. My pal had the 4.0l GC which was also good and more reliable just drank like an alcoholic
  4. get ready for them bucks they can be firey little buggers and can damage ya dog. Great sport though
  5. I had one like that loved chasing em but wouldn't pull would sometimes. No good to me so she hot rehomed If love to see a dog been called of a deer...
  6. Just get a deben 170 variable will last throughout your lamping career without having to upgrade
  7. I always thought the same but then got a collie bull grey and it has impressed me tbf will tackle anything that is put in front of her.
  8. Seen one run bred by morton and it was a good dog jack of all trades. Would take teeth and edibles regular Its a cross I would like to have if bred of the stuff
  9. Not go wrong with sthil or husqavana
  10. All i use is milwaukee gear. Mainly because work buy them all for me as they are pricey but worth every penny I work in a heavy steel environment and last for years with no probs. We had dewalt and they didn't last any where near as long before the died. Battery's didn't last as long as milwaukee. Also a added bonus with milwaukee is they now have built in GPS trackers so if they go missing you can find them
  11. Don't judge a book by its cover lol
  12. You did a lot better than us went for a spin local never seen it so dead. Didn't see a Charlie all night odd rabbit that was it. Roll on when all fields down then can start traveling out again
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