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  1. If the alunt was such a good dog on wild boar, hunting and guarding why was it made an extinct breed? What does it offer over a good bull x? Imho a good bullx takes some beating they are quality dogs with the heart of a lion. They are hard to beat
  2. just spat mi coffee all over reading that
  3. Every other day I like to bike mine at side of me and just free run at side while I bike. Quad would be easier though Dog seems to enjoy it and they cover alot more ground.
  4. Me too. Best fox dog I ever seen was an ex track bitch. Unfortunately she was stolen before a litter could be had. She took some settling in wanted to kill every dog smaller than her that didn't look like a running dog. Once he was sorted no fox was safe and she killed them quick. Was useless on bambi though
  5. My last dog was 3 1/2 year old died while out on lamp. Was gutted he was the best dog I have had to date heart of a lion. 1/2 x bull grey The one before him was 5 shattered his wrist and damaged his shoulder. He was the type that would run anything at full speed and not let obsticles get in his way. The reason he damaged him self beyond repair. Saluki whippet bull grey
  6. I think your right but al give him next season see how we go. He'll still track deer and everything else so will still be of some use
  7. I have done mate. Av not given up on him yet. Going to try again next season.
  8. Yeah he still putting effort into getting up to them just wont knock em. As for experiences he has had a few wounds from muntjac, and has retrieved several foxs where they have bit back but gone onto more then husg stopped pulling em but will stick if another gets it 1st. Will also carry on if you take the other off.
  9. Good alround dogs saluki bull greys. If anyone is breeding any please give me a shout. Only if they are off tested dogs please
  10. It's done em then decided not to pull. Had em inside out just not striking Will not come off though if another dog pulls em.
  11. With regards to pulling off stuff when would you right the dog off? 1st season or give it another season to fully mature?
  12. Look big chunky healthy pups. Best of luck keep us updated
  13. Best wellies I had as a young un. Then again I didn't know any better
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