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  1. David.evans

    Money Saver

    great invention atb
  2. David.evans

    Long time

    nothing wrong with the ultra . light accurate and a great rifle to boot good shooting mitch atb
  3. David.evans

    Target shooting today.

    top draw shooting U ATB
  4. David.evans

    eBay bargain

    may be a bottle band would be better and fix the try pod to that , think ive got one somewhere jimmy ill have alook atb mate
  5. David.evans

    Quirky THL members

    good few names there not heard from moxey in a long time ?
  6. David.evans

    Pigeon rotary

    Nice Result mate just got to find the birds now .lol
  7. David.evans

    Cartridge belts ?

    most likely wont fit now mate your getting older and think of the waist line , lol atb SL
  8. David.evans

    Thermal spotter

    Not superised seen shoe good they are Atb
  9. David.evans

    Thermal spotter

    totally agree with rob talk to ian b at blackwood atb
  10. Ok lads the laser on the pard 007 , is not visible due to the turrets on the winder blocking the beam Question whats a good red dot laser out to 100 /150 yards that can tag on to the under side of the barrel cz455 or weaver rail attached to the scope Atb Dave
  11. David.evans

    No response to e mails

    Didn’t think Ian done them or I would have gone to him first atb
  12. David.evans

    No response to e mails

    Anyone Any one got a phone number for these Atb
  13. David.evans

    No response to e mails

    I would if I knew where they are bunch of muppets atb
  14. David.evans

    No response to e mails

    I’ve mail the torch factory loads of time and even sent my pal pal receipt no email back and no pill over 2 weeks now never again
  15. David.evans

    Foggy foxing

    Nice to have mates nathen i could allways do a reverse call charge you tight git , lol atb mate