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  1. Not quite right east coast work from home if you can , the 80% only comes in if your company is closed by the government failing that SSP at £94 per week just seems to me that worker on site don’t have much choice, there’s a site 3 miles from me that have had 3 confirmed cases the company involved had the canteen deep cleaned and the office and were told to crack on in your words I just think this is been irresponsible
  2. Most construction sites are still open, but nearly all of the top management are at home self isolating, while there work force are still out , and there Fukien about on laptops getting paid , as far as I’m concerned its WRONG, I’m all right jack , fuk you it’s the same as putting a gun to there heads , go to work or don’t get paid ComPation my bolloks
  3. Wrong all the weirdos are in this section , lol
  4. Talk about spreading the pandemic, 650.000 construction workers still doing there thing , because most can’t work from home , Fukien joke all because the government won’t make a hard stand but having said that , if I were working on say a new hospital I’d work 15 hrs a day some jobs just have to be done stay safe
  5. Your one luck man stav to have that kind of land around you , even tho you work dam hard atb mate
  6. Usual setup no dead lambs , so chicken carcasses placed out at 100/150 , both fell to the 100 yard bait it would have been 3 , one came past the truck 10 yards in front of me and didn’t have a clue that I was there , I shouted it stoped I took the shot and missed ,——unbelievable still great to be out no moon and a good breeze in my face atb
  7. SD make sure you read From back to front , education is a wonderful thing , lol atb mate
  8. Nice results mate atb ps don’t forget the cat food
  9. Do it mate mines 100 yards from the wood , some cat food spread about , sit and wait , flask in one hand spotter on the other , not very often it fails atb
  10. Farmer phoned 2 dead lambs , so of I went , put the carcass out a 100/150 more or less where the farmer had found them , this one showed up at 8.30 , and took a 243 95g at 100 yards waited till 10.30 and nothing Else showed , so home atb
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