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  1. David.evans

    Air Rifle Hunting, Long Range Crows & Magpie Madness

    Top dollar video there mate wished I could make them as good as that Atb
  2. David.evans

    Bit of foxing using the XQ38F

    Which ones that then i use black hot but the heat don’t show up red?
  3. David.evans

    Bit of foxing using the XQ38F

    Yep great write up Dave what colour did the have the xq on in the end fec these dot I can't get them off Atb
  4. David.evans

    Got him !

    Nice mate very nice big bugger to boot Atb
  5. David.evans

    Elusive Charlie

    A determined man will always succeed, knew you would do it And U is right give them head lamps a wipe , lol atb
  6. David.evans

    That was easy!

    Out of interest mate what's your light on top ? Great shooting as always
  7. David.evans

    Elusive Charlie

    SH If your reading this your home mate , come on , yes or no ? Atb
  8. David.evans

    Elusive Charlie

    I know it’s early but try the vixen mate call I had one come in Saturday nite from 300 yards with a go mate good luck
  9. David.evans

    Another couple of bucks

    The way you lot are going who's pulling the sledge. Great shooting lads Atb Dave
  10. David.evans

    A productive afternoon.

    With out a doubt you are the game garou atb nath
  11. David.evans

    Another down

    Good shooting Dave great when a mooch turns out well Atb
  12. Any way jimmy there marks decoys not what he's shot mate, if you look close you can see there plastic
  13. Good job there's no gun shows coming up , there'd be pistols at dawn Atb lads
  14. David.evans

    Shot and ball.

    That my friend looks a stunning piece of land to shoot over Atb
  15. David.evans

    The slam dunk!

    Have to say nathen that a great photo , looks like your telling him off bit late tho now mate , lol nice going Atb