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  1. It’s a average price at best , but if it works ok there’s nothing to loose atb
  2. So there sheep’s bollocks then on toast SD’s right
  3. I’ve used my swing blade a few times stav you won’t be disappointed with it Atb
  4. Busy weekend for you mate , I hope you have a big flask
  5. Sd your far from a place called chesby junction 14/ m6 , I’ve a rabbits perm up there if you fancy a go atb
  6. Fuc off Ben It’s called , clean hand with wipes before eating sandwiches,after picking crows atb mate
  7. So then Ben Its true you are a lazy fuker
  8. Well you to sarcasm gits , that your invitation out the Fukien window
  9. Your all mad , what’s wrong with a spotting scope , fuc walking too and frow
  10. It’s stoping up Mitch till to pallets rot away , plenty of Room for two atb mate
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