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  1. Splashing the cash SD nice looking tool mate
  2. Offer still stands but could stretch the distance with in reason Atb
  3. Torque screwdriver 1/4 inch 2-6nm if you have one for sale please let me know Thanks
  4. Any one own a torque screwdriver, and if so what make I need to get one atb
  5. SD you taking photos off your phone is camera . .? Because they are very good
  6. Oryx LS you can get them in all different outlets mate atb
  7. Wildcat evolution, take apart for cleaning, no at all heavy , and very quite atb
  8. Well I decided to tart up the tikka 233 , don’t know why but this new stock fits like a glove , so I’m of out to do some essential pest control just though I’d give you a look Atb
  9. The mice are quite big round my way lol and don’t start I know what it is
  10. SD your a bad man calling tess useless, she’s served you well in the past lol
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