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  1. Your making this all look to easy stav you of the sticks mate , I don’t see a pod , great shooting atb
  2. I have to say big fella that your a genius at this stuff atb mate
  3. Good range that mate — and a nice fox at the end of it Atb
  4. Nice to see a good man having a great time atb big fella
  5. Either way stav thats one beautiful piece of land and I would have thought a pleasure to be out atb mate
  6. That’s bad SD I’ve never looked at the cases , will do mow tho thanks for the heads up atb
  7. Jesus Ritch some great shooting mate and a great read atb
  8. Strange there bang on in my cz455 atb
  9. Not a lot of damage the shot took the shoulder blade out and the round went out the other side WF - roe sack ordered atb
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