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  1. Great results and a brilliant write up well done mate
  2. SD it’s a beam of invisible red light that you or any animal can not see but there a lot more power full than a ordinary ir beam have a look on u tube srx torch for night vision , bit of a eye opener excuse the pun Atb mate
  3. Laser is the way forward if there picking up on beam of the torch atb mate
  4. That’s some going mate well done , bet the red torch lads will be we pissed atb
  5. Great shooting mate and fair play going back
  6. SD. Should be on the top shelf with the extra extra, special mince pies at Asda cause your a one of mate
  7. Going to court unshaven stav is a No no you scruffy git , lol enjoy mate , and sleep well atb
  8. Just try and put this behind you now mate and enjoy life to the full and bullock to the twats atb mate ps get a few beers down ya
  9. Yep and you can’t hit fuc all there either, lol atb pal
  10. Are the gray cells failing mate , lol
  11. I give most of my cases away , don’t I Walshie,
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