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  1. David.evans

    Rabbit Clearance around the paddocks

    great shooting there ST is that the photon on top ? atb
  2. David.evans

    Which rifle

    any idea of what your going to run thro it atb
  3. David.evans

    Which rifle

    stav let us know how you get one when yove been out atb
  4. David.evans

    Barrel length

    CZ455 mitch atb
  5. David.evans

    Badgers only eat worms don’t they .

    nice FD atb
  6. David.evans


    Good luck Mitch sure there won't be a problem and up the villa tonight atb mate
  7. David.evans

    DEFRA Consultation - General Licences

    Sure you'd heard the old saying couldn't run a piss up in a brewery
  8. David.evans

    Busy grandaddy.....

    Allways fancied shooting one of those good shooting SD atb
  9. David.evans

    Three new general licenses released

    Go get em Rez all good as long as you have tried all none leathal means get my drift do not forget to take a scarecrow out with you Atb mate
  10. David.evans


    Must have read it wrong ! Atb
  11. David.evans


    Now issued with a shooting season attached Atb
  12. David.evans

    Best parallax scope for 223

    Stav what MTC did you look thro with the pard , just thinking of changing my winder atb
  13. David.evans

    New GL26

    Sound stav go get em
  14. David.evans

    New GL26

    Just been on NE web site and GL26 been issued for carrion crow 20 minutes ago please look it up and make sure I'm right , I don't want any one to get screwed atb
  15. So there's no crow shooting the weekend ? Is that right