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  1. David.evans

    on the birds yesterday

    Out my self yesterday LEZ shot 35 and picked 29 never catch you up mate lol Atb
  2. David.evans

    The usual suspects

    Nice and clean and a good size stav good shooting mate Atb
  3. David.evans

    Hobby Welder - Free to good home.

    I think moxey went to the hills shooting and hasn't been seen since
  4. David.evans

    Hobby Welder - Free to good home.

    You might as well weld the end of your barrel up for what you shoot lol Nice offer mate atb
  5. David.evans

    An hour out in colour.

    SL Your quite fortune as well my friend living down there , that's a picturesque part of the county , I've been that way a few times , anywhere is better than the concrete jungle I live in , lol im jealous of you and gav , Atb lads
  6. David.evans

    An hour out in colour.

    Getting paid , and moaning about ten rounds , jesus gav , if it's that bad mate I'll send a box of 1.7 up your way foc , lol Atb mate
  7. David.evans

    An hour out in colour.

    That great shooting for a tight old git lol and well worth 10 rounds atb gav
  8. David.evans

    Carbon remover

    No mate they can all be stripped atb
  9. David.evans

    Just back from the new bit

    The man that’s sets his stall out correctly will always reap the benefits atb mate good things to come
  10. David.evans

    Took the 40 yr old FWB Sport 127 out.

    You need to do a full shift now and again you lazy git , lol atb mark
  11. David.evans

    Kashmiri Rabbit

    Good shooting Jon i know. That tree line , I had a pee in it a few years ago atb mate
  12. David.evans

    Carbon remover

    Hi lads having great pains trying to clean the carbon of the mods any secret I should know about atb dave
  13. David.evans

    Aahhhhhrrrrr £!@##$%

    U your better than that go get her Atb mate
  14. David.evans

    New 45 acre permission

    Don't forget the land clearance my friend unless your on open nice result atb
  15. David.evans

    6x24 scope on 17HMR?

    Nice web page decker