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  1. David.evans

    A weekend on Crows and pigeons

    And i thought the lads from the north were hard ( pussys )LOL ATB
  2. David.evans

    I’m going to have it

    3/4 moon the weekend mate you know what there eye sight, is like,, tucked up in a hedge line sounds good best of luck mate
  3. David.evans

    I’m going to have it

    lazy git set the alarm mate you know it makes scene atb stav
  4. David.evans

    GRS stock on e bay

    Well I didn’t get the one on e bay but bought this instead fits well and feels a lot better I do like the pistol grip you can really get a hold of it and pull it in to the shoulder Atb
  5. David.evans

    A weekend on Crows and pigeons

    If your not sure of a flight line mate stick a rabbit out upside down with its guts out that will bring them in and a few decoys around it Atb
  6. David.evans

    243 granted

    Hi lads I've got the tikkat3x in 223 and thinking about the same in 243 for deer i know that there's a few different makes out there but is this the right choice .? regarding weight accuracy and of course cost any suggestions on this atb
  7. David.evans

    Old building, perm

    Posh word. If I spell it right (guano) and its deadly Atb
  8. David.evans

    beter than working

    Hope you practiced on paper first Mitch you know the one where you draw a squirrel head on a bit of paper and set it out at 30 yards Atb
  9. David.evans

    One last look

    Good shooting mate I've had one in my sights for ages now and it just won't come out From the edge of the wood even for KFC ATB
  10. David.evans

    applying for fac

    40 yards sub 12 still needs good skills 100 /200 yards .223 in my opinion needs better skills . As jimmy. Has said yes you can do some major damage with air but with 22. 17 .223 if you fuc up some one could end up dead it's all down to the man behind the stock to be vigilant no mater what
  11. Good shooting mate and great editing on the video
  12. David.evans

    I’m going to have it

    O yes you'll get it for sure don't forget some chicken wings they allways hold them up good luck mate Not that you will need it Dave
  13. David.evans

    GRS stock on e bay

    Yes mines a spotter barell so thanks for that ill leave it alone atb
  14. David.evans

    Nice morning for a 22.

    It's says on setting up zero at 50 yards on 12 mag , and the other range markings on the scope fall into place which they do i.e. 75 .100. 125 ect Atb
  15. David.evans

    Nice morning for a 22.

    I've got the hawke 22lr scope on mine and with 42g subs its bang on out to 150 yards Atb