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  1. Yes it does if it’s. Going on a 17 hmr it’s flat shooting to 120 yards and no need for anything else I have the c50 on the 243 for fox and a 008lrf on the 1.7 I have a 007 that I stick on the 22lr and that’s good at rabbit ranges as well what are you shooting with . .?
  2. Don’t need much more then bob atb
  3. Probably the best out there if your only shooting say 100 y for rabbits have a look a the pard 008 atb
  4. Not one of them green carts then SD you sure you heard a buck grunting? We thought you had none
  5. Nice going SD not to long to wait and a MBE from our new king will be in order nothing wrong at all with green atb
  6. Ben if your keeping the pard get a eagle vision mount no more loosing zero atb
  7. Yep the speed I move your right SL , It’s terrible been a old nasty bollocks (FD ) I suppose I should take a Zimmer frame with me , maybe that would make (FH) crack a smile atb
  8. Went out tonight on my yearly outing before it gets to cold for my old bones and managed to get just the one , I’ll report back next year if I’m still alive
  9. You get the mole SD , I’ve got the lead
  10. No mate but there are few good story tells on this site atb SL
  11. Them mushrooms are definitely kicking in
  12. Your in the wrong field SD , ffs there’s no saplings in that one
  13. Nothing wrong with the rifle mate , or scope . Just something I do every time I go out , not free hand SD , off bags on the bonnet of the truck atb
  14. Thought I better check zero before I start 150 yards C50 243 , 75g vMax home load 3 shot group never seen a fox
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