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  1. Any body still got a pair of everpress Levi s , and brown brogues in the back of the wardrobe
  2. Take them a bowl of porridge oats up you tight git and if ginger is about fuc the bowl at him atb stav
  3. No I won’t I’ve a Folding ramp all ready to go and sits in the back of the truck just nice atb
  4. SD Get back out a couple of hour before dusk you know it makes sense good luck
  5. Bet that got your attention im to old to be trying to maul deer in to the truck , so I had this done , just press the remote button happy days I’ll get it wired in properly Saturday atb
  6. Not much work done in there SD , it’s far to clean atb
  7. Totally agree SD I think all our thoughts are with jimmy and Nat , at this very difficult time
  8. Good nite out for the two of you your right jimmy , good company out does what you shoot atb mate
  9. Good shooting SD Yep your right ive a 455 and it’s most accurate with cci atb glad you got home safe
  10. That’s a great photo , thanks for sharing atb dont shoot hares my self , there’s not to many on my perms
  11. I know SI and if I’m honest I walked in a gay bar , when I first got there and didn’t realise until I went to the toilet, and the cubicle walls had holes in them at just below waist height fuc me I was out of there faster than a 243 round leaving the muzzle atb
  12. There’s a great pub round the corner called sgt peppers , our age group SD atb
  13. I worked on the new primark on Northumberland st , and stoped in the jury’s in in the triangle , had a good few pints in the lesbo bar as well over the road , quite a eye opener atb
  14. Some good going there mate , and a great bag atb
  15. I worked in Newcastle for 2 years, and found the folk up there very friendly and polite , and never had a bad word said to me atb
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