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  1. What’s wrong with silver foil tape you lot up there need need to get off the wacky Bakie
  2. What’s a druggy back , some northern term
  3. Well. I have to say SI that’s very smart foxes get ready
  4. Try a drop of wd40 i the hole at the bottom of the mag mitch , both my 243 and 223 need this now and again problem solved atb
  5. Goog going mate , glad you like it they are superb rifles atb
  6. Narrr they are just deaf to the 1.7 lol
  7. Yep rabbits with 22lr spook Easley 17 hmr just sit where they are till ive shot them all very strange but true Atb mitch
  8. Top dollar shooting It’s becoming a habit with you mate
  9. It’s just taking some time to edit out stav bad shooting only joking stav
  10. Jesus didnt god give both lovely strong legs
  11. Great shooting, you could have done with a semi with the amount coming in Atb
  12. Sure ant where I live , more like Punjab city , never did like that music
  13. I see walshie your reading this post your to young to remember gun and roses
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