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  1. David.evans

    First time out with the maxus

    I know it’s not pretty but there’s no longer butt pads to put on and to be truthful it’s fits like a glove ugly ……………totally agree any thing that can be done . . . atb
  2. David.evans


    Good point SL ATB
  3. David.evans

    First time out with the maxus

    SL yep mate about 3/4 or a inch , Lop a bit short don’t know any thing else to do atb
  4. David.evans

    Took the lad out

    If you stick with them two northen lads you will not go wrong you wont learn much tho they could not hit a barn door , lol i know ! only joking your lucky you have found two great lads there atb
  5. David.evans

    Adjustable comb...Is it worth it?

    Id look at a comb had on fitted on the brettea and it made a huge diffrence + cheaper than a new gun atb
  6. David.evans

    my little rem700

    And what range were the targets at ? atb
  7. David.evans


    Wrong SS all opinions are welcome mate thanks for the feed back atb
  8. David.evans

    First time out with the maxus

    Thanks lads looks like the silver pigeon will be taking a back seat now , just oil it up and put it away atb
  9. David.evans


    morning lads i was looking at a Sako 85 carbon 243 at the RFD and i was been told that its better than the t3 x nice gun and very light (as it would be ) has any body got one or used one ive been on u tube and some of the feed back isnt that good any help would be greatly recived atb
  10. Not posted this publicly David for fear of getting you potentially into trouble. Just be careful what you shoot as I think I see one or two Hooded Crow in there and Hooded Crows aren't covered by the new general licence. OK if you have an individual licence but if not....Some anti may pick up on that, so just make sure your covered on the individual licence basis if you're not already.

  11. Went out at 5 this morning to give the maxus a go and had a few hours on the blacks doing crop protection A few came in after I had tried to scare them off by other means but to no avail gun shoots bang on the money and I’m well pleased with it atb
  12. David.evans

    Shot fox

    Thats not many then in your case Dave lol atb mate forgot the brass again but IT will be in the post to morrow
  13. David.evans

    It’s only a matter of time

    great shooting mate atb
  14. David.evans

    Shot fox

    Tucked away in the hedge bottom two weeks and its gone all most atb Mitch