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  1. 243 for fox is over kill that should start a lively debate
  2. Great shooting FH I CANT believe how good you do with the 67 on top top shooting mate
  3. I owe you a pound mate I was out this morning at 4.30 stoped til 10am and shot 6 and there the only ones that showed, normally there would be 100s flying about I don’t know where they have gone what a waste of fuc in time Atb FH
  4. Any of you lads live in the Stoke area , near yarnfield ..?
  5. Don’t you just love Friday afternoons looking forwards to the weekend, out shooting, with out any moaning from her in doors , I might just manage 8 cans with my dog
  6. FH I was only joking mate , I’m out doing the same Sunday Fancy a £1.00 on who get the most
  7. Just make sure you retrieve them all , I don’t want any any in my supermarket shopping
  8. I got a call from the farmer at 8.30 this morning, 600 acres of silage cut and ready to shoot over , Hadoop do da I know where I’ll be tomorrow get your last meal mate , 55g v max for supper Atb
  9. I went to one a few year back , and thought the place was empty till my son told me ( you can’t see em dad there all wearing camo gear ) twats
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