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  1. Over the moon for you mate and your right about Sean , lol
  2. Don’t show viz Jimmy , he’ll think it’s real and put a 243 thro the shoulder, lol you a bit better now mate
  3. Totally fec it up Ben just start eating a 100 Mars bars a day Atb mate
  4. Opps my bad sorry it’s called old age
  5. As you know Ben 40 g flys flat and straight, but if you get a chance try a few 55g v max atb
  6. Try using it when on the crows, ive done it and on the odd occasion it works well atb and I have had a few foxs using it with rabbit destress
  7. You have a great combo there mate glad it all worked out for you and good shooting, flat top is you new nick name Atb mate
  8. 3 Cubs found and took care of end off I have to say it was bloody hard work with me and my two lads
  9. Well that’s exactly what is was , not much choice in the matter if I want to keep he land Atb
  10. Got the call from the farmer saying the last couple of nights the geese have been playing up after dark ( I wonder why ) . So I get to the perm and set my self up at 150 yards from the pen , all ready just a waiting game now and 3/4 of a hour the dog turns up and gets a 55g v max then 1/2 after that I see a smaller one in the xq38 and obviously a vixen took the shot and down she went , all good ! But on retrieving the carcass she was milky , so there are Cubs about somewhere so I’m off out early tomorrow with the dog to try and find the earth , i just don’t like the idea of them been left with
  11. So the question is wolf , what do they perform like atb
  12. Great result mate and good shooting leg work always pays off Atb
  13. When a suitable round has been developed, in what ever but lead its time to start reloading
  14. SI what range have you zeroed the pard at mate holding zero ok ? Atb Dave
  15. Where are you mate not heard from you for a bit , hope your well pal Atb
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