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  1. 4 miles from me Mitch , next time your up can’t shoot FA air tho
  2. Good job you haven’t got to yomp 30mile with 80k on your back then fucin pussy great write up stav , and all your hard work defo paid off , rest up a while now mate and get better atb
  3. Ffs Ben that’s a sheep and how do you know there from Dorset DR fucin Dolittle lol atb mate
  4. Not blowing out your arse then DB atb mate
  5. I thought it was always sunny and warm down you way Mitch
  6. Caller on 3 dog bark out at 70 yards vixen first 110 y dog next 150y And yes it was fucin freezing
  7. Why aren’t they showing up on threads any more
  8. Under her bed sheets would have been better camouflage good shooting
  9. Not going of the thread , but aren’t most rats shot at less than 25 m , very expensive, when a sub 12 would kill you lot have to much ££££
  10. Not much I would have thought , but like the woodcock , but we won’t go there
  11. it’s a kangaroo with a fur coat on
  12. Take it back you don’t need it mate just stick to the black powder , that’s what we all love you for
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