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  1. Might be Diane Abbott. People will really believe her when she says that she had no idea.
  2. Looks like the same as I had. They are a bit too bulky and heavy for hiking unless you were hiking back from the Russian Front in 1945 that is. Ideal for laying out in the woods waiting for poachers though. One of those and a poncho strung over it was ideal. I had an American Army poncho made for rubberised material that is 100% waterproof, but not breathable so better as a tarp. A mouse got into my van a few years ago and ruined it. Last week I bought a job lot of fishing stuff and found an jdentical, as new, one in the bag. It is useful for when I'm fishing a long way from the car as it
  3. I had a German army one with a waterproof back, slèeves and a handy zip that meant you could have a crap without taking the whole thing off. Sadly it was one of the things that got lost when ae moved. It was ideal for night watching in the pheasant season.
  4. I came across a football while walking the dog around the Stade here in France yesterday afternoon. If Bruno can describe it I'll post it back to him.
  5. The brother in law is a HGV lorry driver. He was made redundant a couple of years ago and really struggled to get a new job. Every time he applied for a position the job had already gone. In thd end he took on a job on 7.5t vehicles at a lot less money. There is something not right about this story.
  6. Since we got back from holiday last Wednesday I've had a really bad run of luck. The dog went to ground after a coypu and it took me, the wife, the Maire, a farmer and his wife along with two spades, two picks, a chainsaw and a tractor to get the little barsteward out. That cost me two bottles of whiskey and a large cake to repay their kindness. The following day the car broke down costing me three hours work that I had to add onto another day meaning I couldn't fish after work as planned. Two lawnmowers have broken down and a fishing trip to the Vienne was a wash out due to a deluge upstream
  7. Strange thing is that AWB got forward a lot in his debut season for Palace. It might be that he is having to stay back more to cover for the dodgy centre backs Utd have been blessed with.
  8. I've got four mowers, only one of them works. Last year an old John Deere self-propelled that a customer gave me and I renovated threw a bolt after the alloy engine casing cracked. No bother, I had another that I had been given and renovated. Today the ride on stopped working. I couldn't get it started even after fitting a new plug and cleaning the fuel system so I had to push it back to the basement and get the second old John Deere self-propelled out to finish off. Ten minutes later the wheel fell off. The bolt had sheared meaning it isn't a simple fix. Into the depths of the basement and ou
  9. Nicepix


    Without AUKUS Australia could not act as a base for British ans American submarines. Now they will have an operational base in the southern hemisphere. That is a massive statement to China and Russia. And New Zealand made their own decision, nothing to do with Australia. I'm not so sure that China would honour that exclusion any way. Servicing nuclear subs isn't all about the fuel cell. The whole boat is diffferent so, as I said earlier, without AUKUS the US and British boats could not be serviced in Australia. That will increase patrol times in the southern hemisphere without an increa
  10. Nicepix


    You started out saying that Australia could have serviced the American and British subs if they had continued with the French deal. But without AUKUS the Aussies wouldn't have the technology, knowledge or facilities to service nuclear subs. Then you said that AUKUS would exclude New Zealand from the protection yet it is New Zealand themselves that chose not to allow nuclear powered vessles in their waters. Now you claim that AUKUS is dead. What planet are you on?
  11. Nicepix


    The whole point can be summed in one word: Deterrent. China .v. Australia and France with some diesel subs and a couple of French boats or China .v. AUKUS with 3 x nuclear subs. Which is likley to deter China the most?
  12. Nicepix


    In WW2 England acted as an aircraft carrier for the Yanks. They could not have contributed to the European campaign anywhere near as much without UK airbases and army bases. Australia under the new pact could be the US & UK's naval base in the southern hemisphere. Nuclear subs need to restock with food, change crew and be serviced and if they had to return to the UK for this it would impact on their operational time in the southern waters. This deal is more than selling hardware.
  13. Nicepix


    Once Macron is gone France will act differently to the UK. It is only the Brexit aspect that is souring Anglo-French relations at government levels. The French people are pro-British. It is only the French government that hates the UK and that is purely down to the UK cash cow having left the EU's control. People still haven't grasped the massive impact Brexit is having on the EU and how much it will negativly influence the EU's future strategy. France is going through the same industrial hardships that the UK did in the 1970's. Unions are too strong and the money is running out. Renault
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