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  1. Nicepix

    Best value fly line

    I've got two reels filled with Cortland Sylk a #4 and a #6. They've been on about ten years and in the first three years got a lot of use. Then I moved to France and never took the reels out of the creel for 6 years, line still wound on the reels. Last year I stripped them off the reels, cleaned them and wound them back on. No stretching or anything like that as they didn't need it. They were just like new. For small rivers they are perfect, but I wouldn't use them for heavy flies or lures.
  2. Nicepix

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    I disagree. As the enquiry went on there were new questions raised that would not have been evident in the initial stages. The forensic evidence for example. My own view is that the McCanns were savvy enough to know that the police would use psychologists to view the recordings of the interviews and form opinions on how they acted. Going 'No Reply' avoids that. also, remember that it was in the McCanns interest to remove any suspicion of guilt from the police's opinion so that they could then concentrate on finding the real suspects. Not cooperating with the police in this type of case is very suspicious.
  3. Nicepix

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    In grief people talk. In guilt people don't talk. The vast majority of these type of cases have family or friends involved. The Portuguese police had every right to question them and if the McCanns were innocent of all wrong doing they would have assisted the police by answering the questions.
  4. Nicepix


    End of the day the EU is the latest means of Germany taking control of Europe. The Euro is the key weapon and is why the Greeks call it The German Cage. It does not allow for the exchange rate mechanism to assist poor countries and put a brake on rich countries. It is quite the reverse so that Germany races along getting benefits from a strong currency whilst the weaker economies are locked in debt and high rates of interest on bonds and loans. Taking into account the UK's annual subscription plus the 0.3% VAT and 80% of any import duties on goods imported from outside the EU which is paid to Brussels the UK pays the EU €40 billion per year after rebates. Those import duties create higher prices in UK shops as they are designed to protect EU industries from imports. The UK does not produce anywhere near as much as France, Holland, Italy, Spain ad Germany so the UK consumers are paying more for their goods to keep other EU workers in jobs. It also allows EU manufacturers to charge more fro their goods as the non-EU competition is priced out of the market. Then there are things like fishing. Spain has the largest EU fleet and one of the smallest viable fishing areas. Where do they fish? Off the UK. Every day thousands of HGVs loaded with Spanish fruit and veg crosses into the UK to sell to their market. Those HGVs return full of sea food from Ireland, Scotland, and England. Those lorries aren't going to be held up for four or five days on the docks waiting for clearance. The EU cannot function without the UK markets. They sell twice as much to the UK as goes the other way. If only the spineless MPs would pull together and force a No Deal, the EU would schite itself and European businesses would kick their arrises to get a good deal for the UK.
  5. Nicepix

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    He's a self-promoting fantasist. I wouldn't believe a word he claims about his dogs. As you say; he forces an indication out of the dog which undermines the result. At the end of the day, without a DNA match, any indication is just that - an indication, not evidence. Some people don't understand that. I would think that any cadaver dog would get an indication out of a well used hire car or holiday apartment. In UK law Mrs McCanns refusal to answer questions carries far more weight of suspected guilt than anything the dog does.
  6. Nicepix

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    I've watched the video and have also worked with both the dogs and the handler. Unfortunately whilst the indication at the bottom of the stairs indicates history of body fluids being deposited in that location the car searches are worthless. He is leading the dog. Mr. Grime is not a trustworthy individual, and I speak from experience. There is no doubt in my mind that the dog indicated body fluids at the bottom of the stairs, but legally speaking, without a DNA match that is not good enough to prove guilt. The apartment and the vehicles are rentals. Anyone could have had an accident and the dogs are so sensitive they can and do indicate deposits that are many years old. Don't get me wrong. I think the McCanns know more than they are prepared to tell. But you can't use the dog search evidence to prove anything.
  7. That's pretty much us too. We find what is now termed 'Wild Camping' spots and park up for a few days off grid for a bit of walking and swimming in the rivers. Not be doing that this week though. The water temp' won't be much over 12C The small shops round here are open 0700 - 1900 with a couple of hours off for lunch.
  8. Pest Controller and Chimney Sweep - Ker-ching! You'd never be short of work out here. I only do two days a week at most, quite often two days a fortnight is enough to keep on top of the job. I've done 15 calls today and still had time for a couple of hours fishing along the way. 11 calls tomorrow, and then off to the Dordogne valley in the motorhome Thursday until Monday. I'll only need half a day to catch up next week so I might get a bit of fishing in once I've painted the bedroom. If I were to do more rodents and start doing insect work too it would be a full time occupation, but I don't need the hassle. If you are looking for a little do-er upper over here I'd suggest looking at the Notaire's national website: https://www.immobilier.notaires.fr/fr/annonces-immobilieres-liste?prixMin=15000&prixMax=40000&typeTransaction=VENTE,VNI,VAE&page=1&parPage=12&typeBien=MAI Also Le Bon Coin: https://www.leboncoin.fr/ But that one is a bit harder to navigate. Don't take any of the prices as firm. We made a 'Yorkshire Offer' on ours. The Notaire laughed when we went in at half price, but we were the ones laughing at the end Hope everything goes well for you.
  9. Sorry to hear about your health problems. Not good for a young lad like you. The French health system is second to none and anyone who registers as self-employed gets access to it for themselves and their immediate family. You just have to pay whatever top up insurance you feel OK with, but its usually not much and any care for things like heart problems, strokes and cancer are 100% free once you are in the system. And they don't exclude pre-existing conditions. Our top up is around €800 each per year and it is like being on BUPA for health care and the Westfield scheme for the top up. Out of the €800 I can get new spec's every year and get my teeth done free. The properties are very cheap compared to the UK, but if you know where to look, they are some even less expensive ones that many buyers never get to know about. I've found perfectly good houses ideal for holiday homes or living in for less than €20,000. The Notaires often have properties for sale that have been empty for years and will often take a fraction of the asking price. Same with the Social Services. They take over properties to pay for some old dear's care in a nursing home and sell the houses at a fraction of their worth. Even at the top end, you can shave off a fortune. Some friends of ours asked me to look at a couple of properties for them out our way, but their dream property near to Bergerac was supposedly out of reach at €450k. They 'only' had €300k to spend which I thought was ample. On my advice they made an offer between half and two-thirds of the asking price and stood firm on the first rejection. A week later they got the house for a lot less than their budget. Whilst on the Il de Re houses might be out of reach you'll find very affordable ones just inland around Marans and Marennes. Setting up as a Micro-Entrepreneur involves a one week induction course in French that costs about €600. You can get French speakers to accompany you and translate for about €400 and any UK qualifications for acquisition and use of rodenticide are currently transferable onto the French system. There is loads of work for the British residents and holiday home owners in mice, rats, loir, lerots and even fouines, the stone martens. Then there is the insects; wasps, Asian hornets and cluster flies that I don't get involved with, but receive plenty of enquiries for. And of course, the mole trapping. If you look at where Ryanair and the other cheap carriers fly to over here you will find a market for pest control as that is where a lot of Brits are based. All you need is a monthly advert in the local ex-pat magazine for the region at around €30 - €40 per month and you should be able to quickly build up a business.
  10. Hi Jamie, Thanks and I hope everything is well with you. To be honest I think that forums such as this have had their day as can be seen from the lack of posts. How close are you to retirement? There will be a mole trapping / pest control business coming up for sale out here in a couple of years time
  11. Hi Deker, There is a place in France called Putanges, but I'm not sure whether there is any connection with the mole traps of the same name. The story about the origins of the putange traps is that they were used in the grounds of the Versailles Palace in the 17th century as posted above. I haven't seen anything to confirm that they were specifically designed for that job or whether they were in use before then but got their fame through the royal connections.
  12. Nicepix

    Putange mole trapping

    And I thought that it was because they ate Catholics
  13. Nicepix

    Putange mole trapping

    A little bit of history of the putange mole trap. The Palace of Versailles, whose origins date back to the seventeenth century, was successively a hunting lodge, a seat of power and, from the nineteenth century, a museum. With the gardens and the Palaces of Trianon, the park of the Château de Versailles spreads over 800 hectares The gardens of Versailles, created by André Le Nôtre on behalf of Louis XIV, become under his reign the reference of the courts of Europe and the power of the Sun King can not be tarnished by the disorder caused by the moles. The Liard family was engaged to perform the function of taupiers (mole trappers) at the castle, it will keep this position for nearly 200 years. According to the archives, thousands of moles are eliminated under Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, but it is necessary to understand the high number of these figures because the mole trapper was paid for each mole killed. One evening, the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte came to sleep at Versailles. He stays in Trianon and during a stroll in the King's Garden, created under Louis XIV, he was accosted by a prostitute. Stunned, the emperor investigates such a presence in the castle and discovers that the mole trapper Liard, housed in the park, organizes the evenings of "dubious cabarets". He was fired at the age of 75: he was the last taupier hired directly by the Palace of Versailles. Now the gardens are almost mole-free. They allow moles to inhabit the lower regions away from the mass of visitors. The mole trapper is Jerome Dormion who also has the honour of keeping other magnificent châteaus and posh Parisian golf courses mole free. M. Dormion is head of a franchise called Taupe Green that operates throughout France (but thankfully nowhere near the region I live and work in). There are around 35 franchisees. The size of spade used by M. Jerome is much larger than the one I tend to use. These days I cut 99% of the holes using a large carving knife. Typically French taupiers will use a large shovel take out a clod 4 to 8 times the size of the Duffus sized hole I create. They cut around a mole hill, lever the clod out, clean the tunnels and insert a putange fully into the tunnel at each side. Each putange is then secured by one of those orange markers and the clod replaced. Another oddity is that many of the French pro's have only just started to tie their triggers on in the way that we do. Before they would put the triggers onto one of the prongs and carry the putanges threaded onto a rope or belt. Then the triggers were placed between the prongs just before the putanges were inserted into the tunnel. Some taupiers secured the trigger to one leg of the trap using a small metal ring. One of the noticeable thing about the moles in the area where I operate is that they regularly breed four times a year. I come across young moles at the ends of January, April, July and October and during the last couple of years we haven't had the extremes of weather in August and February that would normally wipe out many of the youngsters before they got established.
  14. Nicepix

    Putange mole trapping

    Not just badgers; young foxes can dig out a trapped mole and make off with the trap. My spaniel used to track them and she found quite a few abandoned nearby. I reckon they lost interest when playing with the trap and setting the second side off. No such luck training the current dog - a JRT x Fox Terrier. Thick as the proverbial! The don't tend to bother uprooting Talpex for some reason but a shallow set Flatpack is asking for trouble on some areas at this time of year.
  15. Nicepix

    Got the big prat

    Sneaking up on your quarry in stockinged feet. Real old school hunting. You won't read about that in Airgun Monthly!