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  1. Can't we sacrifice Sterling? Give us something extra to play for. Socks - over to you.
  2. Crypto currency investor has a bad few days. Sam Bankman-Fried: This crypto entrepreneur saw his £21bn empire crumble in just three days - what happened at FTX? NEWS.SKY.COM No longer a billionaire, Sam Bankman-Fried says his net worth has dwindled to $100,000 (£80,000) following FTX's demise - and he admitted it has been a "bad...
  3. No, I have questioned his hypocricy. He has claimed to be a follower of Jesus which he may well be. But he does not always express opinions consistent with what that means.
  4. I was talking about hypocrisy Francie. A good man of God does not make things up about people with differing views to his own. Turn the other cheek and all that.
  5. I do wonder why people who are so determined not to believe in the possibility of big cats loose in the UK are equally determined to continue to deride those who do. Why is it so important to continually impress an opinion that cannot actually be proved? I don't believe in God, but I respect the right of others to believe and I can't prove that I'm right in my opinion. So I avoid commenting on religious posts. The best you can say is that you have not seen proof or that you don't believe the evidence collected by those looking for for big cats.
  6. The best line for me was when Delboy said "The French aren't good businessmen Rodney. They don't even have their own word for entrepreneur" Or something like that.
  7. Bonne chance is good luck as in buying a lottery ticket. Bonne courage is more like taking on a difficult task.
  8. Bonne courage as we say over here.
  9. Yes, you are right. Two in 2021, 4 points in total. They remain on your record and any subsequent warnings add to those 4 points. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  10. Don't you be taking the credit. It was only by chance that the subject of warnings was raised a couple of days ago and it later occurred to me that your lad had already accrued a couple of warnings earlier this summer so might have triggered a longer period than needed. We then just had to wait until we had a concensus on if and how to deal with it. Let's hope that you can keep him out of trouble in future. We have enough drama with the other half.
  11. If they had responded to the pms like adults it wouldn't have got this far. As regards your protege I realised after the event that the period of him not being able to post was excessive. In my naivity I had antiicpated that 2 warning points equated to a 2 day period. However, it was only some days later that it came to light that the tariff is linked to the accumulated points, not those recently issued. After consulting with the other mods his warning has been revoked so that the restrictions are lifted.
  12. And then he can come back in another identity like he has before.
  13. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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