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  1. I would rather they popped the line than popped the rod. There is only so much strain you can apply.
  2. They probably tnought the same about the smell. "I'm not eating that. It's just sh@t itself!"
  3. Just use your carp or pike tackle. 12 -15lb mono or double that if braid, and a 200 cm shock leader to Kevlar hook link. Fill a squid with cat food mixed with breadcrumb groundbait and chuck it out in the deepest part of the lake or in some shady spot.
  4. Depends where and how you will be fishing.
  5. Labour have'nt represenred working class for decades. Mandleson, Bliar, Brown, the Miliband brothers were never working class. Corbyn never had a job. Starmer is yet another barrister and so is Long-Bailey who claims to understand poor people because she worked in pawnbrokers shop. For one thing she was a Saturday girl, not a proper worker and the other thing is that pawnbrokers make a lot of money out of poor people. They are all university wallahs other than that idiot Prescott who was a steward on a cruise ship!
  6. That weir was good for barbel. I used to park there and walk downstream with the fly rod. Also there is a goood place for fly fishing near to Hillsborough College.
  7. Not when you are sat on a 14 foot kayak half a mile offshore you don't!
  8. Looks like a lovely dog. I had three that I took beating and walk up shooting. They were all different; one worked like a spaniel, another froze and pointed game and the third was like a bulldozer. No cover phased him. When I took them on new shoots I got some funny looks at first. But I was always asked back. A good collie will do anything.
  9. I was fishing off my kayak off Flamborough in 2008 when the local tourist boat came close and one of the crew shouted that they had seen a pod of Orca at the north side. I Thought they were taking the pi$$ but it was in the local paper the next day. A Geordie l used to work with who had worked on a fishing boat said that they were regular visitors to that area. Apparently they feed on football supporters who have been chased into the sea by pit men.
  10. It is a sign of how desperate politicians can be when they have only a year before they face being unemployed. The French fishermen are giving Macron a hard time because the UK have insisted that Feench skippers provide information of their historic catches taken in British waters and they can't provide the information because they turned their location transponders off half the time. Without access to Uk waters they need Jersey's watrrs and that would cripple their local fisheries. France canot bully the Uk so they turn on Jersey to try and pacify their fishermen. Simple answer is to bo
  11. Buy a charger that discharges first.
  12. Nicepix


    When I was about 3 or 4 in the late 1950's we lived in a colliery estate that bordered woodland and there were always cuckoos calling in spring. Then they just seemed to disappear. By the 2000's I rarely heard them despite spending a lot of time out in the countryside shooting and fishing. Hopefully the reduction in pesticides might reverse their decline.
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