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  1. Nicepix

    Failed with the mullet ,but!

    Slippery slope old chap. Slippery slope........ I put the 'Silver Monarch' through its paces today. After polishing the rings using a Dremmel type tool and Brasso I attached the Okuma Trent centrepin reel I use for catfish and tied the 80lb braid line to a set of scales that were hooked up to a dustbin. I got to a 4lb lift before I chickened out. I reckon the rod would be 4.5lb or possibly 5lb test curve, about the same as my usual catfish rod a 9 foot Ugly Stick Uptider. All the stars are aligning. I can see it all now; 'Caning the Cats' article in the Traditional Fisherman magazine. Chris Yates designing a catfish float out of a pig's bladder and the price of Marco rods quadrupling overnight. Failing that I could always use it as a spod rod
  2. Nicepix

    Hunting Rhino Poachers with Hounds in South Africa

    They all have their attributes. A lot of people thought that Malinois were faster than GSDs and so hit harder, but when I watched a police dog trial they caught the running criminal at the same place as the GSDs so given most were at least 5kg lighter than a GSD they would hit with less force. Most police dogs on an initial course are initially trained to the sleeve at a standstill. They are allowed a few feet of slack leash to grab the sleeve of the person standing in front of them, then as training develops they are weaned onto moving targets. I wasn't happy with that so when I got my second dog and was bringing him on before the initial course I trained him from the outset to take a large hessian tugger off me when I was running at full speed with a 30 yd start and holding the tugger horizontal at shoulder height. Jaf would come steaming in and snatch the tugger from me in mid-air. When we went on the course I demonstrated how far I had got with the training and he flattened the criminal. The guy ended up like Superman flying after his own arm which had 40kg of GSD attached to the front end. Jaf flattened everybody. Even the standing stick and gun criminals who were facing the dog and could brace themselves for impact. 40 kilos x 40mph is a lot of impact. They went over like skittles. Some Rotties were used for the firearms type tactics, but we found that a lot of the Rotties on trial failed on the same thing. They are more suited to close protection work as they are inherently protective of the handler / family group / pack and reluctant to leave the handler's side to chase someone running away. It can sometimes be overcome if you get the dogs young enough and do a lot of training with balls thrown along way and then progress to the dog having to search for a ball at a distance. Mallies were also used because of their agility and latent aggression. They are more prone to biting multiple times whereas a lot of GSDs and Rotties clamp on and hold. The multiple biting would disorientate any criminal far more than a clamping dog would do. Some of the work the Belgian and Dutch special forces have done with Mallies is incredible. Given that a lot of the UK stock of GSDs is now tainted with hip dysplacia the police are now looking elsewhere and bringing in GSD types from Eastern Europe and using more Mallies at a cost of £3,000 upwards when I left 7 years ago.
  3. Nicepix

    Unexpected catches

    Sturgeon were regular visitors to the Trent right up to Victorian times. Some were over 100lb but I've not heard of one recently. I caught a mitten crab around 2010 just south of the Humber estuary in Fitties Bay. It had snatched at a plug and got hooked in the claw. From about 2003 to 2011 I used to fish the River Dearne in Sth Yorkshire mainly for chub and barbel, but I also fly fished for dace and chub. One day, just under the A635 bridge near Darfield I landed a rainbow trout. Feck knows where that had come from. I can't think of any trout fishery upstream of there where one could have escaped from. Over here in France I've had pumpkinseed or sun perch fish from two unconnected rivers and also loads of what the French call Poisson Chat, a small catfish originating from Sth. America. You see the young in tight balls at this time of year. I try to net them out if I can get at them. I also had a very small wels catfish, about 6" long from a tidal stretch of canal.
  4. Nicepix

    Failed with the mullet ,but!

    Marco must have been pretty confident in their logo as they did not include their name on any of their rods. Just the cartoon of the bloke fishing. I hadn't heard of the 'Silver King' rod. Many were named after rivers such as 'Trent' and there were other random names such as 'Lyca' and also 'Nymph' which surprisingly was on a coarse rod, not a fly rod. They rode Walker's carp fishing boom naming several rods 'Carp'. Trolling the net though comes up with this link to a 'Silver King' rod that is identical spec' to the 'silver Monarch' rod that I have if it is steel lined as described on the advert. It isn't written on the rod like on mine: https://www.mullocksauctions.co.uk/lot-720828-2x_marco_split_cane_sea_boat_rods_good.html The two rods in the lot listed above went for £40 and the 'Silver Monarch' was unused. I reckon I was diddled at a tenner that I paid for mine I understand that the company was originally London based and moved to Bromley where they introduced the first planing machine for split cane rod making. They seem to be most famous for their trade brand Elasticane. They also made whole cane and green heart rods in the early days and fibreglass rods towards the end. They went out of business around the 1970's. I want a reel of the same vintage as the rod: 1950's - 60's. There are a few Australian Alvey Snapper reels on the Bay of Fleas. These have a star drag and slipping clutch like the Okuma Trent reels I already have. The Allcocks Leviathan has a lever that you use to apply braking pressure to the drum. For catfish either of those will be more suitable than trying to stop the fish using thumb pressure as I have found out. I can also get a nice unused Alvey for £30 shipped from a freeads site located here in France so that is probably the way I'll be going. Another two weeks of recuperation and I'll be cleared to push the boat out (from off my trailer)
  5. Nicepix

    Hunting Rhino Poachers with Hounds in South Africa

    As I said; things can go wrong (and I have the scar to prove it)
  6. Nicepix

    Hunting Rhino Poachers with Hounds in South Africa

    Basically anybody in front of the dog's handler is fair game. They just have to make only the bad guys are in front of them. It can go wrong. This is a few years old now, but it gives you some idea of the power of a 30kg dog...
  7. Nicepix

    Back into bass

    Sounds good. Drop me a message when you know your plans and we'll try and arrange a RDV. I love the Il de Re for the mullet in the creeks. Bass would be a bonus. And we can swap hospital war stories
  8. Nicepix

    Failed with the mullet ,but!

    I still hanker after a Jecta. A friend of my wife who lives over here inherited a mint one from her Dad along with a mint Mitchell 308 Prince and a Hardy fly rod and reel worth over £500. I would have bought the old reels but she wanted to keep them. I have dug out that old cane rod today. It is a Marco and the but is endorsed "Silver Monarch" and also has written on it "Elasticane Double Built Butt" and "Steel Core" and it is 10 foot in two sections with heavy duty ferrule and screw reel fitting. There isn't much information about it on the web but I reckon it was built for dead bait fishing for salmon from boats. It would easily double as a mahseer rod or in my case wels catfish. It is too heavy to use for lure fishing but float fishing dead baits from my boat will be right up its street. I had forgotten what it needed to bring it back to usable condition. I had already glued the tip ring on with epoxy so the obvious place to start was to whip that ring on. The original whippings might have been very dark green although it looks black under the varnish. I had some black floss in my fly-tying box so I used that and then coated the threads with a super glue gel and then a good coat of epoxy resin. Another ring was losing its lower whipping so I stripped that off and re-used the original whipping to re-seat it. All the rings were a bit loose so it was either re-whip them all or coat the original varnished whippings with epoxy. I chose plan B. They are now all secure. There had been checked first to make sure that they worth saving. I am short of some gloss varnish so tomorrow I will gently rub down the old varnish with fine wire wool and then once I get out and about, re-varnish the whole rod. All I need then is a suitable reel. Something like an old Allcocks Leviathan or Alvey Snapper Bakelite reel. Something with a brake as they don't half motor. I still have a burn scar from when I tried to stop a 6 foot cat by thumbing the spool of my Speedia
  9. Nicepix

    Back into bass

    Get that plastic off the handle! You'll look like an amateur Hope that you enjoy your return to fishing. I think it will be a good way of relaxing and get you a few free meals (once you've paid for that new rod).
  10. Nicepix


    There is a long history behind this. When they phased out the wooden truncheons Chief Constables had to make the choice between the telescopic Asp baton and the side handled-baton. Many CCs chose the Asp because they thought that the side-handled baton appeared to be too aggressive and would result in more serious injuries. As a result many of us were given the Asps that were about as much use as a chocolate teapot. The issue with arming with Tasers and / or firearms has always been the reluctance of the Top Brass of any force to acknowledge the true seriousness of the situation. They are afraid to hurt their promotion chances by admitting that they have lost control. Another big issue is their fear of the force being sued should there be any accident or misuse of force and the extra training costs and loss of officers from duty while on these courses. About ten or twelve years ago South Yorkshire Police were offered free Tasers for every response officer. The CC declined the offer for the reasons given above.
  11. Nicepix

    Failed with the mullet ,but!

    I had one of those At one time you could pick up centrepins for a quid or less on the flea markets. Then they became popular and more expensive. The Maxima if I remember correctly was about 7" diameter and came with cork inserts to reduce the capacity. It weighed a ton, but was probably one of two the smoothest running of the old 'pins that I owned. The other surprisingly being a Bakelite reel with brass fittings made by ELO, a Bradford company. It had an adjustable screw that allowed me to use it for ledgering on rivers without using the noisy ratchet. I had abut twenty old reels at one time, all usable. Then when we were preparing to come out here I had a cull and only kept the ones I intended to use over here. I brought a Match Aerial, an Adcocks Stanton >1984 un-braked model, a Trudex, and have since picked up a WR Speedia wide drum and also a Mordex which was a reel I used for piking when I was a lad not being able to justify or afford a Jecta which I really wanted.
  12. Nicepix

    Big Cat Sighting

    Yes, it is thought to be a released pet. Apparently well cared for, but owner unknown. Obviously the authorities are keen to discover how and why? I would think that most of the genuine big cats would be 1st generation lost / abandoned pets. Do you know of any that have bred?
  13. Nicepix

    Big Cat Sighting

    You are aware that they caught it and have identified it as a young panther. " The animal, weighing about 20kg (45lb), is about five or six months old and the size of a small Labrador dog, Kader Laghouati from the Animal Protection League organisation in Lille told La Voix du Nord newspaper. "
  14. Nicepix

    Big Cat Sighting

    And in a town, not out in Dartmoor or some remote location. What it does show is that there appears to be people keeping these animals without permission over here and by default, probably in the UK and other countries.
  15. Nicepix

    Home Made Baits

    Another take on my home made meatball type baits. This time they have been made using sieved maize and hemp flour as a binder rather than breadcrumbs, a little crushed maize and some hemp seeds for texture and rolled into sausages about 25mm diameter so they can be cut or broken off to the required length to give the same sort of bulk of a dumbell double pellet or boilie bait. Flavouring remains the same though; salt, garlic powder and smoked paprika. Should be fit enough to do a bit of fishing next week so I'll be able to try them out.