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  1. The estimates are only that - an estimate. In auctions it is all about the bidders on the day. If two people both really want it then it goes sky high. If only on eperson wants it then it can be got for a fiver (plus auction fees). I can't see all those deer slots and fox paws selling even at the starting price.
  2. Looks like I posted a link to their other auction catalogue. Try this one: https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/lacy-scott-and-knight/catalogue-id-srlac10402/lot-0a88889d-5ccb-461a-ae57-ac7900a5248c Some of the early 20th century fox masks look like Basil Brush on a bad day. But there are some stunning ones as well.
  3. There are over 100 lots of stuffed and mounted creatures coming up at auction: https://www.lskauctioncentre.co.uk/auction/details/FA121220-fine-art--antiques/?au=676 The taxidermy lots start at around 515
  4. If that is true then go into a tackle shop and pick up a fifteen foot Drennan Acolyte float rod and Shimano Stradic reel. Then you'll realise what we are talking about. That telescopic type of rod isn't popular amongst British anglers and you'll only see telescopic rods being used by those who can't afford anything better or need a rod that packs away into a small length and can't afford a four or five piece travel rod. Up to about 7 feet the telescopics are just about OK. But when you get up to 12 foot they are horrible! The problem is that there is only one rod ring per section and to get a rod 12 feet long they have to add more sections and / or extend the length of each section. If they add more sections the but becomes too thick. If they lengthen the sections then there is to much gap between the rings and when the rod is flexed the angle of the line between the rings is too steep. This causes a lot of pressure on the rings and they tend to break or the rod breaks where the rings are. I can't make much of the reel, but it looks like a kid's toy. That general style of reel is called a centrepin over here and North American anglers use centrepins for mooching; bait fishing for steelhead and salmon. Centrepins have two handles so the reel is balanced and a good one will spin for over a minute. Look up Okuma DR-II on the web and you will see what I mean. As Philpot has said; American tackle and methods for fly-fishing and lure fishing can be way ahead of what we have got. But, for bait fishing for non predator species you are still in the Dark Ages. From what I've seen a lot of this type of fishing is done in small farm ponds and I think that this might have stunted the development of that type of tackle. Either that or there is no money in it. Back in the 1970's the USA had an embargo on Chinese products and that meant no Tonkin cane could be imported. An Alabama tackle dealer realised that he could sell good quality bamboo canes for crappie fishing at four times the price of poor quality canes. So he went off to Japan and sourced some good canes to import. While he was there he also approached two Japanese companies; Shimano and Fuji to make fishing tackle for him. He might have had an ABU baitcaster in his pocket when he met with Shimano because the reel they produced for him ; the Lews BB-1 was mechanically identical in many ways to the ABU Record. A few years later, Shimano entered the American market with their own branded reel; the Bantam which was identical to the Lews BB-1. Lews fell out with Shimano and got Ryobi to make their reels. Shimano went on to great success on their own and Fuji still make most of the rod fittings for rod builders. All down to Lew Childre.
  5. For the club or for his Missus in the High Court
  6. What does he know about mowing grass and painting the railings?
  7. All the pikies round here us what the French call 'Sans Permis' or no licence cars. They are two seaters with a tiny boot, 50cc engine (fifty, not five hundred), sound like an ack-ack gun on full chat and are restricted to 30 mph. If you get behind one on a road with a solid white line it can get frustrating. They are slower than most tractors. A few months ago one turned up at a fishing spot I was at. Three got out complete with a rod each and a bag of tackle
  8. Something like a 12 foot two piece rod would be a fortune to ship over to the States. But a John Wilson Travel Avon / Quiver rod or a similar Youngs Travel Avon / Quiver Barbel rod wouldn't break the bank in cost or shipping. They would be far better options than a long telescopic rod. And, they have fixed spool reels over there only they call them spinning reels.
  9. You actually got it spot-on in your first description. It is a crappy rod And the reason that you can't cast with it is because you have a crappy reel too Sorry old chap, but that sort of tackle don't cut it over here.
  10. There might seem to be a big choice, but when you actually look into it many are exactly the same machine under different brand names. Mountfield, Atco, Stiga, Castel Garden and Alpina ride-ons are all made in the same factory by the same people using the same parts. Other than the Mountfield that uses a Chinese engine, all the others are identical except for colour and name badges. Same with McCulloch, Jonsared and Husqvarna - all the same. For pedestrian mowers John Deere and Honda are the same machines. There is far less actual choice than you might think.
  11. Finally; 17 minutes in it is confirmed what I suspected. It is a telescopic rod. You won't see many that length in the UK, usually telescopics are used by poachers like Walshie for spinning or illegal bait fishing and would be 7 foot max so they fit down their trouser leg when collapsed. On the Continent however they use them to 15 feet or sometimes more. They aren't popular with UK anglers because their action isn't as good as a rod with more than one rod ring per section. That is why most telescopic rods in the UK are either small or are what we call roach poles which don't have rod rings.
  12. Doesn't matter what the future holds there are two things of certainty; the government will still be taxing us and the pikies will still be fiddling the system - pick-ups run on stolen red electric Seriously, what is at the bottom of all this is reducing traffic numbers. Making it harder for ordinary folk to own their own transport. Countries are already struggling to supply safe, green electricity for home and business use without the addition of running the whole transport system. As Acip has already mentioned vans and lorries can't be tied to a 200 mile maximum range and sticking a shed load of batteries into the Amazon delivery van won't leave much payload for the <3.5t limit to be driven on a car licence. Same with motorhomes. They are already struggling to carry more than a deck chair and get in under 3.5t so a rack of batteries isn't going ot help.
  13. No. The sales of new diesel cars will be banned, not diesel cars. I saw a very rare sight the other day. Somebody plugging an electric car into one of the many charging points that have sprung up all over this area. Every village of any size has a charging point and in town centre car parks they have installed them. But in the last twelve months, until the other day, I have never seen one in use.
  14. He was from Bingley. Hell will be an upgrade.
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