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  1. Nicepix

    View From Your Swim

    There are pro's and con's about light tackle and playing fish. I tend to fish in places with fallen trees, large rocks or other snags. That's where the fish are and you can't afford to let them run into the snags. Hook and hold. That rod, reel and line set up has handled catfish to around 50lb hooked at close range and held tight. The carp yesterday ran out into the open river and so was allowed to go. If it had turned downstream towards the trees I would have added thumb pressure to the drum of the reel and then switched the drag on. With this 18lb carp caught while barbel fishing I had no option than to let it run as the hook link was 4lb to a 14 hook. At one point I only had about five turns of line left on the Speedia. But there is no point allowing a fish to run itself to death or snag up if you can stop it.
  2. Nicepix

    View From Your Swim

    It's not like most centrepins. It has a disc brake on it like a salmon reel. Look at how I didn't need to clamp the reel..........
  3. Nicepix

    View From Your Swim

    11lb near as dammit. That's the fourth time in as many sessions I've had just one fish; each time a double figure carp. This is the smallest of them but it fought well.
  4. Yep. I've fiddled a bit, everything was dismantled and greased up and got the gear selection sorted. 2nd is perfect for cutting around the flower beds and 3rd for long stretches of open grass. Even Little Wife wants to learn how to use it I'm looking for another one as a project.
  5. Without actually examining them it is hard to say. What I can say though is that they are not the ones used by many of the French pro's as they use traps with sloping prongs, not those at 90 degrees. Also, they aren't Lucifer, another popular make, as the steel on them is slightly thicker than the Ratpack ones seem to be and also not as shiny. They don't appear to have the tiger stripes that a lot of the traps made in the Far East have but it doesn't say on the advert whether they actually make them or buy them in. The prongs look to be very close together so the spring strength looks to be OK. Try pulling the prongs apart by hand. If you can't pull them more than 1cm apart then they should be strong enough. Regards the second photo; don't set the trap as the photo shows. That couldn't be more wrong. The gap in the trigger should be between the prongs so the prongs squeeze the gap, and that side of the trigger should be no more than a couple of millimetres protruding above the prongs. As the traps lose their shine you can set the trigger a little higher so not as much protrudes below the prongs. It also helps to tie the twine on as shown or you'll lose the trigger.
  6. Nicepix

    The PlayOff's

    Thanks for the summary jjm, but we already knew that
  7. Nicepix

    The PlayOff's

    That isn't how newspaper journalists work. Speculation now while the club is in the public eye whether there is anything in it or not. They really are sh1ts.
  8. Nicepix

    The PlayOff's

    Don't worry. They only need five to take the penalties
  9. Nicepix

    The PlayOff's

    How do you know that Max wasn't born in 1936 when Sunderland last won the league?
  10. Nicepix

    Title race

    They've got Henderson and VVD in the dressing room. They don't need Kompany for that role. As for spending a lot of money; I don't think so. City are the ones who need to dig deep to replace Aguerro and Ferhandino who are both getting on a bit and crucial to them. If Gundogan decides to leave they will need two ball winners and I can only think of Griezman to fill Kun's boots and BM, Real and Juve will be after him.
  11. Nicepix

    The PlayOff's

    Don't let facts get in the way of fantasy
  12. Nicepix

    The PlayOff's

    I think its because they are having a free house for a leg of lamb at Gala Bingo in Sunderland tonight and bingo is much more exciting than the annual relegation / promotion farce of the third biggest club in the north-east.
  13. Nicepix

    Buzzards - any clue?

    And worms are insects too
  14. Nicepix

    Buzzards - any clue?

    I see them regularly in winter here in France so they must be eating something other than insects. But given the OP mentioned markings on their chest it is worth mentioning that common buzzards nearly always have a shield like pattern on their chests, but their plumage can be anything from very pale to very dark with little consistency even amongst siblings.
  15. Nicepix

    First go on the moles

    Mole tunnels don't always run straight. If the mole digging the tunnel comes across an obstruction it will change direction and sometimes they are curved for no apparent reason. If I can't find a good, clean entrance both sides I'll fill it in and look elsewhere.