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  1. The threads were closed for a reason. Not the smartest thing to reopen them.
  2. No, the younger generation haven't stepped in. Look at the numbers of members in fishing associations, wildfowling clubs, etc. All declining. There are one or two areas where there is growing interest, but generally the old traditional sports are declining. Legislation hasn't helped along with other obstacles like cost, housing unsuitable to keep dogs, ferrets, hawks, etc. A lot of people would prefer to go to a club and smash a few clays rather than tramp round a field on their own. Same in fishing. The carp lakes are full and the river banks empty. It is the same here in France. The Chasse o
  3. They are larger, softer maggots. Traditionally they were bred on wood pigeons as pigeons attracted the fly that bred gozzers.
  4. I should think so. Javelinist is so much more refined.
  5. 13C overnight rising to 18C today and dry. For once they got it right and the car had been packed last night ready for the off at 9am. Local tackle shop was closed so I detoured to a larger national chain that opened bang on 10am. There were five trays of what used to be maggots to choose from. Mostly it was casters and bran. I reckon they hadn't ordered any this week and what was there was last weeks order. I filled a hallf litre tub by taking the best few from each tray so I had squatts, pinkies, red maggots, white maggots and gozzers all in the same tub. The guy at the counter never opened
  6. When Jeff, the old fellow who lived across from us died I knew that he had previously signed the house over to their daughter to dodge death duties. His wife had no idea until the daughter found her a place in an old folks home and physically carried her out of the family home she had lived in for over 50 years. According to the old bloke next door to us, Jeff and his wife had done the same to Jeff's mother after his father died. Inheritance brings out the worst in people.
  7. Do you dropshot with worms or lures? I tried it a couple of times and vever had a touch using latex jelly worms.
  8. Difference between euthasing animals and people is the higher risk of decisions being influenced by matters other than the person's best needs. I have seen examples where heirs were keen to get their hands on the money and other instances where relatives who were funding care home costs were keen to end their obligations. Then you have hoslital trusts keen to reduce their medical bills and clear beds. It is a moral and legal minefield.
  9. I know that I am not allowed to have an opinion, but this is something I know about having previously worked in a Coroner's Office. In the 1990's there was a scheme called the Liverpool Pathway (not the Liverpool Heighway, totally different thing). Basically it allowed senior medical staff to allow certain patients to pass away more speedily than if treatment was continued. The problems with it were that some people naturally thought that it was being done for financial reasons, not humane ones. Then there was the Shipman enquiry that tightened up on doctors being able to certify causes of dea
  10. You are cherry picking small pieces out of a much larger pie in desperation. The rollout of vaccines worked. You might not think so but those who actually know about these things agree that it was. Mutations were encompassed in successive generations of vaccines. There was no blue print for all this. Different people hsd different theories. If we had followed your idea we would still be waiting for clinical trials of the first vaccine to be approved. There wasn't time.
  11. Yes, you could be right about your local area. Same as jonjon. And the medical people could probably be right about the rest of the world outside your little bubbles. Try reading the reports instead of just ignoring what doesn't suit you. I also have personal experience. Mine runs pretty close to what the medical experts are saying.
  12. You are only proven right if you have something to support your views. That's how it works. We don't just take your word for it. And, your comments on the report are there for all to see. I haven't confused anything.
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