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  1. It is worse than that. Franceis in almost as much debt as Italy : Which is why Germany is refusing to stump up the Euros to bail the Italians out. Read about it here: https://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/calls-for-corona-bonds-met-with-familiar-nein-a-6eb0e5ce-fddd-4909-95bb-ae8421ef3d2e What is even more worrying is that on top of all this Turkey is holding back 3.5 million migrants paid for by the EU and once the virus gets into those camps they will open the doors and Greece and Italy will get swamped. And then things will get really nasty.
  2. Germany claims that the €500 billion emergency relief fund can cover all the EU's Coronavirus problems for poor countries yet they have pledged more than just that for their own economy.
  3. B'stard!. I'd gladly give £45 a day to fish a muddy puddle at the moment. But I know what you mean
  4. The Gamm Ver in France is also a garden centre come animal foodstuffs place. You can buy dog food, but not plants or seeds. The hypermarkets have roped off their clothes section and other non-essentials. Meanwhile in Lidl anything goes so yesterday I came back with two packs of tomato seeds and a six pack of socks. But if the French can't get their plants and seeds to put in their veg' plots there will be riots. It is an essential part of rural life out here.
  5. I just want to go fishing! We are running out of jobs that we can do because we can't buy the stuff like paint, wood or sand & cement to do other jobs. And we are facing a further 3 weeks of this according to the papers. I honestly cannot see it continuing in its present way. They have to allow some shops and businesses to open in a limited way just to release some of the pressure caused by boredom and frustration. The week before lockdown I ordered a car from a local garage. The car is ready for its Controle-Technique and then I could drive it away. Except the garage is closed and the C-T examination centre is closed so I can't get it. By the time they open there will be a back log of 5 weeks of appointments with some car drivers having vehicles out of C-T and therefore illegal. They have got to open things like that and the dump-it sites, building supplies and the like to relieve the frustration.
  6. She's chuffed with the result. To be fair, so am I. I've missed my vocation. Must be my feminine side coming out
  7. I've just cut the wife's hair using the old dog's clippers, scissors and the trimmer part of my razor. And she is still talking to me!
  8. No, the Mairie is closed down. Not that I'd have to report as he can see me working in the garden through his office window. The same window he used to shoot pigeons off the church roof with his air rifle He won't be bothered anyway. He's just come last in the primary elections so his days are numbered.
  9. I hope they don't expect retired coppers to go back. I've forgotten how to blow my whistle!
  10. Yes. We now have to put a time we go outside on the form, not just the date. Last week I did over 300 miles on mole patrol, and have done 8 daily dog walks, all requiring a separate notice and guess how many times I've been checked? Not fecking once!
  11. We've been given even tighter guidelines. 1 hour maximum outside exercise and within 1km from home, once a day. I got Google Maps on the computer and worked out that the walk I do with the dog is no more than 1km from home as the crow flies so today I've done the 3km round trip and had 20 minutes spare out of my hour's allowance. Tomorrow I get to go to the supermarket Whoo-Hoo!
  12. Just make sure the drags are set right then do a few gentle under hand casts until you get the feel of it. The other option is a fixed spool type closed face reel called a spin casting reel that is especially for beginners, the disabled, women and children
  13. Most of my jobs involve no customer contact whatsoever. Many of the gardens are with second homes and the British owners won't be coming out for some time so I have been contacting them and offering to check their mail boxes, feed the koi carp or do whatever I can do to help. When I go to the gardens though I always wear gloves when opening and closing the gates as you can never be sure whether anyone else has just been there. I'm not having cups of tea and coffee with those who are residents and keeping my distance. At the end of the month I'll have to collect some cheques and cash from the quarterly payers who can't do bank transfers so I'll have to ask them to leave it on an outside table or window sill and pick it up from there whilst wearing gloves then put the receipt in their mail box. But otherwise it is business as usual.
  14. Don't worry. It's not rocket science. These reels usually have two forms of braking. The first is the screw cap you see under the handle. That compresses a spring that acts on the spool. The tighter you wind it the more friction is applied to the spool. So when you get your reel and mount it on the rod fasten a lure or weight on the end of the line and dangle it from the rod top. Then make adjustments to the screw cap until the lure or weight only drops a few inches when you waggle the rod top. That will prevent the reel over running when the lure or weight hits the water. It helps prevent tangles. The second brake is to slow the reel during the cast. If it has a variable dial initially turn it full on while you practice and then ease it back a little at a time once you've got the hang of it. You will find the sweet spot but that will change dependent on the weight being cast, whether it is into or with the wind, etc. So just play safe and lose a few yards in the cast.
  15. I thought it was the London Stadium on match day
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