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  1. Nicepix


    And he's doing that with gates of 11,000 and no money to spend on players. And the team are playing attractive football.
  2. It isn't going onto the treadle. It is able to reach the bait without going onto the plate You need to set up the trap so that the rat has to step down onto the treadle. Make the trap safe and take it up. Put some bait on the floor where the trap will cover it up. Use something soft like peanut butter, chocolate spread or a small piece of bacon laid flat. Replace the trap and take the safety hook off. Don't beat yourself up about it though because you are almost there. The rat is used to going into the trap so that is actually the hard part done.
  3. Nicepix


    The next manager doesn't have to be one of the new wave though. Look at Eddie Howe and Brendan Rogers. Thy both promote the attractive attacking football that West Ham have been known for. Even that German who got 'Uddersfield to the Premiership would be worth an interview.
  4. Nicepix


    Just look at this: https://www.transfermarkt.com/fc-liverpool/transfers/verein/31 https://www.transfermarkt.com/liverpool-fc/transfers/verein/31/plus/0?saison_id=2018&pos=&detailpos=&w_s= https://www.transfermarkt.com/liverpool-fc/transfers/verein/31/plus/0?saison_id=2017&pos=&detailpos=&w_s= In three years they have spent a net £120 million. Three years! And they are Champions of Europe and probably will be Champions of England. That is how to do it.
  5. Yep. You aren't allowed to shoot them. I think that rats are the only thing that you can legally shoot without a hunting licence. But if you wanted to take your dog for a walk along a river bank there is nothing stopping you as far as I am aware. Getting 'The Chasse' or local hunting group to deal with foxes, badgers and coypu is a problem from what I have heard. They don't want to know. I've been asked if I would trap them, but the problem for me is that I haven't got a hunting licence so I can't legally shoot the trapped animal, I can't legally release it and I don't want one as a pet. One of my customers jabbed one with her garden fork and injured it to the extent that it was laying on the ground bleeding. Then she asked me to dispatch it for her. I took a garden spade to it and I'll tell you what; they are bloody tough animals. An axe would have been a better tool. (Just so you know )
  6. Since I moved over to France I haven't had a stick. Back in the UK it was customary to choose a stick around this time of year and then have it ready for the next beating season. Now I don't shoot I haven't had the need for one until we got a little 3 year old terrier from the dog's home last December. She had been badly treated and this showed whenever I picked up anything that resembled a stick;- fishing rod, rake, anything like that. So I cut a little stick and started taking it with us on walks to de-sensitise here which has worked and also got me back into the walking with a stick routine. Today, I went out for a long walk armed with a pair of secateurs and the dog to find my new stick. I found what I wanted only 100 yards from home; a nice ash branch growing straight up its parent trunk and having an even fork. Stick cut and trimmed at breast height with the secateurs leaving enough on the forks to cut back and shape at home. Job done! Old stick left where I can recover it tomorrow. While walking along I surveyed my new thumb stick and saw that other than a minor kick about a foot from the forks it is remarkably straight. Two and a half hours into the walk which is along green lanes around our house Lily suddenly disappeared down a ditch where a blackbird flew out. So I called her back, but all I got was barking from below. She had gone to ground again. I say again because a few weeks ago she disappeared in plain sight while walking alongside the River Vienne and didn't re-appear for two and a half days in a pretty poor state. She has an obsession with coypu and there are thousands of them over here in ponds, lakes, rivers, ditches, you name it. We even get them in the garden. Coypu make a strange sort of cross between a grunt and a hum and I could hear just that along with the Terrier's barking. Coypu can make a mess of dogs if cornered and my dog isn't a natural killer. I dropped a foul-caught mouse in front of here a few days ago and she played with it like a cat would. The mist hunting that she has done was to bring me a baby coypu, the size of a guinea pig, drop it alive at my side while I was setting a mole trap, then run back to the van. A killer she isn't. Using my new thumb stick I dug into the soft ground under my feet and broke into a tunnel. The hole was widened until I was thwarted by a concrete pipe going under the track I had been walking down. Lily was barking continuously and ignoring my calls. I poked my new stick in and couldn't feel anything so I cut a long length of bramble that was draped over a tree and using my woollen Tilly hat as a glove probed the tunnel with the bramble. Nothing! Then a French lady arrived, walking down the lane. I explained what I was doing and she suggested getting the fire brigade out which isn't as daft as it sounds because they are always doing things other than putting fires out. They man the ambulances for one thing, but digging a terrier out is probably more of a farmer thing. I told the lady that I would wait a while then call my wife to bring a pick and shovel forgetting that she has buggered off to the Limoges Christmas market with friends. Just as the French lady was leaving she suddenly had a thought; what about the other end of the tunnel? It was only a few yards away at the other side of the track. Bugger me! Never thought if that. So, off to the other end where access was easier and I didn't have to kneel and stick my upside down head into a mucky hole. With the aid of my phone torch app I could see the arse end of a coypu just a couple of feet in so I asked the lady in my best French to pass me the stick, which she did. Using the long forks on the new thumb stick I was able to hook the coypu's neck, shepherd style, forcing it to the side of the pipe and dragged it back so its scaly tail was within grabbing distance. The coypu was about the size of a West Highland White dog and from past experience I knew that they were built like a brick outhouse and had a pair of teeth that could inflict serious damage. So, hooking the dammed thing by the neck and dragging it out needed a plan and the plan was drag with stick in right hand, grab coypu's tail in left hand, pull the coypu out of the pipe whilst dropping the stick so that when the coypu was unplugged and swung round my waist to be thrown down the banking all in one quick motion, I could grab the sodding terrier as it bolted out of the pipe after the coypu. At least I got that bit of choreography right. While walking back towards home I found out the the French lady is British, lives locally and needs some rodent traps. Anyway, my new thumb stick is now drying out under a heavy weight to straighten the slight kink and I am looking forward to using it for less arduous tasks in future.
  7. Nicepix


    The problem with clubs like West Ham is that they have such a large, loyal support they attract the money men who want to take the revenue from that support without returning it to the club for the benefit of the very supporters who are funding it. Football clubs are seen as brands and no one is interested in the Bournemouth brand who only bring 11,000 through the turnstiles every home game. But West Ham are perfect for these investors. 50,000 loyal fan base and players don't expect mega salaries.
  8. Put the bait under the trap, no on it. Nothing hard under the treadle though as that might stop it moving enough to trip. Also, check the surfaces of the treadle hook and the brass flap to make sure there is nothing rough that might cause it to jam. I smoothed mine off with a file then emery cloth. Then set the trigger right at the last part just before it will set the trap off.
  9. Nicepix


    A lot depends on the starting point, and given who OSG followed and the chaos they had caused, I reckon that he is doing OK. It takes years to undo the mess left behind some times.
  10. Back in the 1990's there were a couple of workmen doing repairs on a bridge near to Barnsley. One of them dropped his hammer and while he was fishing around for it he pulled up a large silver salver. It was engraved with something about cattle showing and so I wrote everything down that was relevant and went round to my neighbour who showed Limousin cattle (this was pre-Internet & Google). Bob made some enquiries with the people who organise cattle shows and it turned out that the salver was worth a couple of grand and had been stolen from a farm in the Midlands in a burglary around 12 years before and never seen since. The workman got a few quid reward which was nice. The moral of this story is that the good stuff isn't magnetic
  11. No. You 'found' something that you thought was of value, but knew that it would be worth a lot more if you could confirm that it worked. Hence your rather naive post on here asking for somebody to test it. Greed got the better of you. It goes beyond curiosity and we all know what your intentions are. I don't believe a word you say.
  12. If you had no intention of profiting from this 'find' then you wouldn't have looked up its value or asked for help in finding out if it worked. You would have just handed it in at work or at a police station. It doesn't matter what you now say. People will have formed opinions on what you have done and IMO you don't come out of this very well.
  13. Nicepix


    Not Poch'. He will have had much better offers IMO.
  14. I reckon that unit might never have been fitted. It looks too new and shiny. The law is clear; it should be handed in. But anyone daft enough to post something like the OP has done isn't likely to be doing that so he takes his chance and for a few hundred quid he might get lucky. But if he gets unlucky then he only has himself to blame.
  15. Nicepix


    Unless it is Jamie Vardy. He seems to thrive on the role.
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