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  1. Looks like Watford need help. Who will they call - International Rescue or Fireman Sam?
  2. You don't know how much I enjoy my work
  3. Tried two places I recently found on the River Vienne. Air temp was up to 9C and water temp at 7C. Two hours here without a bite And then another two hours in another swim just down the road for the same result
  4. A few years ago I went to a vintage car street race. One of the races involved 11 race prepared Porches piloted by Nigels and a duck egg blue Mk.1 Escort repmobile that absolutely trounced them. It was a Lotus engined jobby. And yes, the specialist sports car makers dipped into larger firms parts bins to save money. Even the Jag XJS had the same indicator stalks as an Allegro.
  5. This is one of the facts of modern life. I suppose it happened to a lesser extent with the Austin / Morris / Riley / Wolsley cars of old,but when I was looking for a SUV 4X4 I found that many were almost identical to other makes. There is a lot less choice of models than you think.
  6. The Dusters are built on an X-Trail chassis and gear box. Problem is they are not built by Japs, but by Indians or Romanians.
  7. I just picked up a 2010 Honda CR-V Luxury Spec' in much the same condition for just a little bit more money. All the bells and whistles and a lot more comfortable than the old Berlingo. It is doing 40mpg and negotiated my 4x4 test course with ease, so no getting stuck on the river banks. I think the newer 1.6 models do over 50mpg.
  8. It suits me. Before I was blatting about all over the place, doubling back to jobs that over ran. Now I know where I am going each day and I'm always home for tea time
  9. It is all year round, but peaks from Feb through to June, sometimes to September. I'll get lots of enquiries from new customers with infestations from next month, but I decline them and just do my regular contracts three days a fortnight plus one catching up day.
  10. I never stop. I visit all my customers every fortnight and double back to any that have ongoing problems in the interim week. 3 days one week, 1 day the next and so on. This week I only had 2 calls to make so spent the rest of the day looking for new fishing places. The way I work means that the money always comes in whether there are moles to catch or not. I don't have to sweat over the phone ringing.
  11. That would like Dennis Law when he backheeled a goal for City that sent his old club United down. And the commentator couldn't understand why the City manager bundled him off the pitch and immediately substituted him.
  12. We were there just after the Balkans wars. Beautiful lake and scenery but the people barely smiled. They were all like zombies. That conflict had knocked the stuffing out of them. Don't know what it is like now, but on our 'to do' list for when I hang up the mole traps and retire - again.
  13. Since WW2 the Yanks have always spent zillions on the military. It is the biggest source of employment, stimulates innovation in non-military technology and gives a lot of poor young people a paid job.
  14. I don't get any allowances for expenditure on the tax scheme I am on. I pay just under 24% on all income, and all income is declared, even the cash payers and those who pay through my English bank account. The trouble with doing jobs on the black is you don't know who the other parties are talking to.
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