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  1. And get as many cars as possible off the road so they don't have to spend money on traffic management.
  2. But it is not just the garage sellers who will suffer. There are loads of farmers and other professionals who make a bit of extra money selling seasoned logs and they cannot guarantee the humidity of every single piece of wood they sell. And you can often buy it unseasoned and leave it out to dry yourself. That won't be allowed. If you insist on every log being kiln dried or every piece checked for moisture content then they are out of business leaving those who kiln dry wood no cheaper competition so can put their prices up. And, drying wood in a kiln adds to the carbon footprint. Leaving wood out for a few years doesn't. This hasn't been properly thought out. There are steps being taken to reduce gas and oil fired boilers and electricity is too expensive and they cannot guarantee keeping pace with current demands let alone loads of new electric boilers. Now they are adding to people's problems by banning another cheap source of fuel or making it more expensive.
  3. I can't see any court in the land convicting somebody for using illegal wood on the basis that there was smoke coming out of the chimney. "Must have been a soot fire Your Worship." How can they prove otherwise? Its going to be one of those laws that never get enforced.
  4. The lads on here won't let the TV licensing man in so what chance has the bloke who wants to check that their wood is dry enough to burn?
  5. Nicepix


    Liverpool's transfer deals over the last three seasons are a net outlay of around £90 million. City in the same period: £347 million outlay Man Utd: £375 million outlay
  6. Nicepix


    What people who say the EU has 27 countries so is much stronger than the UK don't realise is that all those 27 countries want different things and that pulls the EU apart. It makes it weaker not stronger. Look how hard it is for Boris to keep the Union intact. Imagine 27 different countries as diverse as Germany and Malta, Sweden and Romania all trying to agree on anything. The UK negotiators are playing a blinder at the moment.
  7. Nicepix


    M. Barmier: "So, Prime minister, let me make this clear. Spain wants Gibralter back, Greece wants the Elgin Marbles back, Ireland wants Ulster back, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany all want to continue to fish British waters and we all want you to abide by any rules we make up as we go along without having any say in how these rules are made and be bound by all decisions made by a European court that we set up. Unless you agree to all these demands we will stop selling you French, German, Spanish and Italian cars, Dutch, German and Italian domestic products, French wine and meat, Spanish oranges and olives and also stop sending Polish workers over." Mr. Johnson: "Go swivel!"
  8. It could be a challenge if the hornet's behave like they do in France. Often the nests are 30 - 40 foot up in the branches quite a way from the trunk or any substantial bough that you could lean a ladder against. And the hornets sometimes attack anyone passing nearby.
  9. I have a feeling that they weren't carp. Every now and then I hook things that are totally unstoppable on normal 10lb line class gear. That reel has a disc drag and I use the other one I have on my catfish rod. Saves burning my thumb
  10. Same river, different swims. Took a carp rod this time. Not that the fish took any notice...... Then trashed twice by unseen zoo creatures.
  11. Yes, cane can be very forgiving and sometimes the softy-softly approach works in our favour. The problem with carp usually comes when the fish is brought close to netting range and it sulks just out of reach. That's when you need a rod with backbone. Mind you. I have a 10 foot cane rod that I can dead lift a 6lbs weight off the ground with. A tad overkill for mid teens carp though I haven't fished in the Nantes area. I have fished the Loire, but quite a way upstream of there.
  12. The Vienne in south-west France. I'll be having another go tomorrow in the same sort of area looking for carp in the margins. Just boiled up some milled maize and hemp. I'll be taking heavier tackle this time. The light cane rod was meant for chub and roach fishing a smaller river that when I got there I found to be carrying too much water so I ended up trying for chub on a bigger venue.
  13. Nicepix

    Gin anyone?

    Little Wife likes the odd G&T and tonight I cracked open a large bottle of Beefeaters we brought back from Spain last month and made her a good one.
  14. Nicepix


    Sheffield United in Europe? It could happen!!!
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