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  1. He'll be in Bridlington. That is where all the WMC Treasurers used to head for with the money they had embezzeled from the Club funds.
  2. Nicepix


    Most of what he wrote was bollox and the rest was copied from others.
  3. Nicepix


    We have a pair in our porch awning. They must hibrernate between the roof tiles and boards. It amazes me that they survive the winters that regularly drop below 10C on a night for two or three weeks. There is a street lamp just outside our garden where moths congregate. That is bat cafe. Just a bit of useless information: Izaac Walton wrote about finding hibernating swallows in a tree trunk. My bet is that he found bats and mistook them for birds.
  4. Nicepix


    When I was fishing last week I saw a bat flying about at around 3:30 in the afternoon. You can see it just under the tree Around the same time last year and about 20km away I saw a bat flying around the river bank just before noon. They may well be confused youngsters.
  5. It has been that nationally for years. They have to draw a line somewhere. In France it is 2kph over the limit for a fine and 20kph for vehicle confiscation and a ban.
  6. Firstly, traffic speed enforcement isn't carried out by coppers. The people sat behind the cameras are civiians. Same with parking tickets. All civilianised by the local authority or privatised. Secondly tax discs wasn't been a police matter for several years before they were scrapped. Again civilianised. Those tickets issued for contravening bus lanes, junctions, weight limits, etc are all issued and posted out by the local authorities. Police haven't done any of that for over fifteen years. Still, why let facts get in the way of your opinions?
  7. Don't think for a minute the beat bobbies support the increase in speed cameras. It makes their jobs harder. When they parked the camera vans at Sheffield airport quite often they discovered that the cable used to charge the camera batteries had been disconnected overnight. A chief inspector set a trap for the culprits by having cctv cameras set up in the garage. Next morning the cameras hadn't been charged. Someone had switched off the circuit on the master consumer unit.
  8. He'll be hoping to sell them some ships. He's heard they haven't got any aircraft carriers or subs.
  9. The first reason is right. Russia doesn't do goodwill gestures. It will be the same if they manage to secure a coastal strip. It will be constantly under attack and could not be sustained long term.
  10. And I'll bet that the next Dr Who is a trans gender paraplegic. Or a Spurs supporter.
  11. There was a mass exodus of unemployed from my part of the world about 20 to 25 years ago. They wanted to live the high life in places like Blackpool and Skeg Vegas, flaunting their Job Seekers Benefits.
  12. No coincidence that some of the cities that make the list are far too expensive for most people to live there. And they don't seem to have much in the way of social housing for the immigrants. Strange that.
  13. Not all union leaders are ultra left wing. But they have to be left of centre as it is the ones on the right side of centre who are usually screwing the workers. Bliar being the exception.
  14. Those involved will certainly deny it. The Police Superintendent at Rotherham at the time Steve Parry, was offered the job of Safeguarding at Rotherham Council when he retired. The Chief Constable claimed that he couldn't remember anything about it at a Parliamentary Inquiry. If a serving officer claimed that they could not remember in a disciplinary hearing the Chief Constable could legally presume guilt. But then again, he probably knew little about it because he was stuffing his and his friend's pockets with cash handed out for road safety initiatives. As well as drawing his pay from SYP h
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