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  1. The head looks massive in the pic but didn't look quite as huge in real life. £3.20 for a pint and a packet of crisp. Stick your southern prices up your arse
  2. The new forest had a famous line of Welsh in them from a hound called medig (sic). Most of their hounds have gone back to a Welsh pack this year I believe as they have turned to bloodhounds
  3. There's a pack of minkies on the south coast that has a lot of otter hounds though there's some retired foxhounds mixed in. This is the only pic I can find at the minute. Can probably arrange a day with them on the Saturday before the fishing comp if anyone is interested. (yeah I know I've said that for 5 years but this year will be different )
  4. "It took the press only a few days to transform some ridiculously trivial matter into an issue of national importance, while vital problems were completely ignored or shelved and hidden away from public attention''
  5. Except for the bingo wings she's quite tidy
  6. It's always good to be able to recognise your local councillor so you can stop them in the street to discuss local issues
  7. I've worked it out....its because I used the 'selfie' function on my phone to take the picture. It appears it flips writing around when uploaded
  8. That's how it looks in a photo I guess....i blanked my name out on my top and that was back to front in the photo
  9. Yeah it would have a leather 'inner'. All three are just the metal helmet....without the interior part. Funny you should mention the beetle juice bloke, I saw a Joe raki in Rochdale yesterday with a pea head and the first thing I thought was beetlejuice!!
  10. Medal to a j collier if there are any colliers on the forum
  11. Extra picture of the German helmet just to complete the set
  12. No it wasn't... I didn't ask for details but any knuckle knife is rare to see for sale now. Think they are actually illegal to sell even as collection pieces
  13. Yeah same here. There was a knuckle duster trench knife for £450. I'm not into knives particularly but I wish I'd bought that one as they don't come up often and never for under a grand
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