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  1. DIDO.1


    Would we agree with this when it's a vote on hunting? Politics is a giant game of chess, learn to play the game.
  2. DIDO.1

    Hard men...

    I'm not a big fan of padilla but seeing him in one of his last appearances in pamplona showed how much he has put on the line. Less than a month before he had his scalp opened up.
  3. DIDO.1

    Anyone on here taken steroids?

    Yeah two guys I know who did roids went on to have heart attacks. I already eat loads of shite so again it's putting me off.
  4. DIDO.1

    Anyone on here taken steroids?

    I'm thinking of starting weight training again. I'm worried if I get get massive it will put up the cost of renting a horse for hunting and I'm worried it will shrink my already small winky. So I'm prob going to give it a miss.
  5. DIDO.1

    Anyone on here taken steroids?

    Me and a mate bought some pink anabol years ago. Took em for 3 days then bottled it. I'm still 9 stone piss wet
  6. DIDO.1

    Duffus Traps

    Flat pack. Not cheap really but good tackle
  7. DIDO.1


    I'm getting quite a few call backs with this vulcan. How's everyone else getting on. Iv done about 200
  8. DIDO.1

    Hunt badges

    I'll have a new pennine badge steads. I'll be out hunting when you are over our way so will get one then. Iv just realised I have 2 spare Holcombe harriers badges if anyone wants one or has a swop.
  9. DIDO.1

    View From Your Swim

    Iv got to work this morning or I'd call in and say hello
  10. DIDO.1

    View From Your Swim

    Is that a day ticket or club stretch? Didn't see the Otter last night but did last time i went
  11. DIDO.1

    View From Your Swim

    Not for me they weren't. Not a sniff
  12. DIDO.1

    View From Your Swim

    No weed, quite coloured. Feeling confident though