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  1. Yeah our kid has one. Good call, I'll borrow it for our first day next week
  2. Would be nice on the shoot, in the woods at brew time
  3. Nice. Just looked on flea bay. Not cheap for working ones! I've got two on watch
  4. What's it run off?
  5. DIDO.1


    Saw some chubby pit brow lasses in Wigan
  6. DIDO.1


    True that. Big fat birds ice skating while on rag week. Should be locked in the coal shed with a bit of straw on the floor.
  7. DIDO.1


    A conservative MP said part of the problem was people don't know how to cook or look after themselves. He was criticised by the left and the media. The issue was dropped. There has never been food shortages. Local markets are full of fresh food, fruit, cheap cuts of meat, fish and veg. Remember the mong nurse crying during COVID because the shelves were empty? They were far from empty. Personal responsibility has gone out the window. 20 years ago I gave loads of fish and game away in the village. Today if I get someone to post on Facebook for me that I have free fish or pheasa
  8. in the next village to us
  9. Do you reckon BLM all chipped in to pay for the spacker chariot?
  10. It's not even about colour, plenty of white people got down on one knee and supported it..... even when it was clear George flloyds death had nothing to do with race the robots will still say 'it was cos he was black'. It's a brain washed cult. Morons who wore pieces of paper on their faces and jabbed their kids won't admit they were duped.
  11. Being female in a country that discriminates against women is enough. Fck me we have foreign criminals still here that were due to be deported in 2015..... we can't even get rid of those that have no basis to be here and have lost their 3 appeals
  12. My first ever football match. I've brought my kindle in case I get bored. And yes I'm wearing my check shirt @NEWKID
  13. The top ones are all kiln dried hard wood. They really give some heat out. I don't let the Mrs burn them if I'm not home as anything more than a tiny hint of air flow and they overheat the stove so much the thermometer goes into the red and falls off the stove pipe . I do the pest control for a big wood yard and £500's worth is part of his payment. I drive past the yard everyday so it's no hardship doing it and I see em as free.... even though I pay for em in a sense. I'm bringing a few pieces of ash, holly and hawthorn home every time I go up the shoot. Not massive amounts but a few lo
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