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  1. DIDO.1


    Name the bird
  2. I'm not into melodic unembelished ones. Do you have any unmelodic embellished ones? I'd definitely be interested in them.
  3. DIDO.1


    I always thought it best to take the clutch so they laid again
  4. DIDO.1


    Are sometimes an obsession..... https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2024-02-20/man-admits-stealing-thousands-of-rare-bird-eggs
  5. DIDO.1


    If you see me make sure to come say hello. You won't be able to miss me.
  6. They do tunnels on there....they look good as well, flat bottoms
  7. A bowl full of apples and a loaf of bread.....lucky girl
  8. HOME | UK Putange Supplies | Mole traps and accessories WWW.UKPUTANGESUPPLIES.COM Welcome to UK Putange Supplies, serving both the general public and the professional mole trapping... try these. £2.55 and my mate says they are now better than flat pack. The last FP I had I really didn't like
  9. Flat packs cost to much. Someone has just recommended a company that is much cheaper and does some good tunnels....I'll get the link and post it here. I've just taken over another blokes company, his contracts mainly, but he's delivered all his equipment and supplies and these were amongst his stuff
  10. DIDO.1


    How many check shirts and pairs of moleskins are needed for a week in Tenerife? On the plus side the Mrs says she's happy for me not to sit anywhere near her so I've got a free pass to fck off fishing
  11. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/24131146.investigation-launched-pigs-head-large-brick-thrown-window/
  12. I don't think it's because they have been beaten it's because they have been spoilt. The working class are now the middle class....they take two cars, decent holiday's and all the mod cons for granted. Doing anything from protesting, to voting for a new party to supporting Brexit will risk the status quo.
  13. Catch some up for me alive and I'll pick em up! Better than killing em for the sake of it. We have a big area for them to settle in, even some massive pens to keep em safe whilst they settle. Even the farmers want to start seeing some around again. Would exchange a duck flight next season for some live rabbits . I don't even have ferrets anymore so if they settle and breed you can come ferreting here
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