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  1. I keep hearing how people are suffering under the Conservatives yet for me, a white working class council estate male the worst times were under labour. Yes some people are struggling but really iv have great NHS care, my kids have a great education and plenty of opportunities. We live in a land of opportunities. If foreigners can come here with limited English or no English and build a life then so can anyone. Like I said I know some slip through the system but the worst of times have ALWAYS been under labour.
  2. Jukel123 you say corbyn would try to make people's lives better? Corbyn wants to see the end of me, people like me and the vast majority of people on this site. I have friends who live in hunt kennels who I know couldn't shoot their own hounds. I'd probably have to do it. I'd have to watch when hunt staffs homes are sold off after being used for hundreds of years. I have friends that live in tied farms on country estates, where their family have lived for generations, they would be finished as inheritance tax goes up and even more estates are broken up and sold to investors. I'm White English in Northern town, while all mps are useless on immigration corbyns labour party wants to actively increase immigration and give all incomers a vote immediately. I could go on. Politics is a giant game of chess. And at the minute the only piece I have to play to hold off a check mate to me and mine in Boris Johnson.
  3. No, I'd still want them convicted in court before being shot.
  4. Christmas is the only time I cook really. We have an open house for two days, Christmas day and boxing day. We have had up to 15 at once and I only have a small bungalow! I stopped doing a sit down meal years ago and I just do a massive buffet. I have a big wooden table that I keep stacked full for two days. Every year I ask if people want a sit down meal or the buffet and once they have had it they vote buffet every time. Every hour I'll do another tray of roast or new potatoes. 3-4 joints of meat, pies, salads, cured meats, pigs in blankets.....the full works. Normally I hate food waste and I'm tight as cramp but I just like the thought of a massive mid winter feast were people can come together and just pig out. We invite my step sons dad cos he's on his own, for a few years he brought his parents as well . It just grows from there until I have a house full of randoms eating and getting full of champagne. I can't wait, I absolutely love it. Doing a sit down dinner is hours of stress for 15mins of eating. Now I do all my joints the night before, prep all my veg, peel a thousand spuds and just crack on cooking, serving and pouring drinks from 12 onwards. Aldi is the key to Christmas food shopping, all British meat and foreign beer.
  5. Yeah if only Britain would execute people who have been accused but not tried, we would be a much better nation
  6. I think huge numbers are taken. And unknown numbers of strays
  7. My new shadow. Got it for an early Christmas present for the youngest but funny enough the Mrs and kids arnt putting much effort in with the house training....so I guess it's my new work mate
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