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  1. That's my uncle Hans in the back seat
  2. Yeah I went the other week. Got my first pair of glasses and recommendation for hearing aids....£2000 for hearing aids so just just got glasses. On the waiting list for NHS aids Fckin glasses and hearing aids.....just need teeth braces and I'll look like a complete spacker
  3. I heard you and him were best mates
  4. I would in general agree....but current systems encourage scumbags, lazy and feckless to have more kids than intelligent and hard working. Just look how many kids the Africans have
  5. Is it gay to enjoy a pokey bum wank?
  6. It will make a difference to how high you can hold your head. In the 2nd world war some french girls had to suck off German soldiers to feed their kids. Nothing to brag about though
  7. Richard tyacke. The man who lost more hunting than any anti. Ignorant arrogant cnut.....and the organisations still employ him
  8. I dislike what's happening to my country.... and wherever possible I won't be complicit in it happening. I've got and had friends of all nationalities, religions and colours. Doesn't make what's happening right and again....where possible....I won't be complicit. I hate hate the big picture and the treacherous actions of some of our own not individuals
  9. I already answered that. You got to do what you got to do. If I was in your position I'd have to do the same. It would break my heart and I'd always be looking for a different option.....it doesn't bother you. We're just different I guess
  10. Took me a while.....
  11. Nobody has said that though have they. We would all be happy to deal with an Indian doctor. Doesn't mean it's not a travesty our governments haven't trained enough doctors and we need to be happy about that....nor that we shouldn't avoid being part of the bigger problem. Alot of migrant people and especially Muslims wouldn't pisss on you if you were on fire. Anyway it's getting silly....I'm out
  12. Yeah mate religion doesn't matter Islam is a totally harmless religion and doesn't harm the countries it infests at all. Everything starts and ends with the truth and the real world. Open your eyes and don't make excuses for lack of principles and racial pride.
  13. Of course you can't stop an auction. That as you say is the real world. Couple of muzzies own Asda....you can't get away from it. BUT to me it all starts with knowing what's right and what's wrong. You don't have an issue with mass immigration and it doesn't bother you in the slightest that your livestock is sacrificed to the peado prophet. Personally it wouldn't sit right with me at all and it would break my heart to see my lambs being loaded up by them cnuts. You seem almost proud to admit it. We just have different morals. No amount of internet arguing will square that divide
  14. I've not. I actually wouldn't have an issue with using a real Indian restaurant run by actual indians. Most 'indian' restaurants are run by Muslims. Two local Indian restaurants have been raised round here in last couple of years for housing illegal immigrants upstairs and using illegal staff.
  15. Of course you have to deal with them in every day life. But there's a difference between necessary interactions and willfully fckin over your own people. I regularly walk 3 mile home from a local town after drinking with mates rather than giving money to rag head taxi drivers....but one day I might have to jump in a taxi cos I have no choice. It's about making the effort. I regularly hear people rant about migrants and mass immigration, yet they are happy to go totally cashless....never paying businesses or tradesmen in cash.... Indeed the only cash they carry is to give to foreigne
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