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  1. They aren't prepared to give up on their little pet project just yet....
  2. It does impact on everyone's life in the most serious ways. It's just the media isn't telling them it's impacting their lives. Not quite sure what it has to do with covid freedom fighters though. I'm not anti jab nor a covid denier....but I would say I'm a covid policy sceptic.
  3. Driving through Wigan yesterday and saw 2 soldiers putting an old woman in an ambulance. They were all masked up so I guess army medics but fck me how bad are things when we have the army manning ambulances. Meanwhile the media isn't saying a word. A thousand migrants some days arriving on the south coast, 250 a week still arriving from Afghanistan and half a million through other 'legal channels' each year. No houses, no medical help and enough people to fill a city squeezed into the mix every year. Scary times.
  4. .....i thought the punch line was going to be... ....'and it turned out that man was Prince Charles, and 2 girls were camilla and her sister, true story bruv.....
  5. How Prince Charles got all his medals without fighting in a war - We Are The Mighty WWW.WEARETHEMIGHTY.COM When decked out in his full royal regalia, the Prince of Wales looks much like what you think a...
  6. Next week's local headlines "man sacked from aldi for stealing 20 tubes of anusol"
  7. Do it! Even if it affects benifits. If you can afford to do it then do it. You will gain so much from the whole thing. And if you manage to brighten up one person's day it will be worth it.
  8. I was fishing in the ribble at Ribchester once and a dildo floated past. I caught it in my landing net. We then fixed it to the end of a branch at head hight at a spot where the path went really narrow between the trees, it was a really thin branch so it sort of hung in the middle of the path rising and falling in the wind .
  9. This mild weather isn't good for anything. The whole natural world benifits from a cold dry winter. Insects are waking up but there is nothing for them to eat. I'm getting reports of queen wadps about and I found some bee hives the other day with bees coming and going. I'll admit it's nice though having a bit of sun and blue sky, helps beat the depression brought on by the horrible grey rain soaked days
  10. Ah just realised she's not a real mp
  11. Just take a minute to watch this mp being asked if she attended the party "if a tree fails in a forest and nobody hears it did I actually attend a party" Absolute c**t bags
  12. I'm desperate to go abroad but I ain't having any jabs, when do we think the need for them will end? If ever?
  13. DIDO.1


    She had covid or just under the weather?
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