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  1. You were right.....art of fishing Some fillets in that cod. Wonder what its worth
  2. The art of angling. Recently found out my mum threw mine out. Only moved out 20 years ago and she's chucking my stuff out already.....gutted
  3. Fck me it's not like I did a video. Just hiding from the wife admiring my new sword stick, your all just jealous cos I've got more concealed weapons than you.
  4. Nobody wants em. I'll top em this week
  5. Fckin jobby not heard that for years
  6. New sword stick! And yes before someone points out I am sat on the shitter. Only place I can get some fckin peace in this house
  7. Just reading about the government's new boat tax, shocking.
  8. Think things have moved on since you joined the home guard in 1939
  9. Fckin blood on my plate. Had to stick some napkins under one side so my chips don't look like used tampons
  10. If a barmaid in Lancashire gave you this you would instantly smash the glass back in her face. Looks like when you mum ain't swilled the soap out your beer glass proper
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