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  1. I've a full day tomorrow. Cluster fly job, few rat jobs and routines
  2. I don't like fruit beers really but it's the only thing in the house
  3. Started the day with a team of Gos hawks that were visiting our shoot. Not being a shooter I thought this was a much better use for pheasants. They had flight after flight but only caught 1. I was amazed how the pheasants out paced the hawks, I didn't expect that. The hawks were getting wetter, we were getting wetter so at dinner time I decided a pint, ham, egg and chips was a better idea. Also got a dry pair of undies. Back to the neighbouring shoot and I joined them for 1 drive getting wet again. Fed the duck ponds, joined the big shoot for a pint and out flighting. What a nice e
  4. I'm going to disagree a bit with a few of you that the main barrier is money. We in the northwest have 2 large markets nearby, Bury and Bolton. If you go down there on a Saturday afternoon you can fill bags full for £25. Yes I agree that a free range organic chicken is beyond the reach of alot of families, but we don't need to go over the top with organic stuff to begin eating well. Go to any big market and its full of Africans and Asians....why? Because they aren't afraid of real food. If we gave a hundred young families a raw un cooked chicken I bet at least half couldn't roast it. How
  5. DIDO.1

    MP stabbed

    Yeah that's the one
  6. DIDO.1

    MP stabbed

    My mate is maintance bloke at the big one in Preston. At one time the whole employment there was run by a Polish agency. Think the polish aren't interested now so it's Latvians and fck knows who else. Mate says it's hell there, the workers are barely human, shitting on the floors and knives fights over dinner. Must have a load of Muslims in cos his main Job was fitting toilet seats as the fckers keep standing on em to squat over the bog
  7. DIDO.1

    MP stabbed

    I don't actually want a job....just interested. Would they pay that newly qualified? Always fancied becoming a butcher though. Thinking of doing a butchery course on the side just out of general interest.
  8. Them tails! I see what you mean. Maybe different from our brown rats and the other once we once had. You ever seen a black rat @Ken's Deputy?
  9. DIDO.1


    I've only bought ww1 ones from shops and sales. I want a zulu war medal. Or crimea. Something with Victoria and some bars on it. Can't say I have any knowledge on them just buy local ww1 ones. Or ones to my second name. Thers a dealer in Wigan my brother uses alot, apparently he's really trust worthy, you go to his house and his medals are well priced and his knowledge is second to none. If your in range of the North West I'll get you his details.
  10. Think I read that in a book somewhere not ST. Have you seen the bloke who hunts with mink....he grabs em for fun. Are they just soft yank rats? Apparently him and plummer can do it. I try it once and look like a cnut. Need to do some more research. @Wolfdog91can you try and catch a yank rat for us in the name of research?
  11. My brother has tried to trace the bloke who owned the chest. He's found a French bloke with the same name, who was in the military, and had a medical connection. He was celebrating his 90th birthday in 2010. Apparently it wasn't a common name so perhaps its him. The only reference is a French article in some local paper of this one bloke...might be dead now like but its the nearest he can find. Our kid will be well pisssed off if its him and he wants his chest back and he's got to give up his bar table
  12. I wasn't getting in to that bit
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