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  1. DIDO.1

    Squirrel bait

    Do the big companies use it as standard?
  2. DIDO.1

    One to stay away from

    Apparently he has a review section on that link. Also a phone number, as anti hunt groups say "please don't phone in the night as that wouldn't be nice"
  3. DIDO.1


    Same as the steel industry. No subsidised energy. Energy is expensive due to environmental costs. So we shut down steel works (shut down and made beyond further use by foreign companies we sold em to). We still use as much steel, but now its made in China and India (who are building coal powered power stations) but then its also transported round the world. Mental. Yes governments are responsible. But we put those people their. The answer is in our hands.
  4. DIDO.1

    One to stay away from

    Noticed this pop up on Facebook. Apparently some cleaning/carpet company owner has made comments about harming the kids of hunting people. The link to the company is in the post if your on fb. https://m.(!64.56:886/werefortheanimals/?tsid=0.5395374804902875&source=result#!/story.php?story_fbid=351302999055336&id=332642324254737&_ft_=mf_story_key.351302999055336%3Atop_level_post_id.351302999055336%3Atl_objid.351302999055336%3Acontent_owner_id_new.332642324254737%3Athrowback_story_fbid.351302999055336%3Apage_id.332642324254737%3Aphoto_id.351301199055516%3Astory_location.4%3Astory_attachment_style.photo%3Apage_insights.{"332642324254737"%3A{"role"%3A1%2C"page_id"%3A332642324254737%2C"post_context"%3A{"story_fbid"%3A351302999055336%2C"publish_time"%3A1550521526%2C"story_name"%3A"EntStatusCreationStory"%2C"object_fbtype"%3A266}%2C"actor_id"%3A332642324254737%2C"psn"%3A"EntStatusCreationStory"%2C"sl"%3A4%2C"dm"%3A{"isShare"%3A0%2C"originalPostOwnerID"%3A0}%2C"targets"%3A[{"page_id"%3A332642324254737%2C"actor_id"%3A332642324254737%2C"role"%3A1%2C"post_id"%3A351302999055336%2C"share_id"%3A0}]}}&__tn__=*s*s-R
  5. DIDO.1

    RIP the Labour Party

    Part of the reason for leaving is because corbyn is allowing a 'tory hard brexit'. Between them they want either a softer brexit or to halt it all together.
  6. DIDO.1


    Seeing wasps and bees so early really isn't a good sign I'd say insects definitely are disappearing. Remember how your car once got covered in flies and insects on a long drive. When was the last time you saw a van or wagon plastered in dead insects?
  7. DIDO.1


    It's been terrible for wasps for a good few years now. Last year was the first goodish wasp season in years. If its a mild winter or it comes warm then suddenly goes cold again it hits them hard.
  8. DIDO.1


    The only defense I had for using fenns is we ran a big trap line and we already had lots of fenns. And replacements were cheap (and were often not fenns) and fenns in tunnels was all we knew. What ever job you are now doing there is a better option. That said if I had to run a hundred plus traps on a grouse Moor I'd prob have fenns for economy and ease of use. Compare a catch in a body grip to one in a fenn and there is a big difference in speed of death. As micky said there is a difference between dead and dead. Catch a hundred squirrels in fenns in a short period and you will see what he means...
  9. DIDO.1

    Be careful who you vote for!

    Touché I was just wondering if he and his family hunted in Syria, as he was on a hunting forum.
  10. DIDO.1

    Be careful who you vote for!

    I didn't mention hunting. Your great grandchildren will feel the effects of many things the last Labour government were responsible for, from the start of mass immigration, selling off gold reserves while price was rock bottom, massive economic mis handling etc. If you think allowing Diane abbot to run immigration and a terrorist supporter to run homeland security along with a borderline communist to run the economy won't be a disaster then I don't know what to say.
  11. DIDO.1

    Be careful who you vote for!

    Labour have only ever been good for anyone short term. They simply cannot be good for your family long term. Even your great grandchildren will feel the effects of the last Labour government. Ahh....got it....best for you and your family!!!!! Your a 32 year old Syrian child refugee!!! Do you do any hunting in your country?
  12. DIDO.1

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    All packs work within the exemptions to continue as a group and to offer a fox management service should their landowners require it. The fact you say things like 'chasing your quarry till it can run no more' shows quite clearly you know fck all about hunting.
  13. DIDO.1

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    He will be one of those numb nuts who shoot a vixen full of milk on a dairy farm, then stares at you blankly when you question why. "pest control innit"