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  1. Kept tripping over this plant so iv just stripped the reds ones off.....prob as many green ones left on!
  2. DIDO.1

    Fireplace design

    How many burns until it stops smelling? My eyes are stinging!
  3. DIDO.1


    I have been impressed with Barrington for a long time. He's been on our side for at least 20 years. He has done a lot of good behind the scenes. A very switched on bloke
  4. DIDO.1

    Fireplace design

    No, where was they when I was struggling on the roof....no fck em....get their own fckin alter!!!!
  5. DIDO.1

    Fireplace design

    Don't worry pal I have a nice little alcove next to my shark fishing pics for that
  6. DIDO.1

    Fireplace design

    I like that. I might put something like that in
  7. DIDO.1

    Fireplace design

    Iv got the wooden flooring and a wooden mantle to attach yet Been a big learning curve!
  8. DIDO.1

    BAD LUCK..

    My mistake, the boys father is called byron.
  9. DIDO.1

    BAD LUCK..

    Just heard a young hunting lad called byron has taken his life due to bullying.....
  10. DIDO.1

    Wasp nests

    And I bet you have a link to one! Fck off
  11. DIDO.1


    Can you pm me the estate name please.
  12. DIDO.1

    Fireplace design

    If its not done by Sunday I reckon she will divorce me! Sick of living in a building site! Just got a wooden floor to fit and that's my jobs finished till spring! Just want it done now. Any joiners want to fit my floor? It was easier to find a joiner when we had a recession I can do it myself but if the log burner is anything to go by it might take till crimbo
  13. DIDO.1

    Fireplace design

    It will be lit by Sunday!