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  1. Was there no case for the defence? They only started summing up the prosecution a couple of days ago.
  2. Few phone calls about big wasps buzzing about....2 masonry bee colonies causing panic and removed a queen cell that turned out to be a few few years old.
  3. Are you really classifying people as vermin due to their political beliefs? Not good that mate
  4. No he's typical Labour....will play to any audience he thinks is most popular
  5. Didnt say you were pal, just a nice line that I thinks important. And you missed the first word in that line, not to be an enthusiast either. Live your life and accept a bit of everything, take the positives and forget the negatives of everything. You sound like you could do with a bit of Buddhist meditation to chill your mind
  6. Intrigued as to how man can conjure up anything that's not physical? Now I'm not particularly religious so I'm really not defending any particular beliefs and certainly not organised religion. But...can you really get your head around the universe just going on forever? Why would it and where did it come from? Do you believe something as strong as love and hate came from a big bang? What about water divining....i know it sounds stupid...ive tried it though, I've held a bent bit of wire and felt them turn when walking over a underground drain. We can put man on the moon
  7. He sounds like a legend to me... Mind you the barmaid in our local once described us as "you cnuts are what last of the summer wine would be like if compo and cleggy did acid"
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