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  1. Watch the video I quite like that one!!
  2. I know @WILF hates traffic wardens....and I know @WILF hates moslems. Question is.....who does he hate most ?
  3. DIDO.1

    Joe Biden

    "Church or chapel, let it rattle"
  4. I'm going to produce a Christmas calendar.... 'toilets of the north west'
  5. Read a book by a traveller, think it was Jimmy stockins book but might be wrong. He was big into some gypsy council and human rights group. Wrote quite a bit about how they were prejudiced against and it was all so unfair and how racist it was. Then on the next chapter he tells a tale of an ice-cream van pulling onto site so they all attacked it, stripped it of all it's stock and left it a smoking ruin while the ice-cream man was in tears. He thought this was hilarious. They are just different to us.
  6. I'm on the fence with it. My whole being and belief system is centered around people being able to live their life as they see fit.....but.....they just don't help themselves. It's like watching a BLM riot, seeing a local area turn into Mombasa and hearing 99% of knive crime is committed by blacks.....but nobody being able to deal with it or speak about it because you have one black mate who's sound as fck. I really am someone who would be on their side.....but in almost every interaction I've had with them they have acted in ways that you just wouldn't comprehend. I've worked as a
  7. Fckin hell boys, can you not play nicely.
  8. So they are now taking DNA from the back end of dead sheep Could that DNA be traced back to an individual person? Asking for a friend
  9. I'd love to get involved in a civilised debate on big cats but I'm scared someone will call me a cnut and offer me an off liner And I'm not even sure who's side I'm on. I'll probably get filled in by both sides knowing my luck and how thl gets excited about big cats
  10. DIDO.1


    @Greyman I'm going to read it then post to my mate who is a ghillie in the Highlands. Your recommendation might have cost me a few quid......I've read the first chapter and started looking at flights to Inverness for a few days in July
  11. DIDO.1

    Blood test

    3pm and I'm at home on couch fcked. Just got a testosterone test kit
  12. DIDO.1

    Blood test

    Bald head and my little winky has shrivelled up to nothing. I'm going through the fckin change.... going to be sat in the hair dressers with my mam discussing HRT ffs
  13. DIDO.1

    Blood test

    That's what I'm actually thinking. I've not had a drink of anything in months
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