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  1. The 7 year old announced to his mum at bedtime that he was going to dream about the trips we are going to have this summer. "dad says we are going to put surf boards on the roof and pick up some chicks". I had to apologise for that one and agree to calm it down
  2. Fck off. The Mrs has been trying to ruin my dream all day 'no you can't park it on the drive'..... 'no you can't tarmac the front lawn and park it there'..... 'if it comes home we are getting divorced' I don't need negativity here as well
  3. It's one of these. BUT and it's a big BUT. The one in the pic is clean, new, runs, isn't damp or covered in moss.....mine is, how shall we say.... 'a project'
  4. Errr no. A bit smaller
  5. " so many of them".... Really???? I've seen more darkies dancing round 1 burning car at a blm 'protest' If you had a home or small business....which group of protestors would you be most worried about??? Im not even defending trump but come on your having a giraffe aren't you
  6. Got quoted 120, bloke is going to do it for £80 if he can do it Sunday. Relative of a friend so he's doing it as a foreigner. As said not worth messing about, he knows what he's doing winching it on and strapping it down. Just wait till Sunday when I get some pictures on. Proper passion wagon this is boys
  7. Front door has been sealed. Stopped their access to outside
  8. Cheers lads all sorted, getting it picked up Sunday. New project, susuki International camper. 2 man. Just room for me, a dog, one of the boys and a load of fishing tackle
  9. Cos I've no tow bar fitted yet.
  10. Hahaha. The house is empty, though someone was living there until a few weeks ago. I think it was full of poison.....it was trying to lick moisture off the windows
  11. ......in my kitchen what am I going to do! "hi, I wonder if you can help, a rat keeps chasing me out of the kitchen"
  12. I need to get a little camper van from Derbyshire to Lancashire. Bout an hours drive in the car so just over with a trailer I guess. Do we know anyone who would do it or a company that does it. Its only small, size of a Car, little 2 man thing. How much would I be looking at to get it moved?
  13. I will have some birds at some point. But I think I want a proper bird room with banks of cages and an armchair in! The new shed is either Birmingham rollers or some nice avairy birds to look at in the summer. Or both
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