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  1. DIDO.1

    till we meet again

    Not sure where you live pal but if its northwest then pm me and we can have a beer or a mooch when your ready or if you feel like it. Also take mushroom up on his offer. You gotta fight to keep your head up pal. You arnt alone, every single one of us will or have faced this trial. Keep going pal
  2. DIDO.1

    Climate crazies

    Attention seeking cockwombles that didn't get enough bitty as kids
  3. DIDO.1

    Funny Joke Thread

    That should be the other way around
  4. DIDO.1


    I don't think we should mock anyone. My youth was full of mad ideas like that. We tried burning sulphar in rabbit holes and tried getting pheasants drunk and catching trout in a badminton net. I wouldn't change those experiences and adventures for anything. How sad that young lads can now just go on line and have these ideas knocked out of them
  5. DIDO.1


    It was!
  6. DIDO.1


    I once read in one of the poaching books that you can put a lighted candle on a tortoises back, let it go in a Warren and that will make em bolt. Try that
  7. DIDO.1


    Stop taking the piss out of the kid.
  8. DIDO.1

    walking boots

    Hi tec.
  9. DIDO.1

    Home schooling...

    We think my step son is on the autistic spectrum somewhere. The first two years of secondary school were hard work, as some of you have said the phone was constantly going. Iv known him since he was 4 and its been very challenging at times. Now in the 3rd year he has suddenly grown up and changed, he's still very much an individual but things have clicked in place for him. Sounds like I have just seen elements of what you chaps are talking about. I dont have any advice but I would like to say its inspiring listening to such wonderful caring dads and I wish you all the very best for the future
  10. DIDO.1

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Every year I plan on coming but every year we have ended up going on a family holiday the week before. Its my busy time of year and it's impossible to get back from holiday one day then drive down there the next. I so want to come I'm trying to arrange a winter family holiday next year so I can get away in August. My bucket list is just thl fishing match!
  11. DIDO.1

    The ffs can't we get along thread .

    I don't give a feck. I do though want to visit the place that has 7 women to 1 man who are beautiful and compassionate
  12. DIDO.1

    Funny Joke Thread

  13. DIDO.1

    Toby’s house

    Tinned tomatoes and that bacon rind needs crisping up. Mushrooms look a bit pale as well. Don't mind a Yorkshire on a carvery breakfast but the gravy is just plain wrong.
  14. DIDO.1

    Climate crazies

    160 pits closed in thatchers 11 years 290 in Harold Wilsons 10
  15. DIDO.1

    Climate crazies

    More pits were closed under labour governments than tory ones.