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  1. Did he rape a British kid or one of the token kids they bring with them?
  2. Cutting down on shite cheap meat and only eating good quality traceable meat and game so I don't get a gut like you and keel over with a clutcher ...... but.....there was chopped bacon on the sprouts.....and..... when we cut into the wellingtons I realised I'd done the wrong ones and these were full of chicken and sausage meat
  3. Mushroom and garlic Wellington, shredded cabbage salad, sprouts and sweet potato chips.
  4. No, just a demonstration ceremony
  5. Nothing to do with depopulation....more access to Ukraine's and other iron curtain countries resource's and opening up new markets to sell debt and finance to. Africans aren't going to take out mortgages and finance for electric cars are they.....but those countries on Russian borders are now ripe for 'developing' into consumers. Ripe for selling 'freedom' to
  6. Yeah I think so. If they didn't want to start ww3 they should stop sending weapons to kill russian troops/stop investing in labs on Russia border/ don't invest in getting their stooge president elected etc etc. Admittedly that's more USA but they all pisss int same pot
  7. Unfortunate incident mate....just forget it. If the media don't discuss it then it ain't a problem
  8. Unfortunately for the war mongers there was enough missile left to identify it as Ukrainian. The whole thing has now been down graded to 'unfortunate incident'.
  9. I saw a woman in court, arrested on a fraud thing or something..... anyway she had exhausted all her asylum appeals ( 3 of them) in 2015. And she was still here. We obviously paid for her appeals and her translator in court. These people aren't going home.
  10. I know it's a shit effort but just trying out the new air fryer. Messed up buying a single one.... going to get rid of this and buy one with two trays
  11. DIDO.1

    Peter Kay

    Bernard Manning was one of the best. I don't particularly like chubby brown but I want to go see him before he's gone because his is another act that will never be accepted in the future
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