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  1. Thats what I need to do get a galv kennel .
  2. Dc ,he had fox lung worm and vet said he could have got it from eating something across the fields or got crap in his mouth when rolling in fox filth . I always did my best to keep him tip top and flea and worm him but went with what the vet prescribed back then thinking they new best but never again . He was never one for slug,snail eating and I keep away from other dogs and parks etc ,apparently upto % of fox population as lungworm, poor sods . its a horrible thing .
  3. Don't I know its more serious and vets not got a clue about lung worm in my opinion and I took my whippet x to 3 different vets and all said he had kennel cough and ruled out lung worm because he had Advocate every 3 months He's doing OK now ,but we nearly lost him .he never be a runner again but he's happy to just plod along the river and he's spoilt house dog .
  4. Slough just another saluki but bigger type in my opinion.
  5. A juckel that burnt out by 4,/5 no good to me ,it should be in its prime at that age . It all depends on what you run and what you expect from a juckel.over run any dog and you going to burn it out and to me that's foolish .
  6. Mc your right they are nothing but a sal type bred to greyhounds and over time bred true to type and suited the ground in Spain .
  7. What do you think is in the make up of the galago ?
  8. Yes I was told that but none of mine are collie bred so its safe to use .
  9. I agree with you totally mate ,you got to show all living things respect and if something got to be pts do it the right way and not strung up or thrown in a well . A good friend lived in Spain for yrs and he was in a bar and was told about a litter of pointer pups being buried alive so he drove out to the area and found them ,he dug them out and only one was alive so he rushed it to vet and had him treated ,the dog always looked like it had ad a strock as his face lop sidded but he lived until 16 yr and had a great life with me pal and was a lovely gentle dog . .People who do these kind o
  10. I'm glad you liked them mate Id rather they went to a good home thats going to get enjoyment from them than a few quid, atvb mooch
  11. My whippet x lost his fur with frontline so I only use advantage now and drontal and a milbamax once every 3 months and it keeps my lot clean .
  12. He's a good man and great service
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