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  1. Moocher71

    TRX 3s

    That's what I'm doing ,I'm looking to get a female hh but would like to have all the main stuff I need befor getting a bird ,I'm going to buy a new yagi and a transmitter ,I see One that go on the birds leg that looks ok ,the receiver saved me some money as they pricey bits of kit , atb
  2. we try use as much as we can as to much waste today ,
  3. I always give mine scraps and the misses cooks them sausages etc as a treat ,do no harm ,my grandfather would make a pot of what he called mash and they loved the stuff .
  4. I sent a mk3 back thinking it was faulty but it was batteries ,got them from local gun shop and like you say they could have been on shelf yrs ,
  5. I got a mk3 couple yr ago and I just karnt get on with it and I never had a prob with old mk 1 , i must start useing it as I never get the hang of the thing .
  6. I give my dogs goats milk couple times a week ,it can only do good ,so yes feed it few times a week .
  7. I see some first ed Plummer books going for over a ton on line , is the darcy one still up for sale ?
  8. I take pugs and drummers and the Phil Lloyd book and Drabble at right price , mouch
  9. We all feed different mate and like you say g milk is a bit of extra for pups along with dams milk ,anything that helps the bitch is a good thing and goats milk is the best for pups along with feed .
  10. I always start mixing mince with goats milk once they had a couple days of just milk and also mix rice pudding into it wich they seem to love and I feed the mam goats milk and all have done well.
  11. I always give pups a couple bowls a day and start them on rice pudding and then mince and all have done well , it can be pricey for goats milk but maybe go on line and get it cheaper and see if any one local keeps goats and ask them , atb
  12. Goats milk best for pups and bitch.
  13. Like you say it depends on breeding of parents ,I wouldn't say the first x is finished article but they don't need bull blood to pep them up as they game anufe .
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