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  1. Last yr a bitch and dog was dumped on a farm local to me ,bitch in pup and had seven pups in bottom of hedge ,pups were taken to farm and bitch was caught same day but the dog run them fields for good 3 week before they could catch him . Dont know how they can do it ,I worie about mine if they out of sight to long ,some c@unts in this world . some times dogs get lost but we do our best to find them ..
  2. MY sisters daughter has got virus ,she works at hospital in hereford . she went down with it last Saturday and It took her off her feet ,she's getting better but still poorly , shes in her 30s and healthy ,
  3. It's framed and numbered , any one like a nice shooting pic
  4. Got a mick cawston print that I'm looking to sell , the one that got away
  5. My grandad kept pigs yrs ago in back yard like a lot of folk back then ,they got the butcher in to deal with it .
  6. I put in wrong number ,and I was on about mers cov ,SARS cov and SARS cov 2 virus .
  7. They is 3 types of c virus and all come from animals ,they can not say what animal was the host of virus apart from it's been seen in bats and the c virus can jump from one species to another ,it could have come from dogs ,cats,and reptiles and also cattle . once this is over the rest of the world needs to hold china accountable for this ,they new about this many months ago and try hiding it but once death toll got high they couldn't . because of there dirty eating habits the world as been hit by a virus that Would never happen otherwise . stay safe my friends
  8. He was at a conference about climate change and I think another royal from Europe also got virus befor Charlie .they was chinks at same confrerence and that's how he as it .
  9. Forget the names ,get yourself a pup from proven parents doing the job .i know lads who bigged so and so up and heard all the woffle about not get a better jook than this line etc and dog not even got said blood in it !!
  10. Its scary and It's going to get a lot worse like in Italy and they say we two weeks behind them ,This virus going to take loved ones and no one knows how long this is going to be going on for ,china would have been seeing deaths many weeks before they told the world ? And who really know the true number they lost ?
  11. My sisters daughter as just gone down with virus ,she works at hereford hospital ,she in her late 20s and healthy and no under lien illness ,she says it's like train hitting her ! she as 4 young kids ,it's going to get worse folks ,please stay safe every one
  12. I'm sure most lads ,lasses on here would harvest what they need from fields etc but most haven't got a clue ,as for living off grid it's not so hard ,who really needs electric and gas , look at the way the old gypsy people lived before ,trailers .they lived in bender tents and wagons and horses and lived off the land ,most of what they hawked was made from hedge row "pegs,flowers,baskets "and most had grinding bike or barrow .they would harvest the land around to feed the family . no genys ,no fridge,no electrical items at all ,just a fire outside to cook on in all weathers and a little stove in wagon ,tent to keep warm and a milk churn for water . all the olders in my family lived that way and those still here say it was the best times of there life and yes it hard but by god they free and loved it .
  13. I grew up on the rd and lived off land ,plenty food out there if you know how to take it ,
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