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  1. Moocher71

    Lung worm tablets

    Ordered them today mate .
  2. Moocher71

    Lung worm tablets

    I got sorted mate ,some one told me a site you can order them from. they cost just under 20 pounds for 4 so a lot cheaper than rip of vets . i used the same vet for yrs when we lived near p,boro ,he was track vet but we moved and vets close to us are after one thing "money" and I will never use spot ins again . atb mooch
  3. Moocher71

    New Arrivals.

    Was Ian's dog the dad to one of yours mate . any how they cracking pups and they all look keepers .
  4. Moocher71

    New Arrivals.

    Ok ,for some reason I thout johns pups were by Ian's dan ,
  5. What I wrote wasn't against you mate ,think we got wires crossed .I don't care we're folk go to live or were they from . plenty of good people come here to live and also leave to have a better life .what I don't like is millions coming to uk with nothing we want or need .and the only people who want them here are the rich folk that employ them . im not racist far from it ,I'm a full blooded English gypsy and my family was moved,shunned from every place we went I see plenty racist people over the yrs .
  6. Moocher71

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    Plenty of deerhound lurchers got whippet in the mix , phil Lloyd had a first x ,I'm sure it's in one of his books . my uncul ,john matchet had a deerhound bitch that took dfh and he put a small bedy whippet dog over her ,I see few of them pups grow to be good all rounders that were working most nights day of the week taking good bags and help feeding family of 9 . i will get some pics when I go see him , atb
  7. Moocher71

    mick douglas lurchers

    Just get Cmw and you will find a ad on the peddlers page . whats yours like work wise ?
  8. Moocher71

    New Arrivals.

    John they are cracking pups pal ,so the split face pup is your pick ? I see on FB ,Ian lost his dog ,will he be having one as wasn't dan the dad to the pups ,Ian did say they was two litters out of dan on ground just now . loved the video ,like the pups cage, atvb mooch
  9. If British born bred folk have the money to go live in France,Spain etc then they got the money to get all the jabs,meds a dog needs to live out there and travel back when needed . the same gos for them coming to the uk !!!! if folk can not afford to pay for dogs jabs ,stickers for car etc then they shouldn't be thinking about entering another country . no one should be able to move to another country unless they can prove they have anufe money to live on .with out taken someone's jobs etc we wouldn't have 5 million Eastern block citizens taking uk jobs,houses,schools,hospital ,benefits now would we if uk was like oz . brexit I'm all for no deal and send the lot home . who cares if they a few rules about traveling .
  10. I see a few run in Spain couple yrs ago ,not my kind of juckel mate ,don't get me wrong they run some harsh land over there and must have good feet stamina ,but so should any lurcher worth feeding . i stick with my bedy x . mooch
  11. Moocher71

    Lung worm tablets

    Yes that's what I thout ,but I called my usual vet and they want to see each dog befor giving this wormer. you can buy spot on and panucur I think it's called but I'm not putting spot on any of my dogs again ,my whippet x came out with a rash but looked like a burn all down is back because of the stuff ,bedy grey looked sour as well . my whippet x started to cough around two yr ago ,the vet said it was k cough and it kept coming back to point we thout we was loosing him he looked that bad ,the vet did lung wash etc and still said k cough and they gave antibiotics and they did nothing .they then gave steroids that did nothing but make him look like a fat lab .they didn't have a clue what was wrong but just wanted £££££ so 3 different vets later we foundts one that Jackie drakeford recommended ,we was lucky he new a very good vet close to our home . my boy was given a X-ray and blood tests ,the X-ray showed two lesions on one of his lungs ,now this could have been a grass seed ,cancer or lung worm . we worm all our dogs with vet wormers that should keep our dogs safe from all worms . the vet gave him lung worm treatment just to rule it out and the next step would b a mri scan to see what lesions on lung are . once home he started to improve each day and he only coughs when he wakes up after sleeping or when he gets excited . so it looks like lung worm ,he's sufferd for last two yrs with this as two vets said k cough . now vet is asking 30 pound to see each dog and stupid money for meds . this is after costing me over a 12 hundred pounds trying to find out what's wrong with him you'd think they would say sorry we got it wrong ,but no they only interest in ££££££. i will never take them back to old vets after this ,I will pay the money they ask for as my dogs mean more than cash but when your struggling anyway it's a cost I don't need . i think it's 164 for the 3 dogs ,it's a lot of money to get dogs wormed . i was told you can get them in Europe and posted with out prescription but I karnt find any . atb mooch
  12. Any one know if you can get lung worm meds with out going vets and charged £30 quid to see each dog then hammerd again for meds. aint so bad just £30 and then tabs but I got 3 lurchers .so it's well over £100 for them .vets take the mick . i don't like spot ons as my dog comes out with bad rash . please pm me if you can get milbamax . thanks
  13. We are thinking about a long term rent in rural Spain with idea on buying some land to build on ,but it be a static at first .maybe start a horse drawn holiday letting im also considering living in a bow top vardo and traveling France,Spain . why not be a foreigner ,I feel like one already in town I live .
  14. Your making me want to travel again penny , springers are good boats ,I hope all gos well in your new adventure .
  15. Moocher71

    Jeff Burrell

    Would you use him as stud ?