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  1. Moocher71

    Beddy whippet grey

    Top pic says it all ,
  2. Moocher71

    Picked up my new pup

    Nice looking pup mate ,wish all the luck with her ,
  3. Moocher71

    Stock breaking patterdales

    Take your pup around stock ,get them used to being around them and they soon break to live stock . just treat it same as any terrier , put the work in early and keep it on lead if your not wanting to dig , they need work to keep there minds healthy as well as the body . have fun
  4. Moocher71

    Good read

    I still walk home from local places with a coney or brace kaneys , i always get asked for rabbits by folk who live by my mams place ,folk don't like it then f...k them .
  5. Moocher71


    She's done you proud in the past and gave her best just like the one at my feet ,we done some miles and he's taken most stuff in his time ,he plods around the garden and walks along the river with the youngster and gets spoilt rotten , they deserve it .
  6. Nice looking juckel that , skycats fella as one I think ,I was offerd a pup from lesta way and parents were doing most stuff,but not for me . i think they is a few different types of Picardys ,different size ,coats , best way ,18mts about right age for seeing work ,many dogs ruined because it was worked befor it chance to grow , atb mooch
  7. Moocher71

    Beddy whippet grey

    Definitely ,they are very sensitive and Easy to ruine by the wrong kind of owner ,but that kind never get best out of anything in life never mind a juckel .
  8. Moocher71

    Beddy whippet grey

    From the midlands ,
  9. Moocher71

    Good read

    I met a old traveler and he showed me the ways of wires ,and nets , he took finches and made good living out of them . he could take hares with his hand ,only person I see do it , he had a dog for coursing ,ferreting . but when poaching he never took a dog . he was one of the stanleys ,and sadly gone ,
  10. Moocher71

    Good read

    When I was young lad my uncul,grandad would take me ferreting or coursing and never had a problem from any one and never hide the catch , diffrent thing when they out at night ,no one see anything ,
  11. Moocher71

    Beddy whippet grey

    Yes mate ,
  12. Moocher71

    Beddy whippet grey

    Around same age as mine ,it's easy to offend bedy blooded dogs,but once on side no better best friend to have on a mooch .
  13. Moocher71

    Beddy whippet grey

    My bedy grey , 18 mts old and 23tts ,looking forward to September . she loves the water ,
  14. Moocher71

    Beddy whippet grey

    How old is she mate , I wouldn't keep any other x now ,mine ticks all the boxes .
  15. Moocher71

    Getting excited, litter on the way

    Parents look healthy fit juckels ,the pups should make good mooching ,rabbiting dogs in the right hands . good luck with the litter. were did you get the dogs collar with double buckle ,I'm looking for a new collar for my "tink" atvb mooch