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  1. Get yourself a lurcher and lamp ,and if any fcuker asks what you doing your walking the juk
  2. Yep fcuk the lot back off home ,starting with this lot I got to work with
  3. I wasn't saying you personally bud ,,
  4. But those indigenous people belong in oz and truth is oz belongs to them or should do and same goes for first nations of America, or am I missing something and white Australia's are a higher race ? Than the blackys. I bet the abo think the whites raped and destroyed there home land
  5. If this country fcuked the Eastern block vermin off and made those fit to work, work they be no one on the dole other than the sick and old , 99 % of all wharehouse, factory etc is Eastern Europeans in my area qnd I blame our government for letting this happen
  6. I'm standing having a smoke outside work and I'm the only English person out of maybe 60 people ,what as happened to England. This lot say if it wasn't for them uk would collapse as they do the work qs English people lazy and sit on benefits and don't want to work ,
  7. We are the ethnic minority and have been for long time , Some places are over run with packies and blacks others Eastern Europeans and it as been like that for years and I see no difference in what colour they are they all fcuking immigrants ,
  8. I think most digging lads into black dogs or Russell types and the bedlington isn't really seen as a earth dog anymore and that's a shame, A lot are used for bushing and on rats
  9. It's hard to say what mix or percentage is in any dog if you not see the parents and even then you only have breeders word , get pup into a inclosed area and get recall training started and I'd be walking around sheep ,cattle ,horses as much as possible as stock training is a must for any working dog , I don't like long leads ,they do more damage than good in my opinion so if it was me that would be gone and have pup on short lead . Enjoy he looks a nice pup
  10. They let immigrants in so they can look good but they don't see the damage they done until its to late We have anufe people unemployed, struggling, homeless etc etc that needs help before anyone else ,
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