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  1. Moocher71

    It’s all ways the good uns

    Gutted for you mate.
  2. Moocher71

    Old girl

    Good on the old girl , its getting worse on here ,lads put decent post up to get the "key board warriors"slagging others of all the time . if lads got nothing good to say then keep spitful thouts to themselves .
  3. Moocher71

    Phil loyd

    Glad he's okay .his books are always a good read and I enjoy his posts .
  4. Moocher71

    Spaying lurcher bitches

    I would never get a bitch done befor first season.and vets shouldn't tell you to , makes sence to get her done if you don't intend having pups . i don't think you see much difference in work etc but keep eye on her wait as they pile the pounds on . Atb
  5. Moocher71

    The importance of a mentor

    Well said ,
  6. Moocher71

    advice needed

    Whippets make good rabbit dogs night and day and they game for bigger given the chance . bedy whippet good small lurcher
  7. Moocher71

    Hobs in season

    I lost my old hob last winter to old age ,I'm thinking about getting a young hob done soon .i always figured it b a few months befor putting them back together .i will use a mates hob just to make sure this year as no plans for kits .
  8. Moocher71

    Knocked a few back

    Looks good couple days ,cracking dogs .like the whippet .
  9. Moocher71

    Young ones

    Thanks mate,I'm brining a bedy greyhound on ,she yr old now and she was to young to do much with until last few weeks when I started taking her ferreting .just short trips out and one thing at a time .she marks true and she's got great nose like all bedlington blooded dogs .she took bolter on the run and steady around nets . I'm hoping she make good all rounder and so far I got no complaints . atb
  10. Moocher71

    Rats with the ferrets

    Have some fun ratting with ferrets,used to go ratting around old pig farm as a kids ,take a few pugs and Arm ourselves with poles,sticks .we take my pals parents border collie and it was good ratter.we spent many happy days around the pig farm.
  11. Moocher71

    Couple of Outings

    Looks a good day ,I can see few rabbits in pics ,
  12. Moocher71

    Hobs in season

    Splitting my lot up tomorrow as all the hobs in season ,Jill's will soon follow .
  13. Moocher71

    Young ones

  14. Moocher71

    Young ones

    Took the young lurcher and two young Jill's out yesterday and we had a great few hours .