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  1. Got some grow kit for sale . green box tent I w s flood drain pro remote and remote timer . pots for I w s system I w s flexi tank 3 bags hydro substrate several ballast "new in boxs"5 or 6 canna aqua flora x 2 "£95" in shop each !! canna rhizotonic sevral lamps "new" sevral light shades . every thing you need to grow apart from seeds and a filter . All in great used con or brand new still in boxs open to offers mooch
  2. My whippet x is a c@nt for starting fights with other dogs ,he was bitten by a staff couple yrs ago so he hates them ,he was sound with any dog until that , my last staff bull was a lovely brindle bitch ,cracking dog and great with my kids .used to take her ferreting and ratting .must be nearly 25yr ago . my bedy grey is great with other dogs and good around the yard and coming on well .
  3. Moocher71

    Swollen ankels

    Ox heart good feed ,I get couple a week for £3 each from butchers .
  4. Moocher71

    Swollen ankels

    My uncul boiled sheeps heads and fed tripe,mince beef and tins rice pudding for pups along with goats milk . pups done well and bitch always looked ok ,
  5. Moocher71

    Swollen ankels

    Goats milk will do the job ,always give it to pups and mum and all do well .
  6. Moocher71

    Evening walk

    I take mine along the brook most days as they can soon over heat this time of yr ,find it hard to get bedy X out water .
  7. Never had bull x lurcher but had bull breeds and iv never met a spiteful one ,. like any dog you have to bring them up right !!!
  8. I was speaking to my uncul other night ,he's 92 yr old and he's forgot more than most no about lurchers and this was his words . all the xs you see today at lurcher shows are the same as what they had in 50s apart from Salukis but as a kid he remembers a fella having a brace of lurchers that looked spit of a first x grey,sal belonging to a German gypsy who's family fled the war . he also said it's not the dogs that Chang but the folk keeping them !! to many hobby hunters and Rosette chasers , as for % i don't bother with it , he always says best dog is the one catching ya dinner .
  9. Moocher71

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    First met David in 80s and like you I found him a nice anufe bloke who always willing to give advise .
  10. Moocher71

    My Collie Curs

    Looking good c j nice healthy looking pups .
  11. My sort jook that ,good size .
  12. I'm looking to get another first x or put her to a first x in couple of yrs , greyhound was just a thought and thinking about it a grew would be better ,
  13. Nice looking dog ,my bitch loves the water .
  14. Yes maybe putting her back to a first x be a better match than a greyhound .