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  1. Another key board warrior
  2. Hope you get there bud .
  3. I ain't stuck no where and surly not a low skilled worker you silly fcuker
  4. These people working lol They claiming everything possible and taking UK for a ride .
  5. If I was to move to Spain etc I'd make sure I got the money to buy house etc and be able to live without needing a Spanish persons job or sponging benefits . And Poland , Romanian,hungry and Latvia etc would do fcuk all for us if we went there , unlike our foolish government who gives these cnutd before looking after its own
  6. I'm standing in smoke area at work and I'm the only English person out of around 35 people, Romanian,pols , Russians. What as happened to England. And don't tell me us English don't smoke lol
  7. Thanks for posting,my brother was at a game fair and see Dave put on a bird /dog race years ago . I like his videos on purdy
  8. Dave's a great character and if he's writing a book it'll be a good read Highgate still going as far as I no .
  9. But it hasn't always been that way though as it ? my family and many more moved from area to area picking veg /fruit and then hops and believe it was hard graft but graft they all did and the reason behind the farmers turning to eastern Europeans is what? It's all about cheep labour,they could fly plane loads of eastern block workers in and pay them lower hourly rate than paying peace work money . I remember the crys for field workers during COVID and guess what they wouldn't take on the very people that had done this work for years but took on office workers etc and like you say th
  10. The only people who should get benefits are the old and sick the rest should work , Im told daily the English are lazy and don't want to work and just want everything given to them ,I've had many a argument over this but I got to say I've seen a good few English people leave my work place because they think they deserve better job or it's just to hard for them to lift a couple kilo box , but hay you don't always get what you would like in life and nothing is just given to ya and that's the problem with lot of people today they want everything given to them without putting hard work in .
  11. Hunt and working terriers by Lucas a good book even though it's a old one ,fell terrier by Plummer got to be the best book on fell terrier ever wrote in my opinion.
  12. It's not just those coming on boats or back of lorries that need fcuking off back ,what about the eastern Europeans that are still coming and still getting settled status even though they only been in UK for couple weeks,they coming in to visit family and then having 2/3 years worth of wage slips ,rent receipts etc printed off then getting status to stay in UK I know a office you can go to in Peterborough and pay £80 and this Romanian cnut will have everything you need printed off to get status in UK , they just here for the money ,they all claiming benefits and one lad who works at
  13. 80k ,all the village must have wired up to me meter Big jump from 325 a month
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