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  1. swimming be good for her and do wonders for her leg ,I wouldn't be letting her do any running off lead just yet but if you live near coast or river I'd have her in it most days . hope her leg comes good , atvb
  2. they used to be plenty rabbits local but over last 7/8 yr numbers have dropped so bad Ya lucky to see one ,only used to see the odd hare local yrs ago but we been seeing plenty last few yr .strange how hare numbers rise when coney numbers drop and plenty of deer about . on one farm I have perm that used to hold good numbers as more badgers than anything else .
  3. I see bedy whippet pup for £1500 and silver merl and very rare so they are And whippet pups £1500 /£2000 . its these greedy fcukers who ruin breeds .
  4. The pups should make ideal mooching ,ferreting dogs .
  5. My older brother kept two greyhound bitches and worked them like a lurcher taking day time hares and lamping rabbits ,fox at night and he was no hobby hunter the lad out most nights lamping ,I remember some mornings I'd go feed my pugs before school and find my brother asleep in shed "with 3 dogs ""as he didn't want wake the ol man up Lol
  6. Nice looking litter of chunky pups and I wish you the best with one you keeping .
  7. Bitches start to change weeks before you see any blood spots . if you no your dogs it's easy to notice the changes well before she swells and if you have more than one bitch the Alfa bitch will come into season first and she can make other bitches have silent heats like wolfs do in the wild so only she gets mated to keep the Alfa line going ..
  8. Good ol pic imagine the things he witnessed and apart of ,
  9. A lot of the old folk smoked pipes back then made from a walnut shell with hole drilled and a straw pushed in and the old fairy "clay "pipes .used to find the old clay ones across the fields after it plough but not found one in years .
  10. are you from melton mulberry area two crows ?
  11. A few more of my uncul s and a family pic around the wagon ,not many women smoke pipes today ,my ol gran she loved a pipe .
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