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  1. In your post you said your shouting commands at the dog so to me that came across as dog got no recall ? And had no training and that's why I said get this sorted first and stock broken before working it ,and you don't want to be shouting commands when lamping or ferreting? If the pup is coming along go ferreting and let it feel fur then move onto lamp , As for right time to enter it all depends on the dog as they all diffrent, I've seen deerhound xs not ready until gone 18 Mt's and go on to become good grafters but I've also seen dogs become jappers because run to young on stuff they ha
  2. Like been said get recall and stock broken sorted now and start him working next season .
  3. I always let pups follow older ones on walks but I wouldn't dream of trying a small lurcher type on lamp unto around 12 Mt's and bigger type bit later ,and before folk say they had juks out catching at 6/9 Mt's then good for you but we all have different ways and it all depends how experienced a dog man you are ,experienced man will pick the easy run for his sapling and once a catch made its off home on a high ,the other type will run a dog on anything and he's the one who going to ruin a sapling and you find it's this kind that move runners on at young age to get another pup to ruin all over
  4. Like mc said its probably infection and your dog be in discomfort so best thing you could do is go vets and have it looked at ,my young bitch had a reaction to a new carpet last year and lost fur and bunged up ear so carpet came up fur grew back but needed ear rinse and that's something best left to vet . Atb
  5. I've just moved from living on main Rd in a town to a village in middle of Rockingham forest and so far the misses as seen a munk jack doe with fawn ,roe deer and more birds than she ever see in town and all in our back garden In last 2 days .some great woodland on me doorstep and to top it off I've just got two new permissions to ferret ,lamp on farms with what looks like good numbers of rabbits . Few pics from yesterday
  6. Some nice fowl , not kept any for few year now but always had them before that but going to get some in spring now we moved to village so if you have any young keep me in mind for a trio and I'll have them ,not looking for show quality birds but something nice for granddaughter , I like a singing bird ,can never remember me gran or mam not having goldfinches and me grandad used to take me liming when I was kid ,he'd find or make a bow perch and then cut some of the heal out of a old shoe or boot and melt it over fire and smear it all over perch and place a tub with bird seed just under t
  7. Might as well get bedlington greyhound bitch ,be stronger than the whippet x bedlington and turn its head to more .
  8. I can get 3 days out of one pot of stew and it always taste better next day anyway ,I don't like to waste food ,don't need it don't buy it .never get me head around these people that spend a fortune on grub just to bin it because they forgot to use it ,fcukers never been hungry in there life bunch of selfish cnuts .
  9. What kind of bird men ,fowl or singing
  10. Pair of wrong uns ,pair of them need hanging .
  11. I grew up eating what was put in front of me or I'd go without simple as that as me mother wouldn't put up with fussy eaters and definitely wouldn't have a jukel that turned its nose up at what was put down for it ,didn't eat it'd go hungry until it did .like you say lot of weak people about today who always sick and karnt eat this or that as it upset them ,fcuk they be upset if all they had was a boild pig trotter to chew on for days meal I don't like the today's throw away and waste generation and I really think if they had to experience hardship then they might appreciate life a b
  12. I remember watching me dad make a mash up in a big pot ,all kinds would go in it and he'd cook it up and the dogs and the game fowl was fed it couple times a week ,other times dogs just got few bones and table scraps but he'd go down slaughter house get barrow load of sheep heads every two weeks and dogs done well on it ,not remember any passing away at young age or even going vets ,
  13. When I worked at place that made chudleys people was always sending bags back in because they found Stanley knife blades and nuts and bolts and company would send them refund and several bags of feed but then clocked onto the blade scam and started ingraving dh on blades but they karnt disprove nuts and bolts and metal shavings as bits of metal everywhere in production buildings, most the feed they made was over priced rubbish but like you say fools and there money
  14. Shame but she be OK with you bud and hopefully she takes next time ,
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