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  1. They look like they had a good day and earning there keep .
  2. They made up of several types but sal blood definitely in them ,I think they come from the true gypsy dog that the romani tribes had when they left India to migrate into Europe.
  3. They look content Always few growls bringing new pup into the fold but soon settle down ,my busher looked as if she wanted to muller my youngster but now they best buddy's and making a good team . As long as no blood spilled it normally works out ok
  4. Sandymere do you have a dog or just bitches ?
  5. She's turned out cracking and same for the view
  6. Collie grey x whippet make cracking mooching ,rabbiting dog ,
  7. Its a shame she had a bad start but you done her well bud ,anyone can see she was in fine fettle and looks like she had a good life and you done each other proud , If your looking for another sal x grey I'm sure you soon find a pup but why not get a sal x from rescue center as lots of young lurchers looking for good homes. Atvb Mooch
  8. Sorry to hear of your loss Phil, I'm sure she had a good and full life doing what a lurcher loves to do "chase bunnies and mooching about .
  9. Fools are paying it to ,they breeding anything to get £££££ and I don't see it changing anytime soon,
  10. As any one see Mortons Bedlington terriers ? I ask because he always telling folk that he's the only one with good working stock ,but no one seems to have seen his dogs never mind see them work .
  11. Dutch ovens good bits of kit , I grew up on the Rd and all cooking was done outside no matter the weather, me mother used Dutch oven and hanging pots and skilets daily to cook for family of 8 , no better way to cook than outside over a fire ,
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