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  1. Keep at it and everything come good
  2. I see few terrier xs open up ,nothing todo with way they brought on it's just the terrier in them ,
  3. I took my two out xmas eve to empty themselves before family came for xmas and they bump into a muntjack that put one in vets for 3 days and 1800 bill Very deer walk .
  4. I lost my best jill Saturday as well ,collar stop working and i put a hob in and still no luck ,been back every day and left cage but no joy ,she 8 yr old and best worker I got . i hope you find your pug.
  5. Black neck I so sorry to hear about your loss mate ,mooch
  6. My nephew took his dads ferrets and dog out and couldn't find ferret finder so he decided to take his dads metal detector and one of his mums gold rings ,he put ring on collar and used detector to find the ferret , he got few rabbits and didn't have to dig lol
  7. His two are pure ray and I don't think they mal but one of other type Belgian herder .
  8. Ray my boss got two that he brings into work some times ,bred from a kennel in Norfolk and the women that breeds them had pups go to Africa to train to track poachers in the bush ,I wouldn't want one tracking me that's for sure ,my boss says his got a thing for finding deer in the woods and if he let them they be good at the job.
  9. Jacob they looking good
  10. Same as the two my mate got they will fight any dogs they see so not my kind of juckel .
  11. I only see two Kerry lurchers and they good vermin dogs and shame they not used as much these days same goes for Irish terrier .plenty of spirit in kerrys ,a good mate as two Kerry terriers and good dogs apart from they want to fight any dog they see so must work them on there own ,it's price tag that comes with these terriers that stops field men getting them but that's down to show folk ££££ your pup half terrier then ? wish you all the best mate
  12. My bedy grey got great nose and don't miss much .
  13. I been seeing mungrals going for a grand so no one going to give a whippet for nothing lol maybe Dave sleight could point you in direction of a well bred litter at decent price as last litter he had pups went for 150 and good working stock .
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