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  1. I remember collecting fire wood with me dad and brothers near Melton mulberry in late 70s and rabbits just sitting by rd side and us kids picking them up and me dad putting them out there misery, horrible disease and yet again man made .leave nature alone and it will sort itself out like it always as done .
  2. Me uncul tells me story's about rabbiting before mixy hit ,he was young lad and out most days nights feeding his siblings and mam ,big family of 9 needed lot of vitals so it fell on him to poach .he said he set long nets up and a drag line and push stuff into nets and take 30 /40 coney and kaneys that run instead of flying, me mother said it wasn't unusual to wake up and jump down from vardo to find dozens of coney and kaneys hanging ready to go butchers as he sold what they didn't eat and he done this for few Yr just after the war ,he's 90 something now and he great dog man back in his day ,h
  3. Great to here he's done OK not many chances come up like you offered bud so good on ya for giving a youngster a chance and wish him all the best
  4. Wheat whippet x bedy grey would make a handy type ?
  5. Always good get the youngsters out ,shame about the dog bud .
  6. Have you still got this one longers ,looks handy type
  7. Looks a great job bud ,I was looking for 2 for me runners but not paying silly money . Think I'll give it a go and make me own ,what size are yours and did you use marina ply .
  8. Nice set up, did you make sleep boxes yourself bud ,,
  9. Shushi casserole, looks yummy
  10. Only ones I trust me self picking are field mushrooms otherwise leave them . Shame I didn't take more notice of me grandad when he'd take us out foraging on long walks to give me mam a break but I only seemed to like it when he took us ferreting or out with catty after kaneys,
  11. I used to pick mushrooms and harvest all kinds of berry's, fruit, nuts and fur and feather with me grandad when I was a lad and I took more interest in setting snares and ferreting and using catty than I did picking fungi but I wish I'd took more notice,I no the obvious one to pick like field mushrooms and to stay away from ones with yellow around stalks ,I came across these yesterday and thought they looked like blue legs as they was blue underneath but not sure so left them .I come across lots of different types but don't want to risk it .
  12. I sell what I don't use myself to neighbours but used to take stuff to work at me old place . Wouldn't dream of saying anything to bunch I work with now but then again they don't understand a word I'm saying anyhow lol
  13. If the land I walk was holding good numbers I'd have given you a day out and that's best you can hope for on here bud . Best bet knock some doors and if nothing comes up then find somewhere local and quite and just get on with it . Shats the worse can happen ,you rabbiting not coursing .poaching of course but most on here poach anyway
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