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  1. Lad I got my bitch from had his bedy tested for copper t ,all breeders should have pups tested but I never herd occurred lurcher having it ?
  2. I got a dog lined up out same stuff as my bitch so with luck everything b ok
  3. Going to put my bedy grey to another first x in spring if all goes ok .i be keeping a pup myself and rest go to working homes at working price e
  4. I will check when I get in ,my whippet x gets probs with a glands .
  5. My bedy grey the same dc ,she's frontline and a shampoo vets give for mites etc and just hope it works ,really don't like to see her uncomfortable but other two runners are fine but washed them just in case . The
  6. Ferrets are all clean ,I put mite ear drops in when I see the gunk in her ears and so far ok
  7. I gave her mite drops for mites when I see the gunk in ear to. B safe ,my ferrets are clean
  8. Got some coming in the post mate ,thanks
  9. She's at vets tomorrow just to stay on safe side . ,I
  10. Any one had a yeast problem on lurcher ,I came home from work and my young butch had been biting root of her tail and she had black oily stuff in ears ,she's fed raw and flea /wormed every 3 months and not a flea on her . shes had ear drops and bathed and I put coconut oil on her , i was told it could be down to diet but she's fed the best I can afford and she's always done well on it . any ideas folks
  11. He looks a cracking pup and I wish you both all the very best and I'm sure you will have plenty of fun together
  12. Few yr ago I would take 15/20 rabbits local ferreting easy but now we lucky to get 3/4 in the bag .
  13. Go vets and have it checked as you never no and all the good advice in the world of lads on hear still not going to give the answers you need so it's a trip to vets and wallet out to get peace of mind . hope all turns out good
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