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  1. Everyone to there own mate ,we all do things diffrent, youngsters learn nothing on a lead as you no
  2. Take the dry food away and if you got to feed it mix it in with raw once a day . Get the youngster out across the fields and let chase few bunny's ,every walk in the fields is a learning day for pups and they soon start usen there nose and finding stuff that's fun to run and most young dogs self enter or at least mine have . Good luck
  3. I've used one for last couple years and they work just fine ,
  4. I see a litter of first x bedy grey in Warwickshire so not to far from you . Go on Facebook and check the bedlington lurcher groups qs they always pups on there ,good luck finding one
  5. Pup in pic is bedy whippet x pat whippet and all pups from this litter made good small lurchers ,I never bred this x again but looking back maybe I should have as they all turned out OK
  6. I've always given pups goats milk and never had any problems but wouldn't give cows milk ,I've given powdered milk as well but only if I run out of goats milk ,
  7. The lad who runs local raw feed shop as one of these pocket bulls or whatever they called ,he tried telling me when they first bred in usa they used patterdales in the mix to make them. One he's got cost 2500 and first thing he said was she soon earn the money back from first litter ,poor thing can hardly breath and it don't look like it's got a good walk in it never mind work and they nothing pocket size about it
  8. Crazy prices ,the days of getting a pup for 150 have gone and I reckon 500 a fair price for a well bred pup but they be some who say that's to much still but after jabs ,chip, dew claws ,feed and the work that comes with a litter I think 5 is about right .
  9. Nice looking pup ,wish you all the best with it .
  10. My brother was in the marines and he and few army mates did this route but on bicycles and he said it was hard graft riding it so never mind doing it in wheelchair .
  11. I've picked a few young rabbits up that was lifeless but when looking them over they seem to be healthy . Poor sods got it hard anufe without this vh wiping them out
  12. All depends on what bitch I was putting it over ,lot more patts go to ground but I don't think the bedlington terrier was ever ment for working small earths but rock piles and badger sets and if the patterdale a better option to produce lurchers why wasn't it used that much in the past or in recent times ? I'd rather go with a bedlington stud that's bushing and ratting/rabbiting than a out and out earth dog to produce q lurcher but that my opinion,
  13. I really don't see what a Patterdale would put in to a running dog that a bedlington wouldn't?
  14. It's great she was able to go to someone who got the best out of her instead of a rescue center or pts like happen a lot of the time with left behind runners ,
  15. They run the drug trade and don't like anyone else free lancing, and I don't think the beatings etc have stopped we just don't hear about it .
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