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  1. Of course but it was us the tax payer that forked out for it
  2. I always find bolting rabbits with ferrets is the best way to get some easy catches , Dogs that yip do so out of frustration and like blackmag says you got to pick your runs and put the odds in the dogs favour when lamping , I Was always told start a pup ferreting before lamp and let it feal some easy wins and I've never had a problem with dogs yipping,but I've seen dogs yip that have been lamped or run on hare because the dog had no chance of catching .
  3. Was it hunted because it was taking stock or was this magical beast taken just for sake of it . Nothing against control but glory hunting isn't a good thing in my opinion.
  4. You been reading Plummer books ?but they probably some truth in it as lot of old folk wouldn't buy rabbits unless they had there jacket on . Plummer wrote about how he used to eat the cats he found in snares set for hares and how they tasted like rabbit ,that had to be a bonus as hare meat is Vile,
  5. But I wouldn't want to try any of them,
  6. Like been said queen Elizabeth was the end of the royal family to me . Would we be better off without the royal family I don't think we would .
  7. I've tried few different brands and find my dogs do best on "Totally natural raw " Some of the raw feed got to much bone in it .
  8. Talking of hares I was out yesterday and counted over 20 in first 40 mins of being out .
  9. I've told you catching day time bunny without being bolted by ferrets or snaffled on ruff ground ,brambles etc are harder than taking hare, Round my way you walk all day and you won't be taking a bunny out in the open but they hares a plenty and I've had busher types take them
  10. Yep ,I'd say the best bit of advice that's been posted so far ,
  11. They used to hold whippet coursing on the fens when I was young lad and the ones I see run didn't look to be struggling with the ground,
  12. Lovely looking pup , Good luck with him ?
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