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  1. She’s made a nice stamp Terry, be good to see her progress this season
  2. Be plenty about shortly,
  3. I’d be very careful lending a hob out to numerous Jill’s, a good mate of mine brought a jill in that had been left in season, he put it to his vasectomised hob, next season the same hob went over all his Jill’s and all mine, same the season after, when we came to breed a litter the Jill’s missed, we tried proven hobs over proven Jill’s time and time again but still no kits, after a discussion with a vet he’s suggested trying a jill on a course of antibiotics before mating, heypresto a litter of kits followed, he put it down to a sort of ferret STI, after the hob picking an infection up off the
  4. Imo if anyone keeps Jill’s it’s a no brainer to keep a vasectomised hob it saves all the hassle of jill jabs, unwanted litters ect year after year.
  5. A neutered hob is no good to bring Jill’s out of season they have been castrated, it’s a vasectomised hob you need.
  6. Iv used him 2 years and he’s been the same price, mention me he will sort your out,
  7. A lad in Preston does it, top quality chicken/ beef/tripe/veal, he does deliver but sure how far he will travel if you want his number
  8. Personally I always have a vasectomised hob to use to bring my Jill’s out of season, but I’ve known lads just keep the cages spotless clean with no side effects,
  9. Lad in instagram if your on there?
  10. At that young age I’d be honouring her every mark, nothing dishartens a youngster that being pulled away from a strong mark
  11. Very strong , very smart,
  12. Dedito boots are my boot of choice, easy maintenance and a good all round boot
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