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  1. Very true words, them being one man dogs the bond the have with their owners is very strong,
  2. Only once these pups have been well tested over a good few seasons will a further breeding plan be put into action,
  3. Absolutely, 3 of us kept bitches back so at some stage in the future some sort of breeding plan will be put into action
  4. 2 gen half x so kelpie x greyhound back to kelpie x greyhound, there was a mix of colours in the litter chocolate, blacks, sable, the sire is the same colour as mine the dam is black
  5. she she has been an absolute dream to train and get started hunting, she picks things up very quickly, iv put a lot of time into her to be honest, the lads I hunt with have pups out of the litter they are making cracking animals, this is her litter brother, the dogs seem to have thrown racier than the bitches, like I said they are only just 12 months old, this season will be their first full season
  6. that’s my half bred pup just under 12 months old
  7. this is a good product from Paul Sullivan
  8. You couldn’t make this up, did reading a few books or research on the internet not seem a good idea before getting ferrets??? Unbelievable!
  9. You won’t go wrong with them, comfortable, hard wearing, and relatively low maintenance,
  10. Dedito boots are the boots of choice for me
  11. If you keep a good number of Jill’s I would definitely recommend a snipped hob, they save all the hassle of getting the Jill’s brought out of season every spring, and any unnecessary bred kits,
  12. that’s the one, covers everything one might need to know
  13. I’m very much a Jill man, I like nice strong Jill’s, I do have the odd hob in my team, but only use them sparingly,
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