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  1. Cheers thought he would be around that age
  2. Enjoyed his articles in the countrymans weekly when I was a school lad, what age would he of been??
  3. We never lost a single rabbit from those nets, so far I’m impressed with them
  4. I had a team of 4 jills out, the other lads had mixed teams of hobs and jills, I find the hobs are abit overkill for this earlie in the season, Il use my jills til about November/December then switch to a team af 3 hobs
  5. He’s on eBay but does have a website
  6. Watch this space mate we are just warming up,
  7. Against the wind then the rain we had a cracking day out today, rabbits bolting in 2s&3s from each Warren saw our tally steadily rise to a total of 103, all rabbits go for the table, nets boxes and collars supplied by mark bell rabbit fever until next time Neil B
  8. neil b


    It was from start to finish, rabbits bolting in 2s&3s,I’d abit of a sweat on to say the least
  9. neil b


    There handy to have in your pocket
  10. neil b


    For the price you can’t go wrong and if you lose it it’s no problem, not like losing an expensive knife, it kept its edge ok, doubt you would get a full season out of one though
  11. neil b


    An earlie start today as the sun came up we were on the warrens it was action from the start first Warren produced 4 then the next 11, all bolting in 2s then a shallow dig, the next two warrens produced 16 so before 9;30 I was on 31, Iv never known rabbits bolt in pairs as much as today, we carried on until just after dinner when the temp had slowly increased and the flys had started to become a pest we had 82 between the 3 of us, I tryed one of the EZgutters today and was impressed with it, perfect to have in your pocket cheers Neil B
  12. Looking at what’s about should be a cracking season
  13. Today we made a start on the first to do places, the forecast was cloudy but warm, we split up and went or separate ways, it wasn’t long before I got a markresulting in a quick bolt, balled up lovely then all went quiet so out with the locator and a quick dig with the temperature rising we called it a day just before dinner with 38 in the bag, not a bad few hours slowly getting back into the swing of things all nets collars and box supplied by rabbit fever. cheers NEIL B
  14. Looks in great condition trev every credit to you
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