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  1. Rabbit fever do them, iv replaced all mine with his biothane ones,they will last a lifetime
  2. Glad it’s all working out for you Keith
  3. can’t beat an albino
  4. Like been said staggered joints and butt them up against each other, 5 spots will do for them
  5. An old lad once told me put tcp on the back of there necks that is ment to stop them,
  6. neil b


    Hose them off job done
  7. neil b


    I’m on my 2nd pair if these, can’t rate them enough,
  8. Collie John is your man he keeps that particular x
  9. A friend of a mates mates sisters cousins aunties next door neighbour has it on good authority that they have been produced and are being field tested at the moment and will be on sale shortly 🥸
  10. As long as they do there job it’s all just personal preference really, I predominantly work albinos,
  11. A mixed litter I would say
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