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  1. neil b

    New Arrivals.

    more meat on a vegans toothpick!
  2. neil b

    All the little trips add up

    Besides losing two dogs trev looks like you had a good season, is that you done now?
  3. neil b

    Funny Joke Thread

  4. neil b

    Thursday Saturday sunday

    Good numbers there trev
  5. neil b

    Ferreting Dog

    I wouldn’t waste my time going without mine half x collie greyhound, put a lot of good sport infront of my ferrets in the last 6 seasons
  6. neil b

    Another 4500

    She sure has, maybe an apprentice is on the cards, you have a good summer too trev.... roll on September
  7. neil b

    Cleared a few today

    1 more than us trev on some new permission today, every doe had young in them, that’s us done for this season, another good day you got in trev well done man and beast
  8. neil b

    Another 4500

    After we were recommended to a keeper up north all the phone calls and arrangements made we set a date and today was the day, we have normally finished by now but I wanted my size 11s firmly in the door,so off we went. On arrival we jumped in with the keeper for him to show us a few likely looking spots, then he left us too it, it made a change from the windy open fells we have become accustomed too, we saw 2 rabbits drop in a sandy sett so we made a start, 10 bunnies later, and a small one we made a move to a release pen that was littered with holes, but without a dog today it was just a case of potluck, it was thick cover at times so it was just a case of setting the longnets round and through the rides the best we could. We were picking up 2s& 3s the sun was out and there wasn’t a breath of wind, we worked up and down each ride, we finished on 25 with only 1 dig, most of the does were in young. This would be out last outing for this season, we met back up with the keeper, with him giving us permission for next season on all 4500 acres, oh and bring the dog next time he said.... your canny lads!so until next season all the best Neil B
  9. neil b

    New kits first day out

    Sounds like a good start for the youngsters well done mate
  10. neil b

    Rabbits with no ears

    Years ago I bred some show rabbits and the 3 litters I bred the doe nipped the ears off all of the young. My mate had one with two tails but never earless!
  11. neil b

    Rabbits with no ears

    Possibly nipped off by the doe when they were. In the nest,??????
  12. neil b

    New spot

    Because I’m very anti social!!!!
  13. neil b

    New spot

    Absolutely trev, with the vast amount of ground we go on you could waste a lot of time netting empty warrens up without a marking dog,
  14. neil b

    New spot

    Iv got a lurcher who marks for me,he just has to either see rabbits going to ground or just take the chance something is at home
  15. neil b

    New spot

    Not 1 in young, we were on the tops though not low ground