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  1. neil b

    Hob wont serve Jill.....

    Could well be to do with the hobs sexual tendencies starting to drop off now, they start to drop off quite rapidly once July is over, I’ve teamed all mine back up now, once the pecking order has been astablished all’s peaceful in the cages.
  2. neil b

    A Week on

    Looking in good order mate, liking the merle s.......a lot
  3. neil b

    Best quicksets these days.

    What stand are you on leeview
  4. neil b

    A different kind of fox mask mount.

    Simply brilliant
  5. neil b


    I keep and work a line of whites that my hunting partner has had for 30+ years, the line generally breeds good sized hobs and strong Jill’s, I was into fancy colours, silvers dark polecats etc until I got some kits off this line, now I’m of the mindset it’s not right if it’s not white
  6. neil b

    Next years hopefuls

    Like those merle colours mate, looking good
  7. It will be interesting to see how these turn out with a few seasons under their belt, in the right hands
  8. neil b

    Tips on nip training

    When they nip push the knuckle of your finger into there mouth they find it uncomfortable and soon realise fingers aren’t to be nibbled
  9. neil b

    Smal? Greyhound type ferrets

    Are they albino or bew?
  10. neil b

    Smal? Greyhound type ferrets

    Smart type them ken
  11. neil b

    Collie x greyjound

    past and present, cheers Neil b
  12. neil b

    Collie x whippet x grey

    That’s how Phil Lloyd’s are bred i think, they look tidy animals
  13. I’ve to disagree with the last comment I went there for a half bred pup, but on my way past a kennel a stunning red merle 3/4 bred bitch 16wks old caught my eye. I was very tempted to change my mind, Sally Hancock who was showing me round asked what type of ground I hunted, once I explained she said a half cross is what you want, not some speed machine, it would have been easy for her to say nothing and let me take the older dog but she didn’t, I’m more than happy with how she has turned out. Cheers Neil b
  14. Arthur is her sire