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  1. They are a sealed unit, whenever you sent them back to deban they usually just offered you one back at a discounted rate, they rarely repaired it
  2. I have my vasectomised hob in with Jill’s all year round, I just move him from cage to cage as and when he’s needed, as for the Jill’s dragging each other round it lasts almost all summer, It works for me but these are only my opinions, if your wanting one for bringing your Jill’s out of season this spring you want to be getting one done asap because once they have the snip it takes 6/8 weeks minimum for his live rounds to become blanks too. cheers Neil B
  3. Perfect size for the bunnies,
  4. What sort of size is she up to terry, she looks a nice bitch
  5. I had a pup kept barking in the kennel at all hours, tried late exercise and late feeding but nothing seemed to work, so as a last resort I got a collar, it worked a treat only took a couple of zaps ️
  6. What sort of height did she make? How would you compare them to the collie x
  7. Maybe something to look at in the future, I’m more than happy with my half x kelpie at the moment
  8. What were the fors and against for them they look a handy type
  9. How was speckle bred Phil??
  10. Ju jit su or something similar I think
  11. He’s doing some form of martial arts he’s on instagram most weeks
  12. Very chunky pups and good solid parents,
  13. Good to see lads out doing a bit moochers site is dead
  14. David Hubbart on face book recalibrates them, highly recommend by all accounts
  15. Really like the look of her terry,good luck with her
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