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  1. A mixed litter I would say
  2. Beggers belief that people get animals without even the basic understanding of their needs,
  3. And why on gods green earth can a Jill not get pregnant in her first season ???? Unbelievable
  4. neil b


    There could be a hunting life discount or something
  5. neil b


    Reading some posts here I’m going to have to put my prices up last summer I was £65/ m all in Il throw another £10 on this summer I think
  6. They were great posts Keith very rarely there wasn’t a pic with nell with a bunny in her mouth, great times
  7. She looks a very well proportioned dog tommo,
  8. Can’t beat a good sized jills
  9. You keep a very nice type of terrier matey
  10. As always... exceptional. Looks like a fine lump of a Fox too
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