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  1. Not sure if it’s the same fella but David Hubbard is your man, he’s on Facebook
  2. Everything from the sample testing, collection and storage, my mate uses them for his cockers, he really rates them
  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Keith passed away, his daughter is running it now
  4. He looks a real strong type…. Ideal
  5. In this day and age it will be to make sure he identifies as a hob ferret and nothing else
  6. Not for a vasectomy terry I don’t think, £95 sounds abit more realistic, just make sure you leave him a good 6 weeks til you put him over your jills
  7. Had it happen many years ago, a mate brought in a jill that had been left in season used his snipped hob over her the season after he went over all our jills, then when we came to breed a litter, non of the jills would take, we used different hobs and still nothing, a conversation with a vet and some lengthy research on his part proved they had contracted the ferret equivalent of a sti he gave me a course of antibiotics to put the jill on and heypresto a litter of kits was produced, after that I have only every used my snipped hob on my own jills
  8. I’d be very wary about using these hob services, these hobs could go over a good number of jills during the spring, who could have diseases only to be passed onto the next jill, if a good number of jills are being kept personally I’d get a hob done and only put him over my own Jill’s, better to be safe than sorry imo
  9. Just out of interest why do they need to be small line bred??
  10. Yep did us too was meant to go this morning but weather wasn’t looking too good so cancelled it
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