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  1. neil b

    Midland game fair

    Il soon sort that out then lee, see you at the next show
  2. neil b

    Few resent mounts

    As always rob absolutely brilliantKeep them coming
  3. neil b

    Midland game fair

    I suppose in this day and age with people looking to put a claim in for anything it’s a lot safer not to allow the public to be able to handle them just in case an accident should happen
  4. neil b

    moochers , is it down ?

    What’s been the problem??
  5. neil b

    moochers , is it down ?

    Surely it can’t just vanish, some good lads on there
  6. neil b

    Funny Joke Thread

  7. neil b

    Chipper smith

    Is there any news on chipper? There was updates in a monthly magazine but recently it’s all quiet, has anyone herd anything??
  8. neil b

    Rabbit Fever on Ebay

    there you go mate
  9. neil b

    Fao iworkwhippets

    We had a look out yesterday to what proved a tricky spot last season, so with longnets, ferrets and lurchers in tow we tried again, the weather was far from ideal with wind and rain, on our approach several rabbits, that were braving the elements made there way to ground, once we got 200yrds of longnets round the first bit of warren, I entered the trio of albinos I got off iworkwhippets, and my mate put 3 of his in the other side, it wasn’t long before the rabbits were on the move, bolting nicely into the waiting nets, the nettles offering abit of cover for the rabbits, the ferrets worked very well, with it being the first outing for them, the rain stopped but the wind was constantly blowing, it got rather warm by dinner time so with 40 in the bag we called it a day, cheers Neil b
  10. neil b

    Midland game fair

    Is that abit of hostility towards pakefield ferrets there leeview????
  11. neil b

    Midland game fair

    I would say Simon whitehead, Mick Dadd, rabbit fever to name a few will be there
  12. neil b

    hectic 1st day of the season

    Good result for opening day, well done everyone
  13. neil b

    The pup's coming on

    Give it a rest trev, some of us haven’t started yet, looks very switched on so far
  14. neil b

    Funny Joke Thread