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  1. Cracking result on your own trev, bitch is looking well
  2. Looks a cracking place with breathtaking views, for such a big warren did you not expect more rabbits from it??
  3. Quality as always trev, bitch is looking sharper with every outing,
  4. I’m sure she will get experience with you, I’ like a merle myself, bad luck with the black bitch she looked to be making a decent dog
  5. Another cracking day mate with the added of bonus of being local, we’re was there little collie x you’ve been running?
  6. The last pics I saw it looked a nice animal,
  7. Have you still got your half x dog on mate?
  8. Cracking looking pup that katchum very nice looks like it means business already
  9. Try online vet medic there ok for prices I find
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