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  1. You can’t blame little vin, he’s only knee high to a grasshopper
  2. The one I sent back was 18 months old and beyond repair so they offered me a new one with 12 months warranty for half price
  3. If they can’t fix it they offer a new one at half price,
  4. Get your running shoes on tommo and get to the net quicker preventing bunnies biting there way through the lines..... simples
  5. I am on my second pair of these boots, can’t fault them at all
  6. Will that only leave you with your pup this season then trev??
  7. neil b

    Pups due

    Nice looking pups those mate
  8. Be good to see his progress this coming season John,
  9. fingers crossed these two carry on from where they left off last season, this will be their first full season
  10. Sorry mate predictive spelling, iv edited my post now iv reread it, it was ment to say well proportioned
  11. Liked him when you put pics of him as a pup, grown into a well proportioned dog now all the best for this coming season, keep us updated
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