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  1. Black lives matter protests, thousands attended all over the country, causing damage, defacing monuments etc, during the original full lockdown.......police do f**k all. Anti lock down protest today in London police turn up with battons and horses and break it up. Need I say anymore
  2. My misus took pip for a nice little walk while I was at kickboxing with the little uns. She wasn't best pleased
  3. See how long that lasts till ur moved to the small room, until that becomes a snug and your back in the shed with the fish
  4. This thread is a blast from the past! I still haven't re-rendered yet thought it's still on the to do list.
  5. Like my pollock was Sunday afternoon. Out the sea at 2, on the plate at 7.
  6. What do you do with that fella? Fillet it? Cook it whole? I'm guessing it isn't in beer batter!
  7. Mate, I love that and wish I was there! You walk into a pub now and try and sell a proper pint to the gin sipping skinny jeans brigade, never mind a dead fish or a cute bunny. I have no doubt there is places that you could sell, but not as easy as walking into any pub and getting rid nowadays. I live in sticks-ish and am always amazed at the amount of 'shooters' that go on a day pheasant shooting, shoot 100 birds, take a pair.....Then give them away because they don't know how to gut em or do owt with em . When local butcher was open I had a few rabbits off him because the 2/3 he had in window didn't sell. Times change, not always for the better.
  8. I agree that if people are getting triple figures then there is a huge rabbit problem. These were apparantley ferrets and lamped, not shot. If I had a permission where I got 240 rabbits I wouldn't need to tell anyone, my closest hunting mates would be there anyway. I also know if I had a perm where I got 240 I would be at it hard untill I was getting 10s/20s so the land owner saw a dramatic decrease yet still keeping some sport on.
  9. Few people mentioned shooting now. These lads were apparantley ferreting and lamping.
  10. 241 the latest I've just seen pop up. I don't care what anyone says on here or anywhere else. No one has use for 241 rabbits in one lump. They were introduced as a food source. That is enough food for a year!
  11. I'm obviously doing it wrong because the only emoji my bitch can nail consistently is
  12. Mate, people like you posting on here is what kicked me on to get into it properly and now I love it. It's a shame that this site isn't what it used to be 4/5yrs ago. Used to be some really good content to read, especially for those learning which I was and still am. Now a lot of the good ones have gone and those that are left don't want to post and instead hang on the periphery with odd comment. You can get some good advice as I did pre pup, from a few on here (DC, Katchum etc) but everyone is cagey and rightly so because there is more negative to positive nowadays. I met one of my best friends through this site. Dont doubt there is some great fellas on here with similar interests but as in real life everyone is so guarded now so I can't see that happening again. Its sad, just sad.
  13. No worries pal, I didn't see that and I haven't mentioned any either. Its bollox. I thought my bitch was lacking in training. Apparantley from what Im seeing I just need to get misen some Adidas bottoms, Nike air max and a Forrester and she will do 100 a night easy. And here is me trying to work on recall like a dick head.
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