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  1. First working day after the win the IBF announced they are stripping Uysk of the belt for Dubois and Hrgovic to fight for???? This is what spoils this sport. How long has Tyson held these belts while inactive and AJ at times. As soon as them two 'super stars' don't have them and the 1 man that deserved them is in possession the governing bodies step in to split em up. f***ing joke.
  2. Been busy on the new piece of land that will become working garden. Chickens move there, vegs, greenhouse etc. That's the plan anyways. Got plenty stuff growing already so need to pull mi finger out and get this finished!
  3. What's this about? Thriller/horror I guess?
  4. If form carries into the playoffs we will be fine BUT that doesn't always happen! I'm nervously awaiting kick off now. I'm away in France fishing but have a friend over here who is accommodating me at their house to watch the footy!
  5. Nice one. You doing sheep again this year?
  6. WOW What a day. Only just heading home now. That last 30 mins was awful but we got there!!! Come on you reds!!!!!
  7. Got mi new trainers delivered in rivers colours, put to bottom of wardrobe ready for big day out at Wembley!!!
  8. f**k DM, wouldn't have him back for free. Though I don't think he is a bad manager. For those that have spent time watching or listening to him, he has an agenda. BLM.
  9. Wembley Wembley, we're the average Donny Rovers and we're off to Wembley!!! Another win tonight makes it 10 in a row. 30 points from 30, 41 from last 48 and gone from relegation battle to 5th place and looking likely for play offs. In the same number of league games Man City have won 40 points from 48, now whilst I'm not at all saying we are Man City or Grant is Pep, just bear in mind when this run started we were looking over our shoulder at relegation! Just unbelievable......... It almost doesn't matter if we don't make it now because this has brought belief back to our c
  10. Do you keep goats for meat or dairy? I was considering goats but not convinced yet. Think the pigs work for me, get weaners to grow on and job done.
  11. Unbelievable game today, we are flying. Big game for us in Tuesday then time Saturday for last game of season!
  12. It was mate, have to fight with my little lad now for the crackling!
  13. And had roast pork with crackling for tea....can't beat it
  14. The hatching egg sales average price has crept up and is now around £15 'profit' getting for 6 eggs. More than covering the cost of feed.
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