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  1. When my daughter was born she had jaundice. I remember it now, she was so small, round and yellow. We called her melony
  2. My great great grandfather invented the cold air balloon but it never really took off
  3. An old mate of mine has picked up the guitar again and started doing the rounds at the local pubs. His songs are mainly about vintage sewing machines. He is a singer song writer
  4. My misus said to me why don't you treat me like you did when we first met. To be honest, I felt really guilty. So I took her out to watch a movie, went for a meal and a couple drinks afterwards and dropped her off at her mums house.
  5. I was on Facebook market place and someone had a full top of the range Sony surround sound system on there for £5, said it was 'stuck on full blast' Thought to myself, you can't turn that down.
  6. How's your plans going on Wilf? Did you end up with pigs aswell or is that going into next year?
  7. Picked my lamb box up tonight. The start of my meat storage.
  8. Thanks pal. If it doesn't it won't be through lack of effort!
  9. That the boat yard on way to headland? Near Brunswick and old pub on end that's gone?
  10. Part of what I'm trying to do includes going back to what I call 'old school trade' so instead of swapping money I'm swapping time/skills/produce. So far I've agreed to do a little bit of electrical work, probably equate to half a day's work. The trade for this was access to a small but well established orchard. Only about 10-12 trees but a mix of apples, pears and plums. All big trees and tons of fruit. Wi dfall will go to pigs and picked fruit will be for eating/jams/chutneys etc. Had a few visits already and had loads for pigs. They also gave me a box of about 30jars for the jam/chutne
  11. Paul Len Juke I'm not very happy with your archaic views. Get a grip. Referring to HER as HIM. SHE is a competitor in HER own right and should be recognised in the competition SHE is in. If SHE wins SHE wins! Dont discount her just because SHE has a penis and is also lacking breasts, a vagina, ovaries and a womb. That is just immaterial. As Shania Twain said "man, I feel like a woman" So why shouldn't SHE compete? Even in a dick measuring comp if that's what SHE wanted to do? You old fashioned bigots!!!
  12. I paid £50 for 6 that were about 5days old. That is the bronze/blacks. I paid 30 for 6 hatching eggs off ebay and that is the 2 red bourbons, 4 didn't hatch. Bag of growers about 12.50 and if it was just turkeys at this size would do 2 week. I reckon you would do 150 in feed max. So couple hundred quid max and you would have half a dozen big turkeys. Free range/grass fed turkeys are owt up to 175 a bird! I've sold 4 probs ask 30quid a pop just to contribute to the feed cost.
  13. Moved the 3 chicks into the bigger brooder. These are 5weeks now so could go out from next week but I'm guna keep them inside a little longer with it being winter, maybe till 8 or 9 week, see how they do for size/space! These were the last chicks of 2023. If I have a Cockell out the three then my other Cockerell may become my first table bird so I can mix blood line. Probably base it on how the birds turns out. Next part of this plan when the girls start laying is to have 2 pens, one for layers and a seperate one for growers for table and refreshing my laying hens when needed. That w
  14. Went to see the chap in the village and he said this time of year they all dormant so can't disturb hive. My name is down for a course early in new year which should line up well for starting in the spring.
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