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  1. I didn't think it would get this response lads and such a wide open discussion so it shows how prevalent the issue is. Also I don't think I've ever seen a topic on here reach 13 pages without getting frozen, other than the good jokes thread. I was listening to one of the korda podcasts the other day and it was with a doctor/phsycologist that runs the 'thrive' program that DF has been on since his cancer issues. I didn't agree with some of the stuff he said but I am always open to other views and discussions. One of the main things he said that stuck with me were his belief as to why
  2. Very very recently I found out a friend of mine committed suicide. 31yr old. Top lad. Life of the party. Recently married. So much life left. Yet he felt he had no other option that to hang himself in some shitty digs down south. Why/how does it get to this? He had so many people that loved him and would give him all week if he asked or opened up. No one suspected anything. With what we have all been through this last couple yr, what is going to come in the next couple and the pressure that still sits on the man to be the bread winner and have the best house and best car etc I expect
  3. Home now pal. Had a little un on first night to get me off the mark then had 2 on last morning, last one being a cracking grass carp. Seeing my mate catch an 80lbr on his 40th birthday trip made it though.
  4. Agree weather conditions not in our favour but can't be helped when booking in advance. Regards moon phases, full moon and new moon are when a lot of big carp are caught.
  5. As sods law would dictate a few fish turned up in my swim at 9pm on the only night I needed some kip! Was guna pull the rods in to rest for the drive but persevered and fished through the night and managed to snag 2. First one a baby about 18-20lb then the whopper I had been hoping for the whole week, a 49lb14oz grass carp. Absolutely massive thing! New pb for me of any species. Worth the extra effort.
  6. Fish jumping all over and keep getting liners. Bloody typical on the only night I need sleep!!! Anyhow, just sneaked another one out. Didn't weigh it probably 18-20. Glad to get a bite and some activity but would rather it was any of the other nights!!!!
  7. Well rods are chucked out for last time. Packing up about 6am for the long drive home. Worth it even if I don't get owt else just to see my mate get this thing on the bank for his 40th bday.
  8. Still here mate. Struggled to be honest but on first night my mate who's birthday it is had one of biggest fish in pond at just over 80lb so after that it didn't matter anymore. I had 1 double on first night. He had a 49 and the 80. Then we had nowt all week. The he had a 41 and a 35 last night. Other pegs are smashing em out to be fair just not in this part of lake where we are. Thats fishing for ya
  9. Yeah I know, I would if it was free gratis! Then again one of em did get 100fish in the week on his own. I will be more than happy with more moderate numbers. Fish for a bite, enjoy a few beers with the lads then see what the week brings. It's my mates 40th so bit of a social aswell.
  10. Been for a little top up today to add to what I've walready got. Be using house pellet over there aswell. Should see the week out. If I have run out then I will have caught plenty!
  11. Anyone ever been lads? Big fat carp which some on here won't like. Going this Friday for the week for a mates 40th. Can't wait.
  12. Plenty round me aswell. Loads of old collapsed fences in bushes etc that's worse. My bitch has only hit it once and got away with it with minor damage thankfully.
  13. Wigan pier not been there since I was 20. Donny warehouse still bouncing as it ever was but my times dancing are done.....and no I couldn't move like that!
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