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  1. ryaldinhio

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    I think ur right bird, the thing with usyk in the fights I have seen is he gets hit. In the last one Bellew caught him with half a dozen good ones. That's the difference with Heavy weight when he steps up, I don't doubt his boxing skills and with his speed and accuracy he could out box most of em but if he gets hit square on the jaw properly by AJ, wilder, whyte, chisora etc he will be out of there. Don't know why everyone says it's a poor division currently I think it's bang on. Heavy weight has been boring for last 15 years, finally getting some interest back to it.
  2. ryaldinhio

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Sounds like Wilder v Fury has only sold 8000 tickets with only 2 weeks left to the fight! My money is on it being cancelled if that doesn't improve drastically. Only a 21000 capacity venue and can't even half sell it and they both think they are the biggest draw in boxing???? To be fair I reckon most of them will be Fury fans. I hope it doesn't get pulled, I'm really intrigued by this fight.
  3. ryaldinhio

    Used to be a dog on here....

    It was a big un, rough coat, white with liver patches I think and was always running in the hills like in the lakes or North of the border. Remember a pic of it sat proud looking over the valley and I thi k one of it junping a stone wall maybe? Always liked it and I haven't seen anything of it for ages. Anyone know what I'm on about? Is it still around or have I imagined it? Nothing further, just be nice to see it if it is real?!
  4. ryaldinhio

    A big hedgerow today

    Really like your mutt fella, what's in the mix? Just beddy whippet?
  5. ryaldinhio

    New gun needed!

    Finished Article, much improved
  6. ryaldinhio

    New gun needed!

  7. ryaldinhio

    New gun needed!

    Managed to get on the laptop to get pics up. I am well happy with the finished article. Cheers Mac
  8. ryaldinhio

    New gun needed!

    Still no option to post photos guys, is something going on with the site?????
  9. ryaldinhio

    Mayweather MMA

    This is about Literature getting a piece of the Japanese MMA business and trying to compete with Dana Whyte. He is going to get exposure in the Asian market. It will be another joke like the McGregor fight was. Just a publicity stunt. Never mind kicks etc it will probably be written into his contract that's it is not as competitive fight and he is not allowed to win! And people on here say AJ or Fury are robbing money! I won't be paying for this one.
  10. ryaldinhio

    New gun needed!

    I've stripped the stock off, rubbed down and is on the third coat of tung oil now see how she looks in the morrow. Also got the quick release bipod on and a rear sling mount to drill and fix then I think I'm done. It's getting there. Might even shoot it soon! Not sure if there is an issue with the sits at the min but it won't let me upload pics? Or get to messenger? I will stick some up when it lets me.
  11. ryaldinhio

    Funny Joke Thread

    Absolutely quality! Hahaha actually crying with laughter! I remember being a daft kid a while back!
  12. ryaldinhio

    Rifle case/bag/sling

    Just ordered the bsa tactical bag. I was guna go for the bigger one as small states 38" and I measured my hw100kt and 37.5 so didn't wana run the risk of it being too small. Thanks for the heads up Phil
  13. ryaldinhio

    Good lightweight hunting pcp

    Been offered an a&m one from a friend.
  14. ryaldinhio

    Good lightweight hunting pcp

    Does the cylinder actually make that much of a difference?
  15. ryaldinhio

    Rifle case/bag/sling

    Mines a karbine. Will have look. Cheers.