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  1. You seen this one greyman?.... Seems domesticated as not scared of the presence of people at all..... If this is what the pet cats look like nowadays then no wonder people are reporting sightings
  2. Greyman, You see much of 'ragdoll' breed of cat or the 'Norwegian forest cat' ? I've only just seen these for first time, both for sale in UK and could see these easily being mistaken for lynx.
  3. Cheers fellas I will have a look. FD, I know u taking piss....if you had said burnt out horse carts of North Wales then maybe
  4. Greyman.....what was the podcasts please? I've just downloaded a podcast app so will have a listen while I'm on the road.
  5. Anyone else been having any bother getting on here? When I try and get on I can see 2 or 3 pages then it keeps coming up saying thread to long or some shite and won't let me on for a few days. Have I upset the mods or is it just me struggling to access...? Merry Christmas to all u lot that are alrate on here......I've got nowt for those that aren't.
  6. When she is fit mate she looks awesome. Cracking little dog.
  7. Been a while since I've put owt up of pip. She hasn't been well recently, had a growth on her ear that became infected, under antibiotic and steroids treatment and hopefully we can sort it out, so not been out in last 3-4 days other than on lead. Took her for first wander today, let her off to stretch her legs, into the bushes she went and put one up...............not that poorly then!
  8. Not writing him off as a contender mate, but all are lifting him up like he is guna walk the division. Think it was 5th or 6th he seemed to be shaking his left hand and backed off a bit but do that against Fury or AJ and they will press on and finish. But what I'm saying is should he be talked about as contender and mandatory?
  9. He out boxed him and won on points IMO which is what I called before the fight. But is he guna out point AJ? I doubt it now after Ruiz. He certainly wont outpoint Fury.
  10. ryaldinhio


    What happened to the boxing thread? Anyone watch that tonight? Usyk is a cruiser weight, below Whyte for me after that, nowhere near AJ, Wilder, Fury and for me before he get to them he needs to go through whyte, povetkin, parker etc. To me it isn't right to come up a weight and automatically come to top of pile????? I cant see him troubling the heavyweight division. Another Haye.
  11. I've mulled it over long and hard but it's a case of not much spare time and too many hobbies. Also it looks like something is about to come off that will mean I have even less spare time. Spread to thinly and not doing these animals justice. Having a gun sat in a cabinet doesnt matter having a ferret sat in a run just isn't right IMO. I am just trying to give them the homes they deserve. Looking like the 2 hobs have proper homes now so be nice to see how they get on.
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