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  1. Absolutely love tench. I do mainly carping now but don't count tench if caught when carping. I've had an 8lbr when carping but as far as I'm concerned my PB is 5lb12oz caught on float when I was targeting them. For me tench are the best lb for lb stillwater fighters. Only barbel out do them but they are river fish not pond fish. Teaching my little ones right, float fishing first.......
  2. There is a few in trent. Good friend of mine had one at 21lb on tidal trent. It's people buying em in garden centres and they get too big for pond. It's equivalent of 1960-1980s big cats. Sling em on moors and they don't exist. Not that I want to turn this into a debate
  3. I do that Dan. I've not been carping since I went France in July and I have my own pond! Went on Sunday day to sort my gear, went again weds night and was guna go tonight, soon get the bug back!
  4. 3 absolute beauties there pal. Big rudd are few and far between
  5. Fair enough pal, did say it may be closed down quickly!
  6. There are plenty of wild boar now, I'm not on FB so you may quickly close this down, I'm not seeing anything about anyone taking wild boar down and I have never seen one splattered on a road yet they are here?
  7. I reckon Varane/Martinet at back with Martinez given job of man marking Haaland 90% of time niggling and kicking, 100% Martinez to be booked tomorrow. Varane covering corners/high balls. Front 3 for me is Sancho, Rashford, Antony Ronaldo get 20mins when it's 3.1 to City.
  8. Not sure they will take to kindly but best of luck. Let me know how u get on.
  9. Top one looks a little beast He also looks a little fuxker!
  10. Is there a genuine reason why? If mine is running lean I get pork off cuts from butcher or buy pork belly from sainos on roll back. Always squares her up within a few days.
  11. Delete some DMs, maybe not for the first time, but ur box is full
  12. Just been reading through some of the stuff on the bird side. I've always wanted aviaries since seeing John Wilsons (if ur into fishing you will know) I have lots of space as we are in the sticks here so could build aadecent sized aviary but was only ever considering for enjoyment of seeing the birds. When I grew up budgies were free and canaries were 2quid. Reading sone of the posts it seems it may be worth breeding when ur saying 600 a bird? Is that realistic for the common man that learns the sector or are you talking real high end stuff there? I was never getting into it for
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