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  1. If its not gone I will have it for my boy. Turned 7 last Friday.
  2. I know there isn't many AJ fans on here but I'm off down to watch him int big smoke on the weekend. Then staying over to go wembley on Sunday and watch Bolton with a good friend of mine. Not a massive AJ fan or Bolton fan but should be good crack and a few beers with good friends
  3. Only having a giggle pal. She is sound but I'm letting her down. Im doing to much work and life etc wasting her potential. Wish I could give her more.
  4. Imagine Putting Bringing instead of Being
  5. Packed and ready to go for first outing.... Managed to cover fishing gear up pretty well so can't really see it. Shouldn't be an issue anyway on drive.
  6. Picked single air bed up from go outdoors today for 7quid. Fits perfect in back of Forester. There is even a 12v point in boot for air pump. This is my new bivvy
  7. Got all history with it from Brand new aswell up to last few yr. Apparantley it was in storage for a year or so then in use last 18months.
  8. Just got home. 110mile ish. Didn't miss a beat. Fi gers crossed it carries on. Seems like I may have dropped on lucky here
  9. It's cost me 280 for the year. Comprehensive SD&P only 5000 miles. 6yr no claims.
  10. Calm down fellas. The pic looked off to me but I haven't got a clue about big cats I said if it's true, its a beaut, hats off to him.
  11. But If it is true, its a beaut, and it was causing a nuisance hats off to the lad
  12. The size of it the way its head lays the lack of struggle in his face for lifting a big awkward heavy floppy thing the fact its tail is laid next to his foot, both covered in snow, how would that happen if he had just picked it up? Snow around not particularly flattened, again how if he has just hoisted this thing up? Blood patterns are from tip of tail/toe/head/neck but no dense blood on chest/neck area if shot with a bolt? #bollocks
  13. The pic doesnt look right for me. To be honest though if that was @Greyman with an actual specimen in UK people would be saying it was a domestic cat or a duck or a fox he had spray painted. No one believes or should believe owt they see on tinterwebnet
  14. Is no one else seeing him sniff off his hand at 40 seconds ish in? Never been a fan of his or his lad. Seems a very arrogant c**t. But it's boxing is a spectator sport and the crowd love it. Now walking into local clubs forcing a lady onto his arm and an Intro song? Sad sad place for the man to be in for whatever reason he is there. I don't like him but genuinly feel for him.
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