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  1. ryaldinhio

    HW100 KT **SOLD**

    Not surprised that shifted. Double cheap. Someone got a massive bargain there.
  2. ryaldinhio

    Dodgy pop ups - auto forward sites

    Mods, has the site been hacked or summat? Don't know enough about it to assume any different?! Just started out the blue.
  3. Anyone started getting them from here? Just started for me last 2 days. Only on here aswell, sends me to usual you have won loads money click here shite. When accessing on phone. Never had any bother before. Just wondered if others were getting same?
  4. ryaldinhio

    Chipmunk in the UK?

    Unless you have a clear trail cam or video picture it can't have possibly happened. No such thing in UK. #BigCatBritain!
  5. ryaldinhio

    She's finally here!

    Shes coming on now. Taking her to a small country fair tomorrow for the people, animals and noise etc. Enjoying it as expected!
  6. ryaldinhio

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    All the talk of whyte drug abuse and previous talk of AJ ducking opponents and fighting no body. Have all the tyson fury fans seen his next opponent? Apparantley if the Swedish postal service don't give dispensation for the fight it will have to be on a Sunday because the lad has letters to post on a Saturday. Absolute joke, if thats PPV it is basically fraud IMO. Fury could beat em all why is he f***ing about????? Promoter Atleast Eddie sorts good opponents and a strong card. Getting embarrassing now, surely TF isn't guna let em get away lining him up against bums all the time? Unless he only in it for the £s. Be a bit disappointed if it is that, but can understand a man wanting easy earners to provide for his family.
  7. ryaldinhio

    A bit of luck is a great thing,

    Rutheless G man! 50quid more than the fella would've got from the bailiffs I guess.
  8. ryaldinhio

    And you wonder why there's antis about

    Why would anyone shoot a goshawk? Fella knew the laws, did what he did, left him self open and easily caught. It is what it is. Not sure a stinking pit of death, or whatever it was, would be my description.
  9. ryaldinhio

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Is that the AJ v Ruiz rerun your watching?
  10. ryaldinhio

    Shooting in South Yorkshire

    What type of shooting fella? Park lodge is alrate at Snaith if it's SG ur on about. Think its 30p a clay, so not rhe cheapest. I usually do 50, go have a butty and a cuppa (nice cafe), then get on skeet for another 50. They have air rifle range if that's your thing. Decent shop and gun shop aswell, tho again not cheapest around. Atb Ryan
  11. ryaldinhio

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    I was thinking this way but the fact there is no story on sky sports, no dillian whyte refutes the claims, no Hearn threatens legal action etc makes me wonder if it is true.
  12. ryaldinhio

    Socialising Kitts, kids and pup

    I'm hoping it does the ferrets and the kids some good!
  13. ryaldinhio


    Lad I know told me he was getting a dog. 6-700 quid or summat. What is it? A 'Spruski' it's a Springer crossed with a husky. A f***ing mongrel then I said. Don't get it because you won't be able to handle a working dog like that. Oh, its not guna be a worker he said! Low and behold it's mental like a Springer and pulls like f**k...like a husky! No helping some people.
  14. ryaldinhio

    She's finally here!

    Started socialising her with the ferrets. She was a bit too keen on Saturday and got a nip on the nose....Once bitten twice shy. Not stupid this dog! Growing fast too.
  15. ryaldinhio

    Socialising Kitts, kids and pup

    Pup still cautious which isn't a bad thing. Leave em alone to do their work. Got some tubes in today aswell, keep at it.