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  1. What mix you after? 50/50? If not the mix that put my pup on the ground has just been repeated 3yrs on. 1/2grey, 3/8whp, 1/8bed. Might be a bit light on beddy for you but mine has made a cracking bitch. It was from a lad on here and I think the owner of the grand-sire beddy is on here aswell.
  2. I don't get the problem. If r lass was stronger than me she could mow the lawn and chop the wood and kindling, put the bins out etc. If she still had tits and made up a reasonable excuse why I could only bum her........ as far as I'm concerned someone else is cutting the grass and chopping wood This is the way the world is going though. Lady boys was the start of the gender neutral shite. Because of the chemicals and fluoride they put in water to feminise all of us who drink it to make us all amenable. The only conspiracy theory that is true.
  3. I like the make up and the look of this mutt. Will keep an eye in your posts. I may be after a sire in next couple years to put over my lass and after something a little bigger and something else in the mix.
  4. Well what a shit read. Tried my best to stick with it, some lads are strong.......big or not. If u need to measure strength in Kgs and water retention you aren't in the same bracket that I hold a strong man in. Strength is in the mind. Rip a tit off if thats ur thing. Dunt do owt for me.
  5. I didn't wanna go for cattle or pigs because I didn't want to damage the ground too much. That's why I was considering sheep or maybe goats. Just a light grazer really. I do fancy some pigs but they will be penned in a smaller section where some brambles need knocking back.
  6. Yeah that was the plan. Not expecting to make any money, if anything probably cost a bit, but it is something the kids will get involved in. Plus it saves me taking mower down there every week and burning 20quid in petrol. At the end get freezer full of meat.
  7. Was only thinking of getting a couple. The plot is 4.5acres with a 2.5acre pond so couple acres to go at for them. Would that be enough for 2 sheep without running short? This is the main part, pic taken in winter.....
  8. I'm thinking of having some pigs aswell but I don't want the ground destroying so they will be penned into a smaller area. The grassed area last year I was taking ride on mower down every weekend so was thinking if I can get a couple of sheep they will graze it, save me a job and then I get some meat at the end of summer.
  9. I've seen a few on here keeping sheep (vrf400boy I've met before for ferrets but lost No) and wondered how 'easy' it is and what you get out of it...obviously meat, but how long do you keep them for mest and do you have them sheared for wool etc? Is there any/many pitfalls you have found? I have a couple acres of grass land that fringes a pond which I'm told by a farmer friend is acceptable to be classed as drinking water for livestock so I wouldnt need to worry about taking 'fresh' water up all time. I was going to get some sheep then my farmer friend said "don't bother, all sheep do is
  10. I've not been on here for a while. I've got a beddy whippet grey. 1/8bed 3/8wh 1/2grey. There will be some olds posts of her on here somewhere. She's a cracking bitch, shes a family pet first off. I am lucky enough to get out with a proper dog man every now and then who has some land and she more than holds her own shoulder to shoulder with his that are worked hard. She could've made a lot more with a proper dog man but she has a good life and whenever she is put to it she catches plenty. Perfect dog for me if you have in house. She's a little on small side if you like some larger game.
  11. I didn't think it would get this response lads and such a wide open discussion so it shows how prevalent the issue is. Also I don't think I've ever seen a topic on here reach 13 pages without getting frozen, other than the good jokes thread. I was listening to one of the korda podcasts the other day and it was with a doctor/phsycologist that runs the 'thrive' program that DF has been on since his cancer issues. I didn't agree with some of the stuff he said but I am always open to other views and discussions. One of the main things he said that stuck with me were his belief as to why
  12. Very very recently I found out a friend of mine committed suicide. 31yr old. Top lad. Life of the party. Recently married. So much life left. Yet he felt he had no other option that to hang himself in some shitty digs down south. Why/how does it get to this? He had so many people that loved him and would give him all week if he asked or opened up. No one suspected anything. With what we have all been through this last couple yr, what is going to come in the next couple and the pressure that still sits on the man to be the bread winner and have the best house and best car etc I expect
  13. Home now pal. Had a little un on first night to get me off the mark then had 2 on last morning, last one being a cracking grass carp. Seeing my mate catch an 80lbr on his 40th birthday trip made it though.
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