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  1. ryaldinhio

    Fireplace design

    Did ours with rustic brick pillars and brick slips inside the fire place. Still need to finish the hearth but not sure we are happy with the stone so considering changing.
  2. ryaldinhio

    school dinners,fond memories

    Chocolate crunch and pink or green custard
  3. ryaldinhio

    Hedgehog accident

    That's what he is like. Can see him switch, his whole body language changes. His eyes go massive and his whole body goes tense and shaking n that. I can see it in him a mile off. Waste of time tryna stop him or snap him out of it. Just gota get him away and let him calm down for 10mins.
  4. ryaldinhio

    Hedgehog accident

    He is just a pet so don't see it often! I wanna take him ratting but missus not having it.
  5. ryaldinhio

    Hedgehog accident

    I've stuck some flea spot treatment on their necks just as a precaution
  6. ryaldinhio

    Hedgehog accident

    Just let the dogs out for 5mins in garden before bed and when I went to let em in the youngest terror was attacking a balled up hedgehog. He was in full on prey drive and I had to get a piece of wood between em to get him off. Rolled the hedgehog other side of the gate it was still breathing. Put the dogs inside. When I've gone in the dogs muzzle and paws are covered in blood, not sure who's guess it's his own. Little shit, fearless and no pain when in prey drive mode. I'm more bothered about the fact he is crawling with f***ing fleas. Do hedgehog fleas stay on dogs or in house etc?
  7. ryaldinhio

    Big Cat Sighting

    Sometimes I don't know what goes through my own head! Haha. It was something about a mahoosive feral near me. Only see it a few times a year but you could put a saddle on the cnut. It's like the size of a fox. Few times I've had a double take when I've seen it.
  8. ryaldinhio

    Big Cat Sighting

    I put summat up to be funny but then realised it wasn't that funny so removed. Then the website was hesitant for me to remove which made me question why wasn't it hesitant for me to post, I can post for free with no question but can't remove? Now I wana remove I cant question the fact they let the post go un administered? Anyway now I've removed and all u lot are still reading thinking this is going somewhere it wasnt going anywhere other than a picture which has now been removed. Unreal isn't it. Sorry Ry
  9. ryaldinhio

    Big Cat Sighting

  10. ryaldinhio

    Ferret Kits . Ready Now.

    It's not for me fella. Lad I know at Donny was after one but I've not seen him for a couple weeks. I will drop him a line.
  11. ryaldinhio

    Sad news for boxing

    f***ing arseholes Especially that Saunders wanker Picking on an old boy in the street and his little side kick copying. No class no respect just another blemish on the sport.
  12. ryaldinhio

    Ferret Kits . Ready Now.

    Any left vin?
  13. ryaldinhio

    Anyone in Leeds or around?

    https://www.yorkshirefalconry.org.uk/index.html You tried these fella? I spoke to the chairman last year about going to their meets. Very welcoming of new people and open for giving advice. As it turned out I didn't end up pursuing it as I just don't have the time at the minute but I will have a bird some day. Ry
  14. ryaldinhio


    Every now and then something comes along which reminds me why I keep logging on and reading. This covers the next few months. Well done Wildman, best post of the summer. In the ferret section to.....look at my phone cover to...tidy pair of legs! Nothing else, no warm up, no cool down, bang straight in there. f****n love it!
  15. ryaldinhio


    I worked in Sheff on NG Hospital and it was like I was working in India. Not a paper or butty shop in sight. Must have been a dozen mosks though. Can see Sheffield Mps in debate......... di-dar-do-dat, ar-a-did-ar What da-do-dat-fo? Aaar-e's-rate-da-lad dropped mi ma a curry off t'other week. Tha ma dint eat no curry. A dunt believe the. To rate she dint, f****n dog turned its nose up, but the c**t's not getting his Pyrex back