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  1. 23minutes in...the best footage I’ve ever seen. You seen this one greyman?
  2. Slip me £200pm and you can go in any fields I go in within 5mile of my pad. If anyone asks, you don't know me, John Smith asked you to get on top of the rabbits. f**k it, tell you what, one time deal tonight only. £250pm and you can go where ever you want. Same rule applies
  3. Not to take away from the joke and I know this isn't funny but I saw a bloke do that on Torksey arm off river trent. I was fishing and this narrow boat was tramming down from river towards lock I thought f**k me he isn't guna stop at that speed, all of a sudden turned nose towards jetti on my side of arm, as it got to about 45deg he slammed it in reverse, went 2/3 round and put it in forward throttle and I SHIT YOU NOT as it was heading towards jetti he knocked engine off walked to front of boat jumped off with rope, threw it round tie up as back end of boat was still coming in to jetti,
  4. Wouldn't have to look far on ledger weekend
  5. Saunders no where near canelos level. Also he is a c**t who every now, when his advisors aren't watching, shows his true colours with his videos exploiting smack heads for a laugh and talking about beating women. I hope this fight happens and canelo beats the shit out of the scum bag. He is not a good human being.
  6. You seen this one greyman?.... Seems domesticated as not scared of the presence of people at all..... If this is what the pet cats look like nowadays then no wonder people are reporting sightings
  7. Greyman, You see much of 'ragdoll' breed of cat or the 'Norwegian forest cat' ? I've only just seen these for first time, both for sale in UK and could see these easily being mistaken for lynx.
  8. Cheers fellas I will have a look. FD, I know u taking piss....if you had said burnt out horse carts of North Wales then maybe
  9. Greyman.....what was the podcasts please? I've just downloaded a podcast app so will have a listen while I'm on the road.
  10. Anyone else been having any bother getting on here? When I try and get on I can see 2 or 3 pages then it keeps coming up saying thread to long or some shite and won't let me on for a few days. Have I upset the mods or is it just me struggling to access...? Merry Christmas to all u lot that are alrate on here......I've got nowt for those that aren't.
  11. When she is fit mate she looks awesome. Cracking little dog.
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