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  1. ryaldinhio

    Ferret stuck 16ft down

    Looks good ground but still some digging that fella. It's pictures like that that keeps me away from putting a dog to ground!!!
  2. ryaldinhio

    She's finally here!

    Thanks pal, thought you might like her! Has collie colours but no collie in her. I was picking between her and a brindle at the time, glad I went for her now.
  3. ryaldinhio

    She's finally here!

    Chilling out by the fire now
  4. ryaldinhio

    She's finally here!

    Just a bit of an update. Little girl has grown a lot and has some focus when walked without the other dogs. Seems to have a good nose on her, wanders past some warrens but up to shoulders in others so all good signs for the future. Not exposed her to anything yet work wise. Hoping to have her ferreting with me over winter, will ease her in and see how she takes it. Took about 100photos on walk tonight and there's about 6 that aren't fully blurry, she doesn't stop for a second! Anyhow, here's some pics from earlier...
  5. ryaldinhio

    Ferret stuck 16ft down

    Quite a big family where I came from, knew a few of his brothers, cousins and nephews etc. I heard the story from the wake by being in the same boozer on the afternoon. Never knew the fella but made me think. Experienced hunting guy by all accounts, bobbed out for an hour on his own as we do. Next thing scratching at the dirt to get his head out a shallow dig and gone. Bit scary really.
  6. ryaldinhio

    Ferret stuck 16ft down

    https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/581739/rabbit-hole-man-dead-suffocated Not quite as I remembered but shows the dangers of being alone, even just a simple bit of rabbitin
  7. ryaldinhio

    Ferret stuck 16ft down

    Sure there was a fella near me couple years back ferreting on his own on boxing day, digging out laid on top head torso etc in hole tryna reciver a rabbit and sides collapsed in. He was found dead day after with his legs sticking out the hole and his Jack Russell still by his side.
  8. ryaldinhio

    Few hours out

    How old is the lurcher fella? Mine is coming 6Months and I was hoping to take her ferreting with me this season. Not planning on open running till next season but though she could get taste for it and get rabbit in nets n that as you say.
  9. ryaldinhio

    Ferret stuck 16ft down

    Did you run her on her own? If I have one that sticks or goes back and forth in same section I run another through to try move it. Probs a bit late now mind. f**k digging 16ft in rough ground by hand, some stronger fitter lads than me on here if that's the plan! If its on perm you could get a mini digger for day for about 60quid do the bulk of the digging double quick... they will laugh but cheaper than a new collar! Failing that if it isnt public ground as Arry says above set a few mink traps and get around back filling other holes and keep checking. If she hasn't moved at all in 24hrs she probably isn't moving so could be dead or dropped collar. Whichever scenario I agree with King, we domesticate them, we put em to ground, our duty to get em out and look after em. Good luck and let us know how u get on.
  10. ryaldinhio

    get in there (WOLVES )

    Saw the title and thought it was guna be some story about a release or re-introduction!
  11. ryaldinhio

    Best place for him

    IMO the problem is our justice system. This boy WILL walk away with an enhanced reputation from some warped cnuts in his type of circle and be loving his new found phsyconess. Eye for an eye as far as I'm concerned. If there was death sentence still around this shite would drop 90% overnight. This boy should have his throat cut and bleed out publicly like his victim, life for a life, no mistakes made here, carried a weapon with intent to use it and killed a person, end of.
  12. ryaldinhio

    Coursing art

    Cracking that fella. Id have one but gingers not for me. Keep em coming if she does anymore.
  13. He looks a cracker. How old is he? Is it from your own lines? Not seen him on here before but I haven't been on much lately. Hope to see more of him.
  14. ryaldinhio

    Stoat bookend

    It has a knick out it's ear and a small scar on its back so think she had a few tumbles before her last one. Rob said she was a milky doe so unfortunately probably had kits somewhere that didn't make it. Pup coming on well. Getting big now, will see if I've got couple recent pics and get em up in lurcher section.
  15. ryaldinhio

    View From Your Swim

    Just been doing some googling and there isn't much comes up. Think I'm guna focus on the canals near me for pike and maybe odd trip to Trent....if I get chance to get rods out.