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  1. ryaldinhio

    Creating A Wildlife Pond

    There is all sorts in it now. I think the fry is Rudd. This year I put some carp in from my old boys pond and they have been spawning like mad so expecting a lot more fry to come on aswell.
  2. ryaldinhio

    Creating A Wildlife Pond

    I introduced a few yeah. It's amazing when you dig a reasonably bog pond how many people come to you with fish because they don't want their pond anymore! They have bred to produce the fry though, a good sign they are happy and the water quality is ok.
  3. ryaldinhio

    Creating A Wildlife Pond

    Been in doing some aquatic gardening and reed control today. Still amazes me how fast everything grows and spreads. Had a moor hen raising her chicks on here last month or so. Yet to see the king Fisher this year though. Plenty of fry in here for it when it decides to visit.
  4. ryaldinhio

    Sweet 16th

    First light on another season
  5. ryaldinhio

    Sweet 16th

    Few different spots. Not sure where we will end up tonight. Guna go for a drive and a look about. Maybe just get on winthorpe rack. Guna look at Scunthorpe Pisces Angling club sections over next few weeks, can night fish a few of their spots now.
  6. ryaldinhio

    Sweet 16th

    I'm planing on Trent. Set off about half 10 get there and set up ready for chuck in at midnight. Don't usually see many barbell personally for first couple sessions but God loves a trier. Any one else out?
  7. ryaldinhio


    Had this one in-house other day. Was sending dogs mad and kept flying into windows. Caught him/her and took it outside it flew away fine.
  8. ryaldinhio

    Big Cat Sighting

    Greyman, any news on the documentary release fella?
  9. ryaldinhio

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    The cnuts should give everyone there a refund. Proper joke.
  10. ryaldinhio

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Oh, and if anyone has got £100,000 spare and fancies making £200 stick it on tyson, paddy power has them odds....
  11. ryaldinhio

    Football !!

    England are 20-1 to win the world cup and Harry Kane is 17-1 to get golden boot. This means if you put just £10 on England winning and Harry Kane getting golden boot..... you could lose £10.
  12. ryaldinhio

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    The mak is back!....... Should've signed for Eddie.
  13. ryaldinhio

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    A few screen shots from the weigh in for those that didn't see it or are unsure on how much of a joke this is.......
  14. ryaldinhio

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Ok fella. I was surprised at how out of shape he looked at weigh in. But to be fair if you kook at pics from 6 months ago he as done well. I don't agree with what he is doing/who he is fighting personally....but on the same note I can't disagree with it. Thing is if first 2/3 fights are people like this then they should be free to build his support up rather than milk the cow from day dot. He is fighting a nobody, a weight division or two below, who is only there for a pay out. He picked him up today and they were both giggling about it. That is not 2 focused fighters who are going into battle. Flip side, people are moaning about paying for whyte v parker. Personally I will pay for that and be happy to. Can see it being a good fight between two guys who are almost at the top table but with it all to lose. Two genuine fighters who will take on anyone to get to the top.
  15. ryaldinhio

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Fancy a bet cushty? I think Fury has signed a 5 fight deal? I will have a ton on he doesn't get his belts before the end of his deal. Then another ton on him not doing it after that? Probs not a big bet to some of the big hitters on here but if you can line up a dozen on same terms u will make some money if he comes through?