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  1. Didn't let him near your misus did you?!
  2. I went down to Norfolk for a weekend on wensum. I just had a quick look bout and booked a pub bnb. When I got there I recognised it immediately and it is where Wilson fished in an old mill pool. Think he had few bream from memory. Soon as I mentioned it in the bar the atmosphere changed. All locals couldn't stand him. Said he was really arrogant and not a nice man at all. I was a bit gutted. Still, the Wilson I knew I loved. That laugh, juggling with fish etc. Always remember the one where his rod snapped playing a catfish and it was a rod he made himself, still got it in. He was the inspiration behind wanting my own fishing pond in my garden because of his pond he had. Not everyone is nice, the ratio of twats to saints is probably higher in TV. He brought fishing to the front room of millions and got/kept people like me interested. It's something that needs to come back to terrestrial tv IMO but it won't because kids and even parents nowadays are more bothered about xfactor, love island, strictly and all that crap. Still have some of his dvds to show my little uns. Have passion for angling aswell for them to watch, another classic.
  3. If Fury takes the same game plan to AJ he will stop him aswell. Probably quicker.
  4. Ref doing everything he can to protect wilder here
  5. Wilder is a dedicated athlete who has camps to brush up but lives healthy etc. Fury has been so low and to get back to this point now. I get fed up with all the shite and pre fight carry ons but you can't not respect both blokes, for different reasons. I'm not a massive Fury fan but in his corner tonight. Bring the belt home. Come on Fury!!!!
  6. That galahad is a c**t. Awful human being and waste of skin. He is thebprick in all the videos with BJS picking on and humiliating vulnerable people. Set of c**ts both of em. I wouldn't shed a tear if owt happened to that pair. Regards the boxing I like watching em but as people the world would be better without.
  7. Looks a strong dog. What's in him and how old?
  8. Horrible mate but the risks of working a dog. My pup is 10 month now and hate the thought of something like this. Someone sent me vids of a white runner up NE somewhere impaled on a cane. When see and hear of things like this it makes me wonder about taking her out. Condolences to your nephew.
  9. Nice little video mate and dog looks a cracker "Guon Guon, oooo what a catch"
  10. I'd be interested in an 'idiots guide' thread on that fella? Never knitted a net, with a young family I don't think I would have time at the min so if this is a quicker way I'd appreciate the advice.
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