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    Got my youngest lad a lurcher pup .very well bred .saluki bull grey x wheaton greyhound .
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    Bazil the bastad getting there now......
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    Couple of times a week galloping on the beach, couple of runs, free running for a large part Along with twice a day gallops around the feild with a mooch through the wood keeps em fit for the autumn. You should try itrecon you and your dogs would need their beds spending a day with me after spending the 3 months sitting in a kennal Difference between you and me bill, I've spent the last 50 plus years learning about racing and working running dogs and still doing so, you've spent em believing you already know it all. Would I meet up with you, no your the type I've spent the last 50 odd years avoiding
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    This is the new recruit that’s going to be out with us this season. Saluki bull grey x 5/8 3/8 bull. He’s 9 months now and we went and picked him up as a pup at about 8 weeks old for my brother in law but he’s got himself into a bit of bother in Thailand and got himself 18 months . Corrupt fuckers over there they are. So anyway he going to be with me for now as I can’t see him lay in his kennel and he don’t want him passed about from pillar to post. Although it’s not ideal for me as I’ve already got the other youngster who’s 8 months to hopefully start few months in I’ll do my best by him. Ya never know he may not get him back if we bond.
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    been looking through my old posts looking for some pics of Tara ....who some will remember ..she was 1/4 kelpie x 3/4 grew.... this pic was from back in 08 ....these rabbits were lamped out in lincs on some big flat land I had the perm on at the time.....although she wernt perfect I do miss the little bitch...
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    Nearly 5 month bitch pup comin on nice don’t mind hunting up already
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    young dog 'Grip',see what he goes like when the season comes
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    the word fact is starting to lose any meaning in this site
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    back to bickering i see ,sad really...i expect the pups (if they materialise) to be steady calm temps like both parents ,i know what is behind in the parents plays a part too but i expect the breeding took place of this Kelpie dog because all the right signs were showing ...its a gamble with all litters ,but i think ive lessened the odds of getting a bad one
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    Had my favourites on here for a long time but got my own now and now only have eyes for her! Probably guna bombard this thread so as she grows up, 10wk now, easily nicest lurcher on here.......IMO!!!!
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    Us enjoying some sun by the river
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    16lb bar of silver north Esk perfection one of an 8lb and 20 lb landed yesterday for the same rod
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    Lol you do spout unintelligible gibberish, if you didn't just repeat the same thing multiple times it would help but from the gist I think you're saying I'm different from you lol. Well yes I wouldn't throw a dog in the river if it collapsed lamping, I wouldn't stand and watch my dog chance getting ripped fighting another dog to the death, I wouldn't leave a dog on it's bed for 3 months, I wouldn't spout shite about a type of dog I'd never seen let alone had any experience of, I wouldn't offer to use a fellas dog to cover a bitch if I had no intention of doing so, etc etc so indeed I'm very happy we're different. I am indeed a sporting runner. Ps you should get together with Burrel and write a book, titled "Only in my Mind"
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    My 8 month old Collie/Greyhound dog. Full breeding is. Dam 3/8 Collie 5/8 Greyhound and his Sire is a Half x Collie/Greyhound, I say he's a,half x but I could be wrong well I'm probably wrong lol.
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    What possible qualities could an experienced terrier man find in one of those egg headed monstrosities that he wouldnt find in a Pit Bull ?.....in what way does your average Ebt out perform your average Pit Bull ?
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    Soft as shit at home. Loves the kids and always wants a fuss.
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    Dog been found back with owner
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