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    How I like them fat and asleep
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    Personally, I prefer to see things, with my own eyes,...and then, come to a conclusion...I believe it is always the fairest way...
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    We had a look out yesterday to what proved a tricky spot last season, so with longnets, ferrets and lurchers in tow we tried again, the weather was far from ideal with wind and rain, on our approach several rabbits, that were braving the elements made there way to ground, once we got 200yrds of longnets round the first bit of warren, I entered the trio of albinos I got off iworkwhippets, and my mate put 3 of his in the other side, it wasn’t long before the rabbits were on the move, bolting nicely into the waiting nets, the nettles offering abit of cover for the rabbits, the ferrets worked very well, with it being the first outing for them, the rain stopped but the wind was constantly blowing, it got rather warm by dinner time so with 40 in the bag we called it a day, cheers Neil b
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    first outing of the season produced a few today ended up with 54 so pretty busy, 2 knocked old boys and 2 even more knackered dogs done 1 wood today prepped it dury the week cutting back and raking paths for the long nets had 375 yards out missed very little today and not much digging either as im to fat & old to be at that game looking forward to next week
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    I find pictures of the dogs from the past interesting, especially the run of the mill hunting types. These were by a French artist visiting North Africa around 1850.
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    Got the pups lapping their 1st bit of grub ,so hopefully onwards and upwards
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    There are some rare moments in life that really stay with you. I have been blessed with a family and have honestly been waiting to take my boy fishing since before he was born. The other day we went out and I recorded what has to be my favourite on screen moment ever. So so proud. I hope you enjoy the video.
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    It's not just Ireland mate ' it's across the board and in general . Morals are all but gone ' idiotic young teens having kids ' rinse and repeat. Every generation getting slightly worse. Lack of discipline because of left wing wankers ect . Society is all but FOOKED Sadly.
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    Hello dave, I had her off jim when she was 6months she was to small for him but with my terriers she was awesome for a bolter. She was hard and had plenty of heart. I would love another. I looked and looked but cant seem to find any.
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    Aggression is often confused with gameness imo. I've seen plenty of gassy aggressive dogs' arse fall out when things get real.
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    huge can of worms is opened when Bedlingtons are discussed. Good luck in your quest. I certainly wouldn't look for a bitch that's been banned for fighting, a dog doesn't have to be a fighter to be game, I would avoid that side of it.
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    See, to me, this is where you the cozzer and Joe public part ways.....when you write that it sounds like you take it very seriously (which I’m sure you do/did) but your ordinary bloke who is completely law abiding 99.99999% of the time and after sitting watching the evening news with reports of people being murdered right, left and centre, gangs of Asians raping young girls at will for years on end, home invasion, car theft, violent crime........that bloke can not for one minute fathom why you are wasting your time hassling him about his number plate. Nor can any other sane person who lives in the normal sphere of life and who don’t work for a government so obviously greedy for fines and income any way they can get it. He supports the police in the work they do and then, BANG!, he has an encounter like this and thinks “what the f**k?” All of a sudden, there’s another bloke who thinks “f**k em, pricks!” And I don’t see how that helps you do a job that could get done 10 times better with a public fully on board.......to me, it dont make any sense. jmho of course Edited to add: Theres an old saying “Pick your battles” and I think in a lot of day to day interaction with the general public the police seem to be picking the wrong ones......they are giving the builder a ticket for doing 35 in a 30 when the bloke may have had all the tools nicked out of his van a week previous and nobody even turned up at his house when he phoned up to report it because it’s just so common.
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    My Mrs always has a go at me for giving them food or money I’m not wealthy by any means but my way of thinking is i get conned by half of them at least ive helped out the other half. Would hate to be homeless especially in bad weather. Years ago i was lamping in oxford & was making my way back to car when i came across bout 10 old boys hidden in crappy make shift tents. I stopped & ended up giving them my rabbits they were over the moon & skinned them straight away & were starting to cook em over a fire as i left them. When i got home i went into my loft & got down some spare duvets made a couple of flasks of hot coffee & grabbed some sarnies crisps etc & went back to them they were so grateful & ate everything i took straight away so in my mind they were deffo genuine & hungry. Poor buggers!! Call me a soft twat if you like but it was bloody freezing that nite. Atb
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    my 3 all nag to get out with me fishing....when they catch their first 1,the look on their faces will never leave you
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    I would have pulled you as well ......its a shit numberplate.....
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    The secret to this cross is without doubt the quality of the Bedlington used. If the dog you are talking about is a genuine rillington bred dog then you could be onto a winner. My mate bred a litter out of newcombes blue when George was still alive and every dog out of the litter were exceptional workers taking all quarry and my mates was also highly trained. Lads who got pups out of this litter were coming back for years to try and get another. In respect to your comments about the greyhound my major concern would be the line of breeding of the greyhound in respect to soundness and lack of long term injuries within that line of breeding not just the dog you are using. A friend much more knowledgeable than me about greyhounds only ever uses a certain line of greyhounds for breeding lurchers in respect to throwing dogs which are sound. His words the line is tough as old boots. Your comments about it being a fighter so throwing a gamer dog are irrelevant if the Bedlington is genuine rillington bred dog the pups will be game. Neil Beacon is the only person who I have come across who had genuine rillington Bedlington's they were a superb stamp of Bedlington with my mate having a dog out of his breeding. It has been a good rabbiting dog with it being the best constructed and coated genuine first cross I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of talk on here about rillington bedlingtons but nobody seems to know where they went when George Died. In respect to size of genuine first cross bedlingtons 22 inch seems to be about standard for the ones I have had and also my mates. Even the dog he had out of newcombes blue which was tall for a Bedlington was only 22 inch his one of Neil Beacon was 22 inch one from hearbreak fell kennels he had was 22 inch one I had from heartbreak fell kennels was 22 inch and my current dog bread out of a Gutchcommon bred dog with genuine pedigree is 22 inch all dogs. My current dog is an excellent rabbiting dog and both dogs have been superb dogs to live with but not as good a coat as the Neil Bacon dog. The marking and scenting of my current dog is excellent with dozens and dozens of rabbits have gone into the bag due to this. Some of the lines and takes he has done across the moor we ferret on unseen rabbits amazes me. Also we ferret some massive sets and when you think it is cleared and you turn round and see him marking single holes which deliver more to the bag happens every time out. I don't work any other quarry but a litter brother to mine took all quarry with a lad in the north east again only 22 inch. If the breeding of the Bedlington can be verified you will be inundated with pup request there has been loads of people on here looking for genuine first cross Belington Greyhounds year after year with no success as the Bedlington gene pool is so small today unfortunately. So many litters advertised when you look deeper into them are not genuine first cross and I would question anything that was over 23 inch as being first cross. Good luck with this and I look forward to seeing your pictures of the Bedlington. ALTB Martin.
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    Its not the fault of the police that third world scum want to spend their days recreating all the squalor they supposedly came here to get away from.
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    I'm sure max will be watching it. Knob in hand throwing himself around the living room..
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    Unfortunately football has been hijacked to make a stand in society on a subject that is totally irrelevant to sport.....people get called nasty names at table tennis tournaments but nobody puts table tennis up in flashing lights its the popularity of football that makes it perfect to take hostage. I find name calling a little bit childish whether it be fat c**t,ginger c**t or black c**t so i wouldnt get into it but ive been called a cockney c**t throughout my life i dont roll into a ball crying about it i really dont see what makes blacks most important when it comes to harmless banter in this country why are they so upset at being black im not upset at being a cockney....we used to live by the phrase " sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me "......now we,ve turned into a bunch of crybabies and its the exact opposite blacks are running round London killing each other but its ok just as long as they dont get called a nasty name ! This is football policing in 2019.....at a non league football match !