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    Got a nice handy dig to a good friends dog the other day!! Before After
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    Lost a mullet tonight, a good one aswell, but now I know the bay the are sitting In. The top of the river goes to a series of 4 tunnels that run under the road and ends on the other side of the road where the 4 tunnels feed into a bay. I'll be hitting that bay now on the High tides as it floods with water, I'm sure there's a few deep gulleys in the water there. But it's also very shallow there in areas. Still gutted I lost it but I still got 2 months here. Work wise I'm here with the army but attached to the infantry so I got my little workshop to sort out the vehicles for the infantry lot. Only 3 of us so the nights I got a permit I just finish us a bit early then get down to the river. I booked is the accommodation overnight in the main town here Saturday and been in touch with the chef there he's going to sort me out some bait for the mullet. And apparently the bay in the main town is the place to catch them so I'm hoping I'll have a few photos of the mullet to share soon... Some of the boys think I'm mad fishing every spare minute here but they don't know what it is as an angler to have a target species and put in whatever time it takes to catch it. Plus. I'm making the most of the chance of being here and catching these fish.
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    So I'm away for 3 months in the Falklands. Never heard of anyone fishing here and when I mentioned to arry of here about it, he told me about the sea trout fishing here. Sent me a few links and I looked into it. Got my trusty 16 quid ngt telescopic travel rod I've had 10 years, and a box of tobys and spinners. Initially thought I had to pay a fee but the permits are now part of.l my jobs welfare package so no reason not to go. My and my mate popped up to the location of one stretch named the frying pan. We blanked the first 2 trips, and It was looking at the ground I realised the river was tidal. I managed to get hold of tide times and we hit it again this time on a high tide. I bagged this cracker fairly quickly, along with loosing 2 other fish. My mate dan also caught a few small fish, but I'll just put up the better fish. First one was a sea trout no scales but I think 4 to 5 lb. Then today I finished my 2 lads off early and we hit the bank again while the tide hit its highest and the river was up. I lost a fish early on, and it was hard going, bright clear sky's. Right before we were about to leave my rod buckled round on the retrieve and this sea run brown trout gave me one hell of a scrap it had a good few runs. I'll keep this thread going as I'm here for 3 months, and I want to get onto some of the patagonian mullet that are on the island also. And last of all, thanks arry for making sure I didn't come here without a rod!!
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    Just got back from the hospital, met my new granddaughter, well chuffed for all involved
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    A second season bitch flying
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    West bay, Dorset this evening..
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    Nature never lets anything go to waste. Here's an interesting clip from my CCTV cams... https://www.trapbarn.com/foxchomp/
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    Will I ever see it mate I don't think so, Maybe have to sow some spores as well Lol. Recon I won't be around to see her grow up unfortunately its happen all a bit late for me. So I thought she might get a bit curious about her old granddad who thought to sow a walnut when she was born and plant it so she can see it grow, who knows. Perhaps I'm just a old romantic who would like to be remembered. Cant do any harm can it but we have to be realistic nobody lives for ever. Cheers Arry
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    Just shy of nine , good job the day
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    Put out today .some great hunting .one dropped in and was bolted after 1hour 45 mins .then the gun missed it 3 times . as you can see from photo brian isn't amused at all
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    As a few of you may know Gaz has sent the little plummer "Tanner" down here to Wales because of her tendency to drop to ground. My good pal Wales123 off here took me up to the midlands to collect the bitch yesterday, a six hour round trip and this is after we had been for an early morning mooch with the lurchers so just shows there are some real genuine lads left in this game. my plan was to settle her in , get a bond going and then start taking her out with the hounds but im an impatient f****r so as soon as we got back i just had to take her out on the hill to see what she was about. Such a funny little dog as she is as steady as a rock! a real happy go lucky little bitch. i was out with a mate of mine with his old lurcher "Bess" and as we walked off the hill into the trees we found the old mutt biting at a small earth. now this bitch will only mark one quarry so i had no doubt what was home. so here we are, out on the hill , one being marked to ground, and all i had with me was one of those useless plummers that i have read so much about on here, and she has only been with me for less than three hours. but im an optimist......a real "glass half full" type of fellow so i hussed her in. long story short she was a little unsure after her first meeting with old red but with a little encouragement she stuck to, settled into her stride and bayed her head off. i left her to it for a while before getting the banjo out and opening up to her working a nice fiery vixen at a depth of...........12 inches lol one swallow certainly doesnt make a summer and although im an optimist im also a realist, and its a long hard season for the terriers in my kennel so we will see if she is still there at the end!!! atb
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    Through storm Dennis. Me and the two lads got in the discovery with the ultra. There was nothing about around the farm as the rain came in sideways. So we went up the track to a field and put a can out and let him plink with it.
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    As some will know I do a lot of wildlife photography, trying to benefit wildlife and myself I built a Tawny Owl box and a Kestrel box which will be going up this weekend on a farm I have permission to do so... (just need to secure a branch/perch to each box front) Just wondering if anyone puts nest boxes up for any kind of birds, whether on permission or in the garden ??? If you do or have, what kind of birds and have they been successful in being used ???
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    Back in the Autumn I was telling you guys and the rest of the world how I had become a Grandfather after waiting ten years and thinking it would never happen. Well in the Autumn I was foraging Walnuts and had the bright idea I would like to grow one for the Granddaughter, so I went about it. Put some Walnuts in damp sand and peat in the fridge in a plastic box then about Christmas wifey was giving me grief about that. So took them up the green house and some where showing signs of germinating so transplanted then into pots. Well chuff to hell some are now up, this one being the one furtherest on. I'm hoping it can be planted out on the small farm were my son lives and his daughter can watch the tree grow as she grows. Cheers Arry
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    Good man. The larks and meadow pipets will sing for you.
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    Unfortunately with the laws and stuff today you cant really ratchet about looking for fox burrows, but if you can get in touch with someone who has permission to work fox legally may help you out... dont fall at the first hurdle.. if you think your up for it try and seek a mentor.. or you could find yourself in a tricky situation very quick... best of luck.
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    I wouldn't waste my breath on them.... Stay under their radarnot worth the shit in the long run imo....
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    Come on now lads you are like the English version of ass boon coon and jamfattyfuckface.
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    Another late 1 last night, seen this big dog fox walk up the same field a few times and through a hedge, heading home yesterday 1 of the boys said f**k it go over and see if there’s a hole, got over the hedge with a small torch and there it was!
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    Hour out this afternoon letting terriers dig their own rats .
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    Her sister two weeks after her last dig
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    You are entitled to your own medical records, they can’t refuse, but they can charge £10 I believe. Neither police or anyone else can withhold your medical records from you, they are your records and you can request them at any time you wish.
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    Have had a spotted flycatcher the last two summers nesting against the side of the house. Local ringer ringed the chicks last year. I put up an open fronted box for them last year and they built a nest on top of it !
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    Cheers mate sire at the top dam at the bottom the dam is a bitch I bred
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    It was the Legion kennel that done the last bull out cross and no black dogs are on that ped...
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    It’s a great gesture Arry, and one I have been on the receiving end of, my old gramps planted a walnut for both me and my brother, sadly one died, ( i still have the trunk drying in the shed) but the other still grows strong to this day. my gramps died when I was still fairly young, but I remember him most every day I see that tree. I have also been planting a few trees about the place, mainly oak and ash, but you have me thinking about some walnuts now, how easy dd you find it to do, and what’s the idea of putting them in the fridge
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    Not sure 100% but working on them I think so. I think you have 2 like the unused one and I think they are copies. I guessing here but recon the guy you got them off ordered a copy when it came only worked to 5 foot so he complained got a replacement that worked hence the one you have that still looks new. Also hence the one that looks the same that dose work. Christ I hope you get where I coming from nearly lost myself lol. Cheers Arry
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    Spot on date wise Glyn, the dog in the photo I had in 1980 or 81, he was a quarter patterdale but Nigel Hinchcliffe’s stuff not nuttall.He was bred by Plummer and given to me direct off him.
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    Just down the road from me mate. Gets a bit busy on that path. I only go first or last light. Too many people around to let the dogs run about.
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    for the price they are which is almost nothing ,its a slow job finding good homes for them ,,the sire is a right family dog that is a very determined hunting companion,the bitch is a bit more aloof with strangers(thats putting it mildly )lol...shes a fierce guard dog ,and living away from everyone in the sticks ,shes suspicious of everyone ,,i refuse to exit the car when shes loose ,and shes confirmed her hunting prowess over the years too,both dog and bitch have many talents
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    Look for a shifty looking badger slip him a deep sea diver an he gi you the nod
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    It's scum lower than a snakes gut that steals a mans tools and stops him earning. b*****ds. Cheers Arry
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    Top man what a great ideal, just got back from the hospital about an hour ago were I met my new granddaughter might steal your ideal
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    Funny thing is there lads out there with beddy whippets trying get to ground on fox and most beddy owners struggle get them to ground at all lol who new the answer to the problem of digging beddys would be ad a bit whippet
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    Magine letting her get to youanti 1. Fox dropper 0
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    Crazy piglet, vicious little buggers lol, nice looking bulldog though Atb j
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    the ultras a mint gun for kids to use, I bought one last year for my lad who's ten! he likes shooting in the woods but rat bashing with the night vision is his top buzz.. I let him have a go with the 20bore last week, his face was a picture... just waiting for the weather to improve then im gonna take him hide shooting, got given a little poachers 410 thats nice and light for him. its mint when your kids enjoy what we do as much as us
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    Diarrhoea is heridatary as well, or at least it runs in ye jeans
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    We started doing the outside of a pig farm yesterday were getting 4 or 5 out of most sets ended up with 37
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    Bitch Fit had a bisse season
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    I have this bitch out of Nero to knightelingtion bitch she takes every thing
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    When you have a single terrier I don't know who's hunting who but yes I have chased otter for a decade.Recently they have changed local laws here so they can only be taken by trap.I am a law abiding citizen but my dogs are struggling to adjust to it.
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    holy f***ing shit......did you just say wods.... ban him now ...fecks sake ban him now......
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