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    Why would mates I've known for over fifty years lie to me and not report or go to the press ffs. Some I have said have you seen a big cat out of interest, got their account but never ever put it about. These are good countrymen I've know all my life, one I grew up with our gardens backed onto each other solid guy watch one for twenty minute stalking rabbits while doing a gutter on a bungalow on the side of Dartmoor about two hundred yards away. Not liars good country folk good accounts. Cheers Arry
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    Bull/whippet greyhound.
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    We also had a local butcher that would actually buy anything you could get to the back door, never tested it but he would say if you can get a cow here with out being seen I,ll buy it sad story the game dealer that used to buy all the good unmarked meat is now a fishmongers and recently he had to shut down because of protests outside his shop because he was selling live signal crayfish what a dramatic change in under 50 years, we need to go back to a time of struggling and hardship before anything will change maybe if this virus and it’s remedy cause enough damage to modern life we can go back to dropping a couple of bunny’s off to the old lady down the road without being filmed put on a website and hated on
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    Going buy an old 22 to do up he said! Only going buy 200 rounds he said! 600 rounds later, A-tec wave mod and a new cz 457 my wallet goes into meltdown!! What a nice little rifle though. Trigger is adjustable for weight, overtravel and sear engagement. 60°bolt. Whacking good pin strike and very accurate. Shoots CCI, Federal, Eley and Winchester to similar zero. HV ammunition just shoots a little higher. A well made solid rifle, just what one can expect from CZ. The pigeon were taken with shorts by S&B. The squirrel by the way was carrying an airgun pellet under his hide and no the worse for it. Funny int it....the experts keep telling us lead is dangerous. This squirrel was just fine. Mustn't been told about lead I guess.
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    Just a bawhair off 22tts hairum scarum at times 100 miles an hour. Will get a wee bit ferreting tail end of this season, next season though
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    Been itching to get out, especially after reading some of the write-ups on here lately . Ventured over to the horse paddocks permission after tea this evening. Took the hw100 .177 with the Night-Watch gen 2 n/v and the CRS n/v rangefinder clamped on the top. The journey took about half an hour and i arrived at 9.30.Got out the car, grabbed me gear and scanned the field from the 5 bar gate, not one eye shine. Climbed the gate and made my way further into the field. Scanned the field again and still no eye shine, wait, see what looked like rabbit features. That could only mean one thing, myxi ! Got to 36 yds away and let the pellet go, straight down. As I edged nearer to pick it up, another one popped its head above the long grass and she suffered the same fate, she was at 32 yds. Pacing up and down to find it, another one darted and stopped at 21 yds away, like a stone it dropped. Went over to retrieve it and another one at the far edge of the field 40 yds away made itself known. Half a mill over and it was lights out. All four shots were taken free standing! Out of the four rabbit's, two had myxi. The myxi ones were launched in the hedge for Mr fox and the other two were left for the owner. Got a confession to make Jimmy, I had to use a knife lol
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    You gwp x bitch has hit the ground running this season could see a difference in her through the summer , her day time hunting had been nothing short of spot on and lamping she had a stormer this weekend , it’s been a real eye opener and pushing me to go down the route again as il be sourcing a pup next summer to replace the old bitch ! few shot of her this season so far
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    They are both young dogs, accidental mating, lads having them know the score,they will be getting used for a bit of ratting, bushing for the lurchers and the catty, odd dig, grand parents both sides were flat out digging dogs Will make £100 on the whole litter to cover the cost of docking and feeding, can't be fairer than that, going to tidy lads Grandparents....
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    Back in the 80s I would have sold that lot by lunch, do zoo,s and wildlife parks not still buy them ? can remember my escort mk2 ex AA van driving home many a night full up to the roof with anything from deer to trout never took long to sell any of it, trout used to bump out at a £1 each round the pubs and on a few occasions have had to give plod a bit of game when pulled over, more likely to have farmers or keepers smashing up your motor than get nicked back then, I also used to go on the train with my dogs and my catch,s this is me walking out with my pack probably 40ish years ago a £25 fox pelt and the journey home on the train, used to do it 8/12 hours a day back then while my mates were grafting on building sites for £25 a week great times
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    15 months and starting to fill out nice!!
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    Just a few pics off my phone, a few miles locally this morning with the hounds behind the bicycle and then back home for a cool off and a foot bath in the stream before breakfast.
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    Well the raider still aint gona win is it lol Tx,d sean asking if he was going shooting and a time was aranged 10,30pm i went one way and he the other iv had a lot of issues with the raider and photon for a few weeks and sean sorted it out for me she now shoots spot on . any way all i could hear was the 17 going off when we met back up at the tank he had 4 rabbits then a bit later on i got a tx and a pic of a dog fox he had shot i dont know the details but im sure sean will tell you all any way . any way i blanked but i had a good night any way just one of them nights seams the harder i tried the more i missed lol looks like ill have to get my fac then i can hit them at a 100+ yrds as well as long as its not one of them nights lol. Some times its not about getting any thing but just being out in the country side with a good mate when you need them and hell knows i needed him yesterday had a lot on my mind yesterday and it aint going to go away today either thanks Sean was a good night mate . SEAN 17hmr mod.... sak scope,,,, pard 008 spotter,,, thermal me raider 22 single shot (air rifle) mod,,,, sak scope,,,, photon xt nv spotter,,, pard 019 nv atvbjimmy PS for those of you that dont go on the air gun section part one is on there
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    Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range Brindle sleeve essential for high end mousing missions Camo for show, brindle for a pro
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    Nice old-style running dog Alex.... I've had several Deerhound based lurchers over the years,...great fun, loved them all..
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    Made some soft bread rolls to go with my Lamb Stew. Cheers Arry
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    I love a 22lr . I wouldn’t want to be without mine. A good choice of rifle and by the looks of it , fair weather will be gathering dust in the cabinet from now on , where it belongs.
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    Think I need a new rifle thinking of swapping my HMR out for a 22 hornet for the geese Just a shame my get up and go got up and left me twenty years ago, time for inspiration again
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    We used to have rabbit pie on the menu all the time through the season, sold literally thousands of portions from £6.99 - £9.99 over the years. It always sold very well. Cheers, D.
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    First little bitches eyes have opened
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    Been out again the day bushing nose down and away canny recall as well so all in all not to bad. Pud
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    well I hunted them two ways one was on horse back coyotes love eating cow crap so I would take my hounds everytime I moved or checked cows they would follow the horse and ignore the collies only problem is if they see a hare then they are gone for a bit but come back after there snack. I would hunt them out of the truck in the winter I only used a dump box once and a while with pups the dogs would only jump out after a yote . The problem here as anywere is finding good dogs I went thru alot of dogs to get that hairy buckskin dog. The black dog named Mindy in the first pick was good she was always on the neck she was stolen. The white one named bond was full of fire straight greyhound off the track she was just to small I gave her to a guy when i got out of staghounds the middle dog in the back of the truck was saluki staghound he was fast could run for days but was scared of teeth. the big dog on the right is stitch he was a yote dog deluxe single handed killing machine I sold him to Dan Edwards on here. the bulldog knuckles was used as a kill dog when I ran gyps or jumped two yotes he was also used on cattle some to help the collies he was killed by a bull. the white dog in the last picture was Morris the moose He was alright he got to big and heavy. He fell thru a frozen snow drift and broke both his back legs. The last dog was forrest he was a grand old dog but thought he was to ride the world of porcupines that eventually killed him when some quills migrated to his brain. I usually dumped from far away to watch the dogs run. the Balck dog in the new picture was a stag whippet named Cookie she went to Blue collar on here to run rabbits She was to small for yotes. The last picture is Stitch Mindy and there pup Jack
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    My collie, bull, grayhound Going on 4 in September
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I'm after a photo of a hare in its lay, seat, couch to base a pastel on, need photographers permission to use it, so if any of you have one I'd be grateful. i've an image in my head and want to get the idea of them ready to explode out and away. I would send them a quality mounted print of the finished work. Cheers.
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    I've been off facebook for 12yrs, recently signed back in to do a business page. I was invited into a couple of hunting groups so joined them. People been posting bags since August. 40s 50s 100s 200s. f***ing mental. Nettles not even died back yet. No wonder most can't get a run if they are doing this all summer. Not many have a freezer or buyer that will take 200+ bunnies. Has everyone lost any sense???? Or is it now just a case of 'if I don't get em all someone else will get em'. If I go out and get half a dozen I'm over the moon. That's enough for the day whether that takes me 10hours or 10minutes. I know pest control is different but some of these are just at it for the numbers and the pics/likes on fuckBook. There will be no longevity in this game. People posting the stuff they do loading the guns for the antis, all hunting will soon be shut down.
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    Got the chance at having another first cross bull whippet today, 9 hour round journey but well worth it. Bones.. 14 months old.
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    You won’t regret it Gav. I use my hornet more than hmr, better all round imo.
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    If you big and fast and can shove a beer bottle up your (or someone else's) arse you play rugby, fail to see any skill in it myself. Cheers, D.
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    Weirdos. They all end up here.....
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    11 month old now showing plenty of interest follows a scent well caught a few pheasants by accident he’s got the jagd high pitched voice when he’s behind something though but he’s quite sensible and I’m happy with him
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    13 gen deer x grey. 5 1/2 month. 24tts
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    Handy first dig this season for this fella 2ft
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    Bit of a result on the local river this evening. We didnt get any fish but my son spotted what looked like a reel about 10ft out so i waded out as the river is low and clear. Looks like it has been there a couple of years. Not sure make or model on the reel but it looks like it was quality in its day. Made in japan and has a one peice frame, but is seized solid and has a couple of cracks so think its f##ked. The rod is fine except for the cork degraded a bit. G loomis lol, it would have been a sad day losing that, my son is made up though.
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    Not been on here much lately nor been getting out due to a few things, but took the old dog out and a Young, bitch, over the moon!
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    Bitch and dog will be 2 next month. Seen a few bits last season but looking forward to firing the work at them this year.
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    Don’t know if you boys follow this lad but he can shoot ,tips as well .
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    Ive a feeling that’s the first and last we’ll hear from the fella.
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    I agree that if people are getting triple figures then there is a huge rabbit problem. These were apparantley ferrets and lamped, not shot. If I had a permission where I got 240 rabbits I wouldn't need to tell anyone, my closest hunting mates would be there anyway. I also know if I had a perm where I got 240 I would be at it hard untill I was getting 10s/20s so the land owner saw a dramatic decrease yet still keeping some sport on.
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    Speaking of kids , my little boy is three and a half now . he spent the entire lockdown nashing round with a balL stuck to his feet , left foot right foot walking. Spinning round the roads signs with it . I smiled and kept along the lines okay , he’s gonna wannna play a bit maybe etc but you can’t help but think can you ? whenever he was kicking it around it was all right this is it , footballs coming home, better start behaving properly , don’t wanna Shan the boy in his autobiography , naughty fa cup goals at the Stratford end and the kop , getting it right up them , a last ditch blast against ze Germans in the semis , before a masterclass against France in the final . That ll do , here we go , Rooney , what’s he got 51 goals ? He’ll do t hat easily , 6 7 tournaments , goal every other game , that twenty there already! he kicked his Barcelona ball up into the garage last month and it’s sat there ever since . He seems to like basketball at the minute and takes great pleasure in arcing it at the wife’s head when she’s sat having a read of her mags outside. even worse he’s starting to run about holding a ball. Ffs . Can’t be done with that !! what can you do though ? Kids man
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    Young bitch starting to click
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    One of the honest little bitches I've ever owned .and was a pleasure .sadly gone now .
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