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    Right, here goes this in 30 years not a lot, 4 collie xs with counting old Bryn, 3 bullxs. 1 lurcher xlurcher bitch, 1 x gsd x grey Buck I've got now and 1 none ped whippet bitch that you mentioned above lol. So not a lot really. A lot of my dogs either died out working, or had badInjuries and could not run so we're p/t/s. Old Bryn still going OK he 12, Buck 7 and going OK, out every day for 2 hours , both keep me happy. I've always said on the sites, that I had bull breeds 1st, only wanted a healither type dog that might catch me dinner, which all have done for me, that's why I had lurchers. I've dropped bollocks with lurchers like most people have, but tried to learn from it if I can, not all ways though haha. If I can help people with. My bit of experience I will. that's what hunting site about is it not!!
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    Steady steady fcuk it will only let me post screen shots of the pics
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    Some one posted about catching Hares and Rabbits and it caused Admin to go into Shock
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174095096599 xmass is coming , prints numbers 20-40 once they are gone no more until this time next year
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    When I was about 14 I kept on and on that I wan't a dog, all my mates had Jack Russell's and Fox Terrier's. Then one day my father came back from the pub with a cross poodle with I think Skye Terrier which he had taken off a bloke that was hitting and kicking it, you wouldn't wan't to argue with my old man. To say I was gutted would be a massive under statement, I didn't wan't to know it. Father kept on to me about taking it out with the ferrets, for ages I wouldn't. Then one day I did start taking it out and hoped to god I would not be seen by my mates. Well this scruffy little cross took to it like a duck to water, would mark in, flush out and as I was solo ferreting he would sit watching one side of a hedge and I would stand on top. If a rabbit bolted he would pin it to the ground giving me time to get there. In the end I didn't have to worry about my mates they would come and borrow him if I could not go. I found this old picture of Skippy the poodle cross and my mates Jack Russell and scanned it from mid sixty's. Cheers Arry
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    Weighed the pup today, be 5 months old in 2 days time, he's weighing 19kg and standing bang on 23" tts. Really strong pup, finding his legs now. Had an afternoon on a warren recently pegging rabbits in long nets and had 2 afternoons on a local shoot taking in the sounds and sights of it all. Totally gun steady and a lot of drive. Can't wait to see what he'll be like this time next year. The dam Heidi is doing really well, been back in hard work for about a month now and ticking off new boxes as she goes.
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    So after the disappointment of loosing my lurcher recently after he was showing so much promise here is the one to hopefully fill his boots next season . Got him for my lad a few weeks back with the idea of getting him going for my lad alongside my dog next season , but all the best laid plans etc Anyway thank goodness we got him as my lad is besotted with him and I think its helping him get over my one , plus he is starting to ask all the right questions about getting him going etc His dam is a whippet / bull x grey and sire is a line bred bull grey , both well proven local dogs
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    Mate she’s been everything I’ve wanted in a lurcher.. mooching and ferreting she excels ... not quick enough for long ears on her own but had a few and seems to enjoy the odd fox but not done enough to brag about. Super obedient and any weather never seen her dither. Great pet and guard dog too . I think she’ll be 6years old in spring so hopefully still many of years left to enjoy her.. mainly ferreting now for me and her . Atb Dave
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    Just about finished this stopnet, hand made I used 2” mesh board I’m nearly at 10 yards n gunna drop it down to 5 yards so will have 100% bagging thanks for looking
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    Coming up for 5 mths
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    I'm sure most of yous are aware of the incident yesterday during the minutes silence with a squatter firing rockets over the heads of people who had gathered to show their respects to those who sacrificed their lives for us .I hope someone gets at him in prison
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    Just had a labour canvasser at the door, dont think he'll be back
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    The only vote I've ever really cared about and it's been pushed back in our face and proven real democracy is dead .... so here lies the problem.... I'm sorry but by not voting or "wasting" your vote on an unelectable party will only increase the likelihood of a labour win and the one vote I did care about, leaving the EU, will be gone for good ... It's a tough call, because none of them are any cop, but the only chance I can see of forcing through some kind of Brexit is a vote for the Tories... What a load of shit eh!
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    Hunting life’s been a bit shit the last couple of days wouldn’t allow pictures to be added then yesterday wouldn’t let me on
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    You have to be extremely careful where you site these traps Wilbs,...if someone spots one, you will lose the fecking lot... I prefer to use such things, in private gardens and other secure areas. I catch plenty alongside fence lines, walls and similar places where rabbits run... But,...a brass wire is a whole lot cheaper...
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    I'll be honest mate, I've seen first hand how poor the NHS is watching my wife suffer for the past 10 years, dont get me wrong the staff are in the main good, but the mistakes are out of control...we ended up in St Thomas hospital, London as they were the only ones who had the answers, ae were told her 2nd OP was a mistake and they'd gone a procedure to far, she fought with a nurse to take down a pouch of blood they were about to put in her as a transfusion as it was the wrong type lucky she knew... there are loads of other things, and I'd love to be proud of the NHS, but it ain't free and in my experience it ain't good enough...reduce my tax and I'll go private...
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    i have seen quite a few excell at marking/ferreting/bushing from unknown breeding. Yours sounded like a belter Arry. This old mongrel was a fantastic marker and could work cover all day long.
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    I use a spray bottle full of water that has been used to boil horse hoof trimmings to attract them to a bait spot initially. I have to boil it outside and you don't ever want to spill it on yourself, it stinks horrible but is irresistible to foxes .
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    Thats such a sad attitude to take its like saying " well i better follow Man City,LIverpool or Chelsea because they are the only ones likely to win ".....what happened to our own self respect as people and being true to yourself wouldnt it make you feel better as an individual to know that you followed your heart ?....because if everyone followed their heart you might be surprised what a difference it can make.
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    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
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    It's only for mice! It'll still make their ears ring.
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    best wet weather coat i have had is kaiwaka storm coat not been wet in tha in the 2yrs i have had it didnt think the was a 100 percent water proof coat till i got this one think cost me £230 but money well spent got the kaiwaka pants aswell but only were them when i know rain is on for the day when out, or i use berghaus over trouser there not bad for the price aswell
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    Not too long ago people were laughing at Rodgers , he was deemed a has been or not good enough , now there are rumours he could slide over to arsenal . He plays great knock and go football , nice pressing triangles. It’s easy when you have a team with someone like Vardy who can get a yard in a defender and go at them either from deep or cutting in. Leicester quite frankly are a joy to watch this season
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    I agree mate, I was saying to a lad today that, yes we know Liverpool and City have spent big money, but what this season has shown is that it isn’t all about the cheque book......it about the coach and that is a very healthy thing for football and sport in genera. Now, I know he is no spring chicken but look at the lad at Sheffield......he said a great thing on MOTD the other week, he said “ We have not come to make up the numbers we have come to play and compete” I love that attitude mate......and to me, it’s fresh thinking away from the normal “Oh, let’s survive, let not loose too many, stay up is good enough” type of shit gutless attitude. The Chelsea v Ajax game summed up the swashbuckling attitude you are seeing out of young coaches......it was the attitude we used to love about Brazil, the you score 2 we will score 3 attitude. Make your players love playing and they will play themselves into the ground.....the results will come on their own.
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    I got a message today ...."would ye take a hundre for im"....NO SALE lol...he's too good to go to some Langer that won't appreciate his qualities..the right man will come along ,
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    I jus feed the fcuker an get it out an about mate, was jigsaw that done all the hard graft, I’m just reaping the rewards cheers tho
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    I think these pups are some of the best things I’ve seen on here in a long time. Really envious, in a good way! Atb
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    To be completely honest, I haven't got a feckin' clue what to do with my vote at the moment. They're all looking like a bunch of crooked shysters. You can guarantee that the only options well have on the ballot round here will be the usual Lib/Lab/Con/Green shite - it's always the same. ......... I may as well wipe my arse on the paper and post it back. I'm still thinking that I'm better off just saying 'f**k it' and, working for me and mine, squirreling away as much as I can on the quiet. .......... Parliament showed us that our votes don't mean much in the Brexit fiasco.
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    I'm looking good too ffs.
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    I dont actually think we,ll be in trouble this year i think we,ll probably end up usual mid table as we do have quality in the squad.....i just think if we are to push on in this league we need a bigger more balanced squad its the same every year we get a couple of vital injuries and we fall apart...Lanzini will be out now for the best part of the season Noble will be a month and in that time we face Spurs and Chelsea i can see us bottom 3 by Xmas.....we,re on a bad run and it wont get better anytime soon but unlike most years i do think the basic 13 -15 players we have are good enough to bounce back later in the season. Pellegrini was never the right fit for me but im done blaming managers we,ve never been a club that hero worships our players/managers just because they wear the club badge its the badge itself we hero worship and its about time some of these " show me more love " types of players realised that.....pricks !!
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    Out trying a few spots today and came across 1st pair of the season. Walking down to check the holes and the lurcher bitch was marking already by time we got there. Blocked everything up, terrier away and dug the pair at 2ft. Had plenty of singles so far but this is the 1st pair we've bumped into.
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    Checked the camera yesterday....I'm feeding a bloody cat!
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    pup's coming on nicely . I think the sites been a bit selective lately they don't want any Tom, dick or harry
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    Only gays get colds!
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    Yeah mate that’s the one, I don’t know what’s happened to me. Had a mate here last week & he was wtf? Even got the matcha bowl......... fully paid up member to the wankery club!
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    Hahaha, wash your mouth out
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    Yes mate, off the trigger sticks, just as well because this one buggered off across the field but with the sticks going 360 I could just follow it without moving the sticks, the lad I take with me sometimes won’t use them, he is obsessed with these wooden quad stick, by the time he has finished rattling them about anything that was there had made a run for it
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    +1 I don't have time to catch colds lol
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    screwed and chewed ,yabba dabba doo baby lol...the start of great things
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    get on ye furking good thing ,lol
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    I have never set one but I have seen plenty and I do not rate them for anything other than Gardens but I know a chap in South Lincs who sets or used to set them by the hundred , he had the cream of the land in the Little Ponton / Newton area which is South of Boston , he did not follow the advice of the Manufacturers of the cage traps who stated 10 yards out 8 yards apart he went his own way which was understandable because he had been doing it longer than the people who made the traps , he placed his traps further out because he did not like putting the traps down on fouled ground he also placed them in a half Moon shape so as the Rabbits had to pass more than one trap to get to safety, he used Carrot and Sugar Beet as bait and kept it fresh also he lived and worked in the area so checking was no problem . I often saw Rabbits in his traps at weekends and sometime two in a trap and these traps were down for a couple of Weeks so he must have knocked a few over but for my money there are a lot easier ways of getting a few rabbits than moving all that Ironmongery about
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    She sounds to be a good old Moucher's juke...
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    Drowned last night 3 and half hours and a no show fox had the brains to stay in and throw another log on the fire .All dog food gone ,either washed away or eaten by a fat bugga during the day .Went at 9 as weather LIARS said no rain till midnight Of course totally wrong ,10 oclock wallop ,sheltered where i could but after getting wetter than the Titanics swimming pool i swam home through the flood waters .Frustrated dont cover it
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