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  1. I'm taking a risk this year, we at having a goose I shot. Going to do a ham too just in case lol
  2. That's true. Is there no one more local? My mentoring is done on my door step so it's not quite the same thing
  3. I've mentored loads of people and never charged anything. Maybe I'm missing a trick but i think we should be encouraging people starting rather than charging them
  4. I don't know why but i am slightly surprised that a topic about a terror attack in which people died in our capital city has descended into bickering so fast. It's pretty pitiful.
  5. I'm not saying it's easy, just that it's easier if you apply some common sense. Getting caught is no doubt easier, more people about, more technology, cameras, phones etc. But on the upside the punishments have scaled down from cutting off hands or transportation so it's swings and roundabouts. People have always hunted and I believe they always will, it's instinct.
  6. Exactly. I honestly cannot understand getting shitty when you are blatantly busted!
  7. As I would, and have, when the boots on the other foot. When I've been caught I've been so embarrassed that the last thing I'd be wanting to do is argue with the owner. Not a leg to stand on so why bother. Sooner say sorry and scuttle off and try and be more sneaky next time
  8. About 5 minutes from my house. It's got about 6 pheasants, 2 rabbits and a roe doe on it. Good luck finding them among the bloody brambles though
  9. Bullshit. I own land and I don't want the world and his wife doing whatever they please on it. I'm sure people do and if I don't notice then it's my look out, if I do catch them out though i expect them to have the courtesy to piss off without trying to fight me.
  10. Not to me, if they are struggling I'd rather leave them alone than kill the last few.
  11. Leaving piles of dogged hares around, knocking farmers about, driving fields, putting video on social media, taking randoms off internet out who turn out to be reporters ..... it isn't getting seen that the problem
  12. Rabbits round here are getting scarce, are they in plague proportions by you?
  13. No doubt, problem is if its done right no one's any the wiser. It's when it's done wrong that it's noticed and publicised. That's why we are hated
  14. I doubt it, there's more than enough idiots in our ranks
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