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  1. Tyla


    I had a llama set about my bitch. I was lamping some ground I'd had for ages and slipped her on a rabbit in a sheep field. She caught it, it squealed a bit, and, while retrieving it back to me this llama just ploughed into her! Knocked her over and tried stamping on her. She got away ok and came back but she lost the rabbit and looking thoroughly pissed off
  2. Please let me know when, sounds like a great way to spend a weekend
  3. I would be keen to come along on a kayak, catch and cook trip, that's sounds brilliant!
  4. That's a very nice article Mik, sounds like a good job you are doing
  5. Tyla

    Anni 520

    You only live once!
  6. Tyla

    Lab x grey

    I will be very interested to see these pups. Please do keep the pictures coming
  7. Tyla

    What’s the best tracker system to use ?

    Garmin. Alpha or astro
  8. Tyla

    BSA Side by side

    That was pretty much what I had thought, it certainly isn't a purdey! The reason it crossed my mind is that I am thinking of replacing it with a o/u. Being double trigger and non ejector it's a pretty basic beast and I shot it yesterday on an invite and could have done with an ejector
  9. Tyla

    BSA Side by side

    Thanks, I will do that
  10. I have a BSA s/s shotgun, I was given it years ago by an old guy who was on his last legs. None of his family shot and he couldn't bear to hand it in. It's fairly battered and I have always just assumed it was an old heap but recently I was told, as an English made gun it was worth money. I have no idea about shotgun values, is there likely to be any truth in what he said? The gun has definitely had a hard life though
  11. Tyla

    Lab x grey

    I'm not in a position to do a pup justice at the moment but i think this will be the route I take when I am. I'd rather know the dam and sire though i think
  12. Tyla

    Best and worst Xmas pressies?

    I got a lobster pot!
  13. Tyla

    Lab x grey

    Very good point shortstaw. I do very little lamping or even ferreting these days but alot of mooching with the bushers and alot of deer stalking. I think the gundog blood would suit what I do now with the added benefit of looking less lurchery. The problem will be finding a pup when the time comes
  14. Perception. My great dog could be another man's shitter and vice versa. It all depends what you want from them
  15. There was one return visit to get the stitches taken out but you could probably do that at your local vets. She was back up and running in 6 weeks and it has never bothered her since. I highly recommend Dan Donahugh, I had a previous bitch who had a toe off at my local vets and it was nothing but trouble