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  1. I've been killing and eating hoggets all autumn, did the last two just after Christmas, they've been delicious especially considering they've been living off scrub rather than grass. Was great to watch them hoovering up blackberries though. Sure that's got to be good for the flavour
  2. I reckon that would depend where. You might be right here but there's plenty of dogs living wild in other places
  3. I'm having the same problem with mine on the 223. Poxy thing just will not freeze the screen or change SAVE to NO. I love it when it's zeroed but could cheerfully throw it in the river at the moment
  4. Tyla

    saw art

    There are beautiful. I've done some arty stuff with a plasma cutter, it's really hard to do as well as that
  5. If you go down the add on route SD then be sure to check the scopes you want to add it onto are compatible. I was quite keen on the idea as I could swap between rifles but when I looked into it I would've had to replace all my scopes for it to work
  6. Thanks mate, I think jeemes is on the case but if not I'll be in touch
  7. Whatever you choose I would try and try a few before you buy one. I procrastinated for ages while my mates bought different sets ups, it worked well as I got to try them all and listen to whatever complaints the owner had too. For me I really get on with the pard but different things suit different folks
  8. Would any of you be interested in making me a sheath for a victorinox boning knife? Victorinox Fibrox Handle Boning Knife 15cm WWW.RUSSUMS-SHOP.CO.UK
  9. I looked at and used a wraith before I bought my pard. I think they are probably better quality but definitely heavy. The main thing that put me off though was the need to constantly focus it. The pard seems a lot more forgiving over varied ranges, perhaps not the same picture quality but I decided I was happy to trade that for not having to refocus everytime I looked at something
  10. The banter on our shoot for a gun too tight to take a shot at a bird for the sake of £50 would be unbearable. Its hardly going to break the bank is it? Tell them it's £50 quid if you hit it, £75 if you miss it and £150 if they ignore it.
  11. I have enough trouble hitting anything with mine eith the stock on, if I cut the stock off I'd probably be better throwing it at things lol
  12. Its noticeably quieter. Not silent by any means but alot quieter
  13. I use a pard 008 on my 223. I am a techno retard and find it easy. I admit I got a mate to zero it but now it's just on/off switch on the pard and same on the ir .... even I can do that. Its also good enough to use in the day if I want to. I looked at the 007 but it only works on scopes with parallax focusing, which none of mine had, and struggles with some of the better scopes due to coatings apparently. I'd have had to change all my scopes to use it so it made more sense to dedicate it to one rifle.
  14. Only because you had to rush off and shoot a fleet of cwd to make me jealous. I'm almost certain you brought the fog down with you as a change from bringing the rain
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