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  1. Tyla

    Who else loves their fishing?

    I'm already subscribed mate, bloody good channel. Made up a load of feathers after watching your video too. I look forward to watching some more
  2. Tyla

    Plans for 16th

    The weather was crap but we had a go anyway. Didn't blank but it was slow fishing. Paddled to the pub for a decent lunch which helped dry us out a bit
  3. Tyla

    Plans for 16th

    I shall be taking my canoe onto the tidal arun aiming for pike or perch on ultralight soft plastics or spinners. I have a well known Welshman from this site down for the weekend to shoot his first roebuck so he will be joining me too!
  4. Tyla

    View From Your Swim

    This looks more lovely than it was lol. Took the boat out off kimmeridge, didn't get a bite all day and got soaking wet and freezing cold with the spray and the wind. We had four crab pots out too and only managed 1 keeper spider crab which i put back anyway. My mate took the speargun for a look and saw loads of wrasse and hand caught another under size spider. We're in dorset for another 3 days and the weather isn't looking promising, off to try from the shore today and try and stay dry!
  5. Tyla


    It's exactly the same when I go up to see Owain, my dogs aren't used to covering that sort of distance without me. I wouldn't want them to either to be honest, if they did it at home they'd be crossing roads and all sorts! We also have alot more cover and game here, no chance of being able to see them a k away and not much chance of them going that far without bumping something. I like to have at least a vague idea of where they are and what they are doing lol
  6. Tyla

    Few Perch

    My favourite coarse fish by far
  7. Tyla


    I don't think it ends debate, it would be nice if it ended the crabbing of anything different to what people personally know but thats probably a bit much to ask lol. There's plenty to talk about, I love hearing about other people's hunting. I quite often travel about to experience it too. That's how I know that different crosses, training / entering methods etc give different results tailored to the hunting of the owner. I've been places where my dogs were made look silly by the locals and I've had dogs out with me that made hard work of what mine do as a matter of course. How much of that is breeding and how much is experience? Plenty of debate for you there. It just made me laugh when i read "Can't see what such and such x would bring to a lurcher .... ". An open mind is no bad thing.
  8. Tyla


    Cracks me up how blinkered some can be. We all hunt in different ways on different terrains in different parts of the country, how can a man at one end the country comment on whether or not a particular cross is any good elsewhere? A dog thats suits me here would be no good for someone who's hunting an open moor and nor would I want a dog that excels at hunting a long distance out. Doesn't mean either is no good just not necessarily suited to the local terrain. A lurcher is alot of things to alot of people, they aren't one tricks ponies and different tasks suit different crosses. How is that so hard to comprehend?
  9. Tyla

    NZ South Island 2019

    It was a pretty epic hunt, we'd been out since dawn and climbed up to the opposite side of the valley. We'd had a few roaring but nothing we could get close to. This guy replied once then came crashing in, could see his antler tops coming up the hill towards us above the fern and he was roaring all the way. He appeared at 20m but i could only see his back end, my mate took the shot and the stag was so pumped he didn't even notice but kept coming up the deer trail i was on. I shot him again at about 5m and dropped him. He was so close I didn't even use the scope just eyed down the barrel like a shot gun. That got the heart pumping I can tell you. He wasn't charging me but he was coming at speed up the trail and there was nowhere else for me to go. When we skinned him out the first shot was a solid chest shot with a 30.06 and he barely even flinched, shows how pumped they get in the roar
  10. Tyla

    NZ South Island 2019

    We had to cross this valley on the way to the tops every hunt. It was steep as but that somehow made it more fun
  11. Tyla

    NZ South Island 2019

    This is a public land stag we shot on my trip. No massive trophy but something I will never forget
  12. Tyla


    Would you consider using your dog as stud over a greyhound or coursing dog dam? In my mind I feel that the dam gives more shape so you might avoid too much clodiness but keep the desirable lab traits
  13. Tyla


    I think it depends on what you want from a lurcher, they are different things to different people. I want a mooching dog that can work with bushers and ferrets, have a few runs on the lamp and help me out deer stalking and maybe even pick up the odd shot bird. I think a lab x would suit me. If I wanted a dog to do alot of nights on the lamp or big ground I'd be looking for a different x
  14. Tyla


    Same here