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  1. The other side of the desk
  2. Tyla

    Ozzie dogs

    Thats it, up a bloody great hill no doubt lol
  3. Tyla

    Ozzie dogs

    Sounds more useful than an actual horse!
  4. Tyla

    Ozzie dogs

    Some of the places we went I didn't fit through the bush, nevermind a horse! They do use horses in some places but where we went it was shanks pony or not at all!
  5. Tyla

    Ozzie dogs

    I had a go at that in nz, hilly thick country so its all on foot, no quads or anything, it's great fun but you need to be fit!
  6. Interesting. Definitely food for thought. The area is 27 acres stock fenced but the stuff I want guarding is spread over couple of acres but not fenced off from the rest
  7. Like everything else it depends on loads of factors, your quarry, your terrain, kind of hunting you mostly do, how busy or warm the area is etc. I used to let them hunt whatever whenever as long as it wasn't stock but now I'm a lot more careful. I like to be able to call a dog off if I choose, roads public etc make it a handy skill. That might be lack of commitment to some but it suits me. A fully committed dog would, and did, get itself and me in the shit pretty fast locally. I also like a dog to jump if it has to, as much for negotiating fences as during a run. I have a bitch now who's stead
  8. Any recommendations for a breed to guard a small holding? Would be loose within the fence and live there full time. Permission has just been granted for a permanent site very close by and I think a bit of additional security would be good. Got to be something that can be trusted with stock though. One of the livestock guardian breeds maybe? I have literally zero experience with guard dogs
  9. Plenty of high quality idiots round here
  10. The world is full of idiots
  11. Why would they do that? On that basis they would be subsidising all fossil fuels on the same basis? As for not selling your quarry, what do you suggest people do with them? It's fine if you shoot a handful of deer a year for sport but if you are working to a cull plan, or even a shoot on sight order, then dealing with the carcasses becomes an issue pretty quick!
  12. Thats a depressing thought
  13. They are like gold dust Liam, you can never have enough! I use loads at the smallholding for storing shavings and stuff thst needs to be dry, wife uses them at the stables as feed stores, use them as log stores, kindling stores, extra coal hole, drill holes in the sides and grow stuff from the bottom half and potatoes out the top, I've even made a fat trap and grey water pumping Station out of 2 for an local campsite.
  14. Tyla


    Aren't they just Haix goretex boots? I get mine on ebay, I cant fault them but know lads who've tried them and hated them
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