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  1. Tyla

    running his 10th season

    Fair play. It's good to see the veterans still working. I have a dog here who is 11, i dont do much on the lamp with him but he is still more than capable in the daytime. Sad they get old really
  2. Tyla

    Off to the mountains again

    That looks amazing, a proper adventure! What you planning to do with a red deer if you catch it? Fair old carry our!
  3. I think id stop lamping and focus on daytime time til you have sorted out a really strong bond and the retrieving. A few daytime sucesses help to make the two of you a team. Once its in the dogs head that you are part of the hunting rather than just the driver there is more readon to co operate
  4. Tyla

    Favourite Big Game Animal

    I haven't read all this thread but i have actually lived in africa and experienced some limited time on a big game hunting concession and as part of an anti poaching effort. BH and savanna are right. The best protected and managed wildlife i saw was on a hunting conession in mozambique and the worst were in newly 'liberated' farms. The fact is that conservation has to be funded and african nations have other priorities. They only way to maintain conservation is private funding through charity, tourism and, if viable, hunting. How you feel about the people who pull the trigger is irrelevant, the animals don't care at all, the fact is that the money they spend can do more good than for the environment as a whole than the negative affect of the loss of one animal. The key to it is management and control, sustainable hunting can offer the money to maintain huge areas of wilderness which are beyond the purse of governments. Without the hunting the wildlife and land lose its value and would be developed into farmland with disastrous consequences.
  5. Tyla

    Hunting In Russia.

    Good to see different kinds of hunting
  6. Tyla

    WTF is wrong with people.

    Humans are shit in general, most would be more useful rendered down and sold as bio diesel. Very eco friendly. Those ones are particularly deserving of that treatment.
  7. Tyla

    Trail cam detector app, for all the peanut petes

    Fair enough, i was expecting to be told i had no right to monitor the comings and goings on the place and was looking forward to hearing why!
  8. Tyla


    Ex battery hens are my preference. Real characters as tough as you like having survived the battery shed. My missus likes the bantams but they are characterless i think. Tiny eggs and not many of them. And forever going broody. Fox finally finished hers off the other day so going to leave it til spring and re stock with ex bats
  9. Tyla

    Fogles Ok

    I always wonder when i read these posts. Do any of you have friends who dont like hunting? I dont count any rabid antis as friends but plenty who would rather it didnt happen. Its one of those subjects we just dont discuss, neither has to hide their opinion but doesnt attempt to alter the others either. On the subject of Ben Fogle, he is a bit weepy but has more about him than the majority of celebrities on the telly
  10. Tyla

    Trail cam detector app, for all the peanut petes

    Just out of interest why would you smash them up? As well as security I use mine to monitor where deer are, find out when foxes are using runs, watch nests etc. We even have universities putting them out for phd research. Why do they offend you so much?
  11. Tyla

    Trail cam detector app, for all the peanut petes

    Yeah its true. I have them around all the vehicle entrances to the estate, they are a pain to set up and waste a fortune in credit by emailing me 100s of pics of rabbits and foxes but they do let me know when anyone drives in for a look around
  12. Tyla

    the end of our partnership

    Very sorry to hear this Liam, RIP Taz
  13. Tyla

    Deer Day ..!

    Nice write up. Good job