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  1. Tyla

    Crab hunters

    I'm out in New Zealand at the minute, webt scallop diving with a mate and picked our limit. Cooked ladt night in butter and garlic. Fresh as food can get
  2. So much to bicker about with moles ... who knew??
  3. Tyla


    Y reg hilux with insa turbo special tracks, I love it off road, it goes anywhere, but it's a slow, thirsty, noisy bugger on the the way there and back. The tyres are probably overkill but i got stuck a few times on all terrains and spent a night in the field.
  4. Tyla

    Bucket List Trips

    Hopefully should be good. Kurt got my mate onto a hind while we were there last but i didn't get one, had to make do with a goat instead! To be honest I was more into the pig hunting anyway!
  5. Tyla

    Bucket List Trips

    We had a few nights shooting them before, they are strange creatures. Really tough, it needs to be a good headshot with the .22 to drop them, they just shrug off body shots. If I get the chance at wallabies, peacocks or turkeys I will definitely take it!
  6. Tyla

    tempted to sell

    I will give you a grand for it if you do want to sell?
  7. Tyla

    Bucket List Trips

    I did, couple years back now. Made a few really good contacts on that trip and since then so reckon this trip is going to be amazing! My missus is pretty easy going, I'm sure we will be doing some fishing and hunting with her but will be spending time exploring and sight seeing too. Once she goes back home and my mate comes out we will be doing some more serious hunting. We will be staying in a cabin and doing some multiday trips during the red roar. We have some goat and possum shooting lined up too and some pig hunting and plenty of fishing!
  8. Tyla

    Bucket List Trips

    I went to Great Zimbabwe, what's really interesting is that the truth about it is so hidden. During white rule it was said to be phonicean and now it is said to be of black African origin. Neither regime is to be trusted and, no doubt, tampered with the archaeology to suit their point if view. It leaves you to make your own mind up, a genuine mystery. There are few enough of them left. With regards to the original post I am about to go back to NZ for another adventure. With the wife for the first half of the 6 week trip then she goes home and my mate comes out for some serious hunting and fishing! Not sure which I'm looking forward to most, showing her around and seeing what she thinks of it or getting into the bush
  9. Tyla

    jaws of death= strange ?

    Why would you even be watching that shit?
  10. Tyla

    Pokemon cards???

  11. Tyla

    rifle sling

    That is the one Si. I think I got mine from eBay but exactly the same as that website
  12. Tyla

    rifle sling

    I use the z aim sling too. I rate it. Most of the time I just use it as a normal sling but the ability to secure it with the second strap is brilliant when you need both hands
  13. Tyla

    Bull bitch

    Whether it's any good for breeding is immaterial. Still deserves better than being swapped like a Pokemon card by it's prick of an owner.
  14. Tyla

    Missus wants a pet dog.

    Take her to the shelter and let her choose, there's enough of the poor fuckers in there through no fault of their own. It's not like she wants anything in particular so why not give one a chance rather than buying and over priced cross bred pup?
  15. Tyla

    RSPCA kills and dumps deer.

    In my opinion he did the right thing. It would've been crueller to put It in a dig box and take it to a vet.