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  1. Cheers gents, I have the John Seymour book, full of good stuff. I like the idea of goats, I'm a big fan of goat curry. They are hard to keep in though unless, as you say, they are tethered. Looks like fencing is going to be my first mission!
  2. Tyla

    Shepherds hut

    I've been making them for years. If you want any tips drop me a message. Top tip is be aware of the weight if you are planning to tow it any distance. Unless you have a tractor a bale trailer isn't going to be much good to you
  3. Ok, I have finally achieved my life long goal of owning a piece of land. I'm now the owner of 27 acres of neglected scrub. It's mostly willow and bramble with a few oak and ash saplings coming through. There is the remains of an orchard but it's been consumed by blackthorn, roses and bramble. It's pretty much impenetrable and isn't fenced. Eventually I want cattle and pigs, bees, a barn and a polytunnel but buying it has cleaned me out for a while so going to spend a while fencing and clearing rides, paths, the Apple trees etc. I'm also interested to hear anyone's ideas on what else to do with it. Things that create an income wouldn't be a bad thing!
  4. Tyla

    New boat

    How do you get on launching it? They have closed all the public slipways around here and the private ones charge a fortune. We've been using inflatables or kayaks and just carrying them down the beach. The get a bit crowded once you load them up with everything you need though!
  5. Tyla

    Ration packs!

    I guess it all depends what you are doing. The dehydrated meals weight very little, especially compared to canned stuff, and a light gas stove weighs about a quarter of a Kelly kettle. Weight is important! By the time we got back from a 3 day trip my pack was 29 kilos and my mate, who Is considerably fitter than me, was carrying 37 kilos!!! That was all our gear for 4 days and 3 nights plus boned out meat, didn't even include the rifles!
  6. Tyla

    Ration packs!

    Have a look at "absolute wilderness" or "back country" meals. Just add hot water and dinner is served. We lived off them on multi day trips in nz. They are specifically designed for hunting or full on hiking trips. Full of calories to replace the energy you burn on the hill. They are good, not the same as fresh food but when you are wrecked and just need to eat and sleep they are amazing. It also cuts down on gear to carry out, when you are packing meat out every extra oz counts. If you ever want a hand up there I love a bit of backpack hunting. At the time it can be torture but it feels like real hunting!
  7. Tyla

    WJ again.

    If we got our house in order regarding disposal of shot birds on the big commercial shoots it would certainly help.
  8. Tyla

    Hot weather exercise.

    This is the most interesting post on the entire thread!
  9. Tyla

    Scotland camping

    I was planning a trip up there this summer but real life got in the way and I can't see it happening now. The kiwi friends of mine you met did the west coast 500 last season. Apparently it's a 500 route round all the best bits of the west coast. They absolutely loved it I'll be very interested to hear how you get on.
  10. Tyla

    Hot weather exercise.

    I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about Bill, take a breath, calm down and concentrate on typing. Why not just enjoy your dogs and your ways of doing things without inflicting your opinions on us and having a dig at anyone who disagrees with you. It's getting boring. And no, I don't want to come up north and get involved in your craziness.
  11. Tyla

    Gundog lurchers

    Everything I've heard about them makes me think they would suit what I do. The proof will be in the pudding though.
  12. Tyla

    Gundog lurchers

    I've said it before on here, my next lurcher will be a lab x. Won't be for a while yet but will happen.
  13. Tyla

    Light Spin Rod Advice

    I caught this chap on 3 sweetcorn my ultra light spinning rod yesterday, landing him was a challenge but it shows what a little rod can do
  14. Tyla

    Light Spin Rod Advice

    I have quite a few rods but my favourite, and the one I've caught most on, is a really light 5'6" 4 piece. Spinmatic by daiwa I think. I've caught pike, perch, roach, chub, carp, tench, trout, bass, wrasse, Pollack and mackerell on it. Mostly on soft plastics but have fished bait on it too. Being a 4 piece it packs down to nothing too so you can be subtle about where you go