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  1. Tyla


    Congratulations on the baby! My back is wrecked and the doc has recommended yoga, I've not done it but think I should. Does it actually help?
  2. Tyla

    Long dogs vs lurchers

    There used to be a guy who posted on here from SA, he ran some serious looking dogs and the kind of game you are talking about and some heavier quarry. It would be worth searching the topics to see what comes up. In the meantime put some pictures up of the dogs and quarry you are running now?
  3. Tyla

    doesnt help the cause now ,does it?

    What does the damage is wankers doing shit cruel things. He's worse than an anti in my eyes
  4. Tyla

    new addition

    Most dogs are good for something if you just enjoy the hunt and aren't too fussed what the quarry is. If he's staying regardless put the time in, build a good bond and enter him slowly. When he's good at something do more of it, if he's crap at something do less or try again when he's a bit older. Getting out walking the country on your own is good advice, opportunities will arise and you will see what you are both made of. Buy an opinel and don't forget it when you go out!
  5. Tyla

    Kit bag

    My whole truck is a giant version of this. Everything from thermal through firelighters to a fishing rod. You just never know what you are going to need next!
  6. Tyla

    Climate crazies

    I don't believe any of the stats from either side. Those that refuse to believe in global warming are motivated by money through capitalism and fossil fuels, those that are pushing the climate agenda and global warming are funded by those with elitist agendas pushing yet more consumerism through green technology. They are just opposing advertising campaigns. I do believe in common sense though, how anyone cannot believe we are adversely affecting our planet is beyond me. We are over populated and obscenely wasteful of resources. If the earth was a dog and you took it to a vet he would tell you it was being killed by parasitic mange, that's us and you all know what the cure would be! I don't have a solution but wish someone did.
  7. Tyla

    JRT/Lakeland cross pup

    Plenty of dogs in the pound will do what you need
  8. Tyla

    Night vision

    And his was nearly a grand cheaper! They work great as a team though, he spots as we drive and we use mine to id the quarry. Lamp only goes on at the last minute
  9. Tyla

    Night vision

    I have the xq38 and my mate has the xq19, I actually prefer his. It's all down to the magnification, his goes down to 1.6 while mines lowest is 3.1. Mi e has better range and clarity but narrower field of view. He can use his from a moving truck and still scan, mine gives me a head ache doing that. I do like the option to have it in red, saves you getting 'thermal eye'
  10. Tyla

    Pic from around 1850 desert types

    I absolutely love those pics. Where did you get them? They would make excellent prints for the wall
  11. The barrel is already fluted mate, the mod is nice and light and I'm changing scope to a lighter, and better, one. The extra weight is deffo in the stock. It's not horrendous, perfectly usable in fact but i do notice the difference compared to my weatherby .243. The laminate is very pretty but i dont think I would go down that route again
  12. I've got a .308 sako 85 with the heavy varmint barrel in a laminate stock. It looks lovely and shoots great but weighs a bloody ton. I was wondering if anyone out there has fitted an aftermarket stock to theirs and still has the standard factory stock lying about? Or can recommend a lightweight aftermarket stock that doesn't cost more than the rifle? Cheers
  13. Tyla

    Recent mountain trip

    I don't doubt it mate. If only we'd known that at the time! I had a blinding time anyway and would do it again if the chance came up. My pack are all getting on now but I'd happily come along as a beater. It's good you've kept in touch, he's a good guy, he made a great effort in difficult circumstances.
  14. Tyla

    Camper van conversions

    I did a transit a couple of years ago, it's been great and taken me on loads of adventures. Just about to sell it now though.
  15. Tyla

    Recent mountain trip

    If only it had been that easy to find boar last time eh?