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  1. I used mine like a lurcher mostly but he'd retrieve, swim etc. no problem. He used to bush hard cover when he was young but as soon as I had bushers he stopped that and did the running.
  2. I have a firstx, a little more lurcherlike in shape. Hes 13 now, best hunting dog I've ever had, wish I could clone him
  3. Get them boxed up and sold as breeding pairs. If they are old they will be tough as old boots to eat
  4. Tyla


    Is this theoretical or are you talking from experience?
  5. Reverse snobbery lol. Is there any difference between the rich discrimating against the poor and the poor discriminating against the rich? People are people and there are wankers in all walks of life.
  6. I am extremely envious of this, I worked in a narrow boat yard years ago and could easily have gone down that route. There is something very appealing about that life style.
  7. How come you sent it back if it was so good?
  8. Its taken a while to get my shit together but I've finally got some bits growing in there now. I've mostly been using it to hide from the rain and drink tea between jobs. Got onions, Swiss chard, garlic growing and just sowed carrots, spinach and kohl rabi and waiting for them to sprout
  9. I wonder how these dogs are doing now?
  10. The pups been up to mischief. My sister took her out with her dogs and she ran off and came back like this. Not quiet how I wanted to enter a 9 month old pup but she obviously had other ideas.
  11. Thats bloody lovely. Always fancied that life
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