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  1. I used opinel for years but got frustrated by them slipping out my pocket in the truck or when sat down. I decided I wanted something with a pocket clip and got a Kershaw folder from heinie Hayes clearance section. It was marked down from £70 to £17 and I couldn't be happier with it. The clip makes sure it stays in my pocket, it's nice and light and holds an edge. Does everything from opening boxes to gralloching fallow deer! Edited to add that it's not my usual knife for deer but on the odd occasion when I've not been very organised It's done the job admirably
  2. Google Heinnie Hayes that have a good website, a range of prices and ship to here no problem
  3. You can't win them all mate, keep on keeping on and you'll connect with something.
  4. It's totally a "them" and "us" thing. People were designed to live in tribes so it's in built within us to need an enemy to skirmish with. Having a cause justifies that and gives you an enemy to aim it at. To a lot of them it's their whole life, their social circle, family, sometimes even their job. The idea that they are just rent a mob doesn't seem to ring true, around here anyway. Some of them know our local hunt country far better than the hunt! Getting off topic now, sorry. Was the point about sabs not being sabs to back up the idea that it's not dog lads breaking fences, nicking stuff and leaving dead things about?
  5. I've heard of that but im sceptical. All the ones I've actually experienced have been pure sab. Personally I don't think there's any lack of enthusiastic lefties with a militant steak and a penchant for class war! Being an anti just comes with the territory. The league no doubt funds a few of the top ones but i doubt they need to do much for the foot soldiers. I think its a tribal thing like the football firms
  6. Got me interested now, who do you think they are if they aren't sabs?
  7. Perfect weather for lamping lurchers! Just a shame mine are all pretty ancient now. Maybe time to start thinking about a puppy.
  8. I'd really like this to be true but there was plenty of shit things going on before the ban too. The ban definately made it worse but wasn't the cause. The problem is that some people are f***ing morons and you can't legislate against stupid. There are plenty of farmers and keepers around shooting out any quarry that will attract that element. It's a terrible shame for the quarry and the countryside in general but what else can they do?
  9. Question is ..... did you catch your quarry??? Keep the stories coming. If I ever get the chance i may come see for myself!
  10. I didn't. I'm no terrierman. I didn't give him any pointless shit either.
  11. f**k sake. He's a kid with a whippet and an interest in legal terrier work. Just answer his question or don't, what's the point of the kangaroo court? If any of you were as careful and paranoid as you like to make out you wouldn't even be on here.
  12. Nice one Tomo, thus us the guy I was thinking of
  13. It's true that the dogs not being yours does detract from it a bit. Still great to see that kind of hunting and quite pleasant to be stress free as i was only really there as an observer and pig carrier
  14. Hard to know, I've no idea who really does what on here. You know what they say about empty vessels though ....
  15. There used to be a guy on here from Chile or Argentina I think. He looked like he was getting some good hunting using running dogs and dogos on a range of quarry. I think he was chased off here by people who thought they knew more about hunting in his country than he did. Shame really.
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