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  1. Tyla

    some birds

    In no other sport is it more acceptable to shoot live quarry at extreme range and risk wounding it than to kill it cleanly at close range. If i was to apply the same code of ethics to the deer i shoot it would be deemed totally unacceptable and not without reason.
  2. Tyla

    Forum lifespan

    I've been on here since 2007 and seen herds of idiots come and go. I hardly post now as its barely a hunting forum anymore. Shame really as i met some good lads on here early on and had some great hunting off it.
  3. Tyla

    Lurcher pups

    Its an odd advert. What makes them so extreme and how are they bred? I never understand though why people fuss so much about the price. Its £200, hardly going to break the bank is it? Theres pairs of boots on here selling for more than that and no one complains? I think its a fair price for clean healthy looking pups.
  4. Tyla

    First night lamping Rabbits

    Take one dog at a time to start with, and try and get out with someone experienced if you are new to it
  5. Tyla

    About time

    Take the piss even more?
  6. Tyla

    About time

    f**k sake boris, do you ever have anything good to say at all? Your posts are nothing but snide comments and sly digs. Do you know what you are supposed to do when you can't think of anything nice to say? Say nothing.
  7. Tyla

    First Cross Bull/Greyhounds.

    That's the truth
  8. Tyla

    Little Ones First Fish

    I took my nephew out tonight. His first time fishing ever and he caught his first fish, was only a little roach but his expression says it all
  9. Tyla

    View From Your Swim

    Tried my mates new boat out Sunday. The sea was like a mill pond. Had 3 thornback rays, my first ever, 3 mackerel and loads of bream. Best days fishing in a while
  10. Tyla


    Ive got a weeks holiday booked at the end of the month and planning to take a rod. Has anyone fished there? Cheers
  11. Tyla


    I was out Friday and Sunday, had a few mackerel, lots of bream and a few rays
  12. Tyla

    Springer x Stafford

    What happened to this section? Used to be good, no just a load of sniping and bitching. Shame
  13. Tyla

    what country?

    New Zealand but trapped by life at the moment. Never say never though ...
  14. I'm half way through the trip and loving it. Weather couldn't have been better so far. We started at glasbury Saturday morning and are now somewhere near strangeford. There are lots of fish about but lots of fishermen too so fishing hasn't been particularly successful. Here's a few pics