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  1. Tyla

    First cuckoo

    Hearing them by me since mid April, still plenty around here every spring
  2. This was a fun one to do. I love cabins
  3. This one is Elm. Beautiful but a twat to work with, changes shape constantly
  4. Had a few worktops to go recently, been experimently with Leylandii as a joinery timber, its surprisingly good.
  5. My old man has one, i absolutely hate it. It's protective as f**k of him and my little brother, ridiculously fawning and submissive to me and my sister and randomly bites anyone else if not watched like a hawk. To be fair to the dog it's my dad's fault, it needs work and time put into it and hes too old and busy. I tried to get it rehomed by C Green a while back but dad backed out at the last minute so I washed my hands of the thing. It's an accident waiting to happen in my opinion. I would never, ever have one.
  6. Got my first kid due this September, im looking forward to ticking stuff off that list with him
  7. Throw away the extension lead and wire a couple more double sockets in? Or get a sparks to do it?
  8. 100% agree. The vast majority of topics are dragged down by bickering, usually the same idiots everytime. If not that then the same dull "in" jokes topic after topic. Shame really, used to be some interesting stuff on here. More on topic, I have a mate with a working kelpie who maybe looking for a lurcher stud at some point in the future. The thing is pretty full on, works sheep and cattle, does a bit of ratting and gun dog work. It's a nice light one but personally I can't stand the barking .... it never shuts up. He doesn't mind it though, it's part of the stock work I guess.
  9. I've seen it done with large quarry but don't know whether they survived or not. At the time I had the sneaking suspicion the lad didn't like carrying stuff and it was more about that than the welfare of the quarry. Not my cup of tea.
  10. So ..... how did she come on?
  11. Tyla


    I could be interested, Mrs is preggers so I dont think we'll be going overseas this summer. I'd be happy to pay for a couple of nights in the huts and trade him some fallow stalking for a bit of fishing?
  12. Absolutely superb. Keep more posts like this coming please
  13. Tyla


    I kept a few hundred hens up until recently. The combination of feed going up and forced lock down every winter made it not worthwhile in the end. Shame really as I used to enjoy it
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