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  1. I was up visiting Owain this weekend and we caught a squirrel on the top of a mountain a mile from the nearest tree, they really are everywhere
  2. XFORT® 2 Pairs Black Butterfly Hinges with Rustic Ornate Design, Cabinet Hinges, Cupboard Hinges, Small Hinges, Decorative Hinges, Cabinet Hinge, Antique Hinges, Butterfly Hinge, Door Furniture https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08GV6G3JD/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_8J3Q7JRM47VV9Q7DYNRK
  3. There are definitely more round here than there have been before. More and more places are starting trapping them specifically rather than the odd one in tunnel traps
  4. Yes but he was a terrier not a lurcher. Pure sociopath.
  5. Thats a solid looking dog. I've always fancied the idea of the cross but never seen one in the flesh. I asked about Europe as I thought running dogs were mostly frowned upon aside from a bit of coursing in Spain and Eastern Europe. I had no idea dogs bred here were making their way out there. Interesting
  6. What were they doing in Europe?
  7. You just like to see me flapping
  8. Mine has but not often and I don't encourage it
  9. Tyla


    I struggle to believe you are allergic to a terrier x spaniel but not a spaniel. If you like the pup then keep it? I'm assuming it's only for a pet so what's the difference? Either purebred or crossbreed spaniel will be high energy. If anything the terrier might calm it down a bit
  10. The black bitch in the picture is similar bred, I wouldn't be without her.
  11. I paid £150 for a s/h one off here. They are good scopes
  12. People have different desires for their dogs, someone keen on numbers or a particular quarry has different wants to someone looking for a mooching companion and there are many degrees in between. One man's trash can be another man's lifelong companion. Personally I get a massive kick out of getting the best out of the dog, I happily swap quarries or hunting styles to suit what I've got. Most dogs are good at something, it's just identifying what it is and encouraging it, but that all depends on whether the owner is happy to change their ways to suit the dog or if they want the dog for a specif
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