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  1. I thought it was great, it came out in cinema and we went to see it the day I picked my keeper so it seemed apt to name him that
  2. That saluki was probably added a dozen generations ago but that line was used for coursing just not heavily saluki based
  3. Lion King fan for 25 solid years so only right to name him after the main character
  4. Really pleased with how my young dog is shaping up, now coming up 21 months old, being the first dog I've bred for myself. He's not easy and biddable like his dam but he has a brilliant work ethic and far better wind than her so I'm sure in time he'll make up for his faults in other ways. Had a great first season with him all things considered and look forward to many more. Recent picture of him stripped out. He's out of my Heidi (bred by Poxon) x a dog called Micky who comes from Jackie Drakeford lines. Included a photos of others from the litter now they have matured too.
  5. All her pups ended up rough, my one and one other male took longer for the coat to come through. But all 8 ended up rough coated
  6. Certainly not easy, missed more than we caught on the night shifts but the main thing is the dogs came home sound each time.
  7. I didn't think we'd see many rabbits this season but a mole trapping job on a golf course 2 years ago earned me a fantastic offer to do more pest control; this time rabbits. I hit it hard lamping early season 2 or 3 times a week using mainly the pup Simba and his dam Heidi, then I moved house and jobs which meant nothing happened there for a few months. I began to make weekly trips in December and January but rabbits became very shy and hard to catch so I finished the season with 5 ferreting trips. Old Nancy came into her own here as an experienced and accomplished ferreting dog with a nose to
  8. Using the pulsar xm30 myself, game changer really where rabbits are lamp shy. Means you don't have to scan lamp for eyes, you can see exactly what else in on the land (and who else). Takes the dogs a few goes to understand how it works as they're left in the dark but my pup watches my hands to see if I'm lifting the thermal or the lamp so he mentally preps himself for a run when he sees the lamp come up. Draws far less attention, handy if poaching but even on permission the less neighbouring houses see the better. I've not had to charge my lamp for about 12 outings now as you hardly need
  9. I know one is, can't remember if the other has gone solo yet on them. Shot and retrieved as per the law of course very forward pups he says he's had running dogs for over 40 years but doesn't remember having any as forward as these two at this age. Makes you wonder if you kept the wrong one back haha.
  10. Yeah it's mental how quickly they've developed, come a year old they're doing it all single handed too. Yep Trevs pups
  11. Haha, I'd love to have another litter, unfortunately I'm living back home with my mum and step dad so another litter is out of the question till I move out. We'd be over dogged here with one retired and one non worker, 5 dogs about the place would be too many. The other thing is the sire got sold and I don't know his whereabouts. I really like what they produced together.
  12. Simba 5 weeks, 4 1/2 months and almost 1 year old
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