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  1. Bought myself a pard 008 lrf and stuck it on mk1.a quick hour down farm and I have to admit the picture quality is outstanding. Very easy to use (says the dinasour) only fired one magazine but I can see the pard stopping on this rifle for quite some time lads
  2. Its personal choice imho .its not my thing by the way but if someone (mitch? Lol) has that kind of money to use on his past time then go for it .you only live once .
  3. ftm

    Pool deaths

    Heard on news this morning of 3 people from same family drowning in a swimming pool whilst abroad tragic I know but somethings not right here lads.the pool was reopened next day???
  4. ftm


    Thermal stays on .25 rapid these days mate .we only use day time scopes for roost shooting (cloud cover) .on a thermal scope you can zero to 3 guns (abc) so when you do switch over you go into menu click your designated letter for that gun and it should be there or thereabouts zero with a bit tweaking here n there
  5. ftm


    https://ibb.co/m4dYYG1 me and craig out mid week on a bandit mission
  6. https://imgur.com/vLCMHZk
  7. ftm


    Just fb ban on numerous occasions latest for calling Corbyn's side kick a baboon
  8. ftm

    Xmas spirit

    30yds and a bit hold over for longer shots
  9. I know poaching is illegal but if you not robbing farms /buildings and wrecking the fields I can think of a lot worse crimes going on at the minute. If my grandson follows the path I took I be quite pleased. If it keeps him from drugs knife crime robbery etc then I'm ok with that .but I see where your comming from mate
  10. Most of us "oldies" could write a fair few chapters in a book .I certainly could! Lol some of them would make you laugh others you would either have done yourselves or you might disapprove off
  11. Used to do a lot of lamping foxes /deer just over border (80.s) got pulled over one night 5 fox in back of motor .thought "were f****d here lol".2 cops strolled up one of them a lass and she used to be a barmaid in my local! 1st cop took one look in motor and said " bloody hell you got more than the local hunt gets in a season lol" they were sound with us .2 mins later another cop car pulls up with a very anti english approach and told us to f**k off back over border or risk arrest . Vroom we were gone in a jiffy
  12. ftm

    Xmas spirit

    H&n trophy sub 12ftlb
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