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  1. I'm normally spot on with my identification of birds eggs but this one has me baffled . Located on a flat bit of land at the top of a disused quarry only metres from an oyster catcher nest .it was size of lapwing with a creamy white shell /Brown blotches
  2. ftm

    Bullfinch nest

    I found one few yrs ago right on side of a track that was regularly used by ramblers and it was a successful brood
  3. ftm

    Help to cull corvids wanted

    Closer to me and I would jump at the chance .good luck
  4. Me Craig and Ian went for branches today but they still tucked up in nests so it was a case of clearing up the ferals around 2 dairy farms owned by same family .mk1 rapids in action on a glorious day in Northumberland.total 107 birds
  5. ftm

    Bullfinch nest

    The nest won't be looked at again by me mate .squirrels might get to them though
  6. ftm

    joey barton assaults barnsley manager

    Jail awaits him I reckon
  7. Nice little bullfinch nest . I had spotted hen bird a week or so ago with nesting material so left it alone and checked the area the other morning
  8. ftm

    First House Martin’s

    Chaffinch 20 mins ago
  9. ftm

    First House Martin’s

    Blackbird in customers garden today
  10. ftm

    First House Martin’s

    Found numerous long tailed tits nests with eggs and 2 goldies sitting eggs watched a bully building this morning and spotted a blackjack. There's a mallard with 5 young in tow on a small stream near me
  11. ftm

    The Final .

    You might drive to the ground but car will either be gone or up on bricks when you come out lol