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  1. ftm

    Gave pav a night out

    No just sub 12 in .20 and .22 flavour
  2. I rang pav /alan yesterday to see if he fancied a few hrs on a few sheep fields with the rapids . A slow start as i think i had my stevie wonder eyes in but i soon sorted nyself out and between us we managed 64 rabbits and a rather large rat
  3. ftm

    Bunnies last night

    Alans sound mate ive known him from lurcher days and he always kept a good animal .he is a bloody good shot with a gun
  4. ftm

    Bunnies last night

    Was shooting from 11.15 till 2.30 if im honest there was no difference from start to finish but other lads may say the later the better as rabbits venture further afield and can be blocked from getting back to warrens
  5. ftm

    Bunnies last night

    Cheers lads think me n pav will have a night out in near future
  6. Me and craig went out last night for a few hrs with thermal and mostly this years half grown bunnies shot
  7. Out for walk down local burn this morning and these two were so engrossed in play fighting they didnt see me
  8. Came across a buzzards nest this morning with one very healthy chick on board
  9. ftm

    Chaffinch nest

    Think its a white throat or maybe sedge warbler
  10. ftm

    Chaffinch nest

    Skylark with chicks
  11. ftm

    Chaffinch nest

    Looks like robin mate
  12. ftm

    Egg I.D

  13. ftm

    Chaffinch nest

    Looks like robin mate