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  1. ftm

    Got out again this morning

    Well done mate looks nice land
  2. ftm

    Returning the invite

    A lot easier than some of Alan's places lol
  3. ftm

    Tree rats

    Well done mate
  4. As pav has invited me out on numerous occasions I though it only right to return the favour. Full moon and friday the 13th might have kept some shooters at home but we decided to give it a go and after an hour or so drive we arrived at farm and set about the job in hand ..bit of a long night (4.30 am) but still managed a fair few
  5. She still got it steve lol . Skins them as well.proper woman
  6. ftm

    A few of these on this perm

    Not about numbers jimmy .you went out you enjoyed yourself jobs a good un
  7. Daughters booked me n missus a lovely little cottage in yorkeshire for our anniversary (37yrs) and as always dog and gun come along (just in case) .well me being me I'm out mooching within 5 mins of arrival and bumped into old woman picking blackberries in nearby cottage with poly tunnels and a decent veg garden .I politely asked if any probs with rabbits and hey bingo! Shoot the bloody lot she says .so me n wife wait till dark and thermal comes into play . I let the missus do the shooting and although she must a few she dropped a few as well .showed the old woman the dead rabbits and happy as Larry. We said our goodbyes and back home now
  8. ftm

    Static hunting with the HW 97K .177.

    Well done mark
  9. ftm

    Sunderland AFC ☺️

    Max surely you cant blame the mags for staying away the owner is a fat wanker the team is average at best and they have a manager that definitely wouldn't have been there 1st 2nd or 100th choice ..I would swap league positions in a heart beat .3_0 off f****n Peterborough haway man
  10. Me n craig went out last night and glad to say he seems to have shaken off his illness after last weeks outing with pav was cut short 61 picked up
  11. ftm

    I Don't Like Cricket

    I like cricket and rugby a lot more than overpaid footballers I assure you .money has destroyed the once beautiful game
  12. ftm

    I Don't Like Cricket

    Today's game was great and ben stokes was magnificent .downside is nufc winning 1_0 lol