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  1. Me n pav used to sell 100+ each time to pet food supplier but he stopped saying laws changed or something on them lines .pav has found a dog breeder who takes the odd 40_50 .
  2. I'm interested to see if the rapid likes them
  3. Wor max kept out of this one I see (thank god lol)
  4. I wouldn't hand it in finders keepers
  5. ftm

    Everton FC

    Watch Almiron from newcastle f**k me he is quick too quick for the ball lol
  6. It was like watching a modern day "kes" arr jud .bet he went straight to fridge to rob the egg box afterwards
  7. It was a whole envelope of sunderland season tickets
  8. Corbinov will want cop prosecuted
  9. And already the snowflake brigade are condemning the shooting of a man on the ground .f***ing empty ya mag into the twat !
  10. I was charged with trespassing search of conies back in 80,s they took my 30 odd rabbits lamp battery kept me locked up from 2am Saturday till 3pm sunday treated me like a terrorist and then at court fined £240 ffsk .I steered clear of north yorkeshire after that
  11. Spot on in rapid mate
  12. Thankyou si for pellets much appreciated _ billy
  13. ftm

    eleven months in..

    When my Springer (troy)has gone I plan to get a malanois .I'm ok with dogs training discipline etc . But I think these dogs are on a different level being 100% switched on 24/7 got a few yrs to dwell on it though
  14. ftm

    eleven months in..

    Dutch shepherd(malanois) are a very active full on breed and in the correct hands are a cracking companion / guard dog. A mate (pav) has a lurcher with mal in it and it will tackle anything you ask of it
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