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  1. ftm


    Alan hasnt got fx impact any more phil
  2. ftm


    Popped through to Alan's (pav) this afternoon and went for a bit target practice with his new gun uragun .25 and I was blown away at the accuracy and consistency. This was my 1st attempt at 50yds and the smile on my face said it all .the target was moved out to 100 yds and every bloody pellet hit the target! Alan my friend you have hit the jackpot with this gun
  3. ftm

    Just for villaman

    It's ok I can take a joke Phil
  4. ftm

    Just for villaman

    The "lucky "black rabbit wasnt so lucky last night as they all look white on thermal on my settings
  5. ftm

    Theoben rapid 7

    Theres them that know there guns and then theres a rapid owner (quotation from carlsberg)
  6. ftm

    Just for villaman

    Once again the mighty rapid proves it can keep up with modern day rifles
  7. ftm

    Theoben rapid 7

    and dont forget who helped design the fx royal /crown . the very same person who had a huge hand in the mighty rapid -ben taylor
  8. ftm

    Theoben rapid 7

    villaman are you fishing for a bite? a rapid may be old on the outside but modern upgrades will have it match most modern pcp and it WILL outlast the lot of them -fact!
  9. ftm

    My heads in bits

    how long will the crown last ? lol
  10. ftm

    Theoben rapid 7

    the rapid may be one of the oldest pcp around but it will always fill a game bag
  11. ftm

    The PlayOff's

    Jack Ross?
  12. ftm

    Blackcap nest

    Reed bunting
  13. ftm

    Blackcap nest

    Oyster catcher