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  1. When has that EVER stopped us with anything????
  2. Apart from Si in his gay boy car!!
  3. I once wrote a car off. Whilst waiting for insurance etc I was using enterprise car hire & wrote the hire car off too! Gods honest. Had to have fire brigade cut me out of it!
  4. Despite having never heard of them, I think FOX is the brand name of the bullets as opposed to their intended use.
  5. ‘Grandmas buying shotguns’: US dealers see ammunition shortage as sales surge | US gun control | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Gun store owners say bullets are selling out as pandemic fuels public fears around safety and crime
  6. Dunno about spring but you could try riflemags.co.uk
  7. .... that's been my trouble my entire life mate! People always say they appreciate my honesty- until it's them I'm falling out with!!
  8. S410 xtra side lever.....thoughts? Seen a nearly new one, £600
  9. Only thing stopping me is that it's gonna be 90% used shooting up into trees
  10. Ha I still have my bonus just sitting on the bank (just don't tell missus or kids!!)
  11. Fellas, I've decided my cabinet needs a fac air rifle. Be mainly used for squirrels & birds up in trees. Don't wanna go too mad dollar wise, preferably sub £800. Happy to go 2nd hand. What would you recommend brand names? Calibre I'm guessing. 22? Heard .25 bit loopy. What ft/lbs you all running? I think I'd like around 30. Anything you can think of, happy for any advice. Cheers.
  12. @ianm how do you recommend HMR zero.....???
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