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    usual really. real country lover, and all fieldsports. Work as a shepherd.

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  1. Now then, After some advice regarding trail cams. What should I be looking out for in terms of spec? Not after award winning photos, just need to know what's visiting & when. Ideally under £100. Cheers.
  2. BenBhoy

    Fantasy Football

    Doesn't have to be, you can make it as in depth as you want. My Nain (RIP) did one for a few years picking players purely on their name or shirt colour!!
  3. BenBhoy

    Fantasy Football

    Yeah - this one is free!! To be fair the sun might be free these days. I use to do both & imo this one is better.
  4. BenBhoy

    Harry Maguire to United for £80 million

    What makes me laugh is we could have got him last year for £50M josé wanted him!!
  5. BenBhoy

    Fantasy Football

    Crikey @Nicepix I see I'm gonna have to up my game this year!!
  6. BenBhoy

    Fantasy Football

    https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ Pick a team & then join the league using code egocmq
  7. BenBhoy


    Always dry your slip out too, no good cleaning gun, then putting it back in a damp slip next time it's out of cabinet.
  8. BenBhoy

    Forestry flailing

    One for the @Deker welcome committee!!
  9. BenBhoy

    Hi and thanks.

    Spot on mate, welcome aboard. Oh, respect & thanks for serving our country too
  10. BenBhoy

    This has cheered me up

    Christ, that IS a long time!!!
  11. BenBhoy

    Shot fox

    Always an option
  12. BenBhoy

    Shot fox

    They go on muck heap here
  13. BenBhoy

    It’s only a matter of time

    Eye eye
  14. BenBhoy

    Fantasy Football

    f**k it, I've made a THL league if anyone wants to join code is: egocmq C'mon you reds!!
  15. BenBhoy

    Fantasy Football

    Yeah, I've done one for years, love it. Makes otherwise boring fixtures have bit more interesting.