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  1. Feck off, that's a handful of your pubes!!
  2. Like I said, just clarifying. No jealousy. I'm a very happy chappy.
  3. BenBhoy


    Just think with cost of living crisis for rest of us, they'd have got more respect saying "we're gonna scale it back a bit. Friends & family at the crem, then meet back at the hungry horse after. All the £ saved we'll put towards the country's gas & 'leccy bill this month".
  4. BenBhoy


    Seems like a lot of unnecessary bolloćks to me.
  5. Who's best night ever,i mean who actually shot them? Fully prepared for the "your jealous. You never get out. I'm on my period". Just clarifying.
  6. Checked today & zero way off down & left. Annoying. Only thing that let's pard down is the mount.
  7. Yeah fantastic kit but I'm just too tight!
  8. Fort Airflex Waterproof Breathable Bib and Brace Overalls HOLLANDSWORKWEAR.CO.UK Fort Air Flex waterproof bib and brace overalls designed to be breathable and waterproof from... I wear these during lambing, work well, not sweaty & zip up pocket.
  9. Guess I'm a bit late since you've bought one now. Always difficult to answer without knowing your system, when and where your lambing& type of ewes. We've just started ped texel flock alongside our commercials (which also have tex tups) What you don't want is big shoulders tup over young or narrow pelvis ewes.
  10. BenBhoy


    agreed. You get cuntš in every way shape & form. White cuntş. Black cuntş. Asian cuntş. Welsh cuntş. English cuntş. Scottish cuntş. Irish cuntş. European cuntş. American cuntş. Straight cuntş. Gay cuntş. Male cuntş. Female cuntş. Trans cuntş. Vegan cuntş. Farmer cuntş. Etc cuntş. None of the above are more or less cuntý because of the label (except maybe vegans!) You get good 'uns & bad 'uns everywhere. Fact.
  11. Took my eldest with me tonight first time she been out on fox. Seen one, missed one, ffs. First time missed in ages, typical. Pretty sure I just rushed it so keen on getting one with her. Lesson learnt. Pretty sure zero OK but I'll check it Monday
  12. Too slow mate, not manoeuvrable(?) enough for chasing ewes & especially lambs, like herding cats!!
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