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  1. They wouldn't be 1st choice for most on clays but if you'll be using it elsewhere (on something proper like pigeons, crows or geese) then ideal & still dust clays. If anyone is too snobby feck 'em it's only clays!
  2. Betws Y Coed downstream from swallow falls, always a few hopping about
  3. Thinking the same mate looks good that does
  4. Quite possibly, I didn't dig about to deep in that claret to explore. I've got bit of a selection of ammo to try out, one lot being hornady 40gr.
  5. Safest option, otherwise they'll start cussing the Shepherd & walking with some bad ass swagger!!
  6. Shiny clean creep feeder! How's his lambing got on?
  7. Ian teaching me the way of the .204
  8. Agreed its not ideal, but if it a choice between fox cubs survival or grey partridge then it's a no brainer imo.
  9. After spotting 4 last week but drawing a blank, I was determined last night. Left the house with my 8yr old saying "I want to see pictures of any foxes tomorrow" so I couldn't let her down! Upon arriving at farm/work got unloaded and made my way to first field. This field is where we turn ewes with lambs out into, so have to be pretty careful on ID with thermal. As I approach gate (knowing its a creaky one) I get XM30s out for a spot. This field leads down on far side to a small pond lined with trees & then next door drilled field. Right away I spot charlie mooching about by pond. It
  10. Oh no pressure then! That's like comparing Mr. Men books with lord of the rings!
  11. "Kayleigh Haywood murder: Stephen Beadman dies in prison - BBC News" Kayleigh Haywood murder: Stephen Beadman dies in prison - BBC News WWW.BBC.CO.UK Kayleigh Haywood had been groomed online for two weeks before she was attacked at a flat. One less cuņt in the world.
  12. I'm glad you added that last bit, was worried you'd been using Stavross binoculars to spy on me in my shorts again!!
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