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  1. https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/kofs/over-under/20-gauge/sceptre-200104110734003 The sceptre be ideal for you & lovely guns, very underrated
  2. https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/yildiz/over-under/20-gauge/spz-m-junior-191230163253001
  3. Agree with Ian, teal is my favourite sporting bird. Looks like a great couple of hours .
  4. Good stuff! Advance warning, waiting for that certificate to drop through letterbox seems to take a b*****d lifetime! Thoughts on what gun you'll get?
  5. I'm not surprised at all; you must have an insatiable libido Ian!! Cracking write up, thanks.
  6. Snowdrops in Nottinghamshire as of last weekend. And I saw on another forum somebody with blackbird eggs NY eve!
  7. Didn't want anyone accusing me of racism!!!
  8. As I suspected stav, online shopping has virtually done away with the "show price" despite what the vendor may say! I'll probably buy my nv sooner then. Still gonna go for look around the show though & buy more shit I dont need!!
  9. Maybe closer to time see who's going & have a THL meet/drink??
  10. Thats a good ewe:lamb ratio! Hampshire tup?
  11. Big girls need love too! Now that is a thing of beauty imo, perfect bag, clean, good size tits that a lamb can fit in its mouth, pointing the right way; good lass!!
  12. morning gents Anyone been to this before, any good? I'm planning on going this year (in the "hands" of the sheep gods!) Specifically wondering about prices & potential bargains for sale there? I'm after a NV scope and few other bits. Is there savings to be had or is it bit of a swizz, lull you into the show mentality?? Cheers boys
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