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  1. No thank you. NSA conducted a vote with its members few years back, think 98% said no. Would be ridiculous. https://www.southwestfarmer.co.uk/news/15202900.nsa-concerned-rewilding-plans-affect-countryside/
  2. Hopefully I can achieve that when I'm old too then!!!
  3. Some guys have a profession that means a lot to them, rather than licking arsé & telling tales to try creep up the ladder of a company that doesn't give a shiť about you. Some guys graft & are proud to be knackered at end of day. And then some work part-time as a personal shopper. Meh. I really like my pest control shooting & do far more than I post as couple of crows a day etc isn't that interesting. But in terms of "the sport" my job & my family come way before. Now stop panicking because your fwend is talking to someone else in a civil way, you weird creep.
  4. I'm on here how you'd find me in real life...I'm not apologetic or shy. But I'm also happy to let water go under the bridge. We're all on here for a common interest.
  5. 21 minutes ago, FOXHUNTER said: You need to get out in the field to experience stuff like that. One of my NY resolutions is to try to be nicer, especially to simple folk, so I'm politely ignoring that. I'd thought you'd started to improve last couple weeks.... 
  6. As someone who's fathered 3 kids, shouldn't be a problem. No issue with "mentioning gays" either as I don't make a habit of talking about who someone might or might not fancy. All I do is pick up on discrimination. Very kind offer, that'd surprise a few folk, appreciated. Trouble is time. I've got plenty of chances here but just don't have the time. Lovely pond set in our woods that only me & 2 others have permission to shoot. I've been feeding it all winter, seen plenty of duck at dusk dropping in, but just no time to shoot it. The other 2 lads have had some cracking sessions but I'
  7. If it had just been the one I might have got away with it!!
  8. Really?????? Why, because most of us are cock heads too!!
  9. Proper jealous, would love to experience a day like that.
  10. Yeah lleyn as close to perfect ewes as you can get imo. I used to have a lleyn tup that threw lambs better than some texel! Like everything with sheep though it's a compromise, and reason we've never gone beltex is the pisś poor growth rate/weeks to killing. But having some charollais in there should help you with that, sounds a handy mix that for a tup.
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