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  1. https://www.change.org/p/hold-the-met-police-criminally-accountable-for-the-barbaric-killing-of-two-leashed-dogs
  2. I wouldnt call it a bizarre reason. Weve never shied away from our roots & the very reason the club needed to be created. All those values still ring true to this day.
  3. Plenty take piss out of him, but despite being an ignorant pleb, @foxdropper still quick on trigger
  4. The Coronation is rammed down the throats of people across the UK as they are invited to swear allegiance to an unelected monarch, and bend the knee to another human being who by virtue of imperialism and empire now sits on a throne wearing a crown of stolen jewels. We must all fall in line and know our place as inferior subjects. Not me ta.
  5. If you're happy they're feeding well, do after a good feed/full belly between 12-48 hrs after born.
  6. It's a bolus. Basically a very slow release 'vitamin' Fire it down throat, & it sits in one of their stomachs for next 6 months, slowly releasing trace elements into lambs. Cobalt, iorn, selenium & zinc
  7. Then bolus for the bigger (20kg+) lambs. Not nice doing it,but makes world of difference in coming months, especially the cobalt.
  8. The fence bodging mobilé!!
  9. Is that your go to response when someone stands up to your loud mouth, bigoted bullying? You haven't said the one about a bruised vagina yet - I'm waiting to tick that off my Tim bellend bingo. How about me? One minute you're calling me a 'faggot lover' and calling for a cull on groups of society (groups I have friends in) the next minute your asking my opinion on something? Man the f**k up. Decide where your morals are & stick to them - and not just when you know Tim is online so that he can wipe your bum for you when you get too excited.
  10. Can definitely sort that mate. Yeah, pretty happy how it's turned out. Not such a mess there now, still some earth needs levelling. I'm trying to sort some seed mix (cheap) for the edges. I didn't shoot it last year (I fed it single handed though!) but the other 2 lads had some decent evenings there.
  11. Thought I'd treat myself to bank holiday today for first time in about 15 years. Worked 6-9 this morning, just the minimum. Then had a day to myself, with nowhere i needed to be or achieve by a certain time. Just an aimless wandering with a shotgun. First time ive done that in about 5 years! (As opposed to racing round on bike with gun on it just in case) Saw hares, loads song birds, a hell of a lot of mallard, and a muntjac. Didn't shoot a great deal (a pigeon & a squirrel) but it felt so good to be out walking somewhere that nobody else ever goes & it wasn't chasing sheep. Final
  12. Every year we say we'll have a Sunday roast (I know a lovely sheep farmer!!) but we never do! Hotdogs & shit loads of chocolate today!
  13. What weight that reach mate?
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