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    usual really. real country lover, and all fieldsports. Work as a shepherd.

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  1. Cheers FF but no. I've worked it out, needed to buy a separate adapter.
  2. Bought a cheapo el nastyo pump off flea bay. It's to fill buddy ova super10 but female end of filling house is too small, anyone shed some light on what size I need? Cheers
  3. Absolute spot on. I had that very conversation/debate with a young swamp 'lady' a few years back at a vegan wedding (I know, I thought it was a cruel joke too!) It was that sticking point that really boiled her pisΕ›, that I enjoyed shooting. Not that I enjoyed just killing something, but the stalk, the bushcraft, the reconnaissance, understanding our beautiful countryside far better than she did from her animal care diploma & watching the really wild show. But of course, as ever with these fundamentalists I was fighting a losing battle so I went outside to eat some contraband biltong.
  4. https://inews.co.uk/news/environment/why-chris-packham-is-in-favour-of-culling-in-some-instances/ But still says magpie shouldn't be controlled.
  5. BenBhoy

    Sillosock Crow Decoys

    I made some with black silage wrap & a stapler!
  6. BenBhoy

    Wild chicks

    Aye, and I bloody married one! Growing up in north Wales, Notts women were a revelation!!
  7. BenBhoy

    For fox sake 🦊

    Out walking my dogs coupe nigts back trough field of wheat. Dogs off to my left about 50 odd yds. Noise just to my right, fox trotting up tramline, oblivious to me, pops about about 15 yds from my right handside, we both just stopped still staring at each other, could see Charlie's eyes saying "oh bollocks"!! I whistled dogs as fox turned tail but nothing to report. Always the way.
  8. BenBhoy

    Not a bad walk out

    If a cow's foot goes down burrow, broken leg, cow PTS farmer out of pocket. If they tunnel under fence posts, fencing need replacing, farmer out ofpocket. Definite pest control, well done @Longshanx
  9. Anyone seeing many in number yet? Seen first clutch of pheasant yesterday on our farm. At least two pair's of grey partridge paired up, fingers crossed.
  10. BenBhoy


    Welcome along Dobbie. What part of Notts you in? I'm just outside Bingham. Same here, best place to be!!!
  11. BenBhoy

    Newbie from Lincolnshire

    Who has better recall though??? I know what you mean about enjoying the chase, my lurcher is 9yo now but still thinks she's got it!
  12. BenBhoy

    Newbie from Lincolnshire

    Welcome along mate. That sounds pretty amazing. One thing I've never experienced, seeing someone working falconry etc. What's the catch rate like for a 'good' bird?
  13. BenBhoy

    Which o/u

    Gone for a 686Special. Cheers for all the replies fellas