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  1. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/ex-demo-nikko-stirling-panamax-4.5-14x50-ao-ir-hmd-rifle-scope-9.5?mc_cid=81a6bf6afa&mc_eid=e39d7ed018 @Longshanx
  2. You can sign up to their weekly ex demo mailing list. Every Friday I get mail from them some absolute cracking deals sometimes, all because its been used in their shop!
  3. Anywhere between 15 yds on squirrel feeder to 30yd rabbits & magpies. In the head = always dead.
  4. In my opinion wild duck is one of the greatest sporting birds. It would seem entirely wrong to shoot them in the same way we control pests.
  5. On my .177 pcp I have hawke 3-9X56 I know everyone will say its over kill but it came with rifle & things fall over when I pull the trigger. 90% of time its set to x7
  6. Let's just hope he's alright with chavs!
  7. Spot on, I've bought from them always good to deal with & plenty of free advice/chat
  8. Also could try forrest Lodge or derek lee, I've had good dealings with both of them.
  9. Yeah I like it, another one is stars in the sky, worth a watch.
  10. After some collective knowledge/experience I currently have hmr, had Fac for 12 months. For whatever reasons I want to add a CF rifle onto my ticket for dedicated nv fox. The only land on my closed ticket is where I work & to be honest, at least for now, that's only where I want to shoot. I have a longterm plan for our land, it's not shooting just to shoot foxes, its part of a management plan for the land that is solely down to myself. I know this land inside out, at least 6 days a week I cover every acre. As it stands the land is only cleared for rimfire. In my opinion there are plenty of areas that can accommodate the calibre im planning to apply for (.204) Basically asking how likely you think I am at getting what I'm hoping for? I'm not looking for open ticket, no desire to shoot other locations, just my own patch. Diolch.
  11. I get an eye roll and "good one daddy...(!)" Sarcasm from 7 year olds!
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