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  1. Looks a decent idea, but how easy can you shoulder rifle in a hurry?
  2. The nightmaster ones are good. The CL would do at air rifle range. "Night Master NM1 CL LED Hunting Light with Rear Focus | Night Master" Night Master NM1 CL Long Range Hunting Light with Changeable LED & Rear Focus WWW.NIGHTMASTER.CO.UK The NM1 CL is the smallest of the NEW NM1 hunting light range, thanks to a combination of the latest...
  3. Must resist....must resist...!!
  4. And breathe out!! Well done mate, recycling & all that
  5. Mighty HMR! I've fallen back in love with mine these last couple of weeks. Take it round with me most days at work. 98yd magpie yesterday = destroyed!
  6. I picked up a poison tub other week forgetting to kick it first - yep fecking rat bolted out right over my arm!
  7. Whilst wearing your purple pyjamas trousers. That's terrifying.
  8. I use "DANGER- bull in field. Enter at own risk" (They're all heifers )
  9. I'd get some stick if I said that...
  10. I've already told her you're paying for the Sunday pub lunch so she won't mind!
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