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  1. Yeah, was like big kid 1st night out Si, bet I missed half the things I could have seen cos I just kept swapping colours! Rainbow was pretty!!
  2. Do you alwats use that color setting ? I played round a bit other night but think one i opted for mainly was red something, screen all red.
  3. Very kind. I'm out as I have the hands of a victorian street child. Comes in useful at lambing though. And don't pay VAT on kids clothes!!
  4. To be fair I'm doing her an injustice there; she needs zero encouragement or incentive to join me, whether its shooting or sheep related, she just loves helping me outside. Been saying for past 4 years "when I grow up im going to be an explorer!"
  5. And you only have to pay them in Haribo!
  6. Getting this thread back on track.. Me & my eldest been doing few bits at the syndicate I'm part of. Always wish I had more time to do more, but always help keeping hoppers topped up. Finished mowing today, hope it stay dry now. Plan to be out silly o'clock tomorrow morning see if are on it yet.
  7. Yeah exact reasons I went for it bud. Maybe but I've dealt with SCI few times & cannot fault them for customer service, speed of delivery & aftermarket.
  8. Cheers I went for xm30s. As my first forray into thermals (apart from my long johns!) didn't want to go too mad. Taking it out tonight for 1st time. Scott Country are doing an offer where you get a free spare battery so went for that.
  9. All our crops still standing & not started on any hay yet. I was all for mowing today with weather looking fair until Tuesday, but my gaffer said not yet....
  10. Duly noted!! Just joking I do alway pick mine up, totally agree with you bud. We need to show the antis & packham brown nosers what it means to be a proper countryman. As opposed to a man who's a proper c**t.
  11. Great stuff Bernard congratulations on new job, keeps wolf from the door. @shovel leaner do you think the cod liver does anything?? Last month my left knee has really begun to ache (driving for 2 hrs today and had to pull over to stretch my legs!!)
  12. Can I just go on record as I fear my credentials as a true country bumpkin are at risk here - I know it's a jackdaw.
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