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  1. https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/popular-reads/five-films-for-fieldsports-fans-to-watch-112036
  2. Love that last picture, a pheasant equivalent of giving you two fingers!!
  3. No thanks. Its a pain in the arse & I'd much rather be shooting but I believe in the guidelines and I am following them. In the grand scheme of things, with what some people are going through, me not getting to shoot pigeons doesn't matter. Get well soon Boris.
  4. You know my neighbour too?? But have they invited you round to one of their parties where you put tractor keys in a bowl?!
  5. Drove past neighbours drillings today, absolutely covered in pigeons & sky full of more drooping in!
  6. My introduction to shotgun shooting was estuary wildfowling. Not the average intro for a 11yr old but it taught me alot; about respect for nature, about listening to those more experienced than yourself & how bloody difficult teal are to hit at 5 o'clock in the morning. Where I grew up I could walk to the estuary from my parents house in under 5 minutes. And now I live in the f***ing Midlands!!!
  7. That's a smashing offer, thanking you. I used to drive through swarkestone every day as I was working in Newton Solney.
  8. I've got an armsan at the minute. Had it 3 year(?) and it's great to be fair, never missed a beat (but lightest load 28g) can't fault it. Just fancy a change!
  9. I'm more bothered about the biological warfare laboratory in Wuhan!!
  10. The potential inability to customise it to fit as easily as other brands. That's the only thing, ideal gun.
  11. Do you find the comb particularly low? Did it come with any shims cheers? I prefer the fore end of sx4 but the stock/comb of the maxus!!
  12. Let's try get bit of normality back and talk guns eh?? Anyone using the sx4? I'm gonna treat myself to new semi once all this bolloçks dies down. Handled one at show couple months back & really liked it. Initially went to Browning stand to look at maxus but was well impressed with the winchester. I did find it a bit low in comb but that's standard for me & I shim them up 5mm. But have heard now that the sx4 doesn't come with shims?? I'm assuming it still can be with generic after market shim kit? And just for the craic maxus Vs. Sx4.......... GO!
  13. Cheers but I'm sorted now, thanks for offer.
  14. Ha I'm just messing mate, been that long since I had one forgotten what they are!! Sound quality mate. We spent honeymoon in US and went to a basspro down Tennessee way, like you say absolutely incredible!
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