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    usual really. real country lover, and all fieldsports. Work as a shepherd.

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  1. BenBhoy

    Autumn squirrels.

    Quick skim read, I had to re-read; worried why (and who's) turtlehead you were watching!!
  2. Honestly, I worked with pigs for 5 years, managing two units, both more than 3000 sows.... put me off pork for a loooonnnggg time!! But nah, love a bacon butty!!
  3. I once got trampled by 70 odd cull sows. Loading lorry, all on then they decided they having none of it, all streaming back off, trying to hold them on with board but sheer weight knocked me on back. Pigs ran right over me, luckily only for 5 seconds before another lad dragged me out. Cut me black & blue though and fright of my life. Effing hate pigs!
  4. BenBhoy

    Make the most of these evenings

    I'm on another forum too, about watching pigeons.... Someone on there suggested to me if I prefer THL I'm either a gypsy or a chav. Better than being a twať I told him.
  5. BenBhoy

    Make the most of these evenings

    Absolutely on the money SL and Si. I'm in same boat; was bunking off school before leaving primary just to do anything outdoors. My dad was a keen hill walker & growing up in snowdonia was a privilege with him showing me every track possible. He taught me all about bird ID and animal tracking. But my dad not into country sports at all. My uncle took me feretting & he started a lifong interest in running dogs. Like everyone else I got air rifle (break barrel cometa) at 10 and shotgun at 17. Started helping with lambing at 11 and I've only missed two lambing seasons in over 20 years. Like Si said, its just who you are, its just part of your DNA, British countryside & rural life. Its bloody hard work, early starts, sometimes I'm falling asleep eating my tea. My back aches, my hands are rough & I usually smell. Would I change it??? Would I f**k!!
  6. BenBhoy

    Make the most of these evenings

    Good on ya mate. I regularly make myself stop & just appreciate what I've got. I know exactly what you mean about the sounds & feeling content you've done a good job. For me the noise that evokes that is when a ewe starts chattering to her newborn as she's cleaning it. 20 years and still I love it.
  7. Why the confused face Gav, oxygen starvation muddled your head??
  8. Gene Simmons of the bovine world
  9. BenBhoy

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    Black & stinks??
  10. BenBhoy

    Just the one tonight

    Enjoy amigo
  11. We have honda trx 500. Abused every day, never let me down. But it is kept clean & tidy
  12. BenBhoy

    FAC interview do's & don'ts!!

    Big thanks to everyone who commented & gave advice. All went well today. Not granted open but he did give 'advice' how I could get open before the 5 years. Cleared for fox and ALQ. Absolute gent FEO, very easy to talk to & question. Just wait for cert to drop through letterbox now, like a kid waiting for Christmas!! Thanks again all, some top blokes on here.
  13. I took a kick on my thigh couple weeks back from a cow, cut my leg open & bruised now, still bloody sore!
  14. BenBhoy

    They are on the attack 🦅

    Lets hope he just moves there permanently. Cant imagine the ozzies taking to him!!
  15. BenBhoy

    FAC interview do's & don'ts!!

    I've only put down the rimfire as I physically only have space in cabinet for one more gun. Moving house next year & getting a bigger cabinet then putting in for a CF too