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  1. Haha you've seen my meatballs on toast!
  2. Fiver on @Dervburner saying its a boost not a picnic!!
  3. Ffs are you shooting or having a picnic???
  4. Are you forgetting I came up last season??
  5. A nipple @ 30 yds chocolate starfish @ 40??
  6. I'm on 29 magpies trapped since March. Just 9 crows though
  7. Becoming a bit obsessed with these little beauties
  8. Which wraith model is that Sam? Cracking picture quality
  9. Out to 140yds I'm spot on, after that it becomes trickier. Unfortunately the crows have started rangefinding my quad bike & stay around 200yds away!
  10. Get yourself to local livestock mart on sale day and get chatting. Much better when people put face to name rather than email (unless you're face will put them off - but Stav still gets permissions!!)
  11. You christened them both? I've a 457 synth too but in hmr, cracking tool for the ££
  12. On highest setting what position you in mate, kneeling?
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