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  1. Ted that’s a proper chopper u add not these Mickey Mouse scratches up on here
  2. He’s a fanny lol was he bending the knee the woos
  3. She’s a scammer always has been = a lying k niving cnt she’s been rumbled as a grafter raking the money spewing the bullshit but everyone knows she’s a younger dianne “ my son is a no good wrong in cnt “ Abbott lol
  4. Ken’s cut matters lol I’ve had worse cuts picking blackberrys
  5. Now that is a cut unlike the man girl scratches
  6. He’s sleeping he be back not making a fuss later on
  7. Apart from ryaldino and ted ther serious giblets n all the others on the Gaylord show fkn mere scratches lol
  8. Sardines just add salt add grill
  9. Yeh ya right they do smell in the kitchen I done them in a pan of oil on the Bbq everything is pretty much done on the Bbq with this sun we got Must say again the runner bean soup looks ace
  10. Looks class arry gonna fire up the Bbq later for grill sardines that soup would have made a great starter
  11. Bones heads tails the lot they were an every wk meal growing up that plateful cost £1.45 better than the smaller white bait esp if you do em ya self
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