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  1. green lurchers

    FAO Newkid

    Eye 👁 eye 👁 cherry pie lol who’s the daddyos something about the hammers
  2. green lurchers

    East coasting

  3. green lurchers

    East coasting

    20 ounce linc red sirloin for the vegans sake it lived a great life and tasted superb
  4. green lurchers

    East coasting

  5. green lurchers

    East coasting

    Spent few days taking in the sights and snacking around
  6. green lurchers

    Steak and Kidney Pudding

    Looks a cracking pud mate
  7. green lurchers


    How much cock has Owen Jones taken In the last wk ?It’s part of the remainers we love democracy plus cock and dianne Abbott week
  8. green lurchers

    View From Your Swim

  9. green lurchers


    It’s a shame but guy is a premier cnt infact he’s one of the Eu s cnt of the yr and incharge of Brexit lol
  10. green lurchers


  11. green lurchers

    RIP and good riddence

    Thought this post was about dianne abbot bit gutted really
  12. green lurchers


    It’s just so pro democracy to throw skinny latte milkshakes at war vets or trashing war memorials but when the boys turn up it’s “ the nazis are coming run away “ lol . Wnkrs need history lesson
  13. green lurchers


  14. green lurchers


    Plenty of protesters from all sides in London some people were complaining about a bag of shit after a lengthy enquiry dianne Abbott was told to fk off home before she opened its trap some remainers were wetting their soy knickers when the football lads approached but after the police intervened and kept the lads far far right away the remainers got the baby bottle between ther beards and chanted pro Eu songs while eating lettuce and birdseed and felt happy and gay and euro the cmtbags even the bias media came out and to play and broadcast heaps of bullshit as the sun shone in Euro London ahh bless then it got dark and the remainers shit emselves and ran home to mummy And bitty