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  1. green lurchers

    Trump Under Fire

    Taking them out by the thousands boo hooo ahhh lol
  2. green lurchers

    Trump Under Fire

    The Clinton foundation in Haiti yep all’s good x
  3. green lurchers

    Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    Last to leave
  4. green lurchers

    Wild brownies

    Fine brace of fin perfect fish
  5. green lurchers

    Sweet 16th

    Good luck to all
  6. green lurchers

    Trump Under Fire

    Killary uma now that was the other choice don just a pussycat up against the evil that could be running the same show but hey let’s not forget that ? Ok let’s lol
  7. green lurchers

    Nudge nudge Merkel

    They celebrate their great vision with plenty pats on the back etc the reality is somewhat uncomftable to the folk effected by their great political vision that lacks common sense
  8. green lurchers

    Flying the flag

    That’s a shame jjm I like to see the flag flying
  9. green lurchers

    Nudge nudge Merkel

    Lol “ we have a vision of Europe “ “let’s completely fk it up then let’s spawn hatred and chaos on the streets we can call it multicultural Europe “
  10. green lurchers

    Fathers day

    Lol the new age squad need helmet
  11. green lurchers

    Nudge nudge Merkel

    Common sense on refugee / immigration matters should be sorted by the common people not fkn imbeciles like Merkel and the eu did they honestly think folk would accept this disastrous policy they dreamt up over a bit of dinner in Brussels lol
  12. green lurchers

    Nudge nudge Merkel

    Now German Hard-Liners Want to Close Their Borders, Too Image Interior Minister Horst Seehofer of Germany left, is leading a mutiny inside Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc that could bring down the governing coalition and the chancellor herself.CreditJohn Macdougall/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images By Katrin Bennhold June 15, 2018 BERLIN — The populist surge that has left Hungary, Austria and Italy threatening to close their borders to migrants has now spread to Germany, where it could even bring down Chancellor Angela Merkel and further unhinge Europe Union’s cohesion and stability. This week, Ms. Merkel has faced an increasingly virulent mutiny over the issue led by her own interior minister, Horst Seehofer, a former Bavarian premier with a towering stature and plenty of beer tent charisma, who sounds more in line with the nativist forces shaping politics in neighboring countries than with his own boss. His region found itself on the front line of the refugee crisis in 2015, when Ms. Merkel opened the borders to hundreds of thousands of migrants who poured into Bavaria. He has long been an outspoken critic of her decision, and in recent days the two leaders have been locked in a standoff. Like Europe’s more hard-line politicians on the right, Mr. Seehofer wants Germany to turn back at the border migrants who have no papers or who are already registered in another European country.
  13. green lurchers

    Flying the flag

  14. green lurchers

    Just checking 👀

    No wat u mean I like a good gnaw on lamb but it ain’t cheap the dog knows he’s on the game for a treat
  15. green lurchers

    Bit of research

    Peanut butter research , , grinded reaper an habanero chillies with mint and parsley then eggs chillie on top ..how u like yours .