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  1. Great stuff great day’s. Will add bless this house dads army high chaparral kojak Steptoe on the buses marine boy water margin
  2. create racial division ? like Obama did then lol or just stop the use of words like mother daughter sister oh they doing that one awoman
  3. A man that run his silent campaign in a bunker with no policies other than shutting down workers jobs ignored the “idea and blm while the burnt a hole in billions of property for months on end and couldn’t fill a car park when mick told him to go out wins an election ang on while I lolololol of course he did pull the other one
  4. What’s president biden oops I mean Obama done so far ? Wat policies has he started ? Except the usual and not so hard to believe erase rep policies ? Wall , china , Iran , pipeline , oil , demonise republicans , so far all I can see is the man woman gender ball shit lol ffs wat are ther improvements for Americans ? Aside from paying fir illegals ? Obama is back and antifa still rioting lol lousy load of commie ideas it’s about time a war started to line a few pockets that’s wat they good at no policies except drain the tax payer and get the fed to pay bills while the swan about doing f
  5. Got more chance if I joined a South American caravan I’d be able to walk across the border get an house and money and you’d pay for it lol
  6. Cheers ted but Don’t think Trudeau would let me in ya know tax payer nationalist hunting man lol
  7. Any rooms to let in your mansion ted inc meals ?
  8. It’s the way mate before I done the brisket I had the oven on a 12hr slow cook of beef for mid wk soup and keep the house warm last night
  9. Looks ace arry We had a 7hr brisket
  10. Egg lovers united If my chickens stopped laying id eat the chicken
  11. Lol believe me nothing gets missed with me tongue Like an anteater
  12. I believe Its fake of bridge water wifey got whole set plates cups bowls for a fiver at bootsale the real bridge waters are a tenner an egg cup I would have sold the lot if they were real She picks up some decent china I sell it ASAP before she breaks it lol
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