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  1. They be changing the voting rules if they could to 1 democrat vote = 2 lol
  2. FBI announce the hunter Biden laptop emails are not a part of Russian smear campaign which pisses on shifty schiffs chips lol
  3. The prob with this day n age is accusations. Takes two mins to accuse and yrs to get the shit that is chucked at you off ya back.cos half it sticks The Dems. Are the bees knees at chucking shit. It’s painful that the republicans. Havnt worked out a plan knowing full well what shit they gonna get chucked ther way next. It’s plain as day to read them Dems even down to the Russian smear lol wasn’t it Hillary that accused. Tulsi the sort gabbard of being a Russian agent not to long ago anything that comes home to the Dems is blamed on Russia , Jesus. They so obvious fair percentage of Americans have an inbuilt fear of Russia. But they should have a fear of the Dems. Who not far away from a socialist / communist Trojan horse take over the cc’p have been brainwashing uni students for yrs in the name of mandarin studies folk should do ther homework before they vote sadly they don’t. But if gets to late it is to late if you look at the big plan from China and the way to break down USA values tradition politics and work ther way in to destroy USA. Ain’t got t be a rocket scientist to see wats going on ffs bolt on the amount of dem politicians on the gravey train. Fk me it dint take much to work Out the big picture unless you got hang up about the amount of golf that don plays and corona is all his fault ? Who’s fault ?
  4. Fascinating that two of hunters pals who are looking at prison think ones in already are unloading thousands of incriminating emails. It seems hunter isn’t on his way to prison but they are and dropping plenty on hunter
  5. Brilliant what let’s trump down in the eyes of the haters is he plays to much golf
  6. Lol you would struggle to find any business man that’s not been a little crooked . But in the words of Thomas Sowell ,” show me the evidence “
  7. Very strange that Harris gained very little votes in her bid to become dem leader but now she’s in pole position. To become the president. Very strange dem policy. But isn’t that wat ther are strange devious party
  8. Me neither mate esp taking the voter fraud. Into account lol once all the dead voters have cast ther vote anything can happen
  9. Russian smear hang on while I lololololol Adam schiff says so lying cnt
  10. And if trump hadn’t got elected it would never be mentioned along with other swamp matters
  11. Ther is a difference to treading in shit and being up to ya neck in it lol media coverage an all that
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