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  1. green lurchers

    Beautiful day

    Cheers bud Oregano toms and basil mozzarella toms and tomato salad with s Piri Piri chicken on the grill got to make the most of these days
  2. green lurchers

    Beautiful day

    Lol using up the home grown herbs and Toms
  3. green lurchers

    Beautiful day

    Shame bud it’s 19c here and looking good grill weather
  4. green lurchers

    Beautiful day

    Not a cloud in the sky , feeling a bbq on the cards before the temp drops got the girl fired up and ready to roll
  5. green lurchers

    Trump Under Fire

  6. green lurchers

    Couple Of Pics

  7. green lurchers

    Final say March

    Top and bottom of it is we voted you lost stop crying out it fkn retards Sadiq Kahn’s got something to say so il just clean my ferret cage out it’s about the same shit
  8. green lurchers

    View From Your Swim

  9. green lurchers

    Final say March

    Alleged a million marched against the iraq war but Tony macaroni the war criminal still went ahead and created plenty of shit for the world dispute a march
  10. green lurchers

    Final say March

  11. green lurchers

    Final say March

    Whinging kids and wishy washy teachers don’t cut my way action is wats needed not namby pampy ideology
  12. green lurchers

    Final say March

    I know it’s not like the left to fib and lie is it ?
  13. green lurchers

    Final say March

    Lol I had better things to do than antagonise the loosers great to see the Lord Mayor of London lol proper jockey cnt giving his bile , it’s the liberal leftie way to lie accuse cheat and generally behave like a load of fkn morons bet the pubs in London never earnt a tanner and the only food consumed all day was lettuce and soy beans The local UKIP gang were out local so I helped them sort the eu out
  14. Still picking toms regular as the season draws in the Tumblers still bringing it on and a few money makers today
  15. green lurchers

    Final say March

    It’s no surprise the leftie liberal news to over exaggerate the numbers yeh there was a few thousand spotty face kids ther along with the vast majority of the U.K. s school teachers to help them along the route with soy snacks , all in all it was a fair collection of leftie whingy whiny moaning cnts no more than ,,,,,75,000 at a guess no where near the liberty and livelihood march