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  1. I bet he be out today ferreting a few for bolting in the wind and rain
  2. A good mate with my young cloughie bred dog 30yr back
  3. Tidy little dog that trev runs the hedge line well
  4. The old lad still out every wk for a run on the small fields he’s happy scenting em up for a quick spin
  5. Haha she still looks in good nick mate my two sofa surfers lol
  6. Agree but the stigma of must be “working bred “ puts people off , I don’t know why? , race bred show bred can do well , some can go on to be red hot , as u well know the owner will be a big factor on how the dog will turn out if conditioned to a high standard as with most dogs trev 70s show bred bred poppy very smart bitch no work breds in her ped sort of upends the must see parents work must be work bred mindset
  7. he’s doing a fine job for a man in charge and with vision lol
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