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  1. Son invited us round for a Bbq as long as I left it alone shame about the chicken getting cremated so I left it lol turned out edible well most of it
  2. I be up soon with a young en hopefully it won’t fly off a ten foot ledge lol
  3. First class happy birthday mate
  4. Well done trev the dogs and ferrets have worked well for you as always enjoy the rest
  5. You forgot the snowflake latte squad the same gang that chant “refugees welcome here “ who live behind security fences with security guards lol
  6. Knocked up Indian turmeric only powder used with home grown naga x chillies
  7. Looks tasty mate
  8. I eat em regular and me dogs packed with good gear yellow bits on salad dandelions with purple dog vilotes dogs have leafs an stems helps the guts
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