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  1. Looks like she showed herself in good form mate , little dot has bounced back to her old self she might need an outing soon if she carry’s on
  2. Looks like she had a good night trev
  3. Cheers great days gone nevideth Knight bitch and a banatay x racer a top notch bitch on open land year after year
  4. Pups look healthy Trev , Poppy’s a tough little bitch she’s been a great dog for you over the years good luck with the litter
  5. green lurchers

    Smokers delight

    I had a go of the gear on the boards it really was top draw
  6. green lurchers

    Smokers delight

    Nice bit of bbq food on offer had a load up and a try of the hot wings made with reaper juice the pork ribs wer Delish and the chilli Connolly was the best hot dog I’ve eaten in the U.K had a try of some other bits proper tasty even met dolly Parton . , as usual the drinks wer a rip off so headed into town for a few beers
  7. green lurchers

    Bbq heaven

    I like dolly always felt she needed a portion
  8. green lurchers

    Bbq heaven

  9. green lurchers

    Bbq heaven

    lol I’m on a last Minuite training programme. Stir fry with red n green nagas and a white habanero
  10. green lurchers

    Bbq heaven

    Best not to go to the docs they full of bad info best to just crack on
  11. green lurchers

    Bbq heaven

    I’m getting a bit old now back in the day I could knock.back a bit of chop
  12. green lurchers

    Bbq heaven

    Hahahaha I do like a hot dog fully loaded of course
  13. green lurchers

    Bbq heaven

    Lol mush I got some hotties growing in me gardy I havnt had a chance to get in the hot groove just yet but I’m going with a few heat seekers so it should be fun