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  1. green lurchers

    Trump Under Fire

    Women know your limitations in this case 4 dense fk heds thought the women of colour trick will win the day look at the bias media. Flik flacking holding the racist card up. Gets bit boring when the squad try to encompass every woman with a complexion other than white into there frenzy attack on the president, USA has wised up after Clinton everyone can see the b s Yet they still keep churning on trump 2020!
  2. green lurchers

    Trump Under Fire

    The US president has faced a barrage of criticism for tweets in which he said female Democrat politicians should "go back and help fix" their "broken and crime-infested countries, “ 100% correct. The squad of 4 anti American Congress ladies very much like our dianne Abbott are full of hate and spite to all usa and Jewish communities go back and fix the shit hole you came from seems fair enough instead wanting to turn the USA into the shithole they came or descended from Trump. 2020
  3. green lurchers

    Memorable fish lost

    And my other nephew with decent jack
  4. green lurchers

    Memorable fish lost

    I think of the sighted lost catch more than the banked or boated catches over the yrs, for me fish losses test. your passion and resolve for the game esp if you all but touched the fish before the hook falls out or some kind of other drama ,I’ve had plenty of success at loosing fish when all but played out the longest saga started almost 15 yr back and bounced back to create a double mind bender , always wanted a big jack over the years and on my lucky day a big horse eye was close to landing when mr shark thought it would be funny to leave me with the head only ok I can deal with that , yrs later having and plenty smaller jacks caught the chance of a big fly caught jack crevalle was on me a perfect cast to the 30lb jack it monstered the fly away she goes and the battle started. Fly line everywhere doing the tango it looped knotted and took top section of the fly rod .out a few hundred yards 20 mins later Of drama gets the knot and tip back on plays it for another 5 or 10 mins nearing that time of joy and inches from the boat I can see it coming home to daddy. Calmly and in slow motion the hook drops and it rolled over and swum away my little nephew looked up to me and quoted “ you can’t catch em all uncs “ you gotta laugh little nephew with a nice jack
  5. green lurchers

    Bass session.

    Sure have that blue minnow took some fish and plenty of stick prob the most effective lure I’ve had in clear shallow water
  6. green lurchers

    Bass session.

    And a £25 yo-Zuri put out of action by a 30lb cuda on it’s debut lol and a shallow runner a mahi fave of mine . You either retire great lures or you may never see them again
  7. green lurchers

    Bass session.

    Couple of my old warrior lures in retirement
  8. green lurchers

    Essex v Yorkshire

    Lol no pain no gain
  9. green lurchers

    Essex v Yorkshire

    It was enjoyable watching Essex slaying Yorkshire. Over a few beers I
  10. green lurchers

    Essex v Yorkshire

    A sport that starts with breakfast drinks dinner drinks tea drinks that do for me
  11. green lurchers

    Essex v Yorkshire

    Essex in control time for drinks and more drinks