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  1. that's the most accurate description of a f1 beddywhippet I ever heard, funny little dog describes them to a tee.
  2. looks like you got lucky? I think you underestimate yourself, you seem to be able to get the best out of a dog. it's no coincidence
  3. wait and see what happens. always see it as a personal fxxck up on my part if I have been seen.
  4. sadly my friend I am at that stage now. mooching with little dog and single Jill in coat and 8 or 9 nets. bit of longnetting if numbers improve, different days but still enjoying it.
  5. poxon is right they are not running dogs. I only keep this type of little lurcher now. excellent moochers, mine Catches rabbits but you are talking small 20 yard dashes.will work any cover, a natural marker and will take squirrels and odd pheasant. this type is great for ferreting, and bushing. never a dull walk.
  6. Yes you probably have. just seen your map to two crows, done quite a bit around there many moons ago
  7. lol it's not as bad as I make out. I am on a bin waggon mate.
  8. I work there every Thursday it ought to be called Warsaw twinned with Beirut
  9. friend of mine has kept beddywhippets all his life in his 70s now. few years back he had a whippet x bull. said it was probably best dog he's had. used mainly for ferreting said it had great nose, everything the beddy crosses could do.
  10. we all see things differently but looking at that bitch I can clearly see collie blood.
  11. years ago Lincolnshire was the promised land to East Midlands lads like me. you would see them on grass verges, roundabouts etc. plenty run over. I went to the coast early new years day and didn't see a single rabbit run over or sat on the verges, what a sad state it is.
  12. fred90

    Night out .....

    did they catch owt
  13. nowt wrong with Wales or the Welsh. we regularly go to greenacres at Blackrock sands, North Wales. Great beach and countryside also go every year to Newquay for a few days Nice little place even take little dog with me.
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