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    go for it micky. Good drops are getting hard to find, just want the right wind and hope you hit the jackpot.
  2. good point. I was always taught no talking, definitely no smoking, keep noise to a minimum but sometimes as you say it makes no difference. I have also run a rabbit to ground with little dog and turned a Ferret in straight away and rabbit has bolted, yet always been told this is a definite sin. sometimes they bolt, sometimes they don't.
  3. some ferrets kill and lie up far more than others. some won't stay with stubborn rabbits others will stay till pancake day. no crackpot falconer will ever change that.
  4. to call someone a armchair hunter who you have never met is bit childish in my opinion. I speak to chaps in there 60s and 70s who have had a lifetime at it Derbyshire men and they are experiencing the same.
  5. I have to agree with you. I think badger numbers have a big effect on rabbits. some people won't have it but it's no coincidence. I have seen hedgerows and embankments were there were good rabbit setts now taken over by badgers huge mounds of earth.
  6. dog marked 2 setts in places where I didn't think there was any left. never seen more than a single rabbit here for last few years. resisted temptation to ferret them in the hope they get back but if someone else does them it will have been pointless.
  7. it's all the do gooders saying things are bad for you. you can make statistics mean anything. they force fed a rat 62 hot dogs......... and it died. so don't eat hot dogs.
  8. happy days sadly gone forever. you have hit it perfectly there. early 80s pheasants £5 a brace and people in the pubs snapped your hand off. now they give them away.
  9. in Derbyshire here. there was a rumour someone had seen a rabbit but after thorough investigation it was proved a hoax.
  10. I have seen more mixy this year than I have in years gone bye. I still believe its a bigger killer than rvhd. how does dales, Northumberland, etc still produce big numbers despite these 2 diseases decimating other parts of the country?
  11. Good write up. I call that a good mooch, 2 rabbits, dogs done it's job so has the ferret, best not comment on your performance . that's my type of ferreting these days 1 jill little dog and half a dozen nets.
  12. as a young man in the 80s Lincolnshire was the promised land for us lads of the east Midlands. we lamped, longnetted and ferreted right through the seasons. we often shot double figures on the grass verges using a little 3 bore, also known as a garden gun. now when I visit Lincolnshire I can't believe how the numbers have disappeared.
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