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  1. that's what I used last time
  2. good luck with your pup it seems to give you a new lease of life having a pup in tow.
  3. next season. what it is, I haven't lamped for nearly 30 years. I will be running this young whippet next season. nothing serious, just a few nights a month, only out couple of hours max. just want something that will do the job without breaking the bank. any suggestions welcome.......... could be a dangerous combination, Old fart and a whippet.
  4. is the beam wide enough mate?
  5. one thing I have learnt as I have got older. don't pine for the winter to hurry up, enjoy the summer, the winter will come soon enough
  6. there isn't any poor farmers mate.
  7. many years ago a chap around me bred a litter of bull x whippets, not the bull x of today. these were the old type of Staffordshire, a leaner leggier than today's staff. all the litter made handy dogs, working on various stuff. mate had a dog pup, his only complaint was he was sometimes inclined to drop on other dogs.
  8. Yes I know exactly what you mean and earth working bedlingtons seem as rare as rocking horse shit. what I call bushing beddy, that work rats, rabbits etc still seem to produce when put to whippets.
  9. it's a hard one really. do you need a earth dog as a stud dog? all the beddywhippets I have had have, hunted, marked caught etc. what would a patx do any different?. I would certainly try one for my type of mooching, lakeland, fell, Russell, patt etc x whippet. but I only see them doing the same job.
  10. if I had a time machine I would be back in a flash. Great days, and memories
  11. have always done that mate. this time of year you are restricted anyway, corn, rape, thick cover etc, but keep dogs exercised on general mooching, anything they pick up feeds the ferrets.
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