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  1. fred90

    For our special boy our team

    I always thought Welsh boys were quite reserved. just goes to show
  2. fred90

    For our special boy our team

    isn't that dirty stuff
  3. fred90

    2019 summer internationals (RWC warm-up matches)

    I was doing very all through schools until my career was ended by a catastrophic lack of talent.
  4. you certainly right about canteens ours is the same. I would be making most of the places you are working in
  5. don't know what this country is coming to letting you have breaks, they will be paying you next.
  6. fred90

    Mini Ferrets

    exactly his theory Arry
  7. fred90

    Mini Ferrets

    a fellow off here. (he's not on now) who knows a bit about ferreting. bred 3 litters last year. he had a hob & Jill out at around 15 weeks and they where bolting rabbits. he bred my 2 and I have no complaints.
  8. fred90

    Mini Ferrets

    I think you are talking about Abbott brothers in Norfolk.
  9. you will have to explain to him what the furry things are.
  10. let's try and be sensible for once. the man is a professional pest controller that means he does it for a living. ferrets are bread and butter for him. he has a great ferret court and has years of experience show the man some respect for a change.
  11. watch him katchy he's started putting a couple of kisses to your replies
  12. fred90

    Red mite and pregnant jill

    go and spout your shit somewhere else you fxxxcking retard. you contribute nothing to every thread you comment on. the whole forum can see what you are.