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  1. there is usually greyhound blood in the non peds.
  2. anyone working little non ped whippets?
  3. what I call a good mooch how's the top one bred?
  4. I always avoid trails and well used footpaths. my daily mooching gets me as remote as I can. now on permanent arsehole alert the amount of people about is unreal. just got back saw a bloke in a fxxxcking onesie and trainers wandering about and a chap pushing a mountain bike up a ploughed field.
  5. we are like rabbits waiting for myxi
  6. fred90

    Running lines

    1.5mm I think is best or 2mm.anything else I find too bulky.
  7. many moons ago early 84 me and a mate fetched a dog around 3 years old from near Chesterfield £15 (big spenders us mining lads). following night took him lamping. First run live back to hand. second run live back to hand. 3rd run missed, 4th run live back to hand. thought who the fxxck would sell a dog like this. 5th run stopped after 20 yards, I thought he's not seen it. 6th run didn't even get 2 yards it was all over he simply didn't want to know. he would catch first couple of rabbits then that was it. he didn't stay with us long.
  8. remember it well. it was at Staveley near Old Ireland pit.
  9. I like a out and out tryer. I like a dog that tries at everything rather than a thinker. I think its similar to calling a dog off quarry it would always be in back of my mind if the dog is really trying.
  10. can't we get back to whippets and ferrets, I thought Google had sent me on a government site
  11. no it's England that's the problem. I continue to go to Scotland and Wales for regular holidays and have always found there is no class problem. just look at the rugby great craic at Murray field and Cardiff. then go to Twickenham and it's full of hurray Henry.
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