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  1. traditional man myself tomo. like you say each section is I think like a little stop net, so I would think you will be fine with that.
  2. to me that's exactly what they are bred for. I know greyhound blood would produce a better runner but I don't really need a what I call a running dog. I see little whippet crosses as mooching, marking, hunting dog's. mine catches rabbits usually short 20 yard dashes or just out of cover. she regularly puts up the big rabbits manages to get one turn then it's away but it's no bad thing.
  3. what I like about the terrier x whippet is as a general mooching dog they have that never give up attitude. whether it's working a water logged ditch, a thick bramble, standing corn, hedge bottom etc, it keeps at it wether it's a rabbit, pheasant, squirrel etc.
  4. I don't know what area you are from mate. around here when we were kids beddywhippets have always been popular along with Russel x whippet and fox terrier x whippet. bull x whippet were used as well but I am talking Stafford x whippet. not pit.i haven't got a clue what a pit is really . collie cross was non existent really.
  5. what you saying katchy?. there ain't a better type than the herding type?
  6. what do you think a collie x whippet will be better at than a bedlington x whippet? first cross or three quarter?
  7. good to see someone is still catching with the nets, that's a nice number nowadays. what twine is the new net?. as Terry says hanked up lovely
  8. Nice and steady pup. but be careful a dog like that could lead you astray
  9. when axe is soft goose wants another 45 minutes.
  10. and leave a box of milk tray.
  11. it happens a lot. holes with footprints in the sand look well used but empty. as you say sett looks abandoned but well occupied. I wouldn't ferret without a little marking dog, worth there weight in gold
  12. its much better with a handline
  13. You have the morals of a alley cat tomo
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