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  1. depending on whether you work alone or not there is enough to do night netting. I would leave the dog at home. that's if you are in dodgy places and are out to catch rabbits. if you are on safe ground and it's a bit of fun then try it.
  2. if we were depending on the rabbits to live mate, we would be looking like anorexic Ethiopians.
  3. not got a clue mate. his website blows your mind with frequencies, electronics etc,.... I just want to catch a rascally wabbit.
  4. I sent this chap my old mk1 box for small repair and recalibration, charged me £25.he asked for payment by cheque and sent me box back before I had even posted the cheque. did a spot on job
  5. After much consideration I have decided not to put my beddywhippet bitch to for my next pup. the thought of producing a litter, dealing with the timewasters etc holds no joy for me and I have never been interested in the money side of it. I am going for my first straight whippet, looking for a kc worker, anyone know of any future litters in the pipeline?
  6. Nice bitch , what's her breeding?
  7. that's the main reason I only keep little whippet crosses, they will rat, squirrel odd pheasant, partridge etc.
  8. cost and worth are 2 very different things you either pay the price or you don't, it really is that simple.
  9. catapult and a ball bearing at side of head.
  10. problem is years ago loads of lads were rabbiting, ratting, catapults etc. nowadays it's nanny state and do gooders, anyone doing a bit is seen as a bit of a odd ball.
  11. the appearance of myxi is always bad, but the one good thing to come out of it, is it does a young dog the world of good. Great confidence booster
  12. far too many do gooders about nowadays.
  13. a well known member on here, (he isn't on now). told me not to touch them with a barge pole. he said you couldn't trust them.
  14. can't beat a bit of ginger
  15. looks in great shape , like it.
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