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  1. fred90

    Hot weather exercise.

    can you get me one with a tabby coat and no knickers
  2. fred90

    Hot weather exercise.

    Think aggression might be a problem with that tad of collie
  3. fred90

    Mooching lurcher

    maybe but they change hell of a lot. pics at 8 weeks and again at 5 months
  4. fred90

    Mooching lurcher

    everyone you meet thinks they are cute. if only they knew
  5. fred90

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    yes same as lamped rabbits they learn from it.
  6. fred90

    Bloody horses

    your wee bitch has got a lot of sense. if I was there it would be a question who made hedge first wee bitch or me. I can't stand the fxxking things.
  7. fred90

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    bang on with that. I like how you say some rabbits are nervy. they are that nervy some bolt while you are netting up before a Ferret has been entered.
  8. fred90

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    we all learned field craft as kids. no smoking, talking around holes noise kept to absolute minimum etc. but it all comes down to the same things some rabbits just don't bolt some days.
  9. fred90

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    my kind of ferret mate. then again I am only playing at it these days but enjoy it.
  10. fred90

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    have to agree with you there. by the way that little Jill is useless and not worth shed space. you should give it to me without delay
  11. fred90

    Collie greyhound

    it's a half cross as I see it.
  12. fred90

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    how can kibble be natural to dog's or ferrets? I would say all but the resident half wit on here feed meat. as for feeding rabbit causes killing in absolute bxxxxcks. ferrets are ferrets some will stay with a rabbit and have to be dug to. others will leave it and move on. you don't know what they are till you work them.
  13. fred90


    I have always found them to be steadier. I have had my share of both and find coloured ones to be a lot faster.
  14. fred90


    I am very partial to whites. getting back into it last year I couldn't find any well bred whites. so ended up with 2 coloured Jill's. not complaining but whites are always first choice for me.