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  1. all mine have had Jaws like a gin trap, shows how different dog's can be.
  2. Yes I can see your point, I have always used them for hunting up cover, marking holes etc, this they exel at, they do catch on short runs but I don't class them as running dog's, not mine anyway.
  3. I certainly think that beddywhippets have changed through the years, in the 70s and early 80s I grew up with a few first cross dogs around me. they were around 19tts and very whippety and fast, my own first crosses since have all lacked a yard, and not been as racy built, I can only put it down to the beddys of today.
  4. lots on pet websites, personally I wouldn't look at 99% of them but now and again there is something worth looking at, myself I would look for a three quarter bred.
  5. I agree with you, I hope he wins, I saw him on sky Sunday morning, only chap that dares mention Muslims and tell you like it is. but in my opinion we are as corrupt a country as any other and the smear campaign begins.
  6. I didn't know they were fielding that many candidates, a few years ago I was in Skegness and there were posters everywhere, vote ukip, now skeggy and Boston is full of immigrants and everyone you spoke to were moaning about it, I thought ukip should take a seat here yet tories still got in, do you think after 7 attempts fatage will win a seat?
  7. I fully respect your opinion mate, but labour were finished a few years ago, wouldn't be in power for decades, now look were we are, as they say a weeks a long time in politics.
  8. have always voted mate, but what do you do can't vote tory Labour are shite and reform can't even field enough candidates in all constituencies.
  9. fred90


    anyone with anything in the pipeline yet?
  10. don't give up the day job.
  11. my mrs wears the trousers mate
  12. it's a rarity to see young people with runners anymore, at least it is around here, hardly anyone carrying the pigeons, whippets, terriers anymore, as for ferrets people see me as strange and do you put them down your trousers..... ffs,
  13. there is a litter in freeads, whippet x pointer look lovely pups, but price is steep
  14. good luck with your recovery mate I don't like this getting old malarkey either but I don't fancy the alternative.
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