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  1. same here mate. I would have thought they would be rarer than beddys
  2. why complicate things? just use your judgement of what u believe the type of cross will suit and buy a pup. take a chance. you can search for the holy grail, jump through hoops and it could still turn out not what you want. Good luck
  3. it all comes down to what you want to hunt and work. mine are no good on anything bigger than a rabbit, but I am not interested in anything bigger than a rabbit. plenty of types for different jobs
  4. a good Whippet x or straight whippet should do the job for you.
  5. Yes mate, but these were big tall oak trees and soon disappeared.
  6. Nice one . out this morning, saw a few but couldn't get near them. they were off along the tree tops.
  7. what is that famous quote katchy? I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member
  8. I think they were called a eubank or something, and I don't mean Chris.
  9. years ago it would have been the folding fourten and high powered air rifles. now as said before a changing world full of do gooders. but we have adapted to it and are enjoying it, talk about old dogs and new tricks
  10. there looks a useful litter on pets for homes, 5/8ths. 3/8ths. but at todays prices £1450. only the pet homes must be paying it.
  11. it all comes down to personal preference really. I only have bitches, I seem to bond well with them. work wise I would say nothing to choose between the two.
  12. remember grasshopper, experience comes with age
  13. I had one off Kelly in 91 good little ferreting bitch I was happy with her.
  14. I don't know about Phil Haynes, I meant a friend of mine has kept beddywhippets for over 40 years.
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