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  1. 29 rabbits is a great night lamping . benuga bred by any chance?
  2. great pics of some cracking whippets, were they all from the same lines, working, racing, etc?
  3. couldn't agree more, I am down to one old Jill now, will hopefully breed from her in the spring if she is up to it or buy 2 young uns. not much to go at but things can change and when you have good marking dogs you are always in with a chance of a rabbit .
  4. I like it, very racey looks a nice size, would suit my needs nicely
  5. I like the dog jess Phillips has. three quarter smooth blue dog, looks like good dog. would fancy it put back to a whippet, only a eighth out cross but can still make a difference.
  6. I always freeze them first now and feed at a later date.
  7. same here mate, I found if I gutted them first they would eat them.
  8. looks like a great day out mateout in good country and nine rabbits, doesn't get much better.
  9. whippet size seems to vary even in same litters, I expected my bitch to be a bit bigger, she is 19tts and lighter built at only 23 pounds. she is very sharp catching stuff on hedgerows, embankments woods etc. she has sometimes caught stuff before I have realised she is on anything. size wise she is better suited to what I want her for, now if you want to lamp regularly and run big open ground then I think the bigger ones are better suited.
  10. looks a cracking little bitch hope it makes what you want, none of my bitches made more than 18 1/2 tts.
  11. I was looking for my first whippet around 2 years ago, liked the lynperry but don't know if he still breeds dogs anymore, couldn't find any. I went for a pennymeadow bitch and I am well pleased with the her. I would look at men who are working whippets, there are a few on here. think last year both Cantona and a chap called bobza both had litters from good lines, I would happily have bought a pup of either of them
  12. just turned two, catching stuff regularly daytime now, will do a bit of lamping with her soon.
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