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  1. great pics Terry .I really miss a few drops with traditional nets.Still got the tackle but sadly no decent drops to go at.
  2. Ben benham on ebay,not the cheapest but quality and service is spot on .
  3. don't be so daft tomo anyone can see it's a old potato this time of year
  4. I like the look of those ,how big have they made
  5. probably the best coat I have had on a dog
  6. how's she bred mate.is she beddy grew x to a whippet or a mix of all 3 on both sides
  7. can be a bit of a lottery.last one made 18 tts,with a flimsy linty coat.this one is 18 1/2tts with a thick rough double coat.what I have found is the line bred ones,beddywhippet x beddywhippet often throw bigger than the first cross.some have been 21inch and strong bitches .
  8. I had always fancied a straight whippet ,whippet lads on here told they would do anything a beddywhippet would and better .I had my doubts ,would they mark reliably ?work brambles ,nettles etc .Well it's early days but she hunts up well is a natural marker,goes through cover and is now starting to catch bits and bobs .downside ,is thin skin she gets plenty of nicks and cuts doesn't bother her .upside is her drive and determination to hunt .
  9. I have had both first cross and line bred beddywhippet over 30 years .ideal for what you are looking for .they are great for rat,rabbit ,squirrel ,pheasant etc .I also have my first whippet who is now a year old and I am very impressed with her,either will do the job .
  10. Yes it isn't common but does happen ,the ones I have seen were bred and owned by experienced dog men
  11. usually blue/black or fawn.you definitely get brindle in first cross ,I have also seen black and white parti colour as well .that Bedlington expert glover also wrote you never get smooth coated in genuine first cross ,even more bxxxxcks from someone who should know better seen a few smooth first cross .
  12. it's all a bit of a battle of wits,they don't who or how many are behind that lamp.......but at the same time you don't know who or how many are coming.
  13. local mooch this morning,she put a couple of rabbits up but didn't get a clear run at either. she's now 13 months old ,only had 1 rabbit a squirrel a mole and 2 pigeons. opportunities are limited locally. first whippet and despite whippet lads on here telling me that they would do anything a beddywhippet would I had my doubts. can only say so far they were spot on,she hunts up well is a natural marker and will find and put stuff out brambles ,cover even nettles.
  14. a friend of mine had one as pup years ago ,at the same time I had deerhound x greyhound ,collie x greyhound mix.we took them out together over the coming year ,mine progressed well,hunting up,cover etc,then catching .the greyhound showed no interest in anything really ,never ranging very far or using its nose.this is my only experience of greyhounds others may fare differently .
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