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  1. nice pup, I too have my first whippet she's 19 weeks, I don't think it's the brightness of collie lurchers in general. I am finding the beddywhippet pups I have had were far more forward at the same age.
  2. they were on one of the Internet sites mate, don't think they were cheap though but nothing on there ever is.
  3. you can't beat squirelling, with dog and catapult mate, never mooch without a catty nowadays. saw a litter today, first cross beddy/cocker pups, working parents. I thought to myself they could be just the thing.
  4. she's coming on nicely, just over 4 months old,
  5. I wouldn't be lamping with a beddywhippet in the first place.
  6. always think beddywhippet is the better option, that bit quicker than a terrier and fast enough on short runs. not saying they can get everywhere a terrier can but there's not much they can't get through.
  7. lovely bitch Terry . I think a lot have been disappointed because they expect things that's beyond them. they are good at what they do within reason... was she a first cross?
  8. marking rat, rabbit, squirrel.
  9. Couldn’t agree more mate, first cross will suit you fine.
  10. I am in Derbyshire. little beddywhippet woke me up at 2.30am to go out and shit, had shits all day and been sick a few times, lay shaking in her bed, very unlike her.
  11. had several, also known as a garden gun and a 3 bore. 1 was sadly left under a Lincolnshire hedge with a bag of pheasant, bet they are well hung by now....... it was 1984.
  12. a beddywhippet will suit you well. they are not really a running dog, but will be fine for country walks and ferreting. a good one will work cover and find game, rabbit, squirrel, pheasant etc. they will catch on short runs. they are easy to live with, in house etc. great country companion. need to get one from working stock, some sky high prices around but I would say about £400 a fair price but that's my take on it
  13. I can understand that . I don't know if its a age thing but I seem to be more attached these days. get a pup at 8 weeks and the time you put in is priceless. I have a little dog here that can't catch hares but fxxck me she can find them, it's only a matter of time before we end up in trouble, all I can do is act daft enough... it won't be hard.
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