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  1. after reading that around 75% of shooters use ott thought I would give it a go. despite my best efforts it's just not for me, I couldn't get on with it at all. shot ttf right from the start and will stick with it, what's others views do more on here use ott?
  2. nice onepeople talk about dog should mark silent, no sniffing down holes, scratching at mouth of hole etc, I don't give a monkeys trumpet as long as the dog tells you rabbits are at home.
  3. it doesn't take long for the penny to drop. Once they have marked and seen one bolt. ferreted years ago with a few Russell's always found them excellent markers
  4. many years ago we were ferreting a ditch in between railway and golf course in Lincolnshire, got 9 rabbits or so, just as dog marked a small sett a chap came up and said have you come for the eels. he pointed further up and off we went, the ditch was wriggling with eels, we started filling carrier bags with them. hour and half later mate said fxck me Where's the dog? I run back down the embankments and she was still sat there marking the sett. dropped ferret in and rabbit number 10.happy days
  5. these two natural markers from early age.
  6. Nice one Terry, I don't think some appreciate how important marking is. when a dog reaches its senior years and slows down it is still useful finding, marking etc, a good marking dog will always get you a rabbit.
  7. I think it's hard to get a copy, if you can tend to be a bit expensive.
  8. my kind of dog terry. but with commitment comes injury. Young whippet bitch has had 7 stitches in her chest last year and 3 weeks ago had her front leg stapled. 18 months old I do like her but it comes at a cost. she does work shit places though, this is a old pit tip.
  9. we are returning to feudal times, we are seen as mere peasants
  10. a bit harsh on the fox comparing it to kranky.
  11. fred90

    Drew a blank

    and it would send a glass eye to sleep.
  12. fred90

    Drew a blank

    that theory is correct mate, not had much practice at it and I found it too slow.
  13. fred90

    Drew a blank

    do you peg as you go Terry? I always worked as a pair years ago, now on my own find it easier to run net out then peg back.
  14. fred90

    Drew a blank

    it's there for next time, it's not easy on your own with traditional net's but I still don't fancy a quickset.
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