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  1. why do you have to add something else? some go f1 to f1 call them second generation. I have had beddywhippets bred this way, you get a lot more variation
  2. been looking myself mate. looks like hard work finding a good one.
  3. will it be a whippet when you get a new mutt?
  4. when someone disagrees with tomo, they sit down and talk about it..... then decide tomo was right
  5. many years ago (I sound like uncle Albert) about 82ish I went out with a chap had 2 first cross saluki / greyhound. he coursed in the day and lamped at night. they were both very good. did some good numbers.
  6. hope your not going to start threatening people and posting dodgy pictures of yourself.
  7. I would have one of them bobcocks,rabbits they were catching would suit me fine.
  8. it's a refreshing boost to this thread sir.
  9. I don't know if there is a midland this year mate.
  10. that's the CLA game fair. the midland game fair is always at weston Park.
  11. that's a hell of a dog. nothing compares to the specialist bred coursing dogs, unbelievable stamina. for me I like to see a little speedster catch it or miss it in the 1st 200 yards. but I am a mooch about old fart not a coursing lad.
  12. I ended up settling on 23/18. .65 precise and sumeike. plenty powerful for pigeons, squirrel, etc. and no hand tremble, and I have wrists like a fxxxcking poofter, so must be good.
  13. I have always believed some dogs do, and some don't, it's that simple.
  14. started saving up for a whippet pup for when I retire...... I am only 22
  15. it's a bit like boxing. trying to compare fighters of years ago to today. traditional dogs to today's dogs, different land different farming, different laws, it's not possible.
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