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  1. I’d give my right hand to be ambidextrous
  2. Why you shouldn’t use a grain bucket on a forklift to load soil
  3. And your f****d if you need a lift
  4. Plus he’s a 60 year old that shouldn’t be climbing trees with a saw in the woods alone but hey I,ll never learn, my last tree climbing fail
  5. Read my lips I DONT CARE my only pleasure and interest in this is taking the piss out of self righteous no it all ass wipes like you and your dim witted buddy’s, so please fire back another one of your blood pressure bursting reply’s I’m here all week
  6. I have 9 others in a similar state
  7. More than one tooth on my saw would you believe
  8. Working hands mate have a google
  9. out cutting thumb sticks the weekend and nearly sawed my thumb which I thought a little bit ironic
  10. Kind of blows nicepricks argument of hot weather out the water that one sandy so go steady he’s one of only 3 people that seem to agree or have time for your nonsense,it’s just more lies to try and explain why so many people are just dying for no apparent reason and as long as the fools keep clutching at it they will keep feeding it,
  11. Your going to do yourself a mischief if you don’t calm down, I don’t know how many ways I have to tell you I DONT CARE, I stated my stance at the start and haven’t wavered I,m doing just fine never suffered any of the restrictions you keep claiming the unvaccinated had to endure I,ve just got on with my life,
  12. The only facts we know is you have a chemical coursing through your vanes that we don’t you care about it’s effects because it’s in you and we don’t we know all protocols were broken to roll out the vaccine trial and we chose not to participate so it don’t effect us, you just keep trying to qualify your decision by putting those that had confidence in there own body’s to cope down so it makes you and your decision seem better, your a weak pathetic man that clings to some faceless body to tell you how to live your life and what your facts are because your not man enough to make your own choices
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