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  1. That’s not bad I was getting 25p a rabbit from the zoo back in the late 80s and 50p from the game dealer game dealer took unmarked ones only zoo took anything the dogs had caught so if you had a hard mouthed dog the bruising didn’t matter, trout were a £1 each at the same era so much more lucrative
  2. Greyman


    Same as that mate
  3. Welcome back again greb, if your having an identity crisis and need to talk just pm me, I,m sure it’s not that bad
  4. Kebab-meat and chips fed Akita at a guess
  5. Been with the same woman almost 40 years not even engaged, can’t stand weddings, vicars or religion so I,m out had to knock my best mate back when he asked me many moons ago he’s been divorced best part of 20 year now but hey ho each to there own
  6. In the wrong hands a spoon can be deadly
  7. Greyman

    Worm farms

    Same as that mate, just throw the dish water on the lawn give it ten, then go get the worms
  8. Feck me greb you changing names faster than pants
  9. I,m in Gloucester it’s like April here thunder heavy rain then bright sunshine
  10. If it’s like this go to 5 mins it’s the button above your thumb like most drills ????
  11. Sorry I can’t help but may I suggest you type your quandary into YouTube always someone filming themselves
  12. Greyman


    If only we had known, that all you had to do was send a shitload of weapons to a puppet leader we could have avoided nil point years ago
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