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  1. Quick butty before work
  2. Will clear some space
  3. Back on subject, I think we can all see, some believe and some don’t and if each are happy in there own truth,s then alls good
  4. Greyman

    airgun bbs

    Bunch of self righteous wankers on there anyway, best off asking on here if you still don’t know what’s best out of 177 and 22,
  5. You wanted to be governed by the eu and if you had your way those numbers would be minuscule by comparison, you also wanted Corbin to govern the uk ffs, why would anyone even bother trying to explain anything to a man who’s values are lower than a snakes belly button, you winging leftie
  6. I heard Clarkes are looking for someone to box shoes for them,
  7. Not really mate, bit old school now the old close season is gone, people used to fish for course species in summer and pike in winter, also the weather is not so consistent as it once was so seasons tend to blur into each other now, saw a couple of carp in the marina over the weekend so will get the carp rods out soon, but still have a few casts on the lures of an evening
  8. Surprising what not going out can do to a man, seems like it can have some perverse side effects
  9. Last knocking in the lucky onesie Outside the kitchen window,
  10. Hair of the dog and all that
  11. Think me and Gordon enjoyed Saturday night a little bit to much judging on my head this morning
  12. A bridge to far for Williams sadly,
  13. 3 weeks in, Been a plasterer for 35 years, done carparts for two years and now I,m a boat painter, don’t know if I will find it such a pleasure when winter comes around but for the moment this is my office and my weeks work,
  14. Yesterday’s tea, spicy prawns with egg noodles
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