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  1. Greyman

    Brexit party.

    3 UKIP mp,s have also jumped across, think we may see a few more jump across as we get closer from all parties
  2. Greyman

    Bad day for hunting

  3. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    A feral cat or wild polecats mouth?
  4. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    Love to see it mate, I actually saw a huge black house cat on the weekend just gone,biggest I,ve ever seen but still no chance of mis identification though the owner did say to me without me ever mentioning anything that a lot of people say it looks like a panther, so yes a massive percentage are wrongly called, which as gnash said just now simply muddy,s the water
  5. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    Anything look or sound familiar
  6. Greyman

    My first few

    Not wanting to hi jack anybody’s thread and certainly not telling my gran how to suck eggs, but anyone who fancy’s a go at a bit of knife making may be interested, my boy picks up the old cutter blades from site and brings them home for me, the steel seems pretty good and they take an edge like nothing else I have used, made this little one after watching some Inuit types cutting up meat with a half circle blade, it slices through anything like butter even cut the dish cloth in half when I washed it anyway total cost 00 small bit of antler I found in my pocket after a visit to the garden centre and an old grinder blade, couple of hours on my £20 Aldi belt sander/grinder and away we go
  7. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    I get quite a few polecats on my trail cameras and either no one believes me and try,s to tell me they are lost ferrets, or look at me like I have 6 heads before asking me what a polecat is, during my nearly 60 years on this planet I have seen 4 live otters how many people even country folk could say the same,? we have to remember in all of this that most of these people are towns folk who would struggle to identify common bird species that have gone for a walk because the sun is out, they are not on safari in Africa wandering round with a camera poised at a moments notice expecting to see a leopard, and I must confess myself to going into a bit of shock when I first saw one and did not even think about cameras, dogs taking footprints, or out else in fact I was probably 10 mins down the road afterwards before a normal thought process kicked in and I started thinking wtf why did,not I do this or that, been waiting years since to be back in the same position and probably never will
  8. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    I will ask but very much doubt it, as he is a member on here who wished to not get involved in all this, but FairPlay to you for looking for proper answers, I doth my cap to you, another thing they do in aus but I don’t think anyone has done here yet is to send leopard stools off for testing that have been taken from a Leopards cage, in Australia every one has came back as dog?. I no of other people that have positive dna results but they have sent there gear off abroad for testing so although positive not in a uk lab??
  9. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    Or they have spent so much time making silly comments to people about it not being true there now to embarrassed to be named,
  10. Greyman

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    He,s using the very precise method of multiplying the shoulder width with the biceps diameter divided by the diameter of the ankles, minus the number of pimples on the forehead, some of the various body,s have tried to adopt it but Kev has the abacus and won’t share
  11. Greyman

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    He,s already talking about a rematch this morning, but think it was quite clear there was nothing left in the tank,
  12. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/burton/big-cat-puma-south-derbyshire-2779322.amp another sceptic converted
  13. Greyman


    At least they get to go out once a year
  14. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    And the puma will fit in there as well, there is a brilliant video on utube called something like the keepers of leopard land about the Amur leopards on the Russian border, some real dedicated people and some rather nice looking women they have around 70 leopards that they study well worth a watch