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  1. Greyman

    My mate

    Sadly mate you have to place the cameras were the action takes place it’s ok hiding them in the middle of no were just to be on the safe side but that don’t always get what your after have had several kills and footprints in this spot over the last few winters I loose a few cameras a year but it’s still a cheap hobby in the overall scheme of things, people pay grands to chase a ball round a golf course and I know what I would rather be doing
  2. Greyman


    Just sat having a cuppa this morning still got cuckoos around can here one calling it’s been the most prolific year for some time for the old cuckoo well nice
  3. Cooking on bottled gas mate takes a week to get a good colour on them
  4. Chicken curry and chips for me this evening
  5. Greyman

    My mate

    Problem with narcissists is there only real interest is being right, and sadly that means they are willing to lie and reject anything that doesn’t support there own beliefs as has been shown from day one, and if they can’t get there own way they will just f**k it up for everyone else, then say what me, what have I done, it was someone else’s fault etc etc etc
  6. Greyman

    My mate

    One and the same to me mate always terriers and runners for me, they are a pain in the arse though the bloke just walks along blowing one of those stupid dog whistles non stop well they just ignore him and charge up to everything
  7. You are literally 2/3 miles from my house mate still a few hares around down there and an abundance of deer the tail photo was taken just along the foreshore from you the vulture is clearly close to you and the badger was found behind the King Billy so keep your eyes peeled
  8. Daughter just popped in she seems to have the long eared owl pinned down to one tree now has caught it 3 times or more here is a few of her better walks
  9. Not so much a walk but just running through a few SD cards, fog and mist two things that seem to trigger hunting in our apex predators that also hinder catching them on film couple of nice bop shots few selfies and wtf is mc hull and the Salukis doing on my slop lol plus one mystery in the wild garlic
  10. Greyman

    My mate

    Got a couple of black lab pics from a trail cam to help out mate
  11. The hole place is a nature reserve mate done most of my early days lamping etc down there growing up the ici and all along the foreshore road was just lifting with hares back then, my misses used to live just down from the pub on the traffic lights with the river and old rifle range behind her house, it saddens me quite a bit travelling along there now seeing it all being flattened for warehouses when we had so many good memory’s down there
  12. Spent all day pulling the gearbox out my lads van yesterday hot dusty etc only to arrive back to this waiting for me before a few glasses on the lawn with family and friends
  13. Misses got a stock dove yesterday another rarity on the red list
  14. You down on the old rifle range mate were they,ve started making a bit of a wetland bird watchers place, ?
  15. Blackcaps and chiff chafes have surprised me how common they seem to be pick one or both up most times we have a listen
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