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  1. Greyman

    Fibre optics on a catty

    Nice one Walt, I,m loving the cheap Chinese Snyds got a squirrel myself yesterday with mine sadly lost in undergrowth so no pics, keep em coming mate
  2. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    Melonistic/ black leopards seem to be about 75 Sandy brown puma 15, 5 percent lynx and 5 miscellaneous, these figures are pretty much a constant year on year, though would say sandy browns seem to be on the increase slightly, the areas to look at are places that were considered wilderness,s back in the 70s as this is were many animals were dumped, hence Bodmin,exmoor,Dartmoor,forest of dean, Scotland etc all have a population that have bred and naturalised from all the previous releases, I can’t say for every area as I’m in Bristol so look at my own area but from the things I find I would say they are spreading from those areas, obviously this is all assumptions and I may be madly wrong, but I,m trying to solve a mystery that throws me a handful of clues a year, so this is my take on it, also like to say sorry to anyone else who’s bored senseless by this post, but Joni has missed most of it and I,m always happy to talk about it
  3. Greyman

    Harsh winter ???

    Brandy and loveage in a hip flask mate, absolute cracker in the cold loveage is a slightly alcoholic cordial made from the lovage plant give it a go this winter
  4. Greyman

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    It’s a tall order but I’m thinking yarde is going to do the Russian myself
  5. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    The only way you can protect an animal is to have it recognised as a legitimate species, so proving its excistance is the first step to doing that, the last clear footage I saw was shown to us by a couple of very well healed gentlemen who had a large estate in Hereford, they were invited to attend a meeting at the uni that we have, they sat through and watched asked a few questions about the risks to themselves and stock etc then just before they left pulled out a mobile phone and showed a Chrystal clear film of a puma that they and there staff had all seen on there estate saying as long as it causes no problems it’s welcome to stay there, in truth they are very very nomadic in this country and seem to move around in a huge area that seems to take about a year to complete a cycle , one area I set cameras throws up a kill or two and a few footprints for about 3/4 weeks at the end of november start December every year for the last 3years so I will set my cameras out at the end of October and if I miss it again I have another year to wait for it’s return though I do have another area that I have been walking that seems to throw up clues in spring so I will move there, it’s about getting there before them as most people set cameras out when they here of a sighting which is usually to late as they are gone by the time news comes through the areas are found and cameras set, I take note of any regular sightings and make a note of the dates then try to get there before them at the same time next year when most people have forgotten
  6. Greyman

    What are you watching on youtube?

    If your settled not hard to set them up on the bank either, my daughter had a purpose built one on her boat and it was like being in a tumble drier when the wind was howling , my current set up is a small panel, found in a skip with the regulator, attached to 2 110 amp leisure battery’s it runs 6 led lights two water pumps for a shower and a cigarette lighter socket for charging phone or iPad if I double up on the battery’s and use bigger panels I will run through a 3000kw inverter to take it back up to 240 and that should run most household appliances like I said worth learning about as it could save you a fortune
  7. Greyman

    What are you watching on youtube?

    Sadly wind generation on a boat is not an option as the turbine causes vibration through the boat, but yes agreed, I,ve always said if I ever came up on the lottery I,d like to buy an old water mill and live completely off grid as a waterwheel keeps spinning day and night rain or shine and with a big enough battery bank to store it would generate some massive power, shame we are only interested in profits as I think we could all be at least 50percent self generating if the powers that be encouraged it
  8. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    I have seen crystal clear footage mate just no one who’s willing to share it, I also no of several hunts that do flush them one more often than others but they just want things left alone as they are, without the nutters that come with telling people what’s on your land, but I can assure you they are here and it’s only a matter of time before the full truth comes out I hope I,m the one who gets the footage but even if I do it will probably be called an escapee or someone’s pet or something else, not being believed is just par for the course but it don’t bother me as I just like being outdoors and it gives me a good reason to be out there, I watched a load of baby stonechats fledging a nest this morning a green woodpecker at close quarters that f****d off just as I got the camera up and shot a squirrel out a tree with my catty, I walk out 2/3 times a week between 3/10 miles and find a small clue like a footprint or kill site once or twice a year max so unless you just love nature it would be quite hard to do, look at Paul weller in the video you put up doubt he covers much ground and if you looked him up today he’s probably moved onto stamp collecting or something,
  9. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    Don’t know if your referring to the fat boy-scout or the primark Paul Weller but sadly I,m neither mate, most of these films offer very little really and I wouldn’t put myself forward to go on film without some solid evidence, though I did do a podcast on the subject recently, which I still haven’t heard myself yet
  10. Greyman

    Harsh winter ???

    I use kilner jars I think they are called with a rubber seal and a wire clip that pulls the lid tight rubber does perish but they work well for a few years
  11. Greyman


    I was chatting with a young copper this morning who is aiming to get in the firearms unit and asked him the question he said they will all be armed with tasers soon but all carrying guns is a long way off and things will have to get much worse before it happens ??
  12. Greyman


    I get that vibe from you mate don’t think for a minute your a wrong unbut it may well happen in the future if her mates don’t have the same father daughter relationship as yourself
  13. Greyman

    Harsh winter ???

    All out of likes
  14. Greyman


    Have been in that position myself mate, just rise above it and tell them they will only regret it in the future, it’s normally a lack of dad thing with the girls though quite flattering for a crusty ole fecker
  15. Greyman


    Was that meant to be sent to your grinder account 🥴