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  1. Greyman


    Surprised that’s not gone by now, it’s a lovely looking bit of kit, shame I don’t have anything to swap here, but good luck
  2. Not good, have a free bump and let us know if anything is heard
  3. Greyman


    I,m not a veterinary professional, and just buy it on line, it’s a bit like you taking an ibruprofin when your a bit stiff and ache, I also use calpaul the kids medicine seems to do much the same thing,
  4. Greyman

    Cellular trail cams

    You will be getting notifications all day and all night mate, can get as many as 400 false triggers on a 32gig memory card especially in summer
  5. Greyman

    First of the season

    Bit of a b*****d to skin but tastes a little bit like a lamb/pork combo, there is a butcher near me that sells them, I think the restaurants have another name for them, a bit like rock salmon for doggies,
  6. Greyman

    First of the season

    Nice one mate had a stalk on one myself yesterday but still a lot of leafs making it hard to get good shot, plus I was in the local park agree with you regarding the 8mm, it’s getting a bit like the 177 v 22 air gun debate, the YouTube names who seem to be driving it have the advantage of editing out the runners so it looks a lot more successful, would only go down that small if I was using lead but I,m going the other way and thinking about getting back on the nuts as they do so much more damage only takes a couple of hits to cut cans in half with them were as steel balls take 6/10 shots for the same amount of damage
  7. Greyman

    Moose steaks anyone.

    Guess it takes attention away from the Hyundai badge on the bonnet, every cloud and all that
  8. Greyman

    New podcast just gone live 🐆

    If you need anything translated just pm me as I’m quite hard to understand for anyone living above Birmingham
  9. Greyman

    Painting plasterboard

    I would imaging it’s more of a sealer than a coating, all it does is slows the drying time of the paint down so you can work your roller without it drying on contact, back before all these purpose made products were on the market a diluted coat of vinyl silk paint would have done the job, find a small wall and try it don’t start on the big walls until your happy with the results
  10. Greyman

    Painting plasterboard

    FairPlay thee are some belting answers on here, ginger your house is dry lined not just bare plasterboard, dry lining is a trade like plastering is a trade and lurcherman, try a little section of your ceiling with a wall paper steamer, if it starts to lift carry on and strip it all, if it don’t knock off the high spots off and rough and set it and always remember there is no instant fix answer in a tin
  11. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    With leopard dna
  12. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    Leopard mate, jaguars are big strong and quite a specialist hunter that would struggle to remain concealed and in noticed on are busy little island
  13. Greyman

    Granddad today

    Chuffed to bits for you mate, Brilliant and exciting but also quite tiring, enjoy every moment
  14. Greyman

    Big Cat Sighting

    I would think so, but would also show up the domestic cats dna as well, so you would no it was a hybrid, I think that’s how it works
  15. Greyman

    Oil change.

    I do a few boats as well as cars so you can’t just let the oil out the bottom, as oil in water is a big no no amongst the boating community, I was a little dubious at first but they do seem to suck out every last drop