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  1. There is something very magical when you are totally in your element, no were every little gap in the hedge is or tree over a stream and can move around un noticed without the need for a big torch or to keep in touch with others through mobiles and walkie talkies, I could run a bit in my youth but don’t need to now I,m older and wiser
  2. As I just set cameras and don’t take game it makes me feel even better because I know even if I get caught I can’t be prosecuted, I take nothing but pictures and leave nothing bar footprints, so in answer to your question yes I was as that’s all I do these days
  3. Greyman

    Dogs for jobs

    He,s already started on his pigs in blankets mate,
  4. Greyman

    Dogs for jobs

    Turkey dinner with sausage meat stuffing all in on yard
  5. I was out having a little wander round somewhere I was not meant to be a while back and went a little to close to the perimeter fence of a local chemical giant and must have set off some form of motion detector as I had several pick up trucks racing across the fields in my direction within minutes, but while I was sat in a hedge with the dogs dressed in real tree I had a load of security personal dressed in high viz trying to avoid puddles looking for me, communicating with each other using hand signals, I sat there for 30mins pissing myself laughing before slipping off through the hedge and back out through the hole in the fence I’d come in from, so the advent of technology has made the chasers as useless as the chased in most cases,
  6. Think we are all back to normal now, welcome onboard and how are you doing with the new catty
  7. Just paint your face blue with a white cross on it and you,ll be fine
  8. Everybody is different today like yesterday, and some keepers were willing to sit in a bush all night to catch you, others had a local network that would flag up any strange goings on and some were sat in there favourite chair by the fire in the local pub like clockwork, if you were in the game you knew were you could go for an easy touch or were the outcome was going to be a lot different if you got caught but that was part of the buzz, police were also very territorial and if you got caught by a local bobby that was part of the local shoot he would happily give you a couple of sly digs or turn his back on the fact his keeper mate had just peppered your arse with shot, if you got caught back in town the copper would be more likely to take a few rabbits and tell you to clear off, it was all a big game, but the feeling of freedom and exhilaration when you are sat on a hill middle of night wind howling all around you feeling like the master of all you survey and knowing everyone else is in bed, was worth the slashed tyres, arse full of pellets or odd night in cells
  9. He,s having his eu flag tattoo removed along with the yellow stripe down the middle of his back then he,s popping round BGD ,s house for a little leftie love in before hatching there next plan to ignore what’s just happened as the deluded masses drive another nail into the eu coffin,
  10. Just keeps getting better mate, I,ve even started having a little watch on forged in fire because of these threads nice work
  11. Have to look at Catalonia to see where that would get her, she has no legal right, she got around 1.2 million votes out of over 3mil. It looks good on paper but she is still a vile little cranky that is trying to ignore the results of a once in a lifetime referendum that she lost, plus she still has not told her fellow Scots that they have absolutely no chance of becoming members of the eu as they fail to meet many of the basic requirements, there oil is running out and English subsides and the Barnet formula are about all that is keeping them afloat, all she wants is mass immigration to replace the number of Scots that f**k off every year nothing more and when this is highlighted her support for independence will collapse in a similar way to corbyns return to socialism, i have not been a sleep in over 24hrs have just been and done a shift in work but I,m still buzzing my tits off and enjoying all the liars on telly trying to tell us we’re it went wrong, have not felt this good since I stayed up all night to watch the referendum
  12. been up half the night feeling knackered but chuffed, the traitors are leaving in there droves as we speak, don’t think anything will really change but to me this was another referendum and if boris did not have a majority like he has Brexit would be over this morning, so at least we still have hope and hopefully sandymere will be having a good long look at his self in the mirror this morning and thinking about resigning as well
  13. My saddest power line victim, a goshawk, swans and ducks also attempt to land on wet roads at night assuming them to be rivers which often leads to them being found dead on roads
  14. Forgot to say And missing a gene
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