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  1. Greyman

    Raid fly and wasp killer

    Don't bee such a fanny, if it was wasps I,d kill them but bee,s are fine, just work around them slow and steady
  2. Greyman

    Few furs

    Willy warmers with faces, could be the start of something big
  3. Greyman

    That’s it, Brexit is over

    He is a known alcoholic, proving even further that any eu leader is just a German puppet, it gives the appearance of democracy by changing the face of the leader every few years, after all even the idiot voting public might get a little suspicious if angle hitler kept winning the top job until she dies only to be replaced by the next German with there eye on European domination, it's f***ing crazy it's got as far as it has
  4. Greyman

    Sadiq khan's live on LBC

    Just read the americans are going to fly an inflatable sadiq Kant blimp over there embassy wearing a stab vest, to represent the 1296 stabbing so far reported in London this year, hope it's not fake news
  5. Greyman


    Better off using eBay mate I no they charge you but you get less nutters trying to swap shit or Africans asking you to post to Uganda, have sold stuff on most public platforms but now only use eBay and PayPal for the reasons everyone is mentioning here, I was selling a transit van some years back in a free add paper and a bloke kept messaging me asking me to swap it for a fish tank, I was after a smaller van at the time and had put in the add that I'd swap for a small van of simular value but fish tank man was just relentless, I asked him if there was room for my tools and a few bags of plaster in there as I needed it for work, he said no but it's really smart and shaped like a 50p, wtf
  6. Greyman

    Painting A Concrete Floor?

    Feck me, been a while mate hope alls good, been wondering what happened thought you,d gone off in pursuit of new adventures
  7. Greyman


    Do what I did, write an epic speech of biblical proportions, show it to all concerned and get all there approval then just stand up and read the last sentence job done in less than 3 minutes,luckily the other dad was a comedian in his own eyes and by the time he,d finished everyone just wanted it over and for him to sit down and shut up, it was,nt until the standard let's watch the wedding video moment weeks later that anyone noticed I,d missed out nearly all my speech, I hate public speaking dont do religion and like my own company so the wedding speech was my worst nightmare in the world ever, good luck am sure you will have a lovely day and if the weather is good that's all people will remember when the hangovers clear
  8. Greyman


    I,ve caught loads at night by just putting a landing net in the water and baiting with trout pellet or luncheon meat leave for half an hour and lift it out, depending how infested your water is a couple of dips is usually a pan full and no illegal trapping,though casting a spinner at the commercial pots and reeling them in is much quicker
  9. Greyman

    Two notices

    As a kid growing up before heating, when open fires and stoves were the only heat source in a house, chimney fires were common but never seemed to come to anything, a nieghbour would knock the door tell you your chimney was on fire, and you simply put your board over the fireplace to cut off the air or a small amount of water in a stove to form a steam cloud which would put it out, today people call the fire brigade who stuff a high powered hose down the chimney and flood your house with 10 00000 gallons of water leaving you with a massive mess and an expensive insurance claim,
  10. Greyman

    Two notices

    What do they asses, how you handle your tool or can you work the rod, it's only sticking a brush up a hole after all,
  11. Greyman


    Sadly I have to agree with the last paragraph as waters that get trapped on regularly seem to be over run were as waters left alone seem to find a balance, but I,ve ate hundreds and never thought I should seek anyone's permission to harvest a few nice meals or get a permit, are you looking at making money from it or just feeding yourself, if it's the latter just go for it, the former you will struggle to sell them without the permits good luck and enjoy
  12. Have also been done up like a kipper by the legal system and the cps, have also proved in several court cases that the police and cps have falsified evidence to get a conviction against me, they have zero interest in truth just securing convictions at all costs, you only have to look at the conviction of Barry George in the Jill dando case as an example of how far they will go, they had to justify spending 5million quid so fitted up the local retard, who had no one to protect or defend him
  13. Greyman

    Wooden floors

    Put a damp cloth on the scratch or grove then put a hot iron on the cloth, if it's scratched all over you will just have to sand it all and re varnish,
  14. Greyman

    every one looking forward to england game

    It's easier to have a big pan on in our house as I never no how many will turn up, likewise the Barbie, cook for loads and if they don't turn up we can eat it tomorrow, enjoy the game
  15. Greyman

    world cup England

    My feelings exactly mate, have no team, never watch football, don't really like talking football, but the flags come out for the World Cup, euro,s and rugby six nations can't help myself,