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  1. Greyman


    I don’t no, Kevin conteh has rather a nice ring to it
  2. Greyman


    I,d guess by the location and the pic mate it’s a pie and mash shop
  3. Greyman

    'vorsprung durch technik'

    That’s the real Adolf trying to break out of his fake old lady costume
  4. Greyman

    'vorsprung durch technik'

    That’s the real Adolf trying to break out of his fake old lady costume
  5. Greyman

    Wtf is this

    You had me all excited for a bit there mate glad you came back though, one of the things I look for in areas of the uk said to be inhabited by cats is the local pet search websites as cats seem to disappear in bigger numbers than would be considered normal bigger cats love smaller cats as food so yes he probably was responsible, if you find any suspected prey items or pug marks I would be grateful if you could stick a couple of pics up cheers
  6. Greyman

    Wtf is this

    Third hand so no use really, also the molester hoax is the same picture used on Cornwall live earlier this year cropped down and reused, its amazing how much shite we have to filter through and the lengths people will go to I,m hoping I’m wrong but my senses are telling me the op in this post may not be 100 percent but as I said hope I,m wrong as it’s a good pic
  7. Greyman

    Wtf is this

    I have no solid evidence to back up the animals location so tend not to use them as hard proof of anything but when I was given it I was told it was taken in Scotland mate as usual that is just a still pic from a moving video but it does turn right round in the video showing the complete animal and it is 100 percent a lynx, here is a hoax that made the news last week any of my avid fans spot the problem
  8. Greyman

    Wtf is this

    I would personally conclude you have a lynx as there is no sign of a tail and the only other cat species it could be would be a puma which tends to be much higher at the rear with a thick tail here is a picture of the arse end of one, and before we all get excited we need to no it’s real and in England, I would like to speak with you about it if you don’t mind contact me by pm if you would rather also go and look for some tracks were it was walking to confirm your sighting they should look something like this
  9. Greyman

    Father’s Day present

    Had my first ever card as a grandad was away the weekend but my boy picked me up unexpectedly on Sunday morning and took me to an outdoor archery type place while the daughters collected the misses and took her home to prepare a belly of pork Sunday roast was a lovely day and made me feel like I,ve achieved something and got some5hing right in life
  10. Greyman

    the rest of the world take note

    Happens quite regular on places like the Somerset levels as all the gear sprayed on the land gets drawn into the dykes and ditches when the rain comes down and the pumps fire up, to draw it off causes oxygen levels to plummet
  11. Greyman

    Herb chopper

    FairPlay Ken getting better every time lovely to see people still capable of old traditional methods in this world of computer driven laser cutting boring mass produced shite
  12. Greyman


    Mate your a serving soldier and I strongly disagree with warfare full stop, so I won’t get into to heavy a debate with you as it’s to much of a raw wound for many, and people that have faced it and lost brothers doing so have far more rights to moan and vent than I do, and I would not wish to offend any of them but I will just say that every serving soldier I no has more fear of being killed by the yanks than the enemy when on joint ops and you will never hear a government complain that they can’t fund arms when hospitals are creaking and cracking under the stain, conclusion war benefits the rich at the expense of the poor, something that has always niggled me and maybe you or someone else with greater knowledge can help to explain, is why did the Bank of England fund Adolfo hitler until 1945 when the war stopped ??? Makes suspicious people like me even more suspicious sorry I’m off for the weekend so won’t be able to relply for a few days
  13. Greyman


    All the gear and no ideal, the only war America has been involved in fully from the start was Vietnam, and realistically I would be unable to award them a clean sweep and an outright victory, it’s ok having the biggest bomb but sometimes people’s resolve wins the day, as stated America Vietnam, Russia Afghanistan as two examples,
  14. Greyman


    It’s been coming for 70 years mate, it’s like a reset button and certainly never an accident
  15. Greyman

    Herb chopper

    Old diamond grinder blade and a bit of antler going to make a full semi circle next time with finger holes