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  1. Greyman

    strange sightings when out and about

    So did you want to see that and just convinced yourself or did you really see it ????
  2. Greyman

    Self employed

    It’s all about finding a good accountant mate, if your not earning millions a good accountant will right off any tax you owe against your expenses
  3. Greyman

    My house caught fire🔥

    Any were that was considered remote back in the day was used for dumping large unwanted predatory pets mate, Bodmin, Dartmoor and exmoor all have very good history regarding abc sightings, not to worried were I go but would like a bit more land and a smaller house with access to open countryside within walking distance, as I have to drive if I want to walk my dogs anywhere other that the local park at the moment and the traffic gets worse every year
  4. Greyman

    My house caught fire🔥

    Thanks everyone for your kind words, material things don’t really bother me that much but my misses is a very nervous type and it has had a bit of an impact,i,ve been wanting to move for several years but she is a typical this is our home we’re all our kids grew up type, so maybe this is what was needed, we were thinking of renting our house out and moving onto a boat, but now seems like devon/Dorset may be calling for a total clean break, one door closes another one opens
  5. Greyman

    My house caught fire🔥

    Long story, my misses cleared a cupboard out for the washing machine repair man to access the washing machine and stacked all the stuff on the cooker I took two of my dogs for a quick stretch and she went shopping before said repair man arrived I got back first to the thickest blackest smoke which had filled my house it was mental and my kitchen well on fire I don’t no if she knocked a button when she put the stuff on or my cat walked across the buttons and turned one on as the cooker was covered in gear ??
  6. Greyman

    Pityriasis rosea

    I once came out in a mega rash when I was doing some work in the local ici plant, whole body covered in tiny red spots along with swelling, even had them on my eyeballs and in my mouth never found out if it had a name though
  7. Greyman

    My house caught fire🔥

    Had a fire in my house this week only popped out for 40 mins came home to alarms ringing and smoke bellowing out, it was quite amazing the amount of smoke created and easy to see how the smoke is the big killer, anyway I managed to put the fire out and rescue my animals, have spent the week redecorating so all back to normal just waiting on a some new cupboard doors and a bit of trim and will be all done, my misses is so shook up she wants to move, happy days
  8. Greyman

    Pityriasis rosea

    Greek dish or SDI mate need a clue or two
  9. Greyman


    Financial Times would be my first go to place for an honest opinion on brexit as big business has no interest in keeping us in at all costs, be a bit like hitlers book on liberalism
  10. Greyman

    Trail cameras

    If you just want stills set it on a burst of three and when you set it up try to look along the path you want to cover not across it as fast moving stuff will have past by the time it triggers, if your after animals put a rock or log in front of your camera and everything that passes stops for a sniff and a pee put the camera 3/4 ft up slightly facing down, should get you going, tweet it as you view pictures and beware facing east as the rising sun blinds them
  11. Greyman

    Average speed check....

    There were 2000 cloned cars in London alone last year, it’s a picture of a vehicle nothing more, the law still requires evidence, but it’s hassle and if your not willing to fight your corner better off just taking it,
  12. Don’t no if this will be of interest to anyone, not sure but think it might move round the country
  13. Greyman

    Trail cameras

    They seem to be pretty bomb proof I no someone that has had 8 years trouble free use out of one, I,ve just been out to check 5 cameras over a 1000 videos to run through, nothing out the ordinary apart from a new polecat group have had two hobs and a Jill, sweet
  14. Greyman


    Trumps just said he,s ready to increase trade with the uk as soon as we escape the eu, so chin up we managed for hundreds of years without the parasitic eu sucking us dry and stifling growth sure we will be fine, and if you look back over history empire building usually leads to failure and the eu is just another failed empire waiting to happen