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  1. Greyman


    Round the top of the wall round every pub back yard when I was a kid, still never stopped us getting over and getting the natch and lemonade bottles to take back for the 10p deposit,
  2. That’s a real sweeping dad who’s never taken anything but larger statement there if ever I saw one,
  3. Even your innocent nectar card is collecting data on you
  4. My dogs are broken to hedgehogs
  5. Interestingly Wednesday was the first day of autumn and for the first time this year a fox came in to feed on the hedgehog food
  6. Your right there, I have seen some seriously scary stuff coming out of young people’s mouths when asked about were food comes from on the tv, they have managed to totally detach an entire generation from the reality’s of life, there is a proportion that think meat is made and not a living thing
  7. I think your location makes it easier to do that mate, living in a big city life is almost unrecognisable from thirty years ago and it’s not somewhere I fancy growing old anymore
  8. Years ago they used to have a big country fair at cricket st Thomas near chard and I did sit and watch the bloke making longbows all day wonderful some of these old skills
  9. Good for you sandy but I’d rather hide and ignore, the only education people need is to stop being puppets and start thinking for themselves, as a typical example all new iPhones will be fitted with a tracker you as a human being now have a choice do you value your privacy more than your social media 90% of people will take the latter, we are f****d and the only education we will be given is how to grease our arses before being shafted
  10. Today for the first time in an age I have not got to be up and away early to fix things ,paint things or meet people so I stayed in bed until 9am had a leisurely morning and just chucked some chicken, chorizo, challottes ,garlic mushrooms peas and homegrown yellow and red toms in a big pan with spaghetti and a Camembert cheese sauce should see me through
  11. This is why I’m f***ing off, would go totally feral if it was not for my misses
  12. I have an iPad full of dead half eaten wildlife, but I,m sure I,ll be fine when I tell them a leopard done it
  13. It was very simular to the time she typed hairstyles in,
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