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  1. Mate the bloke told us he turned down 40k for a weeks work because he didn’t like the way the woman spoke, if that’s true he ain’t got a f***ing pot of glue about the likes of your neighbour or normal working blokes, if he owned property in London he’s already ten rungs higher up the ladder than all his Irish neighbours so of course he can sit there shouting it’s easy just look at me I only had 750k behind me when I made my life changing decision, well for the normal man in the street it’s not easy at all just a load of wilfshit, I think anyone that owns a 1 million pound council house in Lond
  2. It’s quite simple mate loads of us have had it and have a natural immunity which is why they should be testing for anti bodies rather than just sticking there poison into everyone as a first line of defence,story’s like yours just confirm to me like katchums family that many more of us have a natural immunity to it than the jab salesmen will ever admit or even want to find out, covid in its different forms has been with us since the 60s at least so realistically most have encountered it over the years
  3. I’d go and have a brew mate, think the jabs f***ing with your head, had a lot of time for the things you have said over the years but think you are way off the mark regarding this subject, sorry to say but your talking a lot of shite and I can see it’s not even worth explaining why as your already believing some of the shite your saying
  4. Seems it’s not as uncommon as you would imaging
  5. Basic rule mate, happy wife happy life,
  6. I would think so they are extremely predatory and tough as feck , had one turn up on a lake I used to have some years ago nailed everything, fish geese, ducks the lot
  7. No I,m on a boat and I’m not scared to use it
  8. Some choices are for yourself and others are forced upon you there will come a point when you may not be able to feed your family unless you inject yourself with something you don’t want in you, and yes you were having that bird right over, 40k for a weeks work at honest johns
  9. At the end of the day it’s a big rodent, and one thing they all seem to be good at is procreation
  10. Sorry mate but your loosing it there, what happens in the end when no one will employ you which is coming, just like field sports they are just knocking them off one by one until there will be nothing left, it’s becoming more of a dictatorship and you of all people are applauding it
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