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  1. If it wasn’t for poaching some of us would never get any hunting done, as tats says there is no real need for poaching in America as there is plenty of public access land available
  2. Half pints mate saves on journeys to the kitchen
  3. Warming the minge or extending the penis in a lot of cases
  4. Anyone in mind for the contract mate
  5. I was away once in a little cottage in the Brecons got up in the morning wandered into the bathroom were the misses had put all the toiletries the night before on our arrival unbeknown to me she had put her hair remover next to the tooth brushes and yes it don’t taste nice but I never got a furry tongue for a few weeks
  6. Is that ken looks a bit grim reeperish from here if it is there’s no point running your doomed
  7. Greyman


    The money will go back to government or those that work in it eventually
  8. What like the ones in the picture
  9. When it’s cold outside
  10. That’s why you need a wood stove mate better than any dehumidifier, my neighbours boat only has diesel heating on it and the windows are dripping the whole time, my old tank has the wood stove going from Oct to March non stop and is as dry as a bone inside little bit of condensation on the bedroom window but gone within an hour or two of getting up
  11. Funnily enough I was out in a steep valley yesterday putting out trail cams and saw a jackdaw with white wings and tail feathers flying around, I also used to run a fishing lake in Somerset and had a pure white blackbird that would nest in the barn each year never had another white one but many of the offspring were pied I was quite surprised she survived as long as she did with the number of sparrow hawks around but she was there for around 5 years if I remember right
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