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  1. That’s the point we realise life’s a bit shit we ain’t changed the world and old age is going to be a bit of a struggle rather than the easy cruise to the end we thought it would be when we were in our 20s
  2. Short guy little mustachios first name Adolf ???
  3. Not really mate they are mentally ill in the first place, one example Kelly mallony does he strike you as being in a good place mentally or more like someone that has suffered a break down of some form ?? society and the system is actively encouraging it rather than trying to stop it
  4. Don’t really care, but would like the outcome to unlock the division and get the top lads fighting one another, instead of 18 months of total bullshite on you tube followed by another disappointing fight or outcome, am really falling out of love with heavyweight boxing some good lads about but fighting every year 18 months isn’t for me
  5. This lad been catching my eye for quite a while, be interesting to see him progress as there is a lot of talent in this weight class, would like to see him in with tank Davies later this year or early next if he’s ever allowed to fight anyone, views and opinions from the more knowledgable
  6. Mackem is mr Ben he’s probably stuck in the wardrobe at the costume shop
  7. Greyman


    Even at rest I,m still on red alert mate
  8. Greyman


    Haven’t read the whole 11 pages but for anyone interested I’m a onesie kind of guy, here’s me in full loafing mode
  9. The japs don’t salt there roads mate so rust preventions not a priority to them a mate of mine has holes drilled in the floor of his and he just pours his old engine oil in when he does a service done the same thing on my landy but not through the floor, I sold it just before Christmas at 44 years old (the landy not me) and I never welded it once
  10. It’s my last roll of the dice mate if my plans come together I should be sitting on easy street enjoying the life I,ve longed for within the next 6 months my body is falling to bits but 6 more months of graft and it will all be worth, it we have to have a dream otherwise, what’s the point of it all
  11. Feck me mate most jap stuff ain’t even run in at 100k I,d expect 200 without a service I no people with land cruisers on 500/750 k on the clock and still better than most new gear, just drill a few holes along the chassis and pour your old engine oil inside as the japs ain’t very clever on the old rust protection and it will go on for years
  12. As a little aside from how good they are and how much it’s worth another consideration is how much longer old diesels will be tolerated on the roads, already band in London and many other councils are trying to follow suite and as it raises money from motorists it will be spreading rapidly over the next year or two
  13. Not wrong there mate just a few hours doing what I like and I’m ready for another month of toil
  14. You can’t include the knobs growing out your foreheads mind
  15. Stick your hand down the back of his trousers and pull them up over his head then ask him wtf they are all about, alternatively stop looking at his arse
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