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  1. They are pretty prolific, and most mornings any grass will show signs of there nocturnal feeding I no people that have for photography but don’t no the law on it
  2. My boy has just bought one they are a bit of a beast, have lamped with it ok rather it had on off than multiple press options for brightness though Me I’m using a petzle I just found
  3. Greyman


    The rest could definitely have a million each then
  4. I get loads more squirrels when the dogs are with me,it’s amazing how many just lay flat against the tree when you walk by, the Lurcher goes into a point, they also watch the dogs instead of me and present better shots,flush a few out the brambles with the terrier as well, I see so few rabbits around the dogs have tuned right in on them
  5. My understanding was the boar is always at the back when they move in a group, but I also stand to be corrected
  6. Been plenty of good sightings in the forest mate, had some good tooth pits off a widboar last year, hope you get some beginners luck
  7. Not to sure, we can go out for a walk for exercise or to work if we have an essential job and other essential journeys, shopping, bank or doctors, lots of plod out stopping folk and asking them why they are out and dishing out £30 on the spot fines if you don’t have a good reason, my problem is I,m not allowed to drive to take the dogs out yet I am going to a farm and doing my walking in total isolation but I am allowed to walk them round the local park with Everyman and his dog also doing the same thing,
  8. Just been for my Dailey allocated hours walk and managed to bag this off the local railway underpass, also came to an interesting conclusion regarding squirrels, every time a sunny day occurs during winter I can go out and almost guarantee a squirrel or two, yet since this period of sunny weather have been out looking most days and have not even seen one let alone shoot one, my dogs are pretty hot on them as well and will point them out if they are up trees or flush them if they are in scrub so it’s not me missing them they just aren’t there, the other consistent thing since the sun came out is a vile easterly wind so I am suspecting that squirrels like fish won’t feed in an easterly wind anyone else noticing this ??
  9. I tend to set them about 3/4ft high facing slightly downwards have had a few badgers actually pull them off when I set them to low, they can also smell you on them for the first week so the longer you can leave them the more natural the animals will become, it’s quite addictive mate but opens up a hole new world
  10. Don’t think price comes into catapults unless your trying to buy success which always ends in failure, that one is a hazel fork cut from the hedge less than a quids worth of elastic and a pouch cut from a leather sofa dumped in a laybye, stick a piccy up of what you got and I,ll see if I can do something with it for you, you have a young lad as well mate ? so it’s a good thing for you to do together
  11. Never get a ticket as long as there’s a hole in me arse, but make do and mend, just took my dogs out for a local walk round the streets and managed a sneaky shot off the local railway underpass am going to ask a mate if I can feed one of his horses from next week so I can get out of town everyday for my walk
  12. Never had much joy with the card readers have a few but they seem very hit or miss, would add I am a technical retard so could well be me
  13. You need a laptop with an SD card slot in the side, I only buy cameras with a full size SD as the micro ones are easy to loose and a bit of a pain for a fat fingered short sighted old fool like me, just take the SD out the camera and stick it in the slot and it will talk you through loading up anything you need if it’s not already on the laptop, the wild boar in the forest are pretty mental on the cameras when you find a good run it’s like a long line of humbugs plus the host of other oddity’s you may catch up there
  14. Does no one use this guy have had a few sets of cheap scopes off him still have a set on my mercury and it’s been on it for years still holds true and works fine, sorry link won’t work but here’s a screen shot
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