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  1. Prawn gassi and rieta all made from scratch by the misses
  2. Sorry mate not my intention to offend just my take on things I don’t pretend to be affected by someone I don’t know and has no bearing on my life, I just don’t care one jot sorry
  3. Married a young girl from a poor country f**k him sex tourist
  4. I think it’s the same as this mate, maybe have a chat with the neighbour first he may have planted it himself and be a useful Allie if he turns out to be a prick then nick some
  5. They achieved the finest truck 20 years ago we don’t need all this modern plastic shit,
  6. 12 million tons of carbon produced annually, primary forests being cut down on an industrial scale yet me burning a bit of windfall each winter needs stamping out,we are in the grips of total tyranny if you own a house the noose will just keep on tightening until you can’t breath or fart without a charge on it
  7. Good podcast for those that like them,even done a few shows on the big cat topics, from a layman’s view
  8. 30 mins in the woods = another week of free heat hopefully only a few more loads before winter finally releases her grip and we can focus on staying cool lol
  9. Paying for protection from the people you are meant to be protecting and serving, wonder when they,ll notice how badly they have f****d up lol
  10. Little walk with the new catty this morning water levels finally dropping and the land slowly waking up and drinking a bit
  11. Greyman

    Pet hates.

    Fear not the supermax American style prisons are underway already in the uk 5 massive units dotted across the country to replace all our Victorian ahitholes so should only be a few years before we see the chain gangs appearing
  12. 61 st birthday yesterday and the daughter bought me a simple shot ocularis just banded it up very easy and I,m off out for a wander with it
  13. The Nissan hut above was what we had our school dinner in as kids and the tent is what we went on holiday in lol
  14. I,m not one for crowds, sky tv, Irish pubs and all the rest that goes with these kind of holidays so when I went to futurerventura I got on a bus and travelled as far away from all that as I could and I ended up in a lovely little fishing village were no one spoke a word of English there were no tourist attractions and they were serving fish caught straight from the sea, was quite a few years ago so may have changed now but definitely worth a look it was called el catillo spelling may be a bit shaky but say it as it sounds and you should be ok, enjoy your hols
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