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  1. Jenny on Facebook said it so it must be true, ffs give your head a shake, it’s exactly what you accuse the anti vax members of getting there facts from,
  2. Greyman

    Car Wow!

    He will convert anything mate, had a splitty camper out there a while back it was doing 0-60 in 2.6 seconds, he makes kits so you can remove the original engine and put the Tesla kit and battery’s on the same engine mounts so if you want to put them back original you can, he has a tube channel called zero ev plastered the offices for him when he was first getting going, that’s a full Tesla drive train motor gearbox and controller mad power for something so small
  3. Despite a lot of bad traits they no how to protest go on the french
  4. Greyman

    Car Wow!

    A lad I know made this, his company is now worth millions the car will leave a Bugatti standing don’t think internal combustion and gearbox’s will ever stand up against electric mate, the race is now on for the ultimate self charging battery and the race is won
  5. That’s all good now you have all the relevant info, but in my days you were encouraged to smoke, the good guys in the movies all had a fag in there mouth and the cool ones on the adverts all smoked, it’s part of the process I went through to realise how easily the public are guided without even knowing it, you are all now being guided towards online gambling to replace the tobacco duty’s they will loose now you know the truth about fags, it’s all a big game of chess, and we are the pawns
  6. I got banned for life for asking the bloke on the gate to show me his I’d as well,
  7. Think your daughters friends parents are just showing there true colours mate, ( authoritarian dictators ) you can only guide and advise your children and be there to pick them up when they get it wrong, but forcing and imposing your will on them is a reflection of yourself regardless of the subject matter, I don’t want the jab but 2 of my kids have had it, I hope I,m wrong and it doesn’t bring them problems in the future but which ever way it pans out it was there choice and just like me they have to live with it and have no one else to blame for the outcome, it’s just a case of respecting ot
  8. Just stick to the bbc and sky seems to be serving you well so far
  9. You would be lost without it what are you talking about you spend half your waking hours on here
  10. And you saw a big cat so you have a personality disorder Frozen
  11. A link from sky news or your mates Facebook page ( as you did as evidence to prove you can live with heart failure) is not really backing things up with science, so forgive me if I don’t engage you in debate but it’s rather meaningless and cruel of me to do so at this stage of your development
  12. Anyone into a bit of outdoor cooking, may I suggest you take a look at the cobb, have had an old one I found for a while and was so impressed I just went out and bought me a brand new one, not the cheapest toy but it will cook an entire roast on one little handful of fuel
  13. You and mini me are already doing a fine job of making yourselves look silly, so forgive me a little chuckle at your stupidity from time to time,
  14. Wake the feck up man, if you suffer heart failure you are dead, no ifs or buts, but as I’ve shown you every media outlet was pushing the coved line because it’s how they control people like yourself, Not hard to see and not hard to see how easily they have you fooled,
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