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  1. Fury has brought heavyweight boxing into the gutter now he’s been beaten hopefully he will just f**k off and take his dad with him
  2. Naganu was going to knock out Joshua and usyk is an arm punching runner I’d just stop pretending you know boxing mate, the greatest boxer of all time f****d up by a gappy tooth midget your predictions are worse than Tim Bradley’s mate
  3. Little bit of egg on a few faces here tonight lmfao
  4. Mate you need to leave the war out of it it’s a proxy war by the west and they are getting there arses kicked away from the MSM this is about boxing leave the two apart and focus on your man not long to wait
  5. Pongo update he is doing well he’s strong enough to have a bath later in hibby scrub, just can’t believe the amount of ticks on such a small critter had about 15 yesterday and he is still pretty covered in them he got out his box and was running round the boat which is a good sign
  6. The best advice I can give is be discreet about it and as it’s a live catch trap you are relocating them then find a nice quiet place to relocate them and put the trap under water for 10mins before relocating them under a hedge or in a ditch,
  7. I had swifts in my loft space for many years used to wait for there arrival absolutely loved it but eventually the magpies learned to tap the tiles and grab the young as they popped there heads up for food in the end they would wait on the roof and grab the adult birds as they left the nest, this happened despite me sitting in the garage shooting as many as I could in the end the swifts never returned sadly, best thing is to get a Larson trap wish I had bought one sooner they make a real dent in the magpie population
  8. You will have to wait until someone in authority tells you it’s true I have seen footage of more than one cat together which only occurs when a mother stays with her sub adult young they are not social animals there is one black leopard in captivity in exmoor zoo so we’re do you recon all these escapees are coming from, I know more than anyone that a lot are misidentified animals but there are hundreds of genuine sightings year on year, there are policemen mp,s and vets that have come on the podcast to relay there story’s they are not all mistaken
  9. Narrow dog to carcason I think he wrote a book on the journey took them two years to get there and they sold the boat when they arrived if memory serves quick google
  10. None of that mate just represent myself and hope for the best I,m 3-0 up now on speeding ticket cases , if they want my money they,ll have to work for it and if everyone took a stance the corrupt system would collapse recon I,ve cost them thousands by now and still have my clean licence which is more important than the fines
  11. Toughest one so far mate seems in these minor cases you are expected to prove your innocence, I proved in the magistrates that I was not the driver then got 6 points and a grand an half fine for not filling in a nominated drivers form which I had never received, I quite enjoy the game knowing there is no prison time regardless of the outcome, if I hadn’t been a crim I recon I would have been a half tidy brief lol
  12. It means I just won my appeal have had the six points removed from my licence which is still clean the £1500 fine quashed and I can claim expenses for the six court cases I have sat through and the 700 miles I have traveled to do so what a total bunch of b*****ds back on the boat now celebrating with a nice cold thatchers gold court suit can now return to the cupboard until the next one lol
  13. The best picture you will see is this one that was shot and is stuffed it’s kept in secret due to the fact it has no import papers with it because it was never imported it is mounted on a roe deer to emphasise its Britishness I think we are getting better at collecting dna which is enough to send a man to prison for life so should be enough to further our cause rick has a lot of very compelling footage that he will never publish but can be seen at the talks he does including a very clear video of a mountain lion walking around a farmyard at night, interestingly in that article the guy from War
  14. Am in Bristol crown court for a speeding ticket lol 6th court appearance over this what a total shower of shite and waste of public money switching off now to go in will update after the event
  15. 2024 still using a £15 Nokia here lol
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