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  1. bobza

    alabama rot

    cheers lads , its took the council months to put them signs up , looks like its all over the uk , I wash the dogs feet and dry them off every time there out always done that , might put a foot dip next to back door and wash my boots just to make sure I'm not bringing alabamba in , so with not known much about it and no cure I think this must be a massive worrie for us all , the uk is wet muddy most of the year and that's the condions we run are dogs in ,alabamba has spread fast to lots of the uk , it would be a sad day to see one of our running dogs pass away through something that we know so little about, we cant keep the dogs locked away so back in them muddy feilds we shall go ,atb
  2. bobza

    alabama rot

    suspected Alabama rot in my area ,signs put up within yards of my home ,don't sound good , any light into this ?cheers
  3. bobza


    not many in Elden square
  4. bobza

    Coursing sire for stud wanted

    coursing stud , 9 seasons behind him ,
  5. time to try and find all them snow covered traps lol , I was caught out last year and again this year , we have had a lot of snow over this last week which has made my work hell , how is the rest of yous getting on ?
  6. bobza

    the little ones

    flacko hes my pals dog ,he says hes a Russell , keeps the old bloke company , he marks and is steady around the ferrits , not sure tho mate about the breeding am sure he said parson Russell but what ever he is hes a funny thing
  7. bobza

    the little ones

    yer I bred my saluki grey to that little whippet, pups made 24/25 , they are doing ok, went out with one in winter and it ran 3 killed 3 , at 12 month old all the pups out that litters are keeping the owners happy be canny dogs come next season atb bobza
  8. bobza

    the little ones

    she's a pure whippet ,never had whippet greys mate
  9. bobza

    the little ones

    had a nice day out ,weather was good so off with the little ones , couple pic along the way ,
  10. bobza

    Pup caught on barbed wire fence

    wound should of been flushed out asap , theres a fair bit mud in that tear, ,straight back t the motor and flush flush and more flush , but like the lads are saying best you go to vets as you don't sound sure ,atb
  11. bobza

    up the hills of northumberland

    them pics were taken with the worlds shi.test phone , I did manage to catch some canny sunrise and sunset pics on this phone al try to get some up , yer blackneck you don't want to get lost up there mate , as the roe buck did last night ,I found him curled up in a ball against the fence frozen soilid early this morning ,that's what can happen to anyone who gets lost in the worsed of winter up there ,