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  1. Everyone to there own weather you have permission or not don't make a difference but I can't understand why anyone could leave a top class meal lying in to rot away, get it in the pot or give into someone that will,
  2. Sorry think you have the wrong end of what I said, I take nothing away from the dogs mentioned and good on the lads doing what they enjoy, I will say again my dog would of been up there with them doing 5s in January and yes I've ran him against some very good dogs and he out classed them everytime, I never put money on my dog coz that's not my game and to tell the truth didn't have a penny to pi.s on, back in the day when the coursing was on the cards £500 would be no bother as a stud fee but now the legal coursing has finished so has the high stud fees I would of thought, so wind yer neck in and crack on with what you enjoy, yes nipper blonde dancers foxy bully and many others were world class but so are many other no name dogs, at bobza
  3. There's some good lads in coursing, most are full of Sh.t, and asking 500 a stud on this day and age is wrong pumping pups for fun, soon as they talk names and lines walk away, here is a no name dog that has a real name Oscar he was giving to me for free at 8 weeks and would won any of them big name dogs had I matched them, just coz they have the names behind them don't mean they will be top class, like they say get out what ya put in, some of the fat lads out there wouldn't be even able to walk the land never mind saying they have good stock, morons in max driving the land chucking dogs on top of the quarry and video the chase lol on youtube no wonder games fu.ked, we'll not for me coz I don't bother with no fu.ker, atb bobza
  4. Must have a few breeds in the line if fettle is in the breeding, think fettle was a fare mix of breeds, nice pack atb
  5. Been rat trapping with victor traps, straight out the packet I set 2 traps with no mods, there catching every day, seen one walking in between 2 fences last nite ran in house grabbed the kitchen knife and stabbed it through fence lol pinned the bugger to fence the bugger was screaming so had to run up stairs to grab the air gun to finish it off, at bobza
  6. The lol wasn't meant to be like that lol, the fuk in phone, don't no how it come out like that socks, what a nice looking bitch, she looks like she's ready to tek a run at something lol was how it was wrote, atb bobza
  7. My thoughts are with iww, he must be in real bad health,
  8. I've been looking for a whippet stud and willing to travel for the right stud, the problem is I can't seem to find one that suits, there's some canny studs out the litter I bred 5 years ago that turned out very good workers shame I can't use them, good luck with your search, atb bobza
  9. Thought what a nice day for a walk out today with the sun out I couldn't help my self, took the whippets and ferrits and off I went, finished the day with 5 in the bag, all in all it was a great day with some good catches made,atb bobza
  10. 11year old, was never the best of bitch, took Al quarry with her but found she was lay up with injury more than she was in the field,
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