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  1. She a swollow face now ,thought she could fight a wasp?
  2. That's your front garden youve good veiws mate?
  3. Your collie X's is looking well lpd ,did you lift her up there?
  4. True dodger,I remember one night lamping a young whippet slip after slip she never missed a rabbit but failed to carry back, as I carryed a big bag of rabbits back up the hills I was so disappointed she never brought any back to me ,her strike was excellent taken most out of the seat,I got back to the trailer dropped the rabbits off and thought I would head back out for a couple more runs ,I slipped the bitch, once again she caught the rabbit ,this time I knocked the beam off and before I knew it she was back to hand ,the next slip same again only on retrieve she tryed to put the rabbit down
  5. I hold my hands up ? I think it might of been me,I also take good numbers and follow were the game is ,I seen the lamp and could see someone else in my spot so I just moved on ,only joking ?,we all in the same game to put rabbits in the bag and food on table,I've plenty land to run and many times come across lads running there, I walk over have a good chat and we end up having a good night out ,nice to see other lads on the land doing what they enjoy they welcome anytime,I even tell them to give my number if they ever pulled over in the area tell the old bill they been wi me on permission , do
  6. Thats a she you been on the ale again?
  7. Give over with your self lowplains ?
  8. Give over with your self lowplains ?
  9. Nice bitch,sorry to hear ya loss mate atb
  10. Be plenty days out iworkwhippets ,mind I've been on the hills living in caravan last 3 week and last few nights is getting cold lol ,won't be long before I have to pack up and get back Infront of that coal ?
  11. First time out ferriting with pup ,bolting into nets ,few runs and she caught her first bolted rabbit tho it was tiny ,she still thought she was great and I agree ,slipped the net and didn't make 5 yards before she picked it up ,cracking start for her working career
  12. Time to go out lads ,keep safe and have a good night?
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