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  1. Theres a couple of fella's by me breeds the same type of russells as them ,white lakeland types.
  2. Anyone give me any info on stobbart lines of lakeland. I been told my young dog goes back to stobbart, or teabag lines . I personally don't know anything about these people. All I know of his breeding is it goes back to Keith jones stuff, witch is supposedly used lot of stobbart, teabag stuff.
  3. Yeah still do bitch is better than the dog .
  4. Lost the bitch last year .and this is a young dog I lost beginning of last season out of same bitch by my mates Middleton dog in bottom pic
  5. These are the parents of the young red dog
  6. His mate Garry thomas got the sire to my red dog . Hes got a nice big head and really dark red coat.
  7. Hopefully got a litter on way with these two should be due mid August.
  8. This is my 12 month old bitch bottom pic before shes stripped out .
  9. He looks a lot like her dog piper. The guy who got his sire is very good friends with her and I think they keep the same line between them.he got a half brother to him which is white
  10. Middleton ward fathers side mother Middleton bred
  11. No he not McPherson bred very similar lines goes back to Keith Jones from ynysabwl lines .fiona McPherson got a lot of his bloodline.
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