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  1. wilbs


    You're welcome pal, nice.to have another experienced pair of hands you will be doing me a favour. Will PM you and we can sort something out.
  2. wilbs


    Nonsense lol - am too busy a chap to get into discussions over a few bloody bunnies. Training ferrets not to kill you have obviously not read the post. I use a slightly smaller ferret as they kill a lot less. I go out to enjoy seeing my dogs running etc and am away on holiday most weekends so rabbiting discussions are bottom of my things to do lol. Just off out now with my daughter to pop some bunnies off for a family friend for my vegetarian ferrets lol. This is my last post as I've said my bit and everyone is entitled to their opinion and each to their own. It's about catching a few bunnies ffs
  3. wilbs


    I don't think its so much the size of the ferret that makes it stop down, some ferrets just seem to go to ground more. The thing that makes a lot of difference is the amount of times the ferret gets dragged out on the back end of a bunny it's quite funny to watch. Obviously with a lot bigger ferret the bunnies are going nowhere which means waiting around and more digging. The amount of times my ferrets get dragged out which obviously results in a lot less digging. Probably the same people up north who you are on about who I have known for many years. I went out at the end of the season with them and had a cracking day they put some serious time in it's near enough a full time job i wouldn't want to turn it from a hobby to a kind of job though as I'm too busy with other things. Most times I just bolt them for my dogs unless I have to get a load for someone. If you are up for a laugh Micky and want to catch plenty of bunnies I would be more than happy to take you out for a day and a night when the season starts and see what you think. Leave your shovel at home though
  4. wilbs


    That top.pic is brilliant exactly how kids should be brought up, out in the fresh air fishing with his dad
  5. wilbs


    I've got quite a few smallish size ferrets not micros as that's just a stupid made up name they are just small ferrets. They are all albinos as they stand out better I very rarely dig for them, I do use collars and I can't whistle them out. After years and years of ferreting these suit my kind of ferreting that I do, deep sandy sets and bolting for the dogs. They do kill now and again block enders but that's what they are down there for. A lot of people think their way is right but as long as you are happy then that's all that matters. I am quite lucky to have access to a lot of land with daft amounts of rabbits on causing damage and me and my kids get as many as we can carry usually 30 to 40 in a day, been doing it for too many years to be bragging about numbers but I enjoy taking people out with me as I know a lot of lads are struggling for permissions. I must have helped a load of lads off here and other.forums in one way or another e.g days/nights out, restocking, filling up freezers and giving away equipment although some don't bother turning up as they think it all seems too good to be true. I should be taking a couple of chaps out at the weekend, I don't agree with rabbiting in summer but they are causing too much damage. I have helped people out and you would be surprised at what people have done back in return. To see someone's face when they are used to just getting the odd bunny or two to getting as many as they can carry is lovely to see and my Mrs aunty will be well happy, I probably won't even have a shot. I've read some crackers on here "you can't have decent ferrets unless you have to dig for them" it's about bolting bunnies not digging but some people think that's a good day out but some people think that just because they dig all the time everyone else has to be too . My favourite thing to do is bolting them for my dogs, I used to pop daft amounts off but got boring but I just try to keep everyone happy. As most of you will.know you can't trust many people nowadays as they go straight back on your permissions so limited to places you can take people and you have to plan it. I know some of these small ferrets can be a bit wimpy but another fact that you probably won't believe is my small hobs.are a bloody nightmare they are alright with each other and lovely to handle but if you saw one with a big hob you wouldn't believe it if my little hob got near him he would kill it even though he is 4 times his size. I've told a few people who have had one off me and they have had ferrets all their lives and they look at you gone out and then they see it for themselves. I have always for many years picked the liveliest ones. Am dropping a couple off this week to a friend who has spent his life rabbiting and net making who a lot of you will know from the game shows as he also finds it hard to believe as he knows his stuff. I won't be getting into any "discussions" about the merits of digging ferrets etc as far too busy and I'm just telling it how I see it. As long as everyone is happy then that's all that matters
  6. wilbs

    Best bait for eels

    Tench used to be one of my favourite fish to catch have had some cracking tench sessions used to get there just before it got light, bit of brown ground bait and fishing over the top with corn or just the head of a worm, right next to the reeds. Have fallen out of love with coarse fishing and same old fish and scenery tight lines lol
  7. wilbs

    Eventful fishing trip

    Thanks for the advice fireman, I'm itching to get back out lol I've been watching loads of videos and reading up about how to catch Conger eels what bait and tackle to use etc as I have never seen one
  8. wilbs

    Eventful fishing trip

    I can remember you mentioning that before crossing the Solent, I often look across and think one day lol but there's a lot of big bloody boats Another weekend of lovely sea fishing and kayaking just finished. Think I've just found the perfect place or maybe 30 mins of good luck. Went for 3 hours and had 3 rods out off the beach, ragworm on one, mackerel and sandeel on the others, 2.5 hours with not even a nibble so moved a bit further up the beach next to a sea wall in half an hour had 4 good size bass, had a ray of some kind but came off just before I got it to shore as had a 6 or 7lb bass on at same time and a few whiting will definitely be going there again as none stop bites. I nearly stopped the night and cancelled work lol
  9. wilbs

    Eventful fishing trip

    Nice little pic of me and kids that my Mrs took off her kayak
  10. wilbs

    Eventful fishing trip

    Had plenty of small fish and managed 2 decent sized bass and my little lad got 3 mackerel. I just fish for pleasure following the coast on kayaks with the family and a bit of beach fishing when we stop for a bit of food. My Mrs has contacted the RNLI to see if they have any leaflets etc on falling into cold water that we can hand out whenever we are at the beach or I can arrange to get some printed myself as a lot of people think that just because they say their kids can swim they will be alright and go 100-150m out on lilos, dinghies etc with no life jacket on. Been out again today and it's surprising after talking to people on the beach how many adults can't actually swim and then they let their kids go right out! The sea is great fun as long as everyone is aware of the dangers etc
  11. wilbs

    Eventful fishing trip

    Couldn't have worded it better myself mate. We spend most of our spare time doing sea related activities my kids are like little otters but its always safety first. We have only just got back after having a cracking day out with family on kayaks fishing and snorkelling which has taken their minds off yesterday's events. It's a shame for the poor chaps family though. I must have counted about 10-15 kids today right out on those inflatable kayaks with no life jackets on had a word with a couple of the parents about yesterday, so hopefully some good will come out of it. Cheers for the replies lads
  12. Was out sea fishing yesterday with my kids, everything was going well, sun was shining, we had been out swimming, was catching a few fish, radio was on etc. Me and the kids got the shock of our lives some poor chap was floating face down in the sea and things had obviously gone wrong for him not going to say too much out of.respect for his family but shouted for help and a couple of passers by helped me carry him out of the sea and onto the beach which was difficult as waves were high and sea well choppy. Gave him CPR until ambulance arrived. Police said they would be in touch and let me know what happens would be over the moon if he makes a recovery as my little lad keeps asking me if he is alright. Am supposed to be off out sea fishing on my kayak in about an hour's time and it will certainly be on my mind although I always wear life jacket etc. Fingers crossed he makes it, am still a bit in shock its all a bit surreal.
  13. wilbs

    Micro Hob

    As long as you are happy with them. It's nice to see that little lads face he looks well proud. There doesn't seem to be as many youngsters getting into it these days. I always try to do my bit and encourage the young uns. I met up with some chap a few times his lad is as keen as hell but where they are from they are lucky to get one or two bunnies as theŕe are just none about so am taking them both to help me out on a place that is over run with them it will be nice to see his little face when he sees how many.there are. I try to leave them to breed during the warmer months but a friend of my Mrs family have paddocks for horses with hundreds on so they want the numbers keeping down all.year round. I think one of the proudest moments when you were a kid when you just had a handful and was really proud and had had a good day out. Happy hunting kid!
  14. wilbs

    Micro Hob

    Have you seen how fiery my little hobs are? My kids handle them so they are as good as gold and with each other.but when they see another hob that is 3 or 4 times it's size you will definitely change your mind about how tough some of the little ones are. I have had ferrets.for 30.years and it still shocks me sometimes they are a bloody nuisance as you cant put them with bigger hobs as something switches in.them and it's kill or be killed mentality. People who ask me for one look.at you gone out when you tell.them. It's never been a problem for me before as never had big ferrets as i prefer smaller ones and they are fine with each other. A while back I ended up with a big hob and my kids adore him he's a lovely natured ferret but would never put him anywhere near them.as one time the kids let him in whilst i was cleaning them out and the small.one flipped him straight over and he would have ended up killing him if I hadn't pulled him off. Over the years i have always picked the liveliest out of the litter to hopefully offset their size and the small wimpy ferrets that you mentioned and i agree with you as that is also what i used to think and expect but as long as they do their job and they suit the work I do as theŕe are a lot of deep sandy sets. How are your greyhounds going?
  15. wilbs

    Attaching pics in PMs

    Cheers for reply Greyman it works ok putting a pic on a post just not in a PM. This is the pic I was trying to send to someone in a PM.