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  1. wilbs

    Massive albino hob ferret

    Couldn't agree with you more but think it's more his natural hunting ability and how quick he has picked it up as hes only been out a few timew rather than how big he is. As we all know sometimes it takes a while for a young ferret to know what there doing and they just skim over the top of the sets leaving plenty of bunnies that are deeper down I've been doing a lot of sandy sets today which have been quite deep and I've been checking on him with my Mk3 ferret finder on locate and he's getting to decent depths. I then dropped a couple of my older more experienced hobs after and he hasn't missed many bunnies so am 100% pleased with him. Also I remember when I had decent sized ferrets years ago it brought back memories of how they work a bit slower he's probably getting his big arse stuck in the tunnels lol
  2. wilbs

    Massive albino hob ferret

    Those little hobs that I use a couple of years ago a chap called Sid not sure if he is on here did a 7 hour round trip just to grab a couple of small ferrets the nutter Ferrets are one of our best tools but I wouldn't drive 7 hours to get one lol.
  3. wilbs

    Massive albino hob ferret

    He's actually a lot bigger than what he looks in the pic but he does the job.
  4. wilbs

    Massive albino hob ferret

    Here he is next to my small hob. The bloke I got him from off here said they had been dumped. He will definitely make as good a ferret as I've ever seen, I've always thought it takes at least a season or two for them to know their job. He would have come in handy.a few months ago. I knew he was a decent one when I saw him keep popping his head up and going straight back down. Luckily I do a lot of bolting for the dogs or long netting as there is no way he is getting through a purse net he would struggle through a football net lol. I have done a bit of filming with him bolting to the dogs today and will try and do a bit more in the next couple of days then that's me about done for ferreting then as there a lot of young uns about now. I'm off out tonight popping a few bunnies off, weather is a bit crap with the moon being up but it is what it is
  5. I've never personally been keen on big ferrets as you seem to dig more to them than smaller ones. Anyone who has had one off me off here will know I like my little albino hobs. I recently picked up a hob from someone off here a decent bloke who needed some ferrets rehoming. The chap who I rehomed it to asked if I would take it with me to give it some graft as there are plenty of bunnies where I am to help bring it on, I took it out today it's only been out a few times it was like watching an old experienced ferret work no messing about walking on top. I did some deep sets and it went right to the bottom fetching them all out f*** me I was well impressed as it's a young ferret it's bloody massive though the size of a cat lol. One problem though, I kept it in separate sets from mine but two of the sets were connected my 3 little ferrets came flying out in a line Benny Hill style with him chasing them have never seen ferrets move so fast was only my long net that stopped him from getting them. He has changed my mind about using a bigger ferret and I will definitely have one next season. He is probably the best young ferret I have ever seen work. It's 22.5 inches to his shoulder, I think it's got a bit of bull in him lol I might even take him on site with me labouring lol
  6. wilbs


    When I spoke to him on the phone he was a right laugh and seemed like a decent enough chap lol. I'm not bothered about the catapult but I nearly offered him an S410 off a mate of mine its well used but still does the job and was going to see If he wanted it thank f*** I didn't. I've mentioned this before on here, some people might think why would you give away a scope for free but I had nothing as a kid just a tenner each birthday so I think it makes you a better person. When you have come from a rough family, grafted and done well for yourself and i am now sorted in life it gives you a buzz helping people out. Mr Wilkes - one of the best blokes I've met in a long time is a Muslim chap who is 100% bang on we take the piss out of each other etc. I'm down on the South Coast at the minute he is coming down in next couple of days for a day or two of rabbiting and other stuff and I know that he will make the effort and put the work in. I'm taking him kayaking but he doesn't know it yet
  7. wilbs


    There aren't many decent folk left now. If you want a decent catapult mate I've got a couple off some chap I know and you are more than welcome to have one. I did him a favour so he gave me a couple of good catapults
  8. wilbs


    Me too! I sorted him a nearly brand new scope worth a couple of hundred quid so that he could take his lad out shooting and he said he would sort me a catapult out for my little lad. There's been no sign of a catapult or the scope since. Said he would put pic of it up but just posted one of a cheap 50 quid jobbie. I even paid for first class delivery as well. The decent thing to do would be for him to have passed it to someone who genuinely was going to use it with their kid I may as well have sold it myself but thought I was helping a father and son out
  9. wilbs

    Ferreting with kids

    Cheers for the replies vin and TOMO. Was supposed to be taking kids out again today for a days ferreting but too breezy and sometimes bunnies seem a bit more reluctant to bolt when it's really windy. Nipped to see Moocher71 off here and picked up one of the ferrets he needed rehoming to one of my mates who is a decent family man and will give it a good home. We had a good chat and i gave him a big bag of bunnies for his dogs/ferrets as a thank you.
  10. wilbs


    Lovely looking dog he looks well keen and up for it
  11. wilbs

    Parallex question

    Cheers for the replies lads, am even more confused now! Got my Mrs to email the technical dept at Hawke today must admit they were brilliant they got straight back to me with an email trying to explain it and gave me a number to call if I was still unsure so going to give them a call tomorrow as it's easier to explain over the phone etc so will see how that goes. It's surprising on the number of variations of answers you get from different people you would think there would be a simple answer that everybody would know including myself
  12. wilbs

    Getting there now

    Flynndog - my Mrs has posted scope to you and sent you a PM with Royal Mail tracking number etc
  13. Just a quick question if you set your parallex at 40yds and zero it in and then you change your parallex to 50yds does that change your zero point? For many years thought it didn't but some people say it does so not sure. Thanks Wilbs
  14. wilbs

    Getting there now

    Flynnd0og i.ve sent you a PM pal.0
  15. wilbs

    Ferreting with kids

    Cheers big napper - have shown my kids the comments as some kids get brainwashed by school and the media my kids get the truth and am sure there are probably antis/snowflakes reading this. I do rabbiting/pest control and you might laugh at this a couple of people I know who have land/small holdings and like to see rabbits running around and they pop the odd one off for the pot but they haven't seen a bunny in a couple of years and i have helped them to organise repopulating these areas, it is nice to see and i have had a lot of permission from it. You learn to respect the countryside and it's wildlife. Kids from farming families are some of the fittest and healthiest kids about