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  1. wilbs

    Attaching pics in PMs

    Cheers for reply Greyman it works ok putting a pic on a post just not in a PM. This is the pic I was trying to send to someone in a PM.
  2. wilbs

    Attaching pics in PMs

    In the past have been able to attach pics in a PM by just clicking on the paper clip and it would take me to my files on my phone have just tried to send a chap off here a pic of my baby ferrets and it just wants me to put a link or URL in. Can attach a pic of photos that I have posted previously on the forum. Not sure if I have changed something by accident or if it's something you can't do any more. Any advice appreciated as not great with this sort of thing. Thanks Wilbs
  3. wilbs

    Picked up my new pup

    Lovely looking pup pal
  4. wilbs

    Mini Ferrets

    As long as you're happy with them pal and they are doing their job that's all that matters. I know one thing you can certainly bang out some posts every topic you are posting on shows it's hot lol you're fingertips must be red raw.
  5. wilbs

    Mini Ferrets

    First of all pal I think you're crackers lol i dont come on here too much but you do make me laugh i can see you're ferrets are well handled and looked after to be able to do that which fair play to you spending time on them as I know some ferrets are not looked after but it just looks crazy as it's nothing to do with working them and not very hygienic lol. I could go and do it with any of mine but I've just never felt the need to lol and I've never seen anyone else do it in 30 odd years. All my mates think I'm nuts and up for a laugh but they would think I'd lost the plot if they saw me with a ferret hanging out me gob and my Mrs would probably leave and take the kids with her lol. I do get what you were trying to prove though as some ferrets you can't go anywhere near them as not handled much. On a serious note, do you actually work them at all or are they just pets?
  6. wilbs

    Mini Ferrets

    At the start of this thread the chap asked about ferrets going through or up a ring ffs don't start putting those kind of kinky pics up
  7. wilbs

    Mini Ferrets

    You look like a 70s porn star with that tache who is into ferret porn. The poor chap who started this thread when he.comes and has a look on he will think he's hit the jackpot with all the responses and it's just ferret porn pics lol
  8. wilbs

    Mini Ferrets

    Thats how I knew it was a 100% greyhound ferret with its witches nose lol. She was a bugger for getting stuck down the holes it was them long greyhound legs of hers. She held the track record for 3 years at my local greyhound track lol
  9. wilbs

    Mini Ferrets

    Our team this is a proper greyhound ferret pal, cracking worker fast as f*** think it were 32" to the shoulder best ferret I've ever owned got 287 rabbits out of a 2 holer with her - RIP Flash
  10. wilbs

    Mini Ferrets

    Shouldn't be wasting my time with this post but here goes and this will be my only post about stupid names for ferrets. There is nowhere in my post that i have said they are greyhound ferrets the chap mentioned something about fitting small ferrets through a finger ring i think he said, (I can't be bothered to go back to start of post) the big buggers you've got wouldn't fit through a hula hoop lol. I just said mine are a line of small ferrets not greyhound ferrets, not micro ferrets, not breakdancing ferrets or any other stupid name i have heard over last 30 odd years. Names don't make them work any better as long as they do their job and everyone is happy that's all that matters. I was going to put a longer post up but I'm a builder and it takes me bloody ages to type lol and I've got to get 3 of my ferrets down to the greyhound track they are running in the 7.30pm lol
  11. wilbs

    who can repair deben mk1 ferret finders for me???

    Have just been having a chat with Mick on the phone and told him you were after his number he told me to PM it you across so will do it now.
  12. wilbs

    Still Catching

    A few places I go it's pest control so they want the numbers down all year round which is not something I am keen on but last week I had to go and clear a load of bunnies off for a family friend and decided to take one ferret as.there were some lovely sets right out ideal for my young dog. I was only going for an hour or two and just by pure luck managed not to bolt any little uns out until last set, had a cracking day so decided to go again the next day which was the complete opposite a nightmare as every set had young uns in and that's all that bolted but I'm not into that so packed up and went back again at night time shooting instead. Moocher71 - Big Bert as my kids call him, he is a joy to own and am looking forward to September with him he can certainly clear the bunnies out! I will repay the favour soon mate as I have bred two of my little jills and will save a kit for you. Is the pup you are talking about the bedo cross that you showed me when i came to see you? Wilbs
  13. wilbs

    Mini Ferrets

    I've got a line of very small ferrets you wouldn't fit them through your ring though lol. These are about as small as I would want to go though. There are a few chaps off here who have had one off me Flacko is one of them and there are a few others wanting one that I have promised them to. Here are pics of one of the jills and one of the hobs I mainly just work the hobs and also a pic of one of my hobs next to a decent sized male ferret. You would think as they are small they are timid but the hobs are a bloody nightmare with other hobs. A male ferret 4 or 5 times their size wouldn't last very long they would kill it very quickly which probably seems hard to believe but they are cracking little workers and lovely to handle. All the small males are sound together it's just when a different hob is around. They've probably got little ferret syndrome I took pics of them next to a toilet tube to give an idea of their size
  14. wilbs

    A few more

    Never really been one for watching hunting videos etc but I do watch yours and have subscribed to your channel. Watching some of the dogs you have had and how they consistently get on the hedge side of them and flick them out into the field and work together as a team is very impressive. I've got my dog who looks just like your bitch he is really coming on well, but he's not yet using his brain he just steams through everything he should calm down in time. Happy hunting pal
  15. wilbs

    A few more

    Well done Trev my little lad is obsessed with your videos he has just been watching one from a while back. It was a smallish whippet and a collie cross they certainly made short work of em, they are a joy to watch work and I have watched a few myself lol 🖒