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  1. I was just having the crack with you pal i know a few old boys and I do like to listen to their stories. As long as everyone is happy doing it how they want thats all that matters. If you ever need any tips send me a PM lol always happy to help. I was just trying to be positive and let you know that there were still bunnies close to you
  2. No, just that i am out there doing it instead of talking a good story and also have got too much going on in my life to bicker about rabbits. I know plenty of lads doing their bit you just have to travel a bit further, as long as you are getting a few and enjoying it thats all that matters. Am off out with dogs in a bit do you want me to pick you up on the way - bloody armchair hunters lol
  3. I dont spend too much time on here as busy etc but i always take time to read your posts as they are informative and always bang on. It is crap for some of the lads who havent got any bunnies to.go at probably mainly down to RHVD2 but you do have to make a bit more effort now to find them. I've probably been out with 7 or 8 good lads off here and took dogs for a run had a good crack and got some bunnies but I've offered to take lads out on my permissions with plenty of bunnies on now most of them probably think its too good to be true or whatever else but there are still bunnies out there now.
  4. Bit of a.delay in replying pal been a bit busy. Took a closer up pic for you there are 13 poles and where the poles sit there is a kind of dip which is quite wide and they just drop in, you could say it looks a bit messy but it works and the poles never fall out. Have done a little drawing lol to give you a better idea Dont take the p*** out my drawing lol
  5. You're welcome chaps ☺ FF - just happy that it's helping you and your kids out and its nice to see pics of it being used as I've got plenty of gear myself ? Big napper - if we meet up again probably best to pick a different place that's not right outside a brothel lol
  6. Just saw your post about not being able to send me a PM, my inbox was full so have deleted some stuff. Have just tried to send you a PM but also said you couldnt receive messages so have put this on here as dont know whats cracking off lol.
  7. Mk3 Ferret Finders & Purse Nets View Advert All sold now - pending payment and delivery etc Wilbs Advertiser wilbs Date 29/11/19 Price Category Ferreting Equipment
  8. Good on you pal that's how I started many years ago with mine, she don't half help me out though i take the whole family out with me sometimes, we have actually all been out today One thing that sticks in my mind is taking a chap.off here called Nobby out as he wanted to learn ferreting and long netting. After a.few.times out he said his kids were interested and wanted to join in so took the whole family Mrs and kids out and put them on a nice easy set with plenty of bunnies and just enjoyed sitting watching them, his kids loved it and he then repaid the favour by getting me into sea kay
  9. wilbs

    Proud Dad

    Cheers for the advice will take it on board. Was going to go earlier before it got dark and have a mess about on the beach with the kids but it's been chucking it down. Just been and got a few lob worms as i.ve never tried.them in the sea before we are just off now Here is a pic of my little lad with his rag worm which my Mrs got earlier from the shop. Normally where we are off to have been using a strip of fresh mackerel and seem to do good on it ?
  10. The important thing is the system as a whole and whether it works for you. I like the longer metal poles so you don't have to bend forward and you are always upright and they are also sturdier and don't bend. Also how much bagging they have as when I first got one years ago when i didnt have much experience and was going out quite often and hardly got anything and I had seen the bunnies running down the hill towards it so I took my lamp one night and they were just bouncing off it like a tennis net and I didn't know why. The best game changer I've found for long netting is using a thermal
  11. Not sure about Nelsons but he has certainly got a good reputation. Here is a pic of my my 100yd quickset as you can see there is nothing in the way or anything for the net to snag on in or out. It depends how often you are going to use it and whether it's for day or night time use. It's only something simple but I like them with a bit of 8-9mm thick elastic either side so when you tie it over either end of your poles then even on the darkest night or not looking you can feel the knot it makes with your fingers and don't have to have any light on and it really grips them. For me if I can put
  12. I've got an old 4oz quickset and they certainly hold the bunnies well but at this time of year they pick up more crap like leaves twigs etc as well. I use it now and again in the latter months of the season where there is not so much crap on the ground. Again it's personal preference
  13. wilbs

    Proud Dad

    We are happy catching anything. But trying to catch one of each fish on a list my Mrs has. Never caught a cod or codling. Or skate.as newish to sea fishing. But we seem to do ok as done many years coarse fishing in the past.
  14. wilbs

    Proud Dad

    Got a few days off work so just fitting in as much rabbiting and sea fishing as I can. Where we are going tonight there is a concrete wall that probably breaks the waves up the 3 times that we have been there it's mental just bite after bite last time I actually wanted to catch something other than sea bass they just seem to love it there but if you just move 40 to 50yds up the beach it's a completely different story as went there the first time and had 2 or 3 rods out and hardly got a knock lol. The only catch is you do get the slightly better fish as soon as you hit them you have to turn the
  15. I suppose everyone has their personal preference but I just like where there is no straps or anything in.the way as you can get the net down quicker hopefully getting a few more bunnies. It's not the easiest method for getting right conditions but I must say when it works it's one of my favourite methods I would rather get 10 in the net than just popping them off with a rifle. Good idea on that basket Tomo but if I had to be really picky and make a slight adjustment the V bit that the poles sit in I would prefer that to be just an inch or two lower down. I only ever use 100yd nets so you've go
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