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  1. I get it mate and dont think im doing the " I told you so " speech. I just think sometimes its ok to go with your heart.
  2. Ive heard all that a million times at England tournaments and its horrible we never wanted that label....had we not produced the players we did we would probably never have got it either so for West Ham fans thats just about the only plus point of the move.
  3. Wilf we saw things from different perspectives thats all it would be no different talking about boxing id see things from a competitive angle where you might see it with a fans head on.....yes we all want to compete with the best and win stuff but only if its with the people you came up with and shared the journey with i never wanted to be a " big club " i was happy with who we were ....all apart from being everyones " second club " as Stan put it....thats something we all hated as you then had random Northerners like Max saying they " have a soft spot " for West Ham ......errrr no your alright Unless some ridiculous offer is thrown on the table the owners will go in 2023 no amount of protests will change that.... i have to laugh at them all getting up in arms with their banners and marches i consider them the same as the whites going crazy about blacks taking over.....you was warned,you chose to ignore it,and now you are crying.
  4. Over confidence i think mate....yous have smacked us about a bit the last few times we've met and looked like they thought they only had to turn up to roll us over again. In some ways its refreshing to see that at the very highest levels of sport having the right attitude still plays an important part....our lads had it,yours didnt and the better team won.
  5. The clubs on its arse mate we dont want our owners,we dont want our ground,our training grounds shit,recruitment is diabolical,theres no real aspirations or ambition at the moment ive never known the mood here so bad in all the years ive followed the club.....the only thing thats remained together are the fans and its just as well we're not allowed in as it wouldnt be pleasant for anyone involved.
  6. Anyway wheres that Bird hiding......probably shitting himself at the thought of Michail Antonio running riot at that Boly and Coady partnership.......while that f***ing great oaf Traore gets wrapped up and sent back up to the black country by my little Aaron Cresswell....easy 3 points for the lads today
  7. It was great though wasnt it ....i love watching Mourinho self combust....even more so now he,s at the dirty yids ! But on a serious note yes a combination of new rules and VAR is destroying the game how long is it going to be before we see defenders jumping up for headers with their hands behind their back !.......so much of the game now surrounds the yearning to get a penalty kick ive said for years i wish the rule could be that a penalty kick is ONLY awarded for goal scoring opportunities....its getting to the point that teams think they are halfway to a goal by getting in the 18 yard box.... its ridiculous why should an infringement on the edge of the box with absolutely no goal scoring opportunity be rewarded with a penalty anyway ??? Id love to see the stats of penalties per season in the Premier League today compared to the old First Division in the 70,s/80,s.
  8. He better not after all the stuff he,s come out with declaring his undying love for " our club" and " one of the lads " type talk of " our unique " fans But in reality.....yes probably !
  9. Theres too many officials looking to cash in and make a name for themselves the game is about the players not them ! All this with the linesman when a striker is offside and they wont put their flag up until 5 seconds later all dramatic " look how ive effected the game " This clown Mike Dean all over social media making a c**t of himself jumping about showing what a passionate fan he is......ol f**k off you idiot nobody gives a shit about you !
  10. f**k off with all that pretending you aint watching ! Ive got a couple of pals like that one of them it took his wife to grass him up and tell us he sneakily watches it on catch up the next day.....just get on with it man
  11. Whos the Wolves fan on here i know theres one lurking around here somewhere ive spoke to him before.....well watch your back son today the mighty Hammers are gonna take some revenge for the 6 points you sneaked off us last season !! Oh its a laugh innit
  12. Couldnt agree more its still just basic human opinion.........no we dont need perfection in sport.
  13. Nah i dont buy it wind ups last for a few hours or until the person realises its a wind up.....this has lasted years this place is clearly his social life. Ive gone from finding him " clip round the ear " type of irritating.....to " what a berk " type of funny.....to now just feeling a little bit sorry for him i have to be in a playful mood just to engage him in conversation or it feels like your kicking a spastic.
  14. " Lockdown " is a word thats starting to have about as much meaning as the word " Racist " Its turning into one of those designer words used to scare people.
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