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  1. I think thats part of what makes Mcgregor exciting....you know he has 5 - 7 minutes of danger and then he,ll go into survival mode. Beyond that i dont get why folk seem to dislike him he,s a young brash guy having fun... an engaging excitable character full of life...personally i dont see whats to hate.
  2. Its ok mate i thought you was insinuating something....yes ive watched it,like most of these type of films the thing that lets them down for me is the casting,when they get skinny little wretch cheeky chappy types to play serious characters just because they have a cockney accent it lets the whole film down it started off with The Krays film years ago when them 2 Spandau Ballet boys played them....love or hate them the Kray brothers were a f****n handful and not men you took lightly so to have them played by a couple of pretty boys just took all the authenticity out of the film....like Lurcher said they,ve rinsed the Essex Boys thing for all its worth but in fairness Craig Fairbrass was spot on they could not of got anyone to play the roll of Tate better than he played it in my opinion.....but beyond that i think most of them films are a pile of crap.
  3. gnasher16


    Cant believe this games still only 1 nil it could/should be 3 or 4......some side this Liverpool lot ....Utd look lost !
  4. Now thats not very nice is it
  5. Me too....i was surprised a Mcgregor early ko was as good odds as it was so was too good to turn down......mind you i also had Cerrone rnds 3 - 5 so hedged my bets slightly ........well in your youngster anyway !
  6. Me and a few pals developed a little plot of land so that one of them could get a gaff out of it in a little village near Welshpool they went for decent money in the end,i know its near the border anyway but probably a third of the village are English people mainly from the Midlands and down the M5.... property certainly seems to hold its value there.
  7. It was something we all used to do years back to gauge the length of your bicep muscle.....you would flex your bicep and place your fingers flat in the gap you are talking about....1 finger indicated a long muscle belly,2 normal and 3 was a short muscle belly..........its hardly physiological evidence but was a decent general rule of thumb...........or finger even
  8. Whether folk like it or not the lad is an engaging character and charisma go,s a long way its whether he,s a good enough fighter to win a world title again id have my doubts about but i hope he does.
  9. It always frustrates me when i flick through the film channels and it says Bad Boys as im always thinking its going to be a prison movie i liked from years ago with a young Sean Penn but its always that shit with the 2 darkies. Looking forward to watching this 1917 looks decent.
  10. I think as you get older your training goals shift through both what your body will allow you to do and what your body needs you to do....but ultimately great health/strength and fitness is what we all crave....or should be ! I wouldnt say ive ever been a beach body type apart from a few years of competitive bodybuilding which in all honesty i hated and deeply regret as i paid a high price in terms of lingering injuries......but for the most part my life of fitness has been towards sport or at the very least a readiness for intense physical activity.....these days i train specifically for arm wrestling and do little to no leg training whatsoever.....i bike a few times per week but do no weight training at all for legs.....ive even started taking swimming lessons ....im a terrible swimmer i just realised how beneficial it can be on the joints so f**k it if you cant do something very well you have to re - learn right ?....for years i had a phobia of deep water but i ve almost conquered that so onwards and upwards.....beyond general health,well being and body suppleness my strength goals today are in very specific areas so machines are important .....in all honesty if not for machines my journey in strength/conditioning would probably be at an end about now so its an area of technology im very grateful for.
  11. gnasher16


    Contemptuous,wry funny.......as opposed to jovial,jocular funny......yeah i gotcha
  12. Someone hasnt told you to do the finger test have they .....the bicep is made up of a long head and a short head and you can target both.....the short head is closest to your body with your arm at reast....the long head runs along the outside and gives the appearance of length and it dictates the peak of the muscle in the flexed position.....flex your bicep palms in and your bicep will peak,turn your wrist to knuckles facing out and your bicep will flatten out ?...the long head is activated when you supinate a concentration curl for example but hitting each part of the bicep is really only for seasoned bodybuilders at your stage you just want to wreck the entire muscle ! Its all genetic mate the length of your bicep bellys are not even dictated by the muscle itself but the insertion points of the tendons so as much as you can develop the muscle you,ll never make them longer. Im actually having my fourth operation on an elbow extensor tendon in a few weeks so its an area im quite familiar with unfortunately !
  13. gnasher16


    When you,ve heard the same joke 36 times are you still expected to laugh !!.......f****n roll on
  14. Without wishing to needle you mate i think its just indicative of the society we now live in where people just want stuff.....now. Its a bit like getting your car washed do you pay people to do it quickly or take the longer harder route of doing it yourself....my theory is that when you take the time to do something yourself you get a much deeper understanding of the subject than putting yourself on a conveyor belt of someone elses learning.....learning that with regards to training has only come predominantly from text books.....when we was your age we had to learn things ourselves,no internet.....just ask,talk,ask,talk,experiment.....for me it was part of the fun,anyone can go stand in front of a machine and lift because that bloke told you to but knowing the mechanics of the body and feeling how your body works i found fascinating......but hey i accept we,re in a different time now so as much as i want to tell you to get your own knowledge it probably makes sense to use the society we currently live in and get someone elses knowledge.....just dont totally rely on it
  15. Come on mate thats a bit naive to say theres never any incident....im certainly not one for playing by rules but even im not that cynical These control centres can see 20 odd miles in each direction......thats what,anything up to an hour in front of what we can see most of the time an incident is sorted by the time we get there....sometimes you,ll say " well wheres the f****n accident then " only to see a car sitting in one of the refuge areas thats been towed off.....i dont like the idea of Smart Motorways any more than the next man but i concede that they are necessary and in all fairness at least traffic congestion is something thats being dealt with i dont see much happening with the housing crisis,the over stretched NHS or any of the other infrastructure of the country thats at breaking point due to over population,at least the Highways lot are doing something !
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