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  1. Why do you think im on here It did cross my mind just how far they'll be taking this trans stuff....will they stick a bloke tranny thing in with a female boxer the way they did with the swimming....lets see how serious they actually are with " trans rights " when it comes to taking a right hander or two !
  2. Looking forward to this Buatsi v Richards fight in a minute i fancy Buatsi to stop him i think Richards has too many miles on the clock for a polished youngster like Buatsi......was going until i saw how many treacles were fighting on the card,what a load of ol bollocks !
  3. Depends if you're looking for them i suppose....but you certainly aint gonna find them in Trafalgar f****n Square
  4. Thats my whole point......nobody lives in Trafalgar Square ! Its a shame as it would be fun to see blokes walking about in dungarees and tank tops with curly perm haircuts again
  5. It wont surprise me one bit if Palace do the Mancs but we f**k up at Brighton.......it would be typical West Ham that
  6. Always cracks me up the way Northerners come down in their droves and " take over " the one part of London where theres no Londoners ....its a tourist area for f**k sake ! Anyway,poxy Rangers....stitched right up there !
  7. Aint had a Saturday afternoon indoors on my own with the footie on telly for years. 10/1 on 3 - 1 Rangers......Come on The Gers !!....is that how you say it
  8. Something like that .....although they're a rough bunch i should be able to push it a bit further......first sign of tears i'll stop !......anyway the bride has known him nearly as long as i have so its not like she doesnt know what he's like....i think shes lost her mind personally
  9. No disrespect mate but i just find that outlook incredibly naive.....its nothing to do with pigeon holes we are simply different.......yes we are all humans but that is not enough for unity........all religions want to follow their " own " religion.....all cultures want to follow their " own " culture......we all have,want and are entitled to different social structures..... the vast majority of people all as separate distinctive races want communities of people like ourselves....thats why the world has countries and thats why globalists hate countries and wish to break apart any form of natio
  10. I think guns certainly make it " easier " to kill people though in terms of killing from a safe distance but sticking a knife in someone is much more up close and personal and so harder to do.....likewise battering someone to death with your hands and feet is more up close and personal again and therefore even harder to do......guns simply make things easier to do through a split second decision.
  11. Like i say....im not sure what i can say that i havent said before
  12. Ive done a few over the years i used to shit myself before any of that public speaking lark but now ive learned to relax and just have a giggle with it all you're going to offend someone so why worry....tactically my approach is to write down bullet points and just wing it with each of them.....theres nothing worse than hearing someone read a script its childlike. Later this year im best man for someone ive been best man for 3 times before ....beyond the treacles name im not sure what i can say that i havent said before ....what a f**k up the geezer !
  13. The " competitiveness " of Golf if thats what you want to call it.....is down to the fact that so many people can make a good living from it once they get their pro card or whatever its called the sponsorship means prize money is right up there even for players outside the very top level......a couple of ex fighter brothers i know play at a good level one of them is ranked about 300 on the official world golf rankings yet has made around 3 million quid in career earnings. Im not entirely sure what the question is but the " most competitive " sport is whichever one you do.
  14. Oh ffs not all this shit again it was funny enough the first 4 times ! Tomorrow brings my first completed season without missing a ball kicked home or away since my mid 20's......think that deserves a nice long holiday in the sun .....only difference is this year it was enjoyable
  15. ....How long will you give it before its back to " dirty rotten smelly c**ts " 2 seasons ? 3 ? If and when it happens,it will finish me with my club.... as an active fan anyway.
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