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  1. Its all out there for anyone bothered to look into it you only need look into things like the Runnymede Trust who drafted up The Parek Report which after concluding that Britain is a racist country and " racism " is now the ultimate evil in society decided that the solution for Britain is a vision to diversify it through multiculturalism and mass migration.....the home office are at the heart of all the institutions you talk of be it police,CPS ,unions,media who are not acting on behalf of the British population but are at war with the British population and demonise white working class peopl
  2. Am i right in thinking you can now get a special fake grass that cleans itself of animal piss and suchlike via the suns rays ?.....someone was telling about it but not sure if they was on the wind up......must admit i never liked the stuff it always seems to look poxy 6 months after its put down.
  3. Blimey what a carry on eh !.....no idea what all the drama's about and its none of my business....and for what its worth i always had Katchum down as an ok chap.......but that aside i dont really get all this " delete me " stuff....if a person wants off an internet forum then just press " sign out " and dont ever press " sign in " again....how complicated is it ?......unless someones made thousands of posts they regret making then whats the need to have all their content deleted. f****d if i know whats going on i dont pay much attention to the hierarchy and " who is a mod " stuff ive nev
  4. When Marlene Guest first uncovered the grooming gangs there was the same look of shock/horror ( you cant say that ) as Wilf described......statements made by Griffin,Tyndall right back to old Enoch were all met with that same look and response......i dont think its anything to do with cowardice i just think people have been taught to be passive and discreet when it comes to uncomfortable truths regarding race......political correctness was always about getting people to police themselves regarding " hurty words " ........even if its the truth.
  5. Hopefully that was tongue in cheek ! Although it still amazes me how many folk either cant see or dont want to see how white people are being systematically attacked on a daily basis particularly in Britain.....not only have we been forced to label the worlds majority ethnicities as " minorities " but we have also had these lies built up into victim groups and communities like BAME.....we are the only nation in the world who does this....if people think it will stop once we become minorities in our own homelands then they are simply not paying attention and need to wake up before it
  6. Yeah good shout that absolutely hideous looking things aint they !......we have a place called P.A.Wood near me its an authorised dealer and one of the only Rolls/Bentley body shops in the country its like a little museum with some absolutely top class motors,really impressive place, but out the front at the moment they have a line of them Cullinan's it looks more like a funeral directors than a car dealers !
  7. I quite like them to be honest
  8. Ive said for years now......the further you breed pit bulls away from " the pit " the more problems you will have.
  9. People are finally starting to open their eyes to this war on white people and having been brainwashed with how wonderful multiculturalism and diversity is for us all its sometimes good to get back to basics. Diversity is about very basic arithmetic....to say you want MORE ethnic diversity is exactly the same as saying you want LESS of the ethnicity you have already got.....the data is showing that native British whites are becoming minorities in some of our major cities and towns....am i racist for saying i dont want that ?.....because personally i want more ethnic minorities every bit a
  10. Always a bit of a double edged sword for me now this sort of stuff...." If only you had listened to us,but all you did was call us dirty names,now its probably too late " If you had only listened to the BNP when you had the chance !
  11. Why are we expected to be so humble all the time......Wales reaction to our semi final in 2016 always stayed with me......f**k the lot of you's !.....that karma's a bitch eh Wales players hysterical celebration after Iceland win vs England 27/6/2016
  12. Is that the little " what you talking about Willis " geezer ? Thats exactly who came into my mind as well
  13. Well it sounds a much better idea than knobbing about like a bunch of benders round a lake with a fishing rod in your hand. I did the easy route a few years ago Wasdale whatever it was called maybe do one of the slightly harder routes....sort the men from the boys
  14. Totally agree with that i mean it cant be a coincidence how many " conspiracy theorists " have shown up since the start of the internet.....people who could barely tie their own shoe laces now have strong opinions on stuff they never even knew existed before the internet.....a pal of mine who buys into all that stuff tried telling me the other week that Paul McCartney actually died in the 60's !.....likewise the JFK thing....he didnt even know who JFK was before the internet,now he knows to the exact mm the path of the magic bullet........as i keep saying to him,get some f****n hobbies for cr
  15. I dont think Fury really fancies fighting anyone he thinks has a chance of beating him....i dont say that because im not a fan of his i just think theres fighters out there who simply dont have that competitive nature where they want to find out how they stack up against the best Calzaghe i think was the same their main goal at all costs is to stay unbeaten. Like i say mate i think its probably too late for Joshua now Tony Simms did wonders with him and they could possibly team up again but like i say it would be going over old ground .....that intensity he had back then was replaced by a
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