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  1. Had a really interesting conversation with a well known old trainer a few days ago he made some interesting points that the entire purpose of " fistic instruction " as he put it...is slowly being eroded and replaced by " punchless performers " who can win a contest without having a fight....he was talking about how a young boy used to be taught how to defend himself with his fists and how the step from amateur to pro boxing is now so easy due to the emphasis placed on fitness rather than toughness,evasion rather than durability...and point scoring rather than causing injury........almost as th
  2. gnasher16


    Shame that seemed like a nice enough chap and very knowledgeable about the game....seems very highly regarded by players he managed which says a lot.
  3. Netflix.....that Bill Pullman geezers in it i like him.....the first episode certainly got my attention but who knows.
  4. Hooray a sensible post thats not clouded by boyish superstar crushes....i thought Joshua boxed well in patches,he has clearly learned from past fights that he doesnt have the engine to fully commit to the attacks that dont cause immediate problems for an opponent....i like that it shows a level of understanding i didnt think he had...im not sure any other heavyweight in the division could have got Pulev out of there he was a tough guy.....when you look at resumes Fury's doesnt even look worthy of fighting Joshua,but its the only meaningful fight left out there until if/when Usyk grows into the
  5. Just stuck that Mindhunter out for 7 episodes but was losing the will to live....the lad playing the main part was just such a wet wipe the story was just dragging along....too slow that one.....onto something called The Sinner now.....Kenny boy ?
  6. I was like that mate but realised once you know how to turn it on and off and watch it back the rest is just down to playing with it....just stick it out in the garden on different settings and learn that way.
  7. Ive got a couple similar to the cheapo one above,a really pukka one would be wasted on me as technology aint my strong point.....i have my ones set on video and picture they stay on video for about 15 or 20 seconds and take a still pic every few seconds once triggered....ive realised its important to travel about a bit with them ive pretty much exhausted my local area and tend to see the same stuff all the time so vary the location a bit now.....lost a few from forgetting where they are but got that sussed now via the little blue dot on an Iphone ....like i say hi tech aint for me ..... its a
  8. No but ive heard the story a thousand times....but only ever by 1 person funny enough
  9. I think its a good competitive fight,all these heavyweights are pretty much on the same level and Joshua is willing to take them on so wouldnt surprise me at all if he gets turned over......Pulev at least looks like a fighter should look and if Joshua doesnt jump on him and commit to what he,s good at doing he could well get roughed out of the fight.
  10. It was a few years before i got into it all but one of the biggest turn outs inside a ground came at Upton Park when we gave Man Utd the whole of the South Bank...the Mile End mob took the whole end Brian Moore on Match of the Day was just talking like it was an everyday occurrence it was great ....Utd were probably the main targets for everyone back then as they just had so many numbers infact the only time i ever got nicked for fighting at footie was against them and it wasnt even at footie it was on a ship
  11. The main fighting inside a ground used to come when you tried to take another mobs end it was why the dads/lads usually avoided standing behind the goals but in those days a group even 40/50 handed could pile all the way round from one end to the other almost unnoticed....pre all seated stadiums obviously.
  12. I remember our last game against Millwall at Upton Park silly fuckers in their 40's parading around on the pitch with a big flabby darby hanging over their trousers covered in West Ham tattoos with their arms out giving it " well come on then " ....go and sit down you daft c**t you're embarrassing.
  13. I hadnt seen the start of this topic but just as a little afterthought as im not sure it was ever deemed worthy of making the news....but do you know this " hero " Roy Larner who possibly saved lives and risked his own on London Bridge that night never received one penny of compensation after the attack and was infact later forced to attend a " Counter Extremism " class.
  14. Not sure id call it a " football family " thing anymore i think once you get into your late 20's and 30's that whole fighting at the footie thing gets a little bit embarrassing and you just become a regular fan..... theres nothing more cringeworthy than a bloke in his 30's or 40's jumping about like a teenager at the footie you get all that out your system as youngsters but yes the loyalty to your pals and the club is eternal.
  15. Its not a football ground though mate its an athletics stadium.....footie grounds are designed in such a way that sound/atmosphere stays within the ground this place just isnt designed like that its the total opposite of The Boleyn which was a tight little ground intense atmosphere and intimidating for visiting clubs.....it was a proper football ground, and this isnt,simple as that.
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