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  1. Im probably a different generation to you but when we was young " bruv " was all you heard blacks/pakis say........over the years its gone to " Bro " " Blood " and any number of other spastic c**t terms the retarded pricks call each other. But a white " patriot " calling people " Bruv " just cant happen....then again he,s about as much a patriot/nationalist as im a f****n Eskimo !!
  2. You might be bored with it im not,i like listening to folk with different views on a subject of interest when they are polite and put their views across well. Most football folk with a bit of patriotic pride or national identity saw straight through all that BLM shit and knew what was behind the football thing regarding the very devious and underhanded demoralisation of white culture coming from places way above poxy Sky Tv surely the fact that the league we pay a longun a month to watch gets pushed into the poorest regions of the world is half a clue.....but you didnt see it like most ot
  3. Any updates on this ?.....tried to Google it but nothing new apart from they dont seem to know if it was definitely gas or not.....did everyone get out alive etc ?
  4. bruv,bruv,bruv,bruv....speak like a white man you little mug !!
  5. Another 3 nil last night,dominating Europe,its all getting a bit scarey for us Hammers fans any time things go too well theres likely to be an almighy reality check/come down just round the corner......with the Yids coming up at the wknd its not a good omen
  6. Or did you simply figure out that you was doing exactly what the people you were protesting against wanted you to do like the rest of us did last year
  7. I actually think Fury has done really well and improved a great deal but most of that has come from simply using his size more than he ever used to.....when he was standing trading with average fighters he was getting knocked about but now he rightly comes into fights to use his huge physical advantages. Comparing him to past greats is just silly as a 6 ft 9 inch 20 stone man back then would of been in the circus and unless they sort out some kind of size limit/divisions we will continue to see a rise in size and a drop in talent/ability....no purist of boxing could ever enjoy watching Fu
  8. Its like comparing who hits one of them punch machine things at the fairground hardest its boxing mate not a strongman contest Wilder is a terrible boxer theres no getting away from that.....he literally has one punch that he struggles to land....because he is a terrible boxer. Ive always said if Fury was 5ft 10 he would struggle to win a British title. If Wilder was 5 ft 10 he wouldnt even be a boxer. Thats just where heavyweight boxing is at the moment.
  9. Yes....one is his record,the other is his resume. And by the way how is it the top 10 opponents Joshua beat are irrelevant yest the 40 postmen and window cleaners Wilder knocked over are relevant ........you're a funny one you are,i always try to avoid debates with fans of " a fighter " as opposed to " fight fans ".....so im off down the Hammers !!
  10. The mere fact that you probably asked that with a straight face tells me you are a Fury fan For me....its something i just find too sickly and embarrassing to envisage.
  11. A pal of mine made a good analogy re Wilder....he said its like a 2 year old child stumbling round the ring with a gun in his right hand........he,s going to f**k it right up most of the time but the one time he gets it right you are gone.
  12. You are getting a fighters resume and a fighters record mixed up mate
  13. Yes but Ali was only 14 stone 11 himself ! Slightly different to a 40 lb difference.
  14. No of course not some people dont give a bollock either way and thats fine....but people who argue as vehemently and determinedly against their own as Greb does in my experience are usually anti white. I get that and dont make you wrong the lad will now make some pathetically childish claim that go's something like " how can you be a nationalist if you have a black pal "........which again,in my experience is what anti whites do. Fair enough....but across the world white people are the only race condemned for being nationalist and it is human nature to want to be
  15. Of course all European people cant be British dont be silly....and whats wrong with having black pals ? " if you want to start acting childish we can both play those games " zzzzzz heard it all before never comes to nothing. Greb this will be my last on this as you are the type to sit here for the rest of the day firing back replies every 5 minutes... and i have shit to do.....that makes you the winner,no problem well played. Now to put it in a way that you are probably not used to seeing it from i'll word it in a nice easy to understand way. Before you are English,French,
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