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  1. Wilder is a terrible finisher.....wailing his arms around like a demented swan. Ok mate.... like i said its hard having a discussion with someone blinded by fan passion.....im out
  2. Not really no they are firends out of the same gym. I dont particularly rate Joshua either....i dont rate any of them but they all have their qualities and one of Joshuas qualities is something Fury has never seen before.....Joshua has good front foot pressure and nobody has ever pressed Fury before,no of course Joshua cant win off the back foot but can Fury win off the front foot ?....he doesnt possess stopping power and doesnt hold a great shot....add to that Joshua is a good finisher and regardless of who you like its an interesting fight as most boxer/brawler scenarios are.
  3. Im probably being a bit naive mate but do people really trash benches in remote spots that are clearly in remembrance of somebody,i find that hard to believe.....in the big cities yes maybe but the Welsh Valleys ?
  4. I think ive looked into the one your on about Tomo but its no overnight stays......since Dytkos put me off the other gaff ive been on the case with another one about 5 miles from Lands End....Senen something or other....looks nice enough but i really need to suss the whole legalities of this game as half the idea was to get away from people yet anyone you speak to wants to palm you off with caravan clubs and " making friends ".......well f**k all that for a game of soldiers ! From what we can make out Scotland seems a lot more relaxed about where you pitch up so thats for the week after i
  5. Nice idea that....or what about a bench put on a nice scenic spot he frequented. We lost someone very close some years back and me and his son carried a bench miles to a spot we both liked.....me and the lad sometimes go and sit there its almost like we're all back together again....bit morbid but comforting in a strange kind of way.
  6. It wouldnt be so bad if people were given a choice.....but sitting listening to pricks like Ashley Cole patronizing millions of people on live tv with " they dont understand " ...." they need educating ".....is just pure brainwashing....yes they do understand and they dont agree with it thats why they are booing you arrogant little c**t !
  7. In all honesty Wilf i think you're going a bit silly with this now.....if you honestly think the survival of the white European is down to whether they pay their Sky bill then you are totally deluded mate.....this football caper is one tiny drop in the ocean of how the white man gets f****d over on a daily basis you know as well as i do what needs to happen to give future generations of our own people a chance and with all due respect you left your own people so calling someone like me a silly arsehole for watching my footie team is a bit rich quite frankly.
  8. Out of curiosity mate.....exactly what will change for lads like you and me if they stop taking the knee tomorrow ? Dont get me wrong i f****n hate it....but then i hate a lot of the brainwashing currently taking place in society but in todays times if we stopped taking part in everything we dont like we'd never leave the house.
  9. Poor ol fuckers it all seems a big old wanky waste of life now.....shame.
  10. Yeah bit strong that.....id just call them weak,gutless,no pride dirty sell out ponces myself.
  11. Oh ave a word !....the site is 5 minutes from Eastern Green sandy beech according to the write ups....didnt have to book so might swerve that and stick with St.Ives or Newquay way.
  12. M11,A14,M6,M54 im not sure theres any other way to go....i really like it around mid Wales seems a nice calm,peaceful pace to life
  13. Talk about brought back down to earth ....its one of lifes little levellers when you hear " dad stop showing off " or " dad act your age " aint it
  14. Dubois has all the tools but for me will always be too mentally fragile to reach the very top....an over protective father ruling his life doesnt help , he,s a shy timid young man who would be a much better athlete if left to concentrate purely on boxing instead of panicking over what cool shit to say in interviews....shame for the lad really and i hope im wrong.
  15. As soon as i see someone use the term " went life and death " i know they are a Fury fan and not a boxing fan The reality is that Fury has improved a lot since he got away from the idiots around him and now utilises his size advantages instead of going in trying to have a fight with opponents.....but take those size advantages away and he's domestic level. Personally i couldnt give a shit who wins i prefer Joshuas style simply because as a neutral with no vested interest in either, his kill or be killed approach is far more entertaining than Furys safety first hit and hoppit stuff.
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