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  1. gnasher16


    This was just a small business so he could get his sons a decent start they were just coasting along then 4 or 5 years ago bang everything just took off.
  2. gnasher16

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    This will be a good honest show tonight with mostly 50/50 bouts i had a quick look in Spitalfields yesterday at the weigh in this Rivas looks in great condition i think that will be a good scrap tonight....not sure if it will be televised but look out for a good old Canning Town boy Charlie Duffield he,s had his ups and downs but this is the first fight he,s made the weight correctly and got his condition right he looked immaculate on the scales,smashing lad Charlie he,s the slight underdog but id love to see him nick an area title....Price id like to see rewarded for his persistance,think Chisora might come unstuck tonight....should be an interesting night.
  3. gnasher16

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    I just cant be bolloxed with all the nonsense surrounding heavyweight boxing these days its full of if's,but's and maybe's, it bores me to tears quick frankly....but when you keep it simple and look at what HAS happened as opposed to what MIGHT one day happen Dillian Whytes second best career victory is the same opponent as Tyson Furys second best career victory ( Chisora )....yet Fury has had 2 world title fights and Whyte has had none !.....something cant be right.....i think its almost at the stage now where title belts and governing bodies have no real relevance id rather see good competitive 50/50 heavyweight fights like this tonight for no belt than sit waiting for these other fighters to try and tactically gain ground by not fighting !
  4. gnasher16

    Oldest dog on thl??

    An old bulldog i was close to is still kicking about in Cyprus aged 14 i saw him a few weeks ago and realised its a miracle really as he had hardly any teeth since the age of about 3.....must admit his breath was none too clever .....never heard many dogs live to 18 though fair play.
  5. gnasher16


    Pal of mine owns a scaffolding firm that have moved to 3 bigger yards over the last 5 years,in that time his workforce went from 5 to 15.
  6. gnasher16

    Fantasy Football

    Who awards the points ?.....and what,whoever has the team whos players get the most points every week wins....simple as that ?
  7. gnasher16

    Trail camera

    Greymans your kiddy for that he gave me some blindin advice.....just a shame i kept forgetting where id put them !... mine are only 70/80 quid jobs and are fine,in my limited experience how they are set up is just as important as the spec....but then im no tech bod so i might be wrong.
  8. gnasher16

    Harry Maguire to United for £80 million

    Ive always thought lads miss out on a lot of the banter and rivalries that go with following your local club...but if im not wrong Newkid your local club would play in something like the Exeter & District Sunday Methodist League so i suppose you have half an excuse
  9. gnasher16

    Fantasy Football

    Cor blimey i didnt know it was that involved i just wanted something to have a bit of interest in games you watch as a neutral that seems like a lot of fuckery i think i,ll stick with simple betting
  10. gnasher16

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    I think Joyce probably gets credit from judges for constantly coming forward but his effective work was few and far between i thought Jennings landed the crisper shots and his work was cleaner,Joyce probably just about deserved the win but certainly not by them scores. Jennings performed well but then he did spend his last few days pre fight in a pretty exceptional gym
  11. gnasher16

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Terrible news that is,geezer was a defensive genius.....enjoyable to watch.
  12. gnasher16

    Harry Maguire to United for £80 million

    Maybe your right fair comment i suppose.....i cant see how Ole's going to make him any quicker and thats his only weakness i can see but yep give him time and see what occurs.
  13. gnasher16

    Game bred ebt ,any out there?

    What possible qualities could an experienced terrier man find in one of those egg headed monstrosities that he wouldnt find in a Pit Bull ?.....in what way does your average Ebt out perform your average Pit Bull ?
  14. gnasher16

    World Cup cricket

    And people have a go at me for being an Alf Garnett !....stone the crows cheer up me ol mate we won something at sport that,ll do wont it Cricket bores the pants off me,that and Golf i just cant be doing with it....but that yesterday was fantastic i started off just keeping a sneaky eye on it by the end i was screaming at me telly,the ol womans saying " shut up you dont even know the rules " I didnt know we are now the only country to of been world champs at Footie,Cricket and Rugby what a result...i,ll be taking advantage of the Hammers new gaff and watching a bit of Athletics this summer we got to support our own,all apart from these dopey new trendy sports they,re trying to force on us like womens footie,womens boxing or the spazzes olympics... i,ll support proper sport all day long but i aint supporting all this pc sport shit. So whats it to be old boy a googly or a yorker
  15. gnasher16

    Harry Maguire to United for £80 million

    Im not sure about Maguire he,s decent but if/when Utd get back into Champions League football i cant see him coping too well with nippy little forwards like Suarez or Messi he,s not the quickest over 5 yards id imagine they,ll turn him inside out....reminds me of Tony Adams to be honest,not that Adams wasnt a good player but just old fashioned stoppers who will do a job at set pieces i thought the game had moved on from them type of centre backs.