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  1. gnasher16


    So what your saying is you wanted the move,you wanted the whole " big club " thing and " a brand " to keep up with the modern football world taking us to the " next level " and creating the instant success we was promised etc etc.....but now your " brand " isnt quite working out how you hoped it would and all the promises of European football,top 6 finishes,attracting the worlds elite players isnt quite materialising your getting all sentimental for the old traditions and principals that made us the club we were and your happy to drop down a division like we used to..........in other words instead of stamping your feet and demanding what YOU wanted.... you now want back exactly what we already had Wilf ive had this same conversation a thousand times with a thousand different people and i always say the same thing......sing our club song and actually listen to the words.......that is who we are,we was never meant to be " a brand "
  2. It does make me laugh all this jockeying for position and reaching the highest point possible without having to take a punch !.... its one thing i like about Joshua he is the realist most down to earth fighter up there.....look at the facts.....of the current top crop of heavyweights Joshua has beaten 4 of them.....Wilder has beaten 1 of them.....and Fury has beaten 0 of them !.....yet Joshua is the one under pressure to fight mandatories .....what happened to FIGHTING your way into position as a challenger,now they just stand in a queue. It would be nice now if Joshua was able to say " i tell you what Wilder/Fury.....stop fighting road sweepers and old men,get some credible wins behind you and i might fit you in somewhere "....but no the politics of heavyweight boxing constantly steer away from common sense.
  3. Excellent mate thats perfect thankyou....an Englishman as well,most of this sort of stuff on Youtube seems to be Yanks. I,ll have a quiet hour alone with that later thanks again mate.
  4. gnasher16


    You said a few posts back you would accept relegation how is that demanding more ?
  5. gnasher16


    I was so proud when Gold and Sullivan took over,local lad off the manor done good....to me that was bragging rights especially when you see clubs getting by on foreign investment.........but that pride in the area can only take you so far.....now im seething with the c**ts ......they have made terrible decisions and taken away everything we was proud of....they have given us 5 managers in 9 years,4 of which have no affiliation with the club,the academy was all but broken up on the say so of a silly fat bloke.....i never bought into their promises so i dont expect anything different....but those who did,why are they not demanding what they bought into !
  6. gnasher16


    Id prefer to of stayed where we was mate but the clubs bigger than me and my generation of fans i get that so have accepted moving....but its got to of been for a reason and there has to be a benefit otherwise who gains anything.
  7. Whether people like it or not there are a lot of similarities between Joshua and big Frank....neither of them were natural fighters,both had to be " taught " most of what they became.....both fantastic physical specimens and good athletes but both very limited movement wise.....both bangers that had to be trained to fight disciplined fights and didnt have the ring iq to problem solve on their own......both had stamina issues due to a very tight and rigid style.....although Joshua seems to have cracked that looking at him the other day he looked much more relaxed and stayed the distance much better.......to be quite honest they both did remarkably well on very little natural boxing ability.
  8. gnasher16


    I think its 12 out of 17 managers in our history have been ex players/staff etc....the 4 you mention probably dont have 10 years between them......now ok i know theres no room for sentiment in todays game but just dragging in any ol prick because he used to manage big clubs doesnt make you a big club. Look i know theres no magic recipe all i want to know is why fans who bought into all the bollocks and wanted the move are not screaming the place down demanding what we was all promised !
  9. gnasher16


    What do you mean it wasnt standard stuff.....no of course it wasnt....but thats good right ? In the last 3 seasons at the old gaff we went from finishing 13th with 40 points......to finishing 12th the next year with 47 points......to finishing 7th the next year with 62 points......thats excellent and steady progress.....no ?......so what do you mean we had f**k all in a football sense ? You say it doesnt wash and then say what you want is a football team playing the best football and being the most competitive it can at all times.......but again.....thats exactly what we had. As for our academy cup winning youth teams from years ago we had big numbers of players coming through as pros reaching the very highest level of the game.....of the under 21,s that won the cup in 2015 only Declan Rice has played a first team game since moving to the new place........so what is this new and improved West Ham ?.....beyond finance what has improved ?....dont forget 5 years is the time scale we was told to be expecting top 6 league finishes,and at 4 years we,re in a relegation battle ! Remember the first season when fans kept scrapping amongst themselves.....it was mostly down to conversations like this so yes keep your eye out for a stray burger.....minus the onions of course
  10. gnasher16


    The manager wouldnt be the same if we was at Upton Park....as a 2 bob club at Upton Park we usually went with ex players or at least managers who had an affiliation with the club.....so ok we move grounds trying to do the " big club " thing and pitch up with a big name manager who managed Real Madrid and Man City.
  11. gnasher16


    Because you all wanted us to become a big club and thats what big clubs do. I disagree......yes we all loved Upton Park and didnt want to move for emotional reasons as well but purely from a football perspective we have lost our identity as a club. But we had all that.....we had probably the greatest most successful academy of football in the country.....we had a young vibrant manager with a do or die attitude playing fast attacking football....we had everything in place.....our last year at the old gaff was one of the most enjoyable seasons ive ever had as a West Ham travelling to places like Malta and Romania in Europe....it was our most successful season ever in the Premier League we finished with more points than ever before,we got to the quarter final of the Fa Cup ....even the under 21,s won the cup so everything was looking great........now look at us ! The harsh reality is mate we had the option to stick or twist and we f****d it.....and now chaps like you are sitting suggesting we start to build exactly what we already had...only in this shiny new stadium and as a " brand " instead of a football club with " customers " instead of fans.
  12. Thankyou squire though im told tiny birds are not the easiest thing for a beginner....i dont know if ive asked a top secret question or maybe just nobody comes on this part of the forum
  13. You cant tell me that after patiently sitting here all this time eagerly awaiting some pictures of the fantastic experience you had this weekend that you now cant even post them up !!!
  14. gnasher16


    Its really going to sound like im picking on you Wilf ....im not its just this is an argument i have all the time with people like yourself who wanted the move.....you wanted the move to be a big modern day club and compete with the best at big modern day football....well why on earth are you now willing to accept lower league football !!! The bargaining tool used to get silly traditional ol fuckers like me on board was " competing with the biggest clubs in the world ".....i didnt particularly want to do that i was happy with what we had....but lads like you Wilf bought into all that flannel and was up for it.....well why aint you demanding it ? Look,i understand why we moved...i dont like it but i accept it....but if we,re just going to trot along like we always did then what was the point,what was the sacrifice for ?....yes yes yes i get the finances aspect....but we,re just fans mate we dont care what happens in the board room.....i mean,what is this " something exciting,fresh and different " you are referring to ?....what does it look like ?........again,i really hope this aint coming across as impolite you strike me as one of my own so we can natter like this without throwing our burger at each other
  15. I cant be f****d with all the nonsense at heavyweight i dont even bother keeping track its just tedious and boring.....but regards coin lets have it right for a minute....the money maker in the heavyweight division is Anthony Joshua no ifs buts or maybes.....ask any current fighter,trainer,promoter,manager,announcer,security guard or ring girl who is responsible for the numbers game in British boxing today and they,ll tell you Joshua......Wilder has limited appeal as the Yanks simply havent taken to him and boxing in recent years is suffering there....and Fury sells tickets like old people f**k !.....only for the desire to get the fights on will Joshua probably have to settle for an even split meaning again,rightly or wrongly he is almost carrying the sport in this country.
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