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  1. gnasher16


    As i drove away i did have a wave of guilt come over me........so went back and stuck a tarpaulin over it as he dont come back till sunday and i wouldnt want him to come back to find all his windows have been put in
  2. gnasher16


    I like the gippos they,re up for a laugh....a pal of mines a big Millwall fan lives round the corner from the ground he,s gone on holiday and had a local little travelling mob to do him a driveway....ive bunged them a few quid to do this,i cant wait to see his face when he gets back
  3. gnasher16

    Sunderland AFC ☺️

    So your answer to a proven fact is to say " i dont make things up you make things up ".....you should of gone and got some nice bright crayons to write it in if its George,Zippy & Bungle time ! 30 seconds for 4 games means 4 or 5 minutes for 20 odd games.....i really cant be bolloxed in all honesty it is what it is and you are what you are. By the way dont f**k with me im a giant of between 6 ft and 8 ft 7 tall
  4. gnasher16

    Scottish weather

    Its just general bullshit mate Id say the % of the whole of London thats white British is 40% tops.
  5. gnasher16

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    You will " attempt " to write down a way of pronouncing it.....says it all mate
  6. gnasher16

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    You aint getting away that easy come on clever bollocks write down the pronunciation. Better you write it down than tell me....i dont want to get covered in spit !
  7. gnasher16

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    Its all well and good laughing you saucy f****r if i told you to write down the pronunciation you would have to make up new letters !! Must admit i struggled with this place " Rhosllanerchrugog ".......i mean why......just why.
  8. gnasher16

    Scottish weather

    Its down to around 80% now im afraid
  9. gnasher16

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    errrrr .........Laan - gollun...........no ?
  10. gnasher16

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    The main feature in the front window changes month to month last i looked it was a f****n great polar bear.....i didnt know he got nicked it must of changed hands as i used to have a look in there years ago must of been early 90,s and it was an old boy maybe this geezers his son or something.
  11. gnasher16

    Facial recognition cameras.

    Now that is scarey !.....im bang in trouble,some of the shit that go,s through my mind
  12. gnasher16

    Sunderland AFC ☺️

    And thats being filmed by a Liverpool fan in a different stand remember ......not someone standing in the middle of their own fans
  13. gnasher16

    Sunderland AFC ☺️

    Big fish little pond or little fish big pond. Ok my club have never been as low as the 3rd division but we,ve been in the Championship the odd year and between Championship grounds and Premier league grounds i know where id rather be. The Liverpool fixture is always the favorite away game of the season for me i love that ground,you know you have walked into a proper football club steeped in history and passion....plus i have a couple of pals up there who always show me a good time
  14. gnasher16

    Sunderland AFC ☺️

    Sunderland have had 4 home games this season 29k 29k 29k 33k Why make shit up when it takes 30 seconds to check !
  15. gnasher16

    Loch Ness monster found!

    That was on the news last week they said dont be surprised to see a load of Cockneys pitch up now trying to get it into a stew