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  1. Good sensible post that boss .........just to address a couple of points that both really relate to the same thing that is overlooked by society,not even overlooked but totally hidden and removed from any kind of public view or awareness......and thats basic racial instinct....nearly everything you've just spoken about comes back to it. Your first point about my " academic career " stone me im thick as arseholes mate i left school barely able to write a sentence,i learned nothing and at that point didnt want to,i envisaged getting anything i was ever going to get in life through brute
  2. The nonsense of it is the heavyweight fight on the undercard between Adeleye and Wardley is a good fight,a far better fight than the main event......but who's going to pay for an undercard !
  3. It is something new if its never been done before......and a world heavyweight champion fighting exhibitions fights INSTEAD of real fights has never been done before. And you are defending him,thats why you said it.
  4. By the way something else that always slips my mind when lads like you try to defend Fury is that Ali defended his world title 4 times during the year he had that exhibition against a wrestler ! Fury is having an exhibition INSTEAD of having title fights.
  5. What is the interest in watching strangers argue and bicker people show me things from time to time and i stand back in amazement sometimes and say " what you actually watch that " .....apparently you've now got lifelong idiot junkie burglars and suchlike getting " a following " doing these podcast things,its unbelievable !
  6. gnasher16


    Round the pool it is then
  7. The family of dogs as a whole had a great record in Uk and Europe but had they not been manny their record would have been through the roof in my opinion but a number of good dogmen just didnt have the stomach for them.
  8. gnasher16


    Nah bollocks to that Cairo is an overnight trip im not fussed about seeing big sandcastles ......theres a few of us going some youngsters as well im just making up the numbers really so will sit most of it out round the pool......round the hotel is good for scuba diving apparently so will try and get that cracked and not venture too far away.
  9. gnasher16


    Oh wonderful !!.....ive been talked into going there next week...." you cant always keep going to Greek places " im getting told ....turns out everyone i speak to either says its crap or its full of Russians ffs ........think id rather go to Clacton !
  10. What language is he speaking .....sounds like Gandhi !
  11. Cracking little topic this really enjoyed it......do Whippet racing clubs still exist anywhere in England other than up north ?
  12. Thats a fair opinion and one i wouldnt argue too much against.......i just think when all of the physical attributes of strength / endurance and all the mental attributes of determination / will to win etc etc are fairly equal you then have to look to sheer talent and Marciano certainly wasnt the most polished fighter he was defensively open whenever he threw and Frazier for me with that low to high style and his constant upper body movement would of exploited that,he was a more precise puncher than Marciano......likewise,only an opinion and a great match up it would be.
  13. Probably mate yes,he tagged me a couple of times after that but nothing serious.... i do think he was one of those dogs that actually wanted to drag you away in a corner and eat you......thankfully they were few and far between !
  14. Thats a brilliant shout that is mate.....what a match up,ive spoken to a lot of people about this over the years......it would have been an absolutely brutal affair for sure and putting era's/conditioning etc aside i think like was touched on earlier Joe's work rate,determination and willingness to go to dark places would of probably seen him outlast the Rock.......whats your view ? or anyone elses.
  15. They were just strange performances from Frazier for me its almost like possibly the gamest man to ever enter the ring was intimidated by Foreman......not to say he wasnt game as the bagel as he didnt quit in either but he just seemed to enter the ring,move around the ring,and then eventually leave the ring with an acceptance of defeat that i never saw in any other fight he had.....im not much of a book reader so dont know all the stories etc but always wondered if anything ever came out about maybe things going on outside the ring for him at the time,or just excuses in general really........i
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