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  1. Thats just the basic " Town or Country " conundrum anywhere in the world though.
  2. You say nobody bats an eyelid but you're wrong,they do.....just because the numbers might not be what they could or should be dont think theres not a small minority who are still fiercely loyal to their people,making small but steady progress.....i dont want to get into a " you are disloyal because you f****d off " debate as i understand why you did Wilf,you are a family man and im not so i get all that.....but there are still good people fighting what is yes,probably a losing battle.... theres any number of cliched old sayings i could come up with about fighting till the end and folk shouldnt be derided for what was once looked upon as a great quality. Besides which,happy as you may be with your new people im not convinced theres anywhere left to run in the Uk anymore,this isnt a gang you are running from,its not a group of people you are trying to avoid its an ideology.......if you honestly think you are going to hide yourself and your family away from political correctness and the war against white people that is chasing us all.....then i think you are wrong,but best of luck.
  3. Just finished that series Tiger King......these people are insane....the only vaguely normal ones were the couple of chaps who pitched up towards the end and they were both ex cons !
  4. Bit strong if you ask me.....yes its a stupid thing to put on social media but come on do we really have to drain every last bit of humour out of people,f**k me offensive comedians say that sort of stuff every week and get away with it.......just something else to be brittle and sensitive about i suppose.
  5. Talk about having your life ruled by pussy .....theres me thinking you was the love em and leave em type as well !
  6. Im not saying people should live where they were raised im just saying we should value and be loyal to where we are raised.....fight for it if necessary. Maybe im too old fashioned but there used to be a saying " never forget your roots ".
  7. Admitting you was drunk makes a bit more sense ! I cant really see what difference the " English " part makes if we are talking about race i just dont understand all this white guilt people come out with these days are you that brainwashed by the media that you,ve just swallowed it whole....white people are a global minority of less than 8% total world population why should we promote whites choosing non white romantic partners over available white ones ? why should we constantly tolerate the insertion of cliched non white propaganda in tv and media ?......we need pro white,why would you condemn it ?
  8. We are being encouraged as a nation to turn into a great big bunch of cry babies !
  9. I used to think like that but not now.....i,ll help my own people and my own people only....why would you share and help people who hate you,thats what we do as a nation and im not playing along with it.....i/we used to do a lot for a local kids charity home until they decided that our donations would have to be spread around " all disabilities and all cultures ".....and thats where we,re at now charities are willing to turn down good money if you dont play ball......let people stick to their own kind and be responsible for their own kind.
  10. Powerful words,great post squire
  11. Similar to me ive never held a lot of value in family....kids aside my loyalty is to friends as my family showed me none but still the area im from means everything.....if we dont value where we started then what does it matter where we end up.
  12. The most ludicrous thing about that poster is that it is a right and left hand....how many multi coloured people do you know....f****n imbeciles !
  13. I dont know whether this post is sad or funny....even blacks dont talk like that usually the type to come out with this sort of shit are self hating whites. Every ethnic group has the right to free association its perfectly natural for humans to have in - group preferences but forcing one group only ( whites ) to go against this natural biological instinct is simply immoral ! To scoff at " pure white " just because someone might have 0.0000001 % non white blood is like saying a Greyhound isnt pure because it used to be a wolf !....a few thousand years ago is what 70 -75 generations ?....a 5 generation pedigree contains 56 names.....a 65 generation pedigree contains a number in the trillions.....and you want to pull up 1 name out of a trillion When white people race mix their offspring usually look almost nothing like them...and thats a trait thats just visually lost....think how many other traits that cant be seen like behaviour,disposition and core values are also lost. You are the steward of your genetic inheritance....it is not yours to throw away !
  14. no no you pick your own team i got Fk Isloch first...........you can be Gorodeya if you like apparently they need a new trainer....fancy it ?
  15. Theres 2 Brests Which one you want Ruh or Dynamo ?
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