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  1. gnasher16


    More naive children playing out to naive children .....nah f**k him let him sell his drawings thats his 30 minute consultation sorted
  2. Exactly,so why should people not use common sense and oppose these things at every opportunity......this is where political correctness has most people with a hand over their eyes,mouth closed not wanting to risk it......well f**k all that if nothing more my case proved both to myself and other like minded folk that you cannot and will not be prosecuted for flying against the wind so to speak......you dont have to stand their ranting like a madman when the facts/figures/stats and proof are all there to back up the points you are making.
  3. gnasher16


    At who's expense yours ?
  4. The point was to show that a man shouldnt be ashamed of not wanting his neighbourhood to go the same way as other neighbourhoods that have had to face the outcome of the disasters that is multiculturalism.....again,if that costs you a few quid and you can afford it why not.....im not selling my priniciples for any 5 figure sum sorry.
  5. I find it strange when wealthy tribal Africans try to buy their way into communities to get a foothold in more affluent areas than Brixton and Hackney but there you go thats what happens when a nation lowers its standards and sells out on itself.
  6. I didnt want my area turned into a slum its as simple as that....in an age when white men are constantly encouraged to hate themself and emancipate their own communities and areas not all of us are so brainwashed and devoid of fight that we're willing to passively surrender everything we hold dear......if that comes at a financial cost so be it....ultimately i cant tell curs who have already given up on themself what to do....but i wont be playing along with it anytime soon.
  7. Again,these so called patriotic Brits who have adopted this pathetic " just give up " attitude.....the times coming round again for you to get out there and actually do something.....local elections May 4th myself and a few likeminded chaps have been out the last few weeks like a bunch of overgrown teenagers door to door,chatting,posting leaflets etc.....it worked last time when this area became one of only 2 in the country to have a far right councillor voted in.......embarrassing,yes.....demeaning,yes.....but if you talk the talk you cant hide when it counts.......get out there and support y
  8. gnasher16


    While i think the geezers an absolute buffoon spending his life acting like a petulant child i do feel a bit sorry for him in that he clearly doesnt have the dough around him for a decent brief who would make light work of the whole case.
  9. Not entirely sure why you keep posting your covering letter mate the P of E is just a document between you and your brief what have you actually been charged with ?.....by the sound of it you've already had a few adjournments so to have even got to this point suggests your brief is a total f**k up !........anyway ive got my own problems all the best with whatever it is you're up on.
  10. Whats the world coming to we used to roll dogs out over Vickie Park as kids now you cant even attack a horse in peace Idiotic useless little nobodies acting tough with their useless little nothing dogs would love to have seen the gee gee plant its foot right through the dogs skull......remember hearing a story about a well known gamedog who took his death in a field of horses years ago,similar thing owner shit his pants and the poor dog got trampled to death. Oh and superyank whoever you are.......dont worry about what the others say i can see you know your shit
  11. They was willing to pay 10% above the listed price and started a private prosecution.....it went on and on with all sorts of shit getting dragged up ......a good brief later and everything turned out rosey but was touch and go for a minute i must admit ......but ultimately its up to you who you sell or dont sell something to on an open market....you dont have to give reasons but can if you want to and i wanted it known why for no other reason than to make a point.
  12. Totally agree....folk seem to forget the achievements of British people over the years its almost like we have been programmed and brainwashed to hate ourselves and consider ourselves useless........i wonder why !.......whenever i hear people saying how bone idle and worthless we are i realise how their plan is working.
  13. Im not sure it was ever any different really mate i just think we are a lot less trusting these days of those who supposedly " know best "......and rightly so.....when we see complete lies and corruption at the highest levels on a daily basis its bound to raise trust issues.....trust issues that we probably didnt have years ago.
  14. So its not something you can use with a sat nav or even Google maps then......much obliged chaps i'll have a read through that
  15. Same.....dont believe a word of it. I had a court case that dragged on not so long ago for refusing to sell a property to an ethnic,i made no bones about it and told the complete truth......the case ended up getting thrown out of court....and this chaps at Crown Court for name calling....nah,dont believe it.
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