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  1. As officers of the highways i think they're entitled to use strong,safe,reliable motors i mean it wouldnt fill you with much confidence if they swung by the hard shoulder to attend your needs and save the day in a Datsun Cherry would it !
  2. You just know we'll set up cautiously to still be in the tie with 15 minutes to go.........my bet is we'll concede a first half goal and that plan will go to shit......much as i admire what Moyse has achieved,he certainly doesnt have a plan b and thats where we'll come undone tomorrow i reckon.
  3. And how does that in any way relate to a dog with a few scratches on its nose or a Jack Russell getting smashed about ? An Apbt taken to the point of no return doesnt succumb to broken bones or cuts and bruises he succumbs to a combination of dehydration/exhaustion ie depleted salts/potassium etc ultimately its hypovolemic shock that pushes him through deaths door.....he doesnt get to that stage without being an extremely fit animal in the first place. The " gameness " you are referring to is the equivalent to being ironed out in a pub fight and wanting more.
  4. Without wishing to patronise you as i have respect for gameness in any dog but you are talking nonsense.....to compare the levels of gameness it takes for a terrier to do combat with an opponent who doesnt even want to be there with an Apbt doing combat with an opponent of equal measure is not only wrong it just shows a lack of understanding for what pure gameness actually is......the dog pictured above with a couple of scratches on its nose,or a Jack Russell under ground even.......those dogs cannot be put into the level of physical conditioning it takes to see real gameness you are doing wha
  5. Probably.....but its a sure sign of the times in London football when it takes the mighty Chelsea until mid April to catch up with little ol West Ham !
  6. We aint got a prayer mate.....i was in Germany last week im not sure how it came across on the telly but what struck me was levels.....all the formations,positive attacking,boring defensive systems in the world didnt matter a bollock they are just levels above us......i dont care what anybody says if a football coach anywhere in the world could get our 11 players to beat there 11 players then he's a genius simple as that !
  7. Fair do's mate you get into all the nooks and crannies id love to have the countryside nouse as to know what im looking out for in order to come across such interesting shit i just wander about like a complete div following the dog most of the time
  8. I know where you mean just near the Bell Common Tunnel im literally minutes from there i can look out the window upstairs and see groups of Fallow across the fields most days,Muntjac as well......The Copped Hall Estate which is old Rod Stewart land is a short walk through the forest for me where we often get groups of Roe as well.
  9. Its generally accepted that the 70's were by far the greatest era in heavyweight history greats like Ali,Foreman,Frazier,Holmes all in their primes with a willingness to fight each other....with " opponent " types like Bonavena,Mathis,Terrell,Quarry,Norton,Ellis,Shavers,Young,Lyle who on any given night would have given all of todays heavies a run for their money.....in terms of " eras " todays in an embarrassment compared to the 70's !....probably even the 90's as well of Holyfield,Lewis,Tyson who all fought each other backed up by decent " opponents " like Bowe,Moorer,Mercer,Foreman,Ruddock,
  10. Just looked it up its up in the north near Rhodes Town,one of the only bits of the island i dont know that much about....sure you'll have a nice time anyway
  11. Its funny what you get used to id quite like the sound of gulls it would remind me of being at the seaside probably do my nut in after a while though...... i could stand outside looking to the sky for an hour and probably see more Red Kites and Parakeets than id see Pigeons the Kites i quite like but the Parakeets just dont stop making a racket till complete darkness !
  12. Some player this Cole Palmer the rent boys starting to look like a 1 man team they'd be fighting relegation if not for him....well maybe
  13. Them green Parakeets drive me f****n mental screeching little c**ts another bird we've got in abundance round these parts.
  14. Is that the 2 brothers who are trying to build a load of mansions in Blackburn or somewhere and the locals have kicked up a fuss about how ridiculous they're going to look....was chatting about them the other day Indians i think they are.
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