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  2. if you think that get up with one and some money and back what you are saying it’s the equivalent a saying the vaccine is great and not having it i don’t associate with silly f***ing junkies shh but i’ll take money off them and put some manners on em no problem
  3. Thought it was the face you make just before you whitey on your second toke
  4. Over a short distance it is, yes! It is at full stride quicker More chance of you becoming prime minister than me coming to see you. I would not be associated with you in any capacity
  5. Nice bag, looks a good day was had
  6. so a dog with a short stride is faster then a big dog with a longer stride ok come and see with a whippet if it’s faster i’m on the dole or if i’m a f***ing donut all at the same time shh
  7. Is that your cum face when greb is tinkering with your worm
  8. You honestly this dumb? Over a short distance a small dog is faster You keep saying mate, I'm not your mate. I wouldn't associate with a fuxking donut like you!
  9. That's the spirit greb,now just take your tongue out of south trans hunters arse/vagina an youl be back on track
  10. The outsider.. Yakuza decent watch...
  11. you are a clown mate i wouldn’t offer you f**k all you plum your a fisherman get your money and a whippet and come and see if it’s faster you f***ing retard may be faster than the shite you keep and have seen but any big dog half descent not on a track will leave it standing
  12. it was a good old cut mate but i wouldn’t say lucky
  13. You bombarded him til he took the pup on the agreement you two can be fwends. I think a few would but you wouldn't know em to ask and I wouldn't ask them to vouch for me Your a genuine dumb c**t, a whippet is faster off the mark than any saluki or greyhound ; it's called physics
  14. I just skipped to the last episode after 15minutes of the first...
  15. Ooh, well done Magoo, you're taking more interest in fury's fights than I am lol. Do you agree then, that he was VERY VERY lucky to get the win against wallin?
  16. Thats fine if you fear it but no need to try and make everyone that'll listen fear it But I'm not trying to make other afraid of needles am I
  17. I just got back in, stupidly decided I'd have the woods to myself and headed out in torrential rain, I did have it to myself as the only ones stupid enough to be in there with rivers appearing and branches falling was me and dogs...soaked through , had a shower and got a whisky poured....fun times..
  18. Are you fatter than that? Dont be gel,just cause your sat stuffing your fat face with non essential carbs lol
  19. argue with no more ? king has a pup ask him what he thinks to it lads on a hunting site vouched for him i bet you don’t have one lad on he vouch for you soppy c**t greb turned it down because he has a dog and didn’t have kennel space i would still a needed to see his dog had a few couch for him if he was interested he is always saying about trying one i would a been happy to give him one to try a whippet is fastest it’s a fact that just shows what shite comes out your mouth
  20. You do realise by definition Johnny of other folk are conspiracy theorists, then by your own admission your a rank cur coward
  21. So tell me this, is it more okay to say no cos you fear a little prick with a needle, or that you fearbm the rest of your life after taking summat unknown to man till last year
  22. If you didnt smoke brown muck,you might get stoned yet
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