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  2. I think the Hunting Act has it covered by saying it’s illegal to hunt MAMMALS with a dog ; there’s no mention of native or non-native species. Cheers.
  3. These don't look too bad for price Terry. Looks a smart little bit of kit. Might invest in one myself. Good feed back on it too 4.5 stars.
  4. Recon you may b right mate just gone back over and they are getting a bit browner picked one will try a little bit
  5. There in most places now I only have the one lurcher and she's very steady however it's still a pain looking out for those roe while on walks as you never know we're there guna pop up from next these days they are annoying far to many
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  7. Доброе утро! Пусть день начнется с радостных улыбок и положительных эмоций.
  8. Yeah it's all interesting stuff, totally get were your coming from wandering around with a compound bow like Rambo. Them diablos look cool and bombproof and the starship should in theory generate more power. Got to admit I've really shortened the bands on mine to get as much power as possible, and there's no way I'm pulling this back regular with my fred elliot fingers, so the archery release aid makes it ten times easier and I get a good practice session in with out it fooking my shoulder up ! I always thought they was a bit of a gimmick, but I am proper impressed ! Coz at the end of the day
  9. I thought he made some very good points, especially about the bipolar
  10. Only having a laugh G man. Yeah I'm out and about travelling massive distances doing real stuff in the lakes , on Exmoor and everywhere in-between.....I might not be a convert to the big cat theories but I respect the adventures you have on your journey
  11. We’re do you keep your boat mate is it in water or do you trailer it,? I had a cruiser for 12 years before buying the ship used to love it, it was the last dawncraft ever made if I never had a misses could have happily lived in it was 34 ft long centre cockpit bit of a handful in the wind was the only downside especially as it’s always windy here as I’m next to the Severn estuary
  12. If that’s true they cannot be protected and you should be able to kill them, I once watched a program about eagle owls breeding in the uk sadly some dick shot one but they said they could not prosecute him as it’s not native be an interesting court case if the dog nailed one mmmmmmm
  13. Cheers mate will keep on eye on the video was great thanks
  14. Thst boy with the glasses is a tit lol its entertainment big slagging never hurt anyone
  15. I was going make a gate net for rabbits but to behonest the rabbit population down here is on its arse and I don't realy like taking them now unless it's from old places that are due to be developed on,,there a couple place near me where they built some new industrial estates on which were coverd in rabbits all the time but now u see the odd 1 or two ....times ...they are changing
  16. They're fine. Just jumped the nest and never used their feet to perch or walk on wire floors so legs like bambi at first.
  17. If they were slightly browner and growing in rings then maybe "Fairy ring Champignons" which are good eating. Check out this link mate. Fairy Ring Champignons WWW.WILDFOODUK.COM A great tasting gourmet mushroom and although small can usually be found in large numbers. Cheers Arry
  18. you have explained it well, I watched the Glen waters videos years ago, found them brilliant, snaring, longnetting etc, mesh size is very important, I like 2 1/4 mesh for everything really for rabbits.
  19. Shoes how a charismatic manager like Klopp can make a huge difference. He' ll be missed.
  20. I don't know from the photos mate possible "Pale Brittle Stem" best I can come up with looking them up. Psathyrella candolleana, Pale Brittlestem mushroom WWW.FIRST-NATURE.COM Cheers Arry
  21. They close up the same as a big poke net does with a rabbit in it , the more they bounce around and try to push forward the more the net closes up, The key is a good depth on the net and the right mesh size , I've used 3" mesh board so will give a 6 inch full mesh so as the hare comes through his feet are on the net befor his nose touches the net so once they hit it they will push the head through 1 of the meshes and try to push through picking up the depth of the net with there feet tangling them self's more ,there also easier to get out of these nets that the square mesh types, H
  22. Yeh better get your affairs in order steve..lol
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