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  2. My 2 year old grandson Hunter, had his 1st hair cut today, he bloody handful lol
  3. The piston is moving smoothly in the cylinder now, I’m going to try this spring and guide set up and see how it goes. Unfortunately there’s no space for a synthetic piston sleeve as the spring is too snug in the piston. It rotates freely when it’s not under compression with just a bit or room for compressed expansion. I’ve cleaned the inside of the cylinder and the piston, spring and guides, washers etc just need lubing and they can go in.
  4. You dont half post some bollocks sometimes mate, religion to some is a private matter, I dont follow the teachings of the Torah, Bible or the quran so I obviously am not a believer in any of the Abrahamic religions, the oriental religions I know nothing about so they are out of the picture, I beleive in a creator, not a bloke who wants me to nut the floor 5x a day or drag my arse to church every Sunday or fork out my hard earned every so often, if any of that is too difficult to understand perhaps the problem lies with your good self. Im happy in my skin and my beliefs, I dont preach and I don
  5. There's no secret squirrel club with the working beddys to ground there's just very small gene pool most pups stay around then who own the beddys , if you read Morton's post you will know he don't dig with his no more his son doing the digging now , if you look hard enough you will find the beddy type from digging stuff , some beddy sites on Facebook Have look you may find a beddy pup
  6. Man to be honest I don't know . That's a big long answer I've been asked here multiple times and with all due respect to eveyone I don't feel like typing eveything up to have for a hour or two just for someone to say "Ok but genetics say yadda yadda yadda" honestly I feel that's a shit response for people who are hard set in their ideals and won't change regardless but that's beside the point. Theirs plenty of black versions on folks on here saying the same stuff about genetics just flipping the script saying the exact same about whites and it's equally conceded and a piss poor excuse regardl
  7. Thanks guys Batteries switched, one facing each way. Life is now all good
  8. I think that highlights perfectly the kind of split second decisions law enforcement in the United States are having to make every day.......fair play to the officer, he stopped a murder in its tracks
  9. Today
  10. Aannnnnnnnnd there's the last part of the equation I was talking about yep , Dosent even suprise me anymore at this point. Hamster wheel is spinning again, reckon I'll head back over to the the shooting part of the forum y'all have fun
  11. Your belly is definitely more advanced than others that's for sure fatty.
  12. If you know there is no god like you know Monday follows Sunday then taking pride in knowing the days of the week to me is ambulance time mate sorry. You asking why folk have a certain amount of faith is like me asking you why you love your wife its personal to you alone. You're coming across as someone who has either had a very bad experience down to religion or someone just trying too hard to overpower people with atheism......ive always found something very strange about atheists with such intense passion/enthusiasm/borderline obsession for something they dont believe exists.
  13. If you do pest control you don't have a choice. I still prefer hunting rabbits in hard spots than any big game. But you need good rabbit dogs.
  14. That's it, you don't want to be slaving for someone, more so as you get older. Despite the old saying that hard work never killed anyone, I'm afraid it does.
  15. Age means nothing if your out enough, Every shitter I’ve owned still caught rabbits don’t bother with bad fields myself mate not worth the risk especially so for a few poxy rabbits
  16. They are rabbit dogs due to their build and size and settle down once the ferrets are in. I wouldn't class them as pig or even fox dogs. They will have a go at anything over here but pretend not to see feral cats, lol.
  17. " Hullo, darkness my old friend ... "
  18. What..... hung in someone’s old shed... I don’t think so ..... suit you sir !.
  19. @BenBhoy I’ve got an AYA No 4 I never use it, very good condition I’ve been umming and arring as to getting rid of it also got about 500 no6 cartridges just sitting there, I’m admittedly useless with shotguns and I haven’t got the patience to learn I prefer rifles all day. First pic is the original advert when I bought it about 3 plus years ago will give you an idea what they look like
  20. Breakfast for dinner. Cheers Arry
  21. I think in the near future white coppers in America will start turning a blind eye on black on black crime where possible and leave them to it
  22. Kind of gives you a bit of faith in your fellow footie fan.......rivalries aside....we just want shit to be fair. Yanks will never understand the history and traditions of English football as they have none of their own. Wouldnt be surprised to see them fall away from our game over the coming years after this.
  23. Ignore racial instinct at your peril.....we are not the same.
  24. I have never seen a monte carlo stock on a sxs. Have you tried an AYA as these are certainly higher in the combe than English guns. There are also people who will steam and bend a stock so that it fits you.
  25. Black killing Black is ok Black killing White is ok White killing Black and all fckn hell breaks loose
  26. Malt Loaf is one of the best tribute acts out there.
  27. Love how the mother says she promoted peace was about to push 6 inch of steel into another black lass, they are so feral they dont even think its wrong
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