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  2. Bum hole like a wizzards sleeve lol
  3. Listen there's nothing me or you or any f****r can do about the race thing that was f****d many years ago back in the 40s and as for pee pee ffs grow up. You've gone from gay to race because you know you'd get more likes about the race thing. But you need to be careful what you put on an open forum pal because you know and I know you can't say shit today about race. I'm in court in August for some little shit that went to kick my Stafford who said a called him a black b*****d. But it was him that called my Stafford a little black c**t. ? Kettle calling the pan eh ? The police made i
  4. Looking for recommendations on fox traps , if anyone has had success with them
  5. Today
  6. Perhaps he fancied you and had a hard on?
  7. Mass killing database: Revealing trends, details and anguish of every US event since 2006 EU.USATODAY.COM How many mass killings are there in the US? High profile public shootings are only a portion of...
  8. Where does he sell sticks mate looking for one for a pal of mine
  9. Tidy dog ryaldinhio
  10. Yesterday
  11. then the very ones pushing the drugs and free injecting and lawlessness in the streets are killing more than the guns? Time to bring those to justice, start with biden and his whole party.
  12. From society moved away from God and religion its become depraved, twisted and full of selfish weird demonic behaviour, as in the days of noah, it shall be again, im thinking we are close, also dont leave out the pedo priests any any other religious molestors, but you dont need to go to church to believe in God.
  13. the USA has the biggest drug use more than any other country in the world....around 6% of Americans use illegal drugs which find there way up from Mexico.....
  14. i’ll be watching shaark lol
  15. Rate looking forward to it to be honest. Mainly for 2 days having a catch up and a drink with 2 good friends of mine. I'm expecting when I get back home to Doncaster I will need to watch highlights of both the fight and the footy to see what happend
  16. Things is mate he was the Epstein of the uk supplying the kids and had dirt on people why do you think no one ever spoke out ….. friends with royals politicians celebrities ect ect do you think for one minute mi5 or who ever never knew what he was upto just look at John wedger the cop when he was on the trail of sex trafficking in London it was all boys or girls from broken family’s or kids that had no family’s living in children’s homes told the chief inspector at his station and was warned under no circumstances to stop investigating and turn a blind eye if he knew what w
  17. That’s @Bangersanmash up shit creek then
  18. As someone who's in school I'm seeing an alarming amount of all of the above in the making. Perhaps a cleansing of all the above is in order... I'll wait at bus stops and kidnap them all and force them to read the bible if they want to survive.
  19. I personally wouldn't be affected, since I don't plan on owning those weapons. So I wouldn't care all too much. I would care a lot more about the government tyranny that would follow.
  20. Will be £10 a point mate ,is that ok ….. Joking ,it’s only £8 mates rate .
  21. There is a clip of Ruthie on YouTube having a match, just type in Ruthie coursing
  22. The worst thing about it other than murdering we babies is it will end up being used as a contraceptive, do these spastic politicians not ask themselves why the white mans birth rates are down??? Because theyre murdering the poor kids
  23. Your right you will no alot more than me I've just been looking up breeding on here found it quite interesting lol
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