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  2. Check this out if you ain’t been. Decent way to spend a day making memories pal or you could treat the missus an take her up the boozer tonight to watch the rangers game
  3. How do you get that close to them lol the pheasants around here are so skatty. You get within 40 yards and they run or fly off
  4. Terrorist sympathising tramp!
  5. The labour party are in turmoil
  6. Aye an the c**t was caught in marks an sparks way no mask, after all his slabbering, he has one of them faces you'd love to punch, all day too.
  7. I was discriminated against by US government for being white.19 year old kid with a baby on the way gets a contractors job with federal government.When I entered equal employment opportunity office there was pamphlets all over the wall.These magazines were for every ethnicity to get a federal job except white.I politely asked for info for a white man.She laughed and said You have had your time.I became self employed a few years later I have overcome racism.Nobody will stop me from providing for my family.You can put those quotas where the sun don't shine.
  8. WILF

    The witches

    People are different, you know yourself, you don’t need a study, or a paper, or a measurement......it’s right there in front of your eyes. Being different isn’t a bad thing but let’s not lie about it either. “Positive” discrimination is just discrimination with a flowery word in front of it.........discrimination is either wrong or it isn’t, they can’t have it both ways.
  9. Well you will go buying fancy night vision and a new rifle I'll let you take a few to balance out what I shoot and we'll call it evens
  10. Corbin did do her, manky wee b*****d
  11. It could be legal because the gun is not a shoulder weapon and the boat has to be pointed. But if the ban is tied in to lead shot positioning to duck, what is the difference of where it came from. The lead shot is the same ( apart from shot size ) out of a 12 bore or a 2 bore. King the duck murderer.
  12. I have a habit of getting myself involved in these debates, even though I'm not really bothered, because I see something really trivial or tangential but it bothers me. LOL Then I usually get lumped in with 'the enemy' and it all goes to shit but fairplay to Sandy he's a grownup. I just haven't the energy to get into the race thing. I'm not really one way or the other. But I absolutely believe that different demographics are going to perform differently, not better or worse, just differently. It's not always prejudice. The women being 'weaker' thing is so in your face it just has to be accepted, yet in every other conversation on equality differences are always caused by prejudice.
  13. If we hadnt dragged them coons kicking and screaming from africa they'd still be rubbing cowshit into the walls of their huts
  14. Fair play, nice to see some keen hound followers on the Site, Iv always said my bucket list is to go out with all the fell packs, Iv only done one so far so I’m not doing very well,
  15. WILF

    The witches

    You have hit the nail on the head with combat units, there is also the obvious.......genetic inheritance. Women don’t serve in frontline field combat units in numbers because, well, they are just not as physically capable as men ! Sorry if that’s a bit simplistic but it’s true......genetics matter but I won’t embroil you in that whole part of the debate mate because I know you are not really into that sort of thing. Anyway, I’m sure there are thousands of black doctors and nurses and Sandy will be packing his job in forthwith so that a black person can even up the numbers a bit It’s Orwellian double speak at its finest imho
  16. Nice mate. Looks more beddy there. Interesting about the speed, all my heavier built dogs have been faster than the slighter built ones.
  17. Well there you go. As far as the knowledge of the foe or plod their just a waste of time. They could have sent the postman or anyone out to se if you had a cabinet that was secured to the house. My internal or external secunity hasn't been been physically checked for the last fifteen + years. And now they ask a doctor who doesn't know me from Adam to tick a load of boxes about me. And charge me 30 quid for the privilege. Then they get the wording on the cert wrong and it has to be sent back. All you got to do now is wait and see. Then if you get issued be a good person or else the time and money will be gone up the wall.
  18. If you read a book tonight your kids will be good to go tomorrow, just strap em in and throw em off the Moor.
  19. Mines as obedient as a spaniel pal people import adult dogs that don’t understand a word of English and wonder why they fu#k off get a pup imported
  20. The best example I can think of is gender in combat units. There was an inequality in the form of outright bans on women serving on the 'front line' but that's history now. Of course there could still be systemic barriers like cultural prejudice or conditioning but do we seriously expect even in a perfectly egalitarian society that women would be proportionally represented in a bayonet charge? Because we apply that same logic to everything else that involves women or any other demographic we are told has been oppressed. I'm not saying inequality doesn't exist, just that too often we are not fixing inequality and we are not even allowed to talk about it.
  21. NEW DOG SHOW LIST FOR 2021 It is with hope in my heart I am going to take Dates for our 2021 Dog Shows , Race days and Game Fairs. With only 3 Dog Shows taking place in 2020, we can only hope 2021 will be a better year for all of us. I miss all my doggie friends, the banter and the craic, and cannot wait for the time we will all be back together again North and South of the border at the sport we all adore winter and summer. So lets try and look forward to better things to come in 2021 and pm me with your show dates. I have already got a few, which were pre booked from last year. Margaret Mc Stay
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