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  2. Watched bits of it in Bivvy other night on river, will deffo finish it. I enjoyed it, but I think he a decent actor anyways
  3. Well I'm absolutely frozen , wouldn't think it's July more like November. Nothing showed up so I've gone back to car to put my hoodie on and get warmed up. Will have a look out soon with the lamp.
  4. ^^^ Tea bag, or it didn't happen!
  5. an old mate of mine used to go to climber and rambler outdoor shop put on a jacket on off the rails fill a rucksack off the shelf with what ever he could and just run out of the door, the shop assistants in that shop were fit as butchers dogs and one time chased him for about half an hour until they finally gave up luckily for him ,as he said he was ready to give himself up because he was absolutely knackered
  6. True story growing Up I was best mates with a pair of cousins, who where an are part of one biggest crime family’s in Scotland, anyways one them’s ma was a proper shop lifter, an I not taking Tesco here, more like Harrods an stuff. It’s well documented in all Scottish news oapers for decades haha they call her to e godmother of crime haha but then folk go out in gangs an make serious money, it’s a job to them, but like I said it’s only top notch gear they touched, was also groups from same area that travelled the races an stuff dipping pockets haha mad days back then, glad I well out of
  7. Terminal list Chris Prat Amazon prime enjoyed it tbh.
  8. little subliminal digs are predictable and easy to spot shaark
  9. No, I have just visited lots of packs....bout 60 now I think
  10. I once saw a group of Romanian gypsy women being obviously amateurish in their attempt to steal from a supermarket but they didn't actually cross the threshold and leave the shop. They got the security man and a couple of assistants surrounding them and they made a lot of noise. Meanwhile another of their group ( dressed in conventional clothes) marched out with a trolley full of high end goods. Saw them laughing in their 4x4 in the car park. They are a nightmare those gypsies when you are abroad on holiday. I have been surrounded by them a few times asking me to buy flowers etc whil
  11. Not as good tonight missed first one rushing, still got 2 for the stinkers
  12. Blatant is best, ask the man himself
  13. We had 4/5 lads local that would pick bits up and they often had no finesse and would do time for their silly stunts; - walked into matalan and picked up a suitcase from the entrance and filled it with clothes. - picked up a chandelier and glass coffee table from next and walked out - they would pick up a receipt and fold it in half and put between their teeth so they could carry things with 2 hands and noone would question them. - we all did crate runs; walk into the supermarket, pick up a crate and just walk out
  14. Even when we had left home and married, my brother and I used to call in at my mother's on a Sunday morning after the whippet racing or a bit of ferreting to get our bread dip in the roast joint fat and a cup of tea before we went to the pub ! Halcyon days ! Cheers.
  15. Are you still involved with a pack mate?
  16. Everybody's got a story about the best lurcher they ever saw, well mine was a fox terrierx grew. I didn't own it but what a dog for any quarry up to and including Roe.
  17. There's a few wire haired fox terrier about but I don't think I've seen a smooth.
  18. Sorry mate, brain f**k, Dartmoor, Mary Tavy and Lever something or other few years back Cheers, D.
  19. brexit a plandemic lies and biden wanting war with russia boris had it there next 3 elections but f****d it all up to line pockets
  20. Lass local is used to fill trolley an go sit in cafe then straight out door, nobody batted eye lid cos she went via the cafe years an years she got away with it
  21. Stop it richy, ya making me bloody hungry, I was brought up on dripping butties. Ration book days, two strokes later, I'm. Still here, just about, I try watch my diet best I can, I'm. Watching four Richmond sausages festering in the frying pan at this very moment
  22. Just give Mogg a go. Just for the experience like. The riots and socialist counter swing would be worth it.
  23. we’re getting hit harder than russia paying threw the nose to make arms company’s and politicians rich while putin makes the ruble stronger and the dollar weaken
  24. Pint of Asda milk, don't do em but £1.16 for 2 pints, local Spar, 85p a pint, local petrol station, 90 a pint, motorway services £1+ Different levels of buying power, hence the price differential. Cheers, D.
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