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  3. Fair point. Nothing wrong with a spot of curry and chips. I've probably done that with the carp I used to knock up. This Base Gravy alone would probably turn a dish of bog standard, cheap, frozen chips into a late night snack fit for a ravenous king, to be honest! As it is? With all the effort that goes into me trying to replicate Any form of 'proper' curry? I can't help thinking that chucking it on a bed of chips would just be a bit too much like drinking 18 year old single from a rusty bean tin
  4. Yeppers. I already have it in mind to buy a sack of chick peas, Neil That's what I do. Anything dry and storable, which I can guarantee I'll get through? By the sack. I was given a few tins, by someone who was clearing their cupboard out. Can't remember how I scoffed them. Probably in that filth I then called a 'curry'. I liked them. Oh! As it happens? I still have some dried Peas in the storage bin I'd like to put the Chickers in. Think I'll just chuck the chick peas in with the green peas and stir the lot up. Do a Sid! I Like chickies though. A Lot! And they're a so much mo
  5. FFS, if they start pumping hormones into them I`ll have to buy a bra, put so much weight on I`ve already got bigger tits than my mrs, that or stop eating them
  6. first question is, are you in the UK, if you are look here Spices | Cooking Ingredients | Chinese, Thai, Indian | Buy Online | Tradewinds (tradewindsorientalshop.co.uk), next is do you use canned or dried chickpea`s, bin the tins, you have the time and look like your prepared to put the effort into a decent plate of grub, soak a small amount of dried peas over night (they will near enough treble in size) then boil gently for about an hour, the taste will get you throwing the tinned stuff out to attract pigeons (when you stick them in a curry, flash fry and stir in for the last 10 minutes, eas
  7. Now he just talks shit on fb
  8. The old bloke I learnt to ferret with as a kid had a first cross red cattle/ greyhound and she was good ferreting around country full of rock and boulders. She missed a lot in the open but had a very quick strike and started my interest in lurchers. He hunted areas that I wouldn't run the whippet types on. A few hunters over here have first cross whippet/cattle dogs for rabbits in the pine forests.
  9. Had The General and Bounty out for the first time today, Bounty was average at best, and The General really showed his class, with a bit of work he could be something, that being said he killed a couple underground made me wait for 20 mins on one burrow and was last out on all occasions not by much though, the biggest concern is how many he will catch, kill and hold onto underground but I approach everything with an open mind time will tell. All in all another great day out and about. Enjoy guys.
  10. Yes am still about..just lol... Lab back in the day was great banter...
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  12. Trump will be back in power before April Remember the only way is military enjoy the show
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  15. The worst idea iv heared in ages, humane manual cull is the safest. The modern world is insane. Whatever next
  16. 1100 plus mile round trip for the fishing comp
  17. moved house ,, he`s into some step fitness thing still around says this place had to many twats still talk to him he`s happy with his lot ,,, could`nt wish to meet a nicer fella .
  18. The mask can affect people's physical and mental health greatly. The vaccine doesn't have mercury in it Lee. You had no idea about ma until 3 pages back
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