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  2. Im glad I csant remember half of what went on down there,I Ioved quids in..
  3. Quids in, Martha’s, ritzi’s, escape an any other they’d let you in out your face an having a ball with a big squad a you mates the kings way outside after was an experience in itself aswell, pulled there more than anywhere else
  4. Had me in tears that, the good ol' days
  5. https://youtu.be/UyRg2NJ6nEw
  6. Guilty as charged an all the others
  7. Something I'd like to do when the kids leave home.... On site tackle shop and hot grub delivered to the pegs..... Think it could do well
  8. I reckon you'e gotta be a veteran of Barons in Swansea..
  9. they like them extra fingers kev ,,,
  10. I'll tell you what is a good auto and very much underrated, the Baikal mp153. My son has one and it hasn't missed a beat in ten years. Have a look on youtube at the bloke testing it in ice and pouring buckets of sludge on it.
  11. So that's a few thousand Scots in the British Army. Not the few that you encountered.
  12. Id love to do that too,may not make lots of money but building it,landscaping it and releasing fish wiould be bloody great
  13. Today
  14. My son just downloaded this free app for me on my iPad, works well ,have even called in a mountain lion with it
  15. I think you may be right 85 I remember my headkeeper getting upset about it being aloud on TV,but not quite has upset when I turned up one morning with a lurcher I thought he was going to have heart attack.
  16. Had some great times in Cornwall as a young man...an hour down the road when you first passed your test....as youd say...fill your boots!! Lol
  17. Have a look at their Facebook page, click on About (top left), there is an email address there. In my experience, they will try and rehome a dog to fit in with your family. People lying about their circumstances are taking the chance they will end up with an unsuitable dog who will then have to be rehomed again. What no rescue will do is place a very boisterous, nervous or nippy dog with children so best not to get too keen on a particular dog who may not be good with kids or one who has separation anxiety if you work full time for instance.
  18. ive got the extrema 2 like Ian above, I use it for everything from fox and geese to hide days! I only got it as I went to buy an x400 and thought this aint worth the money, the stock on the one I looked at was shite, they laser etch the grain in the wood and for the money I thought it was taking the piss... from what I can gather the 400's basically the same as the older extrema cos it worked so well. my mates a big maxus fan and wouldn't buy a Beretta he recons they dont fit him, hes about 6'4 though
  19. Done a few myself mate back in the day, never been to a place we’re womon outnumbered men like Swansea, good nights in the valbon nightclub digs on the oyster mouth rd and days at caswell bay, happy days indeed
  20. Just picked the book up from the post office as I missed the mail yesterday! cheers stav, I’ll raffle it back off once I’ve learnt to bead It’s got pictures Dave so I’ll rig it for you to win next
  21. watched it a few times. never as the great divide been as wide.
  22. shaaark


    Man of the cloth? Sounds like he soils his cloth on a regular basis
  23. That was it Faversham Rd....we was setting a friend of mines parents up in a little mobile home on a residential park there,it was on a bend next to a pub the Oyster House or Oyster Bar was it id know it if you said it.....nice little place next to the sea wall,nice walks etc....no its a travesty mate but dont worry we,ll all be richer and more fulfilled for it.
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