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  2. Thought you were a fan? Chill mate Cheers, D.
  3. Tbh, I'd treat it like a wound you had yourself. Get some antiseptic spay after you've flushed it out properly. Savlon healing gel (not the cream, it's slower to work) clean and reapply twice a day, don't see the need for vets, vets would charge you £80+ If your gonna be working the dog you need to be able to do the basics. Hope the dog is ok Cheers, D.
  4. I'm on season 4 Episode 4 next. Replied to Walt jnr a few days back that I was trying to get the Mrs on it. Finally did, she's on the end of the first series in 2 days lol. I've skim watched bits of it with her. Thanks Kev, it was you who recommended it to me back along. Cheers, D. Ps Be there in less than 3 weeks
  5. I wouldn't say it's Me taking it out of context at all, mate. Yes. I traced it back and looked at the original sources. Like I say, it's chinese sound bites, spun to get the soap in a lather. The prick cares nothing for willow tits and is using them to bolster his own ego. " Chris Packham Says ..." is all he's after. Bbc, as ever is aiding and abetting him in his gambit. The infinitesimally small percentage of ordinary people who dig back to the original papers will be about on a par(us) with the willow tits effected by half the populace feeding the birds in their gardens. Howev
  6. FFS Whoa! Lol I'm one of Packhams biggest critics , I wouldn't believe him if he said it was day or night. Its the survey, did you see it cos your taking it a bit out of context tbh Ive got greenfinches a few, gold finches and willow marsh, longtaiied tits, coal tits as well as the blue tits and greats that I've always had. I got the ones above to come in through regular and varied feeding Cheers, D.
  7. View Advert Lightforce dimmers lightforce dimmers 240 blitz & 170 strikers both fixed power&veriable available also filters for both lamps PM me or contact me on FB for info pics vids Advertiser Low country lamper Date 27/01/22 Price £100.00 Category Miscellaneous  
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    lightforce dimmers 240 blitz & 170 strikers both fixed power&veriable available also filters for both lamps PM me or contact me on FB for info pics vids


  9. Wow that's amazing I wonder if they had to get an offroader over to transport the beast off the hill.
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  11. Hello, Is anyone using the Garmin Alpha 100 with maps? The alpha was bought in the USA and just wondering if its possible to purchase the maps and put on the alpha and still use over here. Thanks
  12. Greenfinch has been in deep shit for years now, mate. Some disease they're particularly susceptible to, apparently. So many people banging on about them not being there any more, it's become white noise. I know I haven't seen one in about a decade myself now. Chaffinches? I have carpets of them. Oh, and a shit ton of blue, great and coal tits. Should I stop feeding those, to stop them robbing the nest sites of willow tits? He seems to have convinced Dyktos that's the case, look. And who is Dytkos? I'd imagine some ordinary bloke who puts his feet up at the end of the day and watches
  13. Flushed and kept clean and that will heal with no problems.
  14. mackerel in January wow!....is that normal for your area now arry......we use to have to wait until at least June~july!!!!! 1
  15. From Big Cat Conversations. Shot in Herefordshire 2019. This cat has an extra-long tubular tail and muscular thigh and hind-quarters. The tail appears as long as the body. The keeper who shot it states that he regretted it at the time and remains regretful. No hairs or other sample material were taken from this cat for testing, before the body was disposed of, at the wish of the landowner. The cat was four and half feet from nose to tail, 24 pounds in weight, and according to the keeper “what stood out were the muscles in its head and jaws, plus spots clearly on both sides. The ear
  16. He’s 90% Goldy from what Ived heard so far. I did manage to find a linnet CD a few years back and had pretty good success
  17. " 650 traps "?,...thats good going, that
  18. Is he linnet or goldie noted? I do like a linnet mule but they tend to be just that bit more scatty don't they. I'd like a full linnet noted one though.
  19. I can't justify my own (financially), (not on moles alone, here, anyway) & the trailer & a suitable vehicle to tow it, to be honest ....never mind reasonably secure storage, etc,...
  20. Yes she run tomorrow but has she the heart.
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