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  2. I have seen a few Sean that couldn't even do that
  3. Game as a pure mate. Think she maybe 1st x
  4. Looks right tasty that mate
  5. His sire was razor and his dam was a pure saluki out of John lennons stuff, she was litter sister to the sandman dog
  6. Deffo they eventually get bored with it
  7. Them raccoons look like they would make great pets for the kids
  8. Today
  9. Social distancing applies but 2 counties not metres
  10. Well, just for your info, I’m double jabbed, 50, 3 stone over weight and I trained for 90 minutes against the local big clubs first team of 20 year old tonight and we give it to them……still not dead FYI
  11. Fancy going half dy we would be like max and paddy on tour
  12. Mrs knocked this up from scratch today a lovely Lasagne it was great.
  13. My new favourite snack. Cheers, D.
  14. Does anybody know the covid regulations regarding offliners? Masks or not, indoors or outdoors etc. It's a minefield and probably a good job they never actually happen...
  15. Certainly a new dimension to going away lol, great idea Cheers, D.
  16. Tomoz too f***ing tight to pay for a campsite Cheers, D.
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