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  2. That looks a good sturdy handle you got there mate.
  3. Fair enough, it’s been done in war, albeit about 50 years ago. From what I can see, and limited scientific knowledge, it doesn’t actually ‘make’ rain, but in the right climatic conditions can cause localised precipitation which I guess could be useful, but is probably as much if not more use as a propaganda tool. The science I can’t dispute, but I think from the original post and others following, the inference is that this weather manipulation is done routinely and surreptitiously by unseen forces. I just don’t buy that.
  4. cool,just bought a hw77 yesterday and the price was a little bit more than advertised.
  5. Pattx pit x whippet, but anybody’s guess, them pitterpats are big overseas tho
  6. Yea he seems a really nice guy… I bought most of his foxing on the hills dvds and he gifted me a rabbiting dvd… I remember him saying he kept that line of lurchers for years and they all hunt like hounds on the dvds he had footage of them catching foxes on the gopro, it was certainly something different to see
  7. How are the pup’s doing tinytiger?
  8. Freshly baked sun dried tomato and Parmesan cheese loaf when it’s cooled a selection of cheeses will join it
  9. Sorry it was operation Popeye
  10. Look up operation harvest moon , if I'm remembering it right.
  11. Operation Popeye - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG quick search if people that are saying it are labelled conspiracy theorists chances are they are telling the truth
  12. they were doing it in vietnam search on google
  13. Have you any examples or proof of when it was deliberately used for any of the above?
  14. Well some of my cousins aunts and uncles came down from Chicago for Thanksgiving and I'm generally pretty anti social but since I spent Thanksgiving with my gf and her family figured I'd say least hi. Well a few hours later we're cleaning some fish we caught a few before out the pond about a 3min walk from the stove. My uncle who's cleaning the fish used to live down here and do stuff like this all the time but he moved up to Chicago a good while back and ...idk it was nice talking to him and the other men folk..all of them where so happy to be here doing stuff like this. Then we wh
  15. Big cat ‘spotter’ denies faking image of a lynx in a field in Cornwall - Cornwall Live WWW.CORNWALLLIVE.COM The Coombe resident agrees his photo bears an uncanny resemblance to a stock image of a lynx but stresses he's not lying Cheers Arry
  16. A bit of cheese on toast for the missus when she got in from work today. Must have Worcestershire sauce
  17. Today
  18. they who have the science to do it the usa have had it for decades it can be used all different ways cause droughts hurricanes floods be used in war
  19. They? Who’s controlling who’s weather…, and why?
  20. Good body size, rubbish head.
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