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  2. I agree to a point Jimmy but found the very heavy knurled eye piece focus ring caused some issues when using NiteSite units to the point that it was possible to cause damage to the eye section of the scope, not too common but it happened. Not much of a problem nowadays with NiteSite out of business.
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  4. Thanks Tom. The NGT look to be decent rods having spoken to someone else who has a pair and I do like the rod sleeves, better price than Sonik.
  5. Tonight’s outing started with FOXHUNTER arriving at mine for 6pm and we were off to my mates farm, against my better judgment I took the .223 with the alpex NV on the top, I was planning to take the .243 with the lamp as it worked a treat last time we were out, and having a few runners lately with the .223 I’ve lost a bit of confidence in it, anyway we got set up overlooking two fields, it wasn’t long before FH spotted one a long way off on another farm, expecting it to come straight up the field we waited, all of a sudden it was too our right approaching the caller, I turned towards it but it
  6. Woman and two kids shot in Hackney today. Woman dead, kids in hospital. Woman, 42, dies and two others including boy, 16, are rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds after triple shooting in Hackney as manhunt gets underway | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK A 42-year-old woman has died after two others have been injured after a shooting in Hackney on Tuesday, the Metropolitan Police said. Are we seeing the breakdown of society in the U.K. ? Cheers.
  7. No one can play mate, not unless they have good players around them….your team make you more. I played with players infinitely more talented than me and that’s makes any player better
  8. Lamb chops for dinner, keeps the cold out.
  9. I hated fuckers like you that could play. My role model was big Jack C. He said "I can't play, I win the ball and give it to people who can play." I could run, tackle and head and that was the limit of my capabilities. And that was what I was told to do and I kept getting picked so I,must have been doing something right. I have never been able to dribble and struggle to do keepy ups. The really good players had a picture in their head as to where everybody was. My reception for that picture was very poor, a lot of interference. Brian Clough was a great manager because he told players
  10. Got a mamba light on the raider Phil if I had my way all my rifles would have mtc mambas on them Old school ones not the crap they sell now But then again they belong to daystate now Atvbjimmy
  11. Same as that mate, I couldn’t dribble for shit round players or in tight spaces but I was extremely fast and I worked endlessly on my technique (how I addressed the ball, instep, outside of foot, weight of pass etc), I worked on being able to use both feet and I could see a pass from anywhere. If I was 10 yards off the back 4 and knocked the ball out of my feet they were dead…..I also played mentally on the edge of aggression which to be fair only caught me out a couple of times but cost me 8 months ban (well, actually it was 2 x 4 months because I did the same again first game back after
  12. Yes, he played for Glasgow Rangers as well. He was an absolute assassin. He was bought to intimidate by that other thug, Graeme Souness...but to be fair Souness could play a bit too, when he wasn't taking opponents out by tackling them in the balls. Lol. I do have respect for Souness, but Jesus when he lost it there were no rules.
  13. Wasn't hurlock that lad that played for millwall with the permed hair if I remember right he was dirty but was a decent leader and captain of them he was the one that dropped and gripped moyse here a hothead if I remember right
  14. He was known to her; Aberfan knifeman stabbed heavily pregnant woman in a 'targeted' attack, police reveal: Suspect, 28, is arrested after huge manhunt as witness says victim, 29, was attacked as she 'turned away from him to try to protect her baby' | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Police arrested a 28-year-old man from Merthyr, who is known to the victim, on suspicion of attempted murder at... Cheers.
  15. I think what you're missing is that I was a Bobby Moore, Rio Ferdinand defender. Grace and beauty were my companions.I had no need for the physical. If I was an attacking player I would have been a booked once Bobby Charlton or a never booked Gary Lineker. Oops I've blown it now mentioning my mate Gary. Off to get my tin hat. Lol
  16. I agree mate... but without any physicality football is boring imo, I don't mean the cowardly, sly shit... just good battles
  17. Proper job that mate, when I was on site ceramic tiling they just floated concrete and that was your finished floor as rough as f**k most of the time lol
  18. Stabbing in wales today pregnant women attacker wasn’t known to her, another immigrant attack ?
  19. Keep at them Bonny Lad....,...catch a few for me....
  20. Steve, you can gold pan, a tenner for a day ticket, at Leadhills in the Scottish Borders. I used to go there rabbiting, but would often chat with gold panners. Had half a fancy to have a go and make up a ring for the Mrs, but it's cold up there so f**k it. They run a course on how to do it at the local museum.
  21. Just done a roast hen pheasant for myself …
  22. 8.7mm or 9.5mm steels and no higher than 0.65 In any brand of elastic unless I'm using snipersling yellow then 0.70 .but I know you like a heavy band so I would recommend trying 0.85 South Wales catty band tapered 18-23 the young team that like a heavy band over my way are going mad for it justnow I can't make enough sets up or the south Wales catty 0.75 pink
  23. hi bud listen if you don't know how to work out your active length just hold a measuring tape in your catty hand grab the end of the tape and holding the tape out like it was your catty pull the end of the tape to your anchor point like it was your your pouch lock the tape or get someone to take a note of the length in mm and divide that by 5 and that is your active band length for example my active band length is 170mm (which is 870mm ÷5 ) but I run all my bandsets at 180mm 10mm longer because that way there never maxed out and I and most of my customers get 3 or 4 times the band
  24. Is there a stealth mod in the house?
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