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  1. No mate he doesn’t , speak to him regular, he’s moved from Meliden.
  2. No that’s a photo mate , taken in the place he was born when I was visiting the bloke who bred him MB in Meliden N.Wales
  3. Flynn , a dog who I was lucky enough to spend 14yrs with , had some memorable times with him , epitomised man’s best friend.
  4. Are you for real , ffs not once did Saka do what he should of done and took the full back on and putting him under pressure knowing he was on a yellow , that’s part off todays game whether you agree with it or not , no penalty ?? what sport are you talking about , if the ball doesn’t hit his outstretched arm Ben White scores , hitting his outstretched arm deflected it from where it was heading iso that determines a blatant penalty.
  5. North London derby in 13hrs & 13mins my lucky number
  6. 100% their turning on him , all too do with him turning on those who are untouchable , it’s too shows others not too step out off line or they’ll be ruined , Matt Le Tissier , Katie Hopkins , Tommy Robinson , Laurence Fox have all been ostracised one way or another for not toeing the line and speaking out.
  7. Declan has arrived in North London #thearsenal ????????
  8. Think a bit off both mate , different breed from normality .
  9. ITVX “No Room For Error” it shows how crazy this spectacle really is , great watch even if your not a bike fan.
  10. London is his hoe city and maybe he doesn’t want to uproot from his stability he has living there with his family round him . . . It’s not as if it’s Millwall trying to sign him .
  11. Great read , nice hearing someone having a dream that may materialise , Dont forget the badger mate , only for seeing that you’d not off bumped into him so on that note Brock House as a home name if you get it ??
  12. Hopefully Declan will be plying his trade in North London next season ?
  13. lanesra


    Honestly no , as I think on a six lap race they will be on it but surely subconsciously they pace themselves and their bikes but that’s only my opinion.
  14. lanesra


    Been an unbelievable fortnight , racing on the edge & weather has been as good as you could wish for , the island is rammed with people / bikes yet very little trouble , 1 down side the Spanish lad the other night let’s hope he’s the only downside.
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