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  1. Anything happening in the Leicestershire area 10th of July
  2. There won’t be much on the MSM about this as he’s the religion they won’t discuss and if they do it’s too show how persecuted they are ie Tommy Robinson is a racist for revealing their habits
  3. He’s Scottish ah well people laugh when I say Kieran Tierney is Manx . . Looks like where both right
  4. That’s it , he gets absolutely slated yet time and time again he shows what them gutless b*****ds hide , for yrs he’s been vilified for trying to highlight the rape of children hidden by Gov , police social services & councils (mainly labour) well now he has a video coming out highlighting what’s been done or should that read what’s not been done by the above useless b*****ds and there fukcing terrified to the extent they’ve labelled him in the top 20 terrorists bit like calling Mozad nazis love him or loathe him and I actually think those who slate him need to not look at him but the
  5. Shows what type of people those handing the awards out are . . Out off touch arrogant b*****ds who literally don’t give a fukc about the man woman in the street who’s children / brothers / fathers sacrificed their lives on the back off this cutn Blair . . Bit off track see Epstein when initially paying that girl off got her to sign a clause where she couldn’t sue anyone in his circle (or words to that effect) which The Royal Nonce is now using , these lot are rotten to the core and don’t give a fukc that we know that . . 29th this month more revelations coming out about our caring society
  6. I use to take a Bentley to the boat to be ferried to Ireland at Xmas time for someone I work for well someone took it instead one yr and done similar going the quick way it was fukcEd stick with my little jimny
  7. She can name them all only problem is the media will not reveal it , so basically she’s f****d her knowledge is worthless , those in power who know she’s knows their dirty secrets aren’t worried because like saville they’ll only be outed once their gone.
  8. Cheers Daniel , I’ve similar barrel to yours will take on board what you’ve said
  9. Just done a plastic barrel for my terrier , never used them before was wondering about condensation , there’s 2 bung holes in 1 side (which was the top when in use) will that be enough to stop condensation or would you advise I drill a few holes in others side , any info would be appreciated
  10. I was there at 1am this morning wasn’t too bad but I bet that’s changed .
  11. Flew to Liverpool yesterday afternoon , watched a Bismal performance by Arsenal in the pissing rain and we where deservedly beaten (why do I bother I ask myself) and then had to head to Heysham for a 2am boat back that took 4hrs gales here have caused some damage .
  12. Brilliant thread , think most on here would love that wood great to see how everyone is backing you and no childish remarks
  13. Alright Ray , George Graham was known as Stroller , Kennedy also played for Arsenal , he won the double in 71 scoring the winner at Spurs to clinch the title , he was a striker at Arsenal and moved to Liverpool where he found his best position , can’t remember him for Arsenal I was too young but I know he’s well thought of still at The Arsenal , think that goal at WHL may have something to do with that terrible how life went for him , he’s not suffering now.
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