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  1. lanesra

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    He's in solitary confinement , more fake news from gutter journalists , we should hang our heads in shame he's in jail for reporting on Mass Child Rape . . Something the establishment has admitted to covering up , until the likes of TR exposed them to the general public .
  2. lanesra

    Car boot find

    How much ?
  3. lanesra

    new pm

    Id love a Donald Trump style PM , There'd be no feckin about concerning Brexit he'd be tip toeing round no one , the borders would be well secured and the likes of Javid wouldn't of just announced yet more "Refugees" are coming in there thousands , to clog up more places in schools , Drs / hospitals and council housing & millions more in benefits a day !!
  4. lanesra

    RIP some footballer

    Watched him a few times in N.London derbies , shows you never know the minute . Rip J.E.
  5. lanesra

    6 years ago today .......

    And on the Anniversary off Lee Rigby & the Manchester victims from 2yrs ago where they targeted children that Trecherous Bas4ard Corbyn was at the Finsbury Park mosque embracing diversity . . How anyone can vote for that traitor / terrorist lover is beyond me , he'd off been hung 75yrs ago for crimes against his own country / people !! Rip Lee Rigby Rip Manchester victims .
  6. lanesra


    Me and my son in Valencia on Thursday (where in the middle) great day & night
  7. lanesra


  8. lanesra

    All immigrants welcome....except?

    Seen this disgraceful , have the rspb responded , surely chwis Packham & Bill Oddiewill be down there tearing them nets down
  9. lanesra


    Daniel , Diazapan make you angry . . They made me tell everyone I loved them
  10. lanesra


    I ended up in hospital it's the worse pain I've ever had . . HORRIFIC , don't know what I had then cause ibruprofen wouldn't touch mine as it has for some on here , naproxen & Gabapentin worked after a while but was also on Valium , 7 fecking weeks both times before I was right , both times there's been no warning at all , I was told a few moths ago being dehydrated can bring it on not sure whether that's right or not though .
  11. lanesra

    Fury back to fighting bums

    Taking the piss out of fury fighting bums He's the only 1 who's said he'd fight anyone anywhere and done it , he went to Germany for Klitsco America for wilder and won one and robbed in another , look at Joshua & wilder terrified to leave their comfort zone yet spout they go here or there , fury has nothing to prove though the other 2 do concerning avoiding people , remind me who is that great fighter Joshua is fighting next Anyway fair play to fury he's signed a massive deal and is taking a leaf out off the Eddie Heran book ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ so good luck to him money wise
  12. lanesra

    Bobby Robson Documentry

    Enjoyed the Sunderland documentary , think you missed a trick sacking Chris Coleman , he came across really good in all aspects of management just weren't his players but given time he'd of flourished there .
  13. lanesra

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    i would never of left my kids alone ever , ffs my son went to university in America when he was 20 and I was uncomftable with him being alone so far away (he use to look at me as if I was a nutcase at times ) . There is definitely something we don't know going on here involving the parents as someone said previous about going to see the pope ffs your child is missing and you fly off to meet the head of a society that hid child abuse , I'd off been going nowhere to see no one "Famous" if it was my child missing , there's an involment here with the parents and members off the Government (Gordon Brown I think is one) and we all know how that lot look after their own when in the shit just look at Saville , Cyril Smith , Ken Clark , Lord Janner the list is endless as is there corruption
  14. lanesra

    What breed ?

    Lab in there somewhere I'd say
  15. lanesra


    There's a lad called Aidan James who went out and fought against ISIS , white British male he fought with the Kurds who are backed by the west probably the Uk also , a legitimate army , he came home last yr and was immediately arrested charged with terrorism and remanded to Cat A Belmarsh , was in the same wing as Adnam Choudary , there's a £100,000 price tag on his head apparently , he's been given a lawyer who has represented Muslim terrorists , his trial starts at the Old a Bailey April 1st (what a fukcing joke) , The Main Stream Media haven't and probably won't report on this which is standard for them , so there's an official figure of 400 jihadis who've returned and not a jail sentence between them , so fight for the terrorists and it's OK to return and carry on your life , fight against the terrorists and your hauled to one if not the top security prisons in the uk . . Unreal and this is just another example of how the country is fukced yet TR who puts his libity on the line reporting on similiar wrongs gets slated which I understand from those who's community he's exposing but from those he's technically warning literally baffles me !!