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  1. Watched it , it actually has you raging how they where treated , I hope it shows those that still believe in Government / hierarchy how totally corrupt they ALL are and are allowed to literally get away with murder as people took their own lives over these corrupt b4stards and not 1 off them will ever face the consequences off their corruption.
  2. lanesra


    I struggled for yrs with it which was literally ruining my life work , driving ect , started doing xfit after speaking to someone which you’d think would be the worse solution , slowly but surely I actually think it’s working by strengthening the areas which was creating the problem , so the quick fix is medication but long term (for me anyway) exercise . . The thought of having it again is bad enough.
  3. S.B. Had similiar type , Musket & Rooney where well respected dogs
  4. If I remember rightly was Bucks sire Razzamataz Ray from south wales ?
  5. Those jabbed are desperate to be proven right ffs Dont tell them to follow the money or they will have heart attacks when they see who’s behind all the narrative on getting jabbed
  6. Depends who’s scientific data you listen too , I’ve found those who had the jabs are more concerned about convincing those who didn’t how wrong they where , once I heard politicians telling us how much they cared for our well being the red flag appeared and then when the threats started that red flag was raised to the top off the flagpole , no holidays no pubs no football no concerts ect ect ect ect ffs Dont tell me you didn’t see blackmail all over that ? over the last couple of yrs I’ve seen and heard horror stories concerning the jab that’s being ignored / hidden . . I thank my lucky stars
  7. Ray when I visited you and we had a walk I felt the power in him , as said lovely temperament and done Ray proud.
  8. That’s big scarra’s stick lol cracking pics
  9. No real Predator’s here to cull them.
  10. No mate he doesn’t , speak to him regular, he’s moved from Meliden.
  11. No that’s a photo mate , taken in the place he was born when I was visiting the bloke who bred him MB in Meliden N.Wales
  12. Flynn , a dog who I was lucky enough to spend 14yrs with , had some memorable times with him , epitomised man’s best friend.
  13. Are you for real , ffs not once did Saka do what he should of done and took the full back on and putting him under pressure knowing he was on a yellow , that’s part off todays game whether you agree with it or not , no penalty ?? what sport are you talking about , if the ball doesn’t hit his outstretched arm Ben White scores , hitting his outstretched arm deflected it from where it was heading iso that determines a blatant penalty.
  14. North London derby in 13hrs & 13mins my lucky number
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