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  1. I get that 100% but I wasn’t asking what people’s opinion of him was , I was referring to his achievements. Gazza can be an absolute clown but if you ask about his football achievements that’s what I’d comment on first and foremost
  2. Maybe I should of mentioned he was an avid Sunderland supporter
  3. Watched him play for Arsenal (and against Arsenal 78 cup final but I try to forget that) , he had a decent career club level & international
  4. Thought so . . You met him and he was rude still doesn’t take away the fact of what he’s achieved which you didn’t comment on just he’s a prick , his achievement isn’t that good cause he works with other riders (as every sprinter does) to put him there at the end to do what he’s the best ever at doing
  5. Why you know him personally or is it his desire / will to win that pisses you off
  6. The lad from up the road from me today equalled the Tour De France stage win record , Eddie Merkzy (spelling) had the record of 34 wins , what an achievement from a kid from a little island absolutely unreal , just thought I’d share it here.
  7. My mates lad at wolves mentioned this kid when he was at Rangers “Never mind Dembelle (kid at Celtic) there’s a kid at Rangers who’s literally unplayable he’s that good” . . That kid was Gilmour and that was a few yrs ago . England managers in my lifetime bar Venables have always picked the so called established players and it’s got them nowhere , I look at that shambolic management on Friday and he’s another who plays safe in the knowledge loose ah well I picked the “Stars” . . Bellingham Sancho Grealish should be starting and also the lad from Villa Ollie Watkins who never even made the squa
  8. TR achieved more by his actions than anyone telling 3 people was my point which is a fact , yes they’ve ostracised him which was another give away too what there all about , you say people sitting looking on YT , I take it you didn’t see those who marched in London for him when he was wrongly jailed , there was thousands , not the 100s the bbc reported , as for voting the Loony Left otherwise known as Labour where absolutely destroyed at the last election which spoke volumes and thank god that dangerous fukcer Corbyn wasn’t elected and his sidekick Abbott a woman who couldn’t run a bath , i
  9. I totally disagree as talk is cheap and is easily dismissed by those who for yrs have hid horrific crimes because of the crininals backward ideology , their gutless when it comes to them lot and have allowed child abuse on a massive scale so do you think people talking would of altered their handling off this pandemic ? TR has shown us facts and embarrassed those who’ve shouted him down to the point where they’ve jailed him for literally showing us what’s going on , his actions have put those fuckers in a position where they’ve had to act to a degree once he highlighted the mass rape of childr
  10. This is what they done to Tommy Robinson & his family , the biggest racist the country has ever seen according to the establishment / media , yet not 1 of them can actually show anything racist whatsoever , but I’ve known people call him racist yet when you ask how do they come to that conclusion they state “I’ve heard it said by loads” I watched him being belittled by a Pakistani woman who’s apparently famous calling him racist ect yet a few mths down the line the same woman came out stating the exact problems she was calling him racist for !!
  11. 100% right mate , Hopefully Tierney is fit , Adam’s is a must , Billy Gilmour is so underrated & Forest has a habit of popping up in the right place at times
  12. Its Scotland for me , Kieran Tierney not only born on the Isle of Man but also plays for Arsenal though they’ll need all the luck .
  13. My Goldfinch love em
  14. Cracking Post ,some spot you’ve got there mate
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