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  1. I recon it's just the tonic you need.. All the best
  2. In normal day to day I just feed once a day in the evening. ..and if I was going to just have a few runs local ...nothing to taxing I would just feed when I got back...
  3. I would also feed an hour or so after that night finished once the dogs heart rate are down...and he's had a good drink
  4. As above I wouldn't feed just before running a dog... But if I was planning a big night out with the possibility of many runs maybe a 100 or so runs...over many hours...I would feed 8 hours or so before the expected start of the night....typically around 4 pm for a midnight start
  5. this week I are mostly be speaking Africaans.....
  6. Africaans. ...for nice..or good...
  7. how do I see these youtube vids lads any links northernlight...
  8. don't really want to get involved in your chaps little disagreement...im just saying what I sore.....I will say this though she was small and lightweight bitch for what you see now in the bull/cross type.....I think the more modern ones are line bred...with more 3/8 5/8....ect....and you see some larger examples wich may excel at other quarry... funny though back then late 80's early 90's when we were running that bitch...most f1 bull/greys were smaller...l recon them old fighting pits were smaller leaner type creature ...and lets not forget bloody fit...takes some staminar getting in the ring for a fight... I think that's the thing with lurchers....you can generalise ....but there are exceptions.... oh and one last thing....whilst not exactly bull crosses....there have been a few lads in recent years that have done the Ton on the bunnys...the ones I know all had a drop of bull in
  9. I've watched a genuine f1 pit.grey...in fact not just watched. .but went out with for many seasons catch rabbit after rabbit on the lamp...she was a little 22 inch 45lbs...maybe 50 lbs. ...she could run all night....one of the best rabbit lamper I ever seen....had other bits of edible as well...
  10. they would be like 1.5 k on pets for homes... at the mo
  11. do a vid of the spicing tool working.....I used to use a needle
  12. cant say as the kelpie x grew lacked wind...she only had a 1/4 kelpie in her....and whilst she wermnt perfect....lack of staminar wasn't one of them....
  13. TOMO


    Lol....Yeh I'm a natural surfer. ..
  14. oh yes.......it will be all...."get down shep"....and for fucks sake stop chasing that car.....and will you get down of that sheeps back you ozzy c**t
  15. I recon if it didn't have the acd in it ...northern wouldn't of had it.....I just don't think he could bring himself to own a line bred collie/grey...
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