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  1. genuinely pretty much every night I'm stood at work... water of a ducks back now to be honest
  2. he's been sending me messages and pics the last two days...of course being a mate ...I've just given him plenty of stick... bit now they gone and won for fucks sake lol
  3. max sent me a photo earlier today of him and his mates all lined up ....I replied asking if there carers were stood out of shot...lol
  4. f**k Sunderland... happy house here at che TOMO... my lads under 13 team won there cup game today ...4..3...came back from 2 nill at half time...brilliant stuff
  5. it can get expensive when you tot it up .. I went through a stage of getting a hot chocolate from Mcdonald on the way home from work 4..5 nights a week...then looked at me bank statement one month...soon knocked that on the head
  6. cost of evrything has gone up....fuel prices etc.... i stopped drinking coffee a few year ago.....just fucks me stomach up to much....i would be straight to the loo
  7. TOMO

    Best man

    7 times ...f**k me your popular....i dont think ive got 7 frends
  8. TOMO

    Best man

    yeh its a good one that wilfy
  9. TOMO

    Best man

    i always liked that speech in 4 weddings and a funeral ....the bit where the best man says the bride is so much nicer than his previous girlfriends as they were total dogs....and its so nice to see so many of them here today..lol (2) Four Weddings And A Funeral: Pray silence for the best man! - YouTube
  10. have you made a canoe out of it yet??
  11. must admit i fancy doing that thing with apple and pears where they train the branches along wires next to a wall or fence ...makes them easy to prune and collect fruit...plus both have great blossom in spring
  12. yep real....i actually vaguely remember something about it now after looking it up....i thought it was cops though ...but it was allsorts involved
  13. is that a real thing mac.....sounds like film
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