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  1. sooner stick with emmerdale
  2. it's looks really nice .....but it's not a pie....you just can't call something a pie when it's just the top...come on charts...lol
  3. that's in the cafe outside the job I'm doing these last few weeks....the good bit is I can put it on expenses and the boss pays it
  4. lamb and mint pie...new pots...sweed green beans and gravy
  5. so with this new lifestyle choice...will you be announcing your gender fluid...or pan sexual...
  6. few more months mate and you will weigh the same as a normal man...
  7. Dons like rain man...never forgets..lol
  8. what is the diet mate...just loads of good meat vege and fruit
  9. you not really just eating seeds and berry's are ya?
  10. yeh just to look at f***ing chickens.. lol
  11. Yeh the old ...."it's my mates honest"...lol
  12. Mrs has the xc90....in petrol fucks sake 20 to the gallon....motorway not as bad...7 point turn as you say...I can't comment off road cos it's a school run motor...although I'm going to work in it at the mo cos the van needs mending... all that said it's a beautiful motor to drive...cream leather interior...auto there was a statistic doing the rounds a few year back not sure if it's true....but apparently nobody has ever died in accident in one
  13. what we're you looking for when you found this on the net....lol
  14. Ackee is a fruit mate ...they serve it with salt fish which is were your getting mixed up...it's a favourite dish in Jamaica...salt fish and Ackee
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