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  1. not read the next whatever pages since this post....so forgive me if someone has posted this.... they have been studying the fish eagles on a soda lake in africa....the fish eagles that live there now feed on flamingo instead of fish as there aint any living in the lake anymore the scientists have seen how the eagles have changed in a short time ...(living memory) ...there tallons are changing to deal with the different pray species ...
  2. double bluff mate....gives the conspiracy even more plausibility dont it.... "yeh the alian aircraft we found last week was a weather baloon honest"..... the masses then think fook off ...et does exist the government is lying....meanwhile they have squirreled away whatever prototype crash landed
  3. any governments golden ticket to secrecy ....think about it.... all of us, well almost of us want to believe in ET life ....weather there traveling here to us or not.....none of us are that blinkered we dont believe there might be life out there somewhere .... so based on that governments have a great conspiracy they can drop out anytime they want....testing some secret military prototype thing....just leak out some bollox about a ufo ....testing some super missile.... leak out ufo....testing some new weapon thats a laser....leak out ufo....testing some new sound weave tech (brown
  4. great actress ...in loads of stuff...and like the others have said brilliant as Poll in peaky blinders.... married to damian lewis ...another great actor..some will remember him from Band of brothers ...rip
  5. i recon Greb is faster....
  6. seems to be the modern way.... you only have to look back at iron mikes record he won the title at the end of 86...then defended it 4 times in 87.... and 13 fights in 86 to get the title ...
  7. quite a bit ....but its also a bit of a skill learning to use one ...i think scot is one of the few bench pressers that has pressed 700 lb raw only a few people have done it....the world record at the mo is 780 raw.... the only thing they can wear raw is wrist wraps and a belt i believe
  8. this is scot mendleson a power lifter who has held many bench records ...hes also a bit of an arm wrestler Gnasher might have herd of him.... this fail was at a meet last week....the weight on the bar is 1121 lb....508 kilo....hes wearing a bench shirt as this is equipped lifting ...basically its a very thick tight shirt...
  9. TOMO


    go on somebody tell him its shit....please ..lol
  10. fook right of mush....im not having that fooking dog back if you croak it
  11. good weekend that trev...must admit i do like them grew types
  12. mate thats a grand old age rip Honey... did you ever bring her up to us on the dales.??... i remember Dusty i think ...and was one called Angel ....any way at least she had great life hunting and being well looked after..
  13. yeh its a bit of a ropey place.....in a mining town ....and it will be one of the few places open....so you can bet every hero will be out and on it..... or with a bit of luck no fecker will turn up ....and i will be stood round doing f**k all
  14. i will be there from 5 pm this afto.....but working not drinking
  15. TOMO


    nice that arry...thats our kind of place....might have to have a few days there this summer
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