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  1. Kanny....tell us what you put on them oxtail?
  2. TOMO

    Do they know ??

    Bloody hell mate sorry to hear your news ...my best wishes to you and your family....
  3. It's only football.....remember Bill Shanklys famous quote
  4. When my mate shot his down was in summer ....having a bbq...friends family round kids playing in paddling pool...he new who's it was...when a neighbour from down street turned up....said it was his grown up sons....and my mate would have to pay for it....lol
  5. So.....are you about to drill 3 holes through 3 foot of concrete....then empty a load of safety deposit boxes in Hatton Garden...
  6. One of my colleagues at work shot one down with his air rifle
  7. Honestly that falconry just pisses me off...how the hell that never got banned but hare coursing did....what's the difference...
  8. TOMO

    Copper braclet.

    I've had a go with copper dowsing rods and they do work...
  9. TOMO

    Copper braclet.

    Lots of things supposedly don't work according to medics ..scientists etc...but lots of lads will tell you different with things like the above... Let's remember us humans are mostly water...(apart from mchull...he's hot air)...so lots of things can effect us....I swear to god people become bigger c**ts when there's a full moon...
  10. Says on the news they have found the body of the chemical attacker ...he was floating in the Thames
  11. No sorry ..I should have posted before now they have got new homes
  12. I'm in Hounslow now working....staying in Twickenham...what does no gog mean...or the other one.. for Groans???.
  13. With just a dash of ju....lol
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