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  1. TOMO

    87 year old deadlifting

    strong old bugger aint he.....only looks about 10 stone as well
  2. TOMO

    87 year old deadlifting

    thought some of you might like this....87 year old deadlifting 4 plates.....405lbs in yank terms......about 180 kilo ..... recon he might be related to ginge....
  3. TOMO

    Purse Nets

    must say I prefer the the 10z over everything.....think I had some of him years ago....but then I baught 200 yard of 10z sheet netting....and just cut to the desired length...and braid to a ring.. there great strong nets...
  4. TOMO

    kenny noye to be released from prison

    yep ...more controvesey in a minshaw ....than a carreer criminal with two murders on his hands getting released from nick.....
  5. to be fair ..if he was jogging he deserved it......
  6. TOMO

    2019 summer internationals (RWC warm-up matches)

    theres a few of us been down that road...lol love watching the rugby...
  7. TOMO

    kenny noye to be released from prison

    didn't deserve that stretch that's for sure.....but you cant use the fact it was going to be incinerated to make out there was no justification
  8. TOMO

    kenny noye to be released from prison

    its intresting that he walked free from killing that cop....who was just hiden in his garden.....yet tony martin got banged up for killing a burgler..who actualy came in his house
  9. TOMO

    kenny noye to be released from prison

    are you saying a witness to the road rage killing was murdered ??
  10. TOMO

    Free solo

    watched it on netfix a good while back ....it is a great documentry
  11. TOMO

    Parking wars

    you should qualify for a disabled badge anyway with them hands.....
  12. TOMO


    yeh real shame that...I liked seeing him interviewed befor races...whilst he was with this merc team.....
  13. how far back you going.....I assume you mean befor islam got started?
  14. and was iran???......don't think either have had a large Christian population
  15. TOMO

    Arnold schwarzenegger attacked.

    mate he still goes the gym....often at golds on venice beach.....just a few week back I saw him training in a vid with martins licics.....strong man that came second I think in last years world strongest man