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  1. TOMO


    any links..what's happened in France??
  2. are you on about the last sentence??
  3. he is called big sid....
  4. i love the last sentence .... read the hole article though peeps.....dont just go straight to the end because of what i said
  5. well i think its a good thing that a ferreting and rabbiting chap has got the rights to sell them....good luck to les..
  6. i picked up a hob kit at the thl fishing match in august of newkid.....not sure how old 10..12 week.....its been coming out with me for at least 3 week if not 4 ...hes bolting them well and killing the odd one...he cant be much more than 5 month old.... personally i like to get them out and see what there about....i have another hob from last year....hes stunning looking polcat a great pet...but an absolute wanker as a worker....its like he couldnt give a f**k....so there all different ... get them out at the sharp end.....and i know there not strictly wild animals ...but a wild polcat mother would have fecked her brood off by now to fend for itself
  7. thats brill..they should be racing them
  8. jesus....f**k going that fast on a bike...one tiny mistake...and your getting shoveled up
  9. yeh ive seen them before....guy raced cultard i think it was....hands down the f1 car
  10. supprised how quick that bike was....i thought the f1 car would win hands down....mind if it had been a bit longer it would...and of course cars turn and brake quicker....but by christ that was fast...
  11. was it video link to usa charts......as jd said ...hes always smoking weed....think he grows it now legaly
  12. your wasting your time greb.....you know what this lot are like ...
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