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  1. TOMO

    How long without food

    ive also done a fast for 2 hole days ...last meal sunday dinner around 7 pm then first meal on Wednesday around 4 pm .... done the same fast twice now...the first day was the hardest bit.....as others have said it clears you out ...
  2. TOMO

    Month in Thailand 🇹🇭

    oh...forgot to say....good for you ..sounds like a great experience and as born says a great life change..... are you doing any kind of fitness stuff now....if not you might want to start doing a bit....good luck with it all
  3. TOMO

    Month in Thailand 🇹🇭

    maxhardcore and mackem.....they been all over south east asia ...and Thailand in particular
  4. TOMO

    Money for nothing

    whats up with yo man ....get that $97 sent quik smart you don't want to loose out
  5. TOMO

    Sam warburton retires

    shame ....its lovely bread...
  6. TOMO

    New Manchester united kit

    yep ...got my lad the brand new Barcelona away kit last year from a market in spain....20 euro.....he put it straight on...lol
  7. TOMO

    Government grant to kick off UK spaceport

    cheers for hat born.....lets hope it all comes off.....its no good being a luddite ..we have to move forward in technology ect... you put your name forward yet...
  8. TOMO

    Government grant to kick off UK spaceport

    there was something about it on the news last night.....great I thought ....then the reporter said the government are putting 2 mil in to the project....I sniggered at that point 2 mil nowhere near enough....
  9. TOMO

    Raid fly and wasp killer

    if you can reach the nest ,,,you could do it yourself,,,,put some marigolds on and move the nest out ...but have something to put it in,{,carboard box } ,,,and try to keep it in tact as much as is possible.. put it somewhere safe and dry...an old corner in a shed somewhere sheltered.....bulid something if needs be a bit of old wood or a few bricks.....and if you do it whilst its dark or at least getting dark..you should get most of them ...
  10. TOMO

    Who is America

    oh and when the gun character said to the old fella its not rape when its your wife and then shook the old fellas hand
  11. TOMO

    Raid fly and wasp killer

    bumbles wont sting you rusty....work round them if you can
  12. TOMO

    Who is America

    watched it last night....funny yet shocking I actualy thought it cant be real .....that fella wanting toddlers having guns...wtf..... and that ex con ....lol... that was a Charles Bronson character if ever I sore one.....when he got the art woman to cut of some pubes there and then for his art....jesus
  13. TOMO

    Bees in wall

    are they honey bees...or bumbles.... if there bumbles leave them be......they wont harm you....
  14. TOMO


    its still is a Norfolk saying......
  15. TOMO


    got mine off a chap from York called the ferret box company....but it was 10 plus years back don't know if hes still doing them