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  1. TOMO

    6 Nations.

    what a good game this afternoon. ..really cheering the Italian side on...bloody frogs just got the win
  2. lol...them pics are funny
  3. was using for a long time a brand called weightworld. ..4000 iu . ..which had 100 iu of k2 in it..
  4. im still taking it daily mate...as well as vital c...and b complex
  5. was he never found tats?
  6. TOMO

    6 Nations.

    kiss of death me....I'll get coat
  7. have I just seen correct on TV news...they are now stopping the jabs completely. ..only a few short weeks to get your last jab...???
  8. TOMO

    6 Nations.

    England now.... put the jocks in there place should be an easy win for us
  9. TOMO

    6 Nations.

    did they sing it....I missed the beginning
  10. I've always said your average lurcher ..or dog come to that is 50 lb of muscle and teeth.... thats why my dogs are in the kennel. ..don't want them anywhere near my kids....and there as good as gold with my kids...and mine are just little 35 lb fat whippets as Phil would say...but remember we use these dogs to kill small animals. .. small kids and babies it would be over in seconds with most lurchers if they wanted to.. God knows how you live with that guilt of owning a dog that's killed one of your kids...or a neighbours child
  11. breadcake? ???...what's wrong with lot from chesterfield. ..don't speak proper. .lol
  12. TOMO

    Avon Searider

    you know how yesterday you said you could sort anything out...cos your the man....well I'm sat here still waiting for this delivery. ..lol
  13. TOMO

    Avon Searider

    f**k me it's captain pugwash. .
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