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  1. Tofu....you funking fanny
  2. It's good but it's got to have grated cheese on top
  3. 6 portions...behave.. 2 max
  4. Think you need a bit more gravy
  5. How does everyone else deal with wayward domestic servants? You divorce them mate
  6. Interestingly...while they run out the covid vaccine...... Russel Brand is the big news...coincidence????
  7. Voon be queuing right now.....lol
  8. Working in an aldi last week up in Bradford...one of there staff a young fella mid 20,s was working in a mask all day long.... And guys in my gym wiping down benches with paper towels and spraying disinfectant on them ....fir fucks sake...
  9. TOMO


    Might as well put the video up now Ray...poor bloke won't leave the pool..lol
  10. TOMO


    Funking ell Ray...he was looking forward to some scuba....
  11. Lol...it was just above my reply.. Cheers
  12. Tell me how you make them mate?
  13. Yes my daughter and her partner have a baby ...she's 21 next week..
  14. My Mrs is gluten free which ment I ate gluten free bread as well ....the best I've tried to far is the mini French stick cob things you heat up in the oven
  15. TOMO

    Car insurance

    That Martin money man on telly recons you should renew 3 week before your times up....something about 3 week being a sweet spot for getting the best deal to shop around with
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