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  1. TOMO

    Who is America

    same here mate ....he had them proper "tucked up"....... and that metal detector wand he used to pick out pedos......
  2. TOMO


    when bottas hit vettel I was praying he gave him a blow out.....but sadly not...
  3. TOMO

    Got to love stuff like this

    bloody hell mack that was some list...I had no idea there were so many.... who was your hero stiffy that found him.....the jap hippy fella that tracked him down first?
  4. TOMO

    Got to love stuff like this

    same here katchum ...read it befor...but still read it again as its a fascinating story thanks for putting it up stiffy.... reminds me of another tale ....about a groupe of jap soldiers who were marooned on some pacific island in ww2 ....when the war ended they didn't belive anybody and carried on trying to survive with no help ....so ocasionaly they would steel from local villages ect...many attempts were made by jap government to get them back but they never belived anybody....this went on for nearly 30 years....in the end there was only one or two left.....and the father of one of them was sent over....and he or they I forget how many were left eventualy surrenderd I got a few bits wrong ..it was his commanding officer...but you get the jist... heres a link I found if it works... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiroo_Onoda
  5. TOMO

    He was one lucky fella .....

    what is it socks....this laptop wont play vids for some reason
  6. TOMO

    Best looking Breed?

    lurcher ...or a greyhound ...greyhounds with there incredible muscularity are hard not to like.. like the working type terriers in there many disguises as well
  7. TOMO

    Rabbits needed

    Sent you pm mate....I can fill ya freezer..
  8. TOMO

    The end of Cash

    ludites the lot of ya......never have any money in my pockets or wallet
  9. TOMO


    I been stung twice this year...first a honey bee....whilst walking the dogs....that was about a month a go....Tuesday just driving me van..a wasp flew in through the window and got me sock in the middle of the forehead ....burned like feck straight away ...looked down its on my leg...so I squashed it...my head came up yesterday the mrs and kids think its funny as I look like one of them dolphins with the bulgy forheads...its spread down my nose as well.....
  10. TOMO


    fair stretch that 400 born....wont be many that can go that far I wouldn't have thought....every time you see these programs on telly they seem to run out around 1750-1800..because of record keeping
  11. TOMO

    Fishing comp

    intresting...im actualy back off our hols on the 16th.......although I'm supposed to be back straight to work
  12. TOMO

    60th birthday

    European city break ...barca..madrid ..paris .....cant remember if you like fishing or not...if you do and they do ...what about the ebro in spain ...that way you might get ok weather at that time of year ..catch a big fish then go in to the local towns for a few jars..
  13. TOMO

    What beautiful isles we live on

    fantastic them pics mate...been lucky to visit a few....must visit more
  14. TOMO

    Our Guy in Russia

    yeh great program ..hes a proper nice fella
  15. TOMO

    Who is America

    that was a step further last night....the stuff he was getting them to do and say...omg....dick chainy......the fella pulling his pants down...and that plea for child soldiers