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  1. TOMO

    Weed ;)

    Bet they put a few bends in a Yak
  2. If you want to watch that sort of stuff...watch Donut operator on YouTube ex cop that does police shootings in the USA
  3. Klopp is free......???
  4. Yes mate I've got one still mines the door supervisor badge though...there are quite a few variations though to cover different jobs..like static guards ...or store detective type roles...most you need first aid course as well
  5. TOMO


    Space hoppers...f**k me that's a good one..lol
  6. Found not far from his phone....????? So it begs the question were the police lax in there search...or does it just show how bodies can be difficult to find sometimes in rough terrain..... Or perhaps he's been moved to near his phone??
  7. Butchering....just take the best bits mate...
  8. He was fast mate...that bitch I had that was a speed machine only just beat him by a neck stretch...we ran in a semi final together doubled up....that bitch of mine out passed everything...but she had her work cut out getting ahead of splodge
  9. Splodge fettle if I'm not mistaken charts.....the bitch kept from that was broken coated owned by maxs brother in law.....max then mated her to the pure grey England expects.....the bitch from that mating then went to the non ped
  10. Was looking for mayo made with olive oil the other week....think it was waitrose that had some in...mayo with olive oil...Great I thought...read the ingredients 5% olive oil the rest rapeseed...f**k sake
  11. Sounds like that's worth crashing ...lol
  12. Pound land pants...lol.... Carry some bog roll round with you stiffy
  13. Did you walk there for it...bury more than 30 from hull..lol
  14. It's really not....we are just going to have to disagree
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