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  1. which one you been using kanny....Gonalston ....or clipston near cotgave
  2. i call bullshit ......ken never announced this so it cant be true
  3. yes mate agreed....loved hearing about spud etc.... and its his fault i ended up having such a passion for the Yorkshire dales...RIP Mr Hosker
  4. good clip ...i hadnt herd of him....thanks for sharing it
  5. you being black aint no problem to me....after all my my mrs is black..... however the fact your American is the problem ....lol
  6. be fooked if ya got a bit of collie in ya....lol
  7. ive just re read that article....i think agriculture is exempt from the ban on using red....in other words these industries can still use it....it seems its more aimed at construction ... Certain industries that also use gas oil heavily, such as rail, agriculture, commercial fishing fleets and non-commercial heating or power generation uses, will be exempt from the April 2022 changes. It’s worth noting that red diesel permissions apply only to the way in which equipment is used, not to the type of equipment itself. So, for example, NRMM that can be used for both agricultural
  8. does it effect agricultural use ?? can it still be used in tractors etc??
  9. must admit i have watched a bit of brand lately....and he does make a lot of sense
  10. i think you can still class a dog as a lurcher with only a 1/4 grey in it....i know collie john uses a reverse collie cross type....that only has 1/4 grey x 3/4 collie.....not my cup of tea but each to there own.....and i saw a lot of Andys dog Don as young animal which was lurcher cross pure collie....and he was a handy animal.... personally i like to have a good chunk of running dog in a lurcher
  11. not quite dog work..... but once on a squirrel job in a normal 3 bed house i used a jill ferret on a line to flush out a litter of young squirrels.....it worked a treat
  12. yep old raf base just out of my village....always good for run or two
  13. a cemetery is another place that's done as well......funnily enough its the weird and unusual places that you often find yourself on with paying contracts....things like shopping centres or industrial sites ...probably think of a few more in a mo
  14. i think a prison/mental health hospital is the most unusual....its a paying contract thats done every year.....the rabbits caused a huge amount of damage in underground ducts chewing fiber optic cables that ended up getting replaced......i cant remember the exact amount in money....but it was something like 100 grands worth.... its a huge place encircled with two of them 20 foot fences you cant climb.....then inside this its dissected in to about 20-30 smaller compounds that all have this fencing round...its mainly concreate ...but there are flower beds bushes and small bits of grass....
  15. f***ing brilliant.....might as well stay indoors now as thats all the rabbits killed in the midlands
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