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  1. I think you will find that the majority of 22 shooters all find that after cleaning their barrel a number of shots are required for good accuracy to return. Most target shooting is not conducted in competition from a clean barrel, they will of fouled it first! The op of this thread indicated he shoots from a clean barrel all the time. Not necessary. Its not even a target type rifle!
  2. Did the pipe undo? I hate it when the pipe union is seized
  3. Wolfie, you need a grenade to tidy that room up a little!
  4. A friend of mine has just opened a bistro. I asked him if he has tried rabbit. No he said so I got him one. He loved it and asked me to get two for the restaurant.
  5. That's another in the ignore box. Any more?
  6. Right that sorted. My first member ignored by me here. Any one else want to join the over inflated ego place?
  7. The cz manual is doing what is generally known as ' covering their arse'. Millions of 22 shooters will tell you the same as me buddy. If you think about what they have written they are not concerned with dirt or fouling but condensation causing corrosion. You do whatever.
  8. I think that sums you up really well. If what I said winds you up so much that your ego takes president over your brain maybe you are not suitable to have a firearms license.
  9. Took a walk with the SKB this afternoon. Man was it hot. Downed a few squirrels and bagged a cock bird and woodie. Watched a cock sparrow hawk hunting hundreds of chaff finches and just getting confused. Hunting in a shirt in October!
  10. You are not supposed to clean a 22lr barrel all the time. It needs to get a complete coating of bullet lube for the bullet lube to work on each shot. You may lose the fliers if you stop cleaning it! A 22 barrel does not ever get hot enough for heat to be an issue unless you have a belt fed auto.
  11. Hook line and sinker. That was easy wasn't it....
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