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  1. Same idea lads. So peaceful but cool for July. I've got my winter coat on!
  2. Ok, I'll deal with it. You send it to me and I will bin it for you safely
  3. Hmmm, you may need a shim under the scope at the front.
  4. I use a HMR graduated scope so zero at 100. Never really had an issue on closer stuff. Sometimes if a scope is slightly inclined it can cause issues.
  5. Look at this. 74 paces off hand! Can't believe this boinger!
  6. A friend of mine got an allotment recently. Digging it over he found what he thought were onions so ate them. Turned out he poisoned himself by eating daffodil bulbs and has been in hospital for months now. The doctor's say he will be out in spring. As for the pigeons, ask Cwis, he knows best! I know what I would do and it goes along these lines, if it's ok to shoot a rat or rabbit eating my lettuce's.......
  7. The ammo thing has always been a farce. How on earth can it be policed? I was once turned down a 357 carbine because they were worried I might supply the criminal world with ammo! I pointed out that at the time there was pistol clubs up and down the country and how or where is that part of my responsibility with regards to providing a good reason to use said carbine. Does your nut sometimes...
  8. On that certificate no, maybe not but there is nothing stopping one from reloading, around a friend's, miles away even, "oh look, I didn't realise I still got these in stock, we can do the reloading together another time then. Thanks, bye...."
  9. I've got to wait for it's return to fill a slot then I'll have to get it rolling for renewal.
  10. Kind offer mate but it's not really my scene and if ever I saw a rabbit on the range I could get in real bother!
  11. How can it be wrong to obtain ammunition for a firearm one is authorised to have in possession and use? Nothing has been surrendered or revoked!! Crack on.
  12. Mine is up in September! When should I send it in? I was thinking August.
  13. You could do with one of the old camelot lottery ball machines for these events stav!
  14. Looks to me like he is cross eyed. I use to go out with a cross eyed girl but it didn't work out. We could never see eye to eye on anything and besides, I'm sure she was seeing someone else on the side!
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