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  1. Airguns have a place but when they start trying to compete with a rimfire and all economic sense goes out the window for some bazarr reason it becomes a no brainer.
  2. I have but not on them chair legged Beretta's mate. Sorry
  3. That's good then. Thanks for letting us know.
  4. Brilliant (no pun intended). I have some red filter. I will try that. Thanks.
  5. It's ok. Mine was second hand and came with a +4 lense as the dioptre is not adjustable. So unless your very short sighted focusing your eye on the screen will be difficult. I don't know if new ones come sorted dioptre wise. The eye cup is very loose on mine but black tape has secured it. Battery life is good and you can charge in the car with a phone charger. There are caveats though like temporary blindness after use.
  6. Honda 50's were six volt when you were a lad Meece
  7. Nice on mate. I just popped out last night to feed my little one coming to the camera. It was damp, misty and drizzling.
  8. No ta. Don't need it. Out side yes, internally no.
  9. Only ever owned one. Quite reliable, fiddly bolt stop/release. Horrendous trigger and a fiddle to correct but I did it.
  10. Recoil. Our natural desire is to get away from what we know is going to hurt us when in fact we are making it worse. When we try and hold off the gun even if very slight the gun imparts it's momentum in recoil to us abruptly because we ourselves are not recoiling with the gun....we become an obstacle that the gun recoils into and that is what is painful. When we have a good fitting gun and snuggle into it we actually become part of its mass....we add mass to the gun....we recoil as one and the recoil then feels much less. Does that make sense? Another tip I found works and is particularly enjoyable is to eat more pies
  11. A few weeks ago I oiled the bolt on the 452 because it got soaked. This cold weather comes along and I start getting misfires! Stripped the bolt and yep full of black gunge, combustion material stuck to the oil! Cleaned it out and struck an empty case in the chamber with a clean dry pin and yep, much better dent. Also I removed some burrs while I was there. SD.
  12. I can't add any more likes today but I'm laughing at Ben's comment , Yeah I like it, domestics introduce new blood, probably how VHD got started actually! One place of mine had some blooming big grey x wild things. Nearly as big as a hare. Skinned out easy and slightly more tender. All gone now, someone shot them . Some black and ginger ones around here. A visitor from Scotland and Africa no doubt
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