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  1. The 900x is sorted...well, it needs a piston sleeve. I will do that when I take it apart again. It shoots now. The trigger needs some stone work besides just adding a longer adjusting screw so it's got to come apart again. A job for warmer seasons. Anyway it wants to group now and the old parker hale mod not only shuts it up but helps with the off hand hold too.
  2. I've bought an over/under! Yes that's correct and you heard it correctly, a super imposed shotgun. 12g and get this, it's a Beretta! No, not one of them overpriced cnc machined overpriced tart of a suppository gun! The tri centennial celebratory muzzleloader It got to much for me and the zabala I bought last February. All summer on crows and pigeon just highlighted poor hit ratios everytime out with it! I can not connect consistently with it but that old Tula hammergun from Russia with extra full chokes I connect with everything with a high percentage hit ratio
  3. Phone mate. Use to use Motorola but bought this Samdung! Wish I had stuck to Motorola!!
  4. My rule of thumb ( that's English for my own measurement or guide) is that if it dont bounce back at me and hit me it's useful
  5. Got my exercise this morning. Mixture of snow and sun. Good sporting shots. Watched four snipe fly by in the snowfall. There was a few regular shots going off around me which was comforting. I'm knackered really. I was out chasing dogging foxs until midnight but no shot.
  6. Is that how much they are? I could employ a school leaver to carry the rifle and shoot the critter for me at that price!
  7. It's not that one but similar. Think I'm getting 6ft/lbs+ I wouldn't bother again and wouldn't pay more than £25.
  8. Your dog is the spit of my Tia. Best dog I ever had.
  9. No idea. Stupid phone. Lamps are for real men!
  10. Yes mate, I will be doing that as well. Just want another grub inline.
  11. Well the sound mod adaptor came yesterday. The idiots have put the two grub screws opposite each other meaning that the advertised 13mm adapter that ain't and is in fact 13.27mm wobbles. So now I have bought some 6ba grub screws so I can engineer the near useless junk! Barrel muzzle shortened and crowned but still yet to test. I only want this rifle for garden duty as the little chinese thing is a bit weak
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