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  1. The only thing with mine and its screen, I can't read the time. It's to small and not enough detail. I have to remove the card and use an OTG card reader for my phone.
  2. They don't make nothing last any more mate. Get a hawke vantage for 22. They are good for the money.
  3. Same as Ben wrote. When I bought my cheapie most folk said it won't last long. Still going 3years later. Can't comment on your intended Deker. If you go ahead, be sure to give us your opinion.
  4. Predator calling this afternoon with a muzzleloader. No fox but three fallow passed by me less than 50yds away whilst on one stand which was good.
  5. Hmmm. A few. I've been a little sad lately. I have lost quite a bit of ground this last year..it feels like my world is shrinking! I was next to a piece of land I covered for 19 years. New owners and new keepers wanted me off. Same story on another estate nearby. Last night where I was it use to be bursting with rabbits. Three I saw! Very sad if you ask me.
  6. Them northen lasses, why they even go beating in mini skirts!
  7. Got up early and ventured out to a beech tree I call from periodically. It's a good mile from my door. Within five minutes of calling a good specimen of a dog fox appears down wind 35yds away!! That was a gift. The cz 455 is a swift rifle and I can't believe I haven't had to touch the trigger on this one!
  8. I don't want the length of pull to change Dave
  9. It's alright Stav, just got to push the scope forward a little.
  10. I've just been out and whilst watching two fallow a little vixen pops up! Gave a squeak and in it came.
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