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  1. Honest mate. .015" is tiny, 1/4 of a mm! I've seen lads get it slightly long/ wrong and end up with a ruined night or stalking weekend because they rammed a bullet in the throat and had no cleaning rod to dislodge it with!
  2. There loads of examples of rifles with loads of free bore still shooting tight groups. It's not opinion but fact. I don't have my reloading notes anymore but there was all sorts of experiments some of which had varying c.o.a.l and it often had little effect on accuracy. Just seat the bullet to where your rifle magazine dictates and develop from there with powder and primers. It is a common back peddle for first time reloaders to overlook the magazine limitations. That's why true bench rest rifles don't have magazines! Bench rest competitions....now there is a striving after the wind! Trying to get a series of shots down the same hole to make a calibre group! Then what? So they do it once or twice, then what?
  3. First off. A bullet touching the lands is not dangerous, just not practical, especially if the bullet gets stuck and remains in the throat during unloading the rifle. Actually a deep seated bullet increases pressure by limiting case volume and then hitting the lands. Second. The most accuracy is NOT found at the distance from the lands the EXPERT said at all. There are hundreds of factors that determines the best accuracy. Don't worry about it. Your magazine is a generic unit that covers all the short action cartridges. It possibly may have an insert piece that may be altered to allow a longer c.o.a.l.
  4. One of the parameters for a military rifle or sidearm or what ever is it's ability to keep its integrity when say for example the barrel gets stuffed with mud. It's going to take some action and barrel to take the abuse the Sig cartridge will offer it in a blockage situation!
  5. They were made in Australia but ohlin closed up shop in Australia several years ago now. Can't remember the details.
  6. That's no good mate. I've got a 4x32 BSA scope doing nothing if you want it
  7. No sir, the old lambrettas and vespers were 2stroke.
  8. It's good right up to the point you are stuck behind them in a car and the poorly maintained 2stroke fumes act like tear gas on you!
  9. They are the good old ones. I dug a bullet out of the turf after taking a squirrel. It was expanded to around .35".
  10. Technology, it's great, right up to the point it screws up
  11. I'll look out for them to try
  12. I tried some Eley sub sonic extra today and they are superb. Are they still available?
  13. They can still snatch a decent airgun from you!
  14. Stav. Did you have any frost up there yesterday. I found a little patch yesterday down here.
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