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  1. Sausagedog

    Which Calibre

    Your not kidding mate, look how big this one is. This fallow doe came of the neighboring estate in a bad way, shot in a back leg. Fortunately the wmr ended its misery with one shot. If I had a hmr I would of had to walk away. Sorry Gav, I mis quoted you.....should of been the bigger mice quote
  2. Sausagedog

    Which Calibre

    Deker, I would never even attempt to change your opinion.
  3. Sausagedog

    Which Calibre

    My wmr does crows ok mate. And rabbit.
  4. Sausagedog

    Which Calibre

    Need more info Wilf. Do you want to eat any of your victims? What kind of country? What ranges do you expect to be shooting at? I somewhat shocked by my colleagues!N Notone of them suggested a 22 wmr! If you do go with a hmr get a swift like rifle, one that shoulders like a shotgun, those mice are twitchy little feller's!
  5. Sausagedog

    It’s that time of year again

    I've heard of quick lime being used too.
  6. John knibbs.....maybe. http://www.airgunspares.com/store/
  7. Sausagedog

    Night vision??

    What's wrong with fox curry?
  8. Sausagedog

    12g hushpower.

    And then it all went wrong! It started mis firing yesterday. It went from 100% on Friday to zero yesterday! It would fire a cartridge on the second strike of the pin. All investigations point to the hammer spring going weak. There is no issue with the pin that is apart from it operating at an angle to the cartridge and not in the center of the primer, that in itself will make it very susceptible to any weakness in the hammer strike. Even the the sound of it is weak! If I preload the original spring it returns to about 75% reliability so I have orderd some spring of the same dimensions but much longer so I can cut at least 10mm longer to try. It is a feeble spring, just 1mm x 5mm x 50mm in length. My Mrs knicker elastic is stronger! The only worry is I had to order it from China!! Knowing my luck it will have a hi content of rubber in the steel!! Oh well.......
  9. Sausagedog

    12g hushpower.

    Not just my prey, the wife, the kids and the neighbours.
  10. Sausagedog


    Can't watch films me, they wind me up. They usually are too violent. Pornographic. Stupid. Include homosexuals. Would rather watch kids films and they have enough of a hidden agenda!
  11. Sausagedog

    12g hushpower.

    Needed some gloves on really, the birds were sometimes seeing my hands moving and were being scared before I could proper scare them!
  12. Sausagedog

    12g hushpower.

    There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! Atb Dave.
  13. Sausagedog

    12g hushpower.

    Well yes but I can keep scaring them as it don't over scare them
  14. Sausagedog

    12g hushpower.

    I had a chance of getting an old but very tidy hushpower today on a Pedretti action. The dealer even let me try it around the back as I am very particular about fit and point of impact. It was spot on. Lousy weather wasn't going to stop me scaring some pigeons so I dug out the old full length cattleman and set to. Slightly louder than the 410 but still in no way intrusive I pulled some decent shots off. Built between 87&90 with very little rust and a few dings in the wood. It's a folder unfortunately but it's also a bargain that I got it for. While there I picked an old box of Eley alphamax 1&1/4oz AAA just because and I spied some victory minimag #3 40g. And some Eley maximum BB. Anyone remember them? A quick snap. It's been gozzing it down all day here!
  15. Sausagedog

    Night vision??

    Getting things to pee on me ( usually from a great height) is quite easy, it's like some kind of gift I have. In fact, there is often a queue of candidates.