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  1. Grand photos mate. I don't have any old stills anymore. It's probably a good thing. I was so handsome I would hate to be the object of comparison!
  2. That sums up what I've said all along. I discreetly went out today to check some drilling. Met no one. Saw no one. Only drove less than one mile. Dog and I had exercise.
  3. The seal...only one is not vital to be honest. It helps with the lighter loads though. The primary function of the gas system is only to unlock the bolt at a point when pressure has dropped to a safe level for the action to open up under force from the reduced residual pressure acting on the cartridge hull that by now has also stopped gripping the chamber wall as when under peak pressure....gasp...so as yours only cycles 36g and most 36g are 70mm cases it could well be the same issue I had! With a long action to cater for all cartridge lengths sometimes the shorter cartridges get flicked up to acute and at the wrong time. Timing is everything. The timing between the cartridge lifter and the bolts forward travel is crucial. With mine the cartridge lifter was flicking the front of the shorter cartridges up to forcibly and early. This coinciding with the bolt returning the cartridge would get rammed into the top of the chamber at just the right angle to halt feeding. The answer was simple. Remove the trigger unit. Place the forward end of the lifter on some 1" tube a Nd gentle tap the lifter to spread folded lips. ONLY A FRACTION IS REQUIRED. BARELY NOTICEABLE! The hattistani shell lifter tends to lift to keenly at the front of the cartridge. This just alters the timing slightly and I had no more issues.
  4. Nonsense mate...I fixed my Hatti. It was real easy to do. When your bored I will tell how to do it.
  5. My Mrs can't get anything too. Makes me laugh when they say Great Britain. What's great about it? Crippled NHS, pot holes everywhere, violent crime everywhere, drugs and you can't hunt with archery gear or a muzzloader other than smoothbores. What's great about it?
  6. I miss my 357. I bought bulk bullets and loaded them on a few grains of shotgun powder. Nice fun ammo and good for rabbits and squirrels.
  7. One of my faves is the Browning b80. The steel receiver ones are heavy but nice to shoot. The alloy ones are fine. They are Berretta actions underneath but are more sleeker.
  8. Why not buy a second hand auto. Loads of them about.
  9. Considering Putin all of a sudden wants the big five to sit down together to discuss world peace and security there is definitely a new world order coming. Only thing is it ain't gonna be true peace and security!
  10. How do you stand them up like that? Must take ages and if one falls over do the rest? Then do you scream and start over again.
  11. They always seem to disappear around these parts. Some learn to stay in very quickly.
  12. Ben. I would shoot it first to see where it shoots compared to where your looking and then if you need to make some shims. That's what I did with other non adjustable autos and pumps. If it has cast and it seems by a quick read it has some a simple shim to change comb height should be achievable.
  13. Always loved Winchester anything. Had a 1300 pump and it was grand. Dunno about the stock adjusting on the later autos but the old ones were not! Short of doing it yourself that is.
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