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  1. Piss off dickhead I don't owe you an explanation for anything.
  2. 4for4 shots....a new dawn, well, evening really.
  3. You still going on about that you boring twat? Your like a stuck record blah blah blah. I've got the t-shirts on all the stuff your doing now 30 frigging years ago you fool. Change the record you boring git. Just how does someone end up like you, fitting sights on your nose so you can look down on every poor b*****d that happens your way? Only kidding, I think your the best and I can only dream that one day I'm as good as you.
  4. Ahhr, that's really kind of you, your worrying. I've noted it and I'm going to file it away somewhere for reference. My arse!
  5. Shite it maybe but thems still dead all the same. Nothing to worry about this end pal. just between you and me, would we ever hear of you cocking it up? I mean, I just don't believe you've never had something go wrong, which I'm ok with, it's just, well I'm wondering if there is just a smidging of pot calling the kettle black etc.
  6. Cool, I certainly don't want to switch from lead, nothing wrong with it.
  7. I won't repeat what I initially thought when I read that....?
  8. Are you having to use copper bullets now then, assuming you sell them to dealers?
  9. It's probably just graphite added to the powder mate. Used to control the powder burn speed and lubricate the barrel, amongst other ingredients.
  10. I understand some top end scopes have infrared filters which impares NV performance.
  11. 4-16x 50 ir side focus 17hmr reticle 30mm
  12. Fed up with tec today. Got the cz 455 set up for the NV add on and got it zeroed so that is ready for any night duties. Went and relocated the trail cam and bait on the small holding after taking the bloody Wulf that incidentally kept freezing all morning, to the post office. Grabbed a shotgun and buggered off out the way feeling miserable. I walked to a thin slang near to where I had the fallow buck last weekend, by the way it's delicious. Actually when I got to where I shot it the other deer have worn a path to it across the stubble field! Anyway, I'm sneaking along look
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