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  1. Sausagedog

    Homemade crow decoys

    What! You mean I can't shoot them any more? Chuffin Eck....
  2. Sausagedog

    Back stop

    The only problem I can see from using sand is if an emu has stuck its head in it and you don't realise! Better still, a politician sticks his head in the sand like they often do!
  3. Sausagedog

    Back stop

    Tiddlywinks! Arnt they sect5 prohibited weapons now due to kids using them?
  4. Sausagedog

    Back stop

    I thought if you leave with no deal we don't need a back stop! Oooooh I am confused, what with Brexit and kwis I don't know my arse from me elbow......
  5. Sausagedog

    Wary fox.

    Nicely played. It's the clever ones that keep me going. They earn a lot of respect from me.
  6. Sausagedog

    Homemade crow decoys

    Careful! Looks like a raven to me! You might need a heavier cartridge!! Oops, err no, scratch that.....
  7. Sausagedog

    Marlin 990

    Don't know, always do my own trigger work. It is accurate yes. I have been shooting off hand beyond 100 yds at rabbit head sized targets but my eyes are struggling at that.
  8. Well done stav. What is the 100th problem? Not you I hope! Can't see it being that but am surprised you let the feller have 7 bullets or more! Only kidding, your a good man. Good looking country there, probably give me a heart attack poking about up there now. Nice.
  9. Sausagedog

    Marlin 990

    Typical American. Heavy. I have improved it via stoning the sear but kept all the standard springing. The unit is easier to do than a 1022.
  10. Sausagedog

    Five minutes work

    They are on the move again. Had four around home since Thursday and shot five this weekend.
  11. Sausagedog

    Pays to be patient Finally got him!

    Nicely played, lamp shy fox's are a pain. They cock up eventually mind if you can hang around enough.
  12. Sausagedog

    Back stop

    Did you get the mouse though?
  13. Sausagedog

    What's that noise...

    That's easy. Go to an area smothered in crow and magpie and take notes on the presence of other birds. A pen and one sheet of paper should cover it. Now go to an area where crows and magpies are shot and trapped and record the presence of other species. Only, this time take two pens and a note pad!
  14. Sausagedog

    Marlin 990

    I conducted a test yesterday. I used the slightest of light oil in the mechanism. Within 50 RDS I was getting malfunctions! The combustion gases turned the oil to a sticky sludge. Sludge removed and normal service was restored. I hazard a guess most issues with auto loading 22's stems from oiled actions!
  15. Sausagedog

    Remember these wise words!

    I stole it too.