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  1. Sausagedog

    The trap was set

    May have a card and I'm going to raid the grand daughters toys for cells.
  2. Sausagedog

    The trap was set

    Comfort eating now.
  3. Sausagedog

    The trap was set

    I didn't know you have emu's up there!
  4. Sausagedog

    The trap was set

    Purchased.....I feel light headed.....
  5. Sausagedog

    The trap was set

    Which one is it stav, I need to get one of these!
  6. Sausagedog

    Foxes calling

    Hey, me too. I live in the worst part of the country. Deer and hogs all around me but not on me! Deer are close and moving in. Should be common by the time I am
  7. Sausagedog

    Foxes calling

    I'm gonna catch two and bring them up to your place.
  8. Sausagedog

    Foxes calling

    I have noticed this, some start early around here. I think some vixens have two litters a year!
  9. 1"@100 is pretty much standard fare for a 22mag. That rifle has a trigger akin to a match rifle if mine was anything to go off.
  10. Had a great evening sneaking up on rabbits with my .63" flintlock. I got two rabbits for four shots. I used 80grn of Krank's black and about 32g of #6&#5 mixed shot. I tuned the lock years ago and it still surprises me how quick it is! On the way back I let the hound loose as night loomed. She half heartedly chased one of those large rabbit things which i don't think is a bad thing as it keeps them alert and you never know when (and they do here) poachers might turn up! As I watched the huge moon rise the micro lurcher runs into a few oaks and comes out coursing a rabbit! This is rare for her but she was all over it right in front of me. She whined in frustration as it kept turning but I could see she was getting closer with every turn! On the last turn the rabbit bolted in a straight line and from nowhere this little lazy mard arsed dog put a spurt on for once and over run the rabbit! Sometimes I wonder why I bother with her and then she does something.....although rare....that makes me grin! Little cow..... SD.
  11. Sausagedog

    Quick zero check.

    Powders haven't really advanced, marketing has though!
  12. Sausagedog

    Quick zero check.

    Dude it's a rimfire and currently I don't think anyone is offering primed brass. Winchester did offer primed brass decades ago! Some do to this day pull bullets and add there own powder charge and reseat the bullet but the gains are minimal being limited by the rims low pressure thresh hold etc.
  13. Sausagedog

    Cloudy, windless night

    Nice shot. I went out too. Just saw my ghost fox. She hung around for a bit this time and then tucked into a hedge for a while and then disappeared. Getting closer!
  14. Sausagedog

    Quick zero check.

    What was it gav, the booze or your dodgy curry
  15. Sausagedog

    Zero check morning.

    Cheeky whipper snapper. It was a dodgy connection to Morrisons WiFi from outside thank you very much!