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  1. Open yer windows you smelly old badger
  2. I only have a few foxs about at the moment and now they have stopped barking finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Had a good run this season. Three vixens and four dogs. December and January. That's good on my little patch.
  3. I wonder now what temp sea water does freeze?
  4. That all right. I've done that too and most probably will again.
  5. I'm back on stainless tig pipe work. Its took me a month to get back up to speed. Not show style. But good purge and penetration all the same.
  6. That's a bit hot really. Normal position. Cleaning the mill scale off makes a huge difference.
  7. I've lost count of the jobs I've had to put up with that mate. It's amazing how many fairies are in the trade!
  8. To hot mate. Got to back it off power and wire.
  9. There really is nothing to it
  10. Depends....if it's a light construction under little stress go down vertical. If its thick steel and strength is needed go up. Run a quick root then go from side to side weaving your way up. There is a knack to it and getting the set set right if you want it tidy. In fact even when doing vertical down you can set it so you come down but in a stop start motion which is stronger than coming down at a constant rate. The danger with vert down on thick steel is cold lapping or no penettratration.
  11. Well I managed a quick stroll after work. So where did everyone go....pigeon watch?
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