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  1. The visitors are coming back and every day the numbers increase, by weekend the roads will be blocked again , Whats it like in other places ?
  2. micky


    Two more on Ventilators ! as I said she is not one to panic or give shit advice she just said it how it is .
  3. micky


    Just had a call from our eldest Daughter who is a Nurse in Leicester she is not the sort to panic and she is often at the sharp end when things go down she said for people our age with health problems this Virus is LETHAL and it has just killed a Consultant aged 50 who was in very good health
  4. It shows me how much people have changed since the War, my Mother and Grandparents were happy to Queue for a few Scraps and I am sure they would never have been selfish enough to deprive others back in the 50s people behaved with more Pride and Dignity it sounds silly now days but if the Queen had said "stay in " then stay in they would .
  5. I like Cats but in 1964 I went on Cat shoot on a disused Air base a few miles from Brig at the side of the Humber, there was a piece in the local Paper and a picture of the Master of the Brocklesby Hunt who supervised it along with a Copper from Scunthorpe, , the Cats were in Acres of Brambles that covered all the Wartime Nissan huts , it was a great day out but those sort of days are long gone .
  6. micky


    I live in the Dales between two famous beauty spots which have been locked down today there are thousands of visitors and the Police can do nothing about it . It has been made worse by the Carparks being locked up so the Cars are blocking all the roads .
  7. If that was your first time you ain't felt nothing yet wait till you have it in the Elbow or after a having it in the Wrist a few times you get the Joint infected underneath the Gout ,Cider Vinegar or any type of Vinegar or Red Wine are all to be avoided along with all Seafood and Offal and stay clear of Orange Juice , Colchisin or Steroids are the only Drugs that have cleared mine up but they wont give it to you until it really hurts and that's a lot worse than the little Girl's Fanny itch that you are having now . ENJOY.
  8. micky


    I would say around 15 cuts the size My Sister is doing in the picture not a patch on a Petrol cutter but I have two Batteries and I seem to cut loads at a time .
  9. micky


    I have a Green works cordless 16 inch 40 Volt, safe , quiet , I burn wood 24/7 I would not back to Petrol .
  10. micky


    There's a Lavy Roll factory at Melton it makes Millions every week .
  11. micky


    I have just been asked if I wanted two Weeks in bed for £3500 because with my age and Asthma I ticked the right boxes , I asked my Daughter who is a Nurse "what did she think " she said "do not go near it " That's enough for me .
  12. England changed at that time with the Potato shortage because people started eating more Pasta , Rice ect.
  13. I think it may have been 1974 when there was a real shortage ! there was a real panic then and people were going over to France and bring vanloads back and they made a few bob out of it , it was the same with Candles and Spuds .
  14. They look Belters Mate i saw some that you made for Katchums lad , real quality .
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