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  1. micky


    If you look it is on a trap not a snare, I clip these to a fence sometimes if I cannot get a fixing I hook a peg on .
  2. micky


    Slag is impurities in Coal and sorry to be a Prick but SNICKET and GINNELS are ALLEYS
  3. micky


    I built a Dross Pit when I was a kid it was at a Metal Casting Forge, Dross is all the impurities that come to the surface when you are producing cast iron or any other Metal
  4. These are off an old Memory Stick that has turned up , I remember both days well not for the bag but just being out
  5. micky


    The Yanks are getting ready to sort out Iran , Oil prices are already rising , this will not end well.
  6. micky

    Time flies

    I have loads of kids and Grandkids and every time another comes along all I think is "another FXXXXXG CARD "
  7. micky


    T he Dog picked up a toad last night and put it down very quickly , she was uncomfortable for an hour and drank a lot of Water, not a clue why she done it as she usually places a Paw on Frogs and Toads and just sniffs must have been a shock to the system .
  8. micky

    TOPE ?

    I found these pictures from a few years ago they were taken at Snettersham on the East Coast [the Wash ] , there was a good Dozen on the High Water mark and I often wondered what brought them there, I think they are called Tope and over the years I have seen many caught there in nets that the Old boys put out at low Tide, there used to be masses of Cockles there but now they seem to have gone sad realy because as a family we used to gather Buckets of them every day we were there .
  9. micky

    Beavers now protected in Scotland

    You have to be very careful when you play with that Horn thing in public young Donald as it will get you into serious trouble ! though civilization has not reached these Northern parts I can assure you that in the South and Midlands it is a crime to be seen outside with a touch of the IRISH TOOTHACHE especially in a KILT .
  10. micky

    Beavers now protected in Scotland

    I like to see any animal when we were in France I liked to watch the Coypu [Ranglin I think ] but I could never eat one like those dirty b*****ds do.
  11. micky

    Old boxing matches

    Not the best of Fighters or fights but in the early 60s WALKER V PRESCOTT pulled the crowds in , always good bouts and the gave 100% , when this pair were on telly the Pubs emptied and the roads went quite .
  12. micky

    A days ferreting

    I would want £350 to spend a day with that Four-eyed Boring b*****d
  13. micky

    Beavers now protected in Scotland

    Nice to see them about , I hope they thrive .
  14. micky


    Done around and twenty to go , I am fed up doing them now so I will give it a rest for a few weeks , if I had to make these for a living I would starve how Wooga can make these for £3 a pop I will never know cuz I would need that to cover Plasters .
  15. micky

    Normandy Landings 75 years ago today.

    My Sisters Dad was killed on D day , that is Her on the left hand side me and Mam are on the right , the picture was taken in the early 50s on board the Golden Galleon at Great Yarmouth, Mam never once mentioned him and it was not until she died that her sister let something slip when she said that Janices hair was the same has her Dads .