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  1. Your right Don but at home we were surrounded by Rabbits but i never had the heart to shoot one .
  2. Where my home is i would see at least one Fox every single day ! in the two years that i have lived in the Dales i have not seen one also in Leicestershire i would expect to lose one third of what i catch to Foxes and Buzzard damage but this is the price you have to pay to be able to catch Rabbits in a Hunting County but other than that i can do what i please on great deal of land
  3. I set four snares yesterday hoping to trick a couple and though there was thick fog this morning i had a bit of luck as i climbed the hill the fog had cleared and the Grass was dry and the Rabbits were out in large numbers and though it was nice to see them it would be very hard work dragging a dozen down . When we arrived there at first light we parked at the side of a small wood and Rabbits were every where and when i returned my Mrs told me they were strait back out and could have easily popped a bagful like we used too do as kids .
  4. I don't think bagging a large bag olf Rabbits this time of the year is a good idea , for one they go off very quickly or become Fly blown , there is no market for them + you are killing Milky and pregnant Does + youngsters and to top it all it can be hard work . In my time i have had some very good bags [for the Midlands ] but the real memories are the days when i had two with one shot , 13 out of a stop end , 3 balled up together in a long net , i have had lot of little things like that as will any one else who has put 70 odd years into the game and i would not swap any of them for 241 Summer Rabbits
  5. When i worked in Germany there was stall in the market that sold lots of Fungi the main type were Morrels a large bag cost one Mark [ 25 p ] at the time , i have never seen them for sale over here and i have only seen them growing once ! are they very common or would they have been cultivated ?
  6. Its not an ideal spot between two main roads and a Church , not my sport anyway .
  7. Picture i have just taken of the same spot as April, the plants are no longer succulent they seem Fibrous and rough to the touch , i think they will be here for a while though
  8. Cheers Don but they will not allow the walls to be Touched they have their door knocked every day by people wanting to go Rabbiting they let a chap on and he has made a mess there . I shall have them in time and they start leaving footprints
  9. there is a main road either side and it is always lit up
  10. My dog will not mark ! it will find anything anywhere but she was trained as a Gun dog , i don't think i could take to many stones from these walls before i was f****d off Gentleman farmers being what they are .
  11. If you have a good Barrow you can have these Fuckels
  12. The Field is L shaped with a total length of 600 yards by 45 width with three sides walled , there are major well lit roads either side , there are no holes to be seen as the Rabbits run straight into the walls , there are no runs visible as yet and i dont want to make any until i see a little traffic . ....... over to you lot ??????
  13. No, there are plenty here but they will be very hard to catch
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