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  1. They taught me to march in Borstal ! i could give him a few tips if you like but i wasn't much good at it .
  2. I think that your time will be taken up finding a few Rabbits .
  3. Duz your mate have a little pink Ribbon tied to his Willy ..... if not he ought too
  4. The box works perfectly with the Carrot Collar but is useless with the one that came with it . There was a mile of Wire fencing where we were Ferreting and the Ground felt odd sort of hollow ,i have had this before when ferreting where there was a heap of rotted manure or other types of rubbish when you just cannot get a fix.
  5. Up north for a couple of days and had a morning with Hunter Harwood,, where he took me was very hard going but we managed a dozen before i had to pack it in because i was Bolluxed , the Bank we were on was about a hundred feet high and covered in Rabbit holes and every step i took the ground collapsed beneath me and i had to pull myself up , though there were a lot of Rabbits and very large area to go at i had to cry off i was just to tired to carry on . The Ferret Locator i bought last year for £240 including collar was useless ! pretty Collar , Pretty Box CRAP .
  6. Its not in Leics, Notts , or Northamptonshire if that helps Tomo .... how long before it gets up the Dales ??
  7. When i was a kid there were no Supermarkets just a couple of big shops in the city center but if there had been they would have got two years Reform School, three years Borstal or best of the lot North Sea Camp and the Birch for acting like that , what i cannot understand is why no one was really bothered ? i know Knives are a problem but there is plenty of ammo in any supermarket and i know for a fact that a few of my Teenage mates would have loved a guilt free chance of putting a bottle into that four eyed Piccaninnies Face even at the age they are now .
  8. Looks to clever to have been born in Rutland ! it must have swam in from Leicester.
  9. Don't know what you mean mate ?
  10. He was the first white man to be signed by Berry Gordy
  11. I have bought one off of him and they are ok
  12. micky


    It was on the TV 40 minutes ago , it washis life story and the woman said "he had not been the same since his Daughter had died "
  13. micky


    Mike is dead
  14. Great film ! really good family viewing , i hope they make a sequel where the young lad gets his throat cut and that bird gets her kit off......10/10
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