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  1. I best forget it then ?? i will stick to hunting Mermaids ! they say the Canals around here are thick with them around here and they are upsetting dustbins , all the Barge dwellers at Foxton inclined plane are saying " its only a matter of time before they kill a Child "
  2. Has the Rabbit been killed by a Werewolf ?
  3. Build it , you cannot go wrong with bricks and mortar,
  4. I don't believe anyone who says they have seen a Spaceship, Big Cat , Ghost ,even Santa , only this morning i spoke to some Drunken old Dosser who swore blind he had seen a Rabbit in Leicestershire.
  5. Rabbits in Oz are from our stock so it stands to reason they will act the same as ours so they will get killed bellow ground as they do here and as for digging them out those old Abbo birds just grab a stick and dig a 3 foot hole and pull a Turnip or something and eat it . the real reason they don't dig is cuz them Ozzy blokes are Puffters and they have Puffter Ferrets?
  6. I Don't think it will bother many on here.
  7. Ain't a proper day without a few digs .......... some mornings you welcome them Well done on the bag.
  8. micky

    Jeff beck

    Used to call in back in the day , good pub but the smoking made the visits short .
  9. micky

    Jeff beck

    There was a Pub in Leicester nick named The Golden Staircase because it was always full of Homo's, when HI ho came out it was played non stop........ ii think it was a Bumming song they liked to hear when they were on the Vinegar Stroke much the same as when Tarzan made that massive Yell that scared all the animals ! that was their Fetching Squeal .
  10. The HO has requisitioned Highgate Hall at Creaton Northamptonshire to house 400 illegals years ago i used to ferret the place as it local to me , this place was very posh with a Cinema and indoor pool and plenty of stables, the village has one small shop and a pub and around 500 people living there,,,,,,,,, it will not end well .
  11. Someone has mentioned that his Mother died with a Muslin baby in her womb.
  12. Do not cross the DEADFALL..........................................Pet Cemetry
  13. Some men are born a lot more equal than others .
  14. Tried a cup of CAMP made with Sterilised milk about 1953 .... i can still taste it VILE .
  15. No , Dead as always ........ this one was though .
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