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  1. micky

    Ferret stuck 16ft down

    16 feet down is twice as high as a standard house ceiling and will require shoring up as you go down !you say that the digging is horrendous that implies to me that the ground is unstable making it much worse , if you have no expierrence in groundworks leave it well alone just block the holes well and if you have any traps bait them and push them well in and cover them up , the Ferret will eat its way out eventually and its just a matter of being there around the time that happens , other Ferrets will knock it off but I would wait till the Ferret moves again , over the years I have left many Ferrets over night and one for a Week once but I have only ever lost one for good though I was present last season when one was left and not recovered despite the efforts of a competent owner . Good Luck and Take care
  2. micky

    Best place for him

    You have not lived until you stand in side a phone booth holding your intestines in with one hand trying to dial 999 with the other.
  3. micky


    Pigs Head Sharp Knife Plenty of Heat Scrape the lot in a pot and Guts it down …… Food that made an Empire .
  4. micky


    Any one bother making it the old way ? back in the day Mam made loads , in those day the Pig Skin had a thicker layer of Fat on it when it had been rendered down she added the Jelly from Pigs Feet to sit at the bottom of the Dripping pot . Dripping on toast with a few Pork Scratchings on it ! Heaven .
  5. micky

    New podcast just gone live 🐆

    I am never an Arse ! I just reply to them
  6. micky

    New podcast just gone live 🐆

    Not sure , probably a Fox but who knows , had a few what cats have done they start on the back of the neck ……..very neat eaters bottom picture was a Fox ! I have fed hundreds .
  7. micky

    New podcast just gone live 🐆

    There is no free half the Rabbit was fair caught and the wire has gone around its rear leg [common] and the chewing was done by small teeth .. MAGPIE JUST STARTED
  8. micky

    New podcast just gone live 🐆

    What killed this one ?
  9. micky

    New podcast just gone live 🐆

    It looked to me that ,that Rabbit had been started on before the Buzzard had arrived because Fur or Feather the Buzzards like to pluck first
  10. micky

    New podcast just gone live 🐆

    I have had a lot of Rabbits taken by Buzzards and to me they seem to start at the rear end first
  11. micky

    Female orgasm

    Buy them a new car every three years and build them a new house every 5 ….. Job Done jo
  12. micky

    World vegetarian day 😭

    Back in the day nearly all the Chip shops in the UK Fried their Fish & Chips in Neats Foot oil .
  13. micky

    Pine martins in Forest of Dean

    When I was a kid I was told that a Stoat was good for the Rabbit population and a Weasel was welcome in the Hay Ricks ! would the Pine Martin be welcome in the Forests to maintain a population of whatever it predates on ?
  14. micky

    Pine martins in Forest of Dean

    Cheered up I would imagine ! it would be a pleasure to see a creature like in the countryside .
  15. micky


    I have lived a few miles outside Leicester all my life and when the load of Darkies kick of with that Doolally festival its like being on the Western Front .