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  1. I think that site has had its day as a Hunting site and its only the General talk that keeps it going , there are lots of FB sites that are much better with a lot more interaction , I would like to see the site go back to how it was in the early years but it never will the picture is a young Rabbit , where I was this morning there was loads of them running into the sets ….. nice to see em .
  2. I have some Imbra Traps that I have used on and off from the late 50s they were humane then as they are now I also used the Juby which came to me very much later in life and is also a very good killer probably the best there is , both these traps have been designed to KILL Rabbits and Design is everything either coming out or going in those Jaws strike the same spot every time Neck coming out behind the front Leg going in , The Fenn is not a very good trap and the people that use them are not much good either and in the past I have seen Fenns on these pages set the wrong way round , in the future I will use the Body Grip again but I expect I shall be putting some more Pre Ban pictures up of Imbra /Juby catches
  3. Out this Morning and picked up a couple of Rabbits in the Wires none in the Traps though but if I had caught one it would look like this .
  4. Surely I am not the only one who Violently Shits His self El dimmo and King will be along soon I BET THAT THEM LADS DO
  5. When the Keepers catch all you Keyboard Poachers on here how do you all react ? do you run !, Fight , or do as I suspect and Violently Sxxt yourselves ?????
  6. I was going to set some Rabbit Traps this Morning but most of the holes at the bottom of this Hill were full of Water so I only bothered with a couple further along there were lots more holes on drier ground but I wasn't up to climbing Fences a shame really as they were all small round holes that the old Ginn Trappers liked, I ended up setting a handful of Wires , they were 't in my first choice of place but due to the weather the runs had gone and I dare not place them on the fence as the good people of Skipton still Hang poor OAPs who are desperate for a meal .
  7. Around 85 did you ever lamp around Saltby along the Railway lines it was lousy with Rabbits then, those Rabbits came through the Fences but on the lamp the could not get back , Gunby was good as well !had some good lamping there back in the day
  8. There is a reason why there are no Rabbits on that land but it is not Clay the Midlands are covered in Clay and Disease free Rabbits will thrive on it however I think that Rabbits that live in the lighter drier Soils will have a greater chance of surviving Mixi than they would in Clay the reason for this is though diseases will weaken Animals including us Pneumonia is the Killer ( The Old Mans Friend ) and Rabbits living in Peaty or Sandy grounds will stand a better chance than the Cold Wet Clay This land was tested years ago with a view of putting a Reservoir there in 1967 in shown 60 feet of Clay going onto sand and was not acceptable since then I have dug thousands of Rabbits from there .
  9. Those Farmers are either Daft or think that you are ? ...CAN'T DIG THROUGH CLAY …MY ARSE
  10. he lad who lived next door to us was not the cleverest Poacher in the World but he was one of the Gamest , he would catch the Bus at Melton and travel to Grantham and then walk back by the fields Shooting anything he saw with a 22 Rifle I went with him a couple of times and it was good fun for two Fourteen year olds ,once when I was with him the stopped just outside Croxton Kerrial and there was a Cock Bird strutting under the Spring Water Pipe that was used to fill the Steam Engines , Geff opened the Window a let Clang, jumped off the Bus and retrieved his Bird , nobody said a word , that is how the World turned in those days Live and let live and if you got owt from the Man ……..Good luck to yer. Any of you Super Poachers ever pull stunts like that ?
  11. micky

    Harry & Meghan

    Turn away from the Money
  12. micky

    Tarmac lol

    The most important and expensive part of any drive is the Base ! that would be easy for you Don being used to heavy Machinery , Tarmac will not last long if old motors are parked on it , no problem with weeds if you roll a Fabric barrier down below the Sharp Sand Know where some nice stone has been left if you want to nip out and Chaw it one night.
  13. micky

    Tarmac lol

    Must it be Tarmac Block Paving is better and comes in at about the same price …… or did .
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