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  1. Good effort i hope to snare a few myself come October.
  2. He will still get a bit of a tickle when a blast of HOT PINEAPPLE CHUNK smacks him on the PROSTRATE.
  3. Their are a few places in that area where Black Rabbits show every year, they were introduced before the War to increase the Meat yield and improve the quality of the Fur, up the Road a few miles away on the Althorpe estate i caught a few White ones ! these had been introduced around 1900 to make the Lawns look nice and the strains are still in their Genes.
  4. micky


    Any of you Gardeners use it ?
  5. Your lucky ! in the early 50s i was with my Granddad driving his Motor Bike and Side Car through the Warren Hills in Leicestershire we drove over one after another both dead and alive , we went for Miles through Charnwood Forest and then back ! i have never forgotten the sensation of going over all those animals or the smell .
  6. There were plenty of blacks here but the only ones i tripped up were these tinkers, very good Mushroom fields though
  7. This was a very scary time in the 50s , my Mam was not the type to panic but she was terrified of this as it seemed to be every where in our small Village and there had been two cases and two lads were horridly crippled and the news was always about people having to spend the rest of their lives in an Iron Lung , my sister told me that she heard my Granddad say the he would sooner kill us than see us than see us in one of those . SCARY TIMES TO COME .
  8. micky

    Rail strikes

    As a kid we caught Trains everywhere it was Pennies now days i wonder who can afford it ? i understand that people in the know can get cheap fares by booking months in advance and certain times of the day but who wants to do all that for a day out?.
  9. I have kept Ferrets for many years and i have never had one that needed treatment from a Vet i might be lucky but my old Rabbiting partner was just the same ! if they are kept in a large Cage or better still a Shed in good clean Bedding fresh food and Water there is little that can go wrong with them . I have had them go down rapidly and die over night and trouble with Milk retention in Jills and even a couple killed underground but nothing else that common sense could not cure though i did have one go in a burrow and come out minus its tail , but in answer to the question i would not hesit
  10. Well some thing has to change ! there are enough people bleating about the Blackies coming over in Boats and blaming the MPs for it all when they should be out there standing there to be counted and blockading the life boat stations, that is what the French would be doing not sobbing all day on Forums .
  11. As i am led to believe by British News reports is that in France if people dont like what is happening they will try to stop it by any way possible for example blocking roads , burning lorry loads of sheep alive and all sorts of other mischief ,so just suppose all the good people of Kent and other interested parties went down on the Beach one calm sunny day link arms and as those boats try to land tell em to F>>K off ...... let em know that they aint wanted and it would not hurt if there was a few MPs there among them too.
  12. I have had it a few times and i believe it is a design fault its is easy enough to return to its proper shape with a trap setter but i cannot explain how . I have used several types of Bodygrips but that is the only one that has this problem and now only use the 116 which much better and free from this problem .
  13. I could never shoot a Jay coz i like em .... Lovely Bird .
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