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  1. micky

    Bit of Suffolk

    If you want to eat a good Pork Pie in Melton you will have to bring one with you.
  2. Cannot place the name but i have a face in mind , did he work for Startin Auctions and if he did what did he Auction ?
  3. Just type in MELTON MARKET GUIDE click on the date and every thing will come up , with game and rabbits you will get the high and low price the real price is some where in the middle , Quantity makes the price if there were just two couple of rabbits in they will sell for £8 a couple if there are a dozen couple the will make about £5.50 a couple
  4. In 73 i had been on the sick for a long time and received £33 a week , not being smokers or big drinkers we lived very well on that , in addition to that i was shooting a lot of pheasants which were sold to a dealer at the Market for £1 each , this was slightly above the market rate but my birds sold at a premium because they only had one hole in them , i used to shoot about 70/100 a week and around this time Petrol was 40 pence a gallon , Rabbit always sold well at Melton and when i sold them there in the 60s the rate was about 5 shillings each [25 pence] , that 5 shillings would buy three pints of Shipstones mild and a cheese Cob /bun / bap, during the War years and early 50s i knew men and of men who actually bought houses and in one case a Farm from the sale of rabbit meat and fur and i am sure this could be said for any other place in the country, can you imagine an ordinary working bloke doing that now days , game and Rabbits are now worthless i have seen Pheasants that cannot be sold at 5 pence each and on the same row Squirrels fetch a pound each or a wood pigeon make 75 pence .One thing that has stuck with me over the years was the RSPCA, they have always had a strong presence at Melton and they done a lot of good , back in 62/63 there were a couple of young girls collecting on the main gate what they done was simple they just closed the gate and if you did not pay you did not get in and they screwed a stone of corn out of all the tight arsed farmers to feed the wild birds . People were not the same back then for some reason .
  5. the picture is about three years old
  6. TO me this is really odd as i have never before in my life known a wild boar to be put up for sale ? is it common in other parts of the Country ?
  7. There were none in this week but they usually make £5 /£8
  8. Melton Market yesterday Fallow Deer 32 lb made £46 Wild Boar 61 lb made £61 there was not one Rabbit in , a few years ago there would have been hundreds .
  9. i like him , he makes my Mrs eff and blind a lot .
  10. This little fellah runs over our bedroom ceiling every night and it sounds like he's wearing Clogs , tried to sell the Mrs a lb of Blewitts and she chipped me on the price because of Rabbit damage to top everything up i have four false teeth on the upper front and i spewed them down the Kharzi on Friday night that will be about £400life is tough for us Pensioners .
  11. micky


    In the 50s it was really cheap but now days it goes straight to Japan , there are not many Fishmongers about now days so it can be hard to find but if you do it is worth a try. Ox tail is another food that was very cheap my Grand parents had it on the range day and night through the winter months and basin full of it was a good start to the day.
  12. micky


    You eat it with Cod Roe, but we do not call it Roe down here .
  13. micky


    Not even close Mate ,Sweet breads are in my Butchers every Friday of the year and cost £2 .50 a lb this food as a very short season .
  14. micky


    The season for this food starts in the middle of January and ends about March, when i was a kid i had to fetch it from Loughborough Market and it was a Shilling a lb { 5p } now days it is about £5.50 lb anyone else eat it ?
  15. Still plenty about even though the season should be over, in the picture it shows how their growth affects the grass, my old rabbiting mate always used to ell me not to look for Blue legs, look at the grass .