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  1. Some people say that one of the b*****ds caught two and its not even Summer yet.
  2. There is only two Blokes on here who catch any Rabbits
  3. A farming lad put me on to this place he had told me it was loaded and he was right when I got there around 8 yesterday the Mrs drove down a track and we must have seen a hundred , when we stopped I had to walk up a massive hill and even in the Rain and Gale they were still Bucking about but has we had come a fair way I thought I would stick it out and get a few wires down and has I set the first the Hail started and soaked me to the Bones so I had to give it best , when we returned this Morning the Rabbits were everywhere even sitting in groups of half dozens and when I got to the top of the Hill there was one in my snare , while I was out I took 37 pictures and every one was crap its not a cheap Camera but its nowhere as good as my old 40 ££££££er not to worry though they would not load up ?????
  4. Shin of Beef to-day then a Flask full Xmas day on the journey Home to see all the Brats who will have their Hands out as will Grandkids and Great Grandkids but they will get nowt off me .
  5. I used to sell a lot to Pub/Restaurants , Ring up and ask to speak to Chef (no one else) tell him/her that you have Wild Rabbits caught to-day at ( a local well Beauty spot eg Winsor Park ) as they like to put Sourced from on their Menu or specials board , if they want some it will usually be 12/20 , Give them all Doe Rabbits with no bruising , this can be done by soaking over Night in Salted Water with a dash of Vinegar this is handy for thawing out Frozen Rabbits you sling in to fill your order , make sure your Rabbits Flaps are Trimmed and the legs are severed below the Knee on the back legs . Deliver them on a decent Tray as appearance is everything . When you get to the Kitchen do not go in but tell one of the Slaves to place them in Salt Water to Rest , I would charge £4 each and if they want the Heads and Liver dressing that is another 50 Pence per item , To most people doing all this may seem a load of Bollux but the will come back again and again it takes moments and costs nothing .
  6. I thought I was replying to a thread about what it is like to live in an old property ! but you seem offended by my comment … could you tell why ???????
  7. This was our Bedroom the first job in the morning was to light the Fire.
  8. This is where I spent the first ten Years of my life no Gas, Electricity, Water from a well, I would not like to live like that now but then it was home , I have many memories of that place but for the life of me I cannot remember going to Bed .
  9. In yer dreams Arsewipe .
  10. That was about 40 years ago
  11. What are you on about you daft b*****d ?
  12. The Hares made £11 each because there was only two in the auction the MJ made a good price as they usually go for around £15 , Pheasants made £1 each again there was only 40 in , Rabbits made £5 a couple and there was just three couple there , Ducks (Mallard ) made around 70 pence each though they used to be a good seller but my Mrs bought 4 large Aylesburys from Morrissons at a fiver each . Until recently at this time of the year there would be hundreds of Rabbits and Pheasants , dozens of Hares Woodcock , Snipe thousands of Eggs and Baskets of Fruit and Vege but now its Dead, Market Tariffs have killed it
  13. M J 20LB £46 SIKA 30LB £54 HARES £11
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