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  1. Not sure if of its name but it belonged to an officer in the Black Watch who my uncle served under, another place we went was a couple of miles outside of Edinburgh where there were a lot of sandpits set among Fir Woods my Mate pinched two Rabbits in traps from this place and we got caught by a Gamekeeper who beat us Black and Blue with a stick , the police came and my uncle was sent for and lucky enough the Sargent was ex Black Watch and let us off after telling the b*****d that we would get plenty more when we got home . The lad i was with was Ian Black 67 Gilmerton Dykes Cresent Edi
  2. I think the problems began when they first allowed the Welsh to com on .
  3. All the upsets are caused by people who have only been on the site for around 10 years ! they can only comment on b*****d Blacks , b*****d Homo's , .Cooking and f***ing Football not one of the c**ts is a Rabbit catcher .
  4. micky


    i have had it for 40 years , that little twinge you have in your toe is nothing to what is coming , the Elbow is good but the real nice one is in the Wrist that dose is a beauty because after a few times the Joint gets infected and the real fun begins . The best treatment for me was Colcihicin it is very good but as it is a Poison the will not give it you to often , i take ALLUPRINOL to control it and also watch what i eat ...... Plenty of Greens and Fruit stay off the Booze and keep away from fried food .
  5. micky


    Looks like she got one wrong .............We are waiting on the V.A.R. From Sidney
  6. Anyone else a fan ? 3 weeks ago i started doing the one in the Sunday Times and though i got close each time i never pulled it off but this week i cracked it .
  7. If it could been done .....it would have been done Don't waste your time .
  8. Many years ago i would go to a place called Gilmerton Edinburgh to spend the New year with my Uncle Pat and his Family and while i was there i would often go shooting or out with the Ferrets once we went on a large estate owed his old Commanding officer to bolt Rabbits for the Gaffer and his two Sons. The day was cold and bright and the Rabbits were flying out from all the smaller Sandy sets which were chosen to ferret and after every time a Rabbit was shot they all seemed to have a swig of Whiskey , there were plenty of digs but they were shallow and easy for the Liner to find ,
  9. micky


    The simple truth is that this was once a hunting site with lots of good threads on those days have gone and will not come back when i came on in 2006 it was a brilliant place to visit as was Moochers but both have gone downhill , still nothing lasts forever .
  10. micky

    Bad backs

    As DC said you just have to get on with it though if you can somehow get a good attack of Gout then that will take your mind off of it .
  11. It looks a useful piece of kit but it's only worth a Tenner .
  12. I think that they would batter their selves to death if caught in a cage as i seen to boxes that were for transporting them were made with little space to move about in , snaring them is not really an option as those that i have caught go into shock very quickly, the tried and tested method is netting but i am told that you must move them on quickly or they die .
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