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  1. Have a Rat to catch in a local Fowl pen the Fee will be a Bottle of homemade Perry Cider and a big old Apple tree to cut up , i think i made a good deal there.
  2. A well thought out and built trap
  3. Bad farming practice to leave Sheep to be scavenged i think the better farmers bin them up for collection but this is very expensive.
  4. Got this chap out safely and some baby Pike ! i am supposed to kill the pike but no Pike ever called me a Nigger so i let them go .
  5. I found a trap that had been overlooked when i was first shown fresh water Mussels around ,and i think the fish must have grown, there what is left of the fish almost filled the trap another trap was full fresh water Mussels was dredged out
  6. Very good watch ! i remember sheds full of old tools back in the 50s and never had a clue what they were used for , how do the Mole catchers rate his Trap ???
  7. I have seen pictures of Four types but i would imagine there are a few more about . To ban these Traps and keep the Fenn 6 is really taking the Piss ! to me the only possible reason is that money as changed hands.
  9. The JAWS are different ? they appear bigger than normal possibly because Norfolk is a very sandy county ?????????
  10. A trap listed on EBAY as RARE Norfolk type JUBY may be worth a punt for you collectors ! i have a few but none of this type
  11. This is the last Rabbit i caught in a Sawyer ! it was in my neighbours back garden under a shed , i put a sequence of pictures showing how they worked then the Internet trap Police pounced . A stupid angle for the Pan.
  12. The first FLAT Sawyer trap i have ever seen in fact i never knew they existed , i thought the Sawyer was a very good , Light , Killing trap other than that Pan which was on the Twist ! i had a few once and enjoyed using them
  13. Only on the Coalville side ...those 6 fingered Miner's kids they were a delicacy.
  14. Back in the 60s i saw a small Whippet Bitch catch 12 Winter Rabbits on the bounce ! they were not in a beam or been or bolted by Ferrets they had been put up by a Spaniel from Hedge's and Woodlands at a place called Mount , St , Bernards Abbey near Whitwick , for Rabbiting in the Midlands i have never saw a dog that come close to it ..
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