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    Best terrier I ever had named Howdy is gone.I have debated for two weeks to post this. I have never posted on any forum on the internet.After much deliberation I think he deserves this.Gone at 13. Blind and selectively deaf since 9. He spent his latter years in hand picked spots. He ran loose the last 2 months of his life still trying to start trouble at every kennel.Howdy your gone but I will always strive to be as game as you.
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    I'm shit at this stuff but I'm good at remembering stuff. A quote of TC's from a few years ago that seemed relevant...
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    A half Wheeler dog I used to own. Dug him dead 10 years ago. Time does fly.
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    A few photos of some of the old terriers from those lines which I was fortunate enough to own from the 1970's - 1990's
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    That is a lovely picture of the Red Beddy,..he really does look beautiful. Personally,..we always used related dogs when breeding our lurchers, mostly because it was easier to use the Boy/girl next door than to travel all over the UK... I was once a village Boy and nobody I knew had a car...and to us, the Fens, the Moors and the Dales, were as remote as another country. So, we played safe,..rarely improved on our cur dogs and were blissfully happy in our ignorance. When I could get about, I used dogs from all over, bred loads,..won a few, and definitely lost a few... Breeding running dogs can often be a lottery... The main reason I never kept a specific type for 60 years, was due to the amazing variety of jobs and pursuits that were on offer. When I went rabbiting on a paid basis,... I needed a dog that could find'em, catch 'em and not act the c*nt,...in front of the customer... I settled on my own preferred type of rabbiter,..doubt I'll change now...
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    Tbh I didn't think twice.... I stopped nailing the mum, threw my mobile out of my pocket and jumped right in Jokes aside it really shook my head up. I was shaking for an hour or two afterwards. The daft mother was bashing on about how babies can breathe or hold their breath underwater ffs.. I kid you not, that child was under, she'd stepped off the sand shelf where it drops off really deep and the water is very murky. So even though she was only 6" under, you could barely see her bright blonde hair. No-one saw her except me, no noise nothing just one weird splash that caught my attention because it didnt sound like a fish jumping . Tell ya I held that kid like it was my own coming out of the water
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    Hi David It's quite possible as J R came over here to hunt with us and stayed at my place more than once. Unfortunately it's too far back now for me to remember with any accuracy. But If there were pups on the ground at that time, I'm sure either myself, or one of my friends would have gifted him one. We didn't sell dogs and my late father had always drummed into me "If you think the man's good enough then give him a pup and if you don't think he is then he should never have enough money to buy one !!!". Some might disagree with that and for perfectly valid reasons, but it's never done me any harm and hopefully a few people some good. And in return I've certainly seen more than my fair share of generosity. Kindest Regards - Barrie
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    Saw this wee clip on Youtube... Alan at the Midland 2016... Good on him, eh lads,...it takes some guts the walk out in that arena...
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    not a great photo this young dog with loads of lines back to Penny and punch 1&2 was 7 months old, when i was out on a walk , he took off on a line and i had to phone the keeper to bring me a spade, he had never even smelt a fox before, he was to much for this vixen
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    This isn't mine , its my mates, breed from a mix of our kennels over the years
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    I had a great display from our local Hobby's last week, seems it was a bit of a one off as nothing showed yesterday. Grab shot by Martin Billard, on Flickr an older one Hobby and it's reflection by Martin Billard, on Flickr
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    Double maggot and a stick float fishing for dace and roach... first... A nice little mullet.. then... A little bass! thats a first for me a bass on the maggot!! nice evening fish with my lad..
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    Bruce has been line bred 40 years of breeding in him another from the same line but had it 30years ago the blue one on the left of the collie type
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    Pause -1:01 Additional Visual Settings Enter Watch And ScrollClick to enlarge Unmute Next years hopefulls
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    when I think back...i wanted a real deal killing machine back then ..i had to get the bus from Cork city,to rosslare ,then the ferry to pembrooke...then a bus from there to newbury ,where i was picked up by another man involved with Thames Valley Lurcher Society ,the next day ,he then drove me to sutton coalfield ,where I went to visit Mr.Hancock and have a look over his pups for sale ,,i then got the train back to a pick up point where i was collected and brought to another new aquaintance ,,and slept over in his home ,,the next day all went to a show where i met Mr.Philip Lloyd ,and i then found the pup i wanted,and this pup was brought home by coach in a cardboard box all the way to cork city .lol All done without the aid of mobile phones ...a bit risky but when i was that age ..nothing phased me ...oh how times have changed
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    This lads 14 inch n about 25lbs bread him from 2 I had of Brian turned out a decent worker proberly the best I’ve had so far had a litter out of him to his half sister to who is simlar size and kept the bitches they seem to have come a decent size aswell still only young yet 7-8 months but are getting ther in his litter ther was 5 males 2 a perfect size 2 abit smaller than whuld of liked but not to small and a cull what wasent the size we was looking for one of the brothers died after working contracted some desise and faded and 3 still working well to date
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    Young dog coming on well made a fair lump of a dog
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    Wish I were catching fish like this at 2 and 5! Keeps em outdoors and away from the idiot box.
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    This may be of interest to one of you lot. Someone I know has 2 tickets in a corporate box for the England v Belgium game Thur 28th June. He paid £500 each including flights but he didn't realise when he bought them months ago that it was going to be the same day as his wedding! If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place. It's at Skipton Registry Office, at 4pm. The bride's name is Nicola -- she's 5'4", about 8 stone, quite pretty, has her own income and is a really good cook.
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    I really cant see how many times this subject needs discussing on here.If someone is selling a pup and you're happy to pay the price then buy it.If you're not happy to pay the price dont pay it and wait till you can get a freebie.No need to come on here whinging and whining about it.
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    My Sealyham x Russell caught his first rabbit today bushing, he’s 8 months and hunting well,he’s been retrieving shot rabbits & birds but this is his first catch,he caught it tucked up in long grass,I was impressed how he winded it as it was well tucked away.