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    Just got him out, just over 8 hours...... home bath, pjs on then bed.....
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    Out this morning with White Van man and his 9 month old pup..her first time with the ferrets, just bolted a few out of small banks and open ditches ... Cracking morning, sun was up and the dogs and ferrets got a blast, ended up with 3 rabbits, but bolted around a dozen...lots of short runs to hedges, but the youngster got her mouth on one and was great around the ferrets..she switched on.more and more... looking forward to seeing her progress...
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    My youngest lad with head keeper looking over all the land .we have never walked the full spot in a weekend .
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    Few of the home bred youngster. Hunter 9 months old. Never measured him but around the 26" mark. Great attitude and a pleasure to rear.
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    I’ve never understood the persecution and hatred of Jews ... to me they seem peaceful, respectful and want to live a quiet life. To my knowledge they don’t try and push their religion on anybody they don’t demand special privileges because of their faith they haven't carried out terrorist attacks in the name of Christ .... am I missing something here ?????
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    My lad loves the spot .cant wait to go back .hes also going up the through summer for a week ,fishing etc.
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    Went back up the dale yesterday goldfinch couldn't make it so had couple of hours with the pup I bred this year and her mother a couple of stinkers Long nets and shot gun did a bit ferreting first then had a walk up on the tops pup followed her mam for the first 10mins or so then started to work for herself not a big bag but got the dogs out for a few hours
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    9 of these fellas today biggest 10lb and still out
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    From what I’ve seen in the past, a dog that bays at nothing, either has been over encouraged into empty holes or is shit scared of it’s own shadow.
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    My Dad served in Burma and was in the Royal engineers. On odd occasions we spoke about his time out there and what had seen done and witnessed. He was involved with getting the supplies and ammunition from the docks in Rangoon up the Irawadi and chindwin rivers through the jungle right up to near the Chinese boarder. Considering that occasionally he got to places of relative civilisation it was a terrible situation. They had no food or medicines. Everything rotted out very quickly and they were in rags of what was left of their uniforms. One night they were tied up alongside the bank when a Jap boat came down the river and machine gunned them. He along with others were asleep in tents and had two legs shot off of his camp bed. The RAF dropped a pallet of food into the river for them but it was tins of Sardines or similar and it must have been left out in the sun because the tins had all blown up like footballs. the fish was all rotten and they couldn't eat it. The locals thought that it was fantastic and traded chickens and other? meat for it. They also ate snake, iguana and some sort of monkey along with a bit of jungle fruit but the fruit gave them more rots than they already had. He went down like a Belsen prisoner, got sores because they couldn't wash in hot water / no soap, got malaria and all of his hair fell out !! There was a big battle and the corpses were thrown into the river. At a bend in the river the black bloated bodies log jammed the river and he said that you could walk across the river on the bodies. To proceed up the river they rigged the body dam with explosives and blew them up. This resulted in bits of the rotten bodies rained down like rancid meat steaks. Stray japs who had been lost and abandoned in the jungle emerged a mass of maggot ridden puss filled sores. Our lads didn't even have medicines for themselves let alone enemy soldiers. They ended up in the 18 knot current of the river. one time it got a bit serious and close. The Japs made a push and got real close but our troops countered and beat them back. Our casualties were loaded onto the barges and brought back down the river system to Rangoon. Dad came back from Burma in about 46/7 to sod all. The war was all over and the country was on its knees and broke. There was no social help or sympathy. Post traumatic stress disorder ? what's that. Still Grandad helped him by taking him out shooting and got him a little dog. Eventually he stumbled on and worked on marine stuff out on the Rhine in Germany. His marriage stumbled on but was never the same. a return fit for heroes ? Ps. One year Out of the small sugar ration Mum made him a Dundee cake and sent it off wrapped up in a brown paper parcel for Christmas. He did get the cake, somewhere up the jungle about April along with the bar of wrights coal tar soap in the parcel so he could have a wash in the river. The problem was that due to the heat the cake was tainted with the coal tar soap. Dad shared it with his mates and they all thought that was marvellous. She had never been more than twenty miles from the village once or twice so had no idea of how far it was away or the conditions that he had to suffer.
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    The bitch pup yesterday
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    With a side of hair.......nice..
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    Just had to pop out what with there being no moon and warm wind. I mooched around listening for any barking. Eventually I heard a quiet shallow bark not to far away so I moved towards it. The blooming thing came my way too but into a thick hedge the opposite side! It smells like a regular spot too. I heard it leg it the other side. I did get a glint in the distance and that was that so I decided to drive to a neighboring farm with ewes about to lamb. I walked around listening. Nothing. I was just getting back to the car when I ejected the subbie from the auto and would you believe it a bark, a very subtle bark, just like earlier in fact! I reload and make my way to a gate hole and give some good squeals on my reed type caller. With in five minutes and out off what appeared nowhere there she was less than 50yds away. She was a bit twitchy but a wee squeak just held her still for me to trip that trigger. SD.
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    Bought myself a pard 008 lrf and stuck it on mk1.a quick hour down farm and I have to admit the picture quality is outstanding. Very easy to use (says the dinasour) only fired one magazine but I can see the pard stopping on this rifle for quite some time lads
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    2 days with keeper me and my lad .first spot of day produced a good fox that was shot within 2 seconds of bolting. Tried 3 or 4 more spots to no luck .last spot on one side of estate produced another very small vixen .again cleanly shot. Unfortunately our weekend was cut short due to the miat coming in like pead soup.!!! Hopefully back up end of February.
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    I spent christmas morning sitting in -6 degrees (was very mild for time of year) photographing wild red squirrels in the Cairngorms... Delighted with this image and it's rarity for me but this one will be getting mounted and framed for my home...
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    Spent christmas in the Cairngorms so it would've been rude not to photograph a crested tit... The only keeper i got from an extremely dull and overcast day...
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    we do the same little greek fishing village twice a year have done for the last 20 year next year we plan to do 8 weeks may june plans to tour the uk in a camper van for the rest of the year or the year after just load up and go see where we end up ...
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    couple nights camping with wife sister would do me
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    More into bolting to the dogs but had a go with the nets today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6NNvGJAXhA
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    Everyone continually worries over things completely out of their control...its pointless.. get out and earn your money and get on with your life as life is too short to blame muslims, blacks, Jews, and vegans for everything that is wrong in the world...
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    The Goldfinches just keep coming, they are a colourful bird Cheers Arry
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    Great gran daughter of my original dog . Working spot on only a small bitch but keen as they come
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    Imagine bumping into a nut job like this in Aldi or Lidl . America must have the highest population of crazies in the world. Atb j
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    One of the most annoying things at lambing is when a ewe rejects her lamb for no good reason. This little lamb was rejected two days ago & been on bottle. This morning one of the single bearing ewes looked like lambing so I grabbed the reject & a bucket!! Quick bath in some amniotic soup and "congratulations you had twins"!
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    Across the estuary to Padstow. Cheers, D.
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    The Jewish control over all but a few of the Worlds Central Banks makes them the Worlds most powerful race on Earth and the few Country's where they do not control that Central Bank,the rest of the World are at war with them,go figure !There use of ursury and the amount of Country's they have been banned from is a testament to there agenda.It's well documented the Holocaust and how weak/vulnerable the Jews allegedly where but that totally flies in the face of what they have done throughout History but nothing is ever mentioned in the media about it as the Jews also handily own/control every media outlet in the World,however they are not able to suppress or hide so much now in the internet age. "Without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism.For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth.The Bloodthirsty Jewish Terrorists Have Murdered Sixty Six Million in Russia from 1918-1957 " Aleksander Solzhenitsyn,Nobel Prize Winner and Patriot. Here is an interesting link that's an eye opener and certainly portrays the Jews in a very different light. https://holodomorinfo.com/
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    Yea some of them are..
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    Try these mate. Cheers, D.
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    Back out with the terrier again today checking a few more spots nowt at home today but that’s how it goes sometimes atb longers01
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    Have asked this question many times myself mate and never got a satisfactory answer so done some research myself, and I think the main problem is there financial control of everything, they are the driving force behind the push for globalisation and control pretty much everything that we take for granted in our everyday lives, places like Hollywood etc are all under Jewish control so therefore everything you watch is controlled by them, think they are seen as the silent assassins of the world
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