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    With plenty of rain forecast for tonight I decided to go and have a Trip out on the lamp. unfortunately the rain didn’t come as expected or even at all, up on arrival of my first spot I gazed on the temperature gauge in the car and it read 15 degrees so with that I decided I needed to take things steady. I made my way through the first field which was very long grass, next field had been planted but nothing was yet to start growing but that’s where the bunnies were and so my night started. I picked a few off and made my way round my route, every time the dog would make a catch I stopped to gut each rabbit to allow a little breath catching time for the dog. My night was steady with far too much cover in a lot of fields but me and the dog persevered finishing the spot on 13 which I was happy with as the temperature by then had rose too 18 degrees which was bloody warm I was sweating like a good un . On the way back home I done a quick couple of small fields where we got another 6 taking the tally upto 19 which I am more than happy with considering how bloody warm it was and how much cover there still is about. The dog still had some running left in him which was good to see.
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    Al's Kitchen is good,...I do love curry and as you so rightly say, his 'base gravy ' recipe helps out a lot... Mind you, when you have tasted the street food, in various areas of the Middle East,.nothing really compares... Just going for a bum burner now...really looking forward to it... It has been a traumatic year for me,.I nearly lost my Wife and best pal to Cancer, but Inshallah,..we have survived ... Been married, .45 years today; I would not have changed even one minute... All the best, Phil.
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    I got 3 lads, eldest been out since he could walk, now he a teen he just does his own thing with the dogs an ferrets an stuff, next lad after me daughter no interest really, an that leaves me youngest, just turned 4 An is dog ferret an gun mad. Got him a new training shotgun for his birthday an he been on me case since to get out bit early in season tbh but day off so asked what they wanted to do. Youngest already had his gun in hand an asked if he could try Steve, his new jill kitt, kitt never been out an neither had he so it was an experience for them both, couple An misfires with his wee gun but getting the safety side, few rabbits bolted to the net, Young Steve did very well am switched on straight away an bolted first rabbit if day an followed it right into net ( cheers whwt ) the wee man is over moon, got to get out with his gun an kitt an caught his first ever rabbit I got a new apprentice for next few years anyways proud as punch
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    I had to share this with the traditional food lovers on here seeing as we haven’t had a food thread for a while, my wife made this from scratch all the gravy inside the pudding reduced with red wine it tasted insane I’m blessed with an amazing woman
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    Ludger for a wee while
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    Here’s some old pictures of some dogs I’ve had when I was younger.
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    There are all different types of characters on this site, they can be howling to hilarious and everything in between. Some of them would hate each other and some would get on well. There are rows, insults, laughs.....you name it. But, I bet the one thing every lad on here would have in common is that they found Iworkwhippets post unfathomably sad and heart braking..........and I bet at this moment every last one of them would be on the mans side and wishing they could put an arm round his shoulder in his time of need. Everyone is rooting for you matey, make no mistake about that.
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    Mate, you are in a bad place at the moment.......take a deep breath and just give yourself a month. 76 is no age and if your beloved wife saw something in you she would be heartbroken to think you didn’t see it in yourself. Theres is always a sunrise and there is plenty out there for you still. You have cared for your wife with tenderness and love for a long time and there are hundreds of people who really need someone who has that skill and experience........someone who has been there......find them, find an organisation that needs you. Make her proud old chap.
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    The other pup I kept he’s making a handy tool
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    daughter takes the Russell out most days....got a call at work today....
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    Put a post up her a year ago looking for a pup and derrylad offered me exactly what I was looking for free of charge. Didn’t no him before then but he didn’t hesitate to send this pup down abs we have chatted regularly since then. Fair play to him
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    14th generation bred Collie/Greyhound starting to take shape
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    Good sensible comments lads... I know for a fact, that certain coursing Studs can command a high price for their services, and any resulting pups will not be sold cheap. Obviously, when a breeder has paid a £1000 for a lining, he is entitled to ask what he likes, for his pups. I've never mixed in such company, and my lurchers ain't in the same league, so I always try to breed a pup, solely for my own requirements. Once, I have my choice to hand, the rest of the litter can then be placed in other, safe hands. As a pensioner, my needs are modest,..I don't want money,.....I just want,.... a bit more time...
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    my best bitch on the rabbits was a bitch beddy,bull,grey 23 tts.....heart of a lion tbf.....wish I could find another.... worked her with the b.o.p,hounds,around a hole,terriers,long nets ,lamped and could bend the odd few out in the day...had her at 2 yr old when my mate went over the wall for a stretch.....the best thing I've ever been given for free, and I'm thankful for the memories and scraps we got into....gonna mis old 'Loll' when she finally goes
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