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    Nearly 15 years ago , in a piss hole gym in East Yorkshire I lined up with about 40 other recruits for a streaming run. I was pretty confident winning it but as I approached the last big straight I couldn’t shake this one lad from the course in front of me and he opened his cadence and went past me . I was second. I didn’t beat him again for at least another year at anything running wise. That was the first time I met him. A little square shaped fat lad with issued jam jar glasses and that thick as mince east Yorkshire “bah tat “ accent. “Going airborne ?” He asked at the end of the run as we walked back to the block. He was 18 when I met him, 14 weeks later when he marched out to get his best recruit and best fitness award , a giggle went around the audience as this awkward, glasses wearing teenager made his way in silence to collect them. None of us laughed , we knew what lay underneath that comedy exterior , his gags, his quick words , his easy mannerisms and laid back attitude was tailor made to be the natural leader of his syndicate. Little square head wasn’t some dosser from a council estate anymore , he was probably the best recruit the army has had that year No one came to his pass off , his brother was in jail , his mam was busy and his dad was drunk. That’s probably what gave him the drive like I’ve seen no other lad of his age possess since. We spent the best part of the next three years together , near enough everyday , trade training , pre para , p company , arrival at unit and Afghanistan. He did things that aren’t my place to say but he set the standard for the men around him to meet . I didn’t see him for a long time after Afghanistan, he fell ill with a tropical disease 6 months after our return home he passed the hardest course the army had to offer. While Ill. I sent him a message in 2014 asking him if he was free to come up and be at my wedding . He turned up and snuck away quietly , not saying much or being the big I am. The puppy fat had gone and the glasses , now stood a young man who was more than comfortable with anything the world had to offer. Afraid of nothing but didn’t feel the need to tell anyone about it. Maybe three years ago as I sat in dusty departure lounge in a far flung airport , I heard some English voices in the departures and that rasping stupid laugh. He saw me and smiled. We nodded and he waved off , baseball cap on head , heading to work . I haven’t seen him since then but whenever I see a tale or a pic in the paper , I’ll drop him a message seeing if he’s okay. A lad who came from nothing , to have the world in his hands by guts and legs and having no quit . You can keep your Duffys of this world , my little pal is worth a million of him.
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    whats different about it there's still hares and running dogs a few seasons ago I had nothing but bad luck at the time id 9 couple of foxhounds I losted a bitch in pup and two very good hounds due to kennel fights then I lost one hound and got 3 shot when a fox took them for miles and on to ground we had no permission then we losted are kennels this was one season from hell It broke me I lost heart and for awhile I done nothing but got back into mma and weights but if its in you it never leaves that desire to be out on the hills in pissing rain and snow walking mile after mile and watching the hound work I can't wait for the season to start 5 weeks to go and I'm not counting but exercise starts in earnest now
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    Anytime pal, here's frank
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    I love the mouching game,...alongside my Wife,..it is my life...
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    Many thanks for that Micky....not really, back into the dogs and ferrets, wires, etc...just twiddling my thumbs in various Hospital waiting rooms. Rosy and I have been together, for 45 years, she is my best pal, so I am obviously a wee bit lost, and confused... We beat this fecking thing some 20 years ago; My wife is a strong woman and intends to whip its arse, one more time. Anyway,..it is what it is, eh... All the best to everyone,..regards, Phil.
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    F**k all that hard man crap, all the money in the world can’t buy this...
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    Went today with a mate and picked up the bitch pup from a mating to 1 of my old dogs, the mate even managed to get a cracking pup himself, cheers to the fella! Didn’t have to do it! Real genuine guy, very few about! We will be down this season and ur always welcome uo! Cheers mate! Meet Betty.......
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    Couple of days to go and I pick this little beauty up can’t wait!
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    Sun just coming up on another lovely day, misses birthday so as well as the normal bbq things for later thought I’d get a nice boneless pork leg going on the spit, been soaking in jerk seasoning overnight off to the bakers next for some nice fresh crusty rolls, the simple things in life are often best
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    remember heading out at 6 on a winters night in my mk2 escort,and lamping willy nilly anywhere i fancied ,no houses in lots of places and even if the farmer did come out ,you'd end up chatting for an hour or more loosing valuable hunting time ...i try to explaing the ways it used to be to my son ,but he just looks at me with disdain,lol..those days were some of the best ,most enjoyable times of my life i must say ,lots of rabbits and little barriers to stop you ..the thing i remeber most is the frosty nights ,and your breath like smoke bellowing from your mouth and the pitch blackness of it all,and you look up to the skies and see the stars in their millions ...and the quietness ,and the squeal of the rabbit a hundred yards away caught by your partner in sport....and the isolation,,,and not a fear or a care in the world ,but being lost in the events of the night and reality only hitting you when you reach the car with a heap of hot bunnies ,and then lying in bed unable to sleep from the excitement of the night .....f**k sake ...some one get me a beer fast lol
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    A few old pics brody connie gypsy
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    Took a short drive to the back of Newcastle airport this afternoon to have a look and to see what was heading to Sunderland airshow, dull and grey sky was brightened up somewhat with these guys...
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    As a few know I lost my old dog back In March and for alittle while there I wasn't to sure about going through it all again. But a friend gave me an offer and after some thought I took him up. Here she is little dora.
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    Correct. Of those nine countries some receive more back in trade within the EU than they put in. When they hand the dosh over to Brussels and Brussels then divvies it out to the poorer EU countries they then spend these grants and subsidies on EU manufactured goods from Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland. Because the UK doesn't manufacture as much as some of the others they are net importers of goods from the EU, not net exporters. That means the UK isn't getting the same returns on their EU payments that the others are. In effect the UK are subsidising EU businesses. Also, what many don't appreciate is that in addition to the €7 or €8 billion net that the UK pays into the EU every year the EU also skim 0.3% of all VAT payments and 80% of the import duties on non-EU goods brought into the UK. Add all that up and the UK taxpayers and consumers are contributing €40 billion per year to the EU. The trade that the EU companies does with the UK cannot be over emphasised. Every day lots of refrigerated HGVs leave France and Spain loaded with fruit and vegetables bound for UK customers. These same wagons then load up with Scottish and Irish sea food and make the return journey. These lorries cannot afford to be held up on the docks waiting for customs clearance. The UK has the biggest and best fishing waters in the EU. At the moment these fishing grounds are allocated to EU vessels. Spain has virtually no fishing grounds, but they are the EU's biggest consumer of fish. Trawlers based in France spend 100% of their fishing time in UK waters. Even German trawlers get a cut of the UK grounds. With a no deal these boats will have to pay the UK for access. 20% of German manufactured cars are sold in the UK. If there is a no deal the UK could scrap the current import duties on Japanese and Korean cars and make them much cheaper than EU manufactured vehicles. The German car industry is on its arse already. It cannot afford to turn its back on one-fifth of its market. The only reason that the UK are in this position now is that Theresa May refused to stand up to the EU bully-boys and play hard ball nose to nose.
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    At the end of the day, it’s all well and good us lot talking of these people as if they are some sort of hero. But look how they ended up, one died young and the other ended up a penniless pisshead in the gutter. I’ll stick to the quiet life with the family, terriers and earning a crust
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    Was a hot one here today so we went down to the river. Dogs were loving it and got plenty of swimming in. Good exercise for them this time of year. Kids had their weekly bath too.
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    Border X Wheaten, first cross. Bit too big for some earths but was game, pic is about 15 yrs ago. I don't post much anymore but reason I'm on this thread is I'm looking for a Wheaten or a X similar to the bitch in the pic. Pm me if anyone can help. Cheers.
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    Thousands of years people have been living and working in London and have never had to be told not to shit in the street.....i wonder what community thats aimed at !