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    My dogs have literally run thousands of rabbits over the last 6-8 years. They have missed more than they caught on many occasions, My old dog can look at a rabbit 20 yards away on the next Warren from the one I'm ferreting and ignore it even when it runs off downhill she sometimes pretends she hasn't seen it. She then looks at me sideways with one eye to see if I saw her jacking it and I often mouth the word wanker in silence to her... she smirks at me like a sly old fekker. . . . . I know she knows better than I do when it comes to catching bunnies.
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    Day started off wet , nothing in first few spots and was ready to throw towel in . But decided to do a shore line full of whinny patches etc , wind was howling off the sea and I didn’t have much hope . But then we were on. Full cry off young and old dogs . Fox was cleanly shot at far end . Next spot was a small patch well off the beaten track and well out of the way . Big dog fox out and shot crossing a river . great day out
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    Same family I've had and worked for 18 years now all work well
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    Not the ‘pocket rocket’ as it’s advertised but a very well bred honest dog. 1st cross. also does teeth but don’t fancy putting up pics here lol. And below is a pup from him to a bitch that is nearly full they just a touch of bull. Nearly 5 months.
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    I've been building some brick Kennels last couple of weekends ,so I thought I'd share some pics ,the run on the left is 1.5 by 2 m for 2 terriers and the run on the right is 1.5 by 1.5
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    My little patterdale/whippet here in the USA. She's about 14 inches tts. Been on coon, possum, groundhog, rabbits and squirrels.
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    Out with the ferrets and dogs by the river today
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    Young dogs 2nd dig, he’s only about 10tts
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    just as a matter of interest why are most of these first crosses so fecking light boned. and why is every dog with a dash of wheaten in it (alegedly) get called a wheaten cross. long gone but genuine first cross
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    About a week off 5 months and the pup is just under his father. The brindle pups has been given to my buddy as due to time I couldn’t train the two pups to the standard I’d like. Very happy with the pup so far, retrieving well and over all his recall is very good. Can’t give out at all.
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    My youngster has been pestering me for a while for a day out with the ferrets, throughout the summer he’s helped with the cleaning out and general up keep, so today we had a spot in mind that we could access handy enough, after a brief chat with the keeper we headed off only to find the farmer hadn’t moved cattle off the intended fields so with that out the window we moved onto a gully with a few likely looking places, only for Nell to mark one of the warrens, a quick 2 and that was that, the fog had dropped in making visibility next to non, my young helper was keen to see more action so we drove abit further on and set off once more now the rain had started but this didn’t dampen his enthusiasm we had 5 more from various warrens, on meeting my mate he had 6 and just netted up a big warren so we stopped off here to lend a hand, another 3 went into the bag, not intent on calling it a day we saw a few rabbits drop into a warren covered in bracken, with a mix of longnets and purse nets we had another 8 making the total for today 23, not bad for his first outing he is already planning his next outing with us. Cheers for now Neil b and his apprentice
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    Young bitch out of Jamie's BROCK I have high hopes for her
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    Ebt x wheaten x greyhound
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    Had best days ferreting for couple seasons the day on Durham Northumberland border place was alive seen nowt like it for years. Ferrets got good work out. 52 out four or five warrens. PUD
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    My mother has many sin's,many many sins but the ginger gene is not one of them.thats my dad. But since i've been away from augest the 8th my mother has been looking after my dogs.no problem she likes taking them out regulary anyway down the coast. I was worried about how fat they might be when i got home. About a month into my stay she text sunday night saying my black one is in the vets again getting stitched up.got to be honest i was angry. I've been getting texts from her once or twice a week about them. The crazy bitch has been poaching local farms on her doorstep,the nature reserve and 2 local shoots mostly daytime.she's had a good mixed bag too.done more than some on here.problem is it was all accidental.she didn.'t quite know what she let herself in for. She sent me a video just now and the dogs looked much,much better on it than i expected. Cheers mother.
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    Killing 5/5 on fens true bulldozers bred
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    And there's a swallows nest above the counter and the parent birds are flying circuits around the store
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    He was what he was. Remember his family read what people say on sites like this. His son being a hunting man. I was always told never to speak ill of the dead. Yet so many authors need to repeat stories about him that they picked up from hearsay. Iv read articles and books from genuine good terriermen that have done more harm than plummer ever did. Iv followed the bullfights and started off reading hemingway. Today any bullfight author needs to add criticism of hemingway, analising everyword he wrote. Hemingway and plummer did live lives we can only dream of....but.....they were writers of prose fiction.....based on truth and based on their interpretation. Plummer did fire young lads imagination, that's a good thing. Most books are a romantic interpretation of the truth, that's life. I think he was a decent bloke. A small time adventurer. Come back with your criticism when you have inspired as many people as he did.
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    Few pics of a good day dog had squeezed in to a very tight pile... she had killes him within 10 mins of going in.. so aftet a couple of hours we decided to dig her as a rock had fallen behind her but we dident no till we got down..she would never have got out.. ... my finger tips were sore that day lol..