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    Sad a proper mans man not like the shampoo advertising, take a knee because I,m told to, over manicured, over payed bunch of Fanny’s that have replaced him,
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    The problem with these far left, vegan, green, tofu eating , sandal and sock wearing , tree hugging, pasty faced shithouses is that they aren't happy doing it themselves.....they want to convert normal people, with the messianic fervour of a religious cult member ! There must be something in the veggie/vegan diet that affects their brain, making them come out with such shite about a man who has just died ! I'm angry that such an abysmal creature is sucking at the teat of the public purse, but sadly, there are many , many more of them out there. Cheers.
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    Farmer called last minute as usual and explained they were pulling one of the small sheds . Don’t get exited as there wasnt much activity . Just myself and son in law .Farmers Russel x too .
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    Received a call Friday from a farmer saying hundreds of pigeons and crows on the wheat. I thought I would have a look to do some recce for Saturday, there was hundreds but right in the middle of the field on a flat patch. I was set up for 4.30 am with my hide in the middle of the field just off the flat patch. First bird was shot at 5am and last bird shot at 5pm - a 12 hour shift. I was absolutely knackered but well worth it as I shot my PB 229 birds - 175 woodies & 54 jackdaws for 295 shots. Excuse carp pic as couldnt pick all birds and after a 12 hour session wasnt going to display them ...
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    Yes, there I was sneaking up on a crow when under 10yds a vixen come trotting past! I got on her silently with Fairweather and squeaked. The 17g Remington HMR hit shoulder, not ideal but how she crumpled and got up I knew she ain't going far. I heard a twig snap so after a moment went there and yep there she was, just ten yards more. She's a little cutie of a thing and that explains where all my pheasants have gone . I have been here this morning already at 5am and seen nothing. No sign, muck or paw prints. Just goes to show but tonight before shooting her I did find some pigeon feathers! I knew it was a good idea leaving some! Anyway it was good to bump into her and I salute her by raising my hat and petting her, the little cow. Fairweather is doing well and I may of misjudged 17hmr!
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    Greg ,a boring old man story to illustrate my point .....many years ago I was having a natter with an old boy in the pub ,Henry Cooper s name came up ,and the fella mentioned he had sparred with him ,then Brian London's name was mentioned and he said hed sparred with him ,( alarm bells were ringing in my arrogant know it all youth ) then sonny Listons name was mentioned ,a personal favourite of mine ,and ,yes ,he claimed to have sparred with him ,that was a step too far for me and I left thinking him a liar ...fast forward a few years the fella passed away ,and although he had no boxing career to speak of ,he had been a sparring partner for many ,including Liston ,with a write up and pics in the local paper ,now it doesn't make any difference to any one that I didn't believe him ,,,but what a chance I missed to quiz ,ask questions and learn from someone who must of had world of interesting stories ,knowledge and anecdotes ,by being a cynical know it all ,the only person who suffered was me ..be nice
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    The hay fields were cut Friday night but I couldn't get up there till last night. Walked the first on and nothing about so went on to the second one. Started with the hand call and within 5 minutes this little vixen came flying in. Dropped her at about 70 paces. Called for a bit more but nothing showed, so I went back to the car for a brew. As it got dark I went for another look and dropped the dog fox in about the same position as the vixen was. So all in all a good night
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    Brixham looking grand this morning..
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    Took the pup to my vets this morning, got her registered with em, checked her over, was well pleased with her, so took Nell and stinkers along with me , for 10 mins in the field on my way home, Tess travels well, but the hob ferret, goes mental in its box to get out, so here they are, by the way, the vet gave me a bag of goodies for Tess, plus free milbemax puppy wormers for 12 months
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    Just take the knee....he'll soon recognise your submission
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    Season be on us soon enough, start getting the miles in with the dogs. Bit of mixed mooching/running about like a lunatic and some road work in get them feet nice tight and strong. Pic from yesterday
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    Here is the UK legal carry Opinel mod slip-joint i have been working on. I dropped the point on the original no8 blade and shortened it to 3" The slightly unusual shape was determined by the central pivot point and steps in the original blade. You can see this from the pre-assembly pic. Although it looks slightly unusual it has the advantage of giving a shoulder to place your thumb on which actually holds the slipjoint spring in making it even more solid and less likely to fold up on your fingers than a normal slipjoint design. Milled brass liners with soldered bolsters and stabilized stag scales, all fixed together with stainless pins with the exception of the brass rivets on the scales. P1100490 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100491 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100492 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100494 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">p1100495 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100496 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100499 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100503 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100509 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100513 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100489 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100488 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">
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    Beauty Cheers, D.
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    You see Greb ,it is possible to make a nonsensical , unbelievably daft post ,about a subject you have no personal experience of without insulting people look an learn ,be nice.
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    Snit weasel, absolute, cowardly little shit weasel ! Big Jack would probably have bitch slapped a bit of respect into the little shit, even at 85........ Cheers.
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    My enduring memory of Jacky Charlton is of a debate he took part in, on TV. It was about Field Sports. There was Jack, and another guy, on the one side. Sat in their chairs facing - across a low table, I think? - Tony Blackburn (One time BBC Radio 1 DJ) and some other anti. I can't remember who the Compare was. But, obviously, the Anti side questioned Jack and co's involvement in Field Sports. Arguments, for both sides, were exchanged. Then, Blackburns side kick said Something ..... It was like a bomb going off in the studio! The loon had tried to spin some line of bullshit and Jack spotted it. I can't remember what the shit was. I just remember Jack Charlton bloody near coming out of his chair and Roaring at the Anti: " Blah, blah, blah " (Forgotten with the years. Basically, 'That's bullshit, and you know it!' But ending with) " You, son are A Bloody LIAR!!!!! " Fukcing Priceless!!! No fukcs given ~ No shit taken! I'll never forget that moment. That was the Great Man, Jack Charlton!
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    Proper lard cooked chips with a big old slab of rib eye steak on the BBQ ......
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    Farmers dog and my older bitch had a set to and of course I waded in to seperate .Ended up knelt in the shit with scruff in each hand .I smelt worse than the dogs .
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    You wouldn't send a terrier to ground to do battle without one..... A ferret is just as valuable imo...
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    When 90% of England was trees and pasture and they could walk across to mainland Europe I could see it working but today they will be no more than a fancy cow in a large enclosure, we don’t have miles of roaming plains or acres of unkept woodland for them to be proper free roaming wild buffalo you can’t turn the clock back without removing a lot of mans influences and we won’t be doing that in a hurry
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    Just been to see how the cuckoo chick is doing, especially after all the terrible weather on the moor. Well, it’s thriving. Due to leave the nest today or tomorrow.
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    I stopped having it when the peddlers and book sellers completely took over. Ive seen the last copy and not much has changed. I found DH to be a nice bloke to talk to and if I had ever dug with him I would like to think I wouldnt talk out of school and slag him off in public in an attempt to make myself look like a real terrier man.
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    Me and a buddy went to a creek over the weekend.Its a good place but full of cottonmouths. We caught a bunch but took a few pics. Smallmouth Cottonmouth came and checked out my kayak. I took my daughter's kayak as it has very shallow draft.We landed the kayaks to explore further downstream cause this area can't be kayaked as fallen trees everywhere from bad tornadoes.So we started wading. We caught several but we had 3 different battles with cottonmouths all I had for defense was my fishing pole WE were getting jumpy like scared little girls.We decided to call it a day.On the walk back to kayak I seen something beside my foot. I was amazed to see this little cottonmouth swallowing a goodsize sunperch.I was also glad he couldn't bite me Prime creek fishing is about over and I'm glad.Im tired of battling snakes.But by next May I will be ready to do this type fishing again. ITS time for me to focus on going shark fishing it's safer than what I been doing
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    How about that for the trophy room
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    Pigeon getting good use out the mincer
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    Mate just got this boat cheap 1.9 diesel inboard ready for the tope fishing and live baiting sandeels for the bass atb longers01
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    Back at the livery this morning and got a few more rats and ferals, not loads of ferals left here but tons of rats
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    After the squirrels this morning for a change, not been their for a while not even been to fill the feeder (tut tut tut), anyways filled feeder up, waited 15mins first one came along 22yds to feeder side on shot snatched the shot and a little bit low but it went down with the .22 hades and stayed where it landed, 2nd one was like an age away, this time it went to the floor for the dropped peanuts, sent it a hades and down it went but for the life of me i couldnt find where I,d hit it even though it was meant for a head shot..strange one. Then it went quiet so I went for a mooch and seen this rabbit munching on the grass quite happily, lazed it at 51yds, rested against the tree and the wildcat mk2 with the hades stopped it in its tracks..then the dark clouds came over so made for the van...
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    Just arrived home after shooting and had a great evening with the FX crown .22 FAC , this guns makes me smile more and more , taking 7 rabbits at 110-120 yards and going down with out a kick . Any way this permission is owned by a very good friend of mine it’s one of two farms he owns, plus he gets me to do all the building and refurbishment work on both farms . All the tenets know me , but one woman swans around thinking to owns the place . Well I get home and my wife comes running out saying the police would like to talk to you . My wife handed me the phone and the police said do you still own the van and read out the reg , I said yes i do she went on and said someone has reported it being abandoned and are you sure it’s with you , I said I’ve just driven it home from the farm where I have been shooting . this woman who probably reported it does not like me shooting and should get a fine for wasting police time and my bloody time stupid silly little bitch
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    Umma Trans Nigga! https://vimeo.com/437621223
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    The one false nest I put up got occupied within a couple of days. They Martin's filled in the gaps with mud and now have chicks they are feeding The dogs are having a relax aswell.
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    I was in Ireland fishing Loch Conn and had a day on the ridge pool in Ballina , a guy started talking to me from the bank , but I’d just had a take and was busy recasting and stripping back . He asked me what fly I was using , and I answered him but didn’t look at him . He wished me tight lines and walked off . A mate told me afterwards that it was Jack Charlton , now I wouldn’t have cared about any other person but to me he is a legend, I loved watching Jacks game and respect his sporting achievements . I really regret not having seen him properly and said hello . RIP Jack
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    My daughter just told me best chicken ever! Ha
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    i always think these driven dogs dont belong and should never be in the hands of ordinary folk like myself or others,i looked into the purchase of this breed before i got the spastic shepherd ,and i went to a trainers home ,where he ''introduced'' me to his dogs,and i saw them and what they were capable of and thought ,fuk that!!!too much drive and dog for my needs,i struggle to get out enough at the present time with work ,and imagine one of these bored out of their tits ,theyd implode/explode or just basically maul the shite out of someone
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    If you want to spend all day waiting for your ferret to surface, or go home and leave your ferret behind good on you , but imo ferret finder is a must will put more rabbits in the bag and save you a lot of time.
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    Between the bbc/British govt an the Catholic Church them poor kids who needed help most didn’t stand a chance
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    I have spoke of Alan Scott before on a topic on lurcher forum.99% of what John r Colby of Texas has bred in the last 25 years has Sam in there.When you only get a winner every 40 years you better key on him. You have tried to tell me how to hog hunt in Dixie Out of respect to dogs I seen die I argued with you. Let me make some more lightning about some of Gnasher post.The Spiderman dog that went to oz had a few sons here and there was a family of dogs built around them still going strong but wasn't my cup of tea.I had one of Katie's last stud dogs he was a plug on his best day.Had dogs straight off tab and from Irish Jerry didn't like em. As it sounds to me as though you have been took by peddlers and I will help you out. If you need a catchdog I will get you one free of charge just shipping.If a few members here can guarantee that you take good care of your dogs and your not just some idiot.No pedigree. I don't argue about coursing dogs terriers or ferrets on this board I listen because it's not traditional where I'm at.When it's something I growed up around I will speak. I do appreciate you reminding me of why I have stayed away from social media until recent years PS peddlers have produced good dogs.But over time percentages drop regardless of breed or bloodline.
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    You will have a lot of Replies from people who say they never use them , their Ferret dos not stay , i whistle and they come out , or the old favourite Feeding and bush craft , well they are all lying b*****ds , over the years there has been six people on this site who have said they will show me and prove me wrong .........Guess What not one of the lying b*****ds has ever turned up !!!!!!!! i have fore gotten about the pack of Lunatics that will tell you how their Ferret will drag the rabbit out the second it has killed it apparently they will do this feat up to 5 time a day.
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    I think your wrong about the last part.The top breeders bred what they were using. Perhaps you meant top peddlers. I had sons of Colby's Sam and grandsons.Good hogdogs nothing more.My buddy (atthetime)used them in hogdog catch competition when legal.I never spent a dime with Colby.I had a local friend .He bought them up and later gifted me most of them.Good hogdogs nothing else.You can find adult cold colby dogs for hog hunting usually for free from a greenhorn.I always considered it foolish to purchase a pup on bulldogs..The answers to the good ones are in the reports Mr Gnasher spoke of.Those are the real ones You ain't a real dogman in this race until you have stepped over the wall with the house mortgage payment on the line and just enough gas to get home.
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