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    Sadly as I see it….. it is yet another case of history repeating itself. It’s not the first time that a very small and unrepresentative minority who have, by their actions and callous behaviour/attitudes dragged terrierwork into the gutter and beyond. Unless I’m very mistaken, the 1990’s clip which was shown related to what those who were about at that time still refer to as the "Builth Wells Case". In that instance, despite the fact that pretty much everything surrounding that case was already illegal, the actions of those involved came across as being so callous and their actions so offensive to the general public, that it was impossible for anyone to defend the indefensible. The end result was a further strengthening up of the existing legislation and resulted in the 1992 Badgers Act. This most recent debacle is an almost mirror image of the “Builth Wells Case”, it has exactly the same potential to have done irreparable damage to Terrierwork and to its future. Sadly it's now a matter of record, it will never go away and our opponents will always use it to their maximum advantage and at every possible opportunity. It’s been suggested elsewhere that this thread should be deleted and I can fully understand the motivation behind that. The film shows Terrierwork in the worst possible light, most of its content and the views expressed are an absolute disgrace. What it shows is totally unrepresentative of terrierwork and of terriermen in general and it’s something which we should all be rightly rightly ashamed of and angry about…. but I would strongly disagree about deleting it. Personally, instead of deleting it, I would highlight and pin it as a real life example of the kind of irreparable damage which can so easily be done by a small group of thoughtless individuals.... IT SHOULD SERVE AS A LESSON TO US ALL AND NOT BE IGNORED BY ANYONE. J.M.H.O. - Barrie
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    Having just got home from a funeral of old teacher, i was wondering if any of you have had good recollections from your past, don't want to know about the bad ones other wise we could be here for eternity . This old boy was something else, first off he could be as tough as they come, hard but fair, he gave up his lunch times to teach me how to cast a fly rod, i would take the ferret to school and spend time in the school wood nailing rabbits then be late back for his woodwork or tech drawing lesson, he would play fck not cause i was late but because i hadn't asked him to go with me. I have kept in touch with him till this day, he was the world champion goldpanner , he had a gold stake out in the states and even invented a pump for getting the gold from river beds which he could have patented and made a fortune from but just wanted every one else to have one, he never sold a single ounce of his gold. The list of things this man did was unbelievable, organ player, woodturner, guitar maker, beekeeper, fisherman , the list could go on and on, ha had been a fantastic cross country runner in his hay day racing against Brasher and Bannister sometimes beating them both. He lost his wife 5 yrs ago after a long illness nursing her all through it and refusing to let her go in a home, ater that he was struck down with some lung disease [ said to me the fags had finally caught up with him] , it was sad to go to his home and see him with the oxy tanks and mask but he had made some home made extensions to the pipes so as he coud still get to his bees and his shed. I will miss George Alfred Henderson, rest in peace old lad.
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    Was given this old photo of my father and some mates, by my mother as a keep sake. Thinking maybe early 70's. I know this topic has been shared here before, but couldn't find any threads on it. Anyway, anyone else got any old photo's you'd like to share?
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    Its a mystery, why the miscellany of rough and broken coated lurchers, (many of Deerhound origins),...have disappeared off the scene. Perhaps we now have far more versatile hunting dogs, mostly created for a purpose, ie; the Saluki and Bull blooded lurchers. Maybe our beautiful Deerhound hybrids belong to another era, sadly long gone, when lads used to go out and simply enjoy seeing their running dogs in action, unburdened with the stress of fretting and worrying, as to whether their jukels did this, or did that,.... back then it was great craic,...the lurcher world was innocent and did not seem, quite so intense and complicated. I loved the 1970s and 80s,...yes, I gathered up a few convictions,.but that was part and parcel of freelancing,...and I will never forget, watching my fabulous Deerhound lurchers, just moving about, covering the ground with their easy-going gait, and thinking, my goodness, how proud I am to own, such great looking canines... They were also pretty functional,...and we captured a few bits and pieces as well....which was nice...
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    True, but it would give the honest decent lads something to protect their names with. It's never been any different, in my lifetime all you've had to do is buy yourself a terrier and "just like that" you're a terrier man ! We all know different but if there was some sort of system behind terrier work like a licence, something that you had to serve a bit of time on the bank with an older an wiser terrier man before you could strike out on your own then IMO terrier work would be in a better place. Truth be known I had to learn everything the hard way myself, I was just as dull and just as ignorant once upon a time, time and life are great teachers...........but then some just go through life determined not to learn a f***ing thing.
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    74 years ago young lads much braver than me were storming beach’s and fighting for their lives. We have betrayed those lads. Lest we forget.
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    maybe , maybe not , maybe the two banged up had been doubled up , maybe both did 5 hours each separate digs , history is as honest as the person you wish to believe
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    Ring molly rose, she'll hook you up right away
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    A picture of my great,great, great grand uncle during the famine 1845
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    Fawn dog...bull/grey x saluki/bull/grey....black bitch 1st x..
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    One from when Britain was great
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    This old photo solved a mystery for me while I was researching my family history as I was told one of our family was killed on a railway while rabbiting by my sister. Twigged it when saw this photo of my Grans mother and father on the back of the photo was written "Jock was killed on the railway line catching a rabbit 1937". Their daughter my gran. Loved her more than my parents, never saw her as young as this. Cheers Arry
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    Watched it last night... few things..were exactly as I thought..a few young lads who obviously were not right in the head and have mental issues... second was they were showing locating equipment which men who work within the LAW actually need ...its an offence when doing LEGAL fox control with a terrier not to use one..third the bbc did not seek an interview with any law abiding terrier federations which would have totally condemned All INDIVIDUALS... and put the record STRAIGHT...these people the bbc put on display last night were not TERRIER MEN .. they were psychopaths with absolutely no morals or acknowledgement of what they were doing was absolutely WRONG and what was being witnessed was animal cruelty of the highest order...
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    This got me looking at my old old photos, you just don't look at them any more with computer etc. Any way heres one of me more than 55 years ago, loved be out there catching some thing. its a bit beaten up I'm afraid. Cheers Arry
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    Wagon making I think
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    Few pics from my recent trip with my young bitch Scuffle
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    Absolutely scorching up here in the Highlands few pics of my walk
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    I got this Adder yesterday just before it slipped into a pond Snake by Martin Billard, on Flickr
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    This is the fourth pike i have ever caught surprised was an understatement
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    The 2 wee nephews are trying to get a YouTube channel going on there fishing trips. if you’ve got time give it a watch and maybe leave a like or comment
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    1yrs old today 23tts 44lb
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    This is my nans uncle who served in the Australian army WW1 I found his army records online & found out he was in Gallipoli , he was a minor up here & for some unknown reason he went to Australia to join up , he was 26 when he joined up quite old I believe photo must be about 1915/16.......I cant imagine what he witnessed in the trenches but he went on to serve in WW2 although I am not sure what role he played as he would be quite old by then This is Harrys Mom my nans nan, photo probably early 1900's god knows how they looked after a family of 13 in that long frock
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    Young lads stuck in their own little circle, no common sense and no respect for the animals they hunt or keep. I've said it for years, terrier work should have some form of licensing, education is seriously missing with the youth of today in all walks of life.