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    I don't get out now, so ive just been looking at some of my days out in the field wi Nell, cracking dog and a great and faithfull companion, I used to look forward to getting up in the mornings and being greeted by her. and my ferrets pacing up and down in their hutch waiting to go out, thanks for looking
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    That’s them at 8 or 9 months. Strong but not over sized
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    This is my youngest lad and his lurchers .well truth be told ones my oldest lqds dog .but he's 19 and is sniffing round females all time now .lol any way there both getting fit ready for season ahead.cheers
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    My 2 , headache and migraine
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    Just some pics from the summer. The weather is on the change it’s starting to feel more like hunting time
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    He went over a ex track greyhound to produce this ...
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    pure whippet, and did me proud, out all weathers we was
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    Was joy to see him going the first time of asking
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    Seen 3 lurchers over the years that had drop beddy in the mix, safe to say all were out and out yappers2 bred by so called producer of decent workers, yeah caught a few bunnies wouldn't entertain teeth without backup ... There's a debate In it's self about dogs and lack of knowledge from their owners maybe? So after seeing a litter coming up I put everything to one side and went for it, I do like a drop of collie in the mix. 1/2 grey 1/4 collie 1/4beddy. I fecking loves him lol. Got him at six weeks 14 month now had a few early bunnies courtesy of the busher kills them straight away, retrieve hit and miss so bit work to do, proper tuned into the busher now started positioning himself round the cover for a chance of a result so can't complain, broke him to ferrets so with couple jills for coming season should have some fun. Sorry for posting just bored with how long will the forum last topic
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    Lovely to be back at it today.lurcher got one early on after turning him back towards hounds.marked two aground aswell but was to warm at that stage.another few hours done dogs getting fitter thankfully.everybody in good form.cant beat it
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    Dog pups got big boots to fill all the right signs so far
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    And 8ft yesterday and I out on my own. Couldn’t believe the box when it said 8ft never seen this place go over 4ft in the 10+ years I’ve been doing this place. The ground was like concrete from start to finish
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    My home bred pup, mother had to have a c section an this is the only one that was alive so probably the most expensive Russel I'll ever own, high hopes for him as he's out of two of the best we have.
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    Big mans taking shape for a hard season put him to the test see what he’s made of last season was his warm up
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    This is social degeneration, the children grow up thinking this is normal behaviour and how you should conduct yourself and each generation is worse than its predecessor, the only answer is sterilisation but as we are far to civilised for that these creatures will be allowed to continue breeding until this is common behaviour that no one would even bother filming, in nature these would all be picked off by preditors in there first six months of life, yet we allow them to breed and spread, nice to see Kerney getting out the house though
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    Just coming 2 year old high hopes
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    6 year old bitch never let ne down yet
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    I was handed a few clips when I was a lad, by the rozzers. Then I was frogmarched home, on all occasions and given a few more slaps off me mam and dad lol. In front of the coppers ffs Never once did I act like this little slapper and I always knew, if I was caught I'm in for it. Kids nowadays are too fuucking aware of their "rights" and everyone else is too quick to pander to them. Parents should also be looked at! You can be a good family and still have a tearaway (holla) but most of these shits have fuucked up families anyway. Who the fuuck attacks an old man or woman anyway ffs? I'd put the lights out on my own daughter if she did that!
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    I no there,s a fishing thread but many don't go there or care so I,ll put my little piece here for all to see, especially those who may be a bit new here and a bit apprehensive about meeting a load of strangers in the middle of no were, i certainly never had any intentions of going but after one or two people i,ve met asked me to attend I bit the bullet and threw my hat in the ring, I thought I was going fishing for 4 days and never had a clue what I was entering I was Ill prepared having just thrown my fishing gear in the van and heading for Devon with DC who I'd met once before, everyone I met there was decent and I was treated well and made to feel comfortable, after the first night over a small Barbie and a few beers everyone had a chance to meet me and make up there own minds and I felt like I woke up amongst a group of mates in the morning,so I,d like to say a massive thanks to Kevin and his son for being great hosts and despite being an obviously very busy man he,s given up his own precious time to sort it all out, ken who I met once before and his man Friday dan for feeding us, to Johnny boy for being gentle with me and providing me a weekend of laughs, DC for sharing the journey and the experience with me, to dyko,twobob, staffs riffraff,pile and waltjr just for being there and just being a great bunch of blokes that I,m looking forward to meeting again next year, thank you all and please forgive me if I,ve forgotten anyone's names, I,d also like to say a big thanks to arry for taking the time out on what was obviously a very busy weekend to come up and meet me in person a true gent, so for anyone that's been thinking about going even if you can't hold a rod, it don't matter you will be made welcome by a good bunch of lads and have a great weekend, thank you all
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    In light of the intervening posts, the prosecution rests it's case, Your Honour..............
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