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    Not really news in the overall scheme of things but my daughter has just had a baby boy and I,ve just become a grandad
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    3rd seasoned dog, had a few belters with him, 8 hours in the ground start of the season and a 5 hour to end with plenty in between
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    Had a call from a keeper who had a keeper pal who had a problem on a wild bird shoot,the problem was solved today,but as my season is now over and the old girl is well getting old this was almost certainly her last fox and a nice hassle free bolt for her to end her working days was just right .
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    Been up before but one of best pics I've seen .
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    My Mrs has a friend who's husband has a form of autism and have to kids with autism and has recently had to take voluntary redundancy and had a good job in the gpo, he never done any sort of wood work, and was getting getting a bit stressed out with nothing to do and wanted to take up woodwork clips on YouTube I don't know how many hours he of clips he watched but he started this the ninth of march and finished it tonight all he had was the pic to go by
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    No mate, jno fancy names just a good line of earth dogs
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    My 'Tiny' bitch .....few seasons ago, after an Invite out to a spot ,where I was later told after 9 hrs digging to her,only ever been dug with 1 other dog and the old 3cx
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    old pic of 2 past bitches....
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    Been out of the game for a few years since my bitch had to be PTS. Picked this little fella up 5 weeks ago. He's beddy/whippet/grey x whippet.
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    here you go madfox....this bitch has some "Minshaw " in her shes a great grand daughter of blue....that's me she caught 63 that night ...just me and her.....3 days later I was out with her again Darcy was with me and she had 42-43 ...he put that night in his books
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    No mate, home bread, father daughter breeding because I wanted to continue the line and more importantly I wanted a pup from the best I had available. Pic of father now retired
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    I am writing this with a stiff malt in my hand. The only decent thing that's happened today. Let me begin. I am driving about a mile away from home when I am witness to a car accident. I stopped to see if anybody was hurt. Everybody ok but a roe buck is lying with a broken leg. The poor bugger was balling like a calf, desperately trying to get to its feet. I put my jacket over its head and carried it to a hedge away from traffic. I went to get a knife from my boot intending to put it out of its misery. I approached the animal with my knife concealed so that the car occupants wouldn't be alarmed. I figured they were city people who thought meat came in polythene packets. Suddenly one of the female car occupants spotted me and began wailing and screaming. She looked like a professional vegan/anorexic. She told me to leave the poor animal alone and that she was going to report me go the police. Alarm bells began to ring in my head. Technically I may be guilty of an offence. f**k it I thought,I 'll ring the police myself. The police eventually arrived. Vegan/ anorexic was having some sort of anxiety attack and was gibbering something incomprehensible about me being some sort of Jack the ripper. I decided I wouldn't talk to her or even exchange eye contact with the hysterical bitch. When she had finished her fit, I explained the situstion to the cop who looked like he was on work experience, he looked younger and smaller than my 12 year old grandson. To be fair he grasped the situation quickly, turned down my offer of dispatching the beast either by knife or rifle and called a vet. The vet arrived twenty five minutes later and gave the animal a needle.So one creature in absolute agony for over an hour. My eardrums assaulted by a squealing bitch and my morning ruined. I arrived home to find my wife warming up a bumble bee and feeding it dilute honey. Advice she got off the internet. I'm looking for tea and sympathy and she's obsessed with a f***ing bee.I f**k off into the garden in a huff. Suddenly I heard one of my dogs yelp in pain. I went to see what the problem was.The revived bee had stung the dog on the tongue. I had to suppress the urge to mutter "stupid woman" and went back outside to continue my sulk. Two minutes later she hollers me into the house. The dog's tongue had swollen up .ike arugby ball, the poor bugger couldn't breathe. Off to vets,touch and go for a while but eventually the dog's ok. So a f***ing great day.I'm looking forward to the bill. To add insult to injury my wife of nearly fifty years is taking the piss saying "poor me, poor me, pour me another drink" and i can't think of anything to say back. f***ing day!
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    Don’t forget to put your clocks back this weekend .Im putting mine back to 1940 when Britain had a pair of balls .
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    Got my little boy his first Lurcher she mostly whippet greyhound with a touch of deerhound and bull way back
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    Few pic of my 5 month old Collie/Greyhound on a stroll this morning.
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    heres 1 more for ya...not the best pic....im on the left with the same bitch.....the young fella on the right is holding Don...he has the same sire as mine...a "minshaw " called jack...the dam to don was a farm collie...90 on this night exactly 45 each
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    A young bitch I was given by dillydog
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    A day to remember , been trying to get this young bitch going all season and she just keeps running up to her quarry staring at it then back out , she finally went baying away bolted this fox , I had the camera and as it looked back got this pic ... one I won’t forget
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    Yokels Loki. 22mth old now... Yokel.
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    Hopefully get pups from these 2! Have my own bitch for 1 of them but no bitch for the older bigger dog! Hunt hunt boys!
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