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    i dug out some old photos and after loads of messing about i have learned how to scan them, hope some of you are interested
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    Had cracking mooch the other day, they been shooting by the wood, they got few birds there , they got few pheasants / partridge , more partridge , the owner asked if i ever see any foxes let him know , ive found the odd couple in the wood that been wounded that Buck found before, so i know you always get something either muntjac or fox. went over there 5pm nice hour before dark ,and nobody about, both my dogs got great noise , old Bryn and Buck spot on , Bryn mooches for 5-8mins then comes back, but Buck just go if on sent , more so if sees anything, been walking 50 mins, heard crash fox came bottom track then legged down the lane , prat pity didnt have me 686 12g , i would have had him , no sign of dogs yet.Old Bryn came out , no Buck then heard another crash and deer noise , prob one that been shot suppose, .Bloody hell was right in the wood , fell down feckin twice lol, got to him and Buck there with it old Bryn behind me , waiting for me , get through the cover and logs that been cut down. was good size buck, had to carry it on me shoulder for fair while , got to be good mid 30lb , plenty of dog food for them Buck did great finding it in that thick cover, and be bit meat for me and wife, freezer fair full with venison and few rabbits, i dress it out to night and have a can lol. Ray
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    Well had to put ma last old lurcher bertie to sleep today neary 15 years old after over 40 odd years of running dogs thats the last one passed so thats the end had a load of memories over the years but thats it ended so all the best to the lurcher lads al still stick ma nose in now and then but al stick to the ratting with the russels and the airgun so all the best boys
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    Good evening gents,not been on here for a while it all looks very different i couldnt work out if it was the same site for a minute till i recognised a few familiar names. Hope yous are all doing ok and in good health,your families etc Anyway,remember the chap on here who thought there was big cats roaming the countryside,would someone be able to point me in his direction,just got a few questions for him......all the best.
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    Nobody does that as it would be illegal. Pest Foxes would need to be dealt with humanely. Moving live animals would leave Terriermen open to accusations of cruelty and baiting and can only be done under permit. It is sad that ANTIs don't realise the stupidity in what they wish for! As hunters now cannot move healthy pest animals safely to location they have to be dealt with. In the old days they could have been moved with little fuss or harm. The countryside needs to be managed and without hunting selectively removing the problem animals vermin species breed to epidemic proportions and the stupid government steeps in with Indiscriminate culs via shooting, snaring, poisons abd gassing at huge cost to the farmers and tax payers. When this was all done at zero cost or fuss for generations. The Antis should be ashamed of the unnecessary harm they cause and leave wildlife management to the hunting community.
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    Got a nice dig to this lad today
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    My 3/4 grey/1/4 bull bitch 7 months old now starting to take shape, ticking all the boxes although not the brightest pup iv ever had , fingers crossed she ll make the grade, cheers
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    Spent the day evicting some bunny’s from there hedgerow lairs. It was the sort of day that would normally be in favour for them to bolt weather wise, yet it was not meant to be. We had our armoury of purse nets, a couple hounds and I got a chance to run the longnet out for a change. Dogs were marking well, and it was great to see my pals beddy whip has come on leaps and bounds since are last outing. We only managed to get a couple bolts into the nets and one into the open field were patch picked it up quickly, the spade accounting for the rest. As is his usual style, paddy the ferret was bottling them up in stop ends and refusing to let them budge. It not always ideal but he does his job. Thanks for looking
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    New pup from Spain, hoping it does as well as the older one has
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    Been really busy lately with work and other things so not been on ! Seasons not been as good as the last but working away no so getting some lamping done ! My gwpx pup is going really well pretty chuffed with her so far bag a few bits on the lamp with her she’s a big powerful bitch now !!
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    My good mate who is the hill shepherd sorted a day out for us today, great day for hunting and all dogs done brilliant, real hard going for them 2 out and 2 shot ,happy farmer ,as he gets murdered when lambing on ,,got another farm to do next door next weekend ,happy days ,
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    Very very windy today ,coming right off the sea, done 2 big patches of whins in them ,2 foxes out ,1 dropped into a old big rabbit Warren. Brian entered and rattled him about for 20 minutes until he bolted and was cleanly missed by a gun on a stand,3 spot of day produced a nice little fox that was cleanly shot at end of a wood ,good day but cold as he'll , pic of the 2 terriers facing the wind lol
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    Couple I like from past couple weeks
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    About 15 weeks now .. he’s flying up and has a good long back, Greta temperament to. Very happy with him so far.
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    One of the saddest things to me in fieldsports is dogs getting pushed from pillar to post, some people shouldn't be allowed to own a hamster let alone a dog....
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    Two foxes off cover today.lads down from Tipperary with there hounds.Apache off here was down aswell.two good spins.the youngfella is knocking some foxes.had a couple of slips myself with the old dog no luck.i think I'll stick to hunting the hounds
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    I'm overjoyed that Alexander John came into the world at 4.10am today, weighing 8lb 10oz. It's been a worrying time but, after almost 3 days in labour , I'm equally happy that mother and baby are both doing well ! The good Lady and I have already got him his first tweed waistcoat and flat cap ! We are, indeed, blessed !
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