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    Worst night of my life was on mushrooms I was only 19 at the time and remember the whole trip all these years later like it was last night! A few of us were in our local pub when a guy a few years older than us came in absolutely off his head and laughing at everything but looked like he was having the time of his life. He stayed for a few drinks and started telling us about how he had drawn faces all over his parents house walls with red paint and it was all over the settee, carpet etc and to try and clean it up he put two socks on an electric cake whisk and was going round with it trying to wipe the paint up but it clogged up and set on fire so he threw it on the floor and ran off to the pub! We all went back to his house (his parents were on holiday) and we could not believe the state of what we walked into, luckily the whisk hadn’t burnt the house down but he had destroyed the whole house with the red paint. He then got the mushrooms out and said help yourself so us being young, drunk and stupid, boiled them up and made tea with them like we had done with English mushrooms in the past that were just a bit trippy and made you laugh all night but turns out these were mexican mushrooms he has brought from a shop in derby (salamanders for all you old derby sessioners lol) and you was only meant to eat 5 grams per person but we put the whole lot in one brew! We drank the tea then went outside for a smoke and not even halfway down mine i was starting to come up on them and the fun began! It was absolutely f***ing horrific lol.....if you’ve never taken acid or mushrooms there’s nothing I can describe it like.....for about 40 mins I was just completely incapable of moving and was lying on the sofa with the most f****d up things going on in my head and every time I tried to move my whole body just felt like it was made of lead! I came round a bit but after another ten mins or so it hit me again and I thought I was going to die so i had to go upstairs to a bedroom to shut the door and curl up on a bed in the dark to see it out but it was probably the worst thing I could of done as all alone it just got scary, really f***ing scary! I remember tripping I was on a life support machine and my whole family were there with a doctor saying we will leave him for another hour and if he isn’t awake when we come back we have to switch the machine off and then they all walked out.......for what seem liked an eternity I was trying to wake up when a mate who never took any came in and got me up......I was sweating like f**k and my mouth was so dry I couldn’t speak....i always thank him for coming in as I was in a bad way and it was only going to get worse all alone! He took me outside and made me walk about which did me the world of good....we ended up over a local golf course and sat down on the bench at the highest point for a joint and a can. From the bench you could see for miles and when I finally came down a few levels I must admit it was really nice to sit and chill out on them for a few hours after but I promised myself that night I’d never take anything that can blow your mind like that again as it can’t be good for you once never mind regularly lol Family guy did a sketch of Brian the dog taking mushrooms and whoever made this got it pretty much spot on imo and has definitely taken them at some point lol They say after a bad trip your never the same again and the fact I can remember everything from that trip from 17 years ago probably proves it lol stay well away from the magic
  2. Stoney100

    Get it off your chest thread....

    That’s fair enough......like I’ve said before you can carry on for me if you think it’s all worth it
  3. Stoney100


    Just make sure you pick them before the first frost
  4. Stoney100

    Sunderland AFC ☺️

  5. Stoney100


    I’ve defended him over most things mate, I was so happy for him to get back to full fitness again and fight wilder.....that fight was and still is the best fight I’ve seen in years and it was all because of him, his story and being from england.....after the wilder fight he promised us all an immediate rematch and everyone was buzzing for it and couldn’t wait.....what has actually happened is a joke and this wrestling thing is a pisstake! If it does call off the wilder fight it does prove what he is but as a fan I hope he fights him still but if not he’s just another let down
  6. Stoney100

    Sunderland AFC ☺️

    I’m saying nothing lol
  7. Stoney100

    Sunderland AFC ☺️

    On top that you will loose ten pounds as well least it gets the charity pot up and running nice and early lol
  8. Stoney100

    Get it off your chest thread....

    Wtf....who’s that?
  9. Stoney100

    Get it off your chest thread....

    All spot on mate! Words are words no matter where or how they are said or typed.......them words can easily get in you in trouble with the wrong person, and that doesn’t have to be a big strong guy......say the wrong thing to some skinny little crackhead and he could come and see you with a knife nowadays! For me tho it can’t go one way.......if someone says something they then go on to say they didn’t mean then does that mean they didn’t mean all the good stuff they might say? If max went to meet gnasher, I think gnasher would stick to his word and not hurt him but actually admire him for having the balls to go and call him a c**t to his face. I think most would say fair play tbh and it could all be put to bed instead of being at the top of the general talk every night. It’s the fact he won’t meet him but carries on over this forum that makes him look so bad. It literally is like you say........we would all get on in person.....it’s just the internet that brings out the worst in folk
  10. Stoney100

    Get it off your chest thread....

    Or an advocaat lol
  11. Stoney100

    Get it off your chest thread....

    Fair play mate that’s the best way
  12. Stoney100

    Get it off your chest thread....

    As sure as the sun will shine mate lol
  13. Stoney100

    Get it off your chest thread....

    Though I suspect it won’t last long lol
  14. Stoney100

    Get it off your chest thread....

    It’s a better forum for it imo lol
  15. Stoney100

    Get it off your chest thread....

    No one said he should be banned.....I just said people have got banned for less......he can carry on making a c**t of himself for all I care.....I just think life’s to short for all that bollox