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  1. No real resolutions really, just plan to carry on the same and see what happens......if it’s not broke don’t fix it
  2. Stoney100


    While it’s still mathematically possible they could lose it I guess it probably best to calm down a bit in the cold light of day.......IF liverpool lose it now it would be a monumental f**k up and they would rightly get ripped to pieces lol
  3. Stoney100


    This is a clip from klopps first ever press conference at anfield and everything he said has come true watching it back now. He’s won the league in 2019 with the 2020 half still to go
  4. Stoney100


    Sorry to ruin the enthralling chat about some manky old boots on the liverpool thread
  5. He’s a grafter mate, one of them guys who could probably play most sports professionally if it’s what he chose to do!
  6. Stoney100


    What a team this is......made Leicester look like a school team......total demolition job and 13 points clear now so f**k it I’m gonna say that’s the league in the bag
  7. Stoney100


    Leicester v Liverpool http://livesoccers.tv/soccer-streams/leicester-city-vs-liverpool/
  8. Not bothered me one bit this year......not even been within 200 yards of a drunk person all week. Probably alot further down the road than I thought so happy days......Work everyday now till jan 5th then got a plane to catch
  9. Good luck with both mate
  10. Watch out for them disabled folk.....you will be fighting in tescos car park before you know it
  11. Stoney100


    Ok must of missed that part
  12. Stoney100


    It doesn’t really, just how you said “how many would do that” as if it was out the ordinary to cover costs and pay people for their time when it was his dog.....if the dog was free then £400 is pretty cheap to get it safely delivered to his house without moving a muscle
  13. Stoney100


    How much was the dog?
  14. Stoney100


    Liverpool in the world club final now on bbc 1......should be a good game this
  15. Stoney100

    Tattoos 🤔

    Smokings more a routine thing imo, change that and you can break the habit
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