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  1. Tbf he has been there and done it......
  2. Agreed! The speed and footwork from whyte was phenomenal tbh.......it was like watching a black lomachenko!
  3. I don’t think that matters mate......he’s had his moment and fair play to him......will go down in history and he gave a good account of himself tonight, just couldn’t land against a much taller man who had seven months to study him and train everyday to beat him between round 7 and 8 I’d like to see him against chisora......be some battle that imo
  4. Yes mate had a tenner.....didn’t pay for the fight tho so I can take solace out of that lol Hope stans back in the good books soon lol
  5. Has anyone heard from Stan??
  6. Haha I should off added your best to use an add blocker sorry mate!
  7. Decision coming up but I’m sure Joshua will win he did well
  8. Yeah credit where’s it due.....looks like he has learned well from his loss
  9. Ruiz finding his range tho.....not much in it going in to 3rd
  10. Go through these till you find one but the one I posted is defo working ok on iPhone https://www.boxingstreams100.com/andy-ruiz-vs-anthony-joshua-live-stream/
  11. It is for me.....refresh it and should be ok
  12. First link looks like it’s been blocked so try this if it’s not working http://www.ovostreams.com/boxing.php
  13. Only 18 lol big future in front of him!
  14. Woah never heard of this young Pacheco lad but f**k me that was brutal
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