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    ok lads, im slowly getting back on my feet, a far cry from where I was years ago, and cannot ever see me back out in them fields up to my neck in cack doing what I loved , thing is, like my title says . I want the company of a dog now, it will help me tremendously get back on my feet, get me back into society , but ve got a problem, some while ago, strong winds clobbered my fencing, and left me with an opening of about 6x 4 next to my gate, what im asking is there anyone in my area Newcastle under lyme, could sort it for me, I don't expect it done for nowt, I will pay, I will even bung in egg n chips, cos that's all im living on at the moment, lol be nice to have a dog again, I need to be out, I don't wanna spend the rest of my days stuck in front of a telly, or computer, cheers lads
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    Saturday saw me and my mate Alec traveling upto our mate Malcolm’s to do a spot of lamping the conditions weren’t favourable has it went still and the ground was very sodden but that’s lamping for you, I was very impressed with Alec’s bitch Luna she ran very well and didn’t miss much, Malcolm,s little bitch ran well to and for her size she does very well, I ran my dog Dan he has a different style of running to the other two dogs but he’s still has effective and he ran well to, we where fortunate to have a lad with us who’s pretty handy with a camera and he took a few pics of the dogs, cheers Rich you’re very talented at taking pics pal, cheers to Alec, Malcolm and Rich, good lads, great company and true gentleman. Regards Collie John.
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    I've spoken to Keith tonight and he is ok.
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    Out trying a few spots today and came across 1st pair of the season. Walking down to check the holes and the lurcher bitch was marking already by time we got there. Blocked everything up, terrier away and dug the pair at 2ft. Had plenty of singles so far but this is the 1st pair we've bumped into.
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    just had the community outlook team visit me from the hospital, they used to come every day in the beginning but now cos im doing ok they wont be coming until next Tuesday, they are the people concerned about your state of mind, I told em in the beginning that once id done my final bit for Ruthy that's me done, and that was my true thoughts of I suppose an irrational man, having lost my mate of nearly 30 years, then topped by a stroke, but 2 years ago, she was diagnosed with that awful disease which I cannot even bring myself to say, my way of life stopped that awful day. rehomed my dogs n ferrets. and looked after her the best I could. and believe you me I suffered mentally and emotionally, I never turned my back on the poor lady, nor was anything to much trouble for her, she wanted she got, heres 1 instance for you, one night she was in bed downstairs, I brought a double bed down stairs for her, cos I could no longer carry her up, anyway she wanted a glass of water, she spilled the water onto the bed,. and she panicked, don't worry I says, its only water. picks her up, puts her on my chair changed the bedding, and put her back, there you go I says job done, I put so much into looking after Ruth, without thinking, I neglected my own health. and I know that's how come I ended up in a stroke ward, I did my all and more for that lady, but now theres nowt else I can do, so I can at least hold my head high, now then, I promised myself, no way on gods earth will I waken up Christmas morning, to an empty house, and deffo wont be listening to auld langs eyne on my own, why should I when there is a way out, and im only thinking what any man or woman would be thinking in my situation, but now, because of what folk have done for me, doggie mac, and you guys listening to me, and now I have a pup on the way for Christmas.im starting to feel happy again, I can see a future if I pull my finger out, thanks black dog, and thanks to the hunting life for listening to me, 1 wrong word from any 1 of you would have sent me over edge im sure
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    Leading on from a thread in the country crafts section. A link was put up of a bird in America selling farrier file knives made for chefs and charging $800 so I decided to ha e a go at knocking one up today to see if I matched hers. Well I think their pretty similar so £620 is the equivalent of $800 ... don’t all rush at once I will take orders hers. mine ......
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    Some of the sealyhams I bred years ago .
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    A true gent indeed. and little does he know it, but the offer of that pup has completely changed my outlook on life, what would you folks rather waken up to Christmas morning, an empty house, or a true pal,
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    12months old just starting him off
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    Another good dig to this fella yesterday
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    im pleased with both the parents, but must admit that collie looks a stonker, and by the looks of the pups, they have his build, and yes I forgot a decent nicely marked jacket on em, what more do I want from life now, ive got a roof over my head, I owe nobody nowt, ive got food in the cupboard. ive got you lot as my friends, but most of all, im slowly getting my health back, its 2 am as I type this, and I honestly feel like a teenager , lol bugger off socks,,,, im still extremely lonely, but if that's all I have to put up with in life now, then so be it cheers lads and another thank you to you blackdog
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    Still got the wrapper on that fcuker
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    that’s mother and father of the pups
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    i`m just over an hour away if you do move and you need someone with a big van give us a shout ..
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    I have put this in the ferreting section but thought I would put in here too as some of the lads keep in touch and track Pips progress. Don't post a lot on here anymore and sometimes think it's gone down hill however if it wasn't for this site I wouldn't have had the morning I've had. I have a new team this year, 3new ferrets and a pup who is now 6months old. All off which came through people I have met on or through THL. I was hoping to go out with a mate of mine this morning but missed the boat. Decided I still wanted to get out so me and my little girl took the team out local. Wasn't expecting anything as we have had recent floods round here but wanted to get the ferrets and dog in the field for some practice together. Ferrets had never been entered and dog never worked, obviously with the age. Chucked the gear on our backs and set off walking. Next door neighbours lad asked if he could come so he joined us too. Walked to the end of the lane where there is a few small sets but they are in/around Hawthorne bushes but can get all the way round them, not across a fence line etc so thought it would be easier to work alone (which basically I was). Well the spot is about half a mile from our door and when we got to the first of 3 spots it had obviously been recently dug and back filled so I left it. Walked on to the second spot about another 150yards and it was the same and the third spot 50yards the same. Decided to about turn and was going to try another spot in some woods. As we passed the first spot again the pup was head and shoulders into the bottom of the bush so I decided to try a ferret. If nothing else it would give the ferret a run through some burrows for the first time on a spot I could see all exits. Didn't put any nets down as all the holes were well under the Hawthorne and brambles plus I didn't expect anything with signs it had been recently worked. Kid on either corner and I was sat at the bottom with the pup on her lead when to my surprise a rabbit bolted! I made a mess of getting the slip off the pup so the rabbit was about 25yards away but straight lining towards the second spot. Pip shot off and made the ground sharpish, she took the rabbit on the run just before it got to the second spot. I whistled her and she came straight back almost to hand.  Got the stinker out and came home. I hadnt planned and didn't want to give the pup a run that far so didn't want to keep pushing her, she's too young for that yet. I was over the moon with my team, it was amazing to see her tear off after the rabbit, then to make the ground up, catch it and keep hold when it was squealing and kicking, then to bring it back! Wow, what a feeling.  All possible because of people I have met through here. Thanks THL!
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    Pup out my dog done well again today second time out, gamekeeper was well happy, little natural We have here I hope, haven’t had to do much with him to get him going been Keen since word go, not gonna lie was a good feeling watching him work today wasn’t an easy place either, had to work hard , atb At
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    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
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    that's me done now on this sad topic, Ruth has number 1 place in my heart, but now I need to move on RIP dear lady
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    First season black dog and second season chocolate dog
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    He's bouncing to go another month and maybe
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    to be honest with you mate, and to the rest of you, I woke up this morning saying to myself, what the f**k is there to live for, I was cold, hungry, housework still needed to be done, hardly any food in, washing needed doing, and I felt terribly lonely, but somebody must be looking down on me . cos look whats in front of me now, a life saver YES PLEASE any one of them will do me thank you very much
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    Young bitch of my mates...
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    Thats it im in..... Dont let the truth get in the way of a good story....how f****n dare you my mrs has a clitoris you shit slag c**t....thats such a low down snidey dig i know its aimed at me...if your going to troll me and have these snidey digs your going to get it back i give as a good as i get no matter how many of your munchy bunchers give you likes youve been warned give my mrs abuse again and you can expect the same you sad lowlife c**t.
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    Done 4 miles of banking today .dogs done well ,put 5 foxes out .shot 1 .was a new spot so didn't know where to stand lads . This young dog is absolutely flying now .has a mass hatred for the fox .screams his head right off . More pics to follow .
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    The bitch I have is a 3 quarter greyhound quarter collie
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    Excellent 2 days with keepers..had 6 lamping ,then bolted 4 missed 1 shot 3 .both terriers done well.they are absolutely knackered like me .I took my youngest son .he was over moon .was lamping last night for head keeper ,driving quads today . The fox had just bolted I was to slow with photograph and then the gun
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    My new import bitch. Top lines from Serbia
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    Strange place on here mind. A thread about cross dressing Yanks or whatever gets 100 posts an hour, and a genuine thread about a day out with the terriers doesn’t get a look in
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    My little team.Teckels,Spaniel+lurcher.
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    Good thread this do everyone a favour and f**k off
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    Bushing, hunting out and pursuing, various wild critters, really is ,...my most favourite minor field sport... http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
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    I hope today went as well as could be expected. All any of us can hope for when our time’s up is that we were loved. Nothing else matters. And if she knew you loved her to the end, and I’m sure she did, then you did her proud friend. As for anyone thinking you’re attention seeking..., nothing could be further from the truth. There’ll be hundreds, maybe thousands of lads and lasses on here who’s hearts are breaking for your troubles. I’ve read the posts and they’re heartfelt. Many probably haven’t posted because they can’t find the right words. I can’t, but would only urge that you hang in there pal.
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    Nothing killed, but what a cracking morning for a walk... Straight out the backdoor and away, dogs are starting to shape up, done a bit of lamping and quick ferreting trips, looking forward to the hedges dying back and getting at it properly!
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    I really like the rough and ready collie crosses,..always have done, always will JAKE.... http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
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    If anything comes up and your in need of transport to get a dog from somewhere or to go have a look at one I’ll help you out with transport if needed. Your probably about an hour from me so it won’t be a problem. If I can help out I will. Atb Igz
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    A knife each for a couple I know .....
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    if thats your opinion then you stand by it ... i`ve had family and friends suffer with it and i`d like to think me being there for them helped ;; a mate of mines suffered for years with it and i`d never turn my back on him it makes me smile when he smiles makes me laugh when he laughs .. times when i`ve had to go round and coax him out of bed make sure he gets a shower and a shave on the days/weeks he`s let himself go , be a shoulder for him to cry on and give if a hug when he needs it , i speak to him everyday and see him as many times as needs depression or not he`s my mate and always will be ... now if thats what you call some c**t dragging you down then your a million miles away --
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    Spent eight hours up at chesil beach last night. Lots of whiting, eels , dogs and pout. Unfortunately no bass or cod, but I didn't blank and had a thoroughly good time.
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    Few photos of the pup after a walk up north a 10 mile hike
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