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    Meet a fellow lurcher man on site from glasgow ran dogs for alot of years was working with him for a few months .Heard he had a bad accident and was told he couldn't walk again nearly a year in hospital and bed poor guy always keep in touch through whats app sending him videos Hed already had bought a house in spain to retire to which he was about to do at the time of the accident so he was home sorting his passport out and i suggested a day out drove to a banken with a few big warrans on as he sat in the motor and watched and he loved it as you can hear on the video lol sandymere guys wanting to know about the cousing in Spain if you could help him out thanks very happy man lol
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    Found this in a hedge but it's missing the GPS. Anybody know where I can get one? Cheers, D.
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    While everybody on about Toby ped we dug his granddaughter today
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    This is my lad...Mali cross coursing type dog
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    My collie greyhound x whippet greyhound bitch can’t fault her
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    Let’s see these pups everyone has on the go for the future running get a picture posted an a little description of how there bred,age, height tts picture below is my bitch pup swift she’s about 5 an half months old 22tts she’s bred out of a bitch I bred that was bred collie/greyhound whippet greyhound deerhound to a f1 bedlington greyhound the mother to this pup was bred to a very similar bred dog but a little more bedlington I’m really happy with this pup how she’s turning out
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    A proper all rounder, fur or feather, he walks the beating line, retrieves to a gun and he'll mark to ground. If I could put my wishlist together I wouldn't of got any closer to this dog........gifted to me as a pup, Australian cattle dog x greyhound
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    Swifty, Daughter of Jock and Dusty...
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    My lads Collie Grey X Whippet.... And my Collie Grey "type" bitch
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    Yesterday's planned ferreting trip was curtailed due to a combination of escaped Dexters and an afternoon spent repairing an electric fence unit. So this morning I was determined to snatch at least an hour or two in pursuit of something less lumpy than these two ignorant sods. THEY WEREN'T SO CUTE YESTERDAY! There are very few rabbits on my little bit of permission but the neighour ,despite being vegetarian herself, has no problem letting me skip the fence . With minimal gear stuffed in my pockets and only a ferret box and spade to carry I set off ,with the dog ,across her rough field towards a little pit where I knew there was a relable bury. Halfway there the dog went into pointer mode. A little chase ensued ,during which I didn't spot the bunny until it appeared in the dog's mouth. It clearly made the mistake of overestimating its pursuer and dropped into a squat ,rather than breaking cover and making ,what would probably've been , a successful dash for freedom. We found a rabbit at home in the pit bury. But,er,due to some substandard netting from me and the dog fumbling a catch , it escaped. It was an amateur performance. Though I prefer the term accidental conservation. A bit further on the dog gave another mark. There were only a dozen holes but half of them were under the branches of a fallen ash. I opted to struggle with netting them all. And it paid -off. Having got the frustration of yesterday's aborted mission clear of the system and with things to do at home ,I resisted the temptation to carry-on. I know; blooming part-timer.
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    Part the flaps, and get stuck in
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    Today the time we all dread came ,RIP Molly and thanks for the memories i'll never forget lass..
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    Took the old dogs up.the moors ground was solid with the heavy frost old dogs had a great day out catching one each younger dogs got the rest the golden eagle were hovering above waiting on a crust lol
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    First pair in together for this bitch...
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    For a few years now we have given home made gifts to each other bit gay but better than getting some plastic rubbish you dont want , Anyway this year I've made chalkboards out of pallet wood and some scrap ply dont think they look to shabby
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    It genuine keeps me up at night sometimes when I’ve been out how much my life would change if I’d been pulled over ever. Car gone i believe you can loose your licence for serial offences I’ll never get my head round the fact that you can drive to a lads house and smash his face in and no mention of the motor . Yet if you use a car for coursing , it’s basically gone. I genuinely cannot see how that is legal as surely it’s completely unconnected we have rolled over as a lurcher community and allowed this to happen to us whilst being told we are needed by the ca and all those organisations fighting on our behalf. You never hear ofany hunts having horse boxes seized or being banned from contact with a pack of hounds yet again the poor relations disgusting
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    He has just been murdered in the general election
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    Few recent pics of my pup, looking more lurcher like now, picks everything up very quickly
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    I wonder how the family that lived here were preparing for their first Christmas in their new home. What the children were expecting from santy. Simpler times, not without its hardships, but probably a better pace of life than today's one. Atb j
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    Upon clicking on this topic the only surprise is that he aint dead !
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    I hunted a fair bit with Damien down the years. He always was good for the banter on a day out. Hell of a good man on a shovel.A few of us are meeting in the morning to dig his grave, hard to believe.Rip.
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    Getting my pup on Thursday lads
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    Practically got his people’s vote and again we have voted brexit. Let’s hope the remoaners have finally got the message. We want out. Cmon boris
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    I try to retain plenty of sheepdog savvy, however, I now prefer to put some whippet into the mix , just to keep the size down, for the old hedgerow job.
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    Another Spartacus bred dog I had another great working dog
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    Percect moor weather for a yomp with the dogs...bright and blowing a gale... Got out with Balaur (Joe) and it certainly blew any cob webs away, a few pretty steep hills got us puffing but the views were as epic as always...nice to see his dogs again, always had a soft spot for the big Wheaton cross and shes a full on bundle of energy now.... Great walk...
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    Well a big thanks to mick ,cracking pup , settled in well last night didn’t make a noise in kennel super looking pup will keep you all updated
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    I'm a big believer in using the right dog for the right job... So at this time of year you need a Turkey herder....only one dog for it...
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    Short eared owl, isle of sheppey Kent.
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