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    Took dear old Dusty for her last walk today... I was gifted this good-hearted pup, from a guy that in reality, I hardly knew. I traveled from my home in Hampshire to a Welsh Valley and collected her... She was a super friendly pup and fitted into our lifestyle, no problem. She served me well, for nine long years, we had some good times, caught vanloads of game and enjoyed plenty of laughs,... I am sad to say goodbye ... Alas, the Big C has no mercy and seems to enjoy inflicting horrendous pain. I feel privileged to deny this heartless monster it's perverse enjoyment,...mercifully, she did not have to endure the torment of a bad death. As an enthusiast, I am in this game, for life,..so life must go on... RIP Dusty,...thanks for the memories.
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    I don't get out now, so ive just been looking at some of my days out in the field wi Nell, cracking dog and a great and faithfull companion, I used to look forward to getting up in the mornings and being greeted by her. and my ferrets pacing up and down in their hutch waiting to go out, thanks for looking
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    Wifes been busy on a painting for me this Christmas. She let me see it early as she didn't want to wrap it. And I 've been a good boy, honest mi 'lud
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    Hello everyone. I am trying to keep alive a traditional hunting style down here, in the Argentine Patagonia, called "Cazeria de Monteria Criolla", using the amazin local breeds of dogs and horses. It’s a reality that people are more and more disconnected from nature, and too often from their very selves. When you step into life in the untouched wilderness, embracing all that it means to survive off the land; from using your knife, gathering your own food, working in synchronicity with your trusted dogs and horses to secure your life, sleeping where you find shelter, only then can a true shift can really take place. Experiencing life in such a primal and ancient way can provide healing from the disconnect, both from the land and from your own self. Being out there with your animals as companions, no longer frustrated pets, having them working with you in order to survive and ultimately merge with the immense beauty of raw nature is a true call to me. My purpose in creating these riding experiences is to share this with those who are ready for something unique and primitive. Hunting for us is not about the kill, it’s about survival necessity, connecting to the place we live in, understanding its nature, it’s people and culture. The “Montéria” is a big game hunting style whose origins are lost in time. Hunting dogs are the essential players in the montéria. According to the territory in which montéria is practiced, there are substantially differing styles, including differences in the kinds of dog breeds used and the dogs’ training and approach to the hunt itself. In Argentina we have the “Montéria Criolla” which in its true essence has to be done with a pack of dogs, knives only and usually by horseback. Gunpowder weapons are not allowed, and that’s how we like it! In modern days Argentina is one of the very few places on earth where you can still experience the montéria in its genuine, rough essence. Argentina’s stark landscapes, massive and ferocious wild boars and other indigenous species of wild game naturally blend with the local horse culture. The tough, reliable dogs; Dogo Argentino and Galgo Patagonico along with the Criollo Argentino Horse are the natural outcome of such an intense environment.
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    Day out with mate who shepherds on a fell , he had been seeing good few foxes about , first spot we struck 2 close to each other , one made good his escape using a river bank to his advantage, gun could only see his ears , other ran straight down the wood and a gun got him at the bottom .second spot produced 1 , was a hell of s hunt but he used all the marsh and was only seen a couple of times.
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    Got pissed on from start to finish , drove for an hour , was gonna knock it on head . But my youngest lad has waited all week to go out . He was the lamper for night and me the rabbit carrier for night . Turned out a decent night . Ended up with 14 , still plenty to go at as well. Happy lad n dog
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    Best terrier I ever had named Howdy is gone.I have debated for two weeks to post this. I have never posted on any forum on the internet.After much deliberation I think he deserves this.Gone at 13. Blind and selectively deaf since 9. He spent his latter years in hand picked spots. He ran loose the last 2 months of his life still trying to start trouble at every kennel.Howdy your gone but I will always strive to be as game as you.
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    Out yesterday for a couple of hours with a mate to stretch the hounds legs, hounds got a very good hound, didn’t miss a beat. Put the fox to ground, mate said the famous words, it’s a handy spot, so I went for my pup. Soon as I brought him to the earth he was going mad to get of his lead, second I let him of he was gone, give him 10 mins no sign, mate put his ear to the mouth of the hole and could hear him clamped to the fox, I started to locate, heart went in my mouth when I seen 9ft on the box! Phoned a mate for backup! Straight out to us, pup did not let a mute out! Over the moon!!
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    Sadly as I see it….. it is yet another case of history repeating itself. It’s not the first time that a very small and unrepresentative minority who have, by their actions and callous behaviour/attitudes dragged terrierwork into the gutter and beyond. Unless I’m very mistaken, the 1990’s clip which was shown related to what those who were about at that time still refer to as the "Builth Wells Case". In that instance, despite the fact that pretty much everything surrounding that case was already illegal, the actions of those involved came across as being so callous and their actions so offensive to the general public, that it was impossible for anyone to defend the indefensible. The end result was a further strengthening up of the existing legislation and resulted in the 1992 Badgers Act. This most recent debacle is an almost mirror image of the “Builth Wells Case”, it has exactly the same potential to have done irreparable damage to Terrierwork and to its future. Sadly it's now a matter of record, it will never go away and our opponents will always use it to their maximum advantage and at every possible opportunity. It’s been suggested elsewhere that this thread should be deleted and I can fully understand the motivation behind that. The film shows Terrierwork in the worst possible light, most of its content and the views expressed are an absolute disgrace. What it shows is totally unrepresentative of terrierwork and of terriermen in general and it’s something which we should all be rightly rightly ashamed of and angry about…. but I would strongly disagree about deleting it. Personally, instead of deleting it, I would highlight and pin it as a real life example of the kind of irreparable damage which can so easily be done by a small group of thoughtless individuals.... IT SHOULD SERVE AS A LESSON TO US ALL AND NOT BE IGNORED BY ANYONE. J.M.H.O. - Barrie
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    Tonight I was unfortunate to witness a bad crash .although no one seriously hurt , I also was a certain mother’s hero , as the car had overturned badly and a child was stuck in his seat in the back , the poor mother was frantic , I didn’t think twice and was in the back upside down getting this little fella out of his seat , he clung to me like there was no tommorow , I was glad to have helped and as soon as police n ambulance arrived I was sent on my way after giving my details , nice walk with dogs after that to reflect , you just don’t know what’s round the corner,
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    Just an update lads not that you care this is my pup now he just turned 4 months old he’s making a lovely dog
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    The chicken sheds have been very quiet recently with very little rat activity due to the change of pest controller who knows his job (b*****d lol).Got the call last minute as usual and turned up with 4 terriers . Like the old days really with rats breaking out as the shed was moving and terriers doing their thing . Finished with 168 with about 20 killed under the shed as it cleared the muck and not in the pic . Hopefully some immunity has been built up . Brings our running tally to 19,775 since starting in 2008
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    Monty aged 13 months..... a gift and a VERY generous gift too
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    Just me and the grew out tonight for her first look on the lamp , had to get the rabbits handy with her being so green but she didn’t miss much and retrieved ever rabbit back to hand, looking good
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    Having not been on the forum since dinosaurs last walked the earth i thought I'd drop by & shout hello ☺ ..hope everyone is doing ok,the running dogs are all healthy & prepared for their winter campaigns,fingers crossed you all have enough game on the ground to keep your dog's active over the forthcoming months..I've still got Boots who will be 6 years old in a fortnight but he unfortunately suffered a horrendous injury which seen him unable to put his leg on the ground for 9 months which put a damper on last season but he's looking grand just now,I'm pretty certain he will breakdown again this season which will result in his retirement coming earlier than I would of hoped though,we have recently had a day in the mountains & he covered over 20 miles that day according to his tracking collar & thankfully he returned home on all 4 legs so fingers crossed we can get a few more trips out together before I have to hang up his leash, Fenn is fast approaching her 7th birthday,Don who will be 10 in March & Ruby the Pom is still going as strong as ever even though she seen her 12th birthday back in July,but sadly my young coursing bred dog Mario died after becoming unwell earlier this year which left me devastated but when it comes to working dogs rarely do things run smoothly..dogs & myself all getting older but pretty much just as things were since my last visit,best of luck to you all for the season ahead..Atb Andy
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    That’s them at 8 or 9 months. Strong but not over sized
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    I'm shit at this stuff but I'm good at remembering stuff. A quote of TC's from a few years ago that seemed relevant...
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    Having just got home from a funeral of old teacher, i was wondering if any of you have had good recollections from your past, don't want to know about the bad ones other wise we could be here for eternity . This old boy was something else, first off he could be as tough as they come, hard but fair, he gave up his lunch times to teach me how to cast a fly rod, i would take the ferret to school and spend time in the school wood nailing rabbits then be late back for his woodwork or tech drawing lesson, he would play fck not cause i was late but because i hadn't asked him to go with me. I have kept in touch with him till this day, he was the world champion goldpanner , he had a gold stake out in the states and even invented a pump for getting the gold from river beds which he could have patented and made a fortune from but just wanted every one else to have one, he never sold a single ounce of his gold. The list of things this man did was unbelievable, organ player, woodturner, guitar maker, beekeeper, fisherman , the list could go on and on, ha had been a fantastic cross country runner in his hay day racing against Brasher and Bannister sometimes beating them both. He lost his wife 5 yrs ago after a long illness nursing her all through it and refusing to let her go in a home, ater that he was struck down with some lung disease [ said to me the fags had finally caught up with him] , it was sad to go to his home and see him with the oxy tanks and mask but he had made some home made extensions to the pipes so as he coud still get to his bees and his shed. I will miss George Alfred Henderson, rest in peace old lad.
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    Everybody meet CLYDE bred out of my old dog TROY
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