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    Took dear old Dusty for her last walk today... I was gifted this good-hearted pup, from a guy that in reality, I hardly knew. I traveled from my home in Hampshire to a Welsh Valley and collected her... She was a super friendly pup and fitted into our lifestyle, no problem. She served me well, for nine long years, we had some good times, caught vanloads of game and enjoyed plenty of laughs,... I am sad to say goodbye ... Alas, the Big C has no mercy and seems to enjoy inflicting horrendous pain. I feel privileged to deny this heartless monster it's perverse enjoyment,...mercifully, she did not have to endure the torment of a bad death. As an enthusiast, I am in this game, for life,..so life must go on... RIP Dusty,...thanks for the memories.
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    Wifes been busy on a painting for me this Christmas. She let me see it early as she didn't want to wrap it. And I 've been a good boy, honest mi 'lud
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    Was out on a shoot this morning and due to the sun shining and a wind to dry anything out we didn't really expect to find but we showed willing and you don't find feck all sat at home with dogs sat bored in kennels,so we set off and as we checked and walked many places and hedge rows and blanked.Well we had one final place to check and we'd had one out of there a month or so back and yep that was empty as well,but you don't just check the holes you know and i let my old( 12 1/2 years old) plummer bitch work the rest of the hedge row and she squeezed into a tight little place and settled at a meter on the box ticking away.Half hour and were through to lift the dog and shoot the fox which is the smallest fox i ever did see as it goes but feck it size don't matter unless it's a whopper eh lads..
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    Full weekend at keepers spot ,but while I was there they have all chipped in and donated 500 quid to the ward my granddaughter had her operation on. Ward 23 freemans hospital .unreal . Plus donated some prizes for the raffle my family is doing .any way we had 4 yesterday and 3 today happy days .
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    Now to most ofu this is just a scronny rabbit. But this has made my weekend. My wee fella has been under the weather last few weeks. In for a wee procedure Friday and he was in some discomfort Friday night in to sat morning. I went to work sat evening came back midnight and he was still awake. He said u hear the wind I think me An the pup could make a field or 2. He sounds familiar , we let his pup have 2 runs she probs shouldn’t have on a slight hill and only just turned 7 months old that day, we wandered back to the car only to spot one in a place we hadn’t really seen any so a slow walk up so the pup could see up it pops pup missed the first turn to a fine snatch with the second . She had it by the foot so dropped briefly and a better hold she trotted tail up chest out back to young Ewan perfect retrieve and a kid that could litterally have touched the moon he was flying was absolutely made up for him
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    i dug out some old photos and after loads of messing about i have learned how to scan them, hope some of you are interested
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    Day out with mate who shepherds on a fell , he had been seeing good few foxes about , first spot we struck 2 close to each other , one made good his escape using a river bank to his advantage, gun could only see his ears , other ran straight down the wood and a gun got him at the bottom .second spot produced 1 , was a hell of s hunt but he used all the marsh and was only seen a couple of times.
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    Had cracking mooch the other day, they been shooting by the wood, they got few birds there , they got few pheasants / partridge , more partridge , the owner asked if i ever see any foxes let him know , ive found the odd couple in the wood that been wounded that Buck found before, so i know you always get something either muntjac or fox. went over there 5pm nice hour before dark ,and nobody about, both my dogs got great noise , old Bryn and Buck spot on , Bryn mooches for 5-8mins then comes back, but Buck just go if on sent , more so if sees anything, been walking 50 mins, heard crash fox came bottom track then legged down the lane , prat pity didnt have me 686 12g , i would have had him , no sign of dogs yet.Old Bryn came out , no Buck then heard another crash and deer noise , prob one that been shot suppose, .Bloody hell was right in the wood , fell down feckin twice lol, got to him and Buck there with it old Bryn behind me , waiting for me , get through the cover and logs that been cut down. was good size buck, had to carry it on me shoulder for fair while , got to be good mid 30lb , plenty of dog food for them Buck did great finding it in that thick cover, and be bit meat for me and wife, freezer fair full with venison and few rabbits, i dress it out to night and have a can lol. Ray
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    Out yesterday for a couple of hours with a mate to stretch the hounds legs, hounds got a very good hound, didn’t miss a beat. Put the fox to ground, mate said the famous words, it’s a handy spot, so I went for my pup. Soon as I brought him to the earth he was going mad to get of his lead, second I let him of he was gone, give him 10 mins no sign, mate put his ear to the mouth of the hole and could hear him clamped to the fox, I started to locate, heart went in my mouth when I seen 9ft on the box! Phoned a mate for backup! Straight out to us, pup did not let a mute out! Over the moon!!
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    Me lads first bout today after a few skills bouts, we have travelled over to maryport, lads confident an his wee mate from the same clubs fight been cancelled last minute he has trained hard so let’s see what he can do
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    Well had to put ma last old lurcher bertie to sleep today neary 15 years old after over 40 odd years of running dogs thats the last one passed so thats the end had a load of memories over the years but thats it ended so all the best to the lurcher lads al still stick ma nose in now and then but al stick to the ratting with the russels and the airgun so all the best boys
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    Just an update lads not that you care this is my pup now he just turned 4 months old he’s making a lovely dog
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    Tonight I was unfortunate to witness a bad crash .although no one seriously hurt , I also was a certain mother’s hero , as the car had overturned badly and a child was stuck in his seat in the back , the poor mother was frantic , I didn’t think twice and was in the back upside down getting this little fella out of his seat , he clung to me like there was no tommorow , I was glad to have helped and as soon as police n ambulance arrived I was sent on my way after giving my details , nice walk with dogs after that to reflect , you just don’t know what’s round the corner,
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    14 years ago today was the first day of the last Waterloo Cup. Where have those years gone and what a big miss on my Callander the Blue Ribband of Coursing is. They were my fav 3 days of the year from the Call over in Southport to the 3 days Coursing on The Withens and Lydiate. There were some friendships made on those fields that will last a lifetime. Part of British History and Culture gone due to Incompetant ' treacherous politics. 1836 - 2005 Waterloo Cup Winners of yesteryear got a audience with the Queen. Crowds of 80k were the norm. The Grand National was born off the back of William Lynn and the Waterloo Cup. Great Memories and a terrible Shame all round it's no more.
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    Just me and the grew out tonight for her first look on the lamp , had to get the rabbits handy with her being so green but she didn’t miss much and retrieved ever rabbit back to hand, looking good
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    Took lad out with terriers on some new permission this morning found four earths there last week checked this morning 3 were occupied bolted two cleanly dispatched by farmers son with shotgun dug one at 1.3m farmer more than happy getting full run of his cousins land as well lad can’t wait to get out in couple of days
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    This dog I bred and raised. He is the same family line of dog breed to a full wolfhound then crossed back to a stag hound. He could burn a coyote down and really snuff the life from one quick. He is a good pig dog also as you can see. I breed him to 3/4 pit 1/4 cane corso bitch and got a very nice litter of pups. They are 13 months old now and really turning out to be good pig dogs. I'll post pictures of them later.