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  1. Like Dervburner says they would be legal . They would be ok for range shooting I suppose, but to my mind they look a bit “ military “ , and that is a problem if you are out hunting and a member of the public sees you . They look a bit intimidating and I reckon it wouldn’t be long before there was an armed response unit swarming all over you .
  2. Spot on about the big three Phil . And I’m not getting drawn into another O/U vs SBS again .
  3. Another issue that I forgot to mention in my previous answer is that anyone thinking of getting a semi auto for clays needs to get one that can cycle 28 gram cartridges, because not all of them will , particularly the inertia ones .
  4. I don’t doubt it . I saw several bucks in Northumberland, all in velvet. And bucks here in Gloucestershire still fraying . Interesting how they vary from place to place .
  5. That buck is clean !! All the ones I’ve been seeing are in velvet.
  6. You can tell an egg that’s hatched from one that’s been attacked by a predator. Look for signs that the egg was pushed out or pushed in . The nest site will have the eggs all over the shop too , if it’s been burgled. Fingers crossed they hatched
  7. Semi autos are not ideal because they spit the spent cartridges out , which then have to be found and gathered up and put in the bin , also they tend to take longer to reload and faff about stuffing your cartridges in instead of keeping focused on the target . But for people who suffer from recoil because of injury or age they are a great choice. And it allows them to participate in the sport for longer .
  8. The night out on the shoot looking for foxes drew a blank . We covered 1000s of acres of big fields interspersed with woods and gorse banks , perfect fox habitat, but only saw one fox and that was running as fast as its legs would carry it away from us in the distance, some 500 yards away . I was disappointed but only really because I was keen to shoot one through his Pulsar thermion xp50 , and here how good his JetZ moderator compares to my wildcat . Maybe next time ? I did a spot of sea trout fishing on one of the rivers on the estate that is a tributary of the tweed . There
  9. Yes I saw lapwing too , and oyster catchers. I’ve not seen them this far inland ( 5 miles) , but they are on all the flight ponds and marshy patches .
  10. Depends where you put them , although with this lockdown there are people everywhere.
  11. I’m going to get my “chippy” head on and have a go . I like making stuff like that .
  12. I’m up in sunny Northumberland at the moment. Me and Mrs’s SL have been invited to stay on my mates shoot in one of the gun lodges . I can see why he left Gloucestershire and moved up here , it’s absolutely stunning. We have had a bit of a day out , called into Berwick on tweed and down to Holy island . The shoot itself covers 6500 acres with another two shoots of 10,000 acres that is owned by the same operator. They have pheasant , partridge, duck and grouse and there are also 200 or so English partridge that are breeding in the wild . The bird life up here is prolific, I counted 43 Curlew th
  13. Good write up , and great result . Well done Ben
  14. I got one , it has worked on cubs on the first silage cut and near the den . It seemed to be of interest to them ..... but it might have also been just the rabbit distress call , possibly . I’ve also shot adult foxes that were feeding cubs . I can’t say if it helped , but it didn’t put them off . I only use it on evening or morning sit outs , for obvious reasons . Honestly, I think it’s more for US Coyote shooting, but can work in certain situations. Keep your money and see how you get on with just the caller .
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