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  1. Just speaking for myself Wolf dog , I don’t use anything like that . All my shooting is “straight at it “ . Mostly at night , but sometimes in daylight. I’m limited at night to the distance I can use my digisight, which is about 250meters absolute max , but most often a lot less . My daytime shooting tends to be me stumbling on a fox and having to be quick, by the time I’d taken a wind reading and used a rangefinder, then input the data , then wound the turrets , the fox would probably be in the next field or county. But I can see that in some situations I would like to be able to shoot a lot
  2. I was going to say that , and then I thought, here we go again.
  3. F@ck the EU . I’d rather wait till next year and get bullets from our “ friends “ in America.
  4. I just spoke to a dealer and it will be next year before we see supplies from the states.
  5. Just an update. Moocher71 sent me the picture, not only that he also packed another picture by Mick Cawston “ the one that got away . He said all he wanted was postage , but when I pressed him for details of how I could pay him , he said don’t worry it’s nice to do something for someone. I’ve got to say that his generosity has touched me . If he won’t take anything for the pictures I am going to make a donation to the Johnny boy charity on the general section, it seems a worthy cause . I get a lot out of this forum , there are some good souls on here and reading about Johnny boy , he seemed t
  6. I’ve never heard of clipping partridge wings . You clip pheasant wings , when you put them to wood ( in your release pen) , it just helps to stop the whole lot flying over the wire before they have had chance to acclimatise and know where home is . The way partridge are released is different. Normally they are kept in covered flights ( pens) and then after a few days you start to trickle a few out each day . There is no need to clip them .
  7. The same as the night before. Didn’t see Brock this time though.
  8. I’ve been too busy this morning to do any posts . So I’m sat in a high seat overlooking the big pen while I have a bit of a break . Having shot that cub the other night on the cut barley got me thinking where there is one there is usually another sat out again at dusk but this time further along the field and nearer to where it appeared. There is a couple who have bought a very large property nearby who bought a section of woodland and have planted stuff that butterflies like and call it the butterfly wood . It’s basically now a very dense unmanaged impenetrable clump of vegetatio
  9. Good work Ben , I hope you took the knee purely to get a better shooting position? We don’t want any of that BLM nonsense around here . Keep politics out of shooting I say . The good thing about Thermal and NV scope shooting on foot is if you do miss , I hasn’t got a clue what’s happened, unlike lamping where it will associate a light or vehicle noise with danger . So your paths should cross again.
  10. If I’m on foot I go alone usually. I used to always go alone when I shoot from the ATV , however the last couple of seasons I’ve got a good partner who has accompanied me . There’s no room for sightseers, he spots and does the gates , which really speeds the night along. Also he doesn’t talk too much , which is good . The problem I used to have was during the summer, when I’m foxing two or three nights a week, you are out until late . Most people have work the next day and can’t put a late night in . My mate doesn’t bother too much and like me catches up with a cat nap after supper.
  11. Had a sit out at dusk overlooking the fresh cut 20 acre barley field . There were Fallow already out when I turned up at 9.20 pm . Then I witnessed the first bit of the Roe rut with a nice buck chasing a doe . I saw a muntjac and a badger but no foxes . At 10.15 I turned the caller on , rabbit distress. I gave it 15 minutes then changed it to fox cub chatter , then at 10.45 Adam spotted Charlie to my left , I was stood on the back of the mule using the roof to shoot off because they haven’t finished baling yet and there are still rows of straw , so a more elevated shooting position was called
  12. Yes we’ve got the grandkids three days a week for the holidays. I think the boy enjoys getting out and about , I’ve got him driving the mule along the line of feeders while I top up the hoppers . I also got the air rifle out and got him plinking.
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