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  1. Alice Braga , and she’s a rug muncher .... what a waste ...... I honk I could converse her . She just hasn’t met me .
  2. I couldn’t get on here for a few days , don’t know what happened. I was wondering what happened to FH , glad to here you are still drawing breath . I went to a cremation on Friday for a very good friends wife . I don’t normally display my emotions ( stiff upper lip) but when someone who was 48 dies leaving a husband children and parents, I defy anyone not crack . Glad to see everything is still going along as it should. I didn’t realise it but when I couldn’t get on here I was at a big of a loose end , I even talked to the Mrs and daughter, and went on a walk , without a
  3. If we had free university, free prescriptions , etc , etc , I can’t see a problem? Scotland has its own parliament, it also has representatives in the House of Commons, there are no English MPs in the Scottish parliament. I think it’s the he English who feel hard done by .
  4. No problem , there aren’t any Scottish ones around here. I did see a few accosting passers by from their sleeping bags in shop doorways surrounded by bottles of frosty jacks , but by and large they have been eradicated by the successful greys and are only found in a few cold and inhospitable areas .
  5. I have friends in Wales and have met and liked many from Scotland and Ireland . Individually they are all great , but something happens when the Rugby internationals come around, all of a sudden I’m an “English b*****d “. I wouldn’t have it any other way . It would be a dull place if we were all the same .
  6. I scraped a load of damp wheat up from the bottom of a trailer and dumped a few bags under a couple of high seats . Not very productive at the moment. Only seen a few and shot two . I’ll give it another day or two .
  7. I’m sat in a high seat squirrel bashing . Helps pass the time. Actually I’m going to have to move , I can’t feel my feet .
  8. I’m interested to hear from some of the Scottish members of the site . I think you are right though .
  9. I’ve been following , reading , watching what the SNP are saying , wanting another referendum, wanting to get back into the EU . They are a nationalist party so I get that . My own feelings are as an Englishman we are stronger and better as a Union. I’ve watched some interviews of the general public in Scotland and I’m none the wiser . Why does there still even after the referendum seem to be a desire to be independent? Is it the Brave heart thing ? Do the Scott’s hate us that much ? Is it financial, do they think they will be better off apart ? Has Sturgeon got her sums
  10. I reckon I can make a real dent in the cock birds with the 22 . Shooting them is going to be the easy bit . Processing them is going to be a chore .
  11. My mate dropped my Norma 22LR subsonic said off this morning. I quickly took them to where I do my zeroing and set up a cardboard box at about 25 meters. The first two shots were low and to the left , a slight adjustment saw them centre and high . Down a bit and bang on . A couple more shots were literally cloverleafing . I will save trying them at range for another day , as I’ve got a job for these bullets . Because of the lockdown we have made a decision to shoot as many cocks as we can . I’m not going to do any catching up . Instead I am going to process the head shot cocks and find homes f
  12. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been watching a guy on YouTube shooting Wolves in Idaho . Watching him howling and them howling back and then approaching through the trees looks amazing. I enjoy your posts and pictures from America . Keep them coming.
  13. I just read all that . Forget the shit aftershave , did anyone notice the incredible inconsistencies in Mays narrative ? Be a Vegan , it’s better for your health. Oh and by the way I’m much better now that I’ve had my arteries unblocked and my stomach didn’t explode . Good grief .
  14. If they have the Norma name they will probably be made to their spec with their components under their production controls . I expect them to be good quality, well I hope so .
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