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  1. Disaster struck on Friday, i trod on two rusty nails . A post and rail fence had been repaired , but part of the old rail with two nails sticking up had been trodden into the ground by cattle leaving the two nails sticking up . Jesus Christ it hurt , and bled . Then when I got home it started to throb , but didn’t swell up too much . All I could think of was how am I going to shoot at My mate Tim’s . It’s a great little shoot and one of the highlights of my sporting year . But my mum didn’t bring up a pussy . I somehow managed to get a wellie on . And once I got going it wasn’t
  2. Looks like a great day Stavross . I do like the look of that pork and apple pie, I am reaching through the interweb and nicking a virtual slice , and my word , it’s tastes as good as it looks !!!
  3. I recommend “ cardboard gangsters “ if you haven’t seen it on Netflix yet , it’s very good . Also watched Dr sleep last night , which is a follow up of The Shining, and enjoyed it .
  4. I hear the argument for a £6 knife over a more expensive/ custom counterpart. They do the same job , they cut , what more do you want ? For what it’s worth, here is my opinion . I have had every knife on the market and use knives every day working as a gamekeeper and deer manager . The knife that I use on all my deer now was made by THL member Riohog. It is of simple design with an orange handle . I keep it razor sharp ( you could literally shave with it ) . It’s not a pride of ownership thing as really it’s nothing to look at , it’s pure functionality , it’s all about the quality of the steel
  5. Worms have a three week life cycle , so I treat mine in the pen with flubenvet which i get added to the feed . They get treated at 9 weeks and then the last pellets that they get at 12 weeks also has flubenvet , then they are on wheat . If it’s a new pen and small numbers , you may not have to bother . Or just treat them if they start to “ snick “ . If you have a water system in your pen you can treat with panacur 10% , but in my experience you tend to see gapes during wet weather , so poults will probably be taking water from puddles so pellets will be the best option.
  6. Totally agree. KG12 copper solvent or something similar will do the trick . I keep my barrels spotless and don’t have any problems. On the other hand I rarely clean my 22lr barrel until I start to notice the accuracy dropping off a bit , then I use a lead solvent cleaner and then put a few shots down range to get things back on track .
  7. I have just got back from the pub . I’ve had a great day . Started off with feeding , really early. Then onto Gloucester services for breakfast. If you want a breakfast off the M5 , between Bristol and he midlands , look no further. Proper sausage , good bacon, black pudding and bubble and squeak, and filter coffee, no espresso. I was invited to shoot Frampton court estate as a guest . Me and my arch enemy/ friend Tim were both invited. This is the same estate that has the Frampton country fair/show , and I’ve helped out and been a part of the scene for years , b
  8. I agreed, couldn’t do with the Poppy’s , even though I love the sentiment and I am a patriotic person who supports our armed forces .
  9. I love the shot placement…. Pretty much perfect.
  10. It’s even got a name ………” Jim “ as in Jim Reeves . It’s kind of sad , but if I do shoot it , I will be wearing the tail feathers in my hat , ( think chicken George out of Roots or Johnny kingdom)
  11. You stick to your front stuffer and I’ll stick to my purple fury’s ….. with quad seal technology.
  12. I just like hearing Troy , “ we gat a tree shaker “ ….. “ “ shood it , shood it “ , or “dis here da honey hole “. But I agree , once you have seen one you’ve seen em all.
  13. I know it’s armistice day , but tomorrow can you change your avatar back to the girl with the nice bum ? Just saying like
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