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  1. Praise the lord ... Donald Trump is a gift from god .. hallelujah !!!!! That guy deserves an Oscar for that performance . I loved the bit when his lip started to quiver.
  2. Interesting to see that the Pope had a few things to say , mainly that Trump was no Christian . As far as I’m aware Trump prefers women to touching up young alter boys , so he’s made a better start than most catholic priests . The hypocrisy of the church especially the Roman Catholic Church is breath taking .
  3. These are strange times , Brexit showed how the mainstream media is biased , we’d always suspected it , but they showed themselves for what they were and have been found out , and it’s the same in the States . Trump is taking them on , in much the same way as Boris . The American people can see what’s happening . The FBI sitting on that hard drive is telling . The powers that really control America don’t want a Trump administration because he’s bad for business, the real business of sending American forces abroad and the arms business.
  4. Life long voting is dead , you only have to look at our last election results to see what happened to labour.
  5. This is what I understand . Facebook and Twitter and the mainstream media are blocking the release of details about the Hunter Biden hard drive . The FBI had the hard drive for months and did nothing . Now the information is being drip fed to us , to cause damage to the Biden campaign. This isn’t about Hunter Biden , it clearly has the email evidence that shows how Joe Biden was paid “via” his family so that the money didn’t lead back to him . It shows how he has abused his position for financial gain . If this wasn’t true and he could refute the claims made , why hasn’t he taken legal action .Biden should be facing jail time . So what if his son is a degenerate , who cares , this is about Joe Biden and his suitability to lead the free world . Free world, what a joke , we are only as free as they let us be , we think what they let us think . This election is the most important election in living memory, it’s about common sense over corruption and globalism . Say what you like about Trump , I think he’s actually trying to do the best for the American people, and I see Biden as a Senile, corrupt and degenerate menace , who thinks antifa is an idea !!! WTF . I’ve never been more interested in an American election .
  6. Great night , and a good bit of permission now .
  7. I’ve just found this thread , absolutely brilliant. I love seeing what goes on in other countries. I don’t blame the farmers wanting them gone , the fallow here are bad enough . Thanks for sharing Ted , keep them coming.
  8. I like the parrot put down , that’s going in the memory bank . I don’t tend to be disrespectful to women , even when provoked. I tend to ignore them and take the moral high ground . But there are some poisonous bitches amongst those antis that are well practiced in pushing your buttons. Have you noticed that there is a certain “type” ? Mad cat ladies!!! They think that because they don’t agree with what you are doing that they can say what they like with impunity.
  9. Can’t disagree with any of that , but a piece of paper talks and BS walks to the police . I suppose it shows that you have had some training, I think as long as we can “self regulate “ then we won’t have to adopt compulsory training like our European neighbors.
  10. Tim wells bow hunter . Unbelievable stuff he gets up to . But a word of warning, YouTube can see what you watch and then make suggestions of films you might like . I’m now hooked on bikini wearing girls bow fishing . . I have to have the remote handy , in case the Mrs walks in .
  11. I have a feeling that you could be banging your head against a brick wall . My advice would be to jump through their hoops , don’t rock the boat , as much as it goes against the grain . Sign up for a DSC course . I’ve known people who have been on them and are glad they did. Try to go into it with an open mind and not “ I’ve got to do this bloody course , hurry up and let it be over “. You never know , you might learn something. Alternatively, shoot the deer with the 22-250 and don’t tell the deer
  12. That’s a great start to a lifetime of shooting , my grandad sowed the seeds for my lifetime interest in field sports by taking me ferreting and teaching me how to make nets . I will never forget those frosty mornings or him letting me have one of his woodbines “ don’t tell your dad “ .
  13. Ben , I’d sooner have a bacon sandwich...... tastes better and lasts longer
  14. Here’s some subsonic porn especially for SD . I rang a mate of mine who is a gun smith/ Firearms dealer during lockdown and got some subs off him because the normal shops were shut . He sold me a load of the old Australian Winchester subsonics which were excellent. I was on My last box so I rang him up again to see if he had any more , he said he’d have a look . He rang me back to say he’d had a sort out and found some old odds and sods which I could have for nothing. There are some blasts from the past here . I’m going to have some fun with those yellow jackets.
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