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  1. I had an MX8 years ago . It was the first 32” I had . I loved the trigger on that gun and I regret selling it . But my interest moved to rifles and I gave up shooting clays at a competitive level . I replaced it with an 32”MK38 with the Teague chokes , which makes it more like 33” in reality. It is a perfectly sound gun and if I’m honest I don’t shoot worse with it . Reading your list of guns they are all very desirable. I noticed you have not included a Kreighoff , do you not fancy one ? I personally think they are ugly and expensive, but they do shoot fantastically well.
  2. People are so quick to pick up on the negative things you do . It doesn’t matter that I have provided faultless loading services all season . An out of control cocker spaniel that I avoided killing, got me the cock head award . Take you for example , you are no doubt an attentive and caring husband , do people say there goes Ben , the great husband ? No they don’t . You are a great father to your kids , do people say “ there goes Ben the great father ? No they don’t. You are good at your job , do people say “ there goes Ben the greatest Shepherd “? I doubt it ………. You shagged
  3. It’s just the crumbs from the rich guys table . I don’t get carried away thinking I’m in that world, but it is nice to get just a taste of it . It’s a sport on that level that would be otherwise out of my reach .
  4. Go easy on me sausagedog . My ego has taken a pounding as it is without you lot chipping in . I thought I might of got a bit of support. You are as bad as the rest of them !!!
  5. Last day for me yesterday . Plenty of birds , started off with the duck with instructions to clear them out , if it’s safe shoot them . Well I obliged as it would have been rude not to . I had some memorable birds , some maybe not so memorable. The day was a very mixed bag and I had a fantastic day out with my mate Tim who tries his best to stitch me up and take the piss . I often think to myself ,”with mates like that , who needs enemies “. There is an award on this shoot for the loader who drops the biggest bollock . I’ve dodged it for years but I guess it was my tur
  6. Out again today . A famous Oxfordshire shoot that I have been loading on this season . They split us into two teams , one team shot three drives before lunch while the other beat , then we swapped. I copped the morning and had two very good drives . Unfortunately a stray dog got to the third drive before we did and emptied it . So as a consolation the head keeper said we could all stand on the last drive which was the duck . I had been shooting well on my previous days and was confident of showing the other loaders that they were in the presence of “ greatness “. Shall we just say that my shoo
  7. I did , it’s one of those air horns that plays Dixie . It was early, you would have still been in your Jim jams dreaming of black powder.
  8. Glad to hear that you had a successful season . And good to see your write up . Nice photos too.
  9. Probably Gout. The Bain of the shooting man . It’s a build up of Uric acid . Too much port and Stilton at the shoot lunches .
  10. Well 2 down , 2 to go . Had a very nice day on Friday at my local shoot that I’ve been helping on for over 25 years . Not as many birds as in previous years, but a good day none the less. The older I get and the more I shoot the less numbers mean . I can enjoy a 30 bird day as much as a 250 bird day if the company is good. However we did Two drives for 86 pheasant, then elevenses and then they got the clay traps out for a couple of simulated drives . And it was a laugh . Then on to a local barn / bar that has got a license for Fridays . They are a small brewery and I had a pin
  11. I’ve got to get out and do a bit , or I will lose the ground I suspect. I will get the pheasant season out of the way , and then I will have a look around and see what’s about . There is a patch I’ve got that looks like the Serangeti at night in the thermal. It will be challenging stalking as it’s just big fields with short cut hedges and a couple of shallow ditches .
  12. Cheers mate . If I see Whaler it will be tomorrow . He has been loading this season but not much . Let’s hope you get out later in the year .
  13. I’ve always said , a bad days shooting is better than a good day at work. But that does seem like a piss take . I’ve been out on days that are similar, but I was never led to believe that they were going to be busy and never asked to pay . Best to be philosophical about it , put it down to experience and don’t get caught out by that guy again. On the plus side you had a walk in the countryside with other like minded people and had the chance of a shot , albeit an expensive one .
  14. It’s that time of year . The last days of the season are almost upon us . The guys who “ make it happen “ are given their chance to shine. A thank you from the shoots they help throughout the season. I have gone from being a keeper to loader and host . I have got 4 days , the 27th, 28th , 30th and 31st . My expectations are more modest than they would have been in previous years. But AI and the lack of birds have meant that there will be less to shoot at. But I am not downhearted. Far from it . I am raring to go . My absence from the forum rec
  15. What happened to the black powder , flintlock wielding “ Luddite “ that we all know and love . I think he’s been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. You will be shooting an over and under next ……. Oh sorry , you already are !!! Nice one mate , it will be interesting to see how you get on . ATB
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