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  1. shovel leaner

    Funny Joke Thread

    I reckon that’s his Grindr profile picture , taken on Hampstead Heath.
  2. It doesn’t come in till Thursday. So I for one am going shooting Tomorrow.
  3. shovel leaner

    Bless the Christians

  4. shovel leaner

    Jibb or more time

    I’ve never been that ruthless myself either. Though I know some who have not tolerated any sign of weakness or have displayed traits they consider undesirable. I have a dog now who would not have lasted five minutes with some , but I liked the dog and he did have some good points , I gave him time and although not a world beater he always puts a shift in . Like others have said , give it the summer off and try next season.
  5. shovel leaner

    Jibb or more time

    Maybe Charlie got out or bolted and you and your mate didn’t see it . No terrier that believes the fox has bolted would be keen to go back to ground . I’ve seen foxes peeping then creeping out . The fact is you don’t know 100% so don’t give up yet . As a rule of thumb I was told 3 strikes and they are out .
  6. shovel leaner

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    He had a shaky start , and I thought he wouldn’t make it , three fails and they are out . And he has had more than that . But he has other good points . He has settled down to be a reliable dog , he has succeeded in some deep and difficult spots . I’m glad I didn’t act too quickly. The little smooth coat has been excellent so far , hardly a mark on her and yet you break through and she is near enough to lick Charlie.
  7. shovel leaner

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    My two Russell's , the dog was keeper bred and I was given him by a lad who used it for bushing , he said “I can’t put up with him anymore, he keeps going to ground “ , “that’s a shame” I said , “ I’ll take him off your hands “ . And to be fair he’s been spot on , also done a bit of hunt service when the terrierman was short . The small bitch has been spot on , bred by DB .
  8. shovel leaner

    Last nights foxing

    No , it’s a permanent set up . He has bait stations all around the outside . I see the odd one running up the ditch with the thermal . It’s a very clean and tidy egg unit . The guy is meticulous.
  9. shovel leaner

    Last nights foxing

    Nice write up FD , I went over to the chicken farm I look after today to get some “free” eggs , the Mrs wants to make some cakes for Easter. The farmer hasn’t seen anything and doesn’t think he’s losing any birds . So I had a walk around the fence line and in particular the little gaps that the foxes push through, and found a fresh kill . I’ve killed countless foxes on this farm , but it’s like a honey pot for foxes . I will be out soon .
  10. shovel leaner

    Home made scotch eggs

    That looks top drawer mate , unlike Arry I’d happily polish the lot off kidneys and all . In fact one of my favourite breakfasts is kidneys on toast, with maybe a poached really fresh free range egg . When I gralloch a deer the first thing I take is the kidneys. Peel the membrane off , cut in half , dip in seasoned flour and into a hot frying pan . I like mine still pink , with a bit of blood dripping on my toast . I’m feeling hungry now , where’s my rifle ?
  11. shovel leaner

    New estate car

    The Mrs has got a BMW320d does about 50 to the gallon on a run drives lovely and fairly quick , not much room in the back . The 520 is bigger , but the next one we get is going to be the Mercedes c class , I think they are some motor , can’t afford a new one but then I’ve never bought anew car in my life .
  12. shovel leaner

    The Beauty Of Nature, "add Yours"

    An Angle shades moth in my garden on Monday .
  13. shovel leaner

    Price of pheasant poults

    I’ve messaged you
  14. shovel leaner

    Price of pheasant poults

    An update . I had a chat to the owner and discussed the pricing. We went through the pros and cons . I gave him the alternative prices but he said they for the extra expense we are probably better off sticking with a reliable/ quality supplier with good back up who usually sticks quite a few extras in . I’m not the one paying the bill so I’m happy enough. I do worry sometimes that one day they are just going to say “this is too expensive “ and jack the shoot in , I always try to keep expenditures down as much as I can , because the cost of shooting is rocketing.
  15. shovel leaner

    Lomachenko v Crolla

    I’ve been watching Lom’s fights for a while and he is quality , probably pound for pound the best fighter around. But I can’t believe there is not a tough little Mexican who would give him more trouble than Crolla . Micky Garcia would be good .