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  1. He was a lovely, quiet man , who just got on doing his own thing , he never bothered anyone. The clay club was his life , and he left all his guns and reloading kit to the club . They had a sealed bid auction for all his stuff and I think they did well out of it . I miss having a chat to him .
  2. I was coming back from Dorset on Saturday morning and passed tractor trailers with harvested maize. There are a lot of fields on my permission with Maize waiting to be harvested, this will open things up a bit for me . Any day now . There are also a few fields waiting for I would imagine the last silage cut . Bring it on .
  3. Seeing those reloads reminds me off my recently deceased next door neighbour whose name coincidentally was Bernard. He was a keen clay shot and avid reloader . He was a committee member of Cheltenham clay shooting club and he got me to go with him on a number of occasions. His reloads were the stuff of legend at that club . There were huge explosions , clouds of smoke , or a tiny little “ phut”. You never knew what was going to happen. But the funniest thing was when the tyre on his disabled scooter exploded with a huge bang between the stands . It had everyone in stitches . When he
  4. I was going to go off on a tangent and ask your thoughts on Charles but out of respect for the queen . I will leave my thoughts on him for another day .
  5. I wonder what Harry was thinking when he looked at prince Edward “ I’ve done two tours of Afghanistan, you dropped out of Marines basic training, and I’m in civvies “ ? I get the whole reason , Harry has basically left the Royal family and this country , and gone to Hollywood. But he is still an ex service man who served Queen and country . He knew what he was giving up and that this day would come . But if I was Edward I don’t think I would have the brass neck to put on a uniform in his presence.
  6. I’ve shot a couple of 9’s but the holy grail of 10 in a night has eluded me . It might elude me forever, because we are not heavily foxes hereabouts. If I’ve shot two or three I usually think that’s enough for tonight. Well done , that’s a night to remember.
  7. My friend Anthony spent a few years keepering in Scotland . He reckoned it was always raining. He said all the beaters and locals had Duck dri gear . Well priced ( canny Scot’s) and it kept them dry . You can spend £100’s on gear that is not as good .
  8. Must BR 1 . 100% waterproof and breathable . Maybe not the best around barbed wire as they are a bit pricey.
  9. I know you did , and I should of listened to you . But I like to see the terrier show . And I wanted a “ Waterproof “ shooting suit for loading . To that end I got a Duck dri leggings and coat . Oh and I raised a glass of Stowfords to you . How was the rabbit hunt ?
  10. No , but we all need to use game meat , even if it is just in crisp form .
  11. Bloody hell , I went today . One gun stand ( Oxford gun co ) The Warrener, Fortis , Duck Dri a bit of fishing stuff . But mostly tat . There were about five or six clothing stalls all selling the same “ market “ quality clothing and footwear . I don’t mean to be sniffy but It was more Appleby horse fair than a country show . Apologies to any travelers . I wish you well , and hope they all had a great time . I will just vote with my feet , I won’t be back next year . I did however enjoy admiring some of the terrier’s and Lurcher’s . And watched some good spaniels in the scurry .
  12. No Camo mate . But It does make me raise an eyebrow when I see them . I’m more of the schoffel gillet kind of guy .
  13. That slug next to the fox was following you around all night .
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