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  1. shovel leaner

    What are you watching on youtube?

    Totally agree with that cave diving story .... that guy can communicate, what a story teller !! He had my total attention, which is difficult. I’ve got the attention span of a goldfish usually, but that was awesome. On the subject of Blippi my grandson likes tractors, so when he stayed, I found some kids tractor stuff on YouTube, and that Blippi was one of them . My grandson and me now watch Blippi vids together...... he is one annoying c@@t !!! Seen him at the car wash ??? He needs suffocating..... but hey , kids like it !
  2. shovel leaner

    What are you watching on youtube?

    Have you seen the guest he had on there Joey Diaz ? He’s a funny guy. He has lots of interesting people on there , Brian cox , Elon Musk ! I like it on in the background, I listen to the bits that interest me .
  3. shovel leaner

    The town the gypsies took over

    We have the Stow horse fair twice a year near me . The tourist town of Stow on the wold has a gypsy fair in May and October, a lot of the hotels and businesses shut up shop while it’s on . It’s not that there is a lot of crime because there isn’t , it’s just the youngsters are so bloody rude !!! They honestly don’t know how to behave , they are totally wild and out of control . They do not give a f@@k about anyone or anything. They are not nice to have around , it’s as simple as that .
  4. shovel leaner

    It’s that time of year again

    We used to use Stalosan F as a floor dressing , I’ve heard of lime but always thought quick lime too harsh . Agricultural lime is fine though.
  5. shovel leaner

    It’s that time of year again

    I like to put a few shovels of gravel/ grit under and around my drinkers . It stops the mucky paddling and they also pick up a lot of grit for their crop . Then when it looks a bit dirty I move it . In wet weather this is more often than dry weather . I give the drinkers a swirl/wipe every day or so . I’ve not had any disease on this shoot for all the time I’ve been here. I put it down to cleanliness, big pens/ low density, and most importantly, lifting the wire as soon as you can . In my case after about 10 days . That means you have to be on top of the foxes .
  6. shovel leaner

    Which one

    Very little difference in performance. Both excellent foxing rounds . The 223 is a more popular caliber and therefore you will have more choices of rifle and ammunition. But one isn’t better than the other. Out to sensible ranges both are more than capable. If you want to stretch the distance then there are better options out there . ATB
  7. shovel leaner


    Watched it , and enjoyed it .
  8. shovel leaner


    Started watching it last night and realised I’d seen already, very good film though.
  9. shovel leaner

    12g hushpower.

    I was trying to think where I’d seen that figure with the hat and the cloak then I remembered the old Sandeman sherry bottles !!!
  10. shovel leaner


    Cheers si , I will give it a watch
  11. shovel leaner


    As long as you realise the film makers know F@@k all about rifles and hunting, it’s not bad . Have you watched “The legacy of a whitetail deer hunter “ with Josh Brolin ? It’s on Netflix.
  12. shovel leaner

    Gun stock

    I was always told that Baikal made their stocks from old trans Siberian railway sleepers.
  13. shovel leaner

    Pop holes

    Without the funnel the poults will just squeeze outside. Even with a funnel they can get out , but not in volume. Do yourself a favour and spend some time making the funnels . It’s either that or spend time walking them back in . ATB
  14. shovel leaner


    I’ll check it out
  15. shovel leaner


    Yes Si , it’s on Netflix and is called Calibre . Like you I’ve watched YouTube to death . I like the Joe Rogan podcasts , especially with Joey Diaz , the stories he comes out with have me in stitches.