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  1. I’ve heard of the doubler issues, so I haven’t bothered. I know what you mean about the other issues too One of my main gripes is glare back from anything near the ir . I’ve got a nightmaster adjustable mount for the Ir . It’s not perfect but I’ve shot a lot of foxes with it . My next sight won’t be NV . When I do upgrade I will be going down the thermal route .
  2. Might try that . I’ve got a .223 and a .243 with telescopic sights . So I tend to just swap rifles if I’m shooting at dusk , as soon as it gets too dark I just swap over . I meant to say in the previous post that I’ve compared the pard to the pulsar I’ve got on the same night , and the pulsar was a lot clearer and to me I preferred the pulsar, but for what Stavross wants and for the price the pard would take some beating.
  3. Nice write up Ian , and a good nights work . Interesting to read about the vehicle.
  4. For what it’s worth I will add my two penneth . I have a pulsar N970lrf . I find it does what I want and I have shot foxes 200 meters plus . You can see them clearly no problem. You can also get a doubler which is good . I use a thermal spotter and the night vision scope and it s good . But even though they say you can use it day and night , I’ve found them not very good in daylight . If it’s too bright , forget it , also if the target is in a dark background it might not show up well . As regards these pulsar scopes not holding zero , that’s not been my experience, as long as you don’t drop or bash them they are fine . I have been out with a mate who has a pard add on , on a Hawke scope . You really do have an effective NV which is excellent and you can just remove it and use it in the day . My advice would be , sell the vortex and get a Hawke scope and a pard .
  5. When will you lot let it go ? I’m from Gloucester and it pisses me off !!! I was driving along the M5 / M6 and it was “Nottinghamshire , Robin Hood country ” , “ Warwickshire , Shakespeare country “ , then I drove home to Gloucestershire and there was nobody of note , all I could think of was “ Welcome to Gloucestershire ..... Fred West Country “ ???
  6. If I wasn’t running a shoot day I would be there . I have always supported and attended every event I could . I am pissed off I can’t be there with you . Please step up and attend if you can . “Together we are strong”.
  7. I looked at the beaters having lunch on the last shoot date , the banter was brilliant. I swear if you filmed it and broadcast it it would be more entertaining than any of the sh@t on at the moment. They were talking about all the wind ups and sh@t they got up to . Kids nowadays are too interested in video games . Some of the young lads there were pissing themselves, I said make the most of this because if the weather turns cold it might be the last time you get to hear stories like this .
  8. I’d go along with that , sticks are a necessary evil . I was at the gun shop the other day and was talking to an old keeper who has retired now but has loads of permission and shoots a lot of deer and wild boar and makes a living at it . I’m not joking this guy is a legend In Gloucestershire and I’m going to mention his name because someone will know him .....Bill Taylor ! He has probably shot more things with a heart beat than anyone on this site . What does he use ? A couple of bags filled with rice . He showed me them . His Mrs knocked them up out of some corduroy trousers. The front bag is quite large and fairly solid and the smaller bag gets tucked under his armpit and squeezed to increase or decrease elevation. He has a platform welded and attached to the back of his pickup, from which he shoots . I prefer the Harris bi pod but am thinking of trying bags . Might try and find them old corduroy trousers ?
  9. I don’t approve of that kind of behaviour, but you’d better put my name in the hat if nothing more than to research the “enemy “.
  10. They look a “Rum” bunch . I wouldn’t wang to bump into them on a dark night.
  11. The plantation you see on the right is being thinned in the spring. There will be harvesters and forwarders in and out , maybe they will flatten it out when it’s a bit drier .
  12. Don’t let anyone put any pressure on you to go anywhere you don’t want to go . If you need any advice PM me my daughter is a housing officer . I hope you are coping well .
  13. Look at the direction of the tread it’s on the return journey. Where you enter the cover you end up being locked in like on a train track . I hate riding ruts and in all my years I’ve never seen anything like this . I am as fussy as hell and to see this mess pisses me off. But wherever you are bottlenecked or the ground makes you have to follow a track you sometimes can’t help it . If you have to take these routes day in day out then it makes a real mess .
  14. I’ve been riding in the same ruts all winter . The rain washed the bottom out . You see them rushes on the left , that means it’s boggy and you see them trees on the right there is a tree close as you drive in . You can’t get out of the ruts , it’s so wet . You could have tried to bollock me , but I would have just said “ well you show me how it’s done , expert “ and stood back and watched .
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