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  1. shovel leaner

    isis bint

    They do attend interviews .... they have to , or their benefits stop . But they never end up getting the jobs . When have you ever seen one working a “proper “ job ? Not often , there are exceptions , but as as rule it’s property , shops / markets / taxis , restaurants, that kind of thing , nothing that involves hard graft , and certainly nothing that will interfere with a good old on the knees , shoes/ sandals off praying session .
  2. shovel leaner

    isis bint

    Probably because at the interview, any Muslim applicants would have said , “oh and by the way , I need to pray when everyone else is working “, that usually does it .
  3. shovel leaner

    Self employed

    I’ve had book keepers, and I’ve had accountants . And you need a “good” one , and when I say good , I mean one you can talk to on the level . I’ve had a guy that said , “ don’t say cash “ . But in the real world , you will say “cash , because cash is “King” , and anyone who says different has never been self employed. Keep a record of all you outgoings and what comes in . Give it to your “accountant/ bookkeeper, and pay what you owe the tax man . The benefits of being self employed are .... you work every day ...no holiday pay , but if you wanted to take a s day off you could . No pension contributions from your employer, but hey , you aren’t going to get to retirement cos you will be too Knackered. But seriously, you are the master of your own destiny now , work hard and you will reap the rewards. Good luck and hope it works out for you .
  4. shovel leaner

    Terrier boxes

    Mine is made up from aluminium chequer plate . I bought it off a lad who was jacking the game in and it is excellent. My digging pal has one as well . He got someone who does fabrication to make it for him. . Not cheap, but indestructible .
  5. shovel leaner

    Anyone going to the British shooting show ?

    I’m thinking of going early Friday and leaving at a sensible time to avoid the M5 /M42 blues .
  6. shovel leaner

    Anyone going to the British shooting show ?

    I’m not really after buying anything, I think I’ve got everything I need , it is more of a bit of a browse and check out the latest thermal/ NV . I was at the Midland this year if that counts as “doing a show “ and to be honest I wasn’t impressed with the shooting stuff there , ok Blaser were there and Scott country, but that was about it . I’m going to take some of my hard earned tip money and if I see a bargain.... who knows?
  7. shovel leaner

    Anyone going to the British shooting show ?

    The wife likes Sunday for “family “ things , post shooting season I’m trying to repair my marriage and making good on all the , “wait till the seasons over and we can go wherever you want “ type promises that I make .
  8. shovel leaner

    Anyone going to the British shooting show ?

    I’d like to do Friday, but the traffic on my way home will be a nightmare.
  9. shovel leaner

    Keepers days

    I find keepers days stressful. On the shoot I keeper , the syndicate turns out (well some of them ) and a few people I drag in , to beat for the beaters. They get to stand all day . I have to try and get the line organised with people who don’t know where they are going . Talk about herding cats !! Add to that the potential for any one of a hundred other things that can go wrong, and usually do . We also have a walk up / clear up day which is an altogether more relaxed and enjoyable day for me .
  10. I was thinking of going this week , I’ve never been . I’ve got nothing on so I might pop up , it’s only about 50 mins away from me . Anyone been before and is it any good?
  11. shovel leaner

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Big brother.......things are getting serious!
  12. shovel leaner

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    It’s a huge big gravy train. Tossers like Sweeney , mock and ridicule the working classes while spending our hard earned brass on expensive lunches ..... time for it to end !!!!
  13. shovel leaner

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    That’s funny .... but I’m just too pissed off to laugh . I’ve just been on the BBC Licensing website requesting a refund... I told them I no longer have a TV and want a refund. I’ve not long paid it in full . Let’s see what happens.
  14. shovel leaner

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Absolutely disgusting!!!!!
  15. shovel leaner

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    I’m someone who has because of the life I lead and where I live had little interest in immigration , and in particular radical Islamists have had no impact on my life . But through watching YouTube I’ve become aware of what is really happening in our cities, and it’s worrying . It’s also very evident that the MSM are treating us like morons . I’ve just tried to find out a bit more about this panarama thing and there is not one shred of news about it , talk about a media blackout. I know some of you are not going to be surprised at this because you’ve probably been aware that this goes on , but I have been living in my rural bubble all my life and it has finally burst!!!