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  1. shovel leaner

    Buzz words

    I see an ecologist was on BBC Radio 2 news today calling for an investigation in to the “Alarming “decline in mountain hare numbers in recent years , which the BBC reporter then went on to explain that there is a link between grouse moor management and the decline because the hares carry ticks which they pass on to grouse . Predictable as ever the BBC on or around the twelfth August every year they have to have a pop at shooting. They are light years away from being impartial.
  2. shovel leaner

    Mystery hiker

    Probably bumped into a puma
  3. shovel leaner

    Mystery hiker

    My guess is like has been said before, someone jest got wet and fed up and thought sod this I’m going home . I have found a really good tent and sleeping bags and loads of kit in one of the shoots woods before . They had no permission to have camped there . It looked to have been there a while, it was all wet and minging . I rolled it all up and skipped it .
  4. shovel leaner


    I get them in moss colour from MI supplies, they are a good firm to deal with .
  5. shovel leaner


    The clothing is very , very well made and lasts for years . I’m surprised it’s not more popular over here .
  6. shovel leaner


    Has anyone tried their stuff ? It’s an American work clothing manufacturer, I think it’s made in Mexico . I’ve been getting their double front logger trousers for a while now and can highly recommend them . They are a bit stiff , the denim is very strong. They are indestructible, thorns or stingers don’t touch them . And because the knees are double thickness, you can kneel down and not be uncomfortable. I live in mine , you can’t knock em .
  7. shovel leaner

    Sad news for boxing

    I always think of Herol Graham when I think of him . Those two couldn’t hold a candle to the “bomber”.
  8. shovel leaner

    New scope to play with

    Be interesting to see hew you get on with it . Let us all know .
  9. When you had the dog men coursing and the poachers taking your roosting birds , what did you do ?
  10. I know where you are coming from , but to deal with “poaching “ or wildlife crime it helps to understand the perpetrators. They generally despise landowners and see gamekeepers as their paid lackeys . They don’t respect ownership of land and believe they have as much right to game as anyone. They know the police are stretched and have little interest in this kind of crime . Even if they do get caught the penalty’s are laughable. The best things to do are to restrict access to fields and tracks to vehicles . If you take a very confrontational approach to these people you WILL become a target . There are also the “one for the pot “ poachers who see themselves as latter day Robin Hoods , robbing from the rich . I can understand the poacher because I was one . I had running dogs , and not one landowner would give me permission, so what did I do ? I thought f@@k him , I’m going anyway. I would have loved to have had permission, but landowners would take one look at me and say no way . If you can take a pragmatic approach and try to understand who you are dealing with , why they are there , you will find we are not so different.
  11. What about the chap who used his 17hmr ?
  12. A keeper I know of and who fancied himself as a bit tasty with his fists had loads of problems. He had illegal coursing going on and he would chase them and confront them and shoot dogs . All it did was make him and his shoot a target. It was almost a sport for these lads to wind him up . I know lots of shoots have a “do not confront them , or call the police “ policy.
  13. I know , the local dog lads who if I were not on good terms with would no doubt be all over my patch like a rash . But I’ve got them on board. They help me clear out my pens prior to release. We also do fox drives . I also let them do some “bushing . They love having a bit of permission (makes a change for them ) they say it’s great to work their dogs and not be looking over their shoulder. I also go Lamping rabbits with them . A couple even got themselves a spaniel and started beating. They are now an asset to the shoot and not a nuisance. A couple are also a bit of a handful and because the shoot is now “their patch”. I don’t get any problems. I would also add that an enlightened approach also works not just on the poaching front but also on others who would seek to do harm to a shoot . Case in point, a neighbouring Keeper had a guy who was a hippy New Age traveller living in a hut on a bit of land he’d bought causing all sorts of problems. They had tried to get him moved off but failed , the previous Keeper had threatened to burn him out . All this did was escalate problems . Every time they had a shoot day he would call the police . Shout insults, abuse people. When the new Keeper started he was told of the problem . What did he do ? He went and had a cup of tea with him , had a chat , invited him to come beating and see what it was all about . Let me tell you that guy became his number one beater , never missed a day . Problem sorted , without violence, without going to court . A bit of psychology that’s all , we can all get along .
  14. shovel leaner

    Four more down

    I’ve never set cage traps for adult foxes around the shoot . I catch cubs in them , baited with pigeon. I also had an adult fox in a Larson trap this year . An old keeper told me it’s a waste of time and it’s not very successful and that was good enough for me.I believe they are more successful around buildings and more urban environments where foxes are used to man made things being about . I might be wrong, I’m sure some people have had success with them . cubs are easy to catch in them though .