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  1. shovel leaner

    Spawn of Satan.....twice?

    I’ve read in one of your other posts referring to “slotting “ rabbits, now this !!! There is an Andy McNab in there , just trying to get out !!
  2. shovel leaner

    Which caliber would you pick ?

    It’s becoming a very popular choice, and I’ve seen them in action and was impressed.
  3. Good on you for getting your mate out . Nice looking bit of ground there Stavross . Do they hunt that area ? It Looks like a great place to watch the hounds .
  4. shovel leaner

    Which o/u

    Shame on you . No it’s not Loser , I believe that the L indicates the Lightweight variant of this model.
  5. shovel leaner

    Wary fox.

    Nice write up , an interesting read mate . Like sausage said it the tricky ones that keep you on your toes . It’s mixed emotions sometimes.
  6. shovel leaner

    Cold Caller Nuisance

    Reminds me of the “Jerky boys “ . They used to phone people though , but the wind ups were classic. They even had a recordings of Joe Pesci from Casino threatening people . Cruel but hilarious. There was one that stuck in my mind of a cowboy ringing a gay bar .... oh and Frank Rizzo
  7. shovel leaner

    Time flies

    Congratulations. Hope all goes well.
  8. shovel leaner

    The rain.

    I googled “wet tits” .....not what I was expecting
  9. shovel leaner

    Funny Joke Thread

    Poor lad got sacked this morning
  10. shovel leaner

    A bit of bunny bashing

    Too many squirrels about . Since I posted this I’ve shot another six as I’ve been driving through the woods .
  11. This rain has meant I’ve been spending some time sheltering in the mule . But instead of wasting time I’ve parked up by some freshly planted maize which is starting to get hit by rabbits. If they go unchecked they can soon do a bit of damage to the very young seedlings. Four and a squirrel in a little over an hour . My battered old Brno is still doing the business with its cheap and cheerful Hawke 3-9x40 . Oh and I scared a Magpie, I don’t think he’ll be back .
  12. shovel leaner

    Spring watch what do you think??

    All the guys I know who never took any sh@t off their Mrs and gave them a good old fashioned, east end style “gertcha” along with a backhander .....well ....they’re all divorced, living back at mums or in a one bedroom flat and spending their evenings in the boozer and taking the kids to Macdonalds on Saturday afternoon. But I’ve had a chat to the Mrs and explained to her about why I don’t want spring watch on , and she didn’t realise the trouble he’s caused and won’t watch it again. I guess that’s what’s called “communication “ .
  13. shovel leaner

    Spring watch what do you think??

    It’s surprising how those chocolate hobnobs can help sooth a dented male ego Hide them well !!
  14. shovel leaner

    Spring watch what do you think??

    They f@@king might as well have been
  15. shovel leaner

    Spring watch what do you think??

    Of course....milk chocolate