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  1. I shoot prone off a bipod to test a batch normally. However the last ladder test I did was off fresh cut bales of straw that hadn’t been picked up . I was able to also use a bale as a back stop too . Nice and solid and a comfortable position.
  2. My birds are hitting the Beach mast . I wondered why they weren’t exactly where I want them . I watched some hen birds attacking wood pigeons, fighting for them under a beach tree . I looked and the beach casings are just opening and the seeds dropping, there is a huge crop this year and they are small which means they are easy for the pheasants to eat . I just hope the pigeons finish them off quickly.
  3. The man is lower than a snakes belly . This is nothing to do with the hunting community picking on him , it’s just some criminals burning a vehicle next to his gates , because it’s a remote area . The countryside alliance should force him through the legal system to retract his statements and apologise.
  4. The forestry guys here hate them , they do a lot of low level browse damage . Here’s a funny tale that happened a couple of years ago . A stalker mate of mine who has a building business was doing some work on a house for a couple of “ Artist / vegan “ types. They had created this fantastic garden and spent a small fortune on the plants . But a muntjac was eating them , they asked my friend what to do and he suggested deer fencing, thinking there is no way they would go for him shooting it . But they said they wanted other wildlife to visit , like badgers and foxes , so could he shoot
  5. I heard a similar story about some Arabs . They own an estate in Oxfordshire . A very wealthy Arab , maybe a prince or something turned up in a new Range Rover , they had loaders and when it came to tipping them he got out a briefcase fill of £50 notes or as they are known to loaders and keepers (Lobsters) . He picked out a some notes and didn’t count them but but got wedges and asked if that would be enough of a tip . Of course the loaders said that that would be enough. He asked the head keeper later on if he would give him a lift in the Range Rover to the airport to get on his private jet ,
  6. There are different levels of autism and or Asbergers . Anne Hegerty on the chase is autistic. She just felt that she was different and so she got herself diagnosed. It hasn’t stopped her achieving things . She may also appear normal to anyone she meets . We now have to label people with diagnosis, oh he has ADHD , whereas in my day a kid like that was just a naughty boy . Packem has some minor personality quirks and has publicly said he is autistic, well he may be on the spectrum, but it’s not limited the amount he has been able to achieve. We had kids like him when I was at
  7. Done it himself. Publicity grabbing lunatic !
  8. Yep , a frickin Vegan . But he went on Joe Rogan , and Rogan seemed to put his point across about ethical hunting and eating what he kills . And he seemed more at ease with that than intensive factory farming. Each to their own .
  9. I don’t agree with a lot of his points of view ,him being a Vegan and a socialist, and me a meat eating / Hunter and very right wing conservative type . But I am now a subscriber to his YouTube channel and watch most of his content. I’m fine with his use of big words too , as I am a big fan of the English language, and it nice to hear it , instead of sentences punctuated with “ d’you get me bruv “ and “ for real” . It also makes me hopeful that if a lefty tosser like him is starting to wake up and smell the coffee, and see how corrupt the powers that be are . Th
  10. On the positive side , at least the guns can get around easier. Normally we are struggling with waterlogged fields and stuck vehicles. Now I know what I’m up against as regards weather and birds everywhere, I can do something different and try and get around them . The dates I’ve got are carved in stone , so I’ve just got to play the hand I’ve been dealt. We had a few fields of beans that were a big draw to the birds , they have been harvested a while back , but now I’ve got more birds on the one side of the shoot than the other . So I’m just going to shoot mor
  11. I’ve got a tunnel trap by one of the feeders near a partridge pen and it’s been accounting for a fair bit of vermin, rats , a few squirrels and two stoats and this morning a Jill polecat. I think I saw this one in the headlights of the mule the other morning when I was feeding. Glad to see the back of it .
  12. Well the first day happened Saturday, and it was shirtsleeves and sunglasses. The first drive went well and they shot 59 , and I was thinking, I’m going to be blowing up early on all the others. But it was so hot and sunny the birds were not flying into the sun and a lot were just dipping, I was flushing birds and waiting for the shots and there was none . I radioed the boss to see what was happening and he explained about how the birds were dipping. We got the bag , but it wasn’t the east day I had hoped for . Every keeper I spoke to had the same problem, birds everywhere except w
  13. We shoot nearly every Saturday in the season. It’s just a case of cramming the days in .
  14. Just for you , I’ve given it an extra rub thinking of a short balding Welshman.
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