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  1. Digging to a good working terrier is a world apart from lurcher work,chalk and cheese...there's not another animal wild/domesticated on the planet that will venture into the underground domain of another animal and risk it's life,even die for something it won't eat..if you can't appreciate that ,then you will never understand why men dig ..plus it's too much hard work for most
  2. I always tell them,your lucky it didn't get stuck in my dogs throat as they walk past
  3. half a shift....out for a wander with the dogs
  4. I used to drink that Yorkshire....I converted to the Earl about 5 yrs ago...I take my own teabags, kettle, stove everywhere with me....if they won't drink earl...they go without
  5. They charge what they like...and pay the minimum or no tax at all...I won't give my money to any of them....sooner pay £5 for Earl Grey's and drive around with my fishing stove and kettle
  6. #inittowinit......times are hard,got to grab what you can...I'm 7 days aweek Trev
  7. Haix cold weather goretex boots £30 grade 1 eBay
  8. Golf.....the perfect way to spoil a good walk
  9. When I next have space,I'd like to try a couple of these...from what I've seen,they are great fun
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