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  1. tied some bait up,and greased my reels for a session down Morfa beach tomorrow
  2. next to climbing those telecoms Towers...your jobs the one
  3. 2nd car to overtake looks like a Packard 120 coupe . I know someone who imported one about 10 yrs ago..they are massive ,you could genuinely fit 8 grown men wrapped up in carpet in the boot...stand a pound coin on top of the engine...and it would stay there,smooth as you like ,got to give it to the yanks some proper engineering,
  4. getting deported to Australia don't seem such a bad thing these days
  5. Tom ,Jay is a good lad,those guns will be immaculate
  6. Zombie Death f**k.....quite tasty and strong
  7. Daniel cain


    could house all the rubber dingy lot there,so they all in one place..when it's full,flick a match and collect the insurance money maybe?
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