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  1. Daniel cain

    alsatian x greyhound

    buck over a coursing bred bitch be the way forward imomy mate put a Merlin/eve bred dog over his alsation/grey bitch yrs ago,all looked like wooley coursing dogs....showing good signs until they got chored away.....remember a silly cnut putting pics up on here of 1 of them banging on how well it was bredspat his dummy when I told him the true breeding and told him it was stolen never seen him on here again
  2. Daniel cain

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    most Wheatons have a drop of bull blood in them,some recent others way back
  3. Daniel cain

    View From Your Swim

    you in Canada mate?
  4. Daniel cain


    have a bit of self control then fella
  5. Daniel cain

    Cannabis oil

    had a go....mate tipped up with his shiny new 'dab rig',try and f**k me up problem with smoking to much oil/shatter or any other concentrate is..... you end up chasing the buzz3 grams of flower In a spliff.....just don't cut the mustard
  6. wish the little cnuts round here were that reserved......2 days in a row the mountain been on fire
  7. Daniel cain

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    gifted off a lad on here mate,dogs name is 'Digger'he's shaping up to be a useful dog in fairness
  8. Daniel cain


    using a lambing ring leaves a stumpy bit of bone that the hair never covers, opens up and bleeds on a digging terriers and a spaniel I've seen, that had it done mr green
  9. Daniel cain

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    sorry dudeold bitch on loan came from hunt terrierman she too hard for hunt workthey all from old established lines