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  1. Daniel cain

    Guess the vets price

    My Lurcher bitch needed an emergency c section few yrs back, i was at work so mrs rang the vets.... Quoted her £600 on the phone, she was in a panic, took the bitch there for the procedure..... Bitch had 9 pups dead inside her(apparently) rang me up told me bitch is doing fine and theres 3 healthy pups, 1 bitch 2 dogs, i went to collect the bitch, she was spayed without my consent, told me she was in a bad way and it had to be done..... Bit my tongue..... Gave me the bitch and brought out the pups, nurse then asked me what i was doing with the pups, told them id be giving them to trusted lads..... Cheeky cnut turned around and said 'the vet would like this pup if your giving them away' i asked what i owed them and was told £1220told the nurse knock £500 off the bill you can have it....... Didn't look happy, ended up back at the vets few weeks later as smallest dog pup wasnt right, they put it on a drip, where it died 6 days later and charged me another £480i lost my temper told the cnuts they get £50 a month from me take it or leave it...... Begrudgingly i payed the money off in instalments..... Changed vets now and touch wood the owner understands about working dogs and is genuinely interested in their wellbeing and doesnt judge me for working them..... Most not all are only interested in how much they can sting you for....... And not thr welfare of said animal
  2. Daniel cain

    A big thank you

    Well said kev mate be nice for you to just kick back and relax on the next one after the effort you've put in last 2 yrs...... Money raised is going to a worthy causefeel free folks to make a donation....... It will make a difference
  3. Daniel cain

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Cheers D babyjust about got my head through the front door
  4. Daniel cain

    A big thank you

    Has always been wherever the winner has chosen/comes from.... But this yr the venue we had was outstanding and more than willing to accommodate us again, theres statics sited there and tourers for those soft touches that dont want to rough it in a tent lol..... Good food, fully stocked shop(very reasonably priced) showers, toilets etc, close to local amenities and places to explore so plenty to go at, you dont have to be a flatout angler to enjoy the craic come show your faces and join in, all money raised goes to charity, everyone clubs together to make it happenreally is worthmaking the effort
  5. Daniel cain

    HOF or hang your head in shame

    Maybe hes the naughty boy that had to give the dog back fd??? Strange why he wont elaborate more???
  6. Daniel cain

    Typical of the Welsh.....

    Walt yn mynd ar y krill
  7. Daniel cain

    Typical of the Welsh.....

  8. Daniel cain

    A big thank you

    You were the champ in my eyes waltbut you have to be able to diversify techniques and tactics to pull it out the bagim in talks to write up a manual on how to pull apart commercial fisheries...... First copy with 10 kilos of mainline the krill signed by me will be sent down to youhopefully next yr you can bring kev with you, im sure tinribs will protect him from uncle Kenneth and he will feel welcomeas you found out yourself..... Its just about having a laugh and not about whos dogs the bestthank again to all those who made the effort
  9. Daniel cain

    Typical of the Welsh.....

    Translate it jelly belly.....
  10. Daniel cain

    Fishing Comp 2018

    'im in touch with my femine side Sean..... Real men wear pink'.......
  11. Daniel cain

    Fishing Comp 2018

    They have to get in re inforcements to sort out that butt crack walt mate
  12. Daniel cain

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Dan the man and your goodself know how to do a barbie kenas a treat next yr im paying for you to have the fullworks at the turkish barbers