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  1. Don't smoke crack.. Because I'm all ready Crazy...
  2. And on a f***ing school night...speak to someone please pal
  3. And now the real naughtiness begins...
  4. Can still see the residue marks from the credit card....
  5. I'm built for speed...not comfort Folks who have seen me eat,say I've got hollow legs..my old Man used to say 'your like a gypsies dog...all cock and ribs' Good luck to your Mrs and her little venture
  6. 2 spliffs down me and I'd eat 3 of em Looks really good palyour Mrs wants to start advertising on faceache etc make a few bob
  7. The yellow and blue ones are from Mr Chick..I bought 10 from him probably 10 yrs or more ago..from memory they were Β£28 each posted..the black collar is an original mk1 8 ft,takes a single battery..the 15ft terrier collars I started off digging with took 2 batteries...I swapped a MK1 box and collar to a lad on here yrs ago for a MK3 disco box and collar... used it once and smashed the cnut up with a shovel..f***ing noise it made did my nutt in I've got 3 MK1 old boxes in the shed,2 8ft,1 15ft that need calibration... interested in how your new contact gets on with them
  8. Those collars I'm sure are magnetic..swipe it with the box to turn it on...old grey knocker box picks up every type of collar,ferret or terrier, orange box only picks up those magnetic collars
  9. Do you not read what others write? Old shaarrky got a newborn babba in the house he's still firering on all cylinders like
  10. No amount of repenting...is going to save me... according to her indoors
  11. Foxes are shite..much prefer to watch these
  12. No one has asked me to devote the rest of my life to them Tim..that's the thing mate that lots of non believers just don't get(I thought exactly the same as you for almost 40 yrs)..I choose it ,because I wanted to try and live my life and be a better person in myself and for those I hold close...I am who I am,nothing no matter what ,can change the past...unless your f***ing Marty McFly...don't make me less of a man ,or you in my eyes for your beliefs
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