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  1. Daniel cain


    No age what so ever
  2. I wouldn't trust any nut from THE FOD...
  3. Anyone on here do haulage? Quite interested in maybe getting a job driving across the UK and Europe.... Mrs is on to me to get into the pub trade with her.....only thing is I can't stand f***ing piss heads Seen a job advising for a professional spliff roller..... Something like that would do me
  4. Was shit money, I did a countryside management course in Usk agricultural college when I left school in the 90's,they ended it all early 2000 and replaced the positions with mostly women rangers from forestry commission.... Took away the defenders and replaced with shitty corsa vans... They don't do alot... Used to enjoy coming past them on the 426 on the back wheelripping up their walkways... Silly cnuts
  5. Unless they JFK his ass.... He will STAY in power... I like old elbow head
  6. Boy I work with was caught hanging out the back of his new mother in law on his wedding dayby the jealous sister in law who he been banging for years Change of job??? Think I'd like to be a wildlife ranger on steep Holm island or somewhere similar
  7. You still got to get them down from there could use it for getting cats out of trees
  8. Anyway I'm glad we are all talking like adults
  9. Had a night out probably 20 yrs ago at Oscar's nightclub at Longleat....stepped out side for some air and a smoke... f***ing surreal hearing Lions roaring when your flying your nuts off
  10. All animals use scent to communicate danger etc.. They can tell what's about, how long ago.... Wether or not its safe etc....you can buy lion fur to go around animal pens to keep away foxes etc.... So obviously an animal that's native to here has a built in sense to think f**k this... This cnuts a lot bigger and badder than me... Let's f**k off sharpish.... That's why you probably wouldn't find one because your bull x would be bricking it and leading you a different way
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