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  1. Daniel cain

    Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    this was a bare hole in the ground 15 yrs ago....teaming with all sorts of insects and amphibians now
  2. Daniel cain

    Plans for 16th

    had a skinfull last niteonly just put a rod outwill do my best brother
  3. Daniel cain

    Plans for 16th

    my mates tipped up in the camper around 2 am,we had a good drinkonly just put my rods outget a cooked brekkie on the go,I may feel a bit better
  4. Daniel cain

    View From Your Swim

    little something to keep me going
  5. Daniel cain

    Plans for 16th

    I always carry a good selection of baits with mefish with of pva mesh/bags etc,only thing I'm missing is a few gallons of maggot .with this rain we've had the water will be coloured so will go with something stinky,mold some paste around my leads,that tends to draw the barbel in having a good scent trail helps here
  6. Daniel cain

    Plans for 16th

    some nice fish there fella.....them cats be right up my streetthere's carp to 30lb in the section of river I'm fishing tomorrow ...
  7. Daniel cain

    Plans for 16th

    good luck mate
  8. Daniel cain

    Plans for 16th

    you sound a tad jealous fella? touch of the green eyed monster me thinksI catch fish wherever I go, prebaited or not....your welcome to the thl charity fishing comp ...maybe you can get your name on the silverware under mine?give me a shout,I'm happy to come to France and give you a few pointers, don't be afraid to ask now
  9. Let's see your river catches from this new season.........hopefully I can be first to kick it off tight lines gents
  10. Daniel cain

    Plans for 16th

    don't hate the player....hate the game I fish a private syndicate where there's 30 members they travel from all over the uk,waited 4 yrs to get on it,I'm a member of 4 different angling clubs,just so I can fish their river stretches,it's an mile trip if I want a barbel....I go out of my way once a week to put some bait in out of season(cut and made another 12 swims for everyone to use this off season,on 1 club water alone....don't see no other lazy cnuts putting in the effort)....I don't concern myself with what or if anyone else is catching....same goes for anything else in life....be it houses,cars or dogsif others are blanking then that's down to their shite watercraft etc Ive offered and put plenty of lads on to their first barbel from this site......because I'm good like that
  11. Daniel cain

    Free raw food.

    its from a mates place...best selection of food and supplements I've found and constant
  12. Daniel cain

    Plans for 16th

    each to their own mateI catch fish where ever I go,what ever species im after can easily average 150/200 plus barbel a season,19 fish per session is my best few seasons back...trickling bait in out of season, saves humping gear around looking for the likely spots,the barbel are very nomadic....being able to read the river,colour,flow all helps,bait a few swims then drop and do an hr in each....extract a few fish on to the next
  13. Daniel cain

    Free raw food.

    my freezers are full mate,I get my food delivered when I need it....I'm off fishing for a few days on the rivers....but if the offer stands I will come down and we have a mooch weekend after next?
  14. Daniel cain

    Plans for 16th

    can't wait.....clock watching now