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  1. Nicely put Charts P ,surely it's better to keep your hand in...than give up completely? What the f**k else would you do? Can't see you in f***ing lycra riding round the countryside on an ebike or a protein shake gym freak... ...I will get a whippet and teckel in my old days
  2. Everywhere I go,I get clowns stopping and talking to me about my Wheaton Lurcher bitch...they all tell me how she's bred deffo wolfhound in that or tits that think everything is for sale... No one can take away our memories . ..I sincerely hope our cousin's across the water never lose that freedom T
  3. More reason to get another and make the time to get out...keeps a brother sane
  4. Only ever had to worry about wrong UN's seeing them and knowing where you lived in the past. ..to many fur mommy's roaming around theses days ...if you live out in the sticks,then it's generally accepted more when your providing a service...they do love a good working dog
  5. Rick can a terrier kill a coon outright? Or do you dispatch them with your side arm?
  6. Think I'm gonna knock up some smelly blue cheese paste for Sunday and have a go on the chub myself
  7. Gave what I had around me to a young lad who I was taking digging ....got my old NS bitch here,she's blind as a bat,she runs into the kennel mesh when you go out to clean/ feed herso she's in the house with the old beddy bull grey bitch who won't make Xmas ...trip to the vets very soon I think just got the big lurcher bitch now,the young Plummer bitch,a Russell dog and Russell bitch...they don't draw as much unwanted attention as the black dogsold bitch is still keen and will do s shift but every time she does abit,her f***ing face falls off
  8. Top man, forgot I've recently changed me number..send it to you know mate
  9. Smart, especially the rough hound
  10. What about folks who don't have money behind them?or family that could help them out ?Stuck in some high rise flat?working for minimum wage,that Can't even get a swap on the housing list?how do they make a change? Who's helping the little man??? They pay into the system to watch some refugees get a free house,healthcare and f***ing benefits...all the help that should be....helping our own...I don't enjoy paying my taxes to keep them cnuts in luxury..when my next door neighbour is living on the bread line and their kids have empty bellies...
  11. Wilf would you have the same stance if you was still stuck living in London with no obvious way out??
  12. Exactly pal...when we leave just footprints...no one knows f**k all
  13. Come on gentleman...no need for name-calling,regardless of everyone's different opinions..we are having a debate,about our different concerns,can't see anyone crying because they have just this minute sussed that we all been/getting dry bummed for yrs...regardless of who said it first
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