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  1. German Drift Machine...that you could use every day
  2. Ham,chips and eggs from the allotment..
  3. have to be,one of these for me...you know?
  4. currently watching a series called Black Spot on Netflix's...7/10
  5. living the dream Wolfie...working them tugs
  6. cheers mate...you gonna grace me with your presence this season?...let me know when, and I get the motorhome up there bed and board,and we have a few days at the barbel and the chance of a river carp
  7. one blew left,one blew right...when she cries...she gets a wet back
  8. finished early....so up the river for some more clearing work.... found this badboy in my favourite swim
  9. up the river for a few hrs, clearing a path...found this in my favourite swim..
  10. wouldn't take take her camping ...that's for sure
  11. cleared and dug out... little retainer made from sleepers going in then patio top half, lift up the manholes,back inlet gully then Cotswold stone ...then across the rd to do another... student let's.... rubbish and rats everywhere...set some live catch traps tomorrow....
  12. I'm not the spineless cnut,that's come on here ,knocking the man's pup and spouting shite,you obviously have a problem with that silly ginger cnut and his chums....then man the f**k up,and do something about it??? you see the damage they are doing? or just stay quiet and hide behind a screen dropping seeds like a fish wife,you f***ing minge... the Op explained,the ginger clown was given a dog...and it was taken back when they realised the man's a fool...have you never sorted someone a dog? and lived to regret it? ...then you can't of done alot pal
  13. Then don't come on here with half f***ing truths talking shite then pal?.why are you Irish lads still entertaining that silly ginger cnut with a beard??? him and his sort have and will be the reason you lads lose the right to dig very soon..terrier game been f****d in the UK since the ban...you are heading down the same rd,watch this space
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