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  1. I can't upload shit... Not from phone, existing pictures on my account or screen shots... What's up???
  2. They say you should never meet your heroes..... They also say sucking from the glass dick, makes you turn tricks I don't know A. C personally... But have been told he is a good man, what he does with his stock is his bisness..... Same as any other man... He's not responsible for what others do, so get over it, and move on.... We can all see what you yanks are all aboutand its not good imo.
  3. No 1 on here gives a rats arse..... We know HOW our own dogs are bred... More fool you for buying into the dreams you were sold..... Then peddling shit to make your back.... Bunch of f***ing scroats
  4. I've watched all the programs.... And I honestly believe they had help, to accomplish what they did.... They don't have machines today that could move the weights of some of these blocks in these monolithic monuments.... So many different people at different times, on different continents.... And they all depict stuff coming down from the sky and flying machines... No smoke without fire
  5. Just got in and sitting down blazing on some afghan kush
  6. Couldn't of done it without help from the ancient
  7. b*****d! Was just going to put that up
  8. Had a brand new lightforce lamp and mount for a rifle in a box in my shed,bought it about 10 yrs ago lol... never used it until few weeks back.... Stripped it all down and put it on to my old handle, head, reflector and bulb..... What a f***ing difference just need the f***ing fog to f**k off now so I can get out
  9. Been on those L. E. D. S around the house for a while, big difference in lumins/brightness and overall quarterly billsI can't get on with the hunting lamps.... Struggle to see stuff.... Every f***ing new car on the roads got em too.... Got to drive around like stevie wonder at night or get f***ing arc eye
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