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  1. just got in from a walk local...saw quite a few little drummers about,tons of new scratchings and tiny baby shits about
  2. Ive read that....find it strange how they have just disappeared,when they will have to buy baby milk , nappies etc on a regular basis
  3. Wolfie do the rabbits over there 'run' to ground like ours when knocked out of cover by the dogs? or run from cover to cover until caught by a dog or you shoot them?
  4. Are we all agreed,that it was nothing more than a control exercise to see how many sheep would follow? the truth is starting to unravel...we were all lied too...The END...
  5. Well done Scotland and Ireland
  6. Her dog was found as dry as a tinderbox,no slip/slide marks on the bank,her phone left there...she must of gone off with someone she knew and didn't feel threatened by??? Thats why they can't find where she fell into the river...who ever she went with must of gone back and placed her phone on the bench? it will be someone who she knows,that's obvious surely??? if she's still alive ,then it must be some sort of life insurance scam maybe? Another case that's in the Headlines is there's a missing aristocrat with a new born baby that's traveling around with a convicted sex offender who happ
  7. He's good as gold mate,will sort you out
  8. They had money problems apparently...half of all murders are carried out by a spouse...statistics prove this,plenty about it out there
  9. Nicola Bulley wearing Fitbit that could hold crucial clue as company offers to help police | UK | News | Express.co.uk WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK EXCLUSIVE: Fitbit has told Express.co.uk that data can be given to law enforcement to help with legal...
  10. I had a load of drontals from Adam c before Xmas £1:20 each
  11. what you saying? this fella and the bird thats missing? are in on it together??? this fella was seen buying a bottle of whiskey... depressed an topped himself maybe? or a victim of a robbery? If her husband hasn't killed her...he knows more than he's letting on... maybe some kind of life insurance scam???
  12. Adam c or monkey for wormers
  13. Nothing will ever be overturned... doesn't matter who takes care of the Helm and how much noise we all make...accept it's over,the only thing that is certain,is they will keep chipping away at what ever is left, shooting and gun ownership next,fishing for pleasure..they will start banning certain breeds, watch this space...You Irish lads have been lucky upto now... your government are slowly screwing you all over, your not that far behind the UK these days...your towns and villages are filling up with immigrants, eroding away your heritage,YOU TO WILL BE SOLD OUT...And only a fool would believ
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