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  1. I've been driving upto 200miles in a day on a weekend all-over powys, carmarthen with the dogs... Met lads at 12:30 am in motorway services to gift pups on a school night in the midlands and reading way.. If your on your todd, then the chances of you being stopped in wales are slim to non unless your up to no good What can they really do? If it's your first time, they turn you around, it's the empty heads having parties and posting over social media that gets you finedpeople are doing what they please from what I can see... Only difference is they wearing a mask, that's here in Wales an
  2. Was looking for a pup bred that way myself for a while, missed out on a litter that was on here ... Then this bitch was offered to me, wheaton/bull/grey... She got the deerhound tail and gaitmade 26/27" but she's thick set.. Dropped her weight, but she Runs better with some meat on her, a drop of deerhound or saluki would of lightened her up a bit.. That's the way I will be going if I ever need a replacement, very easy bitch to live with, she's far from perfect but 110% with terriers and other dogs,stock...but she is obsessed with all things feather and cats
  3. Give me a shout, and we can tag team her
  4. Get the f**k out of my wardrobe mush!!!
  5. We all got to die of something I've been smoking it for almost 30 yrs... Eating it doesn't have the same effect
  6. Only smoke it to check I still got me sense of taste and smell
  7. Found this place... And stopped for spliff...
  8. Few inches of snow here...
  9. Piss off micky, its you f***ing tinglish lowering the tone on here! Second The Irish always banging on about how hard done by they are... Last place as always The jocks are just plain miserable cnuts fulls top...
  10. I like what you have done there
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