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  1. We will see...when's this THL walk in the Lakes back on?
  2. Alot of companies will be done making petrol/diesel cars in the next 4/6 yrs....the replacement parts will be where the money is...
  3. ..coming from an Overweight,Jock,ginger,serial bed wetter that needs a mirror on his shoes to see where he pisses from
  4. Between us...he wets himself after a few ,and in company
  5. Rip Flick...you have your memories Trunk,nothing can take them away from youatvb Sean
  6. I wouldn't use anything else tbf when I kept digging dogs....used to clean them up and apply the cowcream..by the time you travelled home all the swelling be down and dogs looked like they ain't been dug
  7. Then by law it should go to the vets then pal
  8. Easier and quicker to just to hit them down with the scooby ,don't need a dog
  9. Last 3/4 yrs the river Wye has suffered real bad...weed dieing off,shitty brown tinge to the water and fishing has dropped off dramatically NRA are about as much use as a cock flavoured lollypop ...my money's on the amount of chicken farms/units along the upper reaches allowing waste to wash in...club closed the fishing this season as it's got that bad
  10. Mate had his first ever few weeks ago at rest bay
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