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  1. This is right on my doorstep Two Caerphilly men charged with suspected people smuggling CAERPHILLY.OBSERVER The men were initially arrested in April 2023 at a hand car wash on Pontygwindy Road, Caerphilly.
  2. Be careful mate....or you will be bombarded with death threats by PM by Thl's very own Charles Bronson the old,can dish it out,but bleeds from the minge...if he gets any back syndrome
  3. Had it off a lad,that used to come on here,not seen him on for a long time
  4. Its a nice one too shoot Im not one for hanging things up,and looking at them D..I use them till they fail or I lose them
  5. Not shot this one for a while,so put on some new bands...not the prettiest,but will do
  6. Am I right in thinking,hes in a long-term relationship with a Eastern European bird??? Would explain alot of his ramblings....she obviously wears the trousers,sends him out to work shifts and weekends on the railway,wont let him have a working dog... probably has Ukrainian and Palestine flags drapped in every window ...he would be happy meeting and greeting them all,as they come a shore mate
  7. These are my favourite pellets in .177..
  8. Bought a catty from N.H called the 'colt'?,came with double theraband gold bands...first shot,I hit my f***ing finger a treat felt sick instantly been in a draw ever since
  9. Good luck with it,you deserve it mate
  10. If I don't like how something is going...Then I just f**k off,and start from scratch again...I dont care how much time/money/effort Ive put into it-I walk away....nothing and no cnut will ever control or use me...life is too short,to wake up everyday and accept your lot,if your not happy...its only that face you see in the mirror,that truly gives a f**k about you,dont let money or a pussy ever control you ...lifes what you make of it folks
  11. Or the other 28 countries that they passed through,they could of claimed asylum... parents should be charged with child neglect,and sent back to their shithole of origin
  12. You be dropping the local Roe population with them bands mate
  13. Its never too late to make a change....at anytime in your life....just have to say f**k it,and take that first step
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