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  1. mackem

    Health and safety

    My old man used to say hard work never killed anyone,it f***ing does!I have mates whose health and physical wellbeing are shot to shit from a life in hard physical labour like building sites etc.
  2. mackem

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    MediaCityUK staff warned Tommy Robinson protest could attract 10,000 Staff at MediaCityUK have been warned that a planned protest in support of far right activist Tommy Robinson on Saturday could attract up to 10,000 people. Last week, staff were told there could be a "small scale" protest involving up to 50 people, but now the estimate has increased significantly. The BBC has a significant presence at the site, while ITV are also based there. Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon, is the subject of a Panorama investigation and in a recent social media post videoed a “tirade” against the BBC. Last week Greater Manchester Police said they were encouraging a “business as usual” approach on Saturday, but that there would be additional security. However, In an email sent to staff and seen by Prolific North, Tony Chebrika, the Head of Security for site owners Peel Media, said the advice was now that people should work from home if possible. “The Police have now confirmed that they are expecting a large scale protest on site at Media City between 5,000 and 10,000 people,” Chebrika writes. “The protest is planned to take place on the Booths car park, the pitch car park and the area known as Cargo in front of the TFGM cycle hub. Due to the numbers it is our intention to barrier off certain areas of the site to make them inaccessible to any ‘would-be’ protestors. “This is to protect property and people as much as possible. These areas include, The Piazza and the garden areas but we would obviously be leaving a small walkway so that people who are working can access the relevant buildings. “We are cancelling a number of regular activities on the day as we believe the numbers expected will limit how we use the estate. Our advice to our office based tenants is to consider if your attendance, or that of your team, at MediaCityUK on the Saturday is absolutely required – or – could you do similar work from home on your laptop etc. “If you are attending site on the day, to be mindful of some extra security measures that will be in place such as, restricted parking, access to one side of the site being more controlled as well as extra security checks at the receptions to all buildings. “These are particularly relevant to anyone accessing the White and Orange buildings together with The Greenhouse. The advice received from GMP to our retailers, if you are to remain open, is to consider extra security on your doors particularly if you sell alcohol (extra SIA door staff must be used). “The Police would wish to assure you, as would we, that there will be an increased police presence on site on the day." Sadly I will be in Vienna Saturday.i would love to have been in Manchester but 10,000 attendance is probably a woefully inaccurate prediction.
  3. mackem

    Kids taking money

    He is correct,the old paper was optimum 80,i used to know a counterfeiter in Thailand,old guy,served his time in the UK plod found 20 million or something in his garden shed.
  4. mackem

    Kids taking money

    A printer in Czech republic showed me something a week or two back,gave him a tenner sterling and he put it into this super-duper high-tech laser printing machine that costs a fortune,machine refused to copy the note,technology moves on at speed
  5. mackem

    isis bint

    Her muzzie brother in law is actually supporting the governments decision to strip her of her citizenship,either he is bowing to public pressure or he wont be too popular down the mosque
  6. mackem

    RIP the Labour Party

    Gay Dave will pop up soon with his 100% unerringly accurate insightful political punditry announcing Corbyn is inches away from residing in No 10
  7. mackem

    Huawei phones

    I still don't use a smartphone as an everyday phone,got the Huawei just to take pics and stay in touch abroad,everyday phone cost ten quid in Tesco.
  8. mackem

    Man eater nameplate.

    As Mr green said,they were in incredibly bad shape,uncased and moth-eaten,I took a pic of a snow leopard in far better condition and even that was terrible. Correct Mr Green.
  9. mackem

    I've just started watching Peaky Blinders 👍

    The Drop and Lawless,he played the perfect character in both.
  10. mackem

    Kids taking money

    Chat to them on a level,ask why they needed the cash?I have a sister,she was always a little bitch,lives in peterlee in the north-east now with nothing to her name,used to nick from me persistently till I left home,always for ciggies and crap,havent contacted her for years,never nick from family,thats verboten.
  11. mackem

    I've just started watching Peaky Blinders 👍

    Saw about 10 minutes of peaky blinders once and thought it was utter dross,why do people,sane folks,dress up for peaky blinders parties,whats that about?
  12. mackem

    Ouch, remember the safety catch lads.

    I was around 14 years old,spent my salmon money and paper-round cash on a single shot pedretti .410 beautiful little gun,got it from a guy in southwick for £20,bought a box of cartridges from Millers gunshop in sunderland,this was it,the f***ing bigtime,i didn't have a licence but I never thought of the consequences back then.Had it a few weeks,quite a few roosting pheasants and ducks sitting on the river that had flighted out of Washington wildfowl reserve,got a couple of bunnies on the lamp.I was cleaning it in my bedroom,stuck a cartridge in for whatever reason a 14 year old does things without thinking BANG three inches from my foot and through the floorboards my ears were ringing and I was quite shocked (understatement),no-one was in the house,my bedroom looked like a tip anyway,i pulled the rug further across the bedroom over the carpet and was always super,super wary after that
  13. mackem

    Huawei phones

    Its a PPSH-41 I am in Vienna this weekend going to a range with a mate
  14. mackem

    Huawei phones

    Security thing?I will have to ask my missus when she comes in
  15. mackem

    Huawei phones

    Got a p20 pro,my missus fling her I-phone and also got one,great camera.