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  1. mackem

    Cannabis oil

    Just got this in my e-mail europes first cannabis recruitment consultancy,a couple of UK based jobs in the CBD industry. https://www.blumejobs.com/
  2. mackem


    My missus spent easter in Norway visiting some of her family in Bergen,the equivalent of £5 for a red pepper in the supermarket?
  3. Get yourself a decent rod mickey.
  4. mackem

    Here we gao again ... Gender Neutral ships

    Just been on the news cup winners at Wembley wont have champagne from now on as some football fans may be from cultures that don't drink alcohol (muzzies) we have to be one of the most ethnic/gender appeasing nations on the planet,nowhere else gives a f**k,but we bend over backwards for fear of offending or insulting tom,dick,and harry.
  5. mackem

    Brexit party.

    Ann widdecombe has left the tory party and defected to the Brexit party.
  6. I have one,its originally for ice-fishing.
  7. mackem

    10 Churches attacked in a week

    ISIS have claimed responsibility,no if's no but's no and's.muslims were responsible no matter how distasteful the word was in the mouths of the MSM muzzies were the perpetrators.
  8. mackem

    Big Cat Sighting

    A member on here snared the leopard in the English countryside?Did he have pics of the cat in the snare?What was the story behind it?
  9. Not trout but I was at the exact spot this was filmed today,and there was dozens,maybe more of carp crowded together in the shallow waters of the hogsmill where it empties into the thames,massive amount of carp,biggest was a guestimated 25lb.
  10. mackem

    Big Cat Sighting

    Its not exactly evidence of anything to be honest,i have fired off an e-mail to durham university about the DNA results from the fortean association showing leopard hair was from a cat living wild in the UK,i will keep you updated,you mentioned a guy who has a leopard skin from a snared cat,any chance you can get a sliver of skin and a few hairs?
  11. mackem

    Big Cat Sighting

    30 yards away,four of them saw it but none thought to get a pic or video,and they didn't want to be named?Fake news or its magic mushroom season.
  12. Have you tried for them yet mickey?
  13. mackem

    Bless the Christians

    The time to REALLY worry is when the africans figure it out