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  1. Good watch,trapping mountain lion.
  2. This kid has just been interviewed on sky news.
  3. Just been to Europe for a week.
  4. Saw this in Ottawa war museum.
  5. Don't need a lottery win to own a piece of land,i was in Canada last month,had a look at some stunning houses (my missus wanted us to look at new-builds) within touching distance of thousands of acres of crown-land,lots of hunting acerage bargains,this ones £15k sterling for 80 acres,moose,bear,deer. https://www.landwatch.com/default.aspx?ct=D&pid=200101092
  6. Sorry mate,i meant average british mainland cop,they aren't always as professional as they should be and certainly shouldn't be armed as a matter of course.
  7. Average british copper isn't mature enough nor mentally capable enough to be trusted with a firearm,i have seen them screaming in high-pitched falsetto as if their balls hadn't dropped when dealing with a situation,they aren't fit for purpose and playing call of duty online for a couple of hours a night shouldn't count as training.
  8. mackem

    big cats lol

    No mate,not at all,but it is in part of the states cats aren't known to be.Your never going to get a UK cat pic that clear.
  9. mackem

    big cats lol

    This cats pic was put up on a group online I belong to,no-one had ever seen a cat in the area before,went to check for deer pics and he found this on his SD card.
  10. Nice,looks good,any chance of getting some pics of the drift net next time you use it?
  11. Hunza valley this morning...(and also probably Coventry).
  12. Not saying theres anything wrong with it,just pointing out that's where the rustled sheep and goats are destined to end up tomorrow,stolen to order,flogged off to contacts in local mosques,timing is everything
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