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  1. Seen two dead on the roads,one in Surrey one in Switzerland,commonplace to see them around parts of west London thermalling.
  2. That looks like a police sketch artist composite of the suspect,good likeness.
  3. They used to be in the Tyne valley at Plankey Mill camp site,I found a few there as a kid,and an adder.
  4. mackem


    The guy I saw was Egyptian I think,not afghani,London is full of such people.
  5. I like the sound of that,decent trip mooching around.
  6. Looking forward to the salmon run and the Mont Blanc trail this year.
  7. I love decent food,we won’t starve.
  8. My friend met Tim Wells a couple of weeks ago when TW was one of those who opened the brand new 140,000 Sq Ft Bass Pro in Irvine around 10 minutes from my mates house.He said TW was a great character but was slightly bemused that his Blowguns are banned in Cali as they are considered dangerous weapons.
  9. mackem


    I am not around now but will be around end of June,sadly London and the UK are on a downward run,London is starting to decay,great city but anyone who spends time there sees the rot has set in. I saw this chap yelling in Arabic and exposing himself maybe a month back in Londinistan,he looked like he would bum a young chap such as yourself,no one batted an eye and just walked past him.
  10. Tipple?Coke,next time your down in London pop into Sheesh in Mayfair,take notice of your glass when you order a coke old chap,I never drink alcohol https://youtube.com/shorts/ViVtYf-Zt2w?feature=shared
  11. Forgot to put this up,couple of weeks ago,probably the tastiest burger I have ever had,Mrs Mack had Sheesh.
  12. No trash if it’s edible Wolfie,the Cajun say you can tell a swamp dweller as the first thing they think when seeing an animal bird or fish is how does it taste?
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