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  1. mackem

    Cannabis oil

    Without a doubt,any research papers that prove Full-spectrum cures Cannabis if used properly?
  2. mackem

    Urban wildlife.

    American urban wildlife.....
  3. mackem

    Bow Hunting

    I might enquire about that mate,bisley isn't far,thanks.
  4. mackem

    Bow Hunting

    Just saw this,prospective world class fallow head,bow-hunted in Bulgaria.
  5. mackem

    Cannabis oil

    I understand a bit about cannabis mate,and cannabinoids,and my son is 5'th year medicine and knows a little,still uncertainty.
  6. mackem


  7. mackem


  8. mackem

    Good read

    Read it ages ago,its ok.
  9. mackem

    Cannabis oil

    Marley like all rastas didn't mix with tobacco,pure weed.Cannabis is good for certain illnesses,its not going to cure everything however.I did meet a guy,a scientist who grew for the government in the UK,he hinted that it had cured his cancer,but I guess we will never know the true story,its all a grey area due to the illegality,but anyone wanting to try the oil,and I know someone at the moment who is trying it for cancer,its got to be full-spectrum or your wasting your time,and with that sort of illness time isn't something you can afford to play with.
  10. mackem

    Cannabis oil

    I truly don't think THC will kill cancer,no one really knows to be honest,its all speculation,Howard Marks and Bob Marley both massive THC imbibers died from cancer,and bob marley followed the Rastafarian lifestyle and diet.
  11. mackem

    Time flies

    Congratulations mate, kids are what make a couple a family.
  12. mackem

    Cannabis oil

    They are everywhere here max, wasn't there a billionaire and an actor arrested a few weeks ago after landing a private plane in the carribean carrying 5000 CBD clones from Switzerland.
  13. mackem

    Cannabis oil

  14. mackem

    weathers bad here

    In Austria at the moment, sweating buckets. I rented a villa once for 6 months in javea Sussex, up in the hills from the town, nice place.
  15. mackem

    Fight of the century ?

    Joey Essex (who??) has waded in saying Tom Cruise is an old man so if Bieber wants a kick-off he will accommodate him