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  1. mackem

    Sir David Attenborough on Overpopulation

    Not going to happen,islam and Catholicism for starters,plus 3'rd world "I must have 10 kids to look after me in my old age" mentality,thats the crux of overpopulation however simplistic it seems.
  2. mackem

    Albert Dryden

    Don't kick a sleeping dog,he was backed into a corner,everyone standing around him,he was the focus of attention,about to lose his house and all he had worked for,he had nothing left to lose.
  3. mackem

    The future for the open door eu

  4. mackem

    much damage where you live

    Stormy out there...
  5. mackem

    much damage where you live

    Not that bad down here but up in the north-east I am told its a bit breezy.
  6. mackem

    Free dvds

    I would probably buy a couple off you mate,got some of warreners already,cant pick them up at the minute as I live in surrey,my sis comes up north regular,she might be able to pick up for me?
  7. mackem


    I saw a "Caution Turtles Crossing" sign in Ontario last year tilly,i know you get some huge ones over there.
  8. mackem

    BJS is an utter scumbag

    The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) have charged world middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders with misconduct after a "sickening" video emerged which appears to show him encouraging a woman to assault a stranger in exchange for drugs. Nottinghamshire Police have confirmed they are investigating the video, which also appears to show Saunders offering drugs to the woman in exchange for her performing a sex act on one of his friends.
  9. mackem

    Albert Dryden

    Planning officer or councillor in derwent?And injured a reporter and shot a copper in the arse?Seems like a lifetime ago,i remember the story though R.I.P Mr Dryden,stood up for his principles but what a waste of a life.
  10. mackem

    Cannabis oil

    Coca-Cola 'in talks' over cannabis-infused drinks Coca-Cola is best known for its eponymous caffeine-based drink, but the firm now appears to be experimenting with a different drug: cannabis. According to Canada's BNN Bloomberg, the drinks giant is in talks with local producer Aurora Cannabis about developing marijuana-infused beverages. These would not aim to intoxicate consumers but to relieve pain. The firm declined to comment but said it was watching the cannabis drinks market closely. "Along with many others in the beverage industry, we are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive cannabidiol as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world," Coca-Cola said in a statement. Cannabidiol, a constituent of cannabis, can help ease inflammation, pain and cramping, but has no psychoactive effect. It comes as Canada prepares to follow certain US states in legalising cannabis for recreational use, after years of permitting it for medicinal purposes. It has given rise to a large pot growing industry and some high-profile partnerships. Earlier this year, beer giant Molson Coors Brewing said it would make cannabis-infused drinks with Hydropothecary, while Corona-beer maker Constellation Brands invested $4bn more into pot firm Canopy Growth. A partnership between Coke and Aurora would mark the first entry of a major manufacturer of non-alcoholic drinks into the market. 'Recovery drink' Quoting unnamed sources, BNN Bloomberg said Coca-Cola was in "serious talks" with Aurora but no deal had been finalised. "They're pretty advanced down the path" of doing a deal, one source was quoted as saying. "It's going to be more of the 'recovery drink' category," the source added. Aurora, in a separate statement, said it would not discuss business development initiatives until they were finalised, but added: "Aurora has expressed specific interest in the infused beverage space, and we intend to enter that market." Coca-Cola's shares rose marginally in early trade on Monday.
  11. mackem

    Sunderland Has Got Its Soul Back

    You kicking off down the town yesterday max?
  12. mackem

    Big Cat Sighting

    I am always positive mate,last time I went to Nepal I went to chitwan didn't see a tiger but plenty of pug marks some fresh,ladakh snow leopards the guides have a 75% success rate so time will tell,just looked at flights from Kathmandu to nepalganj near the bardia national park which has a good population of tiger and leopard,and because its in the far west of the country doesn't get as many visitors as parks closer to Kathmandu,you still got time to sort your passport and visas sorted
  13. mackem

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Roxanne has done a few low budget horror movies where she removed her clothes,one lake placid film and one wrong turn movie.
  14. mackem

    Lowa Tibet boots?

    Went today to get the lowa tibets,guy in the shop gave me a pair of wool hiking socks to wear and measured my feet one size 10 one size 9 apparently its quite common?They didn't have the tibets in stock,going to have a rethink as I want to order the boots online so what size as they don't sell odd sized pairs on e-bay
  15. mackem

    Stacey dooley

    For some reason that reminded me of this..