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  1. The binomial nomenclature system
  2. Yes mate, the lady in Blue looks white, of the 13 victims 11 were black, 2 were white, the person the gunman spared and apologised to was white.
  3. The report on the news earlier said the kid was only talked out of continuing by a white sherrif. 21 shot during gang shootouts at a game on Saturday night in milwaukee. 21 people were injured in shootings in downtown Milwaukee; Mayor Johnson imposes curfew Saturday night WWW.JSONLINE.COM Eleven people are in custody, 10 guns were recovered and all the victims are expected to survive...
  4. It isn't going to happen, there's a slow escalation, the biggest threat to black citizens in the States however is other black citizens.
  5. There's been 202 multiple shootings in the States so far this year. Gun Violence Archive WWW.GUNVIOLENCEARCHIVE.ORG
  6. Did you see the livestream the shooter put out, he actually apologises to a white cashier in the supermarket before he moves on looking for a black victim,he is 18 years old, some saying he has mental health issues, some saying he is a white supremacist.The old Chinese guy in the church superglued locks and chained doors before attacking.
  7. Seen a few news reports and saw the shooters live-stream before it was cut, radicalised by news anchors spouting the replacement theory apparently, there was also another racially motivated shooting in Cali, old Chinese guy locked a church doors and started shooting Taiwanese.
  8. Get it on Amazon? Amazon.co.uk : Men's+Hats+&+Caps WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK
  9. Bought it from a store in Toronto a few weeks back mate.
  10. Someone should have hoofed him right in the 'Nads, gormless cnut.
  11. I used to rent a flat in witherwack, it had more jungles than Mindanao
  12. They are looking for a new postcode haven't got time for them as I am away working, I have another "coming on" and haven't got work for them all
  13. I actually know a bloke whose son is trying to flog 30 kittens
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