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  1. It was a Glock and a chateau,but close enough
  2. Uncle of mine has just died of covid-19 last week,took him really quickly,aunty is out of hospital now but she was on a ventilator for around 3 weeks,stay safe stay healthy.
  3. Something like that mate
  4. Sometimes old arrest warrants have a habit of resurfacing at the most inopportune moments,and foreign police aren't as understanding as they could be,wrong place wrong time,it could have been far worse Recent lesson learnt,always wear a mask
  5. Herbies Headshop relocated to spain after two eastern European's bought the business,service has gone downhill since.The Mutts Nuts was part of JW's Pukka Seeds,the last time i saw Jeff i told him he took the piss with his prices,he laughed and said "I know" before heading home to His million quid gaff,nowadays he concentrates on hydro equipment sales and as always is doing exceptionally well.Attitude seedbank are one of the best re-sellers due to the lady fronting the company,natalia,very pretty lady with real business smarts. The re-sellers seed-game in the UK is cornered by Pure
  6. Good watch,trapping mountain lion.
  7. This kid has just been interviewed on sky news.
  8. Just been to Europe for a week.
  9. Saw this in Ottawa war museum.
  10. Don't need a lottery win to own a piece of land,i was in Canada last month,had a look at some stunning houses (my missus wanted us to look at new-builds) within touching distance of thousands of acres of crown-land,lots of hunting acerage bargains,this ones £15k sterling for 80 acres,moose,bear,deer. https://www.landwatch.com/default.aspx?ct=D&pid=200101092
  11. Sorry mate,i meant average british mainland cop,they aren't always as professional as they should be and certainly shouldn't be armed as a matter of course.
  12. Average british copper isn't mature enough nor mentally capable enough to be trusted with a firearm,i have seen them screaming in high-pitched falsetto as if their balls hadn't dropped when dealing with a situation,they aren't fit for purpose and playing call of duty online for a couple of hours a night shouldn't count as training.
  13. No mate,not at all,but it is in part of the states cats aren't known to be.Your never going to get a UK cat pic that clear.
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