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  1. I still remember the story of the guy from on the UAE who sent his maid into the lion cage to clean it,I think she lived on a life-support machine for a while.
  2. I was in Calais and sangatte two weeks back,saw quite a few wannabe boat people hanging around,it isn’t stopping anytime soon.
  3. Biscuits,gravy and mashed taters,food of the gods.
  4. It's a dumb rooster that crows at a false dawn, Sunak claiming victory but fails to include the bad weather effects. Rishi Sunak's claims on small boats fact checked WWW.BBC.CO.UK The prime minister gave an update on his policy of stopping small boats crossings.
  5. He shagged the kid but "They were just mates"??
  6. Emotional tear-jerking weepy, not hot porn Tom hanks full frontal nudity.
  7. mackem

    My mate

    Sandy is far too sensible for this thread.
  8. Good film, girl murders murders travellers in Thailand.
  9. Love those Cinnabuns with a cup of tea.
  10. I had a lecture earlier on the dangers of sugar in foods,then went and had a bit of cake,always rebel
  11. Watched cricket earlier with my sisters partner,he is as boring as a bit of dry toast,once he started lecturing me on the intricacies of cricket it was time to head off,spent the day on the river.
  12. It’s an under-rated place TOMO the market is one of those places that should be on every London food map,might go next week,enjoy your stay.
  13. Try the scallops and venison burger.
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