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  1. Eddie Izzard told to stop using women's toilets by Father Ted creator - Scottish Daily Express WWW.SCOTTISHDAILYEXPRESS.CO.UK Graham Linehan, who has faced backlash for his gender-critical campaigns, is appealing for...
  2. He was born there, its Sunderland Better editing, content, nice pleasant character, but the guy from sunderland gets thousands of times more views for getting pissed in a bush
  3. Rightttssss mandingo, how would you like them to start? The stealth camping dodgepot has a dwarf he takes camping sometimes if that's any good?
  4. Greggs heir jailed for abusing boys - BBC News WWW-BBC-CO-UK.CDN.AMPPROJECT.ORG Colin Gregg, 75, used his "wealth, privilege and social standing" as a "cloak of respectability".
  5. 242,000 views for a sunderland roundabout, when I was a kid people who slept in bushes and got pissed were called tramps, now they are called stealth-campers
  6. I remember flying cebu Pacific when the female flight crew wore bikinis but yeah, I wouldn't fly an airline where lads dressed as lasses.
  7. I see cali-packs, Roleys and Ibiza/Dubai
  8. Virgin Atlantic cabin staff can now choose to wear male or female uniform, what a time to be alive Virgin Atlantic staff can choose which uniform to wear ‘no matter their gender’ | Virgin Atlantic | The Guardian AMP-THEGUARDIAN-COM.CDN.AMPPROJECT.ORG
  9. That guy infuriates me, every time I see his face.
  10. Yes mate, UK, out in the street.
  11. The amateur sleuth who found suspected human remains in 58-year hunt for Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett - Manchester Evening News WWW.MANCHESTEREVENINGNEWS.CO.UK Despite a major police investigation spanning over 50 years, in a bizarre turn of...
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