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  1. It’s not difficult to be honest,I met a bloke from Manchester the other day who came out here to do something and just never went back to the UK,I know brits living in the Hollywood hills making real fortunes,there’s lots of different angles in this game where you can make a very good living even without contacts by just landing at LAX cold,there’s a few brits arrived just like that and were making 10k a week within a month,I was asked to come but were I arriving here with a long term plan I would head to Eureka in Humboldt,it’s the heart of the industry,I only need to stay here a couple of mo
  2. @mC HULL had them both…… Champagne and truffle butter with the sourdough,and Alaskan king crab cakes for starters.
  3. Sadly,my mate told me he ran when he saw a tarantula,and he is petrified of rattlers,I am the opposite,he also saw a mountain lion when hiking a trail near here,that scared him as well but he thinks nothing of surfing on beaches known to have great white sharks in the water.
  4. There’s a tour to see them just up the coast near Fresno in the sequoia national park,I was just reading about it the other day.
  5. KFC chicken pot pie,exceptionally tasty but quite large for one person.
  6. Walked up a drainage ditch for half an hour,my mate said in the summer you often see rattle snakes and tarantulas in them.
  7. It’s not exactly 24/7 news here,the 5 cops have been charged,if they were white Memphis would have needed rooftop Koreans.
  8. Sheep always comes across as a cool guy,bit alternative,I will try and watch on BBC Iplayer.
  9. The office,it’s licences and legal(going to earn just enough to buy my kid a new pickup truck then heading back to Canada,hopefully when the summer begins).
  10. Just a burger and chips today.
  11. @Wolfdog91 you inviting us all to yours?
  12. Changed the return date on my ticket,going to be here for a few months,lots of opportunities in this place.
  13. Just had an Indian for dinner.
  14. I actually met an Eastern European bootlegger in the UK,a woman,and she was smuggling cigarettes from Ukraine.
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