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  1. mackem


  2. mackem

    Wrassing with the baby

    She isn't going to be one of those kids that's scared of frogs or spiders or suchlike
  3. mackem


  4. mackem


    Sad news,i always enjoyed his posts,R.I.P mate,shocked to he honest.
  5. mackem

    Cannabis oil

    William (baron) hague is calling for its legalisation for recreational use,and professor Robert Winston has just been on TV saying its use is far less harmfull than alcohol or tobacco and the government should look at its legalisation,if we fall into step behind Canada which is due to legalise for recreation then I think you can expect it somewhere down the line,once the old style politicians start falling away.
  6. mackem

    Cannabis oil

    Marijuana is 'significantly' SAFER than thought: Cannabis is 114 times LESS deadly than alcohol, claims study. Smoking marijuana is 114 times safer than drinking alcohol. This is according to an international study which claims the plant may be 'significantly' less harmful than scientists believe. Two children have now been given licences to use medicinal cannabis oil,common sense starting to creep into the government stance.
  7. mackem

    The wild beaver thread

    Noodling catfish.
  8. mackem

    Best part of uk to live

    ............Or asking who hung the monkey in Hartlepool.
  9. mackem

    Big Cat Sighting

    Who was it who said he had credibility again? (I shouldn't laugh but f***ing hell).
  10. mackem

    Big Cat Sighting

    I was only joking when I asked had he been probed by aliens BUT heres one of his own drawings when he WAS visited by an alien in dorset when he was younger
  11. mackem

    Big Cat Sighting

    I wonder if he has ever been snatched and "probed" by the greys?I actually read an article in the fortean times years ago that said british big cats came from another world,its all becoming clear now The Men In Black snatching corpses etc,all ties in
  12. mackem

    Fathers day

    I got phone calls this morning...…..at 4.30am good to hear their voices.
  13. mackem

    The wild beaver thread

    Known beavers all over the world,wild,tame,and downright psycho crazy.
  14. mackem

    Big Cat Sighting

    He has the business card for starters.....