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  1. mackem

    Month in Thailand 🇹🇭

    Cinema release date was yesterday mate,based (loosely I should imagine)on the story of billy moore (who missed yesterdays screening as he is currently in nick for burglary).
  2. mackem

    Month in Thailand 🇹🇭

    Trailer for this movie looks good if your into muay thai.…..
  3. mackem

    Lady from Africa

    Seen quite a few women wearing these in Bangkok,pattaya,chiang mai etc...…………….
  4. mackem


    He has published his 10 commandments....
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  8. mackem

    Lady from Africa

    Sebastian Shakespeare the guy who made news sucking sarah fergusons toes has just been blackmailed by a flip who is 17 (he is 63?) he was visiting her in the PI and said the cash he was sending her was for "education" she tried to blackmail him regarding photographs she has of them together,theres no fool like an old (nonce) fool
  9. mackem

    German bus attack.

    Its ok,panic over,german police have said they aren't ruling out that it "might" be a terrorist attack
  10. mackem

    German bus attack.

    Havent seen it mentioned on the news this evening,almost as if we are indifferent to it.
  11. mackem

    Scrap men

    Just been a 31 year old unemployed Latvian jailed in Kingston crown court for being naughty,lived in Cobham which is known as the british Beverley hills for the number of celebrities who live there,unemployed yet found to have £1.6 million quids worth of gold,gems,bitcoins,cash etc in the house,even had a range rover evoque and pink Gucci shoes.
  12. mackem

    German bus attack.

    Germany Lubeck bus attack: Knifeman injures 14 victims 'after dropping smoking backpack' At least 14 people have been injured after a 'mass stabbing' on a bus in Lubeck, Germany. A passenger is said to have dropped a backpack which reportedly started smoking, according to local media - as others on board the packed bus started screaming and trying to jump off. One man was reportedly stabbed in the chest as he stood up to offer his seat to an elderly passenger. The assailant is said to have been armed with a kitchen knife - although some local media are reporting the existence of a gun, yet to be confirmed. He was overpowered by police at the scene and is under arrest, according to local police. Eyewitnesses say the bus was full when one male passenger dropped a backpack which started 'smouldering', LN online report. The bus driver then quickly noticed a fire in the bus and stopped immediately, according to police. The man then reportedly pulled a gun and attacked those on the bus, it said. An eyewitness told LN Online: "One of the victims had just offered his place to an elderly woman, as the offender stabbed him in the chest. It was a carnage!" The bus driver has been praised for his quick-thinking after stopping the vehicle immediately and opening the doors for passengers to flee, before he too was allegedly attacked. Police were at the scene within minutes of the first emergency calls being made and claim the man is of Iranian and in his 30s. While early reports claimed one man has been killed later reports suggest there have been no deaths. Reporter Steffen Ludke tweeted the alleged perpetrator was 'overwhelmed' by police before being arrested at the scene. Eyewitness, named only as Lothar H, 87, lives at the scene: "The passengers jumped out of the bus and screamed, it was terrible, and then the injured were taken away." Advertisement German police have set up a citizen helpline on 0451 29079319 for those looking for information about friends or relaives. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/crime/germany-lubeck-bus-attack-knifeman-injures-14-victims-after-dropping-smoking-backpack/ar-BBKRgkP?ocid=spartanntp
  13. mackem

    How long without food

    Couple of days without food,i can go all day on a cup of tea.
  14. mackem

    Scrap men

    Documentary on Durham prison last night,reporter chatted to a ginger haired guy who went into the prison to make cash through wheeling and dealing,asked the guy where he saw himself in 1o years time,the guy said owning a scrap van so he could make an honest living.