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  1. Plenty of this during the summer.
  2. The second harrier I ever got was given to me by a man who didn't know me. I went down to look at the bitch, explained I'd had bad luck getting a good bitch, been ripped off a couple of times etc.....he gave that bitch for nowt and we been hunting pals since, and he's done me many good turns. Others have been very good to me, and me to others. I've been burned a few times but over all I think most are decent beyond necessary.
  3. Hunting, fishing type folk really are salt of the earth. I've too many stories to tell when hunting/fishing/country folk have done me a good turn to mention.
  4. Not exotic, put still probably hard to come by, I always fancied a pure working Deerhound.
  5. More or less finished for the season but got an hr to spare on Fri so threw dogs in van and spun down to a field with big briars for a quick mooch. Seemed to be plenty of scent about. Floyd went into a big briar and started sounding straight away. After few mins two bolted, lurcher got a race after one and other got away unseen but the terrier caught the third in the cover. She was full of kits, so that's definitely my last mooch, at least until late summer after the graziers.
  6. I used to never break to cats but I do now. Not a good luck if you go into a farmers yard and your dogs try and kill his family cat.
  7. When it's time, it's the right thing to do.
  8. Lurchers are so needy, but they love their masters no questions
  9. Last mooch of the season today. Time for walks on beach, plenty of road work, terrier and lurcher shows and of course fishing.
  10. Dinosaurs...we know how they ended up.
  11. "Tomato famine" that was tough times for yiz in fairness
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