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  1. Even in days long before internet and social media his name and terriers were known in Ireland, even by lads like myself that never knew or met him or men like him.... that's saying something. RIP
  2. Just some of the pics. Taken from Knockbrack Hill, highest hill in North County Dublin, first time ever seen the Northern lights. Knockbrack has an ancient history, going back to the neolithic. I'll definitely chase a view of em again at different historical sites, something awe inspiring about em tbh.
  3. Good beer ...makes me feel good and makes all me problems go away
  4. A couple of lil flounder I took from a local river. This spot bout 1/2 mile up from a local estuary, well away from the sea water. Get small brownies here too. Hardly think there be any fish in it, not much of a river. Garden worms for bait. These lads went back not a bother on em.
  5. Always thought mullet wasn't edible but that looks very very edible!
  6. Fish stew. Half a salmon, and bag of sea food bits in the mix. Done in slow cooker with spuds and some veg.
  7. Is that same mullet we get that swims in harbours?
  8. Says you can't get messages. Pups are in Dublin Ireland.
  9. Beagle X terrier (Patterdale X Border Russell) my lad is the sire
  10. One still for sale. Lads keeping 3 back for mooching. Two gone to family as pets but one of them will do an odd days mooching.
  11. Can't claim any credit for this, a neighbour sent it over cos I always throw him over a few pints of Guinness when I've got a keg in.... everything inc pepper sauce and bread made from scratch by his wife...... As good as any restaurant.
  12. Been good season. Dogs did very well. Worked well. Flushed everything fur and feather, goofy and sharp tooth, accounted for dozens of rats and few rabbits..... All in all very happy. Time now for coastal walks, swims in sea and road work.
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