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  1. First real spring day today, lambs in the fields, noticeable rise in temp, flowers starting to bloom, saw bees about... Season be over in few weeks for me, I stop Sunday hunting around Patricks Day. Got 4 mixy rabbits in the cover, five rats from 3 marks and flushed lots of rabbits and birds. Tired dogs now at home in the kitchen. Terrier was going non stop, flushing catching bunnies and marking/digging/killing rats. Mixy is wiping out big numbers around this land but I did see a good few young uns so hopefully they've got immunity and still a good few about. Auld lurcher really showing h
  2. Good mooch today. Got 2 mice in a mark that took a bit of digging. Plenty of marks some gave us the slip but got 4 rats from 3 marks. Flushed red lads, big ears and birds. Terrier went well all day, covered some ground trailing scent.
  3. Went out all day yesterday but never really got one good hunt. On the land I went too all the cover, ditches, dykes had been cleared out and wiped out with a mulcher so nothing left to hold game at all, on top of that the terrier got a bad wallop off an electric fence so went all weird for rest of the day so yesterday was a shitty day out. Got an hr to spare this evening so threw does in van for a spin to the estuary for a swim in the sea and a mooch along the rocks. Got this mark in the fields right at the edge of the estuary just above the water. I've actually got a few rats off this dyke ov
  4. Ancient Irish place names of certain areas in Ireland reference rabbits long before the Normans or Romans.
  5. Initially it was thought Romans brought rabbits to Ireland but recently it's been discovered that rabbits were brought here long before the Romans. Rabbits been in Ireland since the bronze Age at least.
  6. Ferreting been around since at least the Roman age
  7. Rabbits been harvested and kept deliberately in certain areas and looked after by warreners since the bronze Age.
  8. Ciabatta steak sambo and boneless ribs. Good feed and refreshing drink after a long unsuccessful day in the fields.
  9. Dublin coddle.....if ya know, ya know!
  10. Got some great bushing today. Killed two diseased rabbits. Farm I went to has been bursting with rabbits the last couple of years even though everywhere else has seen apocalyptic decline in numbers, despite that up to a month ago this farm was bursting. Arrived today and instantly noticed less movement. Big drop in numbers since 4/5 weeks ago, mixy arrived with a bang. Still a few about though and got a non stop few hrs in. Terrier caught one in cover, lurcher got one and we had loads of bolts. Today really noticed the lurchers age and old injury (broke a front leg half way through his second
  11. I've yet to see a teckle or teckle X working in the flesh but suppose to be decent.
  12. Another good day in the fields, cold, bright and fresh. Had a rat early in a small wood then headed off to hunt from big and rough ground, got few quick bursts of hunting but never saw anything.On the way back I mooched through the wood again and got few more rats from few marks. One of the marks bout 5 rats bolted and got away, terrier stayed at the burrow and we got one out of it. Then we hunted after the bolters and trailed them to another mark and got 3 of them bout 6/7 from few different marks. Flushed pheasant, woodcock and hare.
  13. Unreal after a day in the fields. Fish stew(fresh cod, smoked cod and mixed fish bag from lidl) ..... can't take any credit for it, me Ma sent it over. Irish Mammies cooking is next level.
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