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  1. Can genuine first cross border collie x greyhound still be got? Anyone out there putting working collies and good greyhound together???
  2. Unless I travel to follow mates footpacks then it's mostly by myself, brought my son alot but now has no interest these days. An odd day with one or two lads I know yrs. A mates young lad is hunting mad so he's started to come out with me a bit. Mostly by myself and tbh I'm happy like that. Yrs ago went out with different lads digging and different crews but found all the bullshit, snakey behavior etc.....too much for me, not into it. Do wish my son kept the interest but ya can't force em. Most of my best hunts and days were by myself.
  3. I only just watched em on YouTube. Never ever get anything like that on telly again. Very good show. Jack's blunt and honest in it. A pack of beagles catch a hare in the show and Jack says "all wild animals die violent deaths, none of em die peacefully in their bed"....very true. But he also very clear about the benefits of the hunting sports he does the shows about.
  4. The argument for lurcher work should not be just about pest control but also a very sustainable method of harvesting meat that should be encouraged. The green types want more free range, low carbon types of food harvesting and ferreting and lamping is as free range and low carbon as you can get.
  5. Really is nothing better than enjoying a young dog making good progress on the rd to being a good worker....it's so satisfying especially cos we know how shit it is when a young in isn't making the grade.
  6. I look for quite confident one, not necessarily the one jumping all over you and definitely not one with it's tail between it's legs. It's a lotto though at end of the day cos even the nervy last picked can make good uns in right hands.
  7. Im out since week before xmass and won't be back till March, so season is a right off.
  8. One of my mates took dogs out today..
  9. I'm out with a broken leg.. think the lurcher is missing a mooch or lamp!
  10. My last response to this thread cos I not on here for political debate. I live in an area with many immigrants of all countries and I'm happy with it. We've problems with Irish scumbsgs and forigen scumbags, like most areas. I'm coach in a local boxing club and we've kids of all types, colours and religions and all are welcome. No I wouldn't have an issue with refugees being housed in my area. Would I have an issue with some of them behaving criminally? yes obviously and I'd deal with that IF or WHEN happened. Criminalizing all refugees is no different to "No blacks, No dogs, No Iri
  11. Not always Francie.....Irish mobs in America, Liverpool etc.... Criminals exist in every ethnic group and every class. Most of the big social problems we have in Ireland can be traced to our own native Irish banker class. Should we tolerate criminals? No. Should we tar every immigrant with same brush? No. As an Irish man, proud socialist republican, I don't support these protests. But I come on this site for the hunting stuff and for bit of a entertainment.....so I'm finished with this thread now.
  12. Standard MI5 practice....he got the job cos he's MI5.
  13. It is shit compared to raw, but raw isn't always practical depending on your circumstances.
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