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  1. Yep the bedy grey f1 not a big jook and maybe 23/24 at the top end I'd rather have this x than a whippet x bed , its all down to what we need in a jook and the land we work . i like a dog to be able to handle anything we come across and so far my bedy grey not let me down ,if I was going to take a litter out of her it would be deerhound or collie Type lurcher over her ,I was offered to use a Wheaton x but to much terrier in the mix .
  2. I see collie whippet and they good rabbit ,mooching dog ,put back to a grey better for bigger stuff but handy all the same
  3. I agree mate ,no gn stuff left they in a world of there own if they think they have his line ? They might say rillington and granitor but it's fanny to get ££££!
  4. I like bedy whippets but id rather have a bedy grey ,still some good bedy whippets about if bred from right stock ,but to many bred for £££ and nothing else which is a shame as they destroying a good type .
  5. Yep you don't need mini lurcher just get a whippet ,you might get better coat ,skin but nothing else . of course if you want terrier x best to go to greyhound that's why I chose a bedy grey , bigger stronger kind of jook ,
  6. Yes they not shy ,my old 3quater whippet he go into anything and break is heart to get at it ,I miss taking him out but not the hide my eyes moments , i rate the whippet above any small lurcher or pure sight hound ,they just punch well above there wait , atb
  7. No mate ,but she needs doing again and I put a pic up of befor and after ,hand stripping gives a better coat I think than clippers ,
  8. I got a bedy whippet x Russel fly to ground and she will fold herself up to get to it , a old terrier man had whippet x Russel that worked brock fox back in the day and he rated it as one of his best earth dogs !!! Bert griptons "tess" was a whippet x Russel ,and like above he rated this jook above all others at that time .
  9. One in the middle is a classic ,unlike the other two !!!
  10. That vardo in the middle pick worth a few quid today ,lovely old pics mate ,really nice to see .
  11. Yes maybe you right ,still b nice few weeks away i spring ,summer be good
  12. My lad was 21 tts and 30/35 pound and a good jook in his day . i going to pm you tomorrow ray as I'm in hereford next week . atb mate
  13. Many kinds of lurcher took deer pre ban ,some have it some don't simple as that ,same as fox dogs . i had a none ped whippet take muntjacs and they strong for the size , a big red stag take some pulling down ,
  14. Those saying they just a rabbit dog? They more than capable to do any vermin and more .
  15. I wish you all the best harry ,at least you taken the leap to breed a litter to keep a pup for yourself , hope all goes well put pics up when pups are here .
  16. I'm sure if he puts the time in he won't be disappointed and they more than capable of doing the job on any vermin and mooching .
  17. Nice mate ,they all like peas in a pod if they genuine article ,my bitch 22/23tts
  18. I'm sure I have one the spit of that ,did you have a good season on shoot .
  19. my bitch made 22/23 tts and I'm happy with her
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