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  1. Born Hunter

    rabbit numbers

    I'm seeing a reasonable resurgence locally. Might even go out Sunday morning and try shoot a few over the spaniel. Been enough years without mind.
  2. Born Hunter

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    Fury Venom Arsenic Acid Toxic Atomic Reaper
  3. Born Hunter

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    Don't worry Scot, I'm sure the 'sharp minds' will turn up shortly...
  4. Born Hunter

    Month in Thailand 🇹🇭

    Fella, that sounds like a really positive life change/step to take. It's good to read about folks doing stuff like that rather than just wasting themselves on indulgence.
  5. Born Hunter

    Money for nothing

  6. Born Hunter

    RAF Centenary fly-past.

    They've deployed energy weapons on one of their destroyers in the gulf. Tested it on airborne drones and small boats. The Chinese sent a bit of a shockwave through the defence community a few months back when they demonstrated the level of development of their rail gun tech. For whatever reason the US have let them gain dominance in that specific area.
  7. Happening all over this year. Combines causing ignition one way or another while cutting. I remember when I was in my teens watching probably 100 acres (uncut) go up! The farmer was not a happy chappy that morning!
  8. Born Hunter

    Modern Body Armour

    My point exactly. IF it was backed with a more rigid laminate layer it might improve it. I didn't say it was backed with titanium, I speculated about it being.
  9. Born Hunter

    best field chest saw

    No idea what the best is but this is £8 from Bushwear, is small and just works. https://www.bushwear.co.uk/bushwear-bush-saw-316913.html Along with this 5.8" Mora for £18 I've found it the best kit for field gralloching deer (Roe, Muntjac & Fallow). https://www.bushwear.co.uk/mora-748-sheath-knife-314717.html I've used some expensive stuff and I didn't find it any better.
  10. Born Hunter

    Distilling spirits at home

    Got a mate that made his own and keeps himself well stocked. Got a jar of his rum that I made sloe rum out of, which given a few years has improved the raw spirit quite a lot imo. The stuff is very high proof. You could weaponise it given an appropriate delivery system!
  11. Born Hunter

    Modern Body Armour

    I wonder if it was backed with titanium, carbon fibre or similar if it'd spread the force better reducing the pressure? It's clearly very good at containing a projectile.
  12. Born Hunter

    Government grant to kick off UK spaceport

    No mate, the nuts and bolts of this sort of stuff is no more exciting than what i do now in truth. Its all f***ing boring, lol. Im more interested in the bigger picture.
  13. Born Hunter

    Government grant to kick off UK spaceport

    Mate, they're just public grants to stimulate private sector investment. The Skylon grant for instance is tiny compared to the around 100M of investment it's already had. I think Lockheed Martin are going to build and fund most of it. Then the likes of BAE will want to get in on it and suddenly there's market competition.
  14. Born Hunter

    Government grant to kick off UK spaceport

    pfft, Stargates when we build them.
  15. Born Hunter

    Government grant to kick off UK spaceport

    Even greater is the Skylon project which is a UK built space plane to be launched and landed at a Cornish spaceport! The SABRE engine concept is in development but is cutting edge stuff. It'd have a cargo capacity measured in tons rather than kilos.