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  1. Born Hunter

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    The Avengers
  2. Born Hunter

    Hard men...

    That c**t ain't wired right! He's been tested.
  3. Born Hunter


    Mate, that's a lovely story. She'll do fine I'm sure.
  4. Born Hunter

    Hard men...

    I'm just doing what I always do and 'thinking' stuff to pieces. I get ya and I agree at that, I suppose, 'layman's' level of the word. Fighting (in the abstract sense of the word, might be combat, might be cancer) to win goes without saying I think. So by 'endure' I mean to see through whatever is inflicted in the accomplishment of that win. So in that respect, the question I have regarding hardness is, "is a man who goes through the same blows, but isn't as effected by them because nature made him less sensitive, any less hard than the man who overcomes his natural sensitivity to them blows to achieve the same win?" Both fighters have both been hit with the same blows but one is better built (possibly physically and mentally/emotionally) to deal with them, what I would term 'less sensitive', and so suffers less. Both fighters achieve their win. Which one is harder? The man that had to overcome his natural weaknesses or the man who nature built to suffer such hardship with greater ease? The more I think about it the more I'm not sure. I think we could at least agree on which has had to display the most grit. Not necessarily which has the most grit, because neither have been forced to fail in this thought experiment.
  5. Born Hunter

    Anybody know anything about wetsuits?

    Cheers for the advice everyone. I had a bit of a road trip at the weekend to watersports places and tried on a bunch. Only one I found to fit pretty well was the O'Neill Hyperfreak 4/3. Bit more money than I wanted to spend but fit is critical to me. All being well once I get my shit together I'll hopefully post some picture heavy stuff in the medium term.
  6. Born Hunter

    Hard men...

    I wonder if I don't understand the definition of 'hard' or if you see it as synonymous with 'courage'. To me, 'hardness' is the ability to endure. There are obviously many dimensions to that, some good examples you have already given. But is a man who can endure hardship with ease, because nature privileged him with being built for it, less 'hard' than a man who suffered but still endured? To me he's just as hard. However I think we would both agree that courage can only be displayed in the presence of fear. A man who has been privileged by nature to feel little fear, or even feel comfortable, in a given situation cannot be described as courageous as the man who has not. I guess what I'm getting at is does the quality of hardness require emotional suffering in the same way that courage requires fear? Can a man be considered hard if he is emotionally insensitive to suffering but his body still goes through the physical? If hardness is the ability to endure then surely the man who is less sensitive to it is harder?
  7. Born Hunter

    Which Calibre

    Any 22 centre fire. Saves f***ing around.
  8. Born Hunter

    Hard men...

    Indeed he does! Personally I'm not a fan of people like him who I would term 'extremists'. There's more to life than insatiable fortitude imo. It's like fortitude is his goal, not a tool he uses to get to a goal. He just wants to punish himself for no other reason than to test his grit! I can't get my head around that. LOL I find his 'story' most impressive. How he went from being a piece of shit to being one of the grittyist c**ts I've ever heard of. That mental change.
  9. Born Hunter

    Turning vegan ? Like fk lol

    Ever tried one 'dirty', cooked direct on the fire?
  10. Born Hunter


    https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80173524 One sketchy bit in it but the rest is quality imo.
  11. Born Hunter

    Trophy Hunting in the UK.

    Jesus Christ, where to f***ing begin....
  12. Born Hunter

    Turning vegan ? Like fk lol

    Vegan as f**k me
  13. Born Hunter

    Anybody know anything about wetsuits?

    The problem is my chest to waist ratio is too big, tits wouldn’t help! It’s a gut I need.
  14. Born Hunter

    peaky blinders heads up

    Just caught up with S2......... Mate! FYI you might like Longmire. Similar stuff, not quite as grand but very similar, I loved it. This pretty much sums up Yellowstone for me. But this was brilliant. Spoiler! Don't watch if want to watch the series. Also, it's a bit strong if kids are around.
  15. Born Hunter

    the 3 peaks

    I've probably told this story before. about 6 years ago a few of us from work had a bash at national 3 peaks. I get travel sick and at the time didn't really know how to manage it, other than to be the driver, that stops it. Anyway we did Nevis and then I drove us to the Lakes and we did Scarfell. Two out of our gang of four were clearly not up to it and jacked half way into Scarfell. They were pretty slow going up Nevis tbh. Not gonna lie, I was feeling it coming off the hill at this point and couldn't do the last leg of driving safely, I need sleep. Twenty minutes into sleep and those f***ing windy Lakes roads and I was spewing! That continued allllll the way to the Snowdon car park where I fell out of the car and slept/died on the floor. Didn't climb Snowdon and the travel sickness ran me down so much that I got the flu or some shitty bug that had me in bed for a week. Got half a mind to have another go but this time just dose up on moda' to keep me awake and focused for the <24hrs and not let anyone else drive.