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  1. You mean to say you don't turn up to a 200 bird day in an RR, tweed clad and sporting a mossy 500 drainpipe?
  2. If you’re a license holder in the uk then you can get a temporary license over there easily. If anyone was serious about the job then I’d be taking NV with me and buying a cheap semi auto rim fire. It’d be absolute murder and the easiest and most profitable way of going about it. The logistics of getting animals in would be a nightmare for a temporary thing. In fact, f**k it, just take your own guns if you were to be a license holder and enjoy everything out there.
  3. Slow cooked shoulder of a sika stag. Shredded the meat and reduced the liquid into a bbq sauce and mixed the meat back in. Genuinely feel that this is the equal of a pork or beef based equivalent. Curious to see how roe or fallow compares. Previous attempts were to a different recipe...
  4. Wasn't Mays election success the first time the Tories dropped repeal from their manifesto though? Most folk don't care enough to go out sabing, sure, but it's a pot of gold for the Labour propaganda machine because most folks are a bit disgusted by fox hunting when it's shoved in their face.
  5. Not in a million years imo. They know it’s a toxic topic and would probably push the tories out of power so be pointless anyway. They’ll never touch it again.
  6. If we want to talk about power projection then it's noteworthy that last year the UK climbed the GDP world ranking ladder back to fifth place, we have returned to the premier league of military power projection and we retain our 3rd place soft power ranking. Countries f****d clearly, oh to be a cog in the mighty empire...
  7. So let me get this straight. The UK produces a vaccine at like $4 a shot in the same time frame that everyone else did who are paying factors more for their home grown vaccines per shot but the UK is shit because the bigger economies naturally got better deals on our vaccine. LOL Of course funding in an emergency is dominated by government funding.... It's not an emergency anymore and private industry is now up and running with it. Well, until the world bins IP rights.
  8. You said we'd fall in line as we were dictated to because we had no option to do otherwise. It was demonstrably nonsense. Since May's departure the history of UK/EU relations has been one of not doing what the EU wants us to. Pretending that we are still under their thumb seems like remainer denial. Totally agree they are politically and economically generally our superior..... Superiority does not equal dominance or supremacy. There's no actual Brexit deal that would have resulted in your approval so I just take that as granted. A perfect deal was never going to happen given the
  9. But they're not considered a super power. They're considered a prospective super power due to their lack of true unity and lack of supreme military command. There's still only one established super power.
  10. Ah yeah, the EU have us exactly where they want us! Five years ago they had a meeting and decided that they were going to get us to unilaterally leave the club and then not dance to their tune while negotiating our new relationship.
  11. Depends what you're asking exactly. If Argentina invaded the islands again then frankly the boyscouts could kick them out, their military is in a shit state whereas ours has updated pretty much the full spectrum of capabilities. It'd be much more of a serious situation facing off an enemy with comparable kit to ours like they did in 82. Many factors to consider, not least of all the diplomatic aspect of being taken for a soft touch post brexit if we did nothing substantial.
  12. I've got to be honest, I don't pay them all that much attention day to day. Cummings did seem to be a bit savvy and quite powerful really. I dunno as the buffoon thing is so much an act as just his character and is something that happens to work for him. I don't think he's an idiot or putting it on, but it works. For starters I think the electorate find it refreshing after years of polished political tacticians but I also think it's quite, I don't know what the word is, disarming maybe, in a debate. What I mean is, when he's faced with a passionate and abusive attack, he responds with a f
  13. I think Johnson walks a fine line. He knows that the Englishman on the street wants Brexit, St Georges day etc basically to feel patriotic again after years of all that 'other' way of thinking that just so happens to be what the EU are all about. And he's giving a bit of that 'feeling' more than anyone that has come before him in recent history. But at the same time he knows he can't just go to war with the PC globalist woke mob. They're significantly embedded throughout the establishment and we only have to look at Trump for where that gets you. He's not an appeaser, as you say he d
  14. I reckon they were all brave as f**k until they saw what Macron sent to back them up "ah la laaa, vi are ze briteesh sheeps zo much bigerrr!"
  15. It's already blowing over.
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