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  1. The worlds moving back into big players and geopolitical games. The UK is cosying up with the US once again and it's needed as the Europeans haven't been reliable allies recently. With the new US administration that may improve unifying the West but I wouldn't hold my breath. I'm not expecting 'war war' but there's going to be an increase in manoeuvring and some serious revolutions in technologies which are going to seriously change the way we think about warfare. The players that keep in front of that curve and don't hold on blindly to old ways are going to be the ones who dominate.
  2. Fair. Not exactly over run with cliffs here either. Only peregrines to be seen here are kicking around high buildings.
  3. Can't say I've spent much time looking for wildlife in towns or cities so can't really comment. Though peregrine falcons seem to do better in such places than in the countryside these days? The countryside tends to be full of spars, kestrels, buzzards and kites.
  4. I don't think I could be further away from an estuary and the nearest river is more of a large trickle as it starts about a mile away. The river over where I was raised used to be a cracking wild stretch but the village grew and imo big parts of it have deteriorated as a result of that sprawl. The kingfishers that I saw tended to prefer the quieter places.
  5. The rural ecosystem varies quite a bit. I've been on farms that were almost sterile due to unforgiving management and then I've been on farms/estates that in January were literally loud with song birds. The one thing I feel the countryside is really missing at the moment is the rabbit. That's mostly sentimentality though. Have you seen any kingfishers yet? I'd often see those little fellas when I was younger.
  6. I haven't got much in the way of sympathy or compassion for addicts. I don't particularly have any hate for them either. These schemes are simply a pragmatic way of minimising their impact to the rest of society. It's not about feeling sorry for addicts, or conversely wanting them to die which seems to be where most folks thoughts start and end. If the net result is reduced cost and suffering to everyone else then yeah, money well spent.
  7. I don't know who you mean specifically but I've noticed some general disheartened posts. It's a shitty time of year tbh which has been amplified by another lockdown. Personally, there's only so much nonsense I can tolerate before I feel like I'm literally wasting my life and decide to move on to another thread.
  8. I drove into Loughborough on Tuesday, meadow lane wasn’t as flooded as I expected but yeah anywhere down hill is messy at the mo. I’m a bit higher up so not really suffering.
  9. I hope to god this lad ain’t my best Hes taught me a lot and got me by but I’d hope I could find a better stud if in the future I breed. I like his conformation and temperament a lot mind. Heres this summers project. All being well I’ll be picking her up in six weeks.
  10. Completely disagree but we've likely been on the opposite side of that fence in the past.
  11. Do you not see a tiny bit of difference in context?
  12. I'm sure a bit of force was used but it sounds like a pretty simple case of estate security dealing with trespassers who have a known history, no wait.... job title, of criminal intent. I just hope the CPS see it that way.
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