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  1. Can't get to her or away from her?
  2. I won't miss a f***ing thing about it! I f***ing hate having my freedom restricted.
  3. Wolf populations in N.America aren't just managed to protect livestock. All predators are managed for the benefit of prey populations.
  4. You're still with us then! I thought we might be having a THL whip round for a dottie/reddawn/ketchum memorial by now. But seriously, glad you're right again.
  5. How does it make you feel? Safe?
  6. @Bobtheferret and anyone else that has any interest. To illustrate what I was saying about a drop in the trend not necessarily being 'over the worst of it'. The 'waves' are quite clear in the UK daily death data. We've seen a two day decline recently, which was also seen six days prior. Which is inline with the propagated epidemic theory I linked above that these waves are separated by one incubation period (currently estimated to be 6 days on average). This can also be seen on Italy's daily cases data. Arguably two successive waves (days 19 & 25) building to the clear peak at day 31 with then to date two clear declining waves. It's really interesting to me. The experts are saying later this week will be our 'peak' which would fall in line with "one more wave". I'm personally not making predictions though, just relaying what the people in charge of this are predicting and trying to impart some understanding of it. Go on, someone moan.
  7. I believe that one has been put to bed mate. Don't know. I just know the UK nuclear weapons control is in contrast to the US in this respect. Even if our operational Vanguard boats are the only remaining British nationals left on earth then they will open the PMs letter of last resort follow it and/or make the decision to strike back without any secret codes needed from above. That might be because perhaps the yanks don't believe that their political command can be taken out in a first strike or that they don't trust their men in the boats that much? I dunno.
  8. Incidentally they've more cause for concern over that question in the US because their sub commanders don't have the authority to launch without orders from above. Ours do... which in part answers the original, somewhat sensationalist, question.
  9. f***ing hell, who the f**k would think to ask that at this time. As if when they designed Trident/Vanguard they overlooked what to do if the PM (or anyone for that matter) dies...
  10. Fireman said "by the end of the year" mate. All people die of something. It gets scary when a lot of people die in a short space of time or start dying younger though...
  11. Okay, a few points. Even the experts predicted worst case half a million die in the UK, under current strategy 20-50k. So worst case that's 1 in every 130 people and currently 1/3250 to 1/1300.
  12. Who you trying to convince with that? LOL I agree with you.
  13. It's definitely real but in reality the virus itself has effected hardly anyone but people seem to be under the impression from the level of action being taken that this is like The Black Death 2.0 or something. So you can see how when folks compare what's in their imaginations with reality that the two don't quite seem to measure up and then they wonder if it's all BS I suppose. It doesn't feel like there is a 'global crisis' going on because my imagination expects all sorts of pain and heartache to be going on when I look out of my window or speak to my friends/colleagues, but in reality 99.9% of us would have no idea this is happening if we hadn't been told about it. For 99.9% of us this is just a total inconvenience. And there are all sorts of weird occurrences with these things, every time. Truth is most of them have legitimate answers.
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