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  1. Get up on a roof with your sunnys and factor fifty to watch the show!
  2. Inspires confidence that
  3. I feel a bit like that. What exactly are we voting for this time?
  4. Just a small setup but does me. Can get three in a pen at a squeeze.
  5. We had a load this year for the cabin. Burnt well enough. It’s not ash mind. But suppose it is when you’re finished lol.
  6. I found it mad how it all appeared to converge like that.
  7. What an incredible night! Thought I’d never see it.
  8. As far as I’m aware my prostate is in fine fettle but I reckon I’m gonna give that nettle tea a spin.
  9. Every man and his dog is going to agree with you. It's completely reasonable. But let's be honest, reason and alcohol don't really mix do they.
  10. 2 years and 400 pages, I'm sure something exciting will happen soon!
  11. I can relate, just not to the generalisation. Like I said, stakeholder management and discipline is all there is to it. With experience you develop a sixth sense for those gaps, whether you're a PM or just work in a similar role in a project environment. Two minutes ago I just took a call on how acceptable it is for product battery life to significantly be reduced in freezing temps, 24 hrs before we commit 6 figures to manufacturing. That's entirely because, for this project, proper governance came way too late. I've seen no PM, waterfall, agile, bad PM and good PM. It's night and da
  12. Yep that’s a project . I’m just used to good PMs really benefiting projects.
  13. Not sure I'd really call that project management tbh. That sounds more a business as usual activity. What's the output? I mean a PM would do that as part of an actual project if there wasn't a dedicated team member to handle logistics but it's not exactly representing the value that a PM really brings to an organisation. Not that I'm a project manager but the best ones are experts at stakeholder management. I see it all of the time where directors/VPs are completely misaligned, team members too afraid to voice concerns over feasibility etc etc. Stakeholder management and discipline are al
  14. I'll be honest, I've never worked with anyone on that sort of money except maybe the current or former C-suite professionals in the upper echelons of in multinationals that need 9+ digits to record their "EBITDA". Are you talking about just a really good Java/python etc dev's? Because one worth a million quid a year is mind boggling to me. What I would expect for that sort of money is someone with three decades of experience in SW, ranging from dev, system architecting, infrastructure, PM/PO/SM, data engineering/science, with a CV that has roles on like CTO at Spotify etc etc. How co
  15. You’d have to have an extremely niche skill set with a very comprehensive portfolio to achieve that though. He’s beyond the 1%. For every one of your mate there’s 1000 wankers who will sit there with a completely straight face and say that a catastrophic bug that ground the system to a standstill within two days of release is my fault because it wasn’t defined in the acceptance criteria that it shouldn’t do that. AI coding tools can’t come fast enough!
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