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  1. Born Hunter

    Sir David Attenborough on Overpopulation

    I personally don’t think it’ll end us. We will find solutions for every threat. But what it will do is leave a world sterile of anything worth doing. Just concrete and industry. Boring as f**k!
  2. Born Hunter

    UK end-of-the-world shop,are YOU ready?

    99% wouldn’t last the first winter! Never mind Rorkes drift, Lol. Too cold for em. f***ing hell I know an Algerian that wears a woolly hat in the summer here.
  3. Born Hunter

    UK end-of-the-world shop,are YOU ready?

    It wouldn’t be great, lol, but it wouldn’t be hopeless either. Besides we’re re British, order and civility is instinctive. We’d wash our rad meds down with a cuppa and crack on.
  4. Born Hunter

    UK end-of-the-world shop,are YOU ready?

    Knowledge and skills would be more useful than tat from a shop. That’s for geeks. Lol Ill be sound anyway, got a credit card and Netflix!
  5. Born Hunter


    There might be a minimum post of reputation limit before selling stuff. A Mod is bound to be along to explain further.
  6. Born Hunter

    Static/electric training collars

    I don't think so mate but I'll have to check as this is the first I'm hearing of this. Says on the sportdog site I linked 7 settings and never really questioned it.
  7. Born Hunter

    Static/electric training collars

    My brother very recently was at his whits end with his Springer. He kept going on about feeling like he's fighting a losing battle, not being able to take the dog out or do anything with him because of his disobedience and couldn't shake the thought that the dog would be better off re-homed. The dog is headstrong, possessive and bold but really has a lot of potential as he is very responsive to firm handling and is not neurotic when boxed or kennelled. The whole experience sounded familiar and is a horrible state of mind, for both handler and dog. I told him I'd fix it and to do as I say. "Put the collar on the dog every time you're out with him and in a couple weeks I'll show you how to begin using it." Once I had shown him, within a few days I get a text saying how much more confident he is with his dog, how much better behaved the dog is and how much more he is doing with the dog. Other people also commented on how much better the dog is in indirect ways, probably because my brother now has a more positive and confident mindset to handling the dog. FYI the dog has never yelped in pain/shock once... Negative reinforcement and positive punishments are NOT f***ing cruel if applied correctly and are used without thought by even the people that claim "I only believe in positive reinforcement methods". My brother's dog's life would have been much poorer without this method but apparently the folks in Westminster, the 'prestigious' Kennel Club & RSPCA reckon otherwise. Yes, there are other methods that would have achieved a similar result but they require very experienced handlers and very careful training/entering. The E-collar makes things much easier and can fix problems that have manifested as a result of inexperienced handling. Banning them will do very little other than condemn difficult dogs to a shit and unfulfilling life if not a bullet. Another case of emotion and ignorance dominating in democracy...
  8. Born Hunter

    Static/electric training collars

    Mine (SD-425) only has 7 settings. Which is plenty mind for me. Level 4 or 5 is enough to break most dogs attention without causing fear/shock, just an uncomfortable stimulus. Here's the range; https://www.sportdog.com/en-gb/dog-training/e-collars/sporttrainer
  9. Born Hunter

    Sir David Attenborough on Overpopulation

    Typed out this and then the site 404 error f****d me..... again! So had to add it as a picture. Sorry.
  10. Born Hunter

    Sir David Attenborough on Overpopulation

    I was about to say that 1st world societies tend to stabilise as base urges to reproduce and have families become less prioritised for other things like career and travel etc. But then he basically covered it at the end. Our mad persuit of growth is IMO our greatest threat. But importantly increasing consumption isn’t the only source of growth and this is something often misunderstood. There are two mechanisms for growth, increased consumption AND optimisation through R&D. The economy doesn’t have to crash just because we stop this ‘endless’ consumption.
  11. "Shooting is conservation." Something we hear a lot but still many struggle to understand. If your business is harvesting a wild species, there's no sense in excess. So long as sportsmen want and are allowed to shoot red grouse and the moors are privately owned, there will be red grouse on the moors. Same applies to everything else. It just works.
  12. Born Hunter

    It wil be RIP on the night .....

    I'm starting to wonder if it's Socks offing these people!
  13. Born Hunter

    BJS is an utter scumbag

    Everybody in that video, bar the pedestrian, should be rendered down into soap. f***ing degenerates.
  14. It is a travesty but I suppose that's what happens when we are a tiny minority who largely don't give a shit. If I lost my right to hunt/shoot/be outdoors, it'd be like a f***ing earthquake hit my life. It'd be far worse than losing my house and job. For many people, it isn't like that, they play golf or whatever, have a nice family life, shooting is just a hobby. I would 100% be the subject of an aggressive BASC legal action, supported by the shooting community. But why should I go it alone when 99% wont give a shit. That's how tyranny works though, right. They allow you to keep just enough of your liberty to remain docile, to make the cost of fighting not worth the effort. It's compounded further by the fact that a GP reference, really, should be mandatory in the UK. But that is for certain elected officials to decide, not appointed.
  15. I just don't think any single organisation has the clout to demand anything. Something I have pondered on recently is the creation of a Fieldsports and Countryside Council formed with the sole mandate of dealing with all of these political matters. There is too much dissent amongst 'us' to expect everyone to join a single org' and not to mention the power that would give that org' and therefore the ensuing corruption and lack of accountability. By maintaining a free number of independent bodies we as individuals have the freedom to support whichever one we feel best represents us. But that is at the cost of political power (sum of the parts etc), hence the need for an alliance/council with each org having a seat at the table. The constitution of this council would need thought to best maintain it's union but I think it is a proven strategy that should be considered at least.