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  1. Born Hunter

    Huawei phones

    Found this significant....
  2. Born Hunter

    Huawei phones

    I think the security concerns are more about industrial/state espionage. Essentially Huawei are in the pocket of the Chinese government and therefore are 'allegedly' acting as a secret intelligence branch for that government with the data that is gathered via modern mobile phones shared as an intelligence source. I don't think there are concerns over regular criminality, like fraud, theft etc? Also, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huawei#Controversies
  3. Born Hunter


  4. Born Hunter

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    Was thinking the same. Fine specimen!
  5. Born Hunter

    countryfile tonight

    Maybe in Devon. Have a drive round Lincs!
  6. Born Hunter


    f**k it, only live once.
  7. Born Hunter


    Glad I ain't average Joe then, sounds shit.
  8. Born Hunter


    Few years time the UK will have it's own space port for satellite launches, giving the UK a true end to end tier-1 space industry! https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/orbex-to-launch-swiss-astrocast-sa-nanosatellites-from-uk-spaceport/ So much potential for UK industry! The future is bright!
  9. Born Hunter


    I take it your avoidance of my opening comment is acceptance that the cartoon was hypocritical in it's message of bigotry. People are forever being exposed to more information. Why do we not continually have referendums on constitutional matters? Why is there only talk of second referendums when the result goes the 'wrong' way? Would you support continual referendums on EU membership for ever, as we become more informed, no matter if we continued to vote 'remain'? I suspect not which is a double standard. Otherwise what's the criteria for a referendum? Yes the people should have the ability to change their minds. That comes in the form of normal representative democracy at GE time. The same way we got the first referendum. We weren't given it because "we had become more informed about the EU". To accept referendums all the time "because the people might have changed their minds" makes a mockery of representative democracy imo.
  10. Born Hunter


    LOL, that cartoon had nothing to do with 'informed choice'. It's as bigoted in itself as it's caricature subject. The whole country was given a choice. Being informed is the responsibility of the electorate.
  11. Born Hunter


    The irony is that just show's how bigoted all these rabid anti-brexit mob are.
  12. Born Hunter

    isis bint

    Whip round for a hellfire, folks?
  13. Born Hunter


    I thought it was a good watch.
  14. Born Hunter


  15. Born Hunter


    All brilliant positive news.