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  1. This has even less to do with illegal immigrants than it does ‘foreigners’.
  2. Giving them an incentive to give us money. Just because it benefits them too doesn’t mean it is about benefitting them. It’s entire intention is to benefit out economy. It has draw backs (dropping tax revenues) and will clearly also benefit foreigners (tax break) but it’s just wrong to declare that it is only intended to be to the benefit of ‘foreigners’. It’s like saying we only grow wheat to benefit pigeons. If I was to guess I’d say the UK has a bit of a trade deficit right now and they wanted to fix that but they didn’t have the bottle to completely wipe out such a considerable tax st
  3. ‘Foreigners’ lol. It’s got nothing to do with benefitting foreigners. I didn’t say it would be perfect, just explained how it benefits us. It encourages trade balances to shift in our favour. If uk businesses experience increased trade, then uk workers experience increased earnings and job opportunities. It’s economic stimulation. And I agree on abolishing taxes on economic activity across the board. This however is a logical starting place. Get cash flowing in, rather than simply flowing around.
  4. By encouraging economic activity. Literally creating economic growth. Literally adding income to businesses to create healthier finances. You don’t see how that helps British workers?
  5. More than 1,300 detained in anti-mobilisation protests across Russia -rights group WWW.REUTERS.COM Security forces detained more than 1,300 people in Russia on Wednesday at protests...
  6. Western propaganda or the truth on the ground? Flights out of Russia sell out after Putin orders partial call-up WWW.REUTERS.COM One-way flights out of Russia were rocketing in price and selling out fast on Wednesday after...
  7. Was literally working my way into that angle discretely. You've f****d it now!
  8. I think yes. Depending on the definition and reasoning behind your veganism.
  9. Difficult to tell from that. I've not noticed an unprecedented rise in naval ops/deployments in the media.
  10. Born Hunter


    It’s Buck house! Be more staff in there than an Amazon depot. I bet there’s all sorts of shit going on downstairs.
  11. Wonder what concessions were made and by who... Either Saudi saw an opportunity to take a step up the international hierarchy by taking leadership and conceded on aspects of their oil production strategy, or they were the arbitrator for the West and we conceded something more directly applicable to the Ukraine war effort. Saudi surely sees a huge opportunity here to take market share from Russia in energy markets.
  12. Completely agree, except I don't think the West is trying to do in Russia. They're just taking the opportunity to degrade them in neutral territory by proxy. At any time Russia can withdraw to the safety of their sovereign territory safe from military attack from or supported by the West. Those are the time served rules of this great game that everyone understands. Putin is likely trying to twist this to make it appear that the West has legitimately broken this rule, by way of having the Donbass legitimised as Russian sovereign territory. Whether he truly would treat attacks on the Donbas
  13. The equivalent in the UK would be the regular reserve (ex forces) being pulled from their project management and landscaping jobs to be given a quick refresher course and sent to war. It's unthinkable really.
  14. Born Hunter


    British national identity/brand Cultural cohesion and leadership International political soft power tool GDP
  15. Putin is now to conscript (mobilise) 300k reservists to bolster operations in Ukraine. I'm led to believe that reservists in the Russian sense are former conscripts. Not voluntary part timers like in the West, or even former professional soldiers. I think he's increased the punishments for desertion, surrender and looting too.
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