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  1. I think I've watched this a few times now over the years. I find it fascinating, particularly the modern resurgence of mercenaries in the form of 'Private Military Companies' since the fall of Rhodesia. Great documentary and touches on some well known shady shit.
  2. Known in politics as ‘soft power’. Carrot rather than stick.
  3. I can understand that. When I was younger I really had no love of the summer, now though I love the raging sun. And frankly a break from week in week out fieldsports. There's not a season I don't look forward to tbh. They seem to last just long enough for me to have had enough.
  4. Best thing about the Lakes is the Fell Hounds! Scotland and the Lakes are beautiful in their own right, no doubt awe inspiring country. It just depends what you want. The South West really ticks boxes for me.
  5. Hells bells, what’s happened, wilfs the reasonable one in this mess!
  6. "Oooo ooo we might be getting to the point...... WOOOOOOOOSH off he goes on another tangent"
  7. Maybe a National Park. They roam around the Yellowstone and Banff like they're domestic stock.
  8. Vs no one who agrees with you.... like I said. logic aint ya forte is it. I f***ing LOVE that you think that jibe has some weight. Its brilliant when ya get someone so tied up they can’t find a meaningful insult. Haha. At least If I marketed my arse I’d be f***ing minted, Im an Adonis! You still 20st?
  9. Be claiming he’s descended from Laurence of Arabia! Every other c**t is in his breeding apparently!
  10. Given that no one agrees with you I’d suggest it ain’t. Its Max-sense and Max-morals.... Part of the greater world view that is Maxology
  11. Gotta be honest, it’s not a major factor for me beyond naturally avoiding people anyway. But it’s not like there aren’t other options.
  12. Fella, I agree with you.....
  13. And I'd have made a f***ing fortune on youtube with the video footage of that! The word 'viral' comes to mind
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