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  1. Born Hunter

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    I could be very tempted by one. Love their versatility and what they do. But spaniels and maybe their crosses are probably best suited to what I do in truth. IMO it's very useful having a gundog that'll find, flush and mark fox so I encouraged it a lot. Hopefully he takes to it. Most folks seem to want to keep their dogs well away from them.
  2. Born Hunter

    Plastic sea pollution a real problem

    I agree. I guess I just meant that blaming the government and saying it's their job to fix is a bit of a get out and a crutch that some people use as an excuse to not do anything themselves. We totally have the power to enact social change. Let's petition government too but let's not just wait for them to fix it for us. We can all choose to buy locally sourced products, buy meat wrapped in paper rather than plastic from the supermarket etc. It's less convenient but we can do that without the government. We can make it socially unacceptable to not recycle or not consider our impact on the world. I just think the solution is multifaceted. But you're right government can and has made a difference.
  3. Born Hunter

    Plastic sea pollution a real problem

    I can't comment on it as a scientist, it's not my area. But it just makes sense don't it? I follow a few container recycle house building things on social media. I think the only thing stopping us doing more of this is frankly pride and social status! People don't want to live in a recycled house, they want the prestige of bricks and mortar. There's probably technical problems of using the right plastics for building or whatever but on the face of it it has legs...
  4. Born Hunter

    Plastic sea pollution a real problem

    Governments don't even really need to get involved. If tomorrow every consumer in the West avoided plastic packaging and environmentally damaging products then industry itself would RAPIDLY adapt. The question is how much more would it cost to get the environmentally friendly option over the plastic one and do consumers care enough to even look for it?
  5. Born Hunter

    Plastic sea pollution a real problem

    Depressing ain't it. Got to raise their standard of living so they themselves want to have clean beaches, rivers and oceans. That takes a long time though. Short term solutions could be supporting business that prioritise the environment. Like how wildlife in Africa can be profitable and therefore is in the interest of businessmen to protect maybe there are options there in these Asian rubbish tips. Tourism for instance. No one wants to snorkel through nappies and bin bags...
  6. Born Hunter

    Plastic sea pollution a real problem

    Westerners need to start giving a shit for a start. By that I mean we need to make this a political and economic priority. It needs to be an election issue and it needs to be a profit margin issue. Once national governments consider it a threat to their power then it will escalate to international politics and once business considers it a threat to their profits they will look for more environmental options. Most folks don't want to take responsibility for it, too happy to blame others and expect others to fix it. I'm absolutely as guilty as anyone. Even when people do force these changes they're often short sighted. Probably a decade o two ago the issue was deforestation in the Amazon, bit of noise slowed that down and it was forgotten about. Problem was the actual root cause wasn't addressed. This was interesting....
  7. Born Hunter

    Free Online Shooting/Hunting Articles?

    I thought so. No macho bollocks, just thoroughly entertaining reading. This bit had me in bits.
  8. Born Hunter

    Free Online Shooting/Hunting Articles?

    Mackem found it.
  9. Born Hunter

    Plastic sea pollution a real problem

    It's tragic what we are destroying tbh. The following hit me as significant in the solution though. Just 10 rivers carry 90% of plastic polluting the oceans
  10. Born Hunter

    Free Online Shooting/Hunting Articles?

    Yeah, good to share as there are some very decent fieldsports articles out there. I'm particularly interested in rough shooting (wild bird hunting) articles at the moment. Anything on working dogs after woodcock, snipe, duck etc. Be really interesting if there are some Irish stuff in that same vein. Ireland seems a heartland of that sot of shooting that I love. There was an Eddie Chapman article I read on one of those sites on his experience of terrierwork (I use the term loosely here) in Africa. f***ing pissed myself laughing. By the end I didn't care what was fiction and fact, just a good read.
  11. Thought it'd be a good idea to share any sites we know of that have free fieldsports article/stories. I'm after any new ones so add em please! shootinguk fieldsportsmagazine earthdog-runningdog africahunting There was a good gundog one too that I can't seem to find now.
  12. Born Hunter

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    One more for the thread. He tried bless him
  13. Born Hunter

    Retrieve and hunt breeds

    Small syndicates generally require dogs to do every job going. On paper spaniels are the best suited imo but in reality most folks seem to find a lab easier to handle. Personally I find a lack of spaniels a real pain in the arse on ours. There's a lot of cover that just needs a spaniel to work it. Why do you say it ruins them? If you want a lab then I'd say get one. They can do both jobs. What they can't do though is properly work bramble and thorns, that's generally their limit. PS I'd love to see some spaniel x labs work.
  14. Born Hunter

    Rare documentary Brian plummer

    Sgt Vulpes.... In another life maybe
  15. Born Hunter

    Who’s best for the new PM?

    Government should be entirely abolished and everything privatised. Don't need the useless annoying c**ts then.