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  1. Agreed. I think Scotland's argument is weaker than N.Ireland's but stronger than it was last week. Simply because Scotland had their "once in a generation" go at it knowing full well that we were potentially leaving the EU a couple years later. The political shift in N.Ireland is ground breaking. The strategy really will be to delay such referendums until Brexit has settled. Hopefully allaying the concerns of many of the more marginal nationalist voters back towards the Union.
  2. It's looking shaky though mate. For the first time you have a nationalist majority and the border question remains the most contentious issue in Brexit. I genuinely hope you remain in the Union but if the people of Northern Ireland want out then they have a right as much as anyone.
  3. Now they have their majority, see what excuses they find to delay it further. If nothing else, thank f**k we have binned off proper socialism for another generation and fieldsports are safer this morning. Unfortunately, we might lose Northern Ireland as a result...
  4. This is the first time they have a workable majority (re hunting) since the ban and it's the first time they have refused to promise a free vote on it. Yes they a slippery c**ts but they didn't f**k us on the ban. Frankly it's best left consigned to history.
  5. I remember finding an adult swan dead on a green lane and I wracked my brains for what caused it...... until I looked up and it was directly below power lines! Apparently not uncommon.
  6. A Tesla merced 'em. Sneaky f***ing electric cars.
  7. I don't know what the law is now but 5-10 years ago the EU passed some game hygiene legislation that meant anyone selling game needed to have done a course and be registered with some authority. There was however an exemption for those selling game in fur or feather (not processed beyond simply paunching/gralloching) to the end consumer. I believe a restaurant was classed as the end consumer but a game dealer was not. No idea if it's been tightened to do away with that exemption.
  8. I think that being a countryman means you have to roll with the punches and cycles of nature. I'm from similar area as micky, tomo and sid g and I remember fondly ferreting 10-15 years ago. I had f**k all money but a couple of ferrets, some home made nets and a few mates and we had some sport. Heaps of rabbits to go at in hindsight! The railway lines were breeding hotspots! Moved away from rabbiting just as it started to go down hill but I often talk to a couple of mates about how it'd be great to get back into it again, casually like. It just ain't worth it though. I'm glad I experienced it before it went to shit, it'll be a generation before it comes back, if at all. In the mean time there's other quarry to go at...
  9. They the ones that set fire to one of their rape victims as she was on the way to court? Absolute f***ing animals.
  10. Who's programme? On What? I suspect the answer is no. Lol
  11. The first hour is just James attacking Chris' credibility which I find a very low level debate tactic. Kinda understandable because James feels persecuted and has responded in fighter nature with an aggressive offensive. But it's still low level. He has the intelligence to do better, and does after that first hour.
  12. My post? They're debating the documentary mate. James was one of the producers and Chris has been critical of it.
  13. This was the big showdown. Though I feel it had a drawbacks. Ultimately by the end of it I'm pretty sure my opinion hasn't changed. An intelligently designed vegan diet isn't inferior, but neither are they superior to a plant and animal based whole food diet. For almost anyone, athlete or not. I was pretty disappointed in James' continual digs and his insistence on attacking Chris' credibility rather than the claims. He is very strong in an argument (Chris withered somewhat) but appearing to win/dominate doesn't make you right. Made some very valid points, I learnt a bit but I'd like to see a second bout with Layne Norton involved.
  14. Don’t care about anything but this. Straight off Odin's plate in Valhalla!
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