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  1. Born Hunter

    Bad day for hunting

  2. Born Hunter

    Here we gao again ... Gender Neutral ships

    Aye, nuts. A bit tangential, but it amuses me that our mine countermeasure fleet are all named after hunts! No political correctness there, lol.
  3. Born Hunter

    Bad day for hunting

    Yes, 2-3 days, that's week two. After we come back from tahr hunting in the Alps...... the pigs, not the nightclubs that is. I've no interest in those, which probably explains a lot tbh. LOL
  4. Born Hunter

    Bad day for hunting

    This time next week I'll be 20'000km away preparing for a week of freedom in the backcountry. Might not come back.
  5. Born Hunter

    Bad day for hunting

    Looks that way. But it depends on the outcome of it all I suppose. These Wild Justice wankers argument is that the responsibility for judging whether lethal control is necessary should lie with NE, not the individual keeper/farmer/pesty/Gun. Therefore a General Licensing system is illegal and should be replaced with a Individual Licensing system on a case by case basis. Like what we currently have for cormorants etc I suppose? It's not clear to me if this has been legally decided on or if it is in the early stages of being fought over? Even if it has surely it can be escalated to a higher court for appeal? Potentially the statute responsible for the GL (Wildlife & Countryside Act?) may need amending.... Waste of tax payers money for what I think any reasonable bumpkin or towny will see as ridiculous. Frankly, I've thought it is mental that there isn't a GL allowing us to shoot species of low conservation concern simply for the pot! But we have tolerated that because of the loopholes the other GLs have allowed us, up until now.
  6. Born Hunter

    Bad day for hunting

    We've known about this challenge for a little while. I think this suspension though has caught everyone by surprise. I assume it's suspended while the legal case is being fought?
  7. Born Hunter

    Bad day for hunting

    Errrr........ pre ban......
  8. Born Hunter

    Bad day for hunting

    I f***ing despair. My country hates me.
  9. Born Hunter


    Rangey little fella.
  10. Found this quite an interesting little read. Bit of history etc and seems similar to what some of you guys do, more so than traditional English Beagling. https://www.outdoorlife.com/beagles-religion-and-rabbit-hunting-in-pennsylvania-hills
  11. Born Hunter

    pup not taking to diet

    When my old lurcher was just a pup she would sometimes pass whole chicken wing bones too! I dunno what other more experienced folks opinion on chicken is but I'm not a big fan. Read a bit about the nutrient content of intensively farmed chickens and also it's general consistency and I now opt for either duck or beef with 50% tripe as a general base. I'm a big fan of tripe! I buy direct from Bulmers. 30lb of 50/50 minced duck (25% bone) & tripe is something like £15. Meaty bones are great for reasons beyond just nutrient content but I find them a pain in the arse so fed minimally.
  12. Born Hunter


    I like it. Do you know what it weighs to give a rough idea of it's size?
  13. Born Hunter

    trt treatment..

    I wouldn't worry about either. Your footwear is what gives you a good foundation in lifts for various reasons depending on the specific lift but I honestly wouldn't worry too much to begin with. It becomes quite significant with a sumo stance though, but I doubt you're doing that (feet spread wide, not shoulder width apart). Belt is for bracing your core against. You don't need a belt to brace your core. From memory I think these vids cover the basics fairly well. Probably contradict what I just said. LOL
  14. Born Hunter

    Nerd news - First image of a blackhole

    Thought this was quite good.
  15. Born Hunter

    Bear hunting in Romania

    Got to be honest I think the only bear hunt that would really interest me would be the spot and stalk spring bear hunts. But I think they're probably up there with that polar bear hunt price wise? Though chasing them about with hounds sounds great sport! Someone on here from the States said about hunting them in Maize fields and rocks which sounded exhilarating!!!!