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  1. It’s thick end of 60 tanks that have already been declared with now other countries looking into what they can provide.
  2. Exactly what England will be getting under the next Labour government. The Tories f**k us, but at least they use a bit of lube. Last time I was in Aberdeen I was listening to some sort of news/current affairs type show and they were doing a piece on land management and how 'bloodsports' were now having to compete with a new age of townie billionaire rewilding the place. Made countryfile look like fieldsports britain.
  3. I think that's a bit of a leap. Interesting, but very much politicised conjecture. IMO
  4. They are, more so than government once the ball is rolling. But the nature of free markets is that private corporations are a bit more risk averse than governments. If governments want to take an industry in a new direction they often have to initiate it.
  5. I think the government investment is in the tens of millions. The UK space industry is worth about £15B to the economy and is a world leader in small satellites. The one thing the industry lacks is a launch capability which these projects with government funding aim to achieve. This will give the industry a true end to end offering to the market, with estimates that the industry will double in size by 2030. Strategically, and not to be understated, it will give the UK sovereignty over access to space. Space is becoming critical to nations economies and war fighting ability, not bein
  6. Not sure where the Sutherland spaceport is at with 'proper' rocket launches but tonight the UK launches it's first satellites from Cornwall in a slightly unconventional way... UK space launch: Historic Cornwall rocket mission set to blast off WWW.BBC.CO.UK A modified jumbo jet will fly out of Cornwall on a mission to send nine satellites to orbit. Quite a milestone.
  7. I don’t give the bible much thought mate to be honest.
  8. Neither. Simply statistics. If you won the lottery and had no awareness of all the people who had tickets but didn’t win, you’d think there was something fishy going on too.
  9. It’s called tidal locking. From what I understand tidal forces cause orbiting objects to become bulged (like the tides). For solid bodies like the moon, the bulges don’t move so freely like earths oceans do. So it literally steers it into always having its bulged axis facing the other object. This takes a f***ing long time to settle. It also depends on the relative ratio of the object diameter to the distance to the object it’s orbiting. The earth hasn’t become tidally locked to the sun (yet) because that ratio is massive. For the moon it’s much smaller, hence has happened already.
  10. I get what you mean. But like the very limited range of country music, I don’t seem to get sick of it! Totally agree on your take of the prequels. I’ve not finished 1883 yet but it’s started much better than the second. Sam Elliot’s character is great. Beth Dutton crazy would have you dead or in prison. A smart man would put distance between himself and her and find a bipolar serial killer to settle down with.
  11. Beth’s the level of crazy that gets old fast in real life. Her character adds a lot to the show but I think they’ve over done it a bit with her. Not sure a strong men like Rip or John would tolerate her BS and POTUS’ daughter wouldn't get away with the shit she does, never mind a ranchers. Someone mentioned Taylor Sheridan The man is talented! Search for everything else he’s done if you like Yellowstone. Top picks imo are sicario and wind river. Also FYI Yellowstone has two prequels, 1883 with San Elliot leading the wagon convoy north with the first duttons who founded the ranch, an
  12. Used to but found it click baity as f**k. Same media shit, different colour.
  13. The SAS was obviously founded as a parachute regiment. They initially thought that was the way forward. But the LRDG showed them that mobility was the key in that theatre. To me it was the real enabler of this new type of soldier. I often find these lesser known units, like the LRDG, more interesting.
  14. What I like about tv shows like this is, no matter how good/bad they are there’s bits you pick up from them and learn. I knew about the LRDG before but didn’t quite realise how significant their skills were in making the SAS a success.
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