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  1. Born Hunter

    She’s got birds now - the UK Carrier Strike Group

    Don't those 100'000 ton US supercarriers have like 5000+ crew aboard, including aircrew etc? Mental! Yes, it is mate. Although many powers around the world are looking to acquire their own carriers the Russian and Chinese 'carrier killer' missiles might really change Naval doctrine re the use of carriers. It's an interesting and somewhat concerning arms race.
  2. Born Hunter

    She’s got birds now - the UK Carrier Strike Group

    Indeed. Automation and networking is the future. For instance those 70'000 ton carriers, will be manned by just 700 crew (ships company) as a result of comprehensive automation. Compared with the French Charles de Gaulle, 42'000 ton carrier, 1350. I've read that as few as two F-35s can provide the command and control capability that an AWACS traditionally would! All assets are becoming more integrated so the sensors on one can direct the weapons of another. Future developments will be largely in these areas I think.
  3. Born Hunter

    She’s got birds now - the UK Carrier Strike Group

    They were in the UK military. I think the USMC and Italians still operate them. The F-35B is a 'jump-jet' like them though. There is endless controversy over the Government's decision to have STOVL carriers rather than conventional CATOBAR ones. But it's what we have now and given our history with the Harrier fleet, it's sorta "what us Brits do!".
  4. Born Hunter

    She’s got birds now - the UK Carrier Strike Group

    The Welsh lads should recognise the red dragon on each side of HMS Dragon's bow. A ship strongly affiliated with Wales and providing air defence to the carrier in the pics.
  5. Born Hunter

    She’s got birds now - the UK Carrier Strike Group

    The UK carriers are designed for Short Take Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL) aircraft. Like the Harriers of old. They are able to direct their thrust downward to give lift, reducing the need for forward speed and therefore runway space needed.
  6. Born Hunter

    She’s got birds now - the UK Carrier Strike Group

    That thrust vectoring nozzle makes it look like something straight out of Transformers!
  7. I’ve posted updates on this over the years. Here’s some more for those interested...
  8. Born Hunter

    my hunting setup 2018/2019 pic heavy

    Same with the US really. I was watching Cam Hanes and Joe Rogan talking hunting yesterday and they said "they don't hunt in England". f***ing LOL! There are plenty of lads here that'll grass more deer in a season than them boys will in their lives combined! Still, a few things I really do envy yanks and Canadians for is their wilderness, public lands, big/dangerous game and the choice of 'weapon'. I reckon I could hack tags, reg's and limits for such a variety of true adventure hunts. I do appreciate Ted's contributions on here for that reason.
  9. Born Hunter

    General grabber

    I had a set of at2s, which looked good (tread pattern) but handled like shit on wet roads. Put me off Generals tbh. Got Cooper at3s now, much better on road and equal off.
  10. Born Hunter

    Home schooling...

    Mate, literally on the local news yesterday and today. "Homeschooling in Nottinghamshire increased by a quarter from last year" I don't think you're alone. I know I'd homeschool if it was a practical option (hypothetically).
  11. Born Hunter

    Hounds on boar in Spain

  12. Born Hunter

    Shooting estates

    Refreshing attitude. Many modern keepers are as keen on lurchers as they are shooting and wont deny themselves the full richness of British fieldsports because of prejudices from centuries gone. There's a lot to be gain for an open minded dogman with a similar view. Too much sport to be had in the UK and abroad to be handicapped by prejudice.
  13. Born Hunter

    Justify this

    How can you justify or condemn anything without knowing the facts? General comments... Well keepered land will give booming game populations and the single most important factor in hare populations has been proven to be keepering, not how they are killed. Also, there is several hundred quids worth of game laying there, I doubt it was wasted. Rifling hares may be disgusting to coursing men, just like dogging deer may be disgusting to a stalker. I think a bit of humility would go a long way. Better yet, invest in a chunk of land and keeper it to the benefit of the wildlife and harvest them however you want. I find that photo distasteful but it's hardly anything to get emotional over.
  14. Born Hunter

    Kelpies as a stud,

    This is how I imagine Jigsaw rearing kelpie pups!
  15. Born Hunter

    NZ South Island 2019

    I just love the aesthetic of skins, fur, horns, bone, antler, waney edged timber, forged iron, rocks, shells etc etc. I had a female mate help me 'dress' my house a few months back and her main comment was "ermmmm, less antlers". I'm looking to Kimmy Greentree and Rachel Carrie for inspiration now. "Hunter sheek" another mate describes it! On my way to the airport we dropped by the tannery with a wet 'salted' skin, bagged it, tagged it, handed over $250(NZ) and left it for Kurt to deal with. In the UK for my deer skins I expect I'll salt heavily then roll and vac pac for a next day delivery to the tannery.