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  1. Born Hunter

    Home made scotch eggs

    STOP IT!
  2. Born Hunter

    Father’s Day present

    Never mind starving Africans.... can someone please direct a Deliveroo with Aid to DC! The situation looks serious!
  3. Born Hunter


    Crippling Iran's military capability would be a weekend training exercise for the USAF and Navy. I think even that would be a bit strong though. They'll maybe kick them out of the seas and heavily police Iranian shipping to protect international shipping lanes? The Chinese though are probably ten or twenty years away from seriously challenging for dominance in the East. Hypersonic and ballistic carrier killing missiles could well put the US Navy out of the game. It's interesting watching it develop.
  4. Born Hunter

    Muntjac fighting ,stolen vid

    Rare sight
  5. Born Hunter


    I can't see an Iraq style invasion on the books. I don't think there is the appetite for it. The China situation worries me more than Iran.
  6. Born Hunter

    Time flies

    Congratulations, awesome times!
  7. Born Hunter

    Lurcher and terrier

    So it was you who I saw. Wasn't sure. I didn't turn up until it was all but done, lol, I managed to catch the 'best in show' for the terriers being judged. I thought it was a poor turnout compared to previous years, but maybe everyone had left by then?
  8. Born Hunter

    Beavers now protected in Scotland

    The fella with the gun was giving me anxiety!
  9. Born Hunter

    Beavers now protected in Scotland

    There was talk of them being managed as a game species years ago. Not sure who by, probably just a suggestion by the GWCT or some such. I shouldn't mind some beaver meat. (Que crude one liners....)
  10. Born Hunter

    Which caliber would you pick ?

    Good job we're just talking rifles here. If I had to choose between a twelve bore and the 25 then that'd be a struggle....
  11. Born Hunter

    NZ South Island 2019

    Recently found Journal of Mountain Hunting. Which, if anyone wanted to get into my head, would be a good place to start their study of me. (Obviously I'm not that significant) Anyway, you might like this article. The Red Deer of New Zealand
  12. Born Hunter

    Which caliber would you pick ?

    Tbh anything in the 6-7mm range these days covers an awful lot of the quarry spectrum, around the world, never mind the UK. 243 and 7mm-08 at the lower end through to 270wsm and 7mm rem mag at the higher. I think a Rifle/rifle has to be dedicated towards small (<20lb) or large (>300lbs) quarry to really justify straying from those...... as optimum calibres. Of course there are calibre fanciers who enjoy something more 'romantic'. lol
  13. Born Hunter

    Which caliber would you pick ?

    Other than the rimmy I do only have one rifle for everything. The 25-06. No desire to get in another either. I'd be confident in that calibre for anything found on these isles. It's not too much for fox and it's not too little for the largest stuff. It's a lot like a 243 really......... just better.
  14. Born Hunter

    NZ South Island 2019

    That head would find space on my wall! Well done
  15. Born Hunter


    Just want to point out that a a nuclear reactor melting down is not the same as a nuclear warhead exploding. What do you mean by power? A meltdown doesn't have the explosive capability of a warhead.