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  1. Born Hunter

    Own Up

    I notice you intentionally miss out the on/off/dimmer switch! DISINFORMATION!!!!
  2. Born Hunter

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    f**k me Nik_B is reading the thread! Where the f**k have you been? LOL
  3. Born Hunter

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    No that's okay mate. There is gravity on the moon, it's just less strong because it is smaller (less mass). Very simply, gravity is an attractive force between massive objects. By 'massive' I mean 'things' that have mass. Two paperclips will have a gravitation pull on oneanother, just as you and I do now. All masses exert and react to the force of gravity. The reason the two paperclips on your desk don't fly together under their attractive gravity is because their mass is small and so the a amount of gravity force they exert is infinitesimally tiny and so are not able to overcome the other resistive forces acting against that motion, like the friction with the desk. People tend to misunderstand the concept of gravity as they tend to think that only big stuff, like planets, have gravity. This is because from our perspective the little things move towards the big things. But in truth the apple is pulling the Earth to it just as the Earth is pulling the apple towards itself. The reason we see the apple move is because we are fixed/stationary relative to the earth (a Physicist would say that "we're in the Earth's reference frame") and also because the apples mass is tiny relative to the Earth and so it accelerates much faster when gravity pulls between the Earth and apple.
  4. Born Hunter

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    LOL It's not exactly rocket science......... ...... well actually, I guess it's a fairly fundamental part of launching rockets. Never mind...
  5. Born Hunter

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    probably not.
  6. Born Hunter

    Best part of uk to live

    Trent valley or the Vale?
  7. Born Hunter

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    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, genuinely misunderstand or that I misunderstand you so I apologies if I'm wrong. It's not rotation that causes gravity, it's mass. All mass has gravity, even a paperclip, the Earth is an extremely 'massive' lump of rock and so has a strong gravitational effect (pull). The Earth's rotation does indeed want to 'throw' us into deep space but the force of gravity (from it's mass) is much stronger (on the surface) and so the resulting effect is that the pull of gravity beats the centrifugal push of rotating at 1000 mph on the surface of this spinning lump of rock.
  8. Born Hunter

    NHS Co-Pays

    In fairness, both Chris and Wilf aren't shy about laying into the administrations of their respective new homelands. LOL They're just both highly critical of government wherever they find it. So am I. The results of politics in the UK is pretty much the only gripe I have with the place.
  9. Born Hunter

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    What about the fact that all the pictures of Earth are 2D, guess what's not 2D....... a sphere! The evidence is endless people. The contrails have altered your minds so the lizard people can eat your children without protest.
  10. Born Hunter

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    Alright round Earther, answer me this; how come planes fly at 40'000ft when if the Earth was round flying lower would make their journey shorter! Round Earth DEBUNKED!
  11. Born Hunter

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    Vaguely relevant to the thread...
  12. Born Hunter

    Knife and gun crime

    Initial thoughts; I hope that his friends have been informed what song lyrics they are legally allowed to post on social media in tribute. Also, I hope that a relevant law is being drafted to prevent further tragedies.
  13. Born Hunter

    Florida laws a bit strict.

    Cheap fix and self sentencing too...
  14. Born Hunter

    Best part of uk to live

    I'm starting to learn that just complaining about the shit you don't have is toxic. You gotta see what you have got, make the most of it and go find what else you want. Otherwise you're too busy holding yourself in a negative state of mind to enjoy what you do have. If I had the resource I'd have 'bases' all over the world. There's a lot out there and I don't think any one place has it all. Talking about appreciating the positives. How f***ing great is it to be a 'hunter'/outdoorsman/countryman? I see so many townies that only actually enjoy half of the year, they live for the summer months and then turn mildly depressed through the wet and cold months. I genuinely feel privileged to have the passions that I do, I live for the winter months to enjoy my sporting passions but still feel no sadness when it ends and summer arrives because who doesn't like summer? LOL. Of course there is still roe buck stalking, shoot management, fishing (if that's your thing) etc but low intensity. It's just f***ing great. That makes me sound all sunshine and rainbows, lol, I'm not.
  15. Born Hunter

    Best part of uk to live

    TBH living in the East Midlands ain't bad. No one comes on holiday here, it's probably one of the cheapest parts of the UK to live (still too expensive though) and if you get into the wolds it's really very scenic. There's no decent coast line though, and a distinct lack of deer. One great thing is you're never that far from anywhere. I can be in the lakes, East Anglia or south coast by breakfast, the highlands for noon or St Pancras in 2 hours. There's a rich history of fox hunting, coursing and terriers around here as well as general English history, the enlightenment, Robin Hood, the Danelaw etc. It ain't best at all but you gotta appreciate the positives.