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  1. He’s got some brass neck giving me grief for being a boring b*****d!
  2. Only today I was trying to get my mate to release wild boar in a wood in Leicestershire Ill tell him not to bother!
  3. What does your man at Hereford have to say on it?
  4. lol, because you’ve always thought so highly of soldiers! You'll literally use anything in your argument when it suits.
  5. Picking up etiquette. Here in the midlands and I think the south pickers up only put there dogs on runners mid-drive. Up north they pick everything during the drive.
  6. On the OP I suppose the first question I would need to know is who’s the ‘enemy’ and what are their goals and motives? I suspect even the most modern-Britain hating commenters on this thread would fight for what we have if the enemy was a giant Muslim caliphate looking to rape their way from Dover to Dundee!
  7. I’m the ying to wilfs Yang!
  8. You’re bias has affected your conclusion. An equally valid alternative conclusion would be that public school education places a higher value on military service and therefore leads to disproportionate representation. Which I suspect your bias would have led you too if the subject group was one you naturally view more favourably. In fact due to this disproportionate representation Eton alumni were disproportionately represented in death stats in WWI iirc. That privilege too?
  9. We have all our production in the UK too currently. All boards batteries and tooled parts are made in China from our designs though. As our products become globally recognised over the next 12-24 months I can see production being moved there too. I deal a lot with third party products that we integrate with our ecosystem from various others, Lithuania, Australia, the Netherlands. But again a lot of their boards will be sourced from the east. Everyone does.
  10. That constitute proof to you? Lol Directed energy weapons have been a thing for at least ten years! Re world war doom mongering, there’s at least one a year.
  11. Absolutely, I just think it’s nuanced. Neither extreme is true. My only comment re oil was the D’Arcy oil company was exploiting Persian reserves hard and fast way back when. Strategically important supply chains and skills should be protected, you won’t find an argument from me there. But so what if we make a bobble hat in Bangladesh! To make it here would mean shitty wages to remain competitive, an expensive product to maintain high wages or a tax subsidised product. Certain countries we won’t want to do business with for moral or geopolitical reasons. Again no argument. But doing
  12. Oh and there was another night of air strikes on Monday night. US SEALs missing after a ship boarding too.
  13. I feel that that sort of statement lumps everything together. We were sourcing stuff from cheap foreign places well before any of the events you talk about took place. We’ve been utilising global trade and capitalism for about 400 years. It’s literally what made Britain histories greatest empire. This is far more nuanced than all that. Of course certain supply chains and industries are of strategic importance. But does that mean we shouldn’t utilise cheap foreign supply or resources for anything ever? We’d have done nothing historically if that was the case. My only point on this top
  14. I didn’t say most UK companies don’t. Of course you partly pay for a brand but you’re also paying R&D. The point is that cheap one wouldn’t exist if the expensive one didn’t. It’s not just a case of buying Chinese and stamping a flag on it. Manufacturing is the final stage of the process, not the whole process.
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