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  1. I suspect that he got lost one day a couldn't find his way home so set up shop. Something to do with taking the wrong exit off the motorway!
  2. That's no doubt the optimum way forward but f**k that I do what I enjoy and I'll get what I will get from that. That used to be a lot of powerlifting and accessory stuff to round it off but now I don't lift much heavy at all, I'm doing a lot of calisthenics with accessory lifts.
  3. Everyone that I’ve heard who’s eaten it has said it’s one of the best game meats going. Reckon it’s like pork.
  4. It'll be auto-correct for sprocker.
  5. Fair. I don't think it'll play out quite like that. Long term, recreational stalkers will be more likely to limit the number of permissions they are responsible for and it'll probably encourage more syndicates to do the job one man was doing before. All in all allowing more opportunity.
  6. Okay, perhaps 'profit' was an unfair word. If my sport was paying for all costs I'd consider that good, never mind contributing to my income. If the revenue is slashed do you think that'll knock back some of the lads culling numbers that far exceed what they can process without a commercial market? Your landowners won't let anyone else on because they are used to the status quo. They don't need to because you do your job, which has been economical under historic conditions. Are folks like you gonna want to maintain your historic activities and will lads in the future work up to such levels when the economics aren't there? Or cut back/keep down to more modest levels? Therefore demand for stalkers increasing in line with obvious market pressure...
  7. Do you think that if this low price is sustained then it'll lead to guys that are currently culling quite large numbers cutting back? Frankly it might well make stalking more accessible if the lads doing a lot have their profits slashed. PS I do acknowledge that you are one of those lads.
  8. No I’m not surprised. I love the idea of public land but I’m not sure I’m in favour of forced buy up by the state in the UK. Especially given that they’re a bunch of f***ing antis anyway. But aye, ideologically I support the concept of public ownership.
  9. Update for this. I was recently f***ing about setting the seating depth for some new reloads and noticed the action was completely loose! The trigger guard bolts had worked loose. Finally sick of this nonsense I bought an aly aftermarket one and just fitted it. You can’t fully tighten the bolts with the factory plastic one because it warps it and jams the mag from releasing. This aly one can be cranked up and takes all the movement out of the action. Not shot it yet but I’d be surprised if it makes things worse. Hundred quid well spent but which shouldn’t be necessary on a 1000 quid tool! Aly guard fitted, plastic guard underneath.
  10. It's a pretty solid defence mechanism if tactically directed at the enemy to be fair mate.
  11. Ya f****r, ya edited it before I could move!
  12. Another sad thing is that if the authorities ever did decide to get serious about culling deer, for public safety, it'd probably cost hundreds of thousands, would be regulated to f**k and be done entirely by professional contractors. ie the badger cull....
  13. I'm not for one second suggesting that the Gov could enact a policy of public land like in other countries. But, IF the landowners let keen lads crack on then I expect the deer would be culled and they would be just fine for it. So much absolute nonsense surrounds deer and rifles on this island.
  14. Virtually no one hunts in the uk. Almost everyone hunts in NZ.
  15. Everyone should be encouraged. Too much protection of stalking rights and too much industry promoted regulation. f**k all like that in NZ and their reds are doing just fine for it. Id love absolutely nothing more than to be pointed at the most wild lump of Scotland and told to “crack on”!
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