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  1. Bunch of raving hypocrites.
  2. Pinching that for my Tinder bio! I mean we're different heights (5'9" vs 6'3") for a start so not comparable but generally speaking I think living a busy active lifestyle and eating wholefoods is a good start. Having a dedicated fitness programme is great, especially if you have specific goals but I don't think it's necessary for more modest goals.
  3. Would it be considered bragging to mention mine are a 30" waist But seriously, I've got three pairs and I reckon I should buy another couple. I practically live in them.
  4. One of the best imo. I used to be involved with a shoot which relied on released duck tbh and more than once I have come home with ten brace. I don't get many now and f***ing miss it! Roast whole with plenty of salt rubbed in or skinned breasts cut into strips and marinated in some thai type marinade and then grilled on skewers.
  5. I feel lucky to have memories of rabbiting pre-VHD, never mind pre-myxi! To get onto Bradgate with spaniels and shotguns with those sort of numbers would be a hell of a day's sport.
  6. There were many birds involved though so it's not as sad as it sounds! We'll not mention the cocks....
  7. And I’ve got to be honest. How tough the fabric is and how tough the lining is are two different things. Not sure I’d read too much into that promo video.
  8. Well I’ve just come back from beating today and I was wearing a musto gamekeeper that cost 150 and has their BR2 lining. It pissed it down and I’m dry. Early days yet. Last season I had a Swazi. But one of my c**t face mongrels ate it a few weeks ago. Prefer the musto tbh.
  9. It did. My mates missus cooked up a plate for us to share but he didn’t reckon they were crispy enough. I smashed them! So she cooks up another straight away with better batter. Not sure he really reckoned much to them either so I smashed them too, LOL. Honestly were delicious! I wish I had filled a bucket with them.
  10. Between four of us fishing we reckon we had around 150. Ten on the bounce. That’s not fishing with feathers either, just single lure. Glad when one would bump itself off by the end.
  11. I love little missions like this. Hopefully a season full of them yet.
  12. I think the codling (?), one of about half a dozen, was washed up by-catch. But the sprats were pretty much like this all along chesil for the whole week I believe. Certainly like it at Portland end and west bay end so I assume the same in between.
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