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  1. Superb ,that'll look well on the wall
  2. He's still keen ...to firkin sleep
  3. When he was 20 months I ran him on his first hare in a very hot spot,parked the car in a field out of sight,we walked a short distance and up one got,I slipped him,he was all over it,but it went through a hedge,the dog didn't hesitate,only I found there was a crop of sugar beet and the game was over,it took me 3 hrs to catch the c**t afterwards,all that carry on is behind him now,and I'm heading out with my son to give him more of that kind of running,in a few weeks over the X mass period,...but man he tested my patience in the past
  4. Honest answer....I've done absolutely fuk all with him hare wise,he's a house /family dog,and if he was taken from me or lost I'd be kicked outta home ,but he's run a few large yokes and can burst through cover and woodland at great speed,he's hard ferkin work at times, mostly outdoors,I'm always looking for a guaranteed run,in and out but I can't find big rabbits in quiet spots...so maybe I should wait till I get a few fast ones but it's just too messy over here to risk it
  5. Desert bred.,.gave me this lad,....I was offered big money for the service of him to greyhound bitches but I declined ,but I'll have to think long on the matter
  6. I know,it's a big gamble ,and I ain't as young as I'd like to be
  7. Sorry to f**k I didn't find a bitch for him
  8. I've seen what a 1st X can do,I was just wondering if you were a fan...just putting together the 2 dogs ,I'd be hoping something good comes from them
  9. No a pure saluki to a coursing greyhound bitch
  10. I'm contemplating doing a litter of them,my old dog gave me great times,he would never be classed as an out and out 5 out of 5 but saying that he's killed lots of them,and in the rough and heavy ground ,he surpassed himself ,I have both possible parents here,so we see if I am dumb enough to do it
  11. What's your opinion on a genuine 1 st X saluki greyhound,just out of interest,
  12. jigsaw

    Peter Kay

    I need an interpreter for him,can't understand the accent at all
  13. It's something I've never donned other than an army jacket the odd time ,never seen the need for it,I've shot deer in just plain clothes,I'd always lean toward the green or brown hues of colour but never cammo
  14. Of course,he's been beaten in the past,and there's more than one way to skin a cat,..I'd be surprised if he ever gets associated with anything happening to them lads....but!!!!
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