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  1. What length is the blade Ken, that looks a very nice and useful tool
  2. I'm going to have a word with the wife, she's loosing the run of herself with the dog lol
  3. Not sure I'd fancy covering the kelpie X, she's very small and not something I'd be contemplating really, I'd like to keep the size and speed up, a thing she won't be blessed with I think
  4. The right bitch never came along katch, and it's mostly dogs I've had, I might put him on the bitch, but I'd have to cull a few pups I'd say, trying to home them would be a bother I'd say, and that's what's putting me off
  5. i tell ye Moocher ,there were days he amazed me ,caught stuff i had said no chance of catching ,and there were a few days he f***ing let the side down too ,but over all he was a bundle of fun to have around ,i took lots of everything with him,he hunted down and found stuff i never knew was there at times ,he was a great family dog too,as is the way in our house ,if they last the 2cd season they then get the pampered treatment ...i was out every chance i got with him,it ended up i did the driving he did the finding and catching ...great memories,i was hoping some day a good bitch would turn up for a pup out of him but it wasnt to be ,i was asked to cover a whippet x type of bitch one time but i decided it wasnt a x id have an interest in then so put the owner on to a more suitable stud ..might be too late now to keep him around in a pup from him but not to worry ,
  6. That's good to hear, thanks tyla, thinking of putting him over a greyhound bitch
  7. Anyone ever got pups from a 12 year old dog? Can they still produce healthy sperm?
  8. He's in great nick but he's ancient looking now, gone grey, and the eyes are looking faded, but he's still a rogue, can't leave any food about, or he claims it
  9. Saluki greyhound 1st x Chris, I had some sport with this old dog, even up to last month, but he's done now,
  10. Just gone 12 don, his age is showing
  11. hes retired but spoilt, I'm going to miss this Ole dog when he goes, lol...
  12. That would be right up my street lol
  13. I think I follow, lol... As I said, I'm a rank amateur, I have a few days a season on the lakes or I do a sneaky cast on the rivers, I want to try for a few perch this summer, I used to fish them as a kid
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