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  1. jigsaw

    walking boots

    thats the kind of ground id be wanting them for ,just rough housing it at times ..
  2. jigsaw

    walking boots

    https://outdoorsmagic.com/article/best-lightweight-walking-boots/ found this,so might have a study later ,thanks so far everyone ,
  3. jigsaw

    walking boots

    https://www.blacks.co.uk/footwear/250768-brasher-women-s-country-trekker-walking-boots.html your on the right road katchum,thanks
  4. jigsaw

    walking boots

    https://www.lowaboots.com/mens/hiking/renegade-gtx-mid-navy-honey im more after the canvas type material,i have meindl allready, so not leather ,its for walking hill paths and rough stoney ground,i wont be hitting fields or streams as such with them
  5. jigsaw

    Kelpies as a stud,

    No bother at all,got a grand dog pup here for ye lol..see ye into her old age lol
  6. jigsaw

    walking boots

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hi-Tec-Trailstone-Charcoal-Cool-Grey/dp/B072Q1ZBDB/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?dchild=1&keywords=Hi-Tec+Trailstone+walking+boots&psc=1&qid=1571079743&sr=8-1-fkmr0 these type hereNP?
  7. jigsaw

    walking boots

    https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15895161/merrell-men-s-moab-2-mid-gore-tex-boots-15895161 any folk on here recommend a boot similar to this type ,water resistant/proof as possible and not toooo expensive...i have Meindl boots so leather is not what im looking for this time...much appreciated if you could got to say im not interested in Berghaus or Karrimor
  8. jigsaw

    Justify this

    what a mentality,this is why dog men are hated, try looking into another avenue of revenge ,or better still dont go hunting any more ,for all our sakes
  9. Lidl mince and this stuff for lambs and small animals
  10. Mince and lamblack mash,nothing else,
  11. two and a half weeks was their first efforts ,but by 3 weeks they were getting in on the food feeds
  12. jigsaw

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Can ye forward that to old bill here lol...we have a saying that sorts it all out "SHUR T BE GRAND" and it will be grand too
  13. jigsaw

    Kelpies as a stud,

    cmon over ,your quiet wellcome to one , work is a pure fuk up constantly for me too..at one time i had very little of it ,now im 6 daays a week
  14. jigsaw

    Justify this

    and here am i trying to find a hare for a run,their as scarce as hens teeth around my way ,if i got 2 or 3 runs in a week id be over the moon,,,that is shameful carry on ,how could you be proud and pose for such a woeful act ...
  15. jigsaw

    Justify this

    123 hares and two rabbits,shot I presumed,or the dogs are still in A&E