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  1. really??lol...i thought it was a very entertaining watch ..then im not known for my sense of humour either lol
  2. Downloaded from the net,not out yet ..,NOBODY.....same creator as John WICK......good action movie, And a very good documentary if any of you can get RTE 1 PLAYER ...THE BURREN....all about the wildlife in the area,it's fantastic,the wild goats,martens,foxes etc...very well done .
  3. tb25.psychiatry has improved in leaps and bounds in the last few years, just because one avenue hasn't been of help, doesn't mean the next one won't and if the next one isn't ,then try another direction, but you will only find it by searching ,it must be so hard for you ,when you have a family ,you deserve happiness as anyone else does ,motivation is diminished with mental health issues ,I do hope you meet the right person /agency that can get to the bottom of your problems, and put you in a better place ...same thing over here happens, people fall through the system and are not treated as th
  4. I think,you all are expressing your views with logic....as we all do,...when you see a person gone to the depths of despair,with no idea how to fight back,then their thoughts become totally illogical...to us....but not to them,....their train of thought is manipulated and contorted by despair,.,and they can't find rhyme nor reason to go any further with the situation,and I'm talking from experience,over a 40 year period of a sister who's still institutionalised,never to live a life of freedom or independence,...no one will ever grasp what it's like unless you live it yourself,...even I don't a
  5. when you make the decision to end your life ,its cause no other avenue is open to you ,AS FAR AS THE AFFLICTED IS CONCERNED ..they feel their a burden to everyone around them ...their aint no light at the end of their tunnel...they have lost all rational thought ...its the complete opposite of being selfish,in fact they sometimes think their doing everyone a favour by taking themselves out of the equasion...
  6. jigsaw

    Ozzie dogs

    i'll have to check ,lol i have a few ...been a while since i looked at them..if not its going on my list
  7. jigsaw

    Ozzie dogs

    yeah .lots of it ...some job and ive a few dvds with it as well,,some buzz lol
  8. jigsaw

    Ozzie dogs

    sorry i disappointed you lol
  9. i havent met anyone that was yet lol........im just born unlucky lol....was that done by you or me lol
  10. Shit,I'm wayyyy behind lol...just posted it on genetal
  11. jigsaw

    Ozzie dogs

  12. 7 years lol....of f***ing hell....my daughter was emotionally attached to him ,she used to go running 3 to 4 days a week with him ,lead tied around her waist and he was good as gold, ignored dogs and people once they didnt get too messy ,and he was ok in the back of the house until something would get into his head and then he'd wait and out of the blue act up,i was out with him once and the wife had a pit dog too, Neiko (the shepherd) took it upon himself to full on attack the pit who by the way was a very pleasant placid animal,...wrong move on his part ,the pit thrashed the fuk out of him a
  13. i had a german shepherd,bred from Czech retired police dog and a schutzhund trained bitch.......never again will another enter my door ,horrible ,retarded yoke,kept everyone out for the 7 years i had him but he killed 2 terriers on me and smashed up a good lurcher,his mood swings were many..ive a pure saluki now and hes one hell of a guard/alarm dog....no one gets close t the front door without him knowing ..if push came to shove hed be f****d but ,hes worth his weight in gold for letting you know theres someone there
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