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  1. im 43 years at the painting game and i wont go up on them yokes ever again,when i start work with a company the 1st thing i do is make it clear under no circumstances will i ever go on a roof ladder.....its great peace of mind to know ill never be asked lol
  2. i havent seen my sister since last march ,shes in a convalecent home ,we talk on the phone every week but ,i cant call to see her ,no visitors,i think its crazy theres no visitors allowed ,but what can ya do...hopefully it will fade out as fast as it comes in soon
  3. Kevlar came about when at 3 weeks old I dropped a metal cooking pot and with the clang of the metal hitting the floor, all the pups scattered in terror, but he just squatted down, I got the idea he was bulletproof.... Hence Kevlar.... Or was it 2 of my kids are kevin and Laura..... Nah... It was the 1st one
  4. well its time to broaden your mind, lol...buck does,......jills hobs ...dogs bitches,....at the end of the day its localised expressions and phrases,
  5. some day id like to own a pure kelpie,thats a great photo ,lol
  6. oh ,lol didnt realise that ,,the hare is a smart fecker so
  7. i would think that running on the sands would be energy sapping ,and climbing over them dunes /sand banks would take a bit out of any dog but the 2 dogs in this vid ,kept up a regular steady pace...enjoyable to watch it was ,the strange bit was how they stood around he bush knowing the game was in there..
  8. Well, the situation is like this, I've refused 5 people the dog, from both here and across the pond, and for strong money too from 2...I had my pick of the litter from 2 weeks old, this dog here was 1st born, a smashing little lad from the moment he opened his eyes, I only intended on keeping one from the litter and told katchum on numerous occasions that I couldn't understand how he was overlooked by everyone that viewed them... The reason I wanted him rehome is that he gets plenty of work and a good owner, I know I will struggle to get enough work for 2,as rabbits aren't as plentiful as they once were, my intentions of rehoming kevlar(the dog pup) was to ensure he'd get the work and lifestyle he was bred for, but it's a done deal now, he's on my team now, he won't be getting exhausted from hunting anytime soon I reckon lol
  9. You can come back any time katch, lol... She's out in the kennels most days, I blame her for spoiling the lot of them
  10. He basically is devoted to me, a bit too clingy at times, I will try put some work in front of him and see how it goes
  11. jigsaw


    Wtf???? No, man, I'd puke and scream like a bitch if that got on me
  12. now who could i blackmail into making one of them for me ,lol
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