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  1. jigsaw

    Just 2 hens

    Feel free to try..... lol...wacker Sully would end up on the plate instead
  2. jigsaw

    Just 2 hens

    They look spot on ,I got to show the wife this,win her over lol
  3. jigsaw

    New Arrivals.

    a bit touchy CJ lol....i think youve had enough from this lot on here ,i can feel yer pain lol
  4. what does it reflect?that you and EVERYONE ELSE think pits are child killers?...if you take the ratio of pits owned against pits attacking ,i think you will find they are a very small percentage of the dog attacks ,unfortunately they are owned by a lot of unfit undesirables..and that can be laid at the feet of SOME of the unscrupulous breeders that are more interested in money than the good of the breed...and fair pucks to you ,you admit your not that knowledgeable on the breed and their ways ,
  5. Every dog here was bred proper ,all spot on with folk,I mixed with many that knew how to rear em right,but I saw so many that didn't,the dogs weren't the problem
  6. its quiet obvious yoiu havent a clue what your talking about ,you have never kept a pit /bull type from game stuff before,,i have had over a dozen in many years NOT ONE ever looked wrong at a person ,and they were in the house at time with the family ...they kne their place i knew their minds,and they could carry out a job of work too if required ,and never did they even have an off day ...to this day the wife still askes for one as a house dog ,but them days are over and done with ...their the greatest family orientated dog you can get once you know where they came from ,how their parents/grandparents were and not just pick some bully looking dog willy nilly,you need to rear them tight and right ,set boundaries and control their actions ,them pleasing you ,not the other way round ..they eat ,shit and sit when told ...thats where the problems start when they get a free run of the house ,picking their favourite chair ,and being fed in a house full of kids ,without supervision ....thats what i believe anyway
  7. jigsaw

    New Arrivals.

    some order they are in ,and the sire in the vid is a racy looking dog for so little greyhound in him...excellent job done CJ....if they were 1st x's it would save me breeding a litter lol
  8. jigsaw

    Just 2 hens

    I need to study the matter,breed of hens and living quarters,...and make out how to keep them separate from the dogs
  9. jigsaw

    Just 2 hens

    Thanks Dean,by the way the daughter is 24,lol...I need to look the different types of birds around,I've done no homework as of yet
  10. jigsaw

    Just 2 hens

    I'm wondering if you can keep just 2 hens happily,I'd like to get 2 for my daughter,and the fact they'd have company together,plus I'd like something other than Rhode island reds,any suggestions and opinions on keeping just 2
  11. jigsaw

    New estate car

    i can buy any amount of jeeps/4X4' but ive no interest in them at all.manys a friend said it was strange i dont drive one when I shoot and hunt for near on 40 years ,but i never found them spacious or even attractive ,i loved my Vans ,Transit ,Liteace ,Hiace ,but a car for me getting on years now lol
  12. jigsaw

    New estate car

    some interesting reading ,i wont be going off road unless i crash the friggin thing lol.....im deffo sticking with avensis i reckon unless a real bargain came about ,i was just looking for other opinions cause im not too well up on motors
  13. jigsaw

    New estate car

    Not a great fan of VW,I have to admit,was looking at the skodas but think their a bit dull inside
  14. jigsaw

    New estate car

    i drove one from new for 8 years till i was rear ended and the car written off, great car also but im wanting a 2 litre ,and the focus is a 1.6...... diesel is also a must for me
  15. jigsaw

    New estate car

    i drive a 07 Avensis estate for the last 3 years and its a grand car,the tax is 710 euros a year ,which is why i want to come up on years,id be paying 280 once i change ,it drives like a dream and is great for the dogs too,cant fault it ,went to belfast up and down in one day ,and it was a pleasure , hopefully i will get it sorted soon