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  1. All i will say is that would be NOT RECCOMENDED, lol....
  2. I don't think any explanation is necessary, these "lads" are a bit of a handful when they get going, not a bunch you want about you...
  3. Their based up the road from me, I think the video sums it all up
  4. fat as f**k ,lol..thats about all theyd catch before running out of steam id say ...that should tell ye the owner of the dogs dont know how to keep a bull terrier conditioned or fit ,
  5. jigsaw


    I refuse to leave just yet.
  6. jigsaw


    I sent him a message on the 1st at 8.34 p. M. ...not knowing he was gone from the world, he was a fine strapping lad, strong and tall... And one helpful chap... May he rest in peace
  7. The little b*****ds had a ball yesterday, I told herself not to give them the new dog cushion, but did she listen.... Nooooo
  8. jigsaw


    youve no idea ,he was a real nice bloke ,gave me a stags head for my house ,free,and he paid big money for it ,wouldnt take a penny from me ,man i cant believe the sad news .hes been through a bit the last few months ,but was doing great ,rang him a while back for a chat and he was working away .christ i cant believe it .
  9. jigsaw


    what the fuk? iwas talking to him only 2 weeks ago? can you say how? hes helped me out in the past ,was up in his house a few times .met his kids and wife ,and he was a decent bloke ,jeeze im stunned to hear this
  10. https://www.irishmirror.ie/news/irish-news/dublin-airport-planes-sucking-hares-20929035
  11. And their nearly as boring as my litter,fuk all colour variations lol
  12. Very nice bill,I've intentions of weaning myself off the salukis in the future,but that cream dog is similar to my own mutt
  13. Jesus they look fantastic,she's a fantastic mother too,
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