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  1. watched it during the week ,great watch...highly reccomended
  2. jigsaw

    Guard dogs

    Yeah,believe it or not a pure saluki,very alert and fairly sharp with strangers,anyone about he's roaring his head off,
  3. jigsaw

    Guard dogs

    I have 4 photos of him left ,i deleted them all as i couldnt bare to look at the fool of a thing ,,id get angry just staring at the dope
  4. jigsaw

    Guard dogs

    he was ok,always a liability,i took him for a walk with the wife and one of my pit dogs ,who was tolerant of him up to that point and he out of the blue attacked the pit(serious error ) the shepherd jumped on him roaring to eat him but the pit got first grip and spoilt a lovely walk,it took me about 3 minutes to seperate the two,herself held the shepherd and i took the pit...we had to ring the son to come out in his car to take the pit home ,who now wanted to eliminate the threat for good ...he was a right bollix of a thing...i left him off more times as my daughter used to Thai box and would
  5. jigsaw

    Guard dogs

    bring a shovel and hes yours lol...and my poor mother in law was good as gold ,and not well for many years ,,he was a sneaky rotten fecker
  6. jigsaw

    Guard dogs

    I had this horrid fooker for almost 8 years,he was bred from a Croatian police dog to a highly trained bitch,but he must have been lacking in oxygen as he was born....he was a right retarded prick...he killed 2 terriers on me over a 4 year gap and nearly took down the mother in law (God rest her) one xmass morn...I hated that dog...he kept strangers out but was unstable...happiest day was when I took him for his last walk.. Never again will one darken my door
  7. i better you tube it ,id like to see em run ,,,thanks for the reply
  8. can they actually run at enough speed to be deemed a challenge to a dog
  9. any chance of a photo?..i know of a pair of cracking 1st x collie dogs in county donegal, worked mostly on fox ,but have been lamped on rabbits a fair bit too,...Im always checking in on them to see their still going well..
  10. jigsaw

    Bad backs

    heat patches from the chemist shop are unreal...pop one on ,last for 12 hrs ..really helps and a good anti inflammatory ,,,ive suffered in the past and found the patches a god send
  11. Awwww bollix,,. That's not helping lol might see if I can find something here that is similar
  12. but iv seen him choose he's spot on the other things but he's got very little bull in him to be killing them but is a very good hard killing fox dog ....right ...i must admit i didnt absorb this piece...so ill let it at that ...just be assured the dogs a good stud and fox dog as fellman 1 said himself ...
  13. right,,your mate that owns the dog would like you to contact him...cause hes been saying theres only one lad thats seen this dog going that many times and thats his mate....hes never failed with the sire of the pups and hes never picked his spot to catch, insinuated by you that hes not 100%...now im just passing on the message fenman1 so ring him, and the lads with the pups, contact me, i will put ye on to the owner and he will show you the dog working, either through videos or out on the field....its true the dog hasnt the stamina of a saluki but hes killed 4 single handed in a night...my ma
  14. https://www.police-supplies.co.uk/uniform-clothing/trousers just browsing for trousers ,some stuff looks ok for light jaunts ... https://www.police-supplies.co.uk/torches-and-electronics/thermal-night-vision-cameras
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