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  1. 3 still available if anyone looking for a very well bred cheap pup, breeding of dam included now
  2. If you move over here you won't have any use for semi auto guns, the only thing you might use it on is a flock of seagulls, we've nothing else I can think of that it might be handy for
  3. And the country will be all the better for it, we are "fáilte go léir" kind of country, ask Wilf, he's settled in well I believe
  4. Better than being a norrie lol
  5. We don't need shite, most cities don't have a need for weapons, we got adequit firearms for hunting, that's all we want need,,,
  6. What are you hunting, what type/size have you got in mind..
  7. And visitors in the garden coming for dinner
  8. Look at this gem, a little hideaway busting with furry friends
  9. One question, would ye stand up to a bunch of them, and give no quarter, I grew up around the locals here and they are NOT. only gobby they are the last thing you want to be dealing with, one on one you may have a chance, but they don't work that way, and there's dozens of them on standby, too many to be dealing with, even the cops told me to leave well alone,
  10. jigsaw

    rabies alert

    https://www.rte.ie/news/munster/2020/0125/1110841-cork-animal-rabies/?fbclid=IwAR3y0RlgGWpc01ttWoZ0aX7RsQHwTxodN07tWgiCSZ1Coxi8mZeuwiG1HpU holy shit batman ,not good .
  11. f**k me ,i havent lived at all ,been nowhere at all really lol...jaysus wheres me weetabix
  12. these families are very serious people,they are not to be taken lightly,you may believe they are all mouth but youd be very WRONG ,and as you can see theres lots of them at the ready ..on both sides ..if it does kick off ,there will be mayhem...but lets hope they come to some arrangement and calm the fuk down lol
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