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  1. jigsaw

    buck knives..

    https://www.knifecenter.com/item/BU0836BRS/buck-836-selkirk-survival-folder-39-420hc-plain-blade-brown-micarta-handles that above compared to that below ,,,no contest...buck all the way http://www.sakwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=Victorinox+Farmer
  2. jigsaw


    naw ...i agree its pure fukin shite
  3. jigsaw


    LOL..I WASNT SURE HOW IT WOULD BE SEEN...its very popular over here dont you know
  4. jigsaw


    dont know if you find it thick or funny
  5. jigsaw


    their protected due to the fact their scarce in their natural habitat now ..ie...cliffs and sea areas...theyve all moved in to towns due to the abundance of food..they are i suppose migrants too lol..it seems to be the new trend ,lol...the herring gull ive read are the worst hit ,,but there seems to be a glut of them in every town you go to
  6. or what about a dog that had in the past covered a few bitches because he was a real decent hard worker up to 6 years old but then walked at 9 years old on a few digs ,BUT his offspring went on to NEVER ''jack'' in their long working lives with very respectable digs behind them....a dog that was dug to loads of times and was hard and dependable... but in older age lost his drive due to being burnt out i believe ....he produced a few very decent offspring but technically he jacked whatever way you look at it...would you breed from him again after he walked ?and this is not hypothetical...he is dead now and 2(that i personally know) of his offspring are 8 years old and still grafting well
  7. jigsaw

    Cobra (indian) gypsies

    and that cream pup in the lads arms had a nice look to it ..i thought theyd slip a few dogs on them ''blue cows '' running about
  8. jigsaw

    Cobra (indian) gypsies

    try watch that with an open mind..people who live to their way of life no matter how frugal...I enjoyed that and they seem such a happy and friendly class of people ...lots of nasty oul remarks and i bet only 1 or 2 watched it lol..they were very accommodating to the white man,,even though they hadnt much...
  9. jigsaw


    this dog looks comfy enough ...
  10. the bit i cant get my head around is,a chap does you a MASSIVE favour,,gets you out of the shit ,gives you a chance to breed quality pups from HIS line of dogs and then you SHIT all over him and show yourself to be a proper c**t ....the deviant deserves to be known publicly..
  11. jigsaw

    Card or cash ?

    yeah,that would be interesting to watch lol
  12. jigsaw


    cant find much wrong with these
  13. jigsaw

    Card or cash ?

    and thats why the high street is doomed ,,but yeah what can ye do..move with the times i suppose or be left behind ,.....im going to hold out for another while anyway ,lol herself is always there as a back up with her visa or what ever she uses
  14. jigsaw

    Card or cash ?

    or get back to the good ole days and make it popular again to actually deal with a person and not a voice on a phone or writing on a computer screen...
  15. jigsaw

    Card or cash ?

    what a relief lol...but i was being serious,,im law abiding on the most important matters ..