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  1. jigsaw

    meet evie.

    I was offered a mal a few weeks ago,too bloody hyper for me,I've seen a few of my mates dogs and they have this annoying high pitched screech,but they look fantastic and athletic,,you can see the intensity in her eyes
  2. jigsaw

    Litters planned or due

    same as myself so ,hope you get what you want
  3. jigsaw

    the rest of the world take note

    the amount of fish kills over here at one time was unreal,and some say it was the shite sprayed on the land after a rain fall did it
  4. jigsaw

    Litters planned or due

    im not doubting your perspective but what will the reverse be doing work wise Chid,
  5. jigsaw

    Litters planned or due

    thanks DC,ive been out looking for the goats a few times and to be honest im lost without the bitch Taz,she was a partner and mate more than anything else ,and im not a soppy person ,but without a dog up the hill its hard to find ...i keep thinking ,''IF TAZ WAS HERE SHE'D DO THIS ,or SHE WOULD HAVE KNOWN THEY WERE ABOUT '', when i head back and find a mob 50 meters from where i had previously walked
  6. jigsaw

    Litters planned or due

    the dam is 25tts ,coursing greyhound bitch ,the sires 22 ,pure working kelpie ,i wont have a big price on these at all ,i want one badly myself and then cover costs and jabs ,and it will be the last litter i breed i reckon for manys the year lol
  7. jigsaw

    Litters planned or due

    These pups if they become reality will be / could be very effective on any terrain and on most quarry I believe,if my last one was anything to go by, shooting companion,ferreting companion,terrier companion,lamping and pheasant flusher and goat finder and blood trail assistant...lol....got the vet booked for Monday night,to check when she's ready to go to the stud dog...
  8. jigsaw

    Litters planned or due

    id like to add ,the last time i bred a litter was maybe 6 or 7 years ago,and before that was a litter of pits 10 years before that ,so im not experienced in the art of dog breeding ,and now im going to bed cause im inebriated a little...
  9. jigsaw

    Litters planned or due

    dont get carried away ,im a disaster when it comes to breeding ,if i can get them mated ,then i will do a proper job on everything else ,but i hate the breeding process ,i get anxious waiting to get them paired up ...lol..ive a lad thats a dinger at mating difficult dogs on standby,hes coming with me when we go to do the deed ,the stud dog is a very well used stud so hes sorted ,its just this firking greyhound bitch ,she barely swells in the vulva department when shes in ,you wouldnt even know shes in heat
  10. jigsaw

    Litters planned or due

    my greyhound bitch started to break last Thursday at last ,I rang the man with the kelpie stud dog ,,200 euros to cover the bitch ,so vets next Saturday ,get her swabbed ,and hopefully get her lined ,im waiting for this dog to break for months ,fingers x i can get this done and dusted ,shes a very hard bitch to mate ,but her ped is top class so lets see if i can manage ...
  11. jigsaw

    Just 2 hens

    I did not then,...a few things got in the way ,like a 1k euro sewage repair job,a half hefty mechanical job on my car to pass it's nct,and a holiday in Lithuania,from which I only got home yesterday,lol....BUT...I might pursue a few chickens in the future when I get sorted on another job,laying Indian sandstone slabs in my garden,...there's always something to sort,
  12. jigsaw

    Fresh fish

    Good old Eastern Europe,Lenn...
  13. jigsaw

    Fresh fish

    Really nice,soft eating,last day here so one last tour and home tomorrow
  14. jigsaw

    Fresh fish