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  1. He's well into working Kerry's too....that should tell ye a lot
  2. Is he Croatian or Portuguese or something like that......
  3. No,I wouldn't listen to him,nor read his material,a lot of it is fairytales
  4. Just bullys, fighting smaller dogs,l saw a wheaten and a Kerry at it years ago,the wheaten wiped the floor with him,and the Kerry ran the fuk away,...proper curs
  5. thank fuk its not just me then that thinks that too, f***ing kerry blues,they were useless 30 years ago, he writes some shit on stuff he doesnt know anything about ,hes hunting the fame i reckon
  6. jigsaw


    I read all this ,and been told by lads,its harmless shit ....well if its so harmless,JUST CEASE SMOKING THE SHIT ....Ive never taken a smoke of it ,even when I was in a room with everyone else smoking it ,Just not an interest to me ...is life that stressful that ye need to have something to help ye get by? If ever there was a candidate for using something to relax ,i was it, having a turbulent family life with a sister that was not well for many years ,mentally, every 2cd person now seems to use it ,I just cant see why tbh
  7. That's a rough carry on..
  8. my sisters tea cup yorkie was taken from her garden by a fox,she saw it run through the hedge ,grab the dog and gone ,never to be seen again
  9. jigsaw

    20 years

    seriously....its rather ridiculous the notions being thrown about, some folk watched too much sci fi in their youth ,lol....and the notion a government is responsible for an attack on their own people,and no one ever owns up to prove it ...
  10. Is anyone aware of any reported sightings of coypu/nutria in Meath? I know there has been some spotted in cork over the years, some of which have been removed. I was driving towards Dunshaughlin last week and seen one cross the road ahead of me. Just seen this on FB....released I expect
  11. jigsaw

    20 years

    That's that solved then.....move on to the next atrocity
  12. jigsaw

    20 years

    All speculation....nothing else...no proof.....lol
  13. jigsaw

    20 years

    FFS,.... ridiculous ......it would never stay a secret....
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