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  1. 1st of April joke me thinks
  2. jigsaw

    Bare feet

    Lidl last Saturday,and off out into the rain ,not a care in the world lol
  3. The gorrila glue sets in 5 minutes,so that reduces chances of it moving ,which I find excellent,but it's 5 times dearer than the above glue,but you get what you pay for I suppose
  4. jigsaw

    Horse cull

    Feral horses shot by helicopter in plans to cull 14,000 WWW.NEWSWEEK.COM To stem the growing population of feral horses or "brumbies" in an Australian national park, helicopters...
  5. US government wants hunters to shoot 500,000 owls WWW.NEWSWEEK.COM 13,397 of the barred owls will be killed every year in the first decade, 16,303 a year in the second, and 17,390...
  6. Ignore that tool,I'm furthest from left than anyone could be ,the only left turn I take is at the end of the road heading for work lol...anyway blast on ,I got more important things to be concerned about
  7. Left wing loon? You f***ing idiot ,I vote independent every time for the last 3 decades I'm opposed to everything these main parties stand for .....don't be presuming you can size up someone by a few words written on a hunting site,....
  8. Well BB this morning is the first time I heard that,I'm not following the radio or tv on any of it ,and fair dues to everyone involved that helped contain the crazy b*****d,...THEIR ALL HEROS IN MY BOOK ....they should all get recognition for their bravery ...
  9. €190,000 raised for Brazilian who saved kids in Dublin stabbing | BreakingNews.ie WWW.BREAKINGNEWS.IE €190,000 raised for Brazilian who saved kids in Dublin stabbing Fair doos,the Irish people appreciate good decent folk,he'll have a great X mass,him and his kids,...he might even return to his country and settle down ....bring in the begrudgery....
  10. Except it was,you and a few more need to relax ,...
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