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  1. A man That kidnapped and tortures a man for money for 24 hrs on the information he was told by some gimp, yeah that's funny,a real man,,, Cornflakes......lol.......I take it you meant snowflakes,......that explains a lot lol
  2. A character? Is that what ye call them kind of folk .....we have a different title over here for em lol
  3. Fantastic work,keep sticking a few up on a regular basis,I look forward to the next few
  4. I need to replace the rings I have ,before I buy again,any other suggestions,I use it to boil stews and the likes for the dogs ,in addition to the raw I feed them, thanks in advance
  5. Just checked it out,1800 sterling ......jeeze Louise,some money they cost,..I'll wait and hope they come down in price,
  6. A "mate" I used to go with got one,so the bollix abandoned me,lol...he's out with it and the dog and gets a run most weekends,...I have walked past the game a few times,they sit tight and I pass em on only to see them too late,but I can't really afford to pay the price most demand
  7. I could do with a T I ,but to hell with spending a grand to find game,too much for my pocket
  8. Shadow was the sire to a litter of bulldogs I bred,.....he was some producer
  9. Just watched Netflix.....WILD BILL......good show but a strange ending.....worth a watch though
  10. In any detail at all is impressive lol.....well done you
  11. You studied the Koran Mr.kanny? Lol
  12. Anyone have this thermal,and if yes any good for wildlife spotting, haven't a clue on the subject ,so better ask
  13. We would like to say that we as a family do not condone any of his actions and would like to sincerely apologise wholeheartedly to all the victims involved in the unfortunate incident Fair fuks,at least his family are in agreement that his actions are indefensible,..if more Muslims (and I expect most would) denounce such actions,there'd be less hostility amongst the community Where's me helmet and body armour
  14. Believe it or not they were dumped back outside the farm on the road,.....too much of a handful?
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