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  1. Just arrived at the hotel,Christ it's like a giant alleyway,huge buildings on both sides that go on for ever lol....I'm shattered allready ,14 hrs on the go so far and it's 4.45 over here ,
  2. A classy pair of animals
  3. We're carrying serious shillings lol
  4. #mullingar #Ireland #share | TikTok VM.TIKTOK.COM #mullingar #Ireland #share
  5. Right I'm off in the morning,so last ideas ,send em now lol....
  6. It's all part of the keeping of a sporting dog,the end is never easy but we did what was needed to be done,you'd sure miss them but you gotta keep going and hopefully I might find another suitable candidate in the future for a long term hunter companion
  7. If we tried to put this fellow outside he'd be dead in a week the spoilt shit
  8. I bought in 2 adult bitches ,saluki bred yokes,...none were worth taking a litter from ,....one was fiercely heedless,and when she f****d off ,she went hundreds of yards ahead,in fact she was a spec in the distance at times,so I put her down after a few weeks of getting no where with her,then the other was poor on the hares and a pure coward with teeth,...I was lied to by both sellers,...which didn't surprise me in the end ,I could never find a decent type to put him over...he gave me so many great days out busher,...it was the least I could do for him,...but that's how I go ,if the dogs decen
  9. Genius Wood Working Techniques #wood #reelsfb #reelsviral #viral... WWW.(!64.56:886 723K views, 6.5K likes, 45 comments, 715 shares, Facebook Reels from Cover Crazy: Genius Wood Working...
  10. jigsaw

    Heat lamps

    I usually judge by my hand ,I've had it lower before and thought the dog was panting a bit more than I was happy with,your probably right but it did fine for the pups that time,
  11. That's the bit I can't understand, payment before bsending
  12. jigsaw

    Heat lamps

    Photos just as an example of how high I had the light,...I used it on the terriers too if they had a rough time of it,..great tool to have
  13. jigsaw

    Heat lamps

    Yes,....4 to 5 feet above them,just gentle heat to keep em warm and comfortable
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