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  1. jigsaw


    Lactic acid? If it was a long arduos chase it could possibly be that.or possible deyhydration perhaps?
  2. jigsaw

    thats the fekin job

  3. jigsaw

    Spaying lurcher bitches

    ive a mate in america with a staghound bitch ,got her spayed ,shes turned out to be a top coyote killer ,he regrets now on doing it ...think carefully before you do it
  4. jigsaw

    something to ponder on ...

  5. jigsaw

    sharp stuff....

    that looks superb,great work...
  6. jigsaw

    Liam Neeson

    Racism.....tut tut !!!! .
  7. jigsaw

    Liam Neeson

    if you look into his past properly you will find he is a very good man in reality,he has done some great charity work without many ever knowing ,its all bollix ,stupid world were living in ,god help the next few generations ..
  8. jigsaw

    for all the lonely men out there

    Who said you cant buy happiness Gnasher huh? Lol
  9. jigsaw

    for all the lonely men out there

    too old and not interested ,i was thinking of the poor lonely lads on here ,,everyone needs a little love some time
  10. jigsaw

    for all the lonely men out there

    most definitely a scam ,i bet them ladies(i hope) are fronts for smome smart asian crook to scam ye out of a few hard earned quid....but man MUST dream ,must he not lol
  11. jigsaw

    for all the lonely men out there

    jeasus ,some smashing ladies (i hope) on this site ,just stumbled across it ,im happily married(shes happy ,im married )AsianCharm......so i checked the site out for research purposes only of course and it seems these girls(i hope ) are not exactly looking for marriage lol...then i think to meself ...bit early for this kind of stuff ....so back to the lurcher section ,which is a bit safer (i hope )
  12. https://www.(!64.56:886/asiacharmall/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARBAA0BJ7GR2S4vpV8bCPSwk6rDrr3eQO5tkGOtfkUeG7EyRIGZLa6kHiolDjqmA1NBn3FKNL9xfEGlUaN-8-DSydFYoWTaFpMJh4Vk&hc_ref=ARTraxf-OzEdYMK0OQljnArtFWDSNwMobNj9j7b1yep6UEzqJ1xQSoJhIse5W1v6VSQ&fref=nf&ft[tn]=kC-R-R&ft[qid]=6656278567325529731&ft[mf_story_key]=-6736290305382225686&ft[is_sponsored]=1&ft[ei]=AI%407ecedd5564cf4d50df1a866a2d9e1cae&ft[top_level_post_id]=751698511880319&ft[content_owner_id_new]=668938743489630&ft[call_to_action_type]=SIGN_UP&ft[page_id]=668938743489630&ft[src]=10&ft[story_location]=5&ft[story_attachment_style]=multi_share&ft[view_time]=1549785623&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][role]=1&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][page_id]=668938743489630&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][post_context][story_fbid]=751698511880319&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][post_context][publish_time]=1549625210&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][post_context][story_name]=EntStatusCreationStory&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][post_context][object_fbtype]=266&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][actor_id]=668938743489630&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][psn]=EntStatusCreationStory&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][sl]=5&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][dm][isShare]=0&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][dm][originalPostOwnerID]=0&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][targets][0][page_id]=668938743489630&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][targets][0][actor_id]=668938743489630&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][targets][0][role]=1&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][targets][0][post_id]=751698511880319&ft[page_insights][668938743489630][targets][0][share_id]=0&ft[fbfeed_location]=1&ft[insertion_position]=1
  13. jigsaw

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    will this be exceptional news .or a storm in a tea cup ....i await with anticipation
  14. ffs,i never looked at the date ,thought it was a current happening ,lol thats not the first time ive done this lol
  15. jigsaw

    rifle sling

    Thanks guys,thats exactly what im looking for