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    My daughter lives in NSW and she keeps asking me to send her a couple of pups over,you stump up the brass and ill send you a decent Beddy over,plus one for my grandkids,lot of money perhaps,the benefits may outweigh the Aussie dollar?,ill be over in November if you want to talk and give me a day in the field.
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    We got back from a week in Watchett, Somerset yesterday. While we were there, I got some nice beef mince and Stilton from a little farm shop I don't think I could go vegan if my life depended on it
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    The d*ckhead fell backwards into the canal today after I made him sit for a passing cyclist
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    Good luck lads gutted i cant be there this year but shite happens i know you will all have an awesome time anyway
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    Well as rabbit numbers were getting low in the freezer, I thought I better dust the air rifle off and charge the nv batteries. A quick message to the paddock owner, and everything was set. I arrived to the paddocks about 10pm, nice cloudy night, but the street lights unfortunately glare over the grass a good way. Got all the kit ready, closed the car boot and stuck the key in a secure pocket. I climbed over the gate and had a quick scan round. There was a small square of electric fence in front of me with a couple of rabbits in it. A quick squeeze of the range finder, they were at 48 yards. As I don’t use the air rifle enough to be a good shot, I crept towards them until I thought I was less than 30 yards. Another squeeze of the range finder, and the rabbit to my left was 26 yards. Zoomed in on the scope, aligned the shot and it rolled over. Another scan, the rabbit to the right had moved outside of the electric fenced area, so I crept over and he rolled over too. 50 yards in front of me was a few tyres and jumps. I could see 3 rabbits feeding together, so that had to my next destination. I hoped the electric fence wasn’t turned on, as it brushed over me as I crawled underneath. The 3 rabbits were still there, and their escape plan would be to the cover on the left, so I rolled the left one over, hoping they would spook to the right. Well the middle rabbit didn’t flinch, so he rolled over pretty sharpish. The rabbit on the right was darting about, wondering what the hell was going on. He finally stopped, 15 yard further to the right, but I couldn’t get a clear shot because of the long grass. A little shuffle along and he joined his mates. I scanned around and the next rabbits were over the far side of the paddock, in a 300 yard long section, with hedgerows along one side, and an electric fence along the other. The small electric fenced section was turned off, but this won’t be, as the horses were at the end I had just walked past. They are used to me at night, and as soon as they hear a shot, they go near the shelters out of the way. Well I’m 30 yards from the electric fence, and a bunnies head pops up out of the grass. I’m soon on the deck, with the rifle steadied on the tripod. A little squeak, the rabbit then pops his head up for the last time. I zoom out with the scope, and notice a pair of yellow eyes behind where the rabbit sat. Oh foxy has made a visit. Pain in the bum, as it usually scoots along the length of the paddock, sending the rabbits running for their burrows. So I give it another squeak, and the bloody thing is running towards me at a rate of knots. When it’s nearly up to the now dead bunny, I quickly turn on my head torch full blast and give it a couple of flashes. Luckily, the bloody thing runs straight for the hedgerow, never to be seen again. Well I then worked along the hedgerow, a rabbit here and there getting bowled over. I came to the far end of the electric fence, squeezed underneath and worked back along the hedgerow to where I started. I look at the time it’s 23.15. I have a quick fag, before walking back on myself, picking the rabbits up, squeezing out the pee and putting them in the game carrier. Well I need another game carrier. I ended up with fourteen rabbits that I can find, but I’m sure there was two more, but I couldn’t find in them in the long grass at the far end of the paddocks. Well that will do for the night. Everything was soon in the car, and the half hour journey home was uneventful. I always prefer skinning and gutting them while they are still warm, it makes the job so much easier. So the 14 bunnies were soon wrapped in bags and put in the freezer. I kept a few of the livers separate, as the ferrets were bouncing about their cages from the smell and commotion. They all enjoyed the nice warm liver for a late night snack. Well another enjoyable couple of hours, I should go and thin some more bunnies there before the ferreting commences in the next month or so.
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    Some nice looking food on display there
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    Are police should be armed , if dick heads are prepared to walk round armed with guns knifes or anything else they plan on using to hurt other people deserve what they get , at the end of the day the police get paid to protect us they don’t have to do it they choose to do it so if we want are police t protect us then they should be able to do it properly , some f***ing nugget pulls a knife out on them who is genuinely going to use it then f**k them shoot them they made there choice when they picked up the knife , you see on tele / documentary’s all over the world were someone who is just making a scene wielding a knife about armed police show up he drops knife and gets arrested , if he runs at them and genuinely intends to take someone’s life then f**k him put one in his head duck heads no that the worst there going get is a tazer ,,,,and most the police don’t even Cary them
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    It did in our house growing up,if my parents found out I'd been smacked/caned at school you could guarantee I would be getting another clip. I did say one of the main findings after the London riots was a lack of discipline in the home so the kids ran wild and took this into older age.
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    The face of policing has changed here from the RUC days definitely and that can only be a good thing coming from a catholic area but that’s a whole different thread but it still doesn’t change the fact that they’re still armed and go about their day to day policing duties while having a piece strapped on their hip and nobody blinks an eye at it.
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    I'm sure it won't ever be implemented, like I said earlier the manchester bombing proved we haven't got the backbone to do anything at all. We've just got to accept stabbings and such are part and parcel of living in a city.
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    Your probably onto something there tbh mate. I watched a documentary about the London riots and one of the main findings was there was no discipline in the home and so the kids just ran wild and took this attitude into older age with them.Same as the kids at school now with no fear/respect of authority,school was a good laugh and we all got up to capers but nobody looked forward to the cane,especially in front of the whole class .
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    Still don’t get it, the police here were armed because of a terrorist threat which has decreased in the last 20 years whereas the threat on the mainland has gotten significantly higher in the last 20 years along with knife crimes and violence in general and still they aren’t armed. I guess it comes down to what your used to as people here have never known anything else.
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    f***ing hell 300. Her cooking surely wasnt that bad.
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    Maybe ironing the uniforms?
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    We need a kill squad, a squad of highly trained ex military to go out of a night and rid the country of the gangs of black and brown filth that are contaminating our inner cities. Take out some of the white filth as well for a win win
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    I'm quite sure the amount of stabbings. And random violence. Is a result of the smacking ban which came into force in 2004 I maybe wrong. But I don't think the violence seen today was the same in say the late 90s You listen to the old men of today saying about the local Bobby giving you a good slap when they were kids. It did seem to have an effect.
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    If you want to see a hard man look to one that's caring for his seriously ill child /wife /or parent then you will see a genuine hard man a bar room brawler are ten a penny and are often mentally weak
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    it has not stopped raining since they came out the log place.
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    Id suggest connecting two if not all of the levels to each other which give all the ferrets 3x as much floor space to exercise in
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    you brought this one over corkman