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    An king, you must have Velcro straps in your trainers my boys Plummer just beat your score
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    As most of you know I have FX crown .22 FAC pushing out 40 ftlbs , FX impact .25 FAC pushing out 72 ftlbs , CZ 457 .22lr Pushing out 100 ftlbs and tikka.17 HMR pushing out 255 ftlbs . i seem to favour FX crown , that’s the one I shoot the most , but tonight I went out with my BSA ultra.177 ,which has been tuned by Carl at airtech and never miss’s a beat , that was about 5 years ago I had more fun or should I say , had more enjoyment tonight shooting sub 12 tonight than shooting FAC. Yes FAC has it place that’s for sure , but I am always thinking about back stops , is it safe to take that shot , what happens if it ricochet, what direction will it go , how far will it go . Don’t get me wrong , you still have to think about it with Sub 12 , but with JSB pellet , light or heavy you know it’s going to flatten right out and dump all its energy With it being Made from a softer lead . i think I will always be a sub 12 man at heart , just enjoy it more and only shooting from 25-65 yards . If anyone is thinking about going down the FAC route Definitely do it , but keep a sub 12 as well , some of my permission aren’t suitable for FAC , which I am glad of , it gives me the opportunity to shoot sub 12 I have said it more than once , these ultras will match any top price daystate crap pellet for pellet any day of the week , even with out a tune !!
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    Gloucestershire has a couple of rural crime officers. They are dedicated officers whose role is reducing rural crime , theft of equipment and poaching basically. The success of the WhatsApp has been very good . If a dodgy looking vehicle is spotted, a picture or details are posted for all 200 or so members to see and keep an eye out for . The police are being really proactive and they share their success on the the WhatsApp, you very often see illegal coursers vehicles being seized and loaded on to a tow truck . Sunday mornings are the usual busy coursing times and the police are about and they are having an effect. But until there are serious fines imposed, they will just get new dogs and new vehicles and be out next week. All it’s doing is making it a bit harder for criminals to operate, but it’s not stopping them , they are just laughing at the system. Check with your local constabulary Si , they may have a rural crime officer and there may be a WhatsApp group you don’t know about , if there is ask to be added . If there isn’t ask why not ? If you need anymore info or contact details of our rural crime officer to help you guys set up your own group PM me .
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    Been here tonight , had a load of mackerel on feathers , 3 tope pups and a couple of smoothhounds
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    Sons got the bit between his teeth at the moment, had this 27lb common last night after work, back on site for 7am this morning he’s doing tues and thurs nights plus weekends at the moment
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    What a superb match, shame mcgill came up short on a few of his last shots
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    .....about my 357 Winchester 94 the other day. It was a brilliant rifle and the cartridge was amazing. Cheap to reload too. I'm now toying with the notion of swapping the 452 in WMR for a Winchester 9422m..... very tempted. Would make a nice carry rifle, maybe just get a peep for it.
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    Lol I was expelled at 12yr old.so I didn't learn a lot.ended up in the pendarvis school port Talbot.every day was great fun
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    Get some menthol crystals from the chemist, put em in hot water and inhale, only about a quid. Clears my sinuses no problems. Cheers, D.
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    Used in playground flooring
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    5 kits in Darlington. albino hobs, 11 weeks old. free to good homes.
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    The simple shot black...their new black which would have been on your scout lt is supposed to be one of the best lasting flat bands......certainly had a strong pull to the stuff on my lt for the thickness of the band......,but I can’t really lt comment on its longevity as the band supplied wasn’t really suitable for me. i can say all the different flat bands I’ve used have not lasted long at all. For example the roll of gzk black cold band I’ve got at the minute can last an average amount for one band set I cut then randomly snap 2 inch from the pouch after a few shots on another set. It’s for this reason I make my own....if you start to shoot regular it starts to cost a fair bit. The cost of buying roller, cutting mat etc is cheap and once you’ve made a couple of sets I promise you you won’t look back. Generally if a band set lasts me two outings it’s doing well....probably may shoot fifty to hundred balls when I’m out.
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    We had larger version of that machine where I used to work, would mince absolutely anything we used to chuck pallets in to keep blades clean, be my first choice for dealing with kiddy fiddler's.
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    I'll have one of those please, i'll PM you later with the details. Thanks SINDASOX
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    Me ripping the wrapping off these goodies
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    Up yours wee man a that’s me mentally exhausted after 30+ days of graft on the bounce am tired am driving home an I still beat you ffs
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    The Streamline has a tube type cylinder as mentioned, this is removable from the block by simply unscrewing, however, the air must all be bled out first. I have just swapped my standard length Streamline tube for a Dreamline tube and a power plenum extension to get more shots and power (its FAC by the way and the standard tube only gave 40 to 50 shots) The cylinder must be removed to allow access to the firing valve and regulator anyway Earlier FX tubed rifles such as the Typhoon and Cyclone were "Hot Swappable" meaning you can unscrew the cylinder whilst it was still full of air and swap it out for another cylinder. Regarding the date thing, I think its either an urban myth, complete BS or maybe something meant for other countries?, as far as the UK goes, pressurised cylinders with a capacity of 501cc or above are subject to some regulation which means they require an inspection from time to time, anything up to 501cc is outside the scope of regulation and would only need to be replaced if damaged. I suppose it could be another of those tricks that certain manufacturers use to get you to pay over the odds to have your rifle serviced too. Imagine sending an AirArms S310 into Airarms and getting a bill for a new cylinder? To be fair, the classic cylinder tube on a S3**, s4** and S5** series rifles is a very reasonable cost compared to what Daystate want for a Huntsman cylinder tube. I have seen plenty of older guns from the 80's and 90's with cylinders and buddy bottles in perfect order but knackered seals. after a service, all as good as new. the worst thing you can do is allow a steel cylinder to get rust pitting on and or in it, this would weaken the metal to the point it is potentially dangerous. An anodised alloy cylinder like the FX ones is very well protected from the elements so should last years without issue.
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    My little lad is like f***ing rain man but he won’t eat food that has been touched by human hands or use a fork that has come into contact with any other object ! Lol He is one clever little sod but you wouldn’t want him doing your heart transplant ! Lol
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    Had my young dog retrieving a ball or anything I threw for him no problem straight back but then season came and once he caught a bunny he would just stand over it and I’d have to go to him however much I tried to call him in or he’d just leave it and come to me so as we don’t catch to many anyway it didn’t bother me. He caught one on a walk out couple of weeks ago and straight back to me and dropped it for me so like you say a bit of training and he should be ok. My dog started to push his luck a little at around age your dog must be now. Couple months later, like nothing ever happend. Soon clam down when they seen a bit of graft. It’s like they just need something to make there minds tick. Think mine was fed up of walking the same route everyday during lockdown decided he’d make his way home by himself couple times.
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    Yes.. aif a dozen in Anne Summers. Looked some nice land between there and Canterbury for a rangy dog to have a crafty gallop..
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    Also romantic thinking how good it might have been in the past. Unless you were aristocracy I don't think it would have been that much fun. My father once told me if he never tipped his cap to the Squire his father would be threatened with being kicked out of their cottage. You were bit short of their slaves their canon folder in wars taxed too the hilt while they lived in luxury. Be thank full for what we have now, if you want to progress you can now. There was no way out back then. they were the masters. When I first worked on the buildings I nearly got the sack once. The site agent was whistling at me and I deliberately ignored him, he came up to me fuming saying did you not hear me whistling. I did but I'm not your f***ing dog I replied, times were changing I new I was a good worker and could get another job up the road. The times of bowing down to he boss was coming to an end, the build sites was the first. But if you where worth employing it went before you, you earned a reputation as a worker. If you were worth your salt you went to a site ask for a start if they could not start you they would ring other sites. A grafter was looked up to some one you aspired to be. Good times but going backwards now. I am so lucky I lived in these times. Cheers Arry
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    Don't give the game away ! Somebody may be watching it later on iplayer ! LOL ! Brilliant, wasn't it ? Cheers.
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    It is mate I’ve just checked
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    4 weeks old, 3 hobs and a jill
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    Cheers Arry i have read about Lyme disease connected to ticks before that’s what I was a bit worried for , Ive been To the Vets with him and got some metrobactin and given him some chicken to eat he’s perked up had a decent shite and running round like a pup !!!! So probably just wasted £65 towards the vets next holiday !! Regards glen
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    Good on him, scummy c@nts
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    Yes ime a jenius
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    I toatly agree with you gnasher. I can't understand it. The usual reasons, over feeding the wrong type of food, to many "treats, and lazy owners. Shame really, he would be a lot happier with half the weight, and a longer life span. Atb j
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    Without wishing to sound impolite i will never know why people allow little dogs like that to get so heavy its a massive strain on their joints.
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    Come on now lads this has been done to death and it's just a never ending circle.
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    What f***ing clue would you have? You live in England you nugget. Or did you become an expert in the Spanish climate by watching YouTube. What a f***ing know it all prick.
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    Interesting listening that G. I bought 'The Missing Lynx' about two months ago. About Britain's lost big cats and other megafauna, that once existed in britain until relatively recently. Very easy for big cats to exist very happily in today's britain 'without' being seen. And let's be honest, half the members on here, including the ones that will NOT believe it, walk around without really seeing much anyway lol
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    I got some double pegged borse and purse nets spare in the shed, Mk 1 box needs calibration and a spare collar for you Keith Let the man guzman chapo help you out, he's a good lad, sorted me out in the pastwe will have you out and back at it before you know it.... Soon as she pups I will let you know. Atvb D.C
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    Father and son team, looking forward to getting my young dog going this season. Regards Collie John.
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    fingers crossed these two carry on from where they left off last season, this will be their first full season
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    I got that pissed off with buying different rolls of bands, when I finally settled on one type the next roll I bought wasn’t the same as the 1st ie too much stretch , So I opted to go back to tubes... Dankung 1745 looped throws the 10mm lead perfectly. Can’t see me changing back to flats in the near future.
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    .I've got one here, 13 now . Collie greyhoundxbeddlington whippet. She was a very sharp bitch in her younger days, good nose, turn on a sixpence and a very committed strike. So committed in fact I could hardley bear to watch when the rabbit was close to cover when in pursuit. Sadley had to retire her at 5 years. Hit some sheep wire as she struck a bolted rabbit . Broke a bone in her neck. Carried her 1.5 mile back home,she was paralyzed, vet said leave her here ,give her a week if she's not up by then she's not getting up. Went back on day 6 , vet came out looking a bit glum, gave me the bad news, I said where is she, he said she's in that room there , as I was walking towards the door I could hear a scratching on the door. Opened it up and she was on her feet, swaying about like a new born calf standing for the 1st time. Vet couldn't believe it, reckon she must of heard my voice!. As she got a bit better she actually caught a,few rabbits she put out of cover on our walks with the the lurchers . I would probably have taken a litter from her except for her injury, didn't want to chance it , her not being fully fit as,it were. Intending on a new pup early next year if I can find the right one, most likely be my last lurched or it will probably outlast me.
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    That’s near Leeds isn’t it ?
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    Spring powered not C02 but I would recommend this. Not something that I would have purchased but a lad at work bought it new and when his lass found out he had to to get rid. As accurate as the person using it but a very useful gun to have when walking the dogs and out after ferret food or the occasional very close range opportunist rabbit kill. I don't have the skills to use it on live quarry now but did at the time. It came with the pistol scope but never mastered the technique of using one on an hand gun.
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