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    My pals old bandog.Imo the best working bandog male in the uk.Always placed top 3 in every trial hes competed in against dogs owned by so called top trainers and security ladswith hardly any training and a real sensible gentleman of a dog to be around.Ive seen this dog take some serious stick and never take a backward step.
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    bloody hell , thats a big fooker , said he went and got 3 wolf dogs to help catch kill it , no mention of shooting it , unless ive read it wrong. But dan on here said , wolves kill plenty of dogs , if the dogs dont keep as a pack in the run after wolves, said take good dog to kill 30-40lb yote , never mind 12st timber wolf. them staghounds dan got are very old line of deerhound x grey with drop of bulldog in them few generations back , big 28-30in 80-100lb dogs, norm ran 3 on yote , 4 on wolf, you feckin need them, with that wolf in the pic . But got to honest , when ever i see wolfs are bears killed , i always feel sad to see great creatures like these , killed for a rug or coat , in 21st century , plenty of other great coats etc to where that just as good and warm, and prob more waterproof . it old pic fare enough , but the 2 animals above still killed more for sport than pest control today.?
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    Kevs got all em, likes a bath does kev
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    Be honest Casanova ....I bet it's the first time you've been any where near a wet pussy
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    381 dead in 24 hours,double the previous, ministers leaking to the press they want to restrict you to 1 shop a week. Tonight expect a big announcement from Boris,if u ain't got it in go get it asap.Theres various countys already got police roadblocks stay safe
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    At least you went through all that trouble to get it back before
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    Couple of years ago not far from me 4 lads got chased by farmer & Car got stuck in field So they abandoned car & ran off leaving the car. Farmer went to burn it out & luckily he checked the boot first coz when he opened boot there were two lurchers cowering in in there!!! He took dogs to a local rescue & torched the car. I would rather be nicked than abandon any of my dogs. Atb
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    That's the clincher isn't it?
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    Watched Happy Gilmore with the kids last night, its shit really but light entertainment was the order of the day!
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    I hope this is the right place to post this.I bowfish during spring and summer in the same swamps I dig in the winter.Hope y'all enjoy.
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    1.Tony with the famous ch Hoss, , 2.with Jimmy Delgarno ( sitting) , 3 with Billy a son of Ch Jeep
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    Gsds in the 80s then the apbts got a bad name, now the belgain Mali. Seems to go in trends. Notice lately the amount of them for sale on done deal. Wont be long till they make the head lines for the wrong reasons. Atb j
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    The post is about getting a dog pal not getting married
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    What's with all this handwashing? When we were kids we'd scrape the football in dogshit then throw it towards your mate and shout "on your head"....
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    I agree with your post. I too came across then during my working life and I didn't feel the love. For my money the only reason they are so popular is a massive shortage of good GSDs and few alternatives. I can understand them being used for military or firearms work, but as a pet or as a general purpose police dog most of them that I saw were in my opinion too hyper for my taste.
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    Was watching some clips on YouTube about p.p, police and army dogs, and how they were trained. Found it interesting, hence my post, was just curious did any members own one. I certainly have no intention of getting one, have no use for one, time or skill to train a dog of this type. Atb j
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    A keeper pal of mine has one , it’s a complete tool ...as a pet you’re be better of with a honey badger ..
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    I intend to, more of a tiger man personally. LOL Atb j
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    Steer clear of the ma lions mate
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    Not owned one but all the ones I've seen need a job of some sort, don't think they do well in a pet home
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    If you are asking a question like this, it gives me the impression that your are something of an inexperienced newcomer to air rifle hunting . I would well advise you to go for .177 or 22 and gain all the experience you can with these calibres. They are absolutely time proven by effective results over lifetimes of air rifle shooting. A sub 12 ft/lbs. 177 or .22 does the business all day long. But it is down to you to gain proficiency with shooting them. .25 rifle at FAC 30 ft/lbs or even more FPE would be pretty effective I'm sure. But at sub 12, it is going to produce a very looped flight trajectory. That will frustrate the hell out of a chap who has no real understanding of how pellets fly through the line of sight in a scope. Real knock-down power lies in your personal accuracy-capability with your rifle and scope. Not with a whopping big slug you might find hard to predict without careful calibration and a lot of practice first. Go for .177 is my advice and gain a ton of experience with that.
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    The trajectory of .25 caliber at sub 12 ft/lbs level always reminds me of throwing a brick underarm but still consistent when calibrated. For me the lovely flat trajectory of the.177 caliber by a country mile at sub 12 ft/lbs level.
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    .25 will drift less in wind if it’s running @ 850 FPS not sub 12 It won’t
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    If the question asked was to choose between a .177 or .22 sub 12ft/lb hunting air rifle I would agree with your comment. Both equally capable. But .25? Making life difficult I would say but hunting with an air rifle is all about field craft and knowing the rifle’s and your own limits.
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    the .25 will do it but id be buying the .177 if it was me.. the .25 will drop off loads
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    Few from today.lads down for a visit.good day out
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    Looks really tasty to be honest and on my todo list. As you say nice to respect the quarry. I ran over a hare last night. No I really did ! So waste not want not
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    That pup looks a beauty
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    I think it's one of Santa's elves with a husky pup.....
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    If that’s 150kgs he wouldn’t be holding it up like that ......
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    Stunning looking animal, always liked the wolves. Atb j
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    That’s a lot of money for a pup of any sort for the hunting game imo. How’s the pup coming along?
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    Russell will only get the blame when they walk out lol
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    Here's some you sent me a couple of years back
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    I would have thought a cocker x standard poodle would be quite consistently half decent at bushing etc. If you ignore the faggoty hair cuts people give them poodles (with the exception of the toy poodle) are actually quite athletic, and are supposed to be one of the brightest dogs you can get. It was a funny looking thing though wasn't it....it's got an athletic body with the head of something you'd see on a TV commercial
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