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    Have had a spotted flycatcher the last two summers nesting against the side of the house. Local ringer ringed the chicks last year. I put up an open fronted box for them last year and they built a nest on top of it !
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    As some will know I do a lot of wildlife photography, trying to benefit wildlife and myself I built a Tawny Owl box and a Kestrel box which will be going up this weekend on a farm I have permission to do so... (just need to secure a branch/perch to each box front) Just wondering if anyone puts nest boxes up for any kind of birds, whether on permission or in the garden ??? If you do or have, what kind of birds and have they been successful in being used ???
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    Had a good walk with a lad i haven’t seen for a bit and our kid a couple of terriers and a dog i had as a young un Wheaton whippet don’t c a lot of these about atb longers01
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    Hour out this afternoon letting terriers dig their own rats .
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    Through storm Dennis. Me and the two lads got in the discovery with the ultra. There was nothing about around the farm as the rain came in sideways. So we went up the track to a field and put a can out and let him plink with it.
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    Back in the Autumn I was telling you guys and the rest of the world how I had become a Grandfather after waiting ten years and thinking it would never happen. Well in the Autumn I was foraging Walnuts and had the bright idea I would like to grow one for the Granddaughter, so I went about it. Put some Walnuts in damp sand and peat in the fridge in a plastic box then about Christmas wifey was giving me grief about that. So took them up the green house and some where showing signs of germinating so transplanted then into pots. Well chuff to hell some are now up, this one being the one furtherest on. I'm hoping it can be planted out on the small farm were my son lives and his daughter can watch the tree grow as she grows. Cheers Arry
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    Just got back from the hospital, met my new granddaughter, well chuffed for all involved
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    I get where your coming from T....but its only words at the end of the day They find anything out about you and that silly bint will be outside your front door along with a few buses of window lickerswouldn't wish them fools on an enemy... They don't need any incouragment to make folks everyday lives a misery... She needs more than throwing in a hedge,
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    Getting boring now.ffs whats happened to boxing
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    I wouldn't waste my breath on them.... Stay under their radarnot worth the shit in the long run imo....
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    Look for a shifty looking badger slip him a deep sea diver an he gi you the nod
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    Those pied pups are absolute stonkers
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    Yes mate I agree I ended up putting a bit of bull in my lurchers and it don’t the trick for generations if you have an f1 bitch seek a good 3/4 grey 1/4 bull cracking types and look like a Beddys f1
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    3 pups still available, 2 previously gone to serious hare hunters, one other to a sporting home for all round fun, the journey to collect is putting good lads off which is a pity as their worth the hassle, he has them very reasonable so to lighten the financial outlay of ferry cost, transportation etc
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    Id like to see more working bred bedlington greyhounds about bred out the right stuff it’s becoming a Very sad old doo for people that like bedlington Greyhound Lurchers finding a decent bedlington stud that produces decent hard bedlington greyhounds an produces what the cross is meant to be not just rabbiter hunting dogs I’ve nothing against rabbit dogs but it’s just handy to know there not limited
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    That’s true mate, that’s the mindset for many people. Not a bit of me I’m afraid unless it was for my kids or I was going to move away.
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    I was asked to make a boning knife so did this out of a land rover leaf spring and G10 micarta handle .......
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    Magine letting her get to youanti 1. Fox dropper 0
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    Getting any bites flushed out clean soon has dog gets lifted out of ground can save alot of infection taking old,and then thorough clean at home,has already said use cow tubes sparingly so when really needed are going to work for you.
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    If closet homosexuality increases the risk of suicide there isn't much hope for thl, judging by some recent topics on here I'm sure half the fcukers are secret sausage jockeys....
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    I had a large traveller set at my school. They aren’t angels but are any lads in reality of a certain mindset. No bother in the pubs , just regular lads really . I get on with them all , 5 or 6 brothers , was in my mother in laws once and they cane knocking hawking roof skates. Saw I was there and did it for nowt. God sorts Theres good and bad In all people and the travellers do rub people the wrong way. But I’ve never had an issue with them. I see the mention of plastics has cane up. Well I can firmly say that I know exactly that issue . I spent most of my youth rolling about with charvers dressed like traveller boys with gelled hair . The reality is a few lads like to come across like that , vanned and tanned we call it. But under the surface they are clowns. I have a great friend from Peterborough way who is the epitome of a traveller lad . Looks like a Poundland Ronaldo , always immaculately turned out , up to mischief constantly. However he is the most loyal straight lad I’ve met. I nearly came unstuck in a big way 2 years ago on a night out. It was in the papers While the rest of the instigators stood staring at the floor , that lad and another council estate lad were the only two who fancied it . You don’t forget stuff like that .
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    There's Folks planning terror attacks, trafficking across county lines, grooming gangs etc.... Or the man who's growing some personal? My doors always open....
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    I'm enjoying it mate, time consuming though it is
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    I don't like it abroad the people are weird I'd like go Scotland I know the put salt on the porridge but I can live wi it
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    We started doing the outside of a pig farm yesterday were getting 4 or 5 out of most sets ended up with 37
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    The thing with Wilder is he is very efficient with his energy, he knows one shot is enough to finish it, so can easily do 12 rounds and be dangerous through out..Fury is busier but easily fights the distance, he just has to quit the f***ing about, he wouldve won the first fight if he didn't lose concentration.. But I've always felt no one really respects Furys power, because he doesn't throw big enough shots, Wilder will want to finish this quickly imo... and may take risks in doing so, he cant box his way in.. if Fury is smart he could stop him because if this, I'd be very surprised if Fury doesn't throw heavier shots, he cant tap and run for 12 rounds as proven in the first fight, the rise off the canvas was an amazing recovery, but he wont want to be doing that again!!
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    but not clicking on the scum website fck that paper
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    Had a couple hours wi the old bitch in storm Dennis lol had 5 tbf I'm delighted
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    Hearn has of late been looking into getting UK ppv prices to match US prices, good luck with that. If Wilder does not knock Fury out he loses.Id like Fury to win and he should win but one slip up with Wilders power and it could go all wrong.
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    Watch almost all the fights I do watch on you tube
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    Init though. When you consider pellets, targets, new bits and bobs. Not to mention fuel getting to a from the club or perm. BASC insurance. Scopes. Spinners. Gun maintained stuff. The odd new rifle that you know you don’t need but just want. Jess: “you on that f****n gunstar again?!” Me: “No babe. Looking at holidays for us...”
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    Couple hrs out this morning mopping up few pens we already done ended up with 37. PUD
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    The old paratrooper brings back some memories. That’s the rifle I always wanted as a kid. Some friends had them, don’t think they were very powerful though? They just looked the b0//0ck5 at the time
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    Morton you highly rate your beddys buddy fair play ..as I have said i have always fancied one but never seen one that was up to the job.. so I am gonna suggest a day out for you if you want and I would like to see one of yours work in the flesh ...
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    Out again in the morning reckon snow coming this was Feb last year hope its not as bad as it was then. PUD
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    Kennelled. Simply because I don't like dogs in the house and it means I can go for a night out without worrying about f***ing dogs, lol. Walked once a day, fed once a day, allowed the run of the yard for a couple hours a day. I love the summer months, simply because I get to spend more time just enjoying the dogs outside. Winter I'm less inclined to but equally they get worked then of course. No idea if it makes for a better or worse dog but I'm damned sure it doesn't make for any less of a contented dog. The only caveat I would add is that I wouldn't like a dog to be out on it's own all the time. they're so sociable. I'd consider pulling a dog in the house if I only had one.
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    Meet Friday Friday evening at A&E Disperse Saturday morning Sunday wondering what the f**k happened lol
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    latest out the workshop
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    Over the weekend I will try and get some photos up I've had quite a lot of bit nest in the garden and visitors had a kingfisher visit a lot put up a perch and watched it often catching small fish from the stream in garden
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    Haven’t posted in awhile on here as it does seem to be really quiet on here now but thought I would share some resent work cheers RR
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    Still been getting out so hears a few photos. Full pack out. Spud Old Alf ten now still like a night out. Cheers Pud
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    Hi just brought a Daystate Airwolf mtc 177 just a few question how long will the battery last in the field ? allso recommend plellets please ? thanks in advance
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    Jsb heavy and keep the battery topped up it won't go , my battery has been in for 3 years and if it does pm me I've a spare . This photos a few years old now atb
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    I work a lot of rocks that cannot be breached,plus i want the fox to vacate its underground lair.The vast majority of the work all my terriers see is ratching about on top and pushing cover for the waiting gun etc.A terrier that better suits a digging kennel is wasted with me and becomes a working liability,at times,a terrier that becomes a proficient bolter and only as to be dug to far less frequently is my working terrier of choice,thus i breed and kennel accordingly.My lads main Beddy now bushes with aplomb,bolts any fox that wishes to bolt and as to be dug to at speed,or the fox is dead,i prefer his sister that works as well on top and is a better bolter below,its rare the shovel or bar comes out with her,her mother and grandmother worked the same way.
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    There is much more experienced lads than me, i still hunt with the guy who had a pup out of the beddyX litter i had my first pup out of 1974 who has done a lot more than me who now has like me a kennel full of same line beddy or crosses as we are well kennel blind lol! Dont take your selves or dogs too seriously just work them enjoy them but be honest about it!!
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    I must have been doing something wrong for over 3 decades,ive worked mine above and below to a standard better than the average Spaniel,hound or terrier,fact.Ive worked ground and flushed and bolted "STUFF" that another man would have needed 3 dogs to do the same,ive done it with 1 terrier,ive worked land that no dog could have possibly done on their own,many have tried,ive caught stuff that no other busher could have connected with,grouse,pheasant,partridge,rabbit,rat,fox and roe,then rabbit and hare,this bitch caught 3 hares off their seat on a moor in 1 afternoon,again fact,then bolted more fox than she should of and never got bit,again fact,i retired her at 9 years of age because of an experienced terrierman that pushed her to a fox behind another terrier,twat,she lost half her jaw and nose and still got the job done,i retired her the day after and never went out with him again,when people knock Bedlingtons i remember this fat cow in retirement at my wifes bedside and the days she gave me that no other terrier,busher could,then nuggets ask,"why keep them",its easy to answer,"why keep anything else",then they ask why I keep Beddys.Just to add,the only time ive ever cried with a terrier and the injury incurred was with this little grey bitch,i could see daylight with in her nostril and jaw,i washed her down and stitched her inner plate back into her jaw,she never murmured,i pushed her jaw and bottom plate back in position and held it with stitches that had to be screwed through bone,muscle and flesh,she never made a muff,3 weeks later you could not tell,she lost her sense of smell and still snurks through her nose,the hardest,gamest,best terrier ive ever owned or worked with and ive seen some proper uns,why keep Beddy,s,because of her.
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