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  1. I always got the feeling that that story grew arms and legs and dwarfed by it , including the cult of Murph , et al , the whole seal team 6 legend , that he had no option other than to grin and bear it as he hung on.
  2. The book is very different to the film . lutterel is a much more larger than life brash character in reality than portrayed in the film
  3. Get to f**k , chuffed to bits with that , a million sulking jocks home for work Tuesday.
  4. The winning mindset is established in a team . That’s why top, top teams win things , it’s an attitude that develops into an unconsciously competence ability where you winning becomes formulaic look at Ronaldo , extrovert, active and an implementer . Look at him screaming for the ball all the time , pushing others out of the way to get dead balls . It’s a characteristic of all the top players , some call it selfishness , it’s one of the key attributes of being a Real Madrid player . Look at modric , Benzema , ramos . They epitomise it . who in the England team is the most likel
  5. I see that , but they haven’t won massive games mate , themselves . They have been part of successful teams , but they aren’t winning games themselves . He does . He’s been absolutely sensational in most big games this year , el Classico , champions league etc . Can you say the same of Foden et al ? perhaps he don’t fit in that system , but as posted earlier , that should have been ironed out before this group , you know yourself that teams have to get used to each others game before performing . We had time to shape and grow, instead we we’re f***ing about against b rate teams with
  6. Fair , but (and this is a big but) , he is the only proven WINNER and big game player in that team . the only one with a proven and tested win at all costs mentality
  7. The thing is mate I think the system has been adapted to fit Bellingham in it should be built round him , we won’t see the best of him this tournament
  8. Loosers whine about doing their best winners go home and f**k the prom queen .
  9. Frantically scouring eBay as we speak mate
  10. f***ing hell! is that a genuine pair of troop trainers ? Just looking at them makes me smell the club book pages
  11. I don’t think we have overrated players at all . walker , kane , Foden, Bellingham , stones , TAA, , saka, all fit into the best teams in the world comfortably. I think the system is being made to appease egos and the media . A blind man can see TAA will struggle to find balls to Kane and Foden as they don’t have the movement that the Liverpool front line have . It’s so basic and square pegging it’s tragic . with captain hindsight in charge , we should have had all this ironed out two years ago , tested all this in the friendlies last year and kept the same team for the run
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