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  1. I bet she was well chuffed
  2. Have you ever thought about writing romantic fiction ??
  3. I don’t dislike max at all , I’ve said before he’s probably decent crack in real life and he just explodes in fits of nonsense when he’s called out for coming out with his “ Sunderland are better than Brazil . Fact “ diatribe
  4. Wilfs a total prick in real life though as well so you know , leopards and spots.
  5. To be fair you can f**k off . the last few weeks I’ve said things to wilf , newkid , C Green , socks , born , dido , greb and katchum. Not one of them has exploded in a fit of anguished rage akin to a child throwing themselves round the supermarket. Your mates a grown man ffs who can’t handle or interpret crack , and escalates it beyond the pale consistently
  6. happily married with two kids pal , as I’ve said , don’t try to associate me with your trips abroad thank you very much pal . each to their own , but it’s not for me all that.
  7. It’s not for me max , there’s other gay lads at work and no one bats an eyelid as it’s about who you are . as I’ve said before this week , the army is one of the best organisations for being what you want to be and supported for it . It’s a great place to work with people who don’t go crying off every ten mins
  8. No one is trolling the man It’s called having a crack , something I can’t believe you have ever had in the company of men
  9. As again , we don’t do that job , we don’t deal with the stress of that life shift by shift , but even to the most uneducated eye such as I it does ask the immortal question ….. ” why not just cuff him ? “
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