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  1. biden+death+penalty - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.CO.UK point to note his running mate is Kamala Harris
  2. Nope It’s the same old story down the fens ,and people are quick to jump on the bandwagon to slap them down mate
  3. Aye alright he’s stated he’s going to stop federal executions
  4. If travellers did That to a group of farmers people would be crying for the lash
  5. I know . I think you’ve read that wrong .
  6. Just to say that some of the final criticism trump received from the left wing media was as the portrayal of a hardened soulless callous man hell bent on the death of the only woman in federal death row as he refused to commute her sentence to life in prison without parole . Joe Biden will attempt to abolish the death penalty . in his reign , the likes of Lisa Montgomery , who befriended a young 23 year old mother to be online , catfished her , then travelled to her home , strangled her to death and cut the baby out of her stomach , leaving her mother to find her , will fin
  7. I’ve no axe to grind against genuine people who are helping the country Tick over , but don’t f***ing overplay your hand . Bunch of milk monitors wanting praise when there is nurses doing 18hr days We know one girl whose a cleaner for a housing company who dresses like an nhs worker and posts on nhs sites , it’s f***ing delusion
  8. Just don’t . my misses works in a shop . She has to send her shift pattern to school a week in advance , I’m in and out of work , masked up , few jobs home , easy. but two theee days a week I’ve got the kids all day . other two girls at my wife’s work , husbands are “stay at home dads” make of that what you will. Kids in full time . Breaks me . All for a Facebook “I can’t stop working I’m a key worker “ face book status . people eh ?
  9. I’ll tell you what annoys me about it . I’ve said this before as well . if you travel to Scotland regular you might not notice it but I’ve been back hone a lot lately last year or so . last summer the Edinburgh wooden mill collapsed. All the jobs gone , all the offices and factories shut. That might not be of a lot of interest but the majority of people from a Scottish Borders town were disproportionately employed there. It was truly the final name in Langholms coffin . The town is dead on its feet , as in dead , no jobs , no real shops to speak of , drive up that A7 from C
  10. Sopranos surpasses everything ever made imho the tiny little nuances , the conversations aren’t just there to keep the plot going forward . unreal interactions . I can never skip past it when it’s on .
  11. Your comebacks are terrible I genuinely wish you well in life max . take care pal
  12. Its about ten years too late , UEFA are a cartel , FA are no better . Dogs the lot of them , Look at the Wembley disaster
  13. Your completely dateless about this arent you . The reason behind the dilution of the cup as a competion is that the money flowing from the champions league is more of a draw for the average top end team and its upporters But why should UEFA allow the winners into the table . Say Nottingham Forest win the cup and are allowed into the champions league. They get drawn with Bayern , PSG , porto in a group. They loose 3 nil every game , finishing with 0 points and a GD of minus 18 This happens 3 years in a row with Middlesborough , Leeds, Brighthon The co e
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