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  1. Dateless , completely dateless. I couldn’t give a f**k what you type , particularly given that your argument is total bollocks . Lol ffs , dead , well played
  2. Those famous New Zealand bull dogs what an absolute buffoon
  3. Weight is relative I’m classed as obese on the bmi scale yet in the last fitness test 1 person beat me on the run , I did more pull ups than anyone else and lifted the most . Im exercising 14 hours a week in average since February and I’m the fittest I’ve been for a long time . a lot of it I believe is to do with the general inertness of the average Joe punter , a life lived on Netflix , PlayStations and porn hub all week followed by weekends in the bluebell with 10 pints and few lines down your canister as you wait for the accumulator to come in . Eating shit doesn’t help to
  4. The Old Rectory | The Witchery, Edinburgh WWW.THEWITCHERY.COM stayed here a few times , used to be reasonable , no longer that !! menu largely Scottish based , one of those places where you pay for the experience rather than the food
  5. That looks like my mother in law in oxygen in the care home
  6. Joe rogan loves a wolf story
  7. See the worlds greatest team got done in at Bournemouth today ??
  8. If there’s anything worse than a bad loser, it’s a graceless winner, carragher epitomises that imho
  9. Utter f***ing clowns turn out as normal then wait till the Gallelio teams get their claws in north of the border. They will sell that angle massively , it’s rife round North Yorkshire already mate
  10. I’m talking about a saville medal makes my skin crawl that c**t
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