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  1. I think your giving him far too much credit there I think max is genuinely one of those fanatical types who have to go to the nth degree from the sidelines Screaming at ref , shouting man on constantly, not a club like this pal , etc
  2. Absolutely no concept of football at all have you
  3. Very true max , you don’t remember how well these games are at the end of the season with points in the bag
  4. You literally have no answer for anything logically explained to you max and that’s a shame. it doesn’t work like how you imagine it should and that’s possibly a good thing .
  5. Please say you hung it up on the wall in the front room !
  6. I know it was my current place that built it
  7. My mate sited that hospital as part of the infrastructure team . The same lad was also vital in the delivery of aid to the Carribean on the last few hurricane seasons . good to see youngish lads making sacrifices in order to keep uk.inc a leading light in such instances
  8. Never have max , again find me a post where I have ? another lie . no , the nightingale hospitals were reconitorred and sited in the main by people I know . stick to making a clown of yourself at football mate , it suits you better
  9. The army built a few of them..... stick to football . then aGain maybe not
  10. Leave off boys . no different to what sed to get posted here or on a Polaroid
  11. I wouldn’t bet on it , it’s that big derby today for Sunderland
  12. You can’t mention the likes of the above without paying mention to something which I believe is one of the most important finds in British history . the Sutton hoo helmet. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sutton_Hoo_he
  13. Life ban from dogs for doing a few pigs on the lamp. shocking. dogs looked well
  14. I’m quite interested in the Viking era in the uk and if anyone else is also it’s worth reading about the battle of brunanbrugh
  15. The lads going to have to be pretty thick skinned judging from some of the antics of those around him . Only one way to find out
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