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  1. How much hydraulic oil do you need for that quad??
  2. I know , I’ve put a tender in
  3. I hope so , ive missed a good John terry meme
  4. Currently away at a plant task in the south of England . if I don’t stop getting these Amazon “your package has been delivered “ email updates , the first assisted death will be my wife
  5. sat in an excavator in the new forest levelling , appropriate music
  6. Turn it in . why would any one want to cause an end to the kings and queens of this island nation ??
  7. I always get a smug satisfaction about ex Celtic players playing well edouard scoring against Spurs 88 secs after coming on . Class . i wannabe edouard !! Hope he does well at the eagles
  8. He’s probably at the half way line by now
  9. What social media mate ? who genuinely uses Facebook these days and Twitter is howlingly left wing and ran like an echo chamber
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