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  1. I read that on Twitter today , my favourite one was Spurs being in the European super league is like the Avengers Assembling and Bannanaman turning up
  2. Barca are ran by fan club associations mate as well. Sure the president is elected by supporters association ballot
  3. I reckon sky will be at the table with them mate to be fair
  4. As far as I can see it’s 12 clubs 3 wildcards Ie the clubs who are involved but don’t want to say and 5 teams of merit each season get invited in . For example , Roma , West Ham , Marseille , standard liege , sporting Lisbon two pools of ten play each other twice top three make the quarters in each group 4th and 5th play a two leg play off to decide who else then usual two leg knock out. apparently the main drivers have been real and United . With Liverpool not far behind . Shocking really
  5. I like to think that when they went to the likes of ajax and Bayern with the proposal they were like “go f**k yourselves “ look at those clubs ...just look at them. liverpool , the people’s club , ynwa, jft96, all that shite united , Essex reds , Chinese and Pakistanis chelsea , shit ground , no fans 20 years ago , like a chavvy lottery winner club citeh, has there ever been a more hated support than the new city fans , were away to roots hall and the k c stadium in recent years and couldn’t sell it out Spurs , oh f**k off like. and Nigeria’s m
  6. You know Bruce lee isn’t dead ? he’s undercover infiltrating the triads
  7. Covid has proved that in reality , the fans don’t even need to be in the stadium
  8. Been saying it for years mate , the champions league is too lucrative for the upper elite clubs of the game . another nail in the coffin , this isn’t the time though , in 10 - 15 years though this will happen . It’s been coming
  9. Agreed as someone who has carried a coffin into a church with a flag on , it was faultless as it’s a very difficult procedure to maintain at times and with the eyes of the world on they would have been conscious of making a mistake . a fantastic effort
  10. Was just gonna type something along those lines earlier brother . The picture of the queen sat alone in the chapel , what a snapshot of the way we once were as a country in minuscule . dignified , respectful and impervious to the nonsense outside . sat with the kids and watched it . Fantastic
  11. The woodbridge ufo incident is the perfect example of overactive American imaginations , a ufo spotted at an American airforce base in the uk? What’s the chances ? I was lead to believe that it was a hot air balloon type thing used to bring things into the uk from a ship in international waters
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