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  1. I Tonya is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Looking forward to the next few marvel phases as well, I wasn’t a fan of the huge ensembles they did lately , but I’d like to see what happens to with the success and slightly skewed characters of Thor , guardians deadpool and venom. The straight laced characters like captain America , black panther and captain marvel can all f**k off imho theres also a new wolverine reboot if the rumours are right
  2. Bring that crash helmet you non starter as I’m gonna fire you out of a cannon
  3. If we can all kind of book somewhere around the same town would be good ... rural Cumbria isn’t great for late night taxis ...
  4. Was thinking also charity wise the rnli or a kids swimming charity as a pal of mine drowned this year. Open to suggestions or for it to just be for the crack
  5. Good lad rusty its Still a while away yet , I’m a bit busy work wise until 1st week March then I will start looking at camping sites and all that jazz
  6. I’ve been guilty of passing dogs on never getting out enough with good dogs that I’ve had as well I think a lot of us here are guilty a little of using this a social media hub to chat bollocks but in the other hand what’s the other option ? A knock at the door ? Greeny is right though , I see lads getting and moving dogs on constantly , are they scum ? No , are they the best dog blokes ever ? Again a big fat no. But they are out and testing stuff , just like a lad who takes his time to get a proper dog into a proper job for him. The lurcher game is built on the roundabout imho , look at some of the big name dogs with lots of owners . Similarly, just cause a dog is well known on a site , doesn’t make it any better than a lad down your roads stuff . Big names and likes never filled a van
  7. You’ve used Tory c**ts twice today in conversations nothing to do with politics is that the latest phrase ??
  8. f**k the hog..... https://www.wideopencountry.com/texas-hunters-find-rattlesnake-surprise-blind/ Nightmare
  9. I thought that Kate was descended from the salt of the earth north east miners max? Bit of a turnaround
  10. I ordered his deerhound based one and got the last copy he had at home . Wrote me a lovely letter in the book as well . Never met him but what a nice lad he came across as.
  11. When I joined the army , there was two white afrikaans in my intake when they were asked if they were were South African they’d shake their heads.... zimbabwean ? “No sir , we’re rhodesians” there is still a sense of belonging in those people that is quite humbling to witness. A true lost tribe of a nation .
  12. If we have it right , as celebs go a lot of it is all for show . In reality , they are very unlikely to have a slack 2.5 million batting around as they aren’t a Kardashian or an avengers actor or bill gates. There is definitely some sort of sponsor revelation coming via an Oprah appearance or “face of” deals. I hope harry don’t f**k up , as i doubt he’ll be getting that back .... 20 months it’s taken to remove him from the second most popular royal to a visa applicant. Scandalous
  13. If your ankles and knees are giving you issues then cardio isn’t going to assist that through the mechanisms needed stressing your exact problems . Have you tried the rowing machine or swimming instead of pounding the miles? I find that I burn fat much quicker through high intensity wods much more than I did when I was averaging 100 mile months . And feeling a lot better for it !
  14. Thought it was a typo for Christoper Walken then ...
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