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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you China , the martlesham feral dog not strictly a lurcher , but as close as possible currently been living feral for 4 years !! Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China' M.(!64.56:886 Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China', Martlesham. 2,031 likes · 2 talking about this. Help Get China Home...
  2. it’s literally the equivalent of Fred the red walking out at old Trafford with an inflatable premier league trophy . it’s of no value , no consequence and it harks back to an era where the colonel in chief would usher his forces on the field of battle . if it come to Prince Charles having to orchestrate Roc drills , g4 and all that goes with being a staff officer , I would suggest we are In trouble !
  3. He’s the colonel in chief You don’t expect the brigade commander to be leading section attacks. more of an issue for you it seems that’s people who actually earn them. In reality no one really cares , it’s just bling .
  4. How to amend ttps to offset the effects of drone warfare …
  5. Wrote an essay on thAt conflict as part of a course last year , highly interesting
  6. Lucky I’m not there , I’d be cutting about like dead pool but better at pull ups .
  7. I couldn’t remember her name , as I said my wife’s old boss I believe is her great nephew , his brother used to run the fa . Anyway he told me a tale about how she’d get to crufts most years with a brace of deerhounds via train and taxi some woman to do that from up Scotland
  8. again I despair at this nonsense about it . lads they aren’t after the hare coursing Lads , they aren’t interested in catching the lad out digging properly to one terrier and relaying the ground back . they aren’t interested in the rabbit lamper with 5 or 6 coneys ferrets in a box and a rangy whippet they are after us all. they don’t need to catch you !! going equipped is enough evidence when the bill starts getting enforced . give it all the chat about going out where they’re not bothered etc , see how your feeling when your having the dogs taken , the
  9. Probably one of the best recruiting ads made imho gets it all bang on really
  10. I’ve noticed that as well , it’s a “community “ on an aside I was driving home late last night and was listening to the African cup of nations …. f***ing hell what a complete shambles that sounds
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