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  1. Sir Edmund Hillary and Chris hoy used to use mc hulls lamping Expeds as training
  2. Walked there , from Driffield , buckshee
  3. Pavarottis brother couldn’t sing
  4. yeah , can’t wait to play Italy ….
  5. How ?? we still remain the team to beat ? Speaks more for the clip of the national team north of the wall considering sone of the mince currently at the World Cup . ……
  6. You had plenty to say earlier this year , so you can pipe down for a start mush
  7. Why ?? Do we say that about tv presenters ? Or soldiers ? Or other sports stars ?? What relevance is that ?
  8. Henderson and God forbid grealish done more in the two mins they’ve been on , than the entire of the previous hour plus. Kane doing all the Ariel work in the box , but when a free kick comes , it gets arched at McGuire …woy Southgate
  9. Chasing McGuire on free kicks , a blind man can track that clown , find stones , walker or even Kane ?? I mean it’s not like we have forwards is it ? two phase free kicks ? Jesus Trying to be all tactical nous , this ain’t the team to do that , let them know they are in a battle , we have pace but are letting them sit with a high line . Force them back down the wings , bend the high line . Slow transitions , Bellingham not quite the icon he was made ti be from the Iran game is he ? we’re letting them play like that . Take the ball and keep it in the channels , that’s wha
  10. I’m normally the last ti be swept up in euphoria , I like being awkward and going against the grain by saying awkward things in the face of popular opinion . but I’m not afraid to say it , I’m not shy …..
  11. North face have totally changed imho , they used to be a bit working mens prices , my nuptse down jacket was 165 quid in 2009 , it’s replacement retails in Cotswolds at 280 ish , the higher end stuff retails in dept stores while the more causal stuff Is in j d , can’t justify the need for one really now
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