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    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

    I watched this thing on Netflix about the state of this little town , what a fuvking mess it was , full of loads of mentally afflicted c**ts and the people in charge didn’t give two fucks about them. Season two of Sunderland till i die is out this year I think

    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

    Just as a follow on , have you watched that crime series set in flint Michigan ? the town is in absolute tatters

    Netflix Fahrenheit 11/9

    That’s exactly what I thought as well mate . Totally and utterly went round in circles

    Bob Ross


    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    There I was on the Iranian embassy balcony , I just pushed socks and macaleese out of the way ... “step aside home school , there’s a new sheriff in town “ seriously, fedor emalianenko

    Hard men...

    I think fear is a big deal with stuff like this . The ability to contain or overcome your fears ... not sporting or hardness related but has anyone seen that documentary on the lad who free climbed El Capitan ? Imagine his mental toughness , his sheer belief , one sweaty palm, one crAmped finger , one slipped toe hold = death fuvking nails


    You’ve kind of answered your own questions about the abs there mate. Abs are for people with no friends mate. Just focus on having a strong core and you’ll be right. No amount of sit ups will give you a defined 6 pack if your not at a low body fat %


    Seeing as this is a fitness thread I thought I’d put this here . My little girl is 7 , she’s struggled with one thing and another academically she’s bright but not a genius , she’s sharp streetwise funny and can be a moody little thing . She doesn’t have many pals as she’s quite outspoken and has no social filter at all. Shes tried most things that are age appropriate, football was beyond her , ballet wasn’t for her , she wouldn’t tolerate riding a bike until last month but she goes to a modern dance academy that she seems settled on. She registered on the autism spectrum as a little un but We thought she’d be mis diagnosed and it’s been rescinded to adhd she doesn’t go to bed , as in you physically have to take her to bed and make her sleep. Shes fast and a bundle of energy but she’s directed in the wrong way , she’ll dance for hours to songs , she’ll tear the world apart at a soft play and she has no fear at outdoor park climbing frames etc, never has. But she’s easily distracted , no focus , she was in the front part her sports day race when she stopped and waited on her mate to catch up. Things like that are adorable but I want more for her. Selfish and possibly not great parenting but I don’t want an indoor child , I want her and her little brother to be able to enjoy physical things , sports and the countryside . This last fortnight I’ve been off work so I’ve been with her most of the day . Every day we’ve done something physical. I’ve been taking her to the gym with me either in the afternoon or after tea. We do a circuit , she does what I do in a fashion, nice and steady , usually an exercise followed by a suicide. Today she did 3 unassisted pull ups and 10 one armed press ups. Her focus is now incredible , she sits reading by herself , she’s well behaved , she’s proficient on her bike and learned to ride it properly in a day so much so that grandma has bought her a new 24” bike that she never off now. she’s more determined to succeed . We've made a little mantra that I’ve written in her school book for her “I can do anything I want to , there’s nothing I can’t do , I am a winner” I don’t know if it’s the exercising or the fact that I’ve got a prolonged period of time to spend with her distractions free but there has definitely been an upturn in her behaviour . Just shows what a little exercise can do and hopefully we can continue doing our little regime as her enthusiasm continues...
  9. I haven’t read all that mate , just skimmed it It’s always an amazing thing when you read things about how lads got into the game as nO matter where your from , it’s always similar as for the end , I often question why you should need to breed greyhound into any type of lurcher these days when you could argue that other than blistering pace , a well bred fat coursing type will bring more to the party
  10. If I ever bred a litter , I’d give them away to my mates if required however I’ve never understood this mentality of a total stranger walking away from yours with something you have raised and possibly had for generations for f**k all many years ago when I had coursing dogs , I walked away from my pals house with a pup that became easily my best all round killer , he’d paid some serious money for the stud so I felt obliged as his mate to pay my way in the deal unless your sharing bloodlines imho you shouldn’t be gifted on agreements I want a dog to be my dog and not feel obligated to hand out pups in gratis in return the peace is what you pay , but value is what you get

    Deben battery hard wiring?

    I just think I’d rather loose a few spooky bits of game rather than not see what’s in front of the dog mate

    Deben battery hard wiring?

    I’ve got to be honest king , I hate that method mate dodgy as f**k

    What are you watching on youtube?

    Big fan of Russian prison tattoo documentaries at the minute like a big long joe rogan experience playing in the bank ground as well as I potter about in the kitchen as well edited to add I watched an Aryan brotherhood documentary not long ago as well that was decent , think it was called “the brand “

    The town the gypsies took over

    Your misunderstanding the post here mate it’s not the hill or Appleby that’s a mess it’s the chaos in the area over the fair
  15. A very very true quote that I remember a lad on hardcore hunting putting up a litter from very proven animals and was asking for 40 quid and the owner being a young lad new to lurchers to give them a decent animal not many of that type left now also I do kinda get the increase in prices as well a night out up the town is 200 quid these days for many why shouldn’t some value be placed on a pup to stop the “ ah well it s only a hundred bar , I’ll have one “ mentality ? But saying that , the prices and nature of some pet animals is beyond the pale . 1000 quid plus for mongrels that years ago would have been stuck in a bucket indicates the way our mArket is going . There was a litter local to me asking for 500 quid , Rottweiler x collie , insane