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  1. Air gunners if ever I’ve seen them
  2. Well played @low plains drifter
  3. Best motors going for the life of an outlaw dog man
  4. Silly c**ts . “that looks like the biggest snake in the world “ “I know , pass me my mask and snorkels “ what can go wrong .
  5. I don’t know the ins and outs of the situation , but I don’t see what having an ex snco benefits the situation . if it’s as you say, and the reason is a physical requirement, not having the correct mass / bmi then a few months lifting weights and eating anything that’s not nailed down should help him
  6. That boy is not match fit , he is a mile off the pace
  7. His popularity has never been higher In the west at present
  8. Political analysis aside , cracking set up mc hull . always been a firm believer of if your gonna have things , have proper things .looks very practical
  9. Insanity unbridled insanity , vouching for a regime that tortures political opponents to death regularly , navalny was also the victim of a radioactive poisoning plot . and for what ? “ calling the the govt a bunch of “crooks and thieves “ ? what a society to aspire to ? Such a bastion of modern values
  10. I think charts has said it best , little need to enunciate really . enjoy your day .
  11. Do you not think there are British Muslims in the army already like ?
  12. I don’t really get where or what you are or wish to insinuate there . personally , I think your being sold this picture that the army is becoming this misconstrued version of society . If I was slugging along a traverse in Brecon , and a Muslim service person wished to conduct his prayers , I’d have no umbrage with that . as a spanner in the works , there’s been Arabian princes trained at sandhurst for years , decades in fact. Has that affected that establishments reputation as the best officer training centre in the world ?
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